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[Falconsong] GF-06 Renovation Rescue

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    [Falconsong] GF-06 Renovation Rescue

    Gawain Arthon, Falconpaw (ACE Ventures)
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    [Falconsong] GF-06 Renovation Rescue.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    February 1st, 2020

    Chapter One.
    Suddenly two Hellhounds wearing band clothes emerged from one of the restroom stalls. One of the two was the Band Leader from Aura's Desire. He said, "I apologize if I did the wrong thing a moment ago, Ms. Yak. I mentally heard what sounded like a young boy making a wish to be back in his own body. And I granted the wish. I am Aurafang, an Alpha with my musical band mates, the Desire Seeking Pack. We were taking a break from the party lounge which is why we were in here at all."

    Timefrost sighed. "Daniel and Gavin's souls were stuck in each other's bodies, Aurafang. When I gave off the shout, it was to command them to return to their own bodies. Daniel ended up back inside his body, but the cute boy, Falconpaw's younger brother Gavin, apparently didn't end up back in his body. You must have granted the wish seconds before I gave the command shout to fix this mess. Falconpaw will have a conniption if we cannot get Gavin back into his body. What was the exact wish you mentally heard, Aurafang?"

    Aurafang didn't cower like a little pup as he met Timefrost's gaze head on. "With the empowerment words, I heard him mentally desire the following: return my original body safely. And since he sounded scared, I granted the wish. I haven't registered the wish as yet. If he didn't return to his own body, then my wish granting didn't work. It hasn't ever messed up like this in the past. Wait a minute... He was stuck in Daniel's body, right?"

    Daniel nodded his head. "Yes."

    Aurafang then asked, "Daniel... is the body you are wearing right now your original body or is this a replacement you are in to save you from something that happened to your old body? My suspicion is this; When I granted the wish, the voice never indicated that he was originally human, so the wish magic sent him back to your original demon donkey body."

    Daniel looked as if he just wanted to endure Falconpaw's punishment at that point. "During the last planar wars, an invading army had a gorgon bull with them and when they barreled through my home realm of Deminine in Chaosmire, the bull breathed on me and before my body could turn entirely into stone, I used my powers to send myself into another demon donkey body. My intent at the time was to temporarily possess one of my herd mates so I could raise the money to have my body restored to hide and blood. But before I could do any jobs, some Devil Donkeys tricked me into touching a job ad for work on Pleasure Island on the surface world. When I finished my Bad Boy Recruiter training, I told Lampwick the truth about whom I was and that I was wearable. He said that he would pay me for bringing in a certain number of Bad Boys, and any good boys I met, I could befriend so I could retain relations with a nice person outside of the island as well as my home realm. But before I could go on my first outing, Bray borrowed a bunch of us donkeys for the Howl and I soon met Gavin. My home realm is a real mess right now. If Gavin ended up in my old body, then he is stuck right where my body got stoned at."

    The Golden Yak then asked, "If I don't miss my guess, Daniel... from your telling of your story, then you are the herd leader of your home realm, aren't you?"

    Daniel sadly nodded his head. "Can we please try to get Gavin back? I really love the boy."

    The Yak said, "We need to get him back into his own body before the Howl ends, or we will all have new assholes torn into our backsides. Falconpaw has a short fuse in regards to his brother. Perhaps we could restore your stoned body back to normal at the same time that we are saving Gavin to return him to his own body."

    Just then from the door, Falconpaw and Richard stood there as the former said, "I came down to check on my brother. Richard told me to let Gavin have a freebie for getting screwed up the first time since it was bound to happen and also because he didn't get transformed into another species. But we really need to get my brother as a human back to mom before sunrise or else, we males will have sore sacs when mom pops us all with that belt she used on General Wog in Italy."

    The Yak smiled. "Your mom popped Wog on the balls and I missed it? I hope Space Master has that event on disc somewhere. At any rate, lets gather up Gavin's body and for those making the trip, gather around for the teleport to Deminine. I will be handling the teleport for this since I know how to reach Chaosmire. I had to do a job for Lord Blaze once."

    Aurafang said, "I need to see to it that my band makes it back to our realm in Hell. When you rescue Gavin, let me know so I can square away the charge that a wish granting costs. Since your brother is a nice looking boy, I can make his debt easy to pay off. Again, I am sorry for my part in this mess."

    Gathering up Gavin's human body in his arms, Falconpaw and Richard padded over to stand with the Yak, Daniel, Bray, and Timefrost for the trip to Deminine in Chaosmire.

    The Yak popped a mental message off to Tony to let him know whom all she was taking with her so he wouldn't be looking for these people during the Where's Waldo event. And then she wove her transportation spell and he group were whisked away from New Salem, Massachusetts, as they instantaneously arrived just outside of Lord Blaze's palace in Chaosmire.

    "I aimed us here so I could inform Lord Blaze that I was going to be in Chaosmire. Otherwise, the locals might freak out when they see me." The Yak then entered the palace by herself. A few moments later, she emerged and the red dragon known as Lord Rodney Blaze poked his head out to look at the group she was traveling with. "Rodney has given us permission to be in Chaosmire, and boys... it is real easy to get into trouble in Chaosmire, so please watch your step and be wary of letting certain things slip out of your muzzles. Now let's head over to Deminine."

    Lord Blaze said, "Stay on the roads and follow the signs. If you have any trouble, call on me immediately. And thanks for bringing Kiev some cookies."

    Richard then asked as they were heading out, "Who is Kiev?"

    The Yak smiled. "Kiev is Lord Blaze's little brother, far younger than Gavin; he is still human. Rodney used to be human himself until he got transformed into a red Chaos Dragon."

    Richard said, "Lord Blaze seems like a really nice guy. Not scary like I first thought. I assume that Kiev is the eye candy within the palace, isn't he, Ms. Yak?" The Golden Yak grinned as she replied, "Sexual and super cute. He sits in his brother's lap totally naked when his brother is on the throne."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    As the group approached the borders of Deminine, Falconpaw noted something off the road hidden among the bushes and he stepped off the road to look at the distraction. He should have told someone that he had seen something but instead, he carried his brother's body with him through the tall weeds where he found what appeared to be a dry concrete culvert going under the closed Deminine borders. He carefully carried his brother's body through the culvert and when he emerged on the other side, he saw stone donkeys caught in mid motion everywhere. Cautiously making his way through the weird statue garden of frozen demon donkeys, he soon came upon a donkey that seemed to have its head point off toward a distant hilltop. And a muffled voice came from the statue. "-Gawain? Get me out of this. The Yak was working on sorting Daniel and I out; and all of a sudden, I was inside this statue of a donkey. I can't move an inch and my groin has been itching since I arrived here."

    Falconpaw said, "Bro... I brought your body with me. We just need to transfer your soul back to your real body. But I don't know how to do it. I guess I am a failure."

    Gavin said in that muffled voice, "Don't say that, bro. I still like Daniel and you care about my well-being. I tried hard not to let someone else recruit me. I thought I was safe by wearing Daniel's costume body with the regard that if anyone saw Daniel, they wouldn't suspect that he had a cute human teenager inside of him. And all night long, it worked before I felt the feed to use the toilet; and then he took me back to the restroom so he could help me out and that's when we found out that I was stuck inside his body."

    At that moment, the Yak and the others walked up on the scene where Falconpaw was talking to Gavin, the latter trapped inside the demon donkey statue. "Falconpaw? How did you get here before the rest of us?"

    Gawain replied, "There was a dry concrete culvert in the weeds that went under the closed borders and I used it to sniff out Daniel's real body. I found it, and then I heard Gavin's voice coming from this statue. He told me that he is feeling an itch around his groin and anus, but since he is stuck, he cannot do anything about it."

    Daniel said, "Oh yes, the emergency escape tunnel. Sadly, only a few demon donkeys got to use it before my body got stoned. Gavin? This was not meant to happen to you; Aurafang of Aura's Desire admitted that he was the one whom granted your wish when he thought you were me and he didn't know you were originally human. The wish sent you back to my original body here in Deminine. But with the Yak's help, we can get all of this sorted out. And believe me... I do NOT want to mount her."

    Gavin's muffled voice said, "Please undo this! The itch is making me feel as if I am entering rut and its driving me crazy!"

    The Yak held Timefrost's paw as she focused on the statue and Gavin's body as they both shouted, "!YDOB NUMAH SIH OT NRUTER OT LUOS S'NOHTRA NIVAG DNAMMOC I"

    The Statue and Gavin's human body lit up in a grayish brown and silvery wispy light for a few moments before the human form transformed into a wearable demon donkey which opened its eyes and said in Gavin's voice. "I still feel like the itch is driving me out of my mind. What's going on?"

    Falconpaw started growling. "Explain to me why his human body changed into a member of your species, Daniel? Or do you want my mother to slap your nuts with the Anti-WOG belt?"

    Daniel sighed. "Calm down, Falconpaw. If the Yak will remove the stone curse from all demon donkeys within my realm, including my original body, I can repossess my body, releasing my Beta, and then I can restore Gavin to his human form. But I can only do it from my original living non-stoned body. I still love your brother and I never meant for him to change into one of my people. I don't want to be banned from the Howl." Mentally, he was telling Timefrost about a certain Underworld law that would make Gawain explode.

    Gavin was slowly standing up as he looked upon Daniel. "I feel like I have to mount someone! I cannot control my body! Do something, please!"

    While Timefrost pulled Falconpaw away to calm him down, Richard and Bray pulled the body Gavin was in to the ground and held him there. The Golden Yak then quietly asked Daniel, "What did you tell Timefrost mentally? I am not stupid, kid. I sensed you directing a message at Timefrost."

    Daniel sighed once again. "There is a rather stupid Underworld law that is on the books that the Imperial Council passed centuries ago that states that anyone entering an alpha's realm without permission can only leave the realm after the realm owner has sex with the intruder. Remember when you got Lord Blaze's permission for us to enter my realm to find Gavin's soul? Well, when Aurafang granted Gavin's wish to send him back to his original body, thinking Gavin was me, Gavin didn't have my permission to enter my realm. So the moment I am back in my own body, in order to free Gavin, I have to mount the boy I really love and restore him to normal at the same time. I was afraid that Falconpaw would explode if he saw me mounting his bother even though I could smell that he had mounted Richard moments before he came to see how our progress on freeing Gavin was going. Its like the pot calling the kettle black, ma'am. The brothers are only two years apart. But for some stupid reason, Gawain thinks that while he can do it, his brother is forbidden from the same act. I don't want to have to mount Gavin; but the law is specific. If I don't mount him, then he is stuck in this realm for the rest of his life until I do mount him."

    The Golden Yak face-slapped herself. "You are right; that is a rather stupid law. But I have to ask, when the invaders swarmed your realm during the war, why didn't the law prevent them from leaving after conquering the realm. You are still the realm owner. So how did they defy the law?" While waiting for an answer, she worked on removing the stone curse from Daniel's citizens.

    Daniel replied, "Again as silly as this will sound, Merchants are immune to the realm invasion law. The invaders acquired several merchant's passes to keep on their persons and all whom had one of these passes were exempt from the Underworld law. Thus, they could enter any realm they liked, do all the damage desired, and then leave freely. I think Merchants passes should be null and void during Planar Wars. The reason I was out of my realm to look for work was to raise money for the restoration of my realm. Lord Lampwick hired me and I told him the truth about me. He said it was okay as long as I brought him some bad boys. But I never wanted to target Gavin. I thought that I had made a really good friend for the first time in my life." He watched the Yak cast a realm wide stone to living flesh spell over the entire realm as donkeys left and right began to wake up as their stone bodies became as they were before the stupid war. And finally, Daniel's body was restored last. The moment his body was restored, he forced open his body's eyes and he gazed into them as he repossessed his original body, freeing his Beta at the same time. "Mission successful, Ms. Yak. Now for the task I really do NOT want to do."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.
      Daniel looked to Bray. "Help him to his hoofs, old friend and lift his tail. I am sorry I have to restore Gavin in this particular way. I really care about the boy. As for the itch he is feeling, since he was inside my alpha body which was about to enter rut way back when, he had no resistance to it and he got infected with alpha rut and heat. The only cure is to be mounted by the alpha. And I am so sorry that I have to do this."

      Bray and Richard helped Gavin to his hoofs and held him steady for Daniel's insertion. When the bull's-eye was scored, Gavin's mind turned to mush as the rut itch and heat upon him were broken. Richard the walked over to the Yak and said, "Since Daniel entered his rut, I feel that I need to bring something up while Timefrost and Falconpaw are not present. Normally as a human Police Cadet, I would never just bend over and let a canine of any sort mount me, tie with me, and cause me to get pregnant. But when I was waiting for Falconpaw to join Timefrost and I so we could talk about Dark Castle Online, I noticed that Timefrost was exuding a smell that made me feel open minded, relaxed, and feeling the need to have sex with Falconpaw. Earlier when Daniel said that his original body was entering rut and I was holding Gavin in place for him, I smelled the same scent emitting from Daniel that I smelled on Timefrost. But Daniel's scent didn't make me want to let him mount me. I fear that Timefrost is in a hypnotic rut and when anyone sits with him for too long and inhales that scent, it makes the victim, me or someone else, want to do it doggy style. And I was sitting with Timefrost for nearly an hour before Falconpaw chose to show up so we could talk about the MMO. I don't know how many people Timefrost spent time with at the Howl before I asked him if I could discuss the MMO with him and Falconpaw. I think you need to warn Tony so no one gets surprised during the Where's Waldo event. As for Daniel, like Gavin, I can see how he is a great guy. He sincerely cares about Gavin."

      The Yak asked, "Are you wearing a Transhounder, Richard?"

      The human turned Hellhound nodded his muzzle as he pointed at the collar. "Timefrost put it on me and said that only he could remove it from me."

      The Yak said, "Change back into your human form for me."

      Richard raised a paw up to the button on his collar and pressed it saying, "Ace Ventures! Mission Complete!" And instantly, Richard was back in his human form.

      The Yak then levitated Richard into the air and turned him upside down. "Forgive me for doing this, Richard, but recruiting in the Howl is illegal. When Timefrost put the pack collar on you, that was considered recruiting. Now hold still while I free you." She then focused on Richard and cast a spell. "!ESUOM OT ELAM NUMAH" Richard transformed instantly into an ordinary mouse which caused the pack collar to fall off of him where it crashed to the ground causing a small dusty poof in the dirt. Upon landing, the collar instantly unfastened as if waiting for the next victim to put it on. The Yak knelt down and picked up the collar as she rose back up and while looking at Richard, she said, "!ELAM NUMAH OT ESUOM" And Richard was restored to his human form where he was levitated back over to Bray and Daniel and set down on his feet. "You boys stay here while I go confront Timefrost. If I am right, he had sex with Gawain way back before Freelancers while he was in rut and that's why Falconpaw is owned by Timefrost now." She then walked off.

      After the Yak had departed, Richard hugged Daniel even though the demon donkey alpha was still inserted into Gavin's demon donkey backside. "Thanks to your being in rut, Daniel, I am free of Timefrost's rut scent that was affecting me. He has a hypnotic rut scent that makes people want to let him or one of his pack members mount the victim. I had gotten it from Falconpaw and when you complained about it to the Yak, I knew you were right. I know you really like Gavin, but you saved me from being an omega to Timefrost. I should find a way to repay you for your help." He paused, "I know! How about I clean up your realm so the war damages are no longer visible? Would that be okay?"

      Daniel said, "My people were just restored, Richard, and most might be feeling a little randy. They might try to get you naked and mount you. They mean no harm if they do that. But you are warned in advance. Just remember to be polite to them. If you get pregnant, you won't be able to leave the realm until you finish giving birth. Unlike Hellhounds with their magical four hour gestation time, demon donkeys have theirs lasting as long as a normal donkey. Ten months. However, demon donkeys can magically fit anyone."

      Richard nodded his head as he turned and took off to see about cleaning up the destruction in the realm softly saying, "Extra experience for me."

      Gavin felt Daniel unload into his insides. "It isn't really going to be ten months is it?"

      Daniel winked at Bray as he replied with a smile. "No, but the Yak told us boys to stay right here. And doesn't it seem strange that the first one to disobey orders is the Police Cadet in training? Anyway, Gavin... after you give birth in a few hours, I will change you back into your sexy adorable human self. At least now you won't be making a virgin scent that distracts alphas."

      Bray remarked, "If Richard was affected by Timefrost's alpha pheromone rutting scent, then he still isn't cured. He might want to have sex with the next sexy male he finds that takes an interest in him."

      Gavin belched. "Sorry... I've never felt this bloated before. I still like you donkeys, Bray and Daniel. But what caused me to get stuck in your costume insides? We never figured that part out."

      At that moment, Richard shouted, "Daniel, Bray! The Yak missed one! I'm bringing the statue back to you guys!"

      Waiting for a few moments, they soon saw Richard carrying a stone demon donkey on his back slowly toward them and when he got to their position, he set the donkey statue down in front of Daniel. "I saw the statue just outside of your back borders, Daniel. I reached out and dragged him back into your realm before I hefted him unto my back and started back to you guys. I met several of your people and they all said that I was a good guy for making sure the stoned donkey got restored. Where is the Yak, anyway?"

      The Yak then walked in from where she had gone and she said, "Timefrost and Falconpaw left the realm. I mentally contacted Lord Blaze and he went to detain the two of them. Oh my, I see you found another statue. I'll restore him to normal and then we can see about cleaning up the realm." Bray told Yak about Richard's not being cured of the rut scent.
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.
        The Yak said, "I knew he wasn't cured. That's why I told you boys to stay together. I wanted to corner Timefrost before seeing about curing Richard. But since Richard went off and found this extra donkey statue, it seems he is still able to think with his badge and not with his groin. Lets see about restoring this demon donkey." And she got to work.

        A few minutes later, the demon donkey that Richard had rescued was alive once again and when he learned that the nice Police Cadet had found him and brought him back to be restored, he planted a deep kiss on the young man's mouth. "Um... I thought you were a nice human, but you taste like a Hellhound. I'd know that taste anywhere."

        Richard sighed looking mildly upset over that information. "What did that stupid alpha do to me, Yak? Timefrost needs to be dealt with or he will do this to others." Then he turned to the nice demon donkey again. "I really am a human man, my friend. Timefrost of the Programmers Pack had me in a questionable faulty Hellhound form after his original recruit, Gawain Arthon, calling himself Falconpaw, mounted me during a time when I was high on the alpha's rutting scent. When I smelled Daniel's rutting scent, it apparently overrode the Hellhound rut scent and in turn it allowed me to tell the Golden Yak what I suspected had happened. She said that Timefrost tried to recruit me during the Howl. And now Timefrost and his unfortunate recruit victim have apparently flown the coop and Lord Blaze is off looking for them." He petted on the demon donkey whom had kissed him. "You are a pretty nice demon donkey. Hopefully I can be cured of this before I get shifted against my will back into a Hellhound."

        The Yak then lifted her gaze to the sky and called out, "Zecma! Please appear at my location! I don't care if you are creating another game! This is legal business!"

        POOF! Game Master Big Z in his gaming jacket appeared floating in mid air. "Oh for the love of cheese! What are you doing in the Underworld, Yak? We really do not want you down here!" He then saw the rest of the group. "A sexy police cadet with a Hellhound aura; a Changeling donkey Major with Lampwick's division; a cute boy stuck in the form of a pregnant wearable demon donkey; and several wearable demon donkeys. Okay, Yak, lay it on me. Why are we in Chaosmire?"

        The Yak laid the entire scenario out for the formerly evil Devil Mouse turned popular game maker. "...And now you are up to date."

        Big Z was instantly in his Imperial Overseer outfit meaning that Zecma was in charge now. "First of all, Yak... There are at least two separate Hellhounds with the name of Timefrost. The original which is a nasty assed trapper for his Hell realm's Alpha. And the second is a human turned Hellhound, Bartleby Kalson, whose Dark Castle Online character name was Timefrost. Bartleby was in training by his Pack Alpha to become an alpha himself. The nasty recruiter has never been an alpha, but he has the innate power to produce the rutting scent which permits him to hypnotize his victims into wanting him to have sex with them. However, a true alpha's rutting scent will dispel his nasty trappy scent every time. And from what you just told me, the Hellhound with Gawain is the nasty assed Trapper. While Bartleby is most likely spending some time with his Pack Alpha at the Howl. The Pack Alpha did show up for the Howl. This means that Gawain is under the trapper's control at the moment and doesn't even know that he is in that kind of danger."

        Elsewhere at a location nearly to the borders of Chaosmire, Falconpaw was running alongside Timefrost as he asked, "Why are we running from Lord Blaze? He was so nice to us before." The fake Timefrost replied, "He only looks like Lord Blaze. He wants to stuff us both into his slit. We need to get out of Chaosmire or he will catch us for sure."

        And as the trapper said those words, Lord Andros Yuskay and Lord Diablo Kisume appeared directly in the Hellhounds path with an open cage directly in their line of flight. Unable to stop nor veer off course, the trapper kicked Falconpaw off of the path and into a random Chaosmire realm as he skidded directly into the cage himself and the cage door slammed shut behind him. When he tried to activate his Return to Alpha power, he found it to be blocked by the magic of the cage. And then he was cursing the two lords continuously.

        Falconpaw found himself sliding across a wet clay mud flat where he collided with a group of sexy looking and totally mud-covered giant demon otters which sent the entire group sliding into the softest and deepest part of the gooey mud flats. Falconpaw was an extreme mess at this point, but the mud did clear his hypnotized state of being, but he was rather stuck in between two of the giant otters whom were proceeding to have sex with him. And then he found himself very pregnant with otter kits. "Feels like I was kicked. Where did the Howl go; and how did I get all muddy?"

        Lord Blaze was then seen hovering over the otters and Falconpaw. "Boys... you cannot keep him. A nasty trapper was trespassing in Chaosmire and he was trying to smuggle this human turned hound back to his home pack. Formerly Gawain Riordan Fairweather is now Gawain Riordan Arthon otherwise known as Falconsong. The nasty version of Timefrost was calling him Falconpaw. How long will Gawain be pregnant?"

        One of the otters said, "You know the rules, sire... our father has to fuck and impregnate this visitor before he can leave. Our doing it really doesn't count." Another said, "He will be pregnant for six hours, Lord Blaze. I am Lord Xaotter of the Clay Chaos Slough. It still surprises me that my sons often forget what I look like when I am infiltrating their numbers to make sure they are not up to mischief. We won't keep this nice boy, Lord Blaze. We don't want to get in trouble with sexy Kiev."

        Six hours later, Falconpaw gave birth to the demon otter kits whom all had his fur coloration. It would be obvious to whom their mother was. Deftly picking up the muddy Gawain, Lord Blaze flew back to Deminine where he deposited the slimy gooped up Falconpaw in their midst. Then Lord Blaze proceeded to clean his dragon claw that had to touch the muddy Hellhound. "Found him, Yak. The Trapper kicked him directly into Lord Xaotter's mud hole of a realm. I had to wait until after Gawain gave birth to twelve demon otter kits whom all had Gawain's fur colors."

        Gawain felt sticky and he smelled like a mixture of sweaty demon otters and rich clay mud. "I need a bath badly. And an enema. I am sticky and I reek."

        Zecma zapped all of the mud and semen filth off of Gawain's body and said, "You can take a real bath later. Your brother gave birth earlier and now Daniel is restoring Gavin back to his human form. He is in love with your brother. And he respects Richard for helping to rescue one of his stoned people."

        Gawain sighed. "I suppose Gavin is an adult now. But he still owes Aurafang for that one granted wish at the Howl. I suppose we will have to let my brother work at the debt solutions portion of our business. I am still having to pay off my own debts. I have a week and a half worth of jobs to go."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.
          A few moments later, an IDM appeared holding a crystal ball. "Falconsong and company? I have a message from the real Timefrost of the Programmers Pack."

          Gawain said, "That is me, albeit in bad need of a decent grooming. But there is no way I'd make the Yuskay Groomers clean my stupid body. Besides, I cannot afford their services."

          Within the crystal ball, the images of Timefrost and his alpha, Pentiumfang, appeared where the background looked like the Howling Fury. "There you are, Gawain. Someone just told me that the Underworld turd that uses my name had been up here at the Howl and he had went somewhere with you after he had sex with Richard. Do you know where Richard is right now? We do not need Saberfang the First to be wanting to rip us a new asshole."

          Gawain replied, "Richard is down here with us and the Yak. The turd got arrested by Lord Yuskay and Lord Diablo earlier. But before the arrest, the turd got me dunked in an otters mud hole of a realm where I gave birth to twelve demon otter kits; and now I stink and reek of sex scented otter mud. Zecma zapped the mud off of me but I still feel very dirty. Will birthing for a demon lord count toward my S.W.P.P. debt total or was that considered a freebie?"

          Timefrost replied, "As long as someone in Chaosmire can vouch that you actually gave birth to those kits, then it will count. Otherwise, it is a freebie."

          That was when Lord Blaze stuck his head into the view of the crystal ball. "Will I do as a witness, Timefrost? I witnessed him having to do it after he slid into the lord and his sons during one of their breeding parties. Had I not spoke up for Falconsong when I did, you wouldn't even have him here as a human nor a hound. He would still be stuck there becoming an otter like the rest. My planar citizens obey the laws, Timefrost. Gawain's entry into Xaotter's realm was not deliberate and that is one of the only reasons we were able to get him out of there at all."

          Timefrost shivered. "Will you please tone down the dragon fear aura? Anyway... since you are vouching for Gawain then the activity will count since he didn't mean to end up in their sex party. As Falconsong will recall, the debt reduction is fifty credits per activity by way of Mack Roo's S.W.P.P. program. So that reduces his debt by six hundred more credits. By your accounting, Falconsong, what does that bring your total down to now?"

          Gawain replied, "Before the Howl started, my debt had been reduced to six thousand. And with the birthing reduction subtracted from the total, I should now have a new reduced total of Fifty Four hundred credits to pay off. A week an a half more work time by my calculations unless I am forgetting something."

          Timefrost then said, "You did one job just before the Howl started. So your current total is Fifty Three Fifty remaining."

          Gawain said, "I am glad you are keeping track of that for me. When I get the debt cleared, then and only then will I work on my investment."

          While Gawain chatted with Timefrost through the crystal ball, Richard had wandered off with the wearable demon donkey that he had rescued. "While the others are busy finalizing Gavin's restoration, why don't we have a look at your resting place within the realm. If its messed up, then I can help you get it back in order."

          The demon donkey that Richard rescued walked with him ushering him off toward a place in the back of the Deminine realm. "There is an obscure cure for what the dirty trapper tried to do to you, Richard. I can supply you with it once we get back to my den. Thank you again for saving me from being frozen in stone for the rest of my life."

          Richard then asked, "By the way, stud, what is your name?"

          The wearable demon donkey replied, "I'm called Spellwick. I cannot wait to have you completely back to normal so I can give you a real reward."

          The two soon came upon what looked like a cave in the hill behind the realm. And the cave had a door set down into the cavern itself. Spellwick said, "Looks like the invaders ignored my den, luckily for us. Lets go inside and I will prepare you the cure that I can give you to undo what that sleezy trapper did to you." And they entered the cavern through the door which Spellwick then made sure was secured firmly from within when Richard wasn't looking.

          Richard did notice that there was another door on the other side of the cavern. "Say Spellwick? Where does that other door go?"

          Spellwick lifted his head and looked at the door the handsome young man was indicating. "That leads to a tunnel which empties out into the realm where I used to live. It has been abandoned since the only bridge leading there was destroyed by the invaders, so my tunnel is the only way to get to that realm now. After I cure you, I may choose to show you my old realm if you really want to see it."

          Richard smiled at his donkey friend. "I do want to see it. Anywhere you came from has to be a nice place. So what do you have to do to make the cure for me? And is there something I need to do before taking this cure?"

          Spellwick replied, "All I have to do is mix the ingredients within this trough and then you need to wear me and drink from the trough, donkey-style. After you swallow a good gulp of the cure, then you kick and bray like Lampwick did in the Pinocchio movie and then you will feel the need to poop all the nasty stuff out of your rear end. I'll show you where the waste chute is located so you can use it once you undergo the cure." He escorted Richard over to an opening that looked a lot like a clay mud slippery slope tunnel leading down into the darkness below. He then went over and began mixing the liquid and powdered ingredients into the trough. After a few minutes, he called out, "Richard, time to put me on and drink the potion. Since you are already naked, this should be easy. My mouth, jaws, and throat are very stretchy; just stick your feet into my mouth and force yourself down inside me while keeping your mouth up near the opening. A final word of warning... wearable recruiters always have a victim wear them by entering that hole just under the tail. Going in that way makes it nearly impossible to get out afterwards. Daniel likely forgot that little detail which is why Gavin got stuck like he did."
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.
            Richard feeling that he could trust Spellwick, came over and inserted both feet into the wearable donkey's mouth and throat before slowly forcing himself down inside the donkey body. Although instead of having his arms and legs got down into the legs, his feet felt as if they were pressed up against the donkey's anus from the inside. "Okay, I think I'm ready for the cure, Spellwick. I hope this works."

            Spellwick's voice sounded weird from this angle. "I'll guide us over to the trough and then after I suck the cure in, you swallow it and then, I'll begin the braying, kicking fit that will make you expel all of the nasty trapper garbage out of you. Just remember to poop down the waste chute. Here goes, stud." And in the next few moments, the cure flowed into the throat and directly into Richard's mouth which tasted absolutely awful. Then he felt the braying and kicking fit being performed by Spellwick before the donkey's body baked up to the waste chute and the release was felt.

            After a few minutes, Richard maneuvered the body around and he vomited down the chute before backing away from the opening and heading over to the back door which easily opened as he approached it. And then as he passed through the back door, there was a sudden drop and he landed in a sticky muddy slough just offshore of an old island which had an amusement park on it. Dragging himself out of the mud, Richard began to look himself over. "Spellwick?! Where are you?! I seem to be in charge of your body! SPELLWICK!!" But there was no reply. Richard began to wonder what went wrong with Spellwick's potion. As he sat there pondering what to do, he saw another donkey approach him from the direction of the carnival.

            The new Hell Donkey jack looked at Richard and said, "I see we have another victim. Oh well, come with me and I'll see about cleaning you up. My name is Hellwick and you are on Plunder Island. This is the underworld version of Lampwick's Pleasure Island on the surface world. What did you call yourself, kid?"

            The young man turned Hell Donkey replied, "I was a police cadet under the Saberfang division on Earth. My name was Richard Thompson. Spellwick did this to me after I saved him from being stuck as a stone statue."

            Hellwick sighed one time before stating. "Spellwick is a Conversion Body Swapper. He does not work for me nor has he ever originated from my island. I know he dumps transformed people into my island paradise. Until we can restore you to normal, your local Hell Donkey name will be Richwick. I am sorry I cannot get you off of the island; the bridge was destroyed during the last war. The bridge passes over a slough of Rut and Sex inducing toxic mud. In fact, you fell into the stuff when you arrived. That is why your shaft is at full mast right now and you are likely feeling the need to mate with another donkey. If you knew a powerful Arch Magi, we could likely get you out of here before you spend too long on my island and then are unable to leave."

            Richwick felt the new name bond to his Hell Donkey body. "The Golden Yak and Overseer Zecma are currently over at Deminine helping Lord Daniel and his people to restore order to his Chaosmire realm."

            Hellwick then said, "That means that I will have to send word to Lord Blaze. He is going to hate it when he gets my call. But first, I need to help you to relieve that burning desire that is starting to make you snuffle my backside. Go ahead and mount me, Richwick; it won't be the first time. Although I do need to return the favor to break the rut you are suffering from." And the mounting commenced lasting for several hours.

            In the meantime, Daniel, Bray, Gavin, the Yak, and Richard(?) teleported out of Chaosmire, returning to the Howling Fury. Lord Blaze returned to his castle on the highest hill.

            Outside the Howling Fury, the Yak performed the cure for removing the trapper's hypnosis on both Falconsong and Richard(?). Timefrost and Pentiumfang were waiting on the boys to return and after taking one light sniff, Timefrost escorted both boys off to an industrial strength detox vat that cattle would be dipped into for curing extremely nasty magical illnesses. Thankfully, Richard(?)'s cure bath didn't last as long as Falconsong's did. Once Richard(?) got out of the vat, he said, "I'm going to go take a second shower in my room. I'll be in the mood to talk about game stuff later, Gawain." And he quickly departed.

            Falconsong sniffed himself while in the vat. "Why isn't this stench coming off, Yak? I cannot work on clearing my debts smelling like this. My mom will pull out the Anti-WOG belt to use on you guys if I come home smelling like this."

            The Yak said, "I can think of one solution and it won't feel good at all, Gawain. Do you want to risk it?"

            Falconsong replied, "Yes! Please!"

            The Yak then remarked, "Okay everyone... step away from the vat." And as she back stepped herself and everyone else did as well, four lightning bolts struck the bath waters of the vat which made Gawain feel as if he had died as he fell into the fluids and lay motionless on the floor of the vat, completely submerged. And then one final bolt of Lightning hit the vat as the Yak cast levitate on Gawain and lifted his naked human body out of the vat leaving the deceased hound body in the bottom of the vat. The Yak then summoned a new Transhounder collar and she programmed it with Gawain's original Hellhound choice exactly as he had originally designated Falconsong to be. She then auto-activated the ACE collar which forced Gawain to transform into his Falconsong Hellhound body. She then said to Timefrost. "If you want to re-establish his pack bonding to you, this is the time to do it. If any other Alpha mounts him, then you lose your claim. I will dispose of his old stinky body."

            Timefrost with Pentiumfang as witness, proceeded to establish a new pack claim on Falconsong's body. Mid-way through the hound mounting as Timefrost was emptying his fluids into Gawain's backside, Falconsong woke up and as he had before, he clenched on the knot that was tied inside of him and this led to the release time being extended exactly as it felt the first time they had done it. "Timefrost? Why are we having sex? I know you love me and all, but do you really have to give a replay to Bray and Pentiumfang?"

            Bray said, "In order to separate you from the stinky version of your body, the Yak struck you with Celestial Lightning which separated your human form from your hound body."
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.
              Bray then continued. "...And then she departed to dispose of the stinky hound body which you were pulled out of. She gave you a new collar which she programmed in your original Falconsong form into and then she placed the collar on you before having it activate to transform you back into Falconsong which revived you. Then she told Timefrost that he had to mount you all over again to restore the pack claim he had on you the first time."

              Without warning, Arch Magi Valerian Mouse and Lord Lampwick were standing near the group. "Bray? Where is Richard Thompson?" inquired the Arch Mage.

              Bray replied, "After finishing his detox bath, he departed toward his room to take a shower to freshen up. Why do you need to know and what's going on?"

              Lampwick then said, "Lord Blaze contacted both Tony as well as myself and he told us to detain Richard since he isn't Richard at all. The fake demon donkey whom Richard thought he was rescuing was in truth a Conversion Body Swapper whom was under a punishment. And once restored to living form, he tricked his rescuer into agreeing to go with him to get cured of what the hound trapper had done to Richard. Once he had Richard in his labs, he mixed the cure and he instructed Richard to wear him, drink the cure, and then bray and kick like I might have done in the movies. Then after taking a dump down a poop chute, Richard felt compelled to go out the backdoor of the cavern which turned out to be a teleporter door leading to the sloughs off short from Hellwick's island in Hell itself. Once his new donkey body was coated in Rut and Sex mud, he met up with Hellwick, my Hell-bonded counterpart. And to break the rut, they had to participate in sex. After that, they called Lord Blaze. Once Spellwick was in Richard's body, he played it calm so the Yak wouldn't suspect a thing when she helped a known felon to escape from the Underworld."

              While Lampwick explained all of this, Tony and a few Howl participants went and captured Richard's body and were soon carrying him back out to the vat where the others were waiting for them.

              When they arrived, the Yak also returned. Tony said, "We captured him as it looked as if he was about to pack up for a hike out of the area. We actually got to close the Howl early for a change. No one was seriously missing. And that's a shock in itself. We usually get nearly fifty people on the Where's Waldo list."

              When the yak found out what this scum dick did to trick her as well as the others just to get a free ride to the surface world... she was angry to say the least. "How do we go about restoring Richard to his original body or do we have to do to him as I just did with Falconsong?"

              Valerian Mouse said, "Lord Blaze told me that if Richard wasn't restored to his original body in three Plunder Island days, then Richwick would be stuck on the island for a year before he could petition his own release from the island. Hellwick really likes Richard since he came across as polite to him. We have only a few hours left to make the restoration attempt. Otherwise, Richard becomes Richwick for a year, in Hell."

              The Yak shot a glare at Overseer Zecma whom had not left yet. "Hell is your jurisdiction, Zecma. I will expect you to help Richard out of his current fix. If it hadn't been for the trapper as well as the body swapper, then Richard wouldn't have been in the Underworld at all. Unless you want to tell Saberfang the First that you fucked one of his cadets."

              Zecma then took an Imperial stance as he returned the glare. "How much is Richard worth to return him to his rightful body, you old cow?!"

              But before the Yak could reply, Hades slapped a hand over her mouth. "Nice try, Zecma. You are starting to become as corrupt as the council by trying to get the Yak to place an auction price tag on Richard Thompson."

              And then Mack Roo as well as a Law Imp and an Information Devil Mouse all appeared next to Hades. "'ades just informed me of what yas tried to set up on a nice joey, Zecma. Now stop acting like a Council prick or else Ah'll 'ave to tell the current 'ell Emperor that yas need a lap lesson."

              Zecma pulled out an Imprial Decree scroll and he handed it to Falconsong. "Make the request good, Gawain. Just remember... using one of these things makes you as equal to God himself so do be careful in how you word this."


              Laying on the ground where Tony and the others had laid Richard's body, the young man slowly awoke. "Ow... feels like someone body slammed me. Did Dippy try to assassinate me?"

              Timefrost then said, "I know you hate Straus Capital, Gawain, but did you have to send his corrupted ass to Hell?"

              Falconsong nodded his head as he stated for all to hear, "YEP!!"

              Gawain went over to Zecma and kissed him on the nose. "Thanks for letting me use that scroll." Then he went back over to Richard and sat the young man up in his lap. "Dippy is a Thief, not an Assassin. But if you want to be just like Dippy, we can make an arrangement with Cypher."

              Zecma then said, "You could have decreed yourself free of your entire debt."

              Gawain said, "I could have done that, but I will never be like Straus Capital."
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.
                The following day, it was business as usual... Gavin was wearing a Transhounder collar of his own to work on his one wish debt to repay Aurafang. Gavin was calling himself Fantasysong when he worked his jobs. Falconsong was once again working on his own debts. Richard was also fitted with a Transhounder so he could also do jobs to make sure the system was safe for regular job-seeking workers. Every debtor was making use of the new digitally powered employment board. Saberpaw soon returned from a job he had been on as he turned the completion form over to Duskfang at the main desk. "I'm going to go get cleaned up and get myself a meal. This new system really works well. Word of warning... the authorities on Earth are out in droves looking for the currently missing Straus Capital. Word is that he was kidnapped out of his home without a stitch of his clothing. They are talking to everyone whom had any kind of dealings with the man in the past. Make sure Falconsong gets this warning when he comes back from his latest job. Despite how I may have treated Gawain myself, I still care about the boy." And then Saberpaw headed off to get cleaned up and find a meal.

                Swordfang went over to the kiosk in the front lobby and he quietly told Gwen what they had just found out. Gwen said, "Perhaps I should talk to the security agent that Tony employs to get myself off of the suspect list. I had nothing to do with Mr. Capital's disappearance but according to most reports, he was not a well liked man. This whole laying blame on his financial victims seems like another underhanded plot to gain sympathy for his lousy business. If Ace Ventures had not hired me to work here at the gift shop, then I and my son Gavin would be homeless right now since the fiasco that put our old names on the non-trust for financial loans list. I couldn't even afford to purchase a house to take care of my own family." Swordfang gave the woman a hug and said, "Talking to our local agents is the smart thing to do in this case. It does sound like a cry for sympathy."

                As Gwen got up to go talk to Tony's government agents, Swordfang sat down in her then available kiosk seat.

                At that moment in front of a government office building, Falconsong and Streetpaw, on an outing together for the first time since they first joined Freelancers way back when, were speaking to two government agents, one a financial expert covering Straus Capital's disappearance; the other an expert in general missing persons cases. Falconsong exclaimed, "Yes, I was taken to court by Straus Capital when I accidentally inserted a 13th Hour audio CD and screen-saver into the Capital Investments ATM machine instead of using my ATM card. I used to be Gawain Fairweather before I got sent to Freelancers to get their help to pay off my debt to Straus Capital. Freelancers sent the full remittance of my debt total to Mr. Capital care of the court house which oversaw my case. However, after receiving this payment, I later learned that he targeted my father's automobile lot by placing his name on the non-trust for financial loans list. Thinking the whole issue was my fault, my father divorced my mother and threw her out to fend for herself while he attempted to save his business by any means possible. Once the divorce became final, my mother successfully registered a legal name change for my brother and I so we could use my mother's maiden name instead of the name associated with the financial loan ban. While in Freelancers I learned that mine wasn't the first family he had done this to. Also... unlike most common ATM machines if you insert an unauthorized card into the slot and getting it rejected back into your hands with an on-screen message that reads unreadable data card; try again... The Capital ATM machine attempted to process the card and never once gave a warning to indicate that something was wrong. Even though I honestly fessed up to my mistake, Straus threw the book at me in court but that wasn't good enough... for he then attacked my family whom had nothing to do with my actions. The absolute last time I heard any information about Straus Capital was when a Devi-TV commercial advertising Truth or Dragon Slitting announced a crooked bankers marathon with special contestant Straus Capital. I personally thought that they had misspoken the name but the commercial was never aired again so I couldn't confirm what I had heard. Since this Underworld game show was mentioned in conjunction to him and with him currently missing, I would hazard a guess that the man is actually in the Underworld somewhere. And when I say Underworld, I do not mean the human mob union; I mean Hell, Acheron, Hades, Chaosmire, Gehenna, and the Abyss. You know... where the gods and demons come from."

                Streetpaw then added, "In the Underworld, no one cares about clothing. In fact, only the powerful lords whom are in charge usually wear special clothing. Otherwise, normal people are always seen in the nude. If you want to legally look in the Underworld for Straus Capital, call the Mack Roo hot-line to get his help with your going down there. Otherwise, you gentlemen will lose not only your clothes, but your weapons, your badges and likely your species when you accidentally get naked down there. And most male Underworld beings are certifiably homosexual and cannot wait to put their prides up your ass-holes. Pardon my language..."

                Falconsong said, "If you have any sons whom think they are high and mighty to the degree that you cannot get them to live decent lives, take them with you to the Underworld and use them as door-bait so your asses don't get fucked while you are trying to locate Straus Capital. Another rumor I have heard about Mr. Capital that I just remembered is that he got nabbed by the Underworld version of Lampwick's recruiters. If this is the case, then Straus Capital is an underworld donkey right now. And his mind might tell him that it is okay to mount you guys. I would hate to see that happen. Underworld gay sex always results in male pregnancy. And no, I am not kidding."

                The two agents looked extremely disgusted.

                Streetpaw then said, "Another way to locate Mr. Straus safely is to contact Space Master's Life Video Services. As long as the man hasn't died for longer than five minutes, then his life video would still be recording everything he has ever done. That video would show you exactly where he was, naked or not; and human or not."

                Falconsong said, "As long as his mind was still intact, you could get him back human and as he was." Mentally, he thought, And what a shame that would be.

                The agents knelt down and while on one knee, shook Falconsong's and Streetpaw's paws. "Thank you for your honest help in this case, Gawain. I know you had issues with this man after he targeted your family, but revenge never works out well in the end. Your warnings and advice should help to keep my fellow agents somewhat safe in this case. Although I do have two sons whom act just like how you described. I cannot do a thing with them. They think I am boring."

                Falconsong grinned. "Bring the boys to ACE Ventures and stand them on an employment circle and we'll activate a random job for them and after doing one of these jobs they will be begging you to take them home and let them confess to a priest."

                The agent grinned. "I might just do that, and I will let you meet my youngest son whom is your age whom loves MMOs and doggies. Well, as much I hate to do my job, we have to try to find Straus Capital. His Life Video Disc might actually convict him of all of the other crimes he is supposedly connected to. But you didn't hear that from me, Gawain."

                And then without warning, the adult human male agent kissed Falconsong right on the muzzle before getting up and heading off with his partner.
                End of Chapter Eight.