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ROA-03 The Ruins of River Bluff

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    David cleaned off his Boomerang Sword. He definitely helped to even the odds. Though now he was more alert to any hidden surprises, and then he got the coordinates, and smiled a little. Though he and his brother had a falling out, if Nick had a nice surprise, it might be worth it. "Kyr! As soon as we wrap things up, we are 'eading out!"

    Kyr was zooming around. "Hopefully we get out of dodge before Zedd finds out about our latest strike. By the Good Lord's light it shall be done."

    Deryk smiled as he returned to his balanced form once the Piranhatrons were done; after hearing from Nick and getting those coordinates from Yin-Yang. Although he wasn't too pleased with his twin brother still after he tried to volunteer him to be a part of Benjamin's team. He may have been talked to about realize it was a misunderstanding, it will be a while before both twins are back on talking terms. "Word from Nick, mates! 'e got a surprise waiting for us at a set of coordinates." He then took one of his Boomer Chaakras to the neck of the general. "Since we are done with yas, Croc shit..." He then leaped back and slashed his first Chaakram as the General got up. Both his weapons glowed with the powers of Yin and Yang, as he sliced down with the first. It disrupted the general's balance, then he struck again with the death blow, leaping back as the general exploded in it's own funeral pyre.

    As the elder twin walked towards the Rudella, and said "Let's get out of dodge, sheila..." He looked to Knight and Chance. "Blokes, too."

    Hector blinked. "Oh?"

    Daria powered down, and twitched her whiskers. "It will be an interesting experience working with this Rebellion. I hope my services can be quite helpful."


      Originally posted by Lord Pouchlaw View Post
      Just as Helga slammed the slavers to the ground and locked them into their own cages, she heard the call from Nick over her Comm Bracer. "'elga, Ah am sending yas some coordinate data that will lead yas and Benji to a nice surprise Ah was able to arrange from an Aqueomorphos. And no, this will not be a 'allucination when yas both get 'ere. Ah am going to send this data to the Boomer Twins as well. Ah know they will get a kick out of this."

      Helga replied, "You got it, Nick. The camp is about closed down. Benji is really getting into this. Thank you for believing in him and helping him to get to experience being a leader. Despite what may go on between the team, he and I both care about you."


      Rudella fired a rope creation pistol at the evil slaver general which hog tied him on his chest on the ground. "Good job, guys."

      Wendell said, "As short as that was, I get the feeling that wasn't the end of it, Rudella."


      Moonclaw mentally said to the others still in position, "Helga just forwarded us a message regarding news from Nick. It says, Good job in leading yer own version of the Force. 'e also wants to show yas a surprise later at these coordinates." And he rattled off a number.

      Benji smiled as he freed more rats and rabbits. "I am happy Nick believes in my ability. He has always been my hero."

      Mackenzie grinned as he Kanga-Kicked a slaver flailing across the camp. "And yas 'ave always been mine, Benji."


      Orville powered down out of his battlizer and back into his Petalpaw skunk man form albeit in casual clothes for their world. His double-striped skunk tail nearly covered his back and was extra fluffy. "When I am on Petalpaw, I tend to stay in the local skunk form since it makes it easier to fit in around Stud and his people. I was officially adopted just last month.

      Godyva went over and hugged the skunk. "You look good in that species, Orville. Welcome to Aquarian Force."

      Clipper smiled as he monitored the reports coming in from the others. "Benji's bunch is nearly done at the camp. Nick has a surprise for the core members. Rudella and the others captured some device the enemy had with him."

      Lord Deryk spent time with the junior Boomer twins, Eryk & Avis.
      Ruins of River Bluff; Aquarian Force Base Camp; Verminoi II

      Nick gave Clipper a hug when the devil mouse arrived at the restored Ruins of River Bluff camp site. "I need you to place a powerful anti-evil barrier over that archway over there. Make it so only those who are good or non-evil can pass through it or even see it."

      Clipper nodded his head. "Will do, Nick." And he got to work on making with his magic.

      Helga and Benji looked over the restored original Aquarian Force camp site. Helga said, "So what's the plan, Nick?"

      Benjamin smiled at Nick. "I like how you redecorate, Nick. I cannot wait to hear what you have in mind."

      Nick replied, "As soon as the other core members arrive, we can discuss my plans."


        Daria had her shades on analyzing the abilities of newcomers as they entered. "Unknown species from the Nebula System. Seems to be carrying a life within her body. Possible child." She looked towards Clipper. "Supernatural Mouse with abilities beyond overworld comprehension. Not of the celestial, but the arcane." She then looked toward the redhead that was with Helga's group. "Human male... red hair, mischievous nature. Powered by a kangaroo spirit that can't keep control of his libido." She lowered her glasses... "Looks like an older version of Adam Lonewolf... with smaller feet."

        David nodded, as he noted the SPD shelter there. He was going to have to make his own tent until Deryk decides to talk to him again. "Yes... Ah am Lonewolf... what of it, miss Otter?"

        "Nothing," Daria said, "You just look like the offspring of a human member of the Tatsu-Lan Elite Officers and Shadow..." She didn't say more it was not her story to tell.

        Once Deryk arrived with Rudella, he looked a little less irritated, but ignored his brother's presence. Nick... yas really do miss the old times, do yas? He thought that, remembering the old times. Wiping a tear from his eye, Deryk got analyzed by the otter as well. "Ah thought we wouldn't be able to come back to this place after the Keystone was used..."

        "Human male, red hair... gloomy nature. Affection for the Music Master previously analyzed is obvious in body language. Appears to be the twin brother of previous red-haired human analyzed. Dual-weilder... interesting... Mystery... Subject's yin and yang are being held together by the influence of Kangaroo Spirit similar to him." She then lifted her shades. "Daria Montblanc. Special Ops specialist."

        "Pleasure," Deryk nodded. Not knowing whether he should be pleased or insulted by having his strengths and weaknesses analyzed.

        Hector said, "Don't be too worried, she analyzed the rest of us before she decided to be a little more open."

        Kyr was overlooking the scene from above. She wanted to make sure this wasn't some sort of malicontent or hideous unfamiliar aura surrounding this place before she landed and blessed the site (much to Clipper's chagrin).


          Nick glanced up and then he stood up and he gave Deryk a hug. "Yes, I miss the old times. And for the record, my friends. This recreated location is not co-existing in Desparia. We do control the short cut between the Last Rebellion and the newly duplicated Aquarian Force base. However, we do need to speak of a current problem that our version of the Aquarian Force is suffering from. After reviewing Davyd Starrock's version of the Aquarian Force, I have come to see that while our cause is quite just, we sometimes lack the motivation and comradery. I looked up the meaning of this word and for some reason we are losing touch with the true meaning of the action. Comradery is the spirit of friendship and community in a group, like the comradery of soldiers at war who keep each other upbeat despite the difficulty of their circumstances. Who is a comrade? A close friend or a fellow soldier — in other words, someone who comes to mind when you say, "We're in this together." I had Infinity send a mental message to Lord Deryk Devlin to get some advice from him in regards to my idea on how to fix our problem. Once I ran it through with him, he said that my intention should work provided that I don't lose track of our goal and don't give in to the call of just having an orgy in the name of freedom and rebellion."

          Nick then looked to his team in general and at no one in particular. "I need to reinvent our version of the Aquarian Force. We have strayed far from the path of the Last Rebellion. Benjamin... I approved of your wanting recognition and equal fame that the rest of us received. I do not regret rescuing you from Emperor Zedd's forces. And there isn't a day that goes by when I don't thank Helga for all the times she has saved our lives from Zedd's patrols back on Desparia. Kyr, you and Hector have always been important to the team. Kyr, you bring the light of God and the will of faith to remind us on why we shouldn't give up. Hector, your selfless assistance of animals and scaly creatures have known no bounds. Your ability to speak to them that you originally developed on Desparia hasn't seen much use lately, but I have not forgotten how happy you were when you realized that you had this power. Deryk and David Lonewolf... Although you joined us not long after you had a team-up with Davyd Starrock's team before Zedd defeated the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Your brother had already been restored long before you were left with us via Yin-Yang Tao's team during one of their many cross time dimension hopping adventures. I have always been a little jealous of their ability to side step into other universes and time periods at will. And as we all know, rubbing on Rocket's spots makes the little scaly cutey coo and purr like a little kitten. Then Zedd captured David holding him prisoner in his fortress. And through comradery, the Aquarian Force stood behind you to rescue him. Not long after that, the Dream version of Deryk Devlin brought the Ragnarok Keystone to Desparia and tried to use it to end Zedd's rule there. However, Zedd's court sorcerer threw a protection spell over Zedd and his forces and through him, Desparia survived the Ragnarok Keystone attempt while the Aquarian Force were thrown out of Desparia. Now we have a guarded access to Desparia in our control once again. The Last Rebellion back home are in dire need of our assistance. I also learned that Rita lied to Zedd about killing the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. They have been under Lord Deryk's protection on New Adalia. They know where their true battles dwell and like me, they seek to take the fight back to Zedd."

          Nick took a breath and released it. "Therefore, my plan is to surprise Emperor Zedd for the last time and show him how hard it is to kill a superhero. Lord Deryk has agreed to help get in contact with rangers, riders and metal heroes who would like a final shot at Emperor Zedd once and for all. This is to be the last official mission for the original Aquarian Force. After we win against Zedd in Desparia, the Aquarian Force will be reinvented to become the team that I know it can be. No one has to come with me on this last mission. The Yin-Yang Tao, the Adventure League and many other teams and heroes have all asked to participate in this final battle. They all agree that Desparia is a world that has been enslaved for far too long. If we don't make it, it was a pleasure to know all of you."

          Benjamin was a bit shocked. He didn't want to claim the team in this particular way. "Nick... I feel about home as much as you do. But if you're going, you know most of the rest of us will throw our lives away in your name. But I aim to live and if I have to, I will drag your lifeless body back to Verminoi II with me where I will have the Holy Pouch resurrect your foolish Aussie ass. And I will see to it that you reinvent the team exactly as you are vowing to do. I am glad that Mackenzie cares about me. I guess I am falling for him. He is a prince although one who refuses to accept his nobility."

          Helga smiled. "My mother still lives in Desparia. The counterpart who died on Foresta was a close second. I do not want to kill my mother but... if she will not surrender to me, I will have no choice but to release the Nebulan Dragon Spirit."


            Jacob was not too far from Benji thinking about a lot of things, but regardless he chose to stick by Benji in whatever he chose knowing that this wouldn't be the end of this, He also knew there was a lot of work ahead of them freedom was just the beginning rebuillding the cities that had been lost during the war or would be lost during the war and creating farms to feed people, he shook his head once again he was thinking too much like a leader, not enough like a friend his mind should have been on worrying about Benji and the others.
            Meanwhile Chance and Knight both were at the meeting at the river campsite, both of them taking time to think about what the next few days or hours would bring, none the less they believed in Nick and would follow him to hell if need be to protect the innocent people of this system, perhaps Knight knew a bit better then Chance did about the fear of a 'final' battle, but this wouldn't run him off, nor would anything else, Chance on the other hand incapable of fear due to the machine tech in his body, had his mind on other things but was listening to what Nick had to say.

            Knight and Chance both nodded and agreed to help Nick in this one last strike, " we both know what it's like to give something it's all and in the end be unsure of the outcome, I will make sure you get what you aim for." Knight said to Nick, "hmm to make one final strike against Emperor Zedd, this should be fun and who knows we maybe sucessful." Chance said with a smile for the first time since he joined them.
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              Deryk rubbed Nick's shoulder. "Yas know wherever yas lead, Ah would follow, even to the jaws of death." Deryk know that his brother would fight whenever he wanted to. "Whatever 'appens, just 'ope for a better tomorrow as we fight the final battle. And should yas die and Benji stay true to 'is words, I'll be there even if Ah am a bloody mess 'eld together by bandages and splints."

              Breaking the silence between the brothers, David said, "Yas got a pretty grim view of yerself surviving a deadly battle, Deryk Lexington. Ah best be there to make sure yas don't get too much of a bloody mess even ol' Roolock can't restore."

              "No middle-naming, David Seth!" roared the elder twin. "I'll whip yer ass if yas get yerself killed again! Ah will not lose yas before Ah get to kick yer ass around the camp!"

              "I'll stay with the fight," said Kyr... "I'll pray for all our safe returns, and hope that the highest of miracles happen in our favor. By the Good Lord's grace, we shall not lose."

              Leaper was hopping around with a big arousal. "So it's decided; All-Male yiff orgy before we go into a bloody battle where victory comes 'ard-earned! First one to bottom David gets my red king up their-"

              "KEEP IT IN YER POUCH, LEAPER!" shouted everyone on the camp, David included.

              Jakkin was shaking on Hector's back. "Daddy, Jakkin's scared..."

              Hector himself was unsure what to do either. The drake he had been taking care of for years has been protected when he was a shadodrak, but would they face their deaths together, Hector fighting without him, or both staying behind. "I dunno what to do, either. I'm no coward, but Jakkin is pretty young. I can't leave him without a guardian in case the worse happens. Who would know how to care for a young drake?"


                Nick said, "Rusty St. John, the mate to Lord Studpaw, knows 'ow to take care of a young drake. 'e 'as Drayce. A real cutie. We are not going to be 'itting Desparia right away. We need to finish up our mission in Verminoi and get rid of as much slavery as we can find. Benjamin, this was yer original coming of age mission, so yas are in charge of this mission despite 'ow popular Ah may be. Anyone who chooses to stay around me will be getting their asses trained off in preparation for the trip back to Desparia."

                Benjamin said, "You still want me to lead this mission?"

                Nick nodded his head. "It wouldn't be right if Ah stole yer thunder at this point. Recently Ah prayed to the 'oly Pouch and instead of silence, Ah got a reply from the Adalian Deryk Devlin. 'e told me that any time we needed anyone from 'is Academy of Ranger Excellence, just ask; 'e said that Yin-Yang tried to 'ave another vacation on Earth and came back looking disappointed. Ah know that Deryk Devlin is back at Safe Haven right now, but when I gave the Pouch a prayer and 'e answered me, Ah looked around because Ah thought 'e 'ad sneaked up on me. 'e wasn't anywhere to be seen."

                Helga chuckled. "So Deryk is the new Holy Pouch. Good thing we are friends with him then. When we go to Desparia, we will be needing Janet Renton."

                Clipper said with a smile, "She is like water pouring through your fingers."


                  Jacob smiled with his usual smile when the cards are stacked against him, that was his favorite kind of fight.

                  Chance seemed unphased by Nick's words as if training was a luxury to him,Knight was ready for some training perhaps he'd be able to figure out an effective combo of transformations using both his old and new armor that would get them as close as possible, Jacob and Chance both had alliances in other parts that would help if needed, Knight let out a sigh and nodded at Nick's words "Let's do this, I'm ready use me in as many battles as you need to." he said looking at Benji and Nick, if anything this only fueled his quest to redeem himself.

                  Chance already knew what was going through Knight's mind, Redemption and restoration of their childhood home, however he also knew that Knight had personal and emotional reasons for following Nick,as much as he wished he didn't, nothing has changed with Knight since their childhood, "into the fires once again, eh Grant." Chance said with a half smile. " This time i don't know if we will come out of it, I won't blame you if you run, but this may very well be a matter of love for me." Knight replied ignoring the fact that Chance called him by his real name.

                  Chance shook his head " No, if this be your end, let it be mine as well, we all have personal demons we wrestle with." Chance said removing his helmet revealing the implants once more, He than replaced his helmet as to not disturb anyone by the sight of machine and flesh, Jacob silently got up and walked away for a moment, he'd never seen first hand the atrocities and horrors of this kind before, some people would get a kick out of knowing that this mighty warrior would be disturbed so easily.
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                    Clipper then said, "Since the original team is entering its final days, Nick, perhaps it is time you reminded our friends of your home upbringing. A lot of people when they hear your name immediately picture the choir joey of Devonshire on Earth during Outback Rescue."

                    Nick replied, "Ah'm from a little area that yas guys 'ave probably never 'eard of. Ringwood River. Its in the southern part of the Northern Territory. Just east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. We don't see too many Kangaroos in that region; mainly dingo dogs, crocodiles, and kangaroo rats. Before Ah started my travels, Ah worked part time at a nearby tourists station. Then Ah 'eard the call and after that, Ah 'ad to leave Australia. Ah decided then that ah would never be satisfied until Ah found out what was making that 'call'. My family's version of the Kanes co-existed at the same time as the Kanes of Devonshire except I was several years older than that Nick and Mick Kane. Ah never 'ad a brother named Mick; Ah did 'ave a sister named Columbia who was heavily into the performing arts and musical theater. If someone on Earth bothered to check, they likely would find my family's counterparts in Ringwood River."

                    "My original Dragon partner was never called Stellar. 'e 'ad one of those really 'ard to pronounce Dragon names. Galactofirademaugh. The only other ranger to have a battlizer dragon of this name was the Lone Dragon Ranger, Darren Teague Devlin, Chosen of IO. My partner was not a battlizer dragon; 'e was a dragon warrior who wanted to turn over a new leaf and join the good fight without 'aving to go to Dragon Prison... Ah mean Tatsu-Lan's Templar Academy. After my imprisonment in that mirror trap, my dragon partner and Ah were forcibly separated and thankfully, Ah was awarded Infinity upon my return to the Aquarian Force. But Ah will never forget my days with Galacto."

                    Benjamin remarked, "I wondered about that. I know in the early days when I was under Zedd's control, he often griped and complained about getting Galacto under his power since he obviously had a tainted spirit."

                    Helga hummed. "Before I defected to the Rebels, I recall Zedd saying that the plan to control Galacto was progressing nicely."

                    Clipper then said, "Therefore, Galacto needs to be rescued from Emperor Zedd. If Zedd is using him against the Rebels, the rebellion likely would lay down their arms if they thought Nick was in charge of Galacto."

                    Nick said, "Ah 'ave never 'eard of a Dragon Guardian 'aving two dragons, but there is a first time for everything. Now yas know why Ah said that the Last Rebellion was in Dire Straights."


                      "That is bad," said Deryk as he rubbed his chin. "I wouldn't wish any prison on a dragon. Last Ah was in Australia the Nick fake and the rest for a resupply run. Ah found out my dad was a dragon. Father's surrogate cover in 'is journal was a deception. To save face when he was pregnant with David and Ah." He was going to stay and get his ass trained off no matter what. Even if he stays true to his promise, he will stay at Nick's side even if it meant sacrifices were to be made.

                      David hummed; he now knew the reason why Deryk was so nauseous after the trip to Sidarius Station when the faker was leading the rebellion in the Forests of Foresta. "'ow do we save Galacto? Is there a method to free the dragon from its brain-washing?

                      Hector said, relieved there would be someone to care for Jakkin in case he gets slain. But he could tell that his drake wouldn't like the deal if Daddy didn't come back by the frown on the muzzle. "Even my lessons with Valan doesn't go too deep in those details." He was referencing the King Master of Scholar Dragons that Infinity helped him get in contact with in the last episode. "But I can ask him the next I train to see if there are ways to snap Galacto out of it if it is a common issue." He is the Emerald Scale Guardian, and because he cared for scaled creatures, he was learning how dragons of all age ranks are maintained.


                        Nick stated, "We need to get back to business. The ruins of River Bluff will be a training ground. Benjamin, your mission is to defeat as many slavers and to rescue as many rodents as you can and get them to Safe Haven. You are their hero, Benji."

                        Benjamin replied, "I want to do as good as I can for them. but I am also yours to command, Nick. You did save my life from Zedd's executioners."

                        Clipper grinned. "Are you going to lift your tail for him too, Benji?"

                        Benjamin gave Clipper a dirty look for saying that. In private would have been fine, but not in front of the ladies.


                          Deryk nodded that sentiment. He then looked to David. "Whatever squabble we are in can wait until after we free Desparia. Ah would like yas to 'elp me train David Seth."

                          "Ah'm sorry if Ah got too eager to 'elp Benji and got too carried away by offering yer 'elp. Yas are just as loyal to Nick's cause as Benji is. But middle-naming me won't make training any easier for yas, Deryk Lexington, yas lovesick fool."

                          "Words of battle," Deryk gritted his teeth as his mindset went into thinking possible tactics against his brother. "Now Ah am not going to go easy on yas either! Let's go, Yin-Yang!"

                          Popping a treat into Leaper's muzzle. "Training and liberation first, yiff later, mate." Leaper nodded, enjoying the special treat, even though it made him act less yiffy.

                          Kyr said, "I'll be of better use to you if I keep on practicing with my powers, Nick." said Kyr. "May I go with Benjamin to help with the efforts. My abilities are wasted if I can't keep practicing with them."

                          Hector then said, I will go learn what I can from Valan. He looked to Jakkin. "Please watch over Daddy while he learns from the Dragon Scholar, Jakkin."

                          Jakkin nodded his muzzle. "Daddy is good Dragon. Jakkin will protect you while your body rests."


                            Nick looked to Kyr. "You may head off with Benji if your would prefer, Kyr. Just remember, there is a chapel dedicated to God in the Safe Haven that you helped to set up there. So if you need to pray for guidance at any time, that is the place to do it."

                            Benjamin looked to Kyr and said, "I guess I better motivate my team for the next slaver camp strike. I recently learned where the camp that Renny Rainger was once held at is located. They are using the place once again for keeping new prisoners there since they figure that Power Rangers will never return to that location twice."

                            Helga smiled. "I will come with you, Benjamin. Perhaps my sanctuary act will work twice. These slavers do not seem to be staying in touch with each other."

                            Nick looked to Clipper now. "Get word to the other Aquarians on planet to let them know what our newest plans are. Those whom want to be active against Slavers should work with Benjamin the rest should come here in preparation for the Desparia strike."

                            Clipper said, "I'm on it, Nick." And he started to mentally focus toward their allies.


                              Knight gave a grim smile knowing he'd be better off training fo a while with Nick and the others learning to hold back and not just go all out in a battle, He was a smart and couragoues warrior but he had no sense of holding back, despite the odds Knight was always known for using up all of his power and strength in one giant burst, this was how he'd learned and how he'd always battled, Chance on the other hand was ready to get into some missions and do some damage, between Jacob and Chance they both knew plenty of heroes who'd help if needed, Jacob especially knew a few time travellers, not riders nor rangers but had worked with plenty of rangers in their day, Knight mostly stuck to trying to do the right thing even if he had hangups about the few times he'd done terrible things in order to save people. Jacob was especially ready to do damage to the slavers and knew how to use every one of his contacts to bring heavy hitting reinforcements, especially if they didn't want any of the retaliation to come back on the group, however most of his contacts also tended to work best in solo missions, very few of them worked with groups.
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                                "I'll make it a point to go there before the last battle." nodded Kyr. "May we be ready for what may come, in the Good Lord's name." She walked off.

                                The sight of the old camp brought back a flow of old memories for Deryk as he sparred with David in their respective Ranger forms. He clung to sadness a lot back then. Probably still does, even though his twin was brought back to him. The clash of Boomerang Daggers were spectacular, then David tripped up Deryk and stopped short of hitting him with the weapons. A lucky move, in the elder twin's eyes. He could tell his brother was learning. Deryk got up and said "Good... Again!" in Japanese. Both he and David got in a ready stance, and started clashing again. The younger twin remembers the considerably dark side of Deryk and after the real Nick was brought back to them with Infinity guarding over them, he could see Deryk improve considerably, but he was staunchly loyal to Nick, in words and in heart.

                                David on the other paw, he was the one that was more free with his love. He shown affections to Rudella, and even topped Leaper once or twice. He was the one with the smile and the witty words. But even though they go through squabbles, they need each other in the end. They need each other to keep themselves in check, and they will soon find out, they will need each other to survive. Deryk hit a kick and spiraled into a leg drop, holding the point of one of his Boomerang Daggers over David's neck. "Again!" Deryk helped his brother up to a vertical base.

                                Hector closed his eyes, and mentally reached for the Dragon instructor Infinity had helped him get in contact with. Valan, I need to speak with you about what my leader said during our recent meeting. As far as I am told, it could be a very dangerous matter; it is a matter of saving a full dragon from evil influence.