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ROA-01 Up In Imperial Arms

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    ROA-01 Up In Imperial Arms

    Rebels of Aquarius: A New World
    Episode One - Up In Imperial Arms
    By Zephyr Lord, Devvy-boy, TimeLord
    January 4th, 2014


    Zephyr Lord's Heroes:
    Nick Kane, Cosmic Music Master Dragon Guardian - Zeph
    Benjamin Twayn, Adamantium Lion Ranger - Zeph
    Wendell Leonard, Eternal Bronze Battle Cat Ranger - Zeph
    Godyva Escamillo, Scarlet Contessa Vixen Ranger - Zeph
    Rudella Geyokai, Zephyr Ryuu Pink - Zeph

    Devvy-boy's Heroes:
    Deryk Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Yin-Yang), Tao Boomer Ranger - Devvy
    David Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Leaper), Violet Boomer Ranger - Devvy
    Kyrsten "Kyr" Robin, Golden Sunrise Angel - Devvy

    TimeLord's Heroes:
    Grant Emberheart "Knight", Tekno-Knight - Rick


    Clipper, A Devil Mouse - Zeph
    Stellar, A Stellar Dragon - Zeph
    Mackenzie, The Rocket Courier Rider (Kangaroo) - Zeph
    Reyes Sven, The Red Starshine Ranger (Lapine) - Zeph
    -- Twyla Oren, The Pink Starshine Ranger (Lapine)
    -- Dolmen Tzar, The Blue Starshine Ranger (Lapine)
    -- Mala Filo, The Yellow Starshine Ranger (Lapine)
    Eryk & Avis, the local Boomer Twins (Young Kangaroos)

    Starrock's Aquarian Force on Foresta:
    Davyd Starrock, Sunshine Music Master, Gold Ranger - Zeph
    Sam Harbeck, Phoenix Rider Gold - Devvy
    Dr. Olympia MacGregor, Crystal Prism Pyramid Ranger - Zeph
    Hector Anthony (Jakkin), Green Diamond Ranger - Devvy
    Helga Latham, Scarlet Nebulae Dragon Spirit - Zeph
    Michaela Johnstone, Sapphire Dolphin Ranger - Devvy
    Erica Hansen, Crimson Butterfly Ranger - Devvy
    Prince Silvergaze, Silver Admiral Zodiac Ranger (Unikron) - Zeph
    Star*Rock (Davyd's Band)

    Imperial Slaver Lords (Four of them; Two from each Faction)
    Planet Meadowspark War Leader (Lapine)
    Planet Meadowspark Special Ops Commander (Lapine)
    Planet Hensilock War Leader (Spaceroo)
    Planet Hensilock Special Ops Commander (Spaceroo)
    their various Generals
    their soldiers
    various monsters which are defeated at the end of each episode

    On the desert, swamp, and rocky canyon (very few forested oases to speak of) world of New Britannia, the Imperial Slaver Lords war against the Rebellion in hopes of conquering their world. But with the Force of Aquarian as their allies, the Rebellion begins to breath new life and make attempts to repulse the slaver lords from their world.

    These are the new adventures of Aquarian Force: Rebels of Aquarius.
    Episode One - Up In Imperial Arms.

    Rebellion Cavern; Planet New Britannia

    It was the day after the victory dinner. Although the time exchange between New Britannia and Foresta was Four Hours to every One Hour, A full day on New Britannia was only a Six Forestan Hour stay at best. Surprisingly, the rebels had various names for their leader depending upon how old they were. The Teenagers and younger often referred to him as Nicky. The Adults and regular Rebels called him Nick. And the elderly rabbits and roos often called him Saint Nicholas. Yes, that's right... Santa Claus.

    This morning, Nick was handing out the new clothes to those who chose to join him in the righteous cause. "The only colors for casual wear that are available are Tan, White, and Black, mates. Only the Imperials have access to the more flashy color dyes. So I had to do the best with what I had access to."

    "Training outings no longer occur outside as we once did them on Foresta. Instead, we conduct them in the sub cavern complex where we have plenty of room. It is too dangerous to do these outside, as I learned from day one. That literally means the first time you play solo hot shot out there and miscalculate something... you die. And once that happens, you are history. There is no coming back from a kill."

    "Kyr, the families of the rebels attend religious services within the holy cavern. Surprisingly, they worship God, even though we are no where near Earth. And since you know more of that than anyone... I know you will be right at home among them. But that doesn't mean I am putting you out to pasture, either."

    "Once a day, weather permitting, I lead the rebels out on a hit and run mission. Now listen up on what I am about to tell you... David already knows but this is for the rest of you. If you choose to lead a rebel group out on a mission of your design, just remember this: if you lose any of them, don't bother coming back yourselves. I will kill you myself. And you will deserve it. This is a harsh world and there is no room for error here. If a rebel tells you something of importance, you listen to them. This is their world; they know it better than you do."

    "And finally, and this is the most important... never ever morph unless your life (and those who are with you) depends upon it. The Slaver Lords have a way to detect morphing and transformation signatures. If you have to morph, do it AWAY FROM the Rebellion base. And be prepared for an immediate encounter when you do morph because the Imperials will come out of the woodwork to attack you. Reyes team found that out the hard way. That's why they looked as beat up as they did when you guys arrived. They had barely recovered from that beating. I am surprised that they lived through it. Thank the stars for Mackenzie rescuing them."

    Nick stopped talking at that point having given out the important instructions. If anyone messed up from here on out, it was no longer his concern; he HAD warned them. "Are there any comments or questions?"

    Benjamin, Wendell, Godyva, and Rudella all shook their heads. Nick sounded too serious to question plus they didn't want Nick to throw them off the planet.

    Grant Nodded understanding, he knew the dangers of not listening to someone who'd been on someplace longer, he knew Nick was serious to the T about everything he just said, Grant looked down at his morpher and covered it the best he could to hide it knowing that it wouldn't help conceal his location, but he tried anyways, he also knew Nick probably knew everything about him, which meant knowing Grant was used to the rebel type life.

    Grant knew that this was Nick's campaign and Grant was determined to listen to Nick, he(Nick) knew when and where to strike, how hard and what each day brings, Grant also knew better than to be smart assed to someone this serious about this, there were questions in the back of his mind, but those would wait and be answered eventually.
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      Deryk kept quiet, as he chose to. The previous night didn't go to well with his first encounter with Imperial Ale, he had a terrible hangover as well as not remembering if he had apologized to Nick the night before. He kept a serious gaze regardless. Yin-Yang urged him to keep his mouth shut for now about what happened in the past, among other things.

      David remembered what had happened the night before, and thought his brother asking questions now would kick down any hopes for Deryk's recovery or lead to their departure. Maybe Ah should've warned Deryk about the Imperial Ale, David thought, his mind open to Leaper as he thought of something worth asking.

      Leaper responded, But at least 'e got to kiss Mackenzie and not Nick, But still, Ah would've loved to see Deryk be a boy-mom at least once, and induce 'is labor.

      Keep it in yer Pouch, Leaper! David countered. Thoughts like that can lead to disaster out in the Danger zone!

      Yin-Yang spoke up, "Would the Slaver Lords be able to detect the summoning of Ranger weapons while Rangers are unmorphed?" He knew that the Twins would be unarmed, and that was what bothered him about having to morph only in emergencies. They would be defenseless, especially if they weren't trained in fighting with only their weapons ASAP.


        Nick replied to the nice KSP, "Only if those summons are done magically. Any other form of summoning, morphing, transforming, or even powering down... alerts the enemy to your location instantly. So I do apologize to anyone with tech based morphers or morphers that rely on a living being other than yourself. Because my morpher relies on the dragon, they can detect me. If Deryk and David's morphers relied on magic alone and not the KSPs, then they would be fine. Otherwise, same boat as me. And so forth with the others."

        Wendell then pulled out his magic sword and said, "What of my magic sword of Trolla? Orko and the Sorceress empowered it for me when I became the special ranger in the Eternal Protectors. Is it safe?"

        Nick called Clipper over and had him scan the magic sword. The devil mouse finally said, "Looks like you have one safe to morph magic ranger, Nick. Apparently this type of magic is similar to my own and therefore, non-detectable to the Slaver Lords."

        Nick said, "Looks like you will be the hot seat ranger, Wendell, although... there is another way, although I personally would not do it because there is a danger for me if I did it. See Mackenzie over there? He is the Rocket Courier Rider. But what you probably don't know about him is this... after his initial transformation into the Rider form... he has chosen to stay suited up. What you see is what you get. He never demorphs, although when he needs to bathe, he can remove the gear without powering down and bathe normally. Then he gets dressed again. The reason I cannot do it is because if I stay morphed too long, Stellar slowly takes over and then it would be no more Nick. I would be Stellar all the time after that."

        He then said, "If anyone has a magic based morpher, Clipper can scan your devices to see if they are safe to use. Just remember: if those morphers rely on a living being, don't even bother having him scan them."

        Godyva presented her special bullfighting hat to Clipper for the scan next. Thanks to Princess Shayla of the Wild Force Island, the hat passed the test and it was also cleared.

        "Looks like the Slavers get to put up with the Contessa after all," she said.

        Benjamin looked disappointed. "Mine relies on the old shaman lion spirit who gave me my powers, so I'm screwed. I am going to miss being able to be a lion man form while here."

        Rudella said, "Nick... some of us are purely tech but since the alternative is to suit up and stay suited up, couldn't we have Clipper open that portal back to New Rootcore and let us hop through, morph and transform there, then hop back through and just stay suited up while here?"

        Nick nodded his head. "That is possible, Rudella, but remember that also means you should summon your Zephyr Cycle there before coming back over so the summons is not detected. Same with any weapons you aim to use later on. This plan is up to you guys and Clipper. I do need to get the next hit and run mobilized. It will be dangerous since the sandstorm stopped but we do need more supplies and this is the only way to get them." He walked off toward the warehouse.

        If Deryk wanted to speak to him before the outing, now would be a good time.

        Clipper was now looking at the group. "Who all would like to use Rudella's suggestion for getting suited up and staying that way? I cannot be opening the portal every five seconds just so you people can morph and power down, so decide carefully."

        Benjamin came over and said, "I need my Adamantium Lion form or I am going to be useless here on New Britannia."


          Kyr spoke up, and said gently "My Golden Sunrise Tiara is based on faith... will it work without being detected by the Slaver Lords?" She then held up her tiara, not knowing that Clipper told the others he couldn't reach out to Kyr because she was in a church.

          David looked concerned towards Benjamin, and thought, It's going to take time for him to get over Isaac, he thought.

          Leaper said. "Why don't yas say what yer thinking, David? Ah think its time that yas..."

          David grabbed the KSP, and put his hand on Leaper's muzzle. "Save that kind of 'pillow talk' for later, Leaper," He grumbled, trying to make sure Leaper didn't cause trouble.

          Deryk walked to follow Nick, albeit he kept a good distance before he got toward the warehouse, and after Yin-Yang sent a mental message to both him and David that he had something to teach them, Deryk said, trying to ignore the Ale-induced hangover headache. "Nick, Ah know we 'aven't been on the best of terms, but do yas 'ave a moment?" He couldn't remember much of the dinner, and he didn't remember taking the initiative in apologizing to Nick as he intended to do.


            Grant held out his morpher which was cosmic energy based in it's transformation and summoning of weapons , "since the shards of my crystal are cosmic energized i'd like to double check and see if i'd be ok, or if i'd be in the same boat as the others that don't have magic morphers" He said, he didn't quiet get the concept of morphers since for the longest time he'd only ever had to rely on his crystal.

            He'd hoped that the cosmic energy that coursed through the crystal would be undetectable by the slavers, however he never knew what kind of information was sent out when he was still on his home world, he knew how bad guys liked to share information even secret info in case their help was needed.
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              Clipper irked. "Kyr... you do remember that I cannot touch your tiara, don't you? Me, devil mouse; that's a holy item. It would fry me senseless. And that means my magic won't work on it either. Faith is far more powerful than Magic. I think you would also be safe. So Wendell, Godyva, and you will be the public rangers who can suit up and power down safely."

              Godyva smiled at Kyr. "Welcome to the Three Free Rangers."

              Clipper then examined the Cosmic morpher. "I am detecting two sources here, Grant. First of all, the Cosmic power, much like Kyr's faith power is hard to read; but the other thing I am detecting is not magical nor cosmic. The Crystal stems from Tech powers and that could cause you a problem later on. If you use Cosmic power to morph and summon your weapons, then you shouldn't have any problems. But if its the crystal making the weapons, then because of its Tech heritage, it could be detected. Did Eric tell you how this operated before he gave it to you?"

              Nick glanced back at Deryk with a neutral look. "You apologized during dinner, Deryk. And I was proud of you for the strength you finally showed at Scorpina's castle. Even the Nick of Dreamtrail Earth was helpful tying that chord across the entry way to the throne room. David was smart to bring him along. Although... he is not my counterpart. I wish he were, but he isn't. I'm not even a Kane, like he is. My surname is McKane and I'm Scottish. I thought you acted very mature when you apologized to me. And because you did, I saw no reason to push you away anymore. You are becoming a fine adult. Although... there is something I need to discuss with the team once the rebels and I return." He looked toward the edgy rebels who looked to be waiting. "Attention Rebels, report to the warehouse to get your traveling cloaks for this morning's outing. Line up in an orderly manner or else Kyr gets to introduce you to God while the rest of us are making the outing." He smiled at Deryk. "That was your first time with Imperial Ale. It knocked you on your ass; it did the same thing to me my first time. And boy does it ever loosen your tongue."


                Originally posted by Zephyr Lord View Post
                Clipper then examined the Cosmic morpher. "I am detecting two sources here, Grant. First of all, the Cosmic power, much like Kyr's faith power is hard to read; but the other thing I am detecting is not magical nor cosmic. The Crystal stems from Tech powers and that could cause you a problem later on. If you use Cosmic power to morph and summon your weapons, then you shouldn't have any problems. But if its the crystal making the weapons, then because of its Tech heritage, it could be detected. Did Eric tell you how this operated before he gave it to you?"
                Grant shook his head "no he didn't explain a thing about the morpher but i knew it would be a means to an end by embedding my shattered tekno crystal into it, it would once again allow me to transform, but knowing this now, i don't think it would make much difference in a pinch, to be on the safe side, since i do know that the cosmic power is what allows me to transform and call for my weapon, however it would be best to error on the side of caution and limit it's uses till we find out for sure if they would detect it, since if i get knocked out or become unconscious i automatically revert to my human form, however it wont stop me from doing what i can to help here" Grant said covering his morpher, hoping that this would be an acceptable plan to Nick if not he'd decided he'd transform and stay that way.
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                  "The grace of the Angels have blessed us with this opportunity!" smiled Kyr in a happy manner towards both Wendell and Godyva. "We should give a prayer of thanks for this blessing upon us all!" She didn't look like she had access to one of her rulers when she said that.

                  Finally finding it a little more comfortable to speak, Deryk said, "David and Leaper both told me in between throw-ups that Ah got fresh with the Kangaroo Rider... Mackenzie, right? Ah should apologize to 'im. Ah wouldn't 'ave kissed the bloke if 'Ah was in my right mind."

                  Yin-Yang said gently. "Deryk. It was a drunken night. Ah'm sure Mackenzie wouldn't blame yas for acting stupid around 'im. The Imperial Ale got all humans that imbibed shitfaced drunk. And yas were no exception. They might've seen a lot of uncouth be'avior before yas downed that whole bottle."

                  Deryk paled. He downed a whole bottle of Ale.


                    Nick wore his morpher openly; he just refrained from using it unless lives were on the line. That meant... how long could the Force of Aquarian go before they succumbed to the forbidden fruit? This was a test beyond tests.

                    Clipper said, "I will open the portal for Rudella and Benjamin to New Rootcore so you both can suit up there before returning. I don't know how the rabbits and kangaroos will react to a lion man in their midst, but Nick vouched for you already..." And he cast the spell to open the portal.

                    (Once back at New Rootcore, Benjamin and Rudella prepared to morph/transform.)

                    (Benjamin struck a pose, making his hands into fists, as he shouted, "Spiritklaw!" On each wrist came a flash of light which resulted in his Adamantium morphers, which he then brought together in front of himself. "Metallic Lion! Adamantium!" There came an immediate flash of light, as Benjamin's clothing vanished and his body seemed to grow a good foot. A halo like glow of light surrounded his head, as his tail bone grew out forming his lion's tail. Then, the rest of his lion man body took hold, as the halo transformed into a majestic lion's mane. His lion's muzzle grew forth, as his ears moved to the top of his head. His claws then set into place on both hands and feet, while his feet became padded like a lion. Finally, his Adamantium ranger armors of Lion Valley appeared, affixing themselves all over his lion body, followed by his protective goggles over his eyes. Benjamin exclaimed, "Adamantium Lion Ranger!" as he let loose a huge lion's roar!)

                    (Rudella put on her rider belt and gave the ears a good spin. "RIDER SYSTEM!" The belt suddenly super charged as static electricity from everywhere was sucked into the belt and her surroundings went dark briefly before showing her standing on a high rise of mountain peak with the wind whipping past her and getting stronger. "ZEPHYR FORM!" Lightning flashed all around her and the sky opened up to reveal the solar system falling away from her. The lapine battle suit then appeared over her body, fitting like a glove. And then her Zephyr helmet appeared over her long eared head in a perfect fit. The surroundings turned hot pink as her Zephyr Dragon Cycle appeared on one side of her and the Zephyr Dragon Glider appeared on the other side of her. Rudella struck her final pose as the surroundings returned to normal. "Zephyr Ryuu Pink! Dragon!")

                    (The two then hopped back through the portal to New Britannia. Benjamin was carrying the Zephyr Dragon Cycle and the Zephyr Dragon Glider for Rudella.)

                    Clipper then closed the portal and smiled at the Lion Man (Benjamin) and the Zephyr Pink Dragon Rider (Rudella.) "There... now you guys can have your powers and equipment."

                    The Adamantium Lion grinned showing all of his teeth. "I don't think the Imperial Slavers will want to see me any time soon."

                    Rudella removed her helmet and gave David a nice kiss. "Suited up with easy to remove armor, like all of the Earth Zephyrs can do. The difference between them and me is that when they stay suited up for too long and power down, the odor nearly kills anything with a nose." She winked with a laugh.

                    Clipper giggled at the thought.

                    Nick grinned. "Reyes wrote down everything you said while you were drunk, Deryk. You mentioned things from your childhood that no one knew and I know you never spoke of them before. They aren't even in your journal. Like stealing cookies out of the cookie jar and blaming it on David, and ruining your Sunday clothes in a joey mud pool. Man, you talked and talked. The others talked to a degree, but you... had loads to say."

                    The Rebels were lining up to get their sand colored cloaks and Nick began handing them out one at a time.

                    "If you guys want to go train while I am gone, just remember... use the deepest training caverns. I think you will be surprised how I have it decorated. Let's just say..." he paused in his speaking with a wink. "...I got homesick."


                      Grant took his cloak as it was handed to him and quickly put it on, he looked at how ... ordinary it was compared to what he'd been used to, however desperate times called for desperate measures, he was just happy to be doing something for the benefit of good for a change, he smiled at the comment of being homesick, he knew that feeling all too well and decided as time permitted he'd explore the deeper caves, for now he preferred to help as he could with any chores that needed done.
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                        David grinned cheezily, placing a gentle hand on her furry cheek. "Ah'm glad yas smell better than they do, Rudella."

                        Deryk sighed heavily, as he sat down on the floor. "Even things Ah wouldn't dare divulge to my brother..." He just wanted to hide in a hole right now. "Ah think Ah'll go train with Yin-Yang and David. Thanks for assuring me that Ah made my apology." He then walked away, now afraid to show his face in embarrassment.


                          Nick grinned as he took the Rebels and Grant with him out of the Rebellion Caverns to make their hit and run outing. Although with Grant along, Nick knew he had to change his plans a little because there was a certain little ploy he, Clipper, and the Rebels all knew about concerning their friends joining them.

                          "I hope you don't regret making this outing with us, Grant. It can get... nasty out here."

                          Rudella smiled. "Here comes your brother. He looks quite embarrassed. I wonder what happened?"

                          Wendell said to Benjamin, "Seeing you as the Adamantium Lion Man always impresses me. Shall we go check out the sub training caverns?"

                          "You know it. I can't wait to see them." And the two headed off together.

                          Godyva smiled at Kyr. "Perhaps we should get the Holy Cavern in order for the next Sunday service, right Kyr?"

                          Mackenzie was polishing his Courier Cycle not saying a word but he had been eavesdropping on Nick's friends as per Nick's request.

                          Reyes was checking on his teammates once again.

                          Just then, Eryk and Avis quickly hopped through the cavern chamber with wooden swords and leather bracelets. "Yas bad guys just messed with the wrong Boomer Twins, yas rotten blokes!" exclaimed Avis. "It's Morphing Time!" shouted Eryk. And then the two started making cute transforming sounds with their mouths and pushed a drawn circle on their leather bracelets as they said, "Boomer Twin Powers! Activate" And they made more cute morphing sounds as they pointed to various parts of their bodies to indicate what was getting suited up. At the end, they shouted, "'oppin' Boomer Rangers!" And then they struck ridiculous poses as they made rapid swishing sounds with their mouths. And then they hopped away, exit stage left.

                          Godyva was starting to giggle at the funny sight. "Were we ever like that, guys?"


                            Grant smiled at Nick's comment, "i won't it's better than doing nothing" he said with a smile, he didn't want to admit it even to himself but he was starting to feel at home here, especially with Nick around, Grant didn't want to admit it to himself but Nick reminded him a bit of his brother, it was interesting how the universe worked, Grant seemed to be lost in thought for a split second than snapped out of it, He than smiled and shook his head "i've seen messy before" he said and smiled.

                            Grant knew the possibility of anything being possible, he was just hoping that this time things went to plan, often times he'd think of things to himself that may seem unimportant at the time, but Grant had been known to get a bit sentimental at times, however right here right now he was ready for anything, well almost anything.
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                              Deryk did look embarrassed. If only he could train outside, he would find someplace to hide, but Yin-Yang gave him a stern reminder of what Nick said. David looked concerned, and brought him to the side. "What 'appened mate?"

                              "Ah 'eard about my drunken rambling," Deryk told his brother, too embarrassed to talk to anyone else.

                              David remembered, and gave his older twin a hug. "Come... Yin-Yang said he was going to train us on summoning our weapons without morphing... like Joey did when 'e was un'appy about something." Moon Phase Cue. After bringing him aside David said, "Tell me about our 'alf-brother."

                              Deryk's eyes widened in shock that David would want to know more about him. "What about the bloke? 'e was erased with our timeline." Something told David that he was hitting a sore spot. "Let's get training started. Yin-Yang said it was important."

                              Kyr had to applaud with a small giggle after watching the act. "They are quite adorable; I'll give them that much. Wait until they see our twins do their battle call."