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[Falconsong] GF-10 Sponsorship Drive

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    [Falconsong] GF-10 Sponsorship Drive

    Gawain Arthon, Falconsong (Freelancers SW)
    Black Point Mountain; New Mexico, USA; Grey Falcon Community

    [Falconsong] GF-10 Sponsorship Drive.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.
    The next day at Zeph's farmhouse, the young man wasn't feeling all that hot after he had to get an anti-demon fluid detox from the Yuskay Groomer the night before. While he lay in bed feeling really sick, Sarrius sat nearby with a rainbow selection of Dragon Hounds. Tony had managed to come through on one of the species inquiries. Tony was outside with his two human friends doing farm work.

    "I wish there was a safe way to get rid of this sick feeling so I could properly visit with the Dragon Hounds you brought to me for story research. I can barely move after the Yuskay Groomer detox."

    The gold Dragon Hound got up and padded over close to examine the young man. "The one way I know for removing sickness is to bathe in Dragon Slit Enzyme and then rinse off in hot water."

    Sarrius arched an eye. "What makes you think that would work?"

    The gold hound replied, "Our master dips us in the stuff when we are sick or injured and after a good night's rest, we are rested and healthy again by morning."

    The other dragon hounds perked up. "He's right!" "Sure beats being sick and achy!"

    Zeph remarked, "I'm willing to try it as long as I don't become a Samate. If this works, then I owe this Hound some special time for mentioning this new medical information."

    Sarrius said, "In all the years of my growing up as a Dragon-Taur, no one had ever told me about the healing properties of Enzyme Fluids. I knew the mist of the stuff would destroy clothing. That's how bad trapper dragons gets a human victim naked just after the human falls into a slit opening. Then, by breathing the Enzyme laced air for twenty-four hours, your humanity is endangered when you began changing into a Samate. But as the Gold Dragon Hound just mentioned, they are dipped in the stuff and then rinsed off in hot water before resting overnight. They wake up healthy and clean once again."

    He then added, "If this works, I'll keep the hounds here with you for an extra few days so you get full research time with them. They would have earned that reward. That will give me an excuse to visit with Tony while you are getting your story information. And guys... he cannot write the story if he loses the ability to have hands. So no changing him into a Dragon Hound; don't be a Shadow Shifter... the other species he was told about when he was looking for new species on the Internet."

    The Dragon Hounds all had a look of disgust when the taboo species was mentioned. Zeph realized now what he had barely avoided by asking Tony about these species first.

    Inside the Grey Falcon home offices, George Fairweather as Chevypaw was turning in his job completed forms to his son Gawain Arthon, currently sitting at his desk in his Falconsong body. "We have jobs available on Earth, dad. How many of these planar jobs did you complete since I last saw you? I forgot to tell you that employers in the planes can get sexual with an employee if you're too good looking, like my stupid ass is or if you smell attractive in the case of human (never fucked in the ass) beings. Are you okay? You're smiling, so the jobs must have been more fun than you usually participate in."

    Chevypaw smiled with a giggle. "I took several merchant sales assistant jobs where my former experience taught the employers how to speak to potential customers. Not only were they able to sell more than they normally would to their visitors, I was given compliments and a few massive tips as rewards for helping them to unload their overstock of merchandise that they have had since last year. I even mentioned how the money-back guarantee could work using how their own weird banking system operates where after a sale, the money is deposited into their business account and after a day when they get they interest payback, even if the customer asks for his money back, they get to keep the interest they collected off of whatever they paid initially. The employers saw how that could be profitable. I was an instant hit. No one ever attempted to have gay sex with me when I worked for them. They said I should get my boyfriend to help me get rid of the virgin smell I was sporting."

    Falconsong sighed as he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a package containing a Trojan brand Hellhound condom and he put it on. "I know I said I would never screw you, dad, but we have to fix that scent or an employer or even a fellow employee is going to fuck you and maybe even get you pregnant. If you get pregnant in the planes, then you are stuck there until you give birth. Even though we have magical gestation equaling four weeks minimum... it still doesn't feel good the first time. So hold still and try not to enjoy this too much. You are still my father. Try not to clench on my cock and knot."

    And in the next mind-blowing moment albeit protected by the condom, Chevypaw had the Hellhound cock and knot up his tail hole. At first, he regarded the activity as an annoyance since like everyone, he always regarded himself as a straight man. But then it started making him feel relaxed and super good. "We never did this back when we played football in college. Oh man... keep doing it, son. Man, you're good at this. I'm glad you are wearing the condom, but your knot is making my mind melt."

    Falconsong couldn't help but to slyly smile since the result had already occurred. The moment it started feeling good, was when George's virgin scent ceased it's production. "If you get a boyfriend later..."

    Chevypaw nodded his muzzle. "Keep this activity in hound form, you're saying? I have to agree. I never knew the fun the hounds and dogs got to have back home. Thank you for helping me, son."

    Falconsong carefully pulled his condom covered knot and cock out of his father's canine backside. "Sniff yourself, dad. You won't be able to smell the virgin scent anymore. You should go get showered and then get a meal in your hound form. In other news, ALI refused to sell me your debt; and when I mentioned having the FBI and the IRS perform an audit on them, he still wouldn't sell the debt. So I sicced the government on their crooked business. I have a client whom wants to pay off his debt to them through me and the collectee won't sell so we can make this legal. I never heard of this happening before."

    He then added, "I asked the former Freelancers boss if he ever encountered this. He said it was rare; but it still happens. The bastard will get his in the end..."

    Chevypaw arched an eye. "What do you mean, son?"

    Falconsong picked up his remote control and turned on a monitor for his father to watch. "Succubi and Gentle-Fiends! Welcome to another action-packed episode of your favorite game show, Devi-TV's own.. Truth or..." an ominous sounding dragon laugh was heard. "...Dragon-Slitting!" The audience went wild. "All this month is Loan Shark victim month. And remember you watchers on Earth, if you know a human ass hole Loan Shark we can test, let us know so you can win the Helped Truth or Dragon-Slitting Game Show to Get a Victim tee shirt. And now for tonight's total bastard whom would screw his own grandmother in her casket! All the way from Denning, Maryland... Leroy MacArthur; a complete dick caught cheating on his taxes and screwing over four families at the same time!" The spotlight lit up over a naked human man whom was struggling to get free from the straps holding him to his cock seat which looked much like a toilet seat. "And tonight's lucky Hell Dragon is... Lord Tar's-Fire."
    End of Chapter One.