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[Falconsong] GF-04 Legion of the Super Hellhounds

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  • [Falconsong] GF-04 Legion of the Super Hellhounds

    Gawain Arthon, Falconsong (ACE)
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    [Falconsong] GF-04 Legion of the Super Hellhounds.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 4th, 2019

    Chapter One.
    The initiation lasted all night.

    Johnathan "Johnny" Mercer was separated from Felpaw and then the demon hound was handed over to his Abysmal alpha whom mounted his disobedient pack member right in front of the law officials. "Felpaw never got a visa to leave the Underworld so he will be glad to work off his debt back in the home realm."

    And then Johnny was given a clean change of clothes and new shoes. He then approached the demon dog he had been formerly stuck inside as his eyes told the story he wanted to say, as the alpha held the disobedient sleaze bucket to receive the kick... Johhny didn't disappoint anyone as he kicked the dog just to the side of the rump which definitely hurt the stupid demon dog. "I may be in debt, but making deals without the alpha's knowledge makes me want to slice your cock off. But I think his punishment for you might not hurt as much as I still want to do to you... you might grow to love it." Johnny then walked back over to where Timefrost was sitting and as he sat next to the white Hellhound, he asked, "I assume the other Hellhounds will never trust me since Felpaw ruined my name. Not to mention, I am worried about my Grammy."

    Timefrost said, "You will get another chance as long as your newly assigned Hellhound form isn't named, nor looks like, Felpaw."

    Johnny said, "I have better taste than that, Timefrost. Is Gawain still under the dog pile?"

    Timefrost replied, "Gavin went to ask Davyd how things were going. It must have taken most of your willpower to make Felpaw like Gawain."

    Johnny quietly growled as he stated, "The crummy demon dog wanted to get Falconsong pregnant and keep him that way. He disgusted me with all of his constant scheming of how to get Gawain stuck in his hound form."

    Meanwhile, Gavin was in the back chambers with Davyd Arden where the Hellhounds were getting their morning shampoo bath. "I got bored waiting for my sexy brother to get done, Mr. Arden. Not to mention, Johnny's new body is done and he was talking to Timefrost in regards to that stupid Felpaw."

    Davyd nodded his head and said, "The initiation was a complete success, Gavin. Your brother should be emerging from the legion showers at any moment. But please refrain from hugging him until after he gets his fur dried and styled by the Yuskay Groomer. Albeit sexy, he resembles a drowned rat at the moment. And the fluids in the shower can erode your clothes; You do recall what I said about keeping your clothes on around the other hounds, don't you?"

    Gavin smirked. "You said it would be rape if you mounted me. But you never said what it would be if the hounds did it." Clever boy!

    Davyd had a weird look on his face. "You would end up with a male pregnancy and then your mom could share tampon and douche tips with you."

    The boy made an even worse face. "You are being disgusting now, Mr. Arden. I am sure your boys are cleaner minded than that."

    Davyd nodded his head once. "Don't say you weren't warned when it happens. The legion hounds whom are done with their showers can be found within that chamber over there. You can speak to them from the door. They are awaiting the preparation of their morning breakfast. If you will excuse me, I need to go speak to Johnny now." And he headed off.

    Choosing to approach the door that Davyd had indicated, Gavin opened it up and saw that the chamber looked to be a lounge with more of the sexy looking male Hellhound legionnaires sitting on various padded couches. "Um, hello. Mr. Arden said I could speak to you guys from the door. He told me that you were waiting for breakfast. I'm Gawain's younger brother, Gavin Arthon, although only younger by a little more than a year. I like video games and sexy doggies. My brother let me pet on him when we were in Paris."

    The closest legionnaire Hellhound said, "You don't have to stay standing at the door. You're wearing clothes so we aren't thnking anything naughty. Come on in and sit on the couch with us. That way, your feet don't get tired and you can pet on us up close. We're good doggies."

    Gavin came on inside the lounge allowing the door to close behind him as he went and sat between the closest hound and a hound whom looked somewhat damp still. "How come you don't look dry, Mr. Hound?" he asked of the damp looking hound.

    The damp hound replied, "It's the styling gel that the groomer put into my fur by my own request. Most hounds like the natural look, but I aim to impress. And yes, it is safe to pet on me. It doesn't do what the shower water can do."

    Gavin asked, "Will my brother be coming into this lounge later?"

    The greeter hound remarked, "I doubt it since he isn't an officer in the Legion. This is the officers lounge. But we are allowing you to be in here since you just want to pet on us and shoot the breeze with us."

    Gavin hugged the two hounds and began petting on them lovingly. "So what are you guys called? I told you my name."

    The greeter hound replied, "I am Captain Oralfang." The damp hound replied, "I am Lieutenant Stylepaw." A hound on the next couch said, "I am Major Skilltail, an instuctor for the first quarter recruits whom seek to join the Saberfang Legion. I am the one to turn to when you have questions about various Hellhound abilities." A hound sitting close to a table with a deck of cards said, "I am Corporal Casinopaw. I am the games organizer of this pack. I also keep track of pack bets and am the dealer during poker night." A hound standing in a now open rear door said, "I am General Chowfang. I am the chef for all of these officers. Breakfast is ready, guys. The boy can pet on me for some dessert."
    End of Chapter One.