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[Falconsong] GF-04 Legion of the Super Hellhounds

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    [Falconsong] GF-04 Legion of the Super Hellhounds

    Gawain Arthon, Falconsong (ACE)
    ~ Affordable Canine Escorts
    ~ Affordable Computer Experts
    ~ Advanced Cooking Experiences

    [Falconsong] GF-04 Legion of the Super Hellhounds.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 4th, 2019

    Chapter One.
    The initiation lasted all night.

    Johnathan "Johnny" Mercer was separated from Felpaw and then the demon hound was handed over to his Abysmal alpha whom mounted his disobedient pack member right in front of the law officials. "Felpaw never got a visa to leave the Underworld so he will be glad to work off his debt back in the home realm."

    And then Johnny was given a clean change of clothes and new shoes. He then approached the demon dog he had been formerly stuck inside as his eyes told the story he wanted to say, as the alpha held the disobedient sleaze bucket to receive the kick... Johhny didn't disappoint anyone as he kicked the dog just to the side of the rump which definitely hurt the stupid demon dog. "I may be in debt, but making deals without the alpha's knowledge makes me want to slice your cock off. But I think his punishment for you might not hurt as much as I still want to do to you... you might grow to love it." Johnny then walked back over to where Timefrost was sitting and as he sat next to the white Hellhound, he asked, "I assume the other Hellhounds will never trust me since Felpaw ruined my name. Not to mention, I am worried about my Grammy."

    Timefrost said, "You will get another chance as long as your newly assigned Hellhound form isn't named, nor looks like, Felpaw."

    Johnny said, "I have better taste than that, Timefrost. Is Gawain still under the dog pile?"

    Timefrost replied, "Gavin went to ask Davyd how things were going. It must have taken most of your willpower to make Felpaw like Gawain."

    Johnny quietly growled as he stated, "The crummy demon dog wanted to get Falconsong pregnant and keep him that way. He disgusted me with all of his constant scheming of how to get Gawain stuck in his hound form."

    Meanwhile, Gavin was in the back chambers with Davyd Arden where the Hellhounds were getting their morning shampoo bath. "I got bored waiting for my sexy brother to get done, Mr. Arden. Not to mention, Johnny's new body is done and he was talking to Timefrost in regards to that stupid Felpaw."

    Davyd nodded his head and said, "The initiation was a complete success, Gavin. Your brother should be emerging from the legion showers at any moment. But please refrain from hugging him until after he gets his fur dried and styled by the Yuskay Groomer. Albeit sexy, he resembles a drowned rat at the moment. And the fluids in the shower can erode your clothes; You do recall what I said about keeping your clothes on around the other hounds, don't you?"

    Gavin smirked. "You said it would be rape if you mounted me. But you never said what it would be if the hounds did it." Clever boy!

    Davyd had a weird look on his face. "You would end up with a male pregnancy and then your mom could share tampon and douche tips with you."

    The boy made an even worse face. "You are being disgusting now, Mr. Arden. I am sure your boys are cleaner minded than that."

    Davyd nodded his head once. "Don't say you weren't warned when it happens. The legion hounds whom are done with their showers can be found within that chamber over there. You can speak to them from the door. They are awaiting the preparation of their morning breakfast. If you will excuse me, I need to go speak to Johnny now." And he headed off.

    Choosing to approach the door that Davyd had indicated, Gavin opened it up and saw that the chamber looked to be a lounge with more of the sexy looking male Hellhound legionnaires sitting on various padded couches. "Um, hello. Mr. Arden said I could speak to you guys from the door. He told me that you were waiting for breakfast. I'm Gawain's younger brother, Gavin Arthon, although only younger by a little more than a year. I like video games and sexy doggies. My brother let me pet on him when we were in Paris."

    The closest legionnaire Hellhound said, "You don't have to stay standing at the door. You're wearing clothes so we aren't thnking anything naughty. Come on in and sit on the couch with us. That way, your feet don't get tired and you can pet on us up close. We're good doggies."

    Gavin came on inside the lounge allowing the door to close behind him as he went and sat between the closest hound and a hound whom looked somewhat damp still. "How come you don't look dry, Mr. Hound?" he asked of the damp looking hound.

    The damp hound replied, "It's the styling gel that the groomer put into my fur by my own request. Most hounds like the natural look, but I aim to impress. And yes, it is safe to pet on me. It doesn't do what the shower water can do."

    Gavin asked, "Will my brother be coming into this lounge later?"

    The greeter hound remarked, "I doubt it since he isn't an officer in the Legion. This is the officers lounge. But we are allowing you to be in here since you just want to pet on us and shoot the breeze with us."

    Gavin hugged the two hounds and began petting on them lovingly. "So what are you guys called? I told you my name."

    The greeter hound replied, "I am Captain Oralfang." The damp hound replied, "I am Lieutenant Stylepaw." A hound on the next couch said, "I am Major Skilltail, an instuctor for the first quarter recruits whom seek to join the Saberfang Legion. I am the one to turn to when you have questions about various Hellhound abilities." A hound sitting close to a table with a deck of cards said, "I am Corporal Casinopaw. I am the games organizer of this pack. I also keep track of pack bets and am the dealer during poker night." A hound standing in a now open rear door said, "I am General Chowfang. I am the chef for all of these officers. Breakfast is ready, guys. The boy can pet on me for some dessert."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    When Falconsong emerged from the shower room cloaked in a huge body towel, he knew he would need to get his fur brushed soon or he would look like an unkempt mongrel. He then padded off into to the Yuskay Stylist Groomer where he sat in the chair and the Groomer began to brush and clean up his coat, head fur, and tail. "All this to get funding support to clean up the former Freelancers. I never wanted to take over the business, but the way the original bunch kept screwing me over for no apparent reason... I could have backed off if Saberpuppy told me to work with other Freelancers. Instead, it seemed like he wanted to get rid of me permanently."

    Falconsong then asked what he thought would be an innocent question. "How easy would it be to get the drop on a Hellhound Lord from an underling whom supposedly has less power than the Hellhound Lord himself?"

    Warfang whom was seated nearby reading a newspaper replied, "In what context do you mean getting the drop on the Lord?"

    Not recognizing Warfang's voice, Falconsong continued. "I mean, it just seems strange to me that when Mr. Arden used an Imperial Summons scroll to bring Saberfang in front of us, he arrived all tied up in chains where he says that he had been left in his own dungeons by Haremtail, whom we later learned was his own recruiter. I am also wondering why a debt solutions business would even need dungeons at all. The presence of dungeons in a debt solutions business just seems highly suspicious to me. I didn't think about it back when we had the Security Hounds raiding the place, but now that I am having time to reflect, it dawns on me that the word dungeons was used several times."

    Warfang then softly asked, "Is that why you suspected, at the time, that Davyd was involved with the Saberpuppy fiasco?"

    Falconsong suddenly perked his nose in Warfang's direction suddenly remembering the Initiation improved his senses. "Warfang? By gosh it is you. You are just the Hellhound I was hoping to see and speak to. When Davyd gave me permission to talk to the Pizza Hound officers and trainees, I got to overhear some questionable things that might make you question where the real Davyd truly is."

    Warfang got up and closed the door to the salon, and locking it, before coming back over and sitting down in front of Falconsong. "Law Imp!" POOF! A Law Imp appeared. Warfang then said, "Okay Falconsong, what did you overhear the hounds saying at the training camp?"

    "While I was getting trained with the other potential Pizza Hounds, I overheard several conversations that they probably didn't know they should not have been talking about. First of all, trainees that show too much submission are sent to a Hellhound auction block in the underworld where they have to let one hundred clients fuck them. Second, If you show too much promise, officers are permitted to recruit the trainee right out of training to join their personal packs. And lastly, Mr. Arden is supposedly informed full well on where new missing Trainee Hellhounds have disappeared to. It is a huge Recruiting operation, sir. When young boys do part time work around an Arden's pizza outlet, they often disappear after two short weeks. And they are never seen again as humans. Their parents are frantic and they make a full report to the authorities. New mates acquired for an officer who couldn't keep it in his sheath, sir. And Arden is well aware of this going on. We won't even get started on when the chefs laced the pizzas with Secret Ingredient to convince human customers that no other Pizza could ever compare to an Arden's Pizza and none of those effected were ever given medical treatment when the truth of this drug came out. The 'Stuff' isn't as sinister as Secret Ingredient, sir. They still swear that Arden's pizza is the healthiest pizza on the planet. Yet the new government report says otherwise. You are the only decent officer in Arden's unit. I know you are the main trainer; but you don't bow down to rut like the other officers do."

    Falconsong sighed. "That is what I overheard the other Pizza Hound officers saying, sir. I don't know how much of it is true, but why would they say that otherwise. When I mentioned this to Saberpuppy after Davyd boxed me in the jaw with a falcon-punch and left, he didn't act too surprised that I had found it out. That's when he lined up that punishment for me to either freeze to death in Northern New Hampshire, or head off entirely for a year and fend for myself. I chose to leave the state. After some close calls, I ended up in a chefs academy in Michigan which was run by Darren Arden. He said he wasn't related to Davyd at all. But he did have his own Hellhounds working for him. Travin had taken me there after saving me from the Philadelphia City Dog Pound. I also find it highly strange that Davyd just happened to learn about the Security Hound raid on Freelancers and showed up to remove the announcement involving my ban from Ardens Pizza. Almost as if Saberpuppy got a warning out to him before being captured. I still recall that Davyd had originally said that he couldn't trust me and now here he is about to bankroll mine and Timefrost's plan to clean up Freelancers as a new business. I only had to agree to join the Saberfang Legion to get this funding. In your honest opinion, Warfang... and you too, Law Imp... does this seem like entrapment?"

    Warfang looked at the Law Imp and said, "There is one surefire way to find out. Law Imp, go to Space Master's Life Video Services satellite and request the video disk record for Gawain Riordan Fairweather, although currently Gawain Riordan Arthon, since the father divorced Gawain's mother. We will review exactly what Falconsong is talking about in regards to the private times the Lords forgot that a human is always recorded until they die for longer than a ten minutes." POOF!

    Soon the Law Imp returned with a Mack Roo Lawyer as well as the elfin Space Master himself. Space Master then said, "I brought a copy of Gawain's video disk up to a few moments ago. We can review this together. Although you are likely going to see some unexplainable occurrences surrounding Gawain's life even from an early age."

    As they watched, weird things were happening almost immediately.

    On the day of Gawain's birth, a unicorn buck and a female fairy appeared at the window of the hospital room where Gwen lay in bed holding baby Gawain.

    At age two, George and Gwen Fairweather are standing at the back of his car lot near a row of bushes. Gwen is holding Gawain in her arms. George says, "Joe Peschel of the Dodge dealership across town is doing far better at selling cars than I am. I'd give anything to finally beat him at his own game." Gwen then said, "You should be careful when speaking those kinds of offers in public, honey. Honesty will make you better than Joe. Gawain is fussing, I'm going to walk him around the car lot, honey. Please try to calm down for your customers." And she walked off carrying the baby. The moment she had walked away, the bushes parted to reveal what looked like a dog man who grabbed George by his shirt and held him nose-to-nose. "The Dodge dealer is getting magical assistance. I can help you beat him at his own game, but you have to give me something of my choosing for free." George looked scared as he quietly asked, "What do you want?"
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.
      The dog man (obviously an ugly Hellhound to Warfang and the others in the room) said, "When your first born son becomes a teenager, you will hand him over to me or else, the entire town finds out how you cheated to get on top. Do I get the boy in exchange for your pride to beat Joe Peschel?" George said, "You will let him grow up first, right?" The Dog man said, "You are in no position to bargain, human. Yes or no." George trembled as he hung his head. "Its a deal. But you said when he is a teenager. You will let him grow up to that age." The Dog man said, "I don't molest babies. Remember, if you renege, you lose it all. Oh look, you have a customer, my fair weather friend." And the Dog man dove off through the bushes and was quickly gone from sight. George turned to look toward the front of the parking lot where he saw not only the mayor but members of the city council as well. As he approached them, he managed a smile as he said, "When the only friend you can trust is a Fairweather friend, whatever you need to find, we can help you find it here at Fairweather Motors! How can I help you, today?" And the mayor mentioned that the Dodge he had bought at the other dealership had broken down on him and he needed a new car. A reliable car. George made several sales that day to the city council, and sales flourished.

      At the age of nine, Gawain is looking at a new computer game that could be played over the phone lines. It was called Dark Castle Online. However, the price even due to price reduction was $19.99 and he only had two dollars. He had already spent his allowance and wouldn't get more for a month. But he really wanted this game. Realizing that he would have to do without it, he was about to leave and his eyes were drawn to what looked like a wet twenty dollar bill floating down a rain soaked gutter. He grabbed it when it got caught on a snag pretty close to his locale and he went back into the store and he bought the game; He had just enough to get it with a little change left over. As he departed from the toy store, he walked past an alleyway where soon after the boy passed by, the Dog man was seen chuckling. "Now you owe me a debt for twenty dollars, kid. But I think I will let him get into more trouble before I demand being paid back." And the Dog man ran off down the alleyway.

      Falconsong quietly asked, "The Underworld laws were different back then, right?"

      The Law Imp said, "Yes, but pay attention to what comes next."

      At the age of thirteen, Gawain was barely a teenager and Timefrost in his human form was brought by his father to a car lot to buy him his first car. And Surprise, surprise, Timefrost's father took him to Fairweather Motors in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, near Erie. "When the only friend you can trust is a Fairweather friend, then come on down to Fairweather Motors!" And Gawain was there helping his dad by handing out balloons and Fairweather fliers to advertise the latest acquisition of automobiles they had gotten in. As Timefrost received his balloon and flier, he looked Gawain in the eye and said, "Falconsong? Number One. I read your blog." Gawain smiled and hugged the older teenager since he had never actually gotten to meet any of his online friends before and this was a special treat for him. Timefrost asked Gawain if he would like to learn programming from him while he was in town. Gawain said yes, and they went off and spent part of the day together. They eventually ended up in a motel room; they couldn't go to Gawain's house because his mom and cute little brother were there. Timefrost asked Gawain if he would like to join the programmers group TF was a member of. Gawain said yes, and this led to a gay sex mounting in the motel room. Timefrost had to change into his Hellhound recruit body (his alpha was letting him live at home with his parents.) Their session lasted a little longer than they intended for it to. Gawain didn't know not to clench on TF's knot to permit the hound to pull out of him and Gawain accidentally made TF unload himself into the boy six times. By the time TF had gotten free, he could tell by scent that he had claimed Gawain, not what he was going for; but it was too late. Gawain would have a light scent that would tell all other Hellhounds what pack he belonged to through the claim token scent. TF helped Gawain to get cleaned up. After they were dressed once again, they exchanged phone numbers and home addresses. TF promised to keep in touch with Gawain when he could. Gawain thought that TF was awesomely sexy. He didn't believe TF was a Hellhound at first. After the sex session, Gawain was all the time asking TF questions about the species, especially since TF had plans to put modern Hellhounds into a future RPG. That night near the Fairweather home, Gawain is telling his parents how his new friend taught him how to do some minor programming and how it might help dad's business afterward. Just outside the house, however, the Dog man fumed since he could smell the Programmers Hellhound claim on Gawain. It was like someone was stealing his trophy.

      At the age of fourteen, Gawain and his younger brother went to see a new band in concert. They wore dog costumes while playing their instruments. Gawain had won the tickets to go see 13th Hour in concert during what he thought was a call-in show over the radio, not realizing that another debt was being tagged on to him during a fake call-in show directed solely at him. Normally concert tickets costed $100 a piece for standard seats. But these tickets were for backstage passes and up front seating. Thus the debt for these things were $1,000 a piece. There was supposedly a plan in this to get the Dog man's trophy back. Hereafter, Gawain was buying 13th Hour music and souvenirs whenever he could afford it.

      Then came the fatal day when Fate seemed to choose to get Gawain away from the Dog man entirely. Gawain approached the ATM machine to check his savings account and he accidentally inserted his brand new 13th Hour CD Card with desktop screensaver program into the slot without meaning to. In seconds, the entire network was playing hard rock music as the entire banking network crashed. Capital Financial Banks was hit hard. Gawain wanting to fess up to his mistake went inside the bank and apologized to the bank president for the accident of inserted a music card instead of his ATM card into the machine. He initially offered to do odd jobs to pay for the repairs, but instead, Gawain was hit with the Freelancer's law suit. His mother had heard of Freelancers and bought him a bus ticket to go ask for their help to pay back the bank. Not long after Gawain was sent off to New Hampshire, the Dog man confronted Mr. Fairweather and said, "Time to hand over the boy, Fairweather. That was the deal. Now where is he?" George said, "My wife took him somewhere to raise money to pay back the bank that he accidentally crashed." The Dog man then said, "Look asshole! I am a Hellhound Lord! You made a deal with me! I'll give you one month to get that boy back to me at Thompsons Docks by midnight or you can say goodbye to the profits and luck in your automobile dealership! What I granted, I can take away!" And that was when Gwen walked in and she picked up a clamp that was used to grab a hold of hot coals in the fireplace and she clamped it on the Hellhound's sac and applied pressure. "You leave my husband alone, you demonic monster!" The Hellhound Lord growled loudly and he chose to make George's life a living Hell now instead of later. "Look bitch! Your husband sold me your son Gawain in exchange for making his dealership better that Peschel's Dodge dealership up to the point of putting it out of business. Which happened a few hours ago. The deal was that on the day that your husband beat out his competition, I would return to claim my prize. Now what did you do with Gawain Riordan Fairweather?!" She replied, "He is beyond your reach at Freelancers! Even if you ruin my husband, we can start over somewhere else! Now get thee behind me, Satan! Begone!" And the dog man vanished in a blast of black brimstone smoke. "I told you to be careful about asking for dishonest help. I told you that you never knew whom might be listening. I said that as long as you were honest, you would always come out ahead. But no... you made a deal with the devil." George growled at Gwen, "We are as good as ruined! Pack up your belongings! You can keep custody over the boys! I never want to see you again! We are divorced!"

      Space Master said, "The rest of this video covers what Saberpuppy did to Gawain Riordan Arthon. Legally, once your mother's divorce became final, you no longer owed any debts accrued to your old name. You were no longer Gawain Fairweather despite everyone calling you by that name. Now watch the rest of this."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.
        The note from Swifty to Saberpuppy is shown on the screen in detail. There were two documents, both written in infernal script. One was a list of names and addresses. The other a short note that read:

        Document Contents: One name list /w addresses

        Codename, Swiftcock-Pouncealot ID#369116

        Greetings from Saint Michael's. As per request here is the list of abused and naughty boys ages 13-16 from this parish for your recruitment drive. Sorry for the delay. I decided to send it via this boy since I directed him to at least speak with you.

        Your Friend, Swifty

        PS. Give the others a hug from me when you see them.

        PPS. We've seen a rather disturbing increase in abuse cases lately. May have more names for you later. Send a hound at the usual time to the usual place.

        Warfang growled. "Swifty admits that Freelancers is a recruitment operation! That asshole!"

        Then came the nasty first mission to New York, where Gawain is raped by Swifty and everything Gawain had previously mentioned about Felpaw is clear to see. While exploring the city to travel to Swifty's quarters, Felpaw was totally confident. After they were put to work, Felpaw dropped back into 'woe is me; I need to work with someone to succeed' mode. Like the whole affair was an act. Then they met up with Travelin Travin. With his assistance the mission got completed. Since Gawain felt like he was the company fuck toy, he offered to let Felpaw mount him; which he did but not before hesitating as if he could detect the Hellhound Claim token. Then Felpaw asked Falconsong to mount him in return; which he did. Then they got cleaned up and returned to Saberpuppy. Felpaw received VIP and other special treatment while Falconsong was treated like total garbage.

        No special favors for him. Then Captain Timefrost learned that Gawain was at Freelancers and after Gawain got pranked by Funnyboner, Timefrost invited Falconsong to live with him, which Saberpuppy never seemed to be happy with. The next day before Saberpuppy is to meet with Falconsong about the officer caterer idea, Saberpuppy meets with the Dog man whom is carrying a suspicious briefcase which has the symbol for the Saberfang Legion on it. The Dog man said, "You have a debtor here whom owes me a debt. He was promised to me and the father reneged on the deal at the end. The next time you have to deal with Gawain Riordan Fairweather, you are to send him without his transhounder to Arden's pizza hound training camp in Georgia. If you do not do this, I will foreclose the loan you got from me to open this place. Do I make myself clear?" Saberpuppy said, "Yes Sir. I will see to it that he is sent to yo-, er, I mean Arden's camp." The Dog man then left.

        Mack Roo was growling now. "The Dog man is Davyd Arden! That means that 'e coerced Gawain into joining the legion just so 'e could own 'is falsely claimed property!"

        Falconsong suddenly said, "My little brother Gavin was visiting with some of the officers earlier in their lounge! If my brother gets recruited, I will help Johnathan tear some new assholes!"

        Mack Roo then pulled out a redemption token out of his pouch and held it into the air. "Gavin Arthon is to be sent back to the safety of 'is mother! Now!" He then looked at Gawain. "We can work out a repayment plan for your getting my 'elp to save yer brother. Is 'e a cutie?"

        Falconsong pulled out his cellphone and opened the photo gallery to show the recent picture of Gavin to Mack Roo. "What do you think?"

        Mack Roo was tapping one foot when he saw the sexy boy. "Okay, that was a freebie. Now lets watch the rest of this and get more evidence for yer case."

        Then they got to see when Saberpuppy sent Falconsong without his transhounder to the Ardens training camp. Gawain was being told that he wouldn't need it during Ardens training.

        Next up during training happened exactly as Gawain had mentioned; the officers arrived and were talking about the recruitment operation of both Freelancers as well as The Pizza Hound bonus recruitment. Warfang was livid when that part was proven exactly as Falconsong described.

        Saberpuppy was then summoned by Davyd when Davyd stepped in and questioned where Gawain's transhounder was. Slowing down the video, they can see that Davyd reaches into his inner jacket and a scroll just appears in his hand. He did not summon it. The infernal script on the scroll was for summoning the fake Saberfang and no other version of the name. Thus Falconsong's suspicions were again proven true. After that, When Gawain suggested a punishment for Funnyboner, Saberpuppy turned the tables on the boy turned Hellhound by do to him what was suggested for Funnyboner. This Dildo Tree visit was supposedly for 24 hours. When Felpaw asked where Gawain was, he begged Saberpuppy to put him through the same punishment with Gawain. It was granted to him. Oddly enough, when the time limit for Gawain supposedly ended, he wasn't freed until after Felpaw was released from his tree.

        Finally came the set up pizza missions to deliver victory pizzas to both Gawain and Johnathan's enemies. The so-called final test. Warfang was kept in the dark about the true intentions of this final test. Warfang recalled that neither Falconsong nor Felpaw were there to become Pizza Hounds. The sabotage of the pizzas was evident but Warfang could now see why Gawain had done it. Then after reporting back to Warfang, the two were sent back to Freelancers where the secret punishment meeting was to occur. This is what Warfang wanted to see. Falconsong walked into Saberfang's office, he saw how clean the place looked. "Hello Saberfang, sir. Warfang gave Felpaw and I some R&R once our training ended. Felpaw is off checking in with his grandmother. You don't have a pleased look on your face. Why is that?" And that was when the office door closed soundly behind Falconsong as Mr. Arden walked past him and opened his laptop and turned it so Falconsong could see the screen.
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.
          Davyd Arden stated, "What part of both Saberfang and Mr. Arden will be watching your outing did you not understand, Gawain?" And then he pressed a button on the laptop and when the video began playing, Falconsong wanted to be anywhere except facing his superiors. The entire transaction with Billy was displayed with audio. Then a side angle watching as Falconsong sabotaged the pizza with the Stuff was shown. Then the delivery and Gawain's waiting around to get personal satisfaction. "Getting revenge on Mr. Capital could have been forgiven, Gawain, but now for the next part of the video..." Falconsong watched as his past self on the video teleported to Felpaw and spread the seasoning over his pizza after distracting him. Gawain had not waited around for the results of that visit. Then the two smug hounds returned to Warfang. "Sabotaging another Pizza Hound's delivery is what caused you to fail at this task. If Felpaw had come up with a way to get revenge on his own, that would have been okay. But for you to intrude on his delivery was wrong. Saberfang watched this video before you arrived. I hope he has a good punishment lined up for you. You will NEVER be one of my pizza hounds, Gawain. I cannot trust you. Furthermore, you are banned from ordering any of my pizza for a year." Falconsong said, "A leading Government health report says that Eating Arden's pizza every day is not healthy for any consumer, so not having your pizza is not going to be that bad of a punishment, sir. Sending us to make a delivery to our enemies was a piss poor trick to give us as a test at the end. How much money did they line your pockets with to do that to us?" Davyd Arden punched Falconsong so hard that the human turned Hellhound was nearly embedded in the wall with a bloody lip. "You disgust me. The banning was the only thing I was going to do to you; now I am going to inform every employee in Freelancers what you did and how you cannot be trusted. Any allies in Freelancers you might have had will surely avoid you from now on." And Mr. Arden packed up his laptop and he left Saberfang's office. Then it was Saberfang's turn. "He struck you pretty good, didn't he? You have balls to suggest to his face that he accepts dirty money from unscrupulous customers. Was it worth it?" Gawain was surprised that Saberfang didn't seem all that upset. "Not really. I wouldn't have minded the rest of Freelancers finding out, but Felpaw will be disappointed in me. He has always supported me when I don't deserve his loyalty."

          Then Gawain told Saberpuppy about the officers report at the training camp and as he told Warfang, Saberpuppy did not look surprised. Then came the rest of the punishment.

          Saberfang smirked. "Warfang and I have been in Several Wars together. He used to be a top ranking pack chef for the Imperial Army. I had two punishments lined up for you originally, Gawain, but once Davyd struck you in that manner, I had to reduce the punishments I would give to one. For the entirety of your Arden's pizza ban, you will be sharing quarters in cell block six with both Haremtail and Funnyboner. If at the end of the year you can still think for yourself I will personally purge off the record that Arden seemed to demand over the rest of Freelancers knowing of your exploits. Especially when I add that Arden struck you instead letting me punish you my way. This is not Arden's, Gawain. This is Freelancers. To make it fair for Felpaw, he will also get a full year of R&R to spend with his grandmother. She is doing better." Gawain asked, "There are no other options?" Saberfang set a serious look on Gawain's Hellhound form at this point as he removed the Transhounder from the hound's neck. "The only other option is to run away for a year and fend for yourself in the wilds. If you are discovered to be living with people, we will have you brought back here for a real punishment. There is a good hunting area with sparse shelters on the other side of the lake." Gawain said, "Open the door so I can get started. And please do not tell Felpaw that I am under a punishment in the wilds or else you won't be able to control him." Saberfang said, "I think you are making a mistake, Gawain. Use the doggy door. You are the right size." Gawain the Hellhound pushed open the doggy door and exited Saberfang's office. As he was heading out through the Grand Central Receiving area, he looked up at the bulletin board and saw the Arden's announcement in regards to his honor; he also noted that a few other Freelancers who had read the announcement were looking at him. He simply left at that point. As he emerged from the phone booth entryway, he saw the Greyhound bus with its doors open (but no driver) and he quickly dashed inside and hid under a seat in the back of the bus.

          Then the video skips over boring non-important traveling until just before Gawain hit Philadelphia despite his never being there before. Davyd Arden called the City Dog Pound and told them about a runaway mongrel that needs to be located and locked up as a danger to humankind. An exact description of Falconsong was provided.

          Every law rep in the room including the Groomer was fuming when they heard that part.

          Saberpuppy sent Travelin Travin to go find Falconsong but not to help him once he is found. Just keep tabs on him. And so within the dog pound... "Is he the one?" "Yeah, this is him. Night guard swear that his kennel enclosure is haunted. They hate patrolling near his enclosure." "So how much to take him off your hands?" "Normally for beauties like him it would be five hundred bucks, but we are tired of him so the price is seventy-five dollars." Money exchanged hands and then the man signed a form. Then a leash was placed around Gawain's neck as the man led the Hellhound out of the dog pound. Once Gawain was tethered to the inside of the four panel van, the man got into the driver's side bucket seat and said, "Okay Falconsong? What did you do to your fur coat? I have never seen you in this condition before. If one of our delivery hounds hadn't seen you in the pound, in four weeks, they would have tried to gas you." Gawain chose not to answer since he thought this guy worked for Arden. "The silent treatment, is it? Be that way then... I had to buy you out so I own you for now." he started the van and pulled out of the parking lot and turned on to a freeway exiting the city. Not long afterward, Gawain fell into an uneasy sleep. When he woke up, he could smell fresh clean trees all over the place. The van was no longer moving. He found himself laying on a luxurious padded pillow in front of a set of glass doors with a beautiful view of the nearby woodlands. He knew he was indoors but he really did not know where in the States he had been taken. Then he smelled the fresh scent of baking pizza as well as spaghetti, garlic bread, chili dogs and tacos. "Dammit, they are driving me crazy."

          During this part of the video they get to see the only clean 'anti-Davyd' Arden-Hellhound relative in existence. Darren Arden. He was nothing but polite to Gawain and gave him training so the boy could earn his keep at the chefs academy in Michigan. Soon after the 13th Hour came for a visit and after an honest explanation to them, the decision was made to hit Freelancers to get Gawain moved to Freelancers Europe. But the recruitment operation seemed to follow them and after only being in Italy for a single week, they left Freelancer's Europe where they migrate to the 13th hour mansion estate and then Davyd Arden was contacted in regards to buying and re-purposing Freelancers to keep it out of Saberpuppy's grubby paws. Then everyone got to watch the so-called join us to get funding meeting that was directed at Gawain and only Gawain.

          No one else. The whole thing just sounded fishy.

          "We found out that Saberpuppy wasn't even a legal bloodline member of the Saberfang genetic line," said Davyd. "He had doctored his paperwork and changed his name illegally just to use the esteemed name to perform recruiting for his disgusting pack. I am the original Saberfang, Gawain. And it hurts that he even fooled me. So you want to purchase Freelancers and re-purpose it to handle three businesses instead of just one. But you need a purchase sponsor; did I understand this properly?" Gawain replied, "That is correct, Davyd. Since you apologized to me just before we got shipped over to Saberpuppy the Second, I mean General Wog's domain, I figured that I would contact you about maybe sponsoring our plan. Because I am still in debt, no one would loan me the kind of money it would take to revamp Freelancers so we could clean it up and make it work properly."
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.
            Davyd Arden said, "I can help you as long as you are willing to team up with Antonio Fury, the current sept leader of New England. They recently had to close the Howling Fury once the land owner got tired of his privacy being disrupted by the party goers. Now they need a new place to conduct their howls. What was original idea in revamping Freelancers?" Gawain then laid out the various ideas in continental access entry doors, the moving The Freelancer's compound further South into warmer climates and the hosting of the three businesses which included Debt Solutions, the provision of various Food Services and the Programmers Pack wanted to host Computer Games and an Internet Service Provider as well. "But a nightclub could work as long as we were permitted to work there to pay off our debts. What would the Saberfang Legion require of me for their help to purchase this business?" The Saberfang Legion were then seen in the video call quietly looking at one another with serious expressions on their muzzles. Gawain knew this was the Hellhound Mental speech for which for reasons unknown that he had been dis-included from learning when he got his Hellhound form. And then one Legion member said aloud, "You cannot hear what we are saying, can you, Gawain?" The others were all focused on Gawain now. Gawain replied, "I never understood why we were not given full access to the Hellhound abilities when we originally joined Freelancers. My friend, Johnny Mercer who becomes Felpaw, was brave enough to ask one of the loyal Saberpuppy officers about it the one time when I wasn't around and they told him that he would get the full abilities should he choose to fully join Saberpuppy's pack without question. And he replied that he would only join if I, Gawain, joined. And the subject was dropped after that. They wanted Felpaw but I was not desired because Felpaw had a Freelancers voucher in New York; Father Swiftsom. The only person I had any kind of mounting fun with before Freelancers was Timefrost who was already in the Programmers Pack and he never told me that at the time. He accidentally placed a claim on me which would tell other Hellhounds that I was under a pack's protection but to this date, he has always implied that my joining a pack was my own choice and it would never be forced upon me. So no, I cannot hear a mental word you gentlemen Hounds are saying."

            Then the mental discussion resumed. With the newly gained information provided by Gawain, they seemed to carry on for quite a while. Just when Gawain was about to get up and go use the restroom, one of the Saberfang Legion pack members said in English, "In exchange for our help, would you be willing to join the shared Saberfang Legion Pack. Of course this means that we all get to mount you equally. On the day you join us, your debt is completely erased. And while you will not be an Alpha nor a Legionnaire like us, you will be in the pack and you will be gifted with the full Hellhound powers that all Hellhounds enjoy the usage of. We contacted the Alpha of the Programmers Pack and we asked him about you. He said that while Timefrost was in love with you, they were leaving the choice to join a pack up to you. They said they are looking toward the alliance you will provide with them since Timefrost's claim on you, while accidental, is legal. Again, they leave this choice to you. Therefore, we have to ask you if you are ready to join a pack to acquire this assistance?" Gawain then said, " I didn't know Timefrost was in love with me. I enjoy his company, of course. Riffpaw, the Alpha to the 13th Hour Pack, has mounted me; but his action was to help me to re-acquire access to my human form that Saberpuppy tried hard to erase. Riffpaw did not induct me and likewise was leaving the joining of a pack up to me. Although he mentioned that he would really love to have me a pack brother. But they are Were-Hellhounds. I don't know if I could ever have the control they have over accidental infection. Therefore, I must go the safe route. Gawain Fairweather will freely join the Saberfang Legion Pack. When would you like to have this done?"

            The legionnaire then said, "Remember, since you are the only one in the conference call meeting with us, you are the only one who is getting this offer to join our pack. If Felpaw was interested in being in this with you, he would be at the meeting table and he is not here. Only you are. There will be legal witnesses to place this into the official record, Gawain. Law Imps, Records Imps, an Information Devil Mouse or two and a Mack Roo Lawyer. We have a report you think they are adorable. We will open an access portal later tonight to the Saberfang Legion hall and you will come here for the joining rites. I would advise that only Timefrost make the trip with you. As we said before, the offer is not for Felpaw since he is still under investigation." Another Legionnaire stated, "The legal group finds it unusual he just happened to arrive the same day and the same hour as you did and then for a former gang member came across as a complete dunce. If he was that stupid in the gang, he wouldn't have lasted a day. And on your first mission with him in New York, you recalled his mentioning that the other gangs would kill a stranger in their turf." Gawain nodded his head. "That's what he said at the time. He only came across as stupid while doing paperwork; but when we were in New York, he took charge until it came to our performing our actual missions, then he dropped back into 'woe is me; I cannot do this without help', like it was an act. Which was after Swifty raped me and leaving him unscathed." The first legionnaire inquired, "And Later, Saberpuppy spoke as if Swifty broke the rules by mounting you yet no punishment was doled out. Correct?" Gawain again nodded his head. "That is correct as far as I know. I asked other officers while I lived with Timefrost if Swifty was ever reprimanded for mounting me painfully during a mission. They said that he was given a light punishment and he was told to not let it happen again. So no, he was never punished severely."

            Davyd Arden then said, "After tonight, Gawain, you will be as Hellhound as I am. You have seen that I have full use of my human form when I need to use it. See you tonight."

            Then on the night of the initiation, Gawain had contacted Mack Roo too let him know what was going down and afterwards, Timefrost, Gavin, and Felpaw accompanied Falconsong to his initiation, although the real Davyd Arden gave a cursory look at Felpaw as he commented, "I have never seen such an ugly Hellhound in all my life. But since you like the look of your canine appearance, there is no accounting for taste. You remind me of the old-school Demon Dogs of the Abyss. In fact your appearance is almost dead on identical." He then went over to Gawain and looked him over. "I originally said that this offer was for you alone, Gawain; but your little brother may witness the initiation... but let me stress this, Gavin; you are not to participate. That would be rape. Now come along, Gawain... we have to get you lubed for the initiation so you have sponsors for the new business you wanted funding for. You agreed to this when you spoke to us at the meeting. You also agreed that only you would be getting this offer. Felpaw can sit aside as a witness, although, he is still under investigation."

            Gawain now spoke up at this point. And the rest you all know because Mack Roo was present for the discussion and then I got the initiation from the Saberfang legion even though I noticed that Davyd himself never participated; but he did greet the legion at the end to ask how things went. It was my understanding that he was going to mount me after he got the Programmers Alpha to agree to let me join the legion if I wanted to. It was to be my decision. Comments?"

            Warfang was openly growling. "We've been played!" Then he looked to the Groomer. "Remove the legion's mounting claims and fluids out of Gawain. I'll pay for it."

            The Groomer got to work on the request.

            Gawain asked, "Mack Roo, who all has legal access to an Imperial Summoning scroll like the one Davyd supposedly used to summon Saberpuppy?"

            Mack Roo replied, "Normally official members of the Imperial Council or the Council Overseer, Zecma. He makes games but he hates wearing the council jacket. Why do you ask?"
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.
              Gawain asked, "Could you ask Zecma to verify where all of the existing Davyd Ardens are right now? I get the feeling that the Davyd who is outside in the outer chamber isn't the real one. We need to know where the real one is. You see how Warfang looks."

              Mack Roo said, "I'll get on that now." And he closed his eyes to speak to Zecma to let him know what was going down.

              Space Master then said, "I need to return to my satellite. Timefrost really cares about you, Gawain. Perhaps you would be better choosing his tribe of Hellhounds. Of course, Darren Arden did consider you to be a good student at his academy. Although if you really want to fund your new business adventure..." He raised his head. "Financial Imp?" POOF! "Is there a legal block in place to prevent Gawain Falconsong Arthon from setting up a Direct Investments account for use toward an upcoming business venture?"

              The Financial Imp replied, "I know of Falconsong, sir. The Direct Investment Legal Department were contacted when the Freelancer Hellhound known as Falconsong was instated and Darek Imp Kisume was instructed to deny any accounts to be set up in that Hellhound's name no matter what the format."

              Space Master said, "We need to know who made that request for denial, Imp. And you better not say Saberfang. Mack Roo is contacting Overseer Zecma right now."

              The Financial Imp trembled and looked pale. "Lord Darek can give that information; but that knowledge is above my pay scale, sir. I will call him and let him know that you personally want to know." And this imp went silent to make contact with his employer.

              Falconsong said, "If I am not allowed to make an account in his bank, then I suppose I will have to create my own bank and ask Over Planars if they want to take a chance on me. When I tell them that Direct Investments is denying services, what do you think they will say?"

              The Imp popped his eyes open wide at that statement. "Most of the Underworld would be ruined if you spread bad news about Direct Investments."

              Falconsong said, "I believe that Gamemaster Zecma once said that Competition Helps to keep Good Businesses Honest. Are you going to tell me that D.I. is running a dishonest bank?"

              The Imp frantically exclaimed, "NO!!! D.I. is on his way! Please don't cause a currency war!"

              Instantly, both Zecma and Darek Kisume appeared in the chamber at the same time. And worse, Zecma had on his council jacket. D.I. froze when he saw that Zecma was dressed like Darth Vader but without the helmet. Zecma said, "It seems that I get to play the evil card for a change. Mack Roo had been asking me about one thing, but then he allowed me to mentally hear what the Financial Imp was telling Space Master and Falconsong. I need to warn you, Darek; If Falconsong is banned from Direct Investments that also means that any underworld debts in his name are also null and void. Since he would also be exempt from being indebted. Debts are registered in the banking institutions, and if he has a debt registered in your bank, and you won't let him have an account then all accounts in his name must be purged out." He pulled out an Imperial Decree Scroll. "Or do I have to do it this way? I, Overseer Zecma of the Imperial Council, do hereby Decree that Davyd Saberfang the first Arden of Shinjuku, Japan, be hereby summoned to this chamber for legal purposes no matter what condition he is in!" And he slammed the scroll on the floor in front of Mack Roo. Then Zecma immediately had another Imperial Scroll in hand. "Well?"

              At Mack Roo's feet laying on the floor bleeding with two sword gashes in his chest and stomach was Saberfang the First. He looked as if he was almost dead. Mack Roo then said, "Groomer, Summon one of your brothers to do a patch up job on Lord Saberfang the First. If he dies and the public finds out, it could spark off a massive war."

              Darek Imp Kisume said, "A Financial Officer named Executionerfang working on behalf of Freelancers issued the edict against permitting Falconsong an account until the day that the debtor could pay off the debt which Freelancers bought out concerning Falconsong. We were told that his human name during the court trial had been Gawain Riordan Fairweather, but the individual might try to change his name to worm his way around the laws. So the blockage was placed on his Hellhound name which he cannot change once assigned to him."

              Space Master then asked, "What was the date that this edict was levied upon Falconsong?"

              A second Groomer appeared and got to work on patching up Saberfang the First.

              Darek Imp gave an exact date along with the precise time.

              Falconsong then looked up at Space Master and stated, "Wasn't I still in court on that day trying to defend myself from the Capital Law Suit? Because if I was, then there was no Falconsong the Hellhound created as yet."

              Space Master rebooted the Life Video History disk for Gawain Riordan Fairweather and zoomed it in on that exact date and in the video, even D.I. could see that Gawain was still human and in court with a room full of witnesses. Freelancers wasn't even being mentioned at the time. And with the time-date stamps in the video, D.I. could see that he had also been played for a fool. S.M. said, "At that exact time on that exact day, Gawain was definitely still in court and there is no way anyone in Freelancers could have known anything about him."

              Zecma said, "Does the ban get lifted from Gawain or do I get to use my scroll... or does Falconsong get to start his own bank in which you cannot effect any currency they decide to instate? You have had a monopoly on currency throughout the worlds for a while, D.I., and this isn't the first time someone has complained about your bank."

              Darek then said, "Easy solution, Zecma, summon a complete list of every Hellhound who has ever joined the Freelancer's pack and check that list to see if Executionerfang is on the list; make sure to check to see what kind of Hellhound he is at the same time."
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.
                Falconsong then said, "Zecma, you once said that 'Competition Helps to keep Good Businesses Honest' and when I made this statement along with the idea of starting my own bank, the Financial Imp freaked out. And he mentioned that he didn't want me to cause a currency war. When I asked if the D.I. bank was being dishonest, the imp adamantly said no."

                Zecma grinned. "I think you should install a bank into that new business that you and Timefrost were planning. I would transfer my account if you did. The D.I. interest rate is unfairly retarded. There is a hybrid Fire Horse on Earth with an account so huge that he could buy off all of Hell in a heartbeat and still have money left over. And no one likes this horse at all. In fact, most beings throughout time and space hate this horse."

                Zecma then summoned the known Freelancers Pack list and sure enough, there was no Executionerfang Hellhound officer on the list at any point. "To coin a phrase from the horse, Darek, you got duped!"

                Darek then said, "Time to prove that I did, Zecma. Summon him; here and now."

                Warfang grinned. "Oh yes, please do! I want to rip someone a new asshole and then change them into a No-Boner when I am done with their bodies!"

                Zecma nodded his head. "Let's see how this works, shall we?" He held up the Imperial Decree Scroll toward an open portion of the chamber. "I, Overseer Zecma of the Imperial Council, do hereby Decree that the Freelancer Hellhound Officer whom last used the name Executionerfang to be hereby summoned to this chamber for legal purposes no matter what condition they are in and if they are already in jail, then they appeared in a small cage for all to see!" And he slammed the scroll on the floor in the open corner. Then Zecma immediately had another Imperial Scroll in hand.

                A cage did appear in the corner with a Hellhound within it. The stupid git was none other than Saberpuppy. "Hey, what gives?" Then he saw whom all was in the room. "...oh, its you guys... What do you want this time?"

                Zecma floated over to look through the bars and he asked, "How did you know about Falconsong before he ever came to Freelancers? The date that you, as Executionerfang, told Darek Imp Kisume to deny Gawain a bank account was during a time when Gawain was still in court with witnesses. In fact, they weren't even talking about Freelancers at the time. So fess up and we might go easier on you."

                Saberpuppy said, "A person claiming to be a concerned citizen called me on the phone a few days before the court trial and told me to get a Direct Investments ban set up on one Gawain Riordan Fairweather otherwise preferring the nickname of Falconsong. And if this person showed up to get debt relief to make their business crashing lives a living Hell. He then hung up before I could trace the call. When I asked the phone company where that last call had originated from, they told me that there was some sort of Firewall in East Alliance, Ohio preventing back tracking to the caller."

                Falconsong said, "He's telling the truth, Zecma... and I know who the caller was now. The ex-CEO of Dark Castle Online. Timefrost and I know the bastard too well. Before we knew Saberpaw, we used to think that this prick was the worst turd in existence even worse than what dwells under the muck at the bottom of the Abyss. And before anyone chooses to send me down there as an educational lesson, Let me say this... Saberpaw has far better and more decent writing skills than this bastard. Space Master?" Gawain named off a date and asked him to show what was written on the CEO's screen on the day in which the stupid git got his overpowered Merchant character killed in game.

                When Space Master, whom was curious as to what Gawain was referring to at this time, set up the brief video and displayed it for all watchers in the room they all saw the message which read: Yore character of Name has died and will not be playable for 30 days. Thank U for playing, Sucker. Next time, try to obey my game rules and maybe U wont die next time. Naturally everyone in the chamber laughed at the immature spelling and writing style of this game creator.

                Falconsong then looked to Saberpaw and asked, "Whom was masquerading as the phony Davyd Arden the day he punched me in the jaw for suggesting that he accepts dirty money?"

                Saberpaw sighed. "The same person whom told me that he made sure the real Davyd Arden would not return to mess up our plans..."

                And before he could finish that statement, Saberfang the First whom had just been patched up said, " was Haremtail. He had been trying to recruit not only out of Freelancers but out of the Pizza Hound trainees."

                Saberpaw said, "The bad doggy thought that if a human was changed into a Hellhound that the new Hound in question would do anything to become an instant officer under the promise that allowing him to mount them would not only make them into officers, but their old debt would be instantly wiped out. A false freedom clause. He was building a war pack to use in the next planar war. At the time that I stepped in to claim Freelancers, Davyd was busy modifying and expanding his pizza franchise so getting him out of the way for a while would permit me to help a few pretty nice folk. But then I saw Johnathan Mercer and something about him just screamed demon. But since Swifty had sent the boy, I went with it. Otherwise, I knew that Hellhounds hated Demon Dogs. I could tell that the boy had two souls but I didn't know what to do about it. Haremtail was also the one whom tempted your father to agree to a sleazy deal so he could claim you when became an established teenager. After Timefrost claimed you by accident, Haremtail was so livid that he started making sure that you would find money for things you really wanted and then when you used the funds or items worth the cash amount, he would register that amount as a debt at Debt Auction Services in Rotunda City. Just before you crashed the Capital Banks Network, you already owed Haremtail nearly ten thousand credits, which he was willing to waive if you freely joined his new pack. The stupid cunt even went so far as to arrange it so General Wog would test you and award you with officer status when you passed the test. But when you showed up at Freelancers with the law and the raiding party, the cunt got arrested at the same time that I did. So he wouldn't be able to collect your becoming an officer."

                Falconsong asked, "What kind of debt funds or items?" Saberpaw replied, "I don't hate you, Gawain... but I got told some stupid things about you that weren't true. Most of the time, I tried to treat you nicely. As for the funds and items, you are probably going to kick yourself when you find out. But here goes..."
                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.
                  Saberpaw then continued... "The first amount was for a twenty dollar bill which you used to buy Dark Castle Online and when you made your first character, Haremtail owned the character despite your playing it. You used his money to buy this game. Later, he arranged it so only you heard the phony radio call-in contest so you would win two VIP tickets which included back stage passes for the 13th Hour concert. When you and your brother went to the concert, that accrued another debt of four thousand dollars to your already existing debt account. A few days after you crashed Capital Banks by accident, Haremtail went to collect the prize from your father. Your mother had already sent you off to Freelancers. Haremtail revoked the car dealership's good fortune and after your mother told your father that she told him not to go the dishonest route, he exploded and divorced your mother a few days before you arrived at Freelancers. When the git chose to divorce your mother, he handed over custody of both children to her and then she had her name changed back to her maiden name; she also arranged for both children to also have their last names to take on her surname. Changing your identity legally cancelled the debts you had with Capital because someone with your old name no longer existed. But we didn't know that until you officially quit Freelancers. This explained why your debt account in Freelancers always looked empty. Your mother inadvertently wiped out your debt by changing your surname. Capital then tried to sue your father since he was legally the only Fairweather left in Fairfield. But when Capital fell into an unexplained coma, he failed to arrive at court and the law suit was dropped. But you were already in Freelancers and you were mad at me. You guys get your new business up and running and if you're willing, I will work for you guys in order to clear my debt. Haremtail attacked and nearly killed Saberfang the First, Davyd Arden. That is normally punishable by the death penalty... unless you can find a way to see him as redeemable."

                  Falconsong said, "That last part is asking a lot. He tried to make me into his little slave and he likely also arranged for the Hellhounds to try to molest my little brother."

                  D.I. then said, "The account ban has been lifted, Falconsong. If you still want to make your own bank, I will permit it."

                  Falconsong said, "How about a branch offshoot of Direct Investments under a new name? The base would still be Direct Investments so we could take advantage of the auditing benefits you give your customers. I only threatened to make my own bank when the ban was present. Since you lifted it, the threat is removed."

                  D.I. shook his head. "No, You were right the first time. Direct Investments needs competition to help us to stay honest. My bank uses Credits, meaning dollars; Mega Credits, meaning thousands of dollars; and Favors (meaning millions of dollars) or as Lighty likes to call them, Stars. Lighty is the fire horse that no one in the planes likes. You need to come up with your own system and stick to it. Customers would get pissed if the system changed every week."

                  Falconsong smiled. "I have something in mind and then some... but as long as you are going to be okay with our doing this, I'll do it. But I am also not stupid; I know an endeavor like this needs sponsors willing to back the business. And I would need to talk to the Over Planars about this since Direct Investments is supported by the Under Planars." D.I. paled when he saw that Gawain had figured out where the money to run a bank came from. "Or were you waiting to see how badly I would fuck this up so I would beg for your help to save us?"

                  Mack Roo then said, "Not even created yet and Direct Investments is already showing dishonesty! Ah like yas, Gawain! If yas get the Upper Planars on board for this, Ah will open an account in yer new bank! Ah will keep the old account with Direct Investments just in case! If the new bank is doing better than the old bank after a year, yas will get my full support! Yas cannot complain about an offer like that, Right!"

                  Falconsong lifted his head and shouted, "Contract Imp, please!" POOF! The said imp appeared. Gawain said, "Would you like to repeat this offer now that a Contract Imp is present?"

                  Saberfang the First chuckled. "Seems like Gawain is tired of getting screwed around. You stuck your tail in your muzzle, Mack, so go ahead..."

                  The Contract Imp then said, "Time is money, folks. What is going on in here? I can see some power houses that I don't want to be in trouble with. Just state the contracts so I can get out of here."

                  Gawain looked up at the Contract Imp. "I am the one whom summoned you, sir. I was even polite about it. My legal name is Gawain Riordan Arthon also known as Falconpaw. Since I am not an alpha yet, I have to use the lesser suffix. That is the Hellhound law, is it not? Anyway, the contract offers up to this point are as follows: 1) Darek Imp Kisume is permitting myself as well as Captain Timefrost of the Programmers Pack to create a new monetary banking system to provide good competition to Direct Investments; 2) the plan would be to get Upper Planar Overlords to back this new institution business; 3) Timefrost and as well as myself are about to re-purpose Freelancers into a chain of four businesses while at the same time Merging Antonio Fury's Howling Fury Nightclub into a portion of the business itself; 4) The locale for convenience to Antonio Fury would be Blueberry Hill near New Salem, Massachusetts; 5) Mack Roo offered to start a bank account in our new bank after its created, quote, Ah like yas, Gawain! If yas get the Upper Planars on board for this, Ah will open an account in yer new bank! Ah will keep the old account with Direct Investments just in case! If the new bank is doing better than the old bank after a year, yas will get my full support! Yas cannot complain about an offer like that, Right!. This is everything that has been decided upon so far. If anyone would like to dispute me at this point, just speak up."

                  Saberfang the First said, "You correctly quoted the Hellhound law, Gawain. And everything else you said was exact what I have been hearing these people talk about. Since you want to talk to the Overworlders, I will escort you to their presences so you can pitch your offer at them. If they wanted to order a pizza and drinks from me they could do this at the same time. And for the legal record, Gawain, the term 'Freelancers' was originally coined by me to describe 'Underworld Catering Employees', which I was one after I migrated away from Lord Diablo Kisume. I was trying to raise money back then to not only earn a paid visa for going back home to Earth but to have the funds to start my own business. This is how Ardens Pizza got started. Most food in the Underworld was originally laced with Secret Ingredient to make realm members obedient to the Lord of the realm. Otherwise, these citizens would be escaping all the time. There was little nutrition in these laced meals. Ric Pendragon loaned me some money to start the pizza business in the planes. But I had to make enough of a profit before a year had passed so I could pay him back what he had loaned me, otherwise, he would register the loan as a debt and then I'd be in trouble for sure. I surpassed expectations and everyone around the planes were ordering more pizzas than I could deliver by myself. That's when I had to hire Hellhounds who were down on their luck to help me to deliver these pizzas. It was an easy-peachy job and it paid well. My employees became known as Freelancers. When they agreed to sign up to work for me, the first thing I did to them was to make them submit to a Yuskay Groomers bath..."
                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.
                    Saberfang the First continued. "...I didn't want dirty employees. This is why Pizza Hounds are so hard on inducing when you meet up with one. They are just so gosh darn hot that you cannot help but to tent your pants while wanting to hug and pet on these guys. Then they get training from Warfang."

                    Gawain asked, "Would you ever make one of your pizza hounds deliver a pizza to enemies they may have encountered in life, say, before they joined your employment?"

                    Saberfang said, "Absolutely not! I want loyal delivery hounds and if I did that to them, they would think that I set them up. Is this what happened to you, Gawain? I can see in your aura where you received some training from Warfang."

                    Gawain lowered his head and sighed. Then he lifted his gaze and looked Davyd right in the eye. "Yes. The fake Davyd Arden whom is outside in the outer chamber right now made both Johnathan as well as myself deliver a pizza to our enemies as a final test of our training. Johnathan and I are still considered to be in debt, although everyone keeps saying that since my legal name changed before I arrived at Freelancers, that my debt no longer exists."

                    Saberfang the First grabbed Warfang and the Law Imp before teleporting out of the chamber. A massive fight was heard in the outer chambers!

                    Saberpaw released a sigh of relief. "Glad I am in this cage now. Warfang is an ex-military soldier. I know not to pull his chain."

                    Gawain looked to Mack Roo. "Is there any truth to what people are saying in regards to my debt or did they lie to make my debt's interest climb when I would be thinking falsely that I was free and clear?"

                    Saberpaw quickly said, "Gawain... even I know that law." And once Gawain turned his attention back to Saberpaw, the former continued. "The earthly portion of your debt was cleared when you were no longer Gawain Fairweather. To a crook, this would make it seem like that your father had killed you for jeopardizing his livelihood. The car dealership. However... there is still the registered debts that Haremtail made on you to underworld services. That is what you still owe. And the price of that debt needs to be handled or else, you will find yourself pinned down under his Alpha, being made pregnant and being forced to permanently join their prostitute pack. A great looking guy like you is always pleasing to look upon. That's why I was trying to be nice to you in Freelancers. When I went to purchase your debt away from Mr. Capital, I came across a legal document that stated that your mother had legally changed your name days before you arrived at Freelancers because your dad demanded a divorce. This freed up your debt to Capital. But the other debt still existed and I could not get anyone to tell me whom had ownership of that debt so I could buy it off and let you work off that debt so you could be clear."

                    For the umpteenth time in his life, Gawain felt that his anger toward Saberpaw was misplaced. "Then I have to drop my charges against you, Saberpaw, if you are telling me the truth. I am tired of getting jacked around in this debt game. Since my father made that deal with Haremtail, I don't see how I, whom wasn't even coherent enough to form words, even owes anything of the deal to Haremtail or his Alpha. I agree that I have to pay the other debt that he tricked me into acquiring. But the deal to my father just sounds like entrapment if I am the ending prize. Would the Alpha have fucked a baby?"

                    Mack Roo then stated, "IN A HEARTBEAT! YES!" Then he slyly smiled as he blushed. "Of course, yas would be a 'ell'ound from then on. Yas would never 'ad grown up 'uman." He then looked to Overseer Zecma. "'ere is what yas can do with the next Imperial Scroll, Zecma old buddy... The Decree will be to summon the person for whom the current 'aremtail debt on Gawain exists... to appear in the room with us. When that person appears, we will quickly identify them since they might try to bolt and teleport away. Oh and 'ave them in front of Gawain facing 'im. They may not flee if they see their debt claim in front of themselves."

                    Zecma said, "Sounds reasonable. Here goes... be ready for any possible reaction..." He then aimed the Imperial Decree scroll at a spot in front of Gawain and announced, "I, Overseer Zecma of the Imperial Council, do hereby Decree that the owner of the Haremtail accrued debts on Gawain Arthon will be summoned to appear in front of and facing Gawain himself legal purposes no matter what condition they are in for all to see!" And he slammed the scroll on the floor directly in front of Gawain.

                    In a poof of snow-colored smoke, a white Hellhound appeared whom said something before anyone had a chance to speak. "Falconsong? What's going on? Why was I summoned to you?" It was none other than Captain Timefrost of the Programmers Pack.

                    Gawain was angry all over again at this point as he slapped Timefrost across the muzzle! "You bastard! How did you get mixed up with Haremtail in regards to the debts he had accumulated on me? We are trying to get this resolved and we learn that you own his former debts on me! Not even Saberpaw could find out that you were the one that owned my debts! So fess up or my deals with you are off when I kill you in cold blood!" Zecma said, "Timefrost... I decreed the debt owner to appear in this room facing Gawain. He is well within his rights. Fess up or you get to sit in the cell in place of Saberpaw."

                    The Contract Imp then said, "Legally, hiding someone's debt is illegal among the Imperial Courts. That law was passed three Emperors ago and it is still on the books." Timefrost rubbed his jaw from where he had been slapped. "Man, that stings; but it was a good strike. And I forgive you for not only that but the anger you are feeling. Listen up, for what I am about to say is the official record. Remember back when I asked permission from you to mount you and teach you about sex in that motel room? At that time, you still owed Haremtail for that twenty dollar bill that he made sure you got and spent. Since I was the head programmer of Dark Castle Online, when you spent the money to buy my game code, you were buying your way into my pack, although you didn't know this at the time. When you clenched my knot and made me accidentally unload myself into your backside multiple times, that act left a claim marker within you. It marked you as having joined my pack. After the claim marker was on you, I was able to learn that someone had indebted you with twenty dollars that they had not properly registered with Debt Registry Services. I contacted Haremtail at that point and offered to pay off the twenty dollar debt he had over you. The dumb shit didn't understand the debt laws like I did and he refused at first. I called a Law Imp and sent him to Haremtail to explain the debt laws to the stupid hound and how he was on the verge of being arrested as a slaver if he didn't agree to sell off the debt. If you had spent the twenty on anything else, then I wouldn't have been able to help you get free of this debt that he tried to shaft you with. But since he was helping you to buy your way into my property and I am an Alpha, albeit one without a pack, he had to sell to me when I made the offer to buy off the debt or else he would be accused of trying to illegally sell my property on the black market."
                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Ace in the Hill.