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[Falconsong] GF-09 Friendships Old and New

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    [Falconsong] GF-09 Friendships Old and New

    Gawain Arthon, Falconsong (Freelancers SW)
    Black Point Mountain; New Mexico, USA; Grey Falcon Community

    [Falconsong] GF-09 Friendships Old and New.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.
    "How come I am banned from Grey Falcon? I thought we were friends. If it hadn't been for me, you would never have figured out the programming for how to clean up and re-open your MMO to the public. Despite your being mad at me, you supposedly had a three strikes system in your game world. And I know that I in no way have used up all of mine. My old character account was even removed as if I had never been in GO at all. I expect an answer on this dilemma when you have the time to answer me."

    Falconsong then said, "And after the message and your signature, there was a line of magic code that my DONK.OS security system prevented from making me obey its programming to let you back into the system. The way the new ban works is that if your IP address matches one of the Forbidden IPs or Emails from the master list, then you don't get an account nor will you ever get logged into the system. What were you doing on the following date that is time-dated on the email?" And he named off the exact date and time of the email.

    Timefrost paused as if he had to prevent himself from force-walking off to do as the reply email commanded him to do. Turn himself in. "I was in the process of revamping the entire Dark Castle Online game world to new graphics and new music so it didn't plagiarize the old Nintendo and Macintosh games of Dark Castle. Right after I saw the Nintendo of America news story on TV, I knew that we had run out of time to revamp the DCO interface so it didn't break the International copyright laws; I knew I had to update the game or else I would be pulled down like Mugsy had been. So for the last few days local time here in Ohio at the Programmers Pack home den, I was in the programming interface trying to modify the crappy code to make the game playable while obeying the storyline of the original MMO. I knew you were off at Freelancers trying to clear that ridiculous debt that Capital had socked you with."

    Falconsong looked to his own donkey advisor and had him make the electronic query to his counterpart on Timefrost's DONK.OS laptop. If this new data proved to be true, then it was likely another Zecma plot to get both players out of the way so the scummy Devil Mouse could claim the popular games as his own. The little turd seemed to have copies of himself at his disposal all over the damned place. While this query was going on, Gawain mentioned what Athena learned about the original Pentiumfang of the Programmers Pack.

    Timefrost suddenly found an overwhelming surge of resistance to the incantation as he yelled, "I would never have killed my Alpha! He gave me a new way of life! She has to be wrong in what she found out and I know how to prove it although this isn't done very often! Have Space Master contact the Scribe and compare his scrolls to my Life Video Disk! If his scrolls match what is in the video, then I will do as you ask and turn myself in to the FBI! But have a heart, Gawain! I still love you!"

    Falconsong then asked, "Did you open the incoming email on your DONK.OS laptop that I know you own or did you open it in a regular computer?"

    Timefrost then said something very telling. "Gawain... I don't own a DONK.OS laptop of any sort. I would like to own one but you have to have special planar permission from the DONK brothers to even get that kind of clout. I'm not even sure where you have been during the last year and a half. One moment, Pentiumfang just entered my cubicle and he wants to say something to you." And the next voice on the phone line was the Alpha himself using that command voice of his. "Gawain Fairweather! Why did you cast a nasty spell on Timefrost?! Undo it right now!"

    Falconsong replied without fear, "If I knew how to control the spell, sir, I would do as you have asked. But the spell was in the original email that Timefrost sent to me and the email should still be on his computer for all to see. Athena learned that an upstart had killed you in a dishonorable way as a means of taking over the Programmers pack. As for why I am able to resist your command voice, when my father, George Fairweather, divorced my mother, Gwendolyn Albright Arthon, she had us boys' surnames changed to match her own."

    The donkey advisor on Gawain's DONK.OS laptop then displayed a word balloon which read that Timefrost did not have a DONK.OS laptop. Then a follow-up message revealed that Timefrost's Ohio IP address did not match the IP of the email. Falconsong typed out a query; [does the IP originate from the Underworld?]. Within a few moments, the donkey popped up an affirmative response. Falconsong then had the donkey advisor block emails from that source.

    Falconsong then called for Mack Roo whom appeared quickly and he then told the roo lawyer what someone in the Underworld was on the verge of doing. "And how can we undo an Underworld Incantation that is activated when you open an email?"

    Mack said, "Someone with a command voice needs to loudly command all within hearing range to forget every email they have read in the past few hours. Then have your DONK.OS advisor erase and permanently purge all questionable emails from your laptop."

    Falconsong said, "What about Timefrost's computer? How do we clean that without looking at the email program again?"

    Mack replied, "Pentiumfang should click Select All and then click Delete. Following that, permanently delete all in the trash bin without looking at things that are in there. That should get rid of the incantation entirely. Whom do you suspect set this up?"

    Falconsong replied, "I think Zecma mass duplicated himself and then with one of his number under Pardusius' watch, the next one would proceed with the next part of the plan. He messed up when he visited me in my ACE Ventures bedroom and tried to subliminally get me to agree to sign over all of my programs to him leaving me with nothing. I woke up, grabbed his stupid ass and I called for Zeus to get rid of him. The next part of his plan was to make it look as if Timefrost was trying to get me sold off into Underworld slavery which would leave my programs open to whomever wanted to come in and claim them. I had my donkey advisor trace where the email had come from and when he indicated that the source was some realm in the Underworld, I had the nice donkey block that email source and add it to the game's ban list. I also suspect that Zecma had Timefrost's Space Master Video Life Disk altered so when Athena investigated Timefrost, she would see the lie that the little turd prefabricated to fool her and make me want to sever ties with Timefrost. Sad on his behalf, he got captured when he chose to bother me that one night before Athena looked at the life disk. I guess Zecma got impatient and fell into his own trap."

    Pentiumfang then made the loud command announcement which removed the memory of the email from both Falconsong's and Timefrost's minds entirely which lifted the spell on the latter. Then the deletion and permanent deletion occurred on both computers.

    Timefrost was heard collapsing to the floor now that he was free of the incantation and since he was using all of his willpower to fight the spell effect.
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    In the next instant, the Scribe and Space Master along with the Pantheon Heads and Mack Roo were standing within Falconsong's cubicle. When Falconsong saw the ibis known as the Scribe, he asked, "Was the suspicion correct or was I misled again?"

    Zeus smiled. "It isn't every day that Athena gets her information wrong. Ares is partying and razzing her for falling for an old trick. You were wise to ask Mack Roo to call on the Scribe to verify the history disk. It showed signs of extreme Imperial level magical tampering. Meaning that one of the Imperial Scrolls was used to change the history disk."

    The Scribe said, "It also isn't every day that I am asked to go directly to Space Master's satellite instead of being summoned directly to an angry Earth person."

    Space Master said, "The Scribe was able to repair the disk entirely so we could see Timefrost's correct information. The absolute last time you got to see the real Timefrost was on the day that his real father took him to choose a car from your father's car lot. And he got to not only meet you but to offer to teach you how to do the basics of programming and then you learned that he could magically change into his own version of the pizza hounds. And you permitted Timefrost to have gay anal sex with you in the motel room which was his way of injecting the programming knowledge into your body. But you got him over-excited and he accidentally pack marked you. But he chose not to claim you at that second since the accident was not part of his plan. He just wanted to prove he was a real friend; unlike others you might have dealt with on the Internet. Timefrost really does love you, Falconsong."

    Falconsong sighed. "Stupid Zecma almost made me dissolve the best friendship I have ever had with a guy I trusted more than anything. I hope it isn't too late to patch things up with Timefrost. But what of Mugsy's agreement letter that he showed the FBI from Timefrost?"

    The Scribe said, "The Timefrost whom wrote that reply was none other than Underworld recruiter with the same name whom Zecma hired to help get rid of you. That plan folded when Diablo Kisume and Lord Blaze got involved to stop the puke from escaping and you ended up in a muddy Demon Otter swamp smelling like stinky afterbirth. You smelled so bad that Zecma almost couldn't stand to be in the same space with you."

    Falconsong grinned. "Something good came out of it, then."

    Odin and Ra both stepped forward at that point as Odin said, "We knew Zecma was up to something when he appeared in our Pantheon homes with the announcement that ACE Banking was about to fold and that he was going to step in and save it from going under." Ra then added, "But he looked as if he ran into a brick wall when we of Heliopolis told him that our deal was with Gawain regardless of the failed business action. I told him that if he bailed the business out of the hole, we would sever ties with the bank since it would just become an Underworld Finance firm like the original and we didn't want that. He left with a look that said that he wanted to get rid of someone permanently."

    Falconsong asked, "How long ago was that?"

    Ra replied, "This occurred sometime the week before you called Nintendo of America. But since that version of Zecma was caught. Perhaps there is a way to fix all the remaining versions of the little turd that no one likes."

    Falconsong grinned. "Maybe make it so any time any version of Zecma tries to teleport between the Outer Planes and Earth, he arrives in the sticky stuff at the bottom of the Abyss. A few Hellhounds whom are on good terms with me were telling me about the crap that is down there. It is stickier than Emperor Strength Imp Glue and it smells like what the shite at the bottom of Devina's fall was supposed to smell like in DAC. And no, I do NOT want to be in it myself!"

    Odin grinned as well. "A teleport redirect spell set on Zecma's name. What say you, Zeus? Is this permissible?"

    Zeus smirked. "Let me ask Hades. He would know Underworld magic better than anyone." And he closed his eyes and went silent for a bit.

    At that moment, the Golden Yak appeared just outside of Falconsong's cubicle and she had Tony Fury in her custody. "Falconsong, I was hoping you wouldn't be busy," she said. "Tony just learned from a few of his human friends that Zecma was trying to buy concert halls in Boston in Tony's name a few weeks ago. Since Tony was busy planning the next fury concert, he didn't find out about it until after Talon told him that he really wasn't a Sept Leader since he never killed the previous leader. Himself."

    Odin then spoke up. "Even I knew that in order to become an Area's Sept Leader, you had to kill the former one. I just thought it was common knowledge which is why no one ever did it."

    Tony sighed. "I just thought he would let the younger generation host their own meet and greet without my having to acquire the Sept title. When the first Howling Fury ended and even Vincent saw a huge profit out of it; Talon out of the blue drops the Sept into my lap and speaks as if whomever runs the Howl becomes the Sept Leader. I guess my pride clouded my reasoning to see that he was testing me. I only moved the Sept Grounds out of Vincent's valley when upon thinking that I was Sept Leader that I had the right to move it once in my lifetime. Talon as much admitted that he never tried to move the Sept grounds even though he had the right to move it at least once. He said it was more fun to torture Vincent. And then after finding out that Talon never gave me the Sept title, I went home to my Boston neighborhood where my human friends told me what Zecma had been up to behind my back. I am ruined in Boston if he did all that in my name. I own three matinee theaters along the Eastern Seaboard in different locations, but I loved living in old Salem. Now that Zecma has done this to me, I cannot show my face in Boston ever again. But my human friends want to go wherever I end up choosing to go at the end. At least I have a few friends."

    Falconsong said, "If we bail you out of this, Tony, then you will end up owing me for the assistance I will be giving you. That is simply business and has nothing to do with personal feelings. We run a debt solutions business here as well as a tourist attraction here at Black Mountain, New Mexico. Once a lunar month, you would come in and help to organize and run the Nifty 750's sponsored concert in our version of the party pad. Absolutely no recruiting allowed anywhere on the mountain. No monthly hunts. No initiations. We just recently got moved in down here after it was learned that Zecma was trying to destroy ACE Ventures and get me sold off into slavery." Zeus then opened his eyes. "Tony? Were you serious about asking Falconsong for help?" Tony nodded his head. "Yes. I am ruined back home unless I get some sort of help...."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.
      Tony then continued. "...Those boys and their families trusted me and now I have to deal with the little turd's bull crap. I would never have hosted a Fury in downtown Boston as that would have blown our special folk cover."

      Zeus said, "We can undo all mentions of the deal he tried to make and make every human along the Eastern Seaboard forget the event even occurred. But you would still owe Falconsong for his assistance in our doing this. You did ask him for help without remembering that we gods could have done it for free for a special folk citizen in need."

      Tony lowered his head with a sigh. "I was missing Storm, Rodeo and the others. Sue me; I got lonely. They are like brothers to me. My own family could give less than a shit about my practical joking nature. Even my Uncle Seth once said that my father Anubis doted on my other brothers more than he did on me."

      Ra petted on Tony's shoulder. "Even though you are a demigod in your own right, Tony, you are still family to our pantheon. But since you asked Falconsong for help first, you now own him to obey his rules to pay off your getting this help. By the way, Zeus... what did Hades say about the teleport spell?"

      Zeus was smiling in a way that suggested that he got to see one of Tony's best practical jokes. "Hades cast the spell himself and he reported immediately thereafter that forty-eight Zecma lookalikes all appeared at the bottom flat on their backs bitching about the stench that they were now stuck in." He winked to all within listening range.

      Everyone ended up laughing except Tony whom wasn't in on the joke from the beginning.

      Tony asked, "I don't get it. What happened to Zecma and the bottom of what?"

      Falconsong smiled at Tony. "Remember when we visited the Fury the first night and a few Hellhounds came in and sat the bar with me and were telling that one story about the bottom of the Abyss and we all laughed. You said it sounded like the perfect joke. We arranged with Hades to name lock Zecma to a Planar to Earth teleport that would drop his furry ass into the bottom of the Abyss. Bodily stuck until an overpower frees him. And as we were also told, that stench has to wear off."

      Tony was quiet for a moment as that information sank in and he began laughing himself. Then he stopped as he looked to Ra and said, "Please repair what Zecma did in Boston, Uncle Ra. I will keep my word to Falconsong and help to organize the concert for Storm and Rodeo. Did Kip's wife ever make a reappearance?" He was back to being all smiles.

      Falconsong arched an eye. "Kip's wife? I didn't know he was married!"

      Tony pulled out a small tape recorder and he pressed play so Falconsong could hear for himself what happened."

      Magdella sneaked into the broadcasters booth while Kip was doing Kip's corner and unexpectedly gave him a FRISKY tickle right in the middle of one of his sentences!

      Kip said, "And dat ho 'aCK!!!! no tickle! no tickle Kip! Kip be good no tickle Kip!!!!"

      Magdella disguised her voice to be like Kip's as she said, "So, dis is where you at! No huss band of mine tempt boys with dis stuff on my watch!" She then smirked and turned Kip around and planted a deep kiss on his muzzle!

      Rodeo announced, "Kip for the first time outside of his family is getting mo-lested right here on the radio, folks! By his WIFE!" He laughed!

      Kip eeped and nonononosnos, "no wife, have none! FLEEEEEEEE!!" He poofed away with an audible teleport!

      Falconsong giggled. "Does he know you have a recording of that?"

      Tony smiled. "He was giving them out later as joke gifts to wives of unfaithful husbands one afternoon back in Roaring Rhodes. "Dis could happen to you, if you don't be faithful to your mates! You no catch Kip with no wife, nope, nope, nope."

      Kip was suddenly in the room as he said, "You better be glad you tell whole story or else I get you stuck on Voidstrike's cock. Nice to see you, Tony. Back to the booth!" POOF!

      Falconsong said, "Okay, you gods. Go clean up Zecma's leftovers and we'll see about granting you all fine dining tonight in one of our restaurants."

      All of the Gods vanished out of the cubicle which left Falconsong, Mack Roo, the Golden Yak, Tony Fury, the Scribe and Space Master.

      The Scribe said, "Zecma has been a busy little pile of poo. I am going to have to go through all of Space Master's disks and see what all has been altered to repair them back to normal."

      Then Space Master and the Scribe vanished out of the cubicle. They hadn't been gone long when Bert Thomas poked his head in and he briefly groped on Mack Roo. "I could use your help back at my place, Mack. I'll share my glazed honey buns with you."

      Mack giggled. "Call me when yas need me, Falconsong." And he hopped off to assist Bert.

      Falconsong shut his laptop down properly before he got up and said, "Come with me, Tony. I'll show you and the Golden Yak where the party pad is located at...."
      End of Chapter Three.