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[Falconsong] GF-03 Wog, Wild One and Were-Roo

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    [Falconsong] GF-03 Wog, Wild One and Were-Roo

    Gawain Arthon, Falconsong (World Occupation Gophers)

    [Falconsong] GF-03 Wog, Wild One and Were-Roo.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.
    Wog Airlines - Flight to Italy; stop-over in Paris.

    Gawain's mother, Gwendolyn Albright Arthon, had gotten over the shock of his sexy colors and good looks by the time they had reached Paris. Of course, his little brother by a year and a half, Gavin Reinhardt Arthon, got to pet and rub all over him as promised. "Anyway, mom. Despite how Hellhounds are depicted in those horrible Hollywood B-movies, the ones I am with are really nice. Except for that young squirt who soiled the family name, Mr. Saber Fang. I found out that the original surname was Paw. The other Saberfang elders are highly disappointed in the newly arrested version of their line. In this Hellhound identity, I am called Falconsong; although you can just call me Gawain since you are related to me. My new boss has informed me that I may be able to get my human form back. So that is my best hope at the moment."

    Striking a pose, Falconsong was Dark Sienna Brown overall with Terracotta (Golden Brown) ribbon-like racing stripe flourishes along both sides of his Hellhound body. He was one HOT Hellhound; it was no wonder he looked like Chocolate and Caramel.

    Gwen said, "I almost begged you to make out with me, Gawain, right on the phone when you showed us that sexy body. I was so embarrassed."

    Gawain hugged his mom. "If you didn't have that reaction, then I would have thought that you were broken. All of my new friends have that spasm of a feeling when they first see me."

    Gavin said, "Due to Saber's mismanagement of your debt, you haven't paid anything although you have done a few jobs. I have an idea for that, bro. Didn't you mention that one of your officer friends have Direct Investment account that sees a daily interest? What if when you accepted a job, the amount of the job went into one of these bank accounts initially and if the job took longer than a day to complete, then you would have an over payment thanks for the Interest Rate. It could help you to pay off your debt faster."

    Gawain smiled at his little brother. "Good idea. I'll have to ask my new boss if that is possible. He may just laugh in my face."

    At that moment, Johnny walked into view and said, "These guys are your family, Gawain? I see where you get your good looks from now."

    Gawain smiled. "Mom, bro... this is Johnny Mercer, one of my partners in the business. His debt was made to save someone's life who was very dear to him. She is on board currently as well. Is the plane about to take off, Johnny?"

    Johnny replied, "Yes, you need to return to first class and strap in. Travin told me to tell you that he misses you. I need to go make sure my grandmother is kept calm when the plane takes off. She dislikes take offs. The landings are not so bad, she says. Before my grandmother got ill, she taught dancing in New York. But the Cancer almost did her in. I need to get going." And he headed on into the back.

    Gavin said, "Can I come up front and sit with you, bro? Please? I'll make the sad puppy eyes if you say no."

    Gawain looked at Gwen. "Only if mom says you can. But you have to behave. The other Hellhounds tend to not wear any clothes like I and Travin prefer to. Captain Timefrost looks like a white Hellhound with silver-light blue highlights and golden eyes. He is as HOT as I am while his package is always noticeable and he doesn't try to hide it. I am just glad that he is not yiffy all the time. Although he does hug and comfort well when I am feeling sad. And since I am stuck as a canine, I have mastered the sad puppy eyes, bro."

    Gavin looked to Gwen. "May I go sit with Gawain? I want to meet his friends."

    Gwen smiled. "Okay, just remember, I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it. And Gawain, thank you for arranging the job for me at the resort gift shop. Your boss Wog will not be disappointed in my work."

    Gawain then took Gavin back up to First Class with him and they got into the seating booth where Gawain helped to strap his brother in before strapping himself in. "I heard you missed me, Travin. This is my brother Gavin. We wanted to meet my Hellhound friends. Mom is okay with my situation now, although she did admit that she wanted to mate with my canine appearance when she got the full on view of Falconsong."

    Travin smiled. "Nice to meet you, Gavin. Keep your pants on around the Hellhounds and no one will mount you. But if you get naked, they will play with you. So stay dressed."

    Gawain said, "He promised mom he would behave, so that means he has to keep his clothes on."

    Gavin smirked. "If I cannot take off my pants that will make peeing and shitting difficult later in the restroom."

    Gawain made a face at Gavin. "You know what I meant. Are Funnyboner and Haremtail on board or did they likewise get arrested with Saberpuppy?"

    Travin replied, "Funnyboner's only problem is his humor; he wants to talk to you later. He did nothing else nastily wrong. Haremtail was arrested. He was making debtors disappear."

    Gawain said, "Okay, I can imagine what Funnyboner wants to talk about. I did speak up on his behalf to the law imp so he didn't get carted off with the others."

    Travin arched an eye. "You did that even after he pranked you?"

    Gawain smiled. "As you said, his only problem is his humor; I will talk to him after take off."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    Once the plane was moving once again and Johnny had rejoined Gawain, the two went off to talk to Funnyboner to hopefully bury the bone once and for all. Holding a grudge against someone for a practical joke was usually not the best way to make friends. After they had left, Gavin walked around and greeted various Hellhounds whom Gawain knew quite well but eventually, nature forced Gavin to seek out the restroom. As he was sitting in there doing his business, from a previously unnoticed doggy door in the restroom door, a pre-puberty Hellhound boy entered the room and he took up a position in stall to the side of the human sized stall.

    "Sorry for walking in here while you're doing your thing, Gavin. I'm Lightpaw, the son of Alpha Major Solarfang. He is one of the two people piloting the jet. Let me give you some advice if you were thinking about playing with a Hellhound... first of all, always ask your play partner if they are pre-puberty. If they tell you the truth and say yes, then ask a Hellhound you trust if they are telling the truth. If they say yes, then you can play with your new friend as much as you like. If a Hellhound seemingly innocently asks you if you have ever had your cock sucked, be cautious. This is the lead in to Hellhound sex. If you say no and they ask you if you would permit them to give you one, you can say yes, but don't get lost in the pleasure because it can start to feel super good. Doggy tongues are skillful. If it seems that you hear them ask you if you would like to suck them in return, you must say, 'My brother Gawain expects me to stay human. I am sorry.' If the Hellhound gets upset and leaves, then he wasn't trying to be your friend anyways... he was taking advantage of you. If he actually stays, then you have found a rare one. Your new friend may teach you how to come thickly and richly. Going back to the pre-puberty question... if the Hellhound honestly tells you that he is an adult, you can socialize with them as long as they don't get sexual with you. Because once your clothes come off... any port in a storm, they will mount you and tie with you, and if the adult squirts his fluids up your butt, then you will get pregnant. Sex with a Hellhound can cause male pregnancy. The Hellhound bitches tend to form their own group and you are likely to never see a female with a male unless it is the Alpha and his daughter. Female Hellhounds are pretty rare anyway. There are more males than females throughout the Underworld. The reason goes back to that nursery rhyme about what Boys and Girls are made of. Girls tend to stay out of temptation and nasty Hellhound activities. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice as opposed to Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog tails."

    He then grinned. "However, show a girl a My Little Pony and their guard comes completely down. So girls are into ponies and horses, like Wild One. Boys like doggies and Hellhounds are doggies, so you can see how Hellhounds can attract a curious boy. Anyway, my dad told me to educate you on these subtle things so you didn't get in trouble by accident. Dad and I live at WOG if you want to come see us after we get there. My mom is a male-mom, for the record. So if you want to keep your tail hole intact, don't let an adult Hellhound mount you. A pre-puberty Hellhound is fine. Like me, but we shouldn't play around on the plane or someone might catch us. Look me up at the resort and I'll show you my video game collection."

    Gavin smiled. "You got video games! Thanks, Lightpaw! You can expect to have me come see you for that. May I hug and rub on you?"

    Lightpaw smiled. "As soon as we're done with our business and we wash our hands/paws, then sure."

    Gavin soon was at the sink washing his hands and letting Lightfang wash his paws before the boy hugged the Hellhound and rubbed him all over as he gave Lightpaw a kiss on the muzzle. "Maybe you can get more after a video gaming session in your room."

    Lightpaw said, "Gavin, you are making me horny. Plus your virgin scent is driving me crazy. I want to help you with this so you don't get into trouble later. So promise me that I will be your first if anyone else offers to mount you. With me, you won't get pregnant. But we have to wait until after the flight. Before I forget, schooling at the resort is different. A tutor comes around and gives you a one hour lesson in public, then the rest of your time is your own. See you later, Gavin." And he hopped down, struck an alluring pose for the boy and then he lifted his tail and went out the doggy door.

    Gavin smiled. "What a tease! But I like him. I better get back to my seat near Travin so I can ask him about Lightpaw. That's what Lightpaw said to do."

    Within the dining portion of First Class, Gawain and Johnny sat at the table with Funnyboner. FB was still afraid of Johnny despite the young man being in his human form.

    "My real name was Clarence Lynde, but to get over my having such a horrible name and because I was often bored in school, I developed my funny side. In school, my pranks were rarely offensive nor harmful. But one day, I managed to go too far. There was teacher in a class I hated who had an extreme case of Arachnophobia. I took a science classes' display container of rare Black Widow Spiders in an aquarium and I put it on the teacher's desk in the hours before class. I had bought a can of instant spider webs and I had sprayed it all over the back side of the classroom. I then set up a spy cam to record the event so we could have a decent laugh later. On the black board, I had wrote out the words, ALL HAIL THE SPIDER QUEEN!"

    "When she entered her classroom for preparation period, she hadn't even looked at the board nor at the fake spider webs. She had walked all the way over to her desk and... the entire school heard her scream followed by the sound of shattering glass and the sounds of a sledgehammer smushing the nasty spiders. She fled the school screaming all the way! She forgot that she had drove to school and she left her car in the parking lot as she ran. When I later uploaded the video to my MyTube account, it got over one hundred million hits before the school officials were informed about the video and then I was told the price tag for my latest prank. The teacher was receiving extensive therapy coming to a price of one million dollars and then the wost part. Each spider was worth 3.75 million dollars. And the Aquarium had contained sixteen spiders. My debt stood at six billion, one million dollars plus expenses of damages to the school caused when she broke doors to escape from the building. The judge said it was the dumbest stunt he had ever heard of. But he was smiling when he said it. He had seen the video himself. The school therapist told me about Freelancers and he revealed that he was one of their people."

    "When I arrived at Freelancers, I found that Saberpuppy even had a copy of the video. No one who had a copy of the video thought that it was that bad. The video had been re-uploaded to other video sites giving credit back to me and requesting donations to help me pay off my debt. I do not know who staged that stunt, but it worked. My debt was soon paid off in full. But by then, I was having so much fun in Freelancers, that I didn't want to leave. So I asked if I could join the pack. Joining meant becoming an officer. Which I managed to do without problem. However, my pranks normally played on other humans soon were being felt by my fellow officers. And then I again went too far when I pranked you and Timefrost. I was demoted and locked up, but when I heard what you did to Mr. Capital and the Loan Shark, I was released from Hound Jail with a warning to curb my funny activities since Felpaw wanted to rip my cock off. And finally, during the legal sting, I got word that Gawain spoke up on my behalf so I didn't end up in Hell's prison system with Saberpuppy and Haremtail. Haremtail had never been a debtor; he was Saberpuppy's recruiter from the beginning."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.
      After the arrival in Italy, Gwendolyn and Gavin got to ride with Gawain and Timefrost. Johnny would have been in there with them, but he opted to stay with his Grammy. The ride was pleasant and then they arrived at the resort village of Montepulico. Two good looking twin Australian teenagers (Mick and Nick Kane) escorted Gwendolyn and Gavin off to the assigned Arthon home in the village and it was nothing shoddy nor lower class. A map of the village was waiting for them on the dining table.

      Gawain and Timefrost were escorted into the all-new WOG officers quarters where Timefrost and Falconsong spent some moments arranging their belongings. Timefrost had the majority of the officers apartment since he was the superior Hellhound on staff while Gawain/Falconsong's quarters were smaller at least for now. But he wasn't complaining because his superior was also a Dark Castle Online player same as he used to be. But then came the knock on their door as General Wog came in and he got directed to where Gawain was sprawled out on the bed looking out the window. "Shall we get started, Falconsong? I will need to see what you looked like as a human teenager and any further requests you may have."

      Gawain rolled over and grabbed his cell phone with picture album within in that his mother thoughtfully preloaded with family photos. "Here we go. This is what I looked like a a human. If at all possible, sir. When I get reassigned my Hellhound body, I would like to keep the color layout that I creatively made for myself. Aside from that, I think Johnny Mercer deserves to have a far better looking Hellhound form and name that the Hellhound Mutt appearance he received the first time and that lower than lower class name.... Felpaw; heck, even Streetpaw would have been better than that. Or Parkpaw or even Bladepaw. Johnny was with a street gang before he landed in Freelancers, sir. But his loyalty never seemed to match the name nor the appearance he chose for himself. If you could talk to him about this, it would help."

      General Wog said, "Let's take care of you first, Gawain. Get on the floor, please; and spread your legs and lift your tail. Would you rather I mount you or your sponsor, the lead guitarist with the 13th Hour? The reason this part needs to occur is because Saberpuppy as you call him removed your human form from your Hellhound body and in order for you to get it back, one of your Sponsors needs to mount you and fill you up to restore the ability to regain the human identity. He and I are both weres so it doesn't matter which you choose in that regard. You were not becoming a Were-creature yourself, but this is to restore your sexy human form. Man... how come we never get this lucky with a normal joiner to the WOG group? Your human identity is awesomely sexy and lovable. Um, whom is the cutey in the second picture?"

      Gawain grinned. "That is a younger brother Gavin. He is into doggies and video games, much like I am. He met Lightpaw on the plane. Since you are giving me a choice, I would like the 13th Hour guitarist to mount me if he is available. I really like his music. You can still get your turn afterward since you are my new boss."

      Falconsong was given an enchantment from General Wog and then the lead guitarist was called in to help the Hellhound resume his human form by showing him the original picture.

      A few moments later, with Gawain underneath, the boy turned Hellhound was getting the wild ride from his mentor in the 13th Hour, and while that was going on, he got to hear his mounter reciting lyrics to one of their newest songs. Soon, Gawain was repeating the lyrics exactly as his Sponsor had spoken them. He was good at memorizing 13th Hour song lyrics.

      As Gawain the human lay on the floor with his favorite Rock and Roll hound on top of him, they waited thirty minutes for the knot to deflate before the Were-Hellhound pulled out of Gawain's backside. "That was awesome, Riffpaw! I love your style!"

      Riffpaw smiled. "Maybe after you clear your debt you will consider joining the band with us, Gawain. We have always loved you. You gave our drummer a hard on by bringing your cute brother to the concert that one time."

      General Wog then laid the second enchantment upon Gawain's human form. "I am now going to teach you the Wog Core transformation ability; after that, you can rest for the night. You never perform your jobs the same day you get your company hound body. Unlike Freelancers, in WOG, you can be a humanoid Hellhound and wear clothes during missions if you desire. And you can speak to locals. But before all that, Swallow this capsule. Let it dissolve in your stomach. By morning, you will be able to speak a collection of local languages in addition to English, Hell Common, Dog, Horse and Kangaroo. The other languages are Italian, Latin, German, French, Spanish, Greek, and Russian. If you want to learn Japanese and Chinese, we have a separate capsule for that; they tell me that it tastes like rabbit poop." One language capsule swallowing later, which tasted like rabbit poop, General Wog taught Gawain the company transformation ability. And then General Wog handed Gawain's cellphone back to the boy in Hellhound form before heading off to find Johnny Mercer.

      While Falconsong tried to put the rabbit poop taste out of his mind, he looked to Riffpaw and Timefrost. "General Wog didn't take his turn on me. Do you think he forgot?"

      Riffpaw grinned. "He will get you later. He needs to work with Johnny now. And if Johnny is anything like you, Falconsong, then his tongue is also going to be hanging out of his muzzle afterward as well."

      Falconsong replied, "I am having my tongue out of my mouth because of the poopy taste of that language capsule. Fresh rabbit poop has nothing on this. BLECK!"

      Timefrost then said, "We are having Italian food for dinner and local wine. That should wash away the nasty taste."

      Falconsong smiled. "Can we talk about Dark Castle Online afterwards, please? I really miss playing in the game. I miss my half-elf."

      Timefrost said, "If we wake up early enough in the morning, I will permit you to log into the server so you can play with your character until 9:45 AM. After that, we will have fifteen minutes to report to Wog."

      Riffpaw said, "So you played a half-elf, did you? What was the challenge to playing one?"

      Falconsong replied, "The fucking CEO at the time had a dumb rule in place making it so if a player played a hybrid of any sort, they had to accept a half-experience point penalty on all quests they took in game. But I showed him!"
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.
        Falconsong then continued. "When I saw the reduction penalty I was receiving for doing a quest with a certain reward amount, I stopped doing low level quests. I started doing quests one to three levels higher than my character experience. The trade off resulted in my dispelling the penalty. The CEO logged in one day and noticed that my Half-Elf was almost Level twenty in three short days. He was so sure I had to be cheating, he opened up all of the completed quest logs and read them over to see what quests I had been taking. This was after I got changed into an apple tree for thirty full in-game days. I figured that the other players had left me behind since I effectively disappeared, so I stopped doing low level quests. This was also before he instated the quest level cap in game making it so you could only do quests of your own level or lower. I complained about it immediately by stating that I was already being penalized for playing a half-elf and by doing the higher level quests was the only way to balance out the penalty. Several programmers and Moderators jumped to my defense stating that they had not noticed the penalty before but when they checked to see if I was telling the truth or not, they said the penalty is in the programming code and it wasn't fair to good players. I afterward threated to go join the competitors' games and to warn all my friends not to play Dark Castle Online if it wasn't going to have a what's right for one should be right for all ruling."

        Timefrost grinned. "I remember that afternoon. I said a quest level cap was okay for players without the penalty, but for those already penalized, it made no sense. And the CEO forgot we were in open World Chat and he told me to shut up or be fired from the game. And I popped back with, If you fire me, all I have to do is press one button and all of the code I put into the game crashes and there is nothing you can do about it. He backed off after that because he forgot that I was the number one programmer. I also mentioned quite loudly that his copyright on the game closely infringed on a Nintendo game of nearly the same name and all it would take is a phone call to Nintendo to have this game shut down with a law suit. A day after that, he announced that the level cap would remain and the hybrid penalty would be removed."

        Falconsong said, "And that started my hiatus from the game as I boycotted the damned thing for being unfair to my character. I had already had a one month long in-game punishment and now I couldn't do higher level quests? I saved my character on a save disk and deleted my account off of their server and off of my computer as well. On my personal blog page I flamed Dark Castle Online for its unfair practices as I announced that I was going to join Greyhawk Online with the same character; same appearance, same quirks and hopefully near to the same equipment. I started playing the competitors game and in under a day, surpassed Twentieth level. And had already earned title status. I got so good with quests, other players were often asking me for assistance. I was blogging my good experiences in the new game and had nothing but praises for them. One day, the GO staff offered me a Moderator job in their game. And they said that by doing this job, I would receive a pay check just for doing it. When I reported my good luck in GO on my blog page, DCO almost lost their entire programmer and Moderator staff when they jumped ship to come join me in the far better game. And then it happened, GO got DDOSed by a mysterious source. When I asked the head staffer for the IP address of the attacker, he showed it to me, I took one look at it and I said That is the IP address of the CEO of Dark Castle Online. His game is failing due to his own shady in-game business practices and he attacked your server to make players come back to his shitty game. And then the head staffer told me, That's why we keep an off line backup of the entire server just in case something like this occurs. We do a fresh save every night so no one loses any progress. We will report his attack to his service provider and we will have our lawyer speak to them directly about legal proceedings if this happens again. And then he did all that and dropped the story into the laps of the national press corp. Within two and half days, the game was back at full strength with new security to block DDOS attacks. With the FCC watching the connection, the next time CEO bastard tried to knock the server off the net, his home was raided by the FBI and they arrested him for industrial sabotage. DCO was shut down and put in storage as evidence. He paid his bail to get out of jail but when he got home, he found the server gone. When he asked the FBI about his server, they said it was locked up as evidence since it had indications of being the source of the DDOS attacks. He had to hire a lawyer to get his server released since it was also the source of his at-home income and without it, the CEO would supposedly lose his home and utility services. Of course, he lied, but they bought his story and a week after the release of his server, DCO was back on line as well. The FBI had removed the DDOS program from the server."

        Riffpaw grinned. "Sound like you boys have history against this bastard. But what led you to rejoin the game, Gawain?"

        Falconsong said, "A dumb corporate decision from the owners of the game; The Warriors of the Coast were promoting their newest MMO which was based off of their new game world and all the novels involved in that world. And they had decided to turn off GO as an unpopular gaming service. The head staffer told me that the stupid company wouldn't sell the rights to the game to the staffers because they wanted the old game to stay off line while the new game was getting its start. I told a friend of mine about the fiasco and he spread a data rumor that the Warriors of the Coast were using plagiarized data from other companies in their Forgotten Kingdoms game. The data rumor was enough to get the Warriors of the coast into a law suit that killed off their business. In order to pay off legal fees, they were selling off their games and the head staffer offered to buy GO to which he was declined. I hired a lawyer and informed him of the company's own words in regards to GO that it was no longer popular among players and now the company would not sell it to pay off their legal fees. My lawyer spoke to their lawyers and within a day I spent my former wages from GO to purchase the MMO from the company under the added agreement that I do not relaunch the game for a minimum waiting period of four years."

        Timefrost said, "With GO off line once again, DCO reached an all new player attendance high, except Falconsong still did not rejoin the game. He had posted a new blog entry stating that he was in the process of revamping GO with a new title for a grand re-opening at a later date to be announced and anyone wanting to be added to the release date newsletter simply need to send him an email. The CEO sent him a threat to keep the damned GO server off line or else Gawain would end up as a missing person's case. Gawain showed the email to both the lawyer and the FBI and for the second time in under a year, the CEO was again arrested for violating his bail by placing a death threat on an under-aged consumer. Not to mention the media circus this resulted in. And again, DCO was pulled off line."

        Falconsong said, "I was obeying the purchase agreement the former company had laid out. Asshole's threat was a shallow tantrum since he had four years to make his game better. But instead of improving his game, it retained all of the glitches into the second version of the game. I had still not rejoined as yet. Despite my friends telling me that someone had made a Falconsong wannabe character in DCO and was playing it. I made a new report on my blog that the current Falconsong character in DCO was not my character and to not trust whomever was playing the character... and to report it to the programmers to find out whom was plagiarizing my character."

        Timefrost said, "When I learned of the report, it didn't take long for me to find out that the CEO was playing the character himself. Since you had alerted players to the fake and you had thwarted his game play run, I reinstated the hybrid penalty to his character since it seemed to be manually turned off by a head staffer in game. Keep in mind, he never removed the hybrid penalty from the game; but he had it turned off for the fake Falconsong. I tweaked the penalty for him only. He could only gain full experience if he was in a goody-goody's party. Otherwise his penalty was minus seventy-five percent. And when he learned that he was being penalized, he raised the same fuss almost word per word that Gawain had stated the first time but instead of getting instant supporters, the staff and programmers remained silent. They knew it wasn't Gawain."
        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.
          Timefrost then continued, "The stupid asshole was copy and pasting from the old World Chat log to try to gain support all the way up to the moment that he accidentally copied and pasted my world Chat comment. Everyone in the game started laughing as he logged off."

          Falconsong said, "That night while my family were out having a family dinner, our home was burglarized and the only things taken were all of our computers, keyboards and mice. After a call to the police, they dusted for prints and when we were told what had been taken, I said, They were probably looking for the Greyhawk server which I am not even storing here at home. I got smart with all of the intrigue going on. And when my dad tried to innocently ask me where I had it stored at, I lied and said, Aunt Gertrude's attic. Not more than two hours later the police were called again and Aunt Gertrude had caught some burglars and had nearly killed them with her Judo skills. Inside of their panel van were all of our computer equipment as well as a letter from the CEO asking these guys to make sure I could no longer get on line from my hometown even if they had to kill me. And he stupidly signed his name to the letter. The FBI was again picking his ass up without bail and the DCO server was down yet again. My family got all of our computers back."

          Timefrost said, "At this point, we programmers chose to get the back up server on line. On our log in screen were the words, Experience earned here will not be recorded in the main game; We are simply providing a place to play to prevent teen age withdrawal. We told the boss what we were doing for the players so they wouldn't give up on us. The next day, I earned my drivers' permit and my dad took me to a car lot to buy me my first car. And Surprise, surprise, Dad took me to Fairweather Motors in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, near Erie. "When the only friend you can trust is a Fairweather friend, then come on down to Fairweather Motors! And Gawain was there helping his dad by handing out balloons and Fairweather fliers to advertise the latest acquisition of automobiles they had gotten in. As I received my balloon and flier, I looked Gawain in the eye and said, Falconsong? Number One. I read your blog. He smiled and hugged me since he had never actually gotten to meet any of his on line friends before and this was a special treat for him. This was a year before he learned about your Rock band, Riffpaw."

          Riffpaw said, "Of course."

          Timefrost said, "As you can surmise, I am a year or two older than Gawain but I still care about him. I asked Gawain if he would like to learn programming from me while I was in town. He said yes, and we went off and spent part of the day together. We eventually ended up in a motel room; we couldn't go to his house because his mom and brother were there. I asked Gawain if he would like to join the programmers group I was a member of. He said yes, and this led to a gay sex mounting in the motel room. By then I was already a Hellhound recruit but my alpha was letting me live at home with my parents. Our session lasted a little longer than I intended for it to. He didn't know not to clench on my knot to permit me to pull out of him and he accidentally made my unload up his rump six times. By the time I had gotten free, I could tell by scent that I had claimed him, not what I was going for; but it was too late. He would have a light scent that would tell all over Hellhounds what pack he belonged to through my claim on him. I helped him get cleaned up. I am just glad he didn't get pregnant from our session. But he did earn the programming knowledge boost that would help him to ace the class he was to take next year. After we were dressed once again, we exchanged phone numbers and home addresses. I promised to keep in touch with him when I could. I was also glad he didn't make me convert him by accident. Of course to mount him, I had to change into my Hellhound form and Gawain wasn't scared at all. He thought I was awesomely sexy. He didn't believe I was a Hellhound at first. After the sex session, he was all the time asking me questions about the species, especially since I mentioned wanting to put modern Hellhounds into a role playing game. We would speak over a private channel of the program called Voice Meeting. It was a fore-runner of programs that would lead to Skype and TeamSpeak. When Voice Meeting folded in '99, I contacted the company to ask about purchasing the old software code permanently. Everyone was gearing up for Y2K, so they sold it to me a paltry three hundred dollars. Chicken feed in comparison to some things we pay for these days. My plan was to incorporate the software into a game do we controlled not only the game but the voice software as well."

          Falconsong then said, "In the months before I accidentally crashed Capital Financial Banks, I had rejoined DCO under a character named Dippy. Since Timefrost was keeping me up to date with things happening in the game, I agreed to rejoin the game after my parents switched Internet Service Providers which gave us an all new IP address. I couldn't play Falconsong because despite the CEO no longer playing Mr. Wannabe, the character still existed in game and was protected from anyone choosing the name during character creation. Dippy was an ugly human who I refused to increase his charisma on since I couldn't have the character I wanted. However, I discovered a hidden secret in game that CEO had forgotten about from the Alpha days... any character with a Charisma of under five had a better chance to negotiate with monsters since High Charisma was a turn off to the monsters. I also had access to Monster given quests throughout the game. Normally only staff members could see these quests. But Dippy was just ugly enough to be the monster's ally. I was doing one quest called My Kingdom for Cheese. I had to steal or craft some cheese without help and then go into the sewers under the city of High Spire and as I was freeing a humanoid rat person, I would give him the cheese. If I freed the rat, it was one type of reward; it I gave him the cheese, another reward was possible. I barely managed to get the cheese before escaping into the sewers where the guards were heard to say, he won't come out of there alive. But we will guard the opening just in case. Barely avoiding sewer monsters and gators, I finally found the Rat Man where I cut the strong rope bonds holding him to the wall and I handed him the cheese saying, just in case you haven't eaten in a while this is yours. My name is Dippy. He said his name was Shadowpaw and he wanted to reward me for freeing and feeding him. he took me through the sewers to a concealed door near a dead end in the tunnel. He opened the door and after escorting me inside, he closed and locked the door. He then gave me a tour of the very empty lair; it was a big place. When I had Dippy ask him what the place was he told me that he used to be the guild master of the High Spire Thieves Guild. As a reward for rescuing him, he offered to teach me the full scope of Thieves' skills that the old guild represented in the old days. He also gave me the plans for building my own thieves guild in the city of my choice. He said that a thieves guild in High Spire was currently dangerous ever since the city embraced the religious following as well as the Warrior arts of the Paladin. He told me, if you ever build a new guild, send word to me and I will help you run it. I spent the next four in-game months with Shadowpaw learning every thief skill at his disposal. At the end, he apologized to me as he was leading me to the safe exit from the city. Just as he opened the guild escape tunnel door, he bit me on the neck and he pushed me out the opening and closed the door. The moon was out and then Dippy transformed into a Were-Rat. Shadowpaw was a powerful Were-Rat Guild Master Thief Lord and he had just converted me after educating me in the ways of the Thief. After my frenzy and psychedelic trip ended, Dippy woke up in his human form wearing ripped clothes. His stats except for charisma had risen into the triple digits. Every thief skill was maxed out. I had divine regeneration, night vision, ridiculous strength and health; and Intelligence bonuses that any mage would be jealous over. My character level was ranked at four hundred and nine. After I viewed my character sheet, I activated a no-view option on my character sheet that I was helping Timefrost to test and then I went about my business."

          Timefrost said, "And just when you thought it was safe to fart, the CEO logged into game and was randomly looking at character levels to see who was on the top ten. We didn't have a top ranking list in game as yet (plus we programmers had agreed not to give the CEO something that powerful to abuse.) He typed in a search for 400+ Character Levels and Dippy's name appeared on the list as the sole character listing. When the CEO tried to view the character sheet, he got the message of, Because you are not on Dippy's friend list, you do not have his permission to view his character sheet."
          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.
            Timefrost then continued. "Over Staff Shout, the CEO growled, WHO THE HELL IS DIPPY AND WHY IS HE 409TH LEVEL? AND WHY WON'T THE GAME LET ME VIEW HIS CHARACTER SHEET? I got on the horn and I said, We are testing a player privacy program and I contacted a player at random and asked him if he would assist in this test and to report any glitches. He just did a dangerous quest in High Spire. A quest that has been in place since the Alpha version of the same and he succeeded just before he left the city. I have been monitoring his journey and he seems to be heading for... and that's when I chose to lie ...the city of Gray Wood; home of the Assassins Guild. And then I threw in an idea I had for helping Gawain to reclaim Falconsong. I said, We have been thinking about purging out old characters whose players have not logged in an ungodly long time. May we have permission to do this? We have compiled a list of characters who are suffering from this fate and they are just using up server space. The CEO was distracted and he gave us permission to do this. The first character to be purged was Wannabe Falconsong and then I reserved the original name to Gawain for when he wanted to upload Falconsong from his save disk to the character selection screen. The CEO took his in-game character of a Merchant to the city of Gray Wood to await Dippy's arrival. I contacted Gawain over Voice Meeting and I told him where the CEO was waiting to catch a glimpse of Dippy. He told me that he had just entered the ruined port city of Rats Eye Port and he asked me how a player/character could legally acquire and claim the property for repairs and the building of an important guild hall as well as possible new quests that could originate from Rats Eye Port. I looked at my map and when I couldn't find the city he was mentioning, I asked him to quote the coordinates for the city to me. When he did, I found the location. it was on the back side of a merchants road security wall that had been erected to prevent invaders from the sea to plunder the continent. I made the arrangements for character purchase so that Dippy could legally own the city. Gawain had renamed the city and had no idea what the city used to be called. Normally when you found a new place in game, it would add it to your map and put the name on it. He told me that it said in italics, ask a programmer for help. So since Dippy was the first to find this lost location, he programmed in that he had claimed the location for his people and the city and port once rebuilt was his to command. City Lord Dippy was in control of Rats Eye Port as well as the Rats Eye Port Thieves Guild. He asked me to set a guarded gate from the Merchant Road into his new city so that if your Charisma was over fifteen you were not allowed to enter the city. A Charisma ban. I laughed since I knew how ugly Dippy was in regards to normal nobles elsewhere. So it came to pass that Rats Eye Port appeared in game as a normal city. You could get quests to go there, but only if your Charisma was fifteen and under. If you ever became more beautiful, you were prevented from entering. The citizens and merchants were low-lifes and monsters that existed throughout the game."

            Riffpaw said, "A monster haven. I like it."

            Falconsong then said, "The day before I had my accident with Capital, the CEO found out about the new city and tried to walk inside. The guards at the gate stopped him and then he tried to fight them to get inside anyway, that's when he learned that the NPCS that worked for City Lord Dippy were his Level with his strongest qualities. They killed his character, stripped him naked and teleported his ass back to High Spire for healing! On the CEO's player screen he saw something he had not gotten to see in a while: Yore character of Name has died and will not be playable for 30 days. Thank U for playing, Sucker. Next time, try to obey my game rules and maybe U wont die next time. It was a you have died! message that he had personally wrote long ago. And worse, he was locked out of the character for thirty days. He could still get in with his other character accounts, but Merchant Fucks-U-Over was dead! And then he contacted Timefrost by phone to get him to resurrect his merchant character to bypass the waiting period. And Timefrost told him, I don't know who this really is, but the boss would never try to cheat in his own game to bypass the death rules. Thirty days is his own rule. Either make a new character or log in with an existing living character. and then he hung up on the CEO. I imagine that he was livid that Timefrost was obeying the boss' death rules. No special dispensation no matter what."

            Timefrost grinned. "It gets better. He then tried to log in with Wannabe Falconsong whom he gave us permission to remove for being idle for too long. He was told that the character had been removed for radioactive inactivity and the name was no longer available for player use due to copyright infringement. When he tried to find out who owned the copyright, I know he exploded. The name Gawain Fairweather came up as the owner. He accidentally broke his own computer in his rage at that point. He still had no idea who Dippy was." He then paused as he set the table. "Anyway, let's eat some dinner and get some rest, Gawain. We have to see Wog in the morning."

            Riffpaw said, "I need to go check in with my brothers. I might see you sometime tomorrow afternoon, Gawain." And then he headed for the door and as he opened it, Gavin was standing there about to knock on the door. "Well, hello Gavin. Your brother and Timefrost were about to sit down for dinner. You head on inside, I need to return to my brothers."

            Gavin smiled. "Nice seeing you, Mr. Riffpaw. Maybe I'll see you and the band tomorrow."

            Riffpaw departed closing the door behind him.

            Gavin walked over to the dining table and said, "I may have a problem, guys. Lightpaw and I played a bunch of video games and all of a sudden, he asked me if I would like to have sex with him sometime. He was the one who originally came across as only wanting to be a friend at first and he warned me not to have sex with just anyone without asking someone I trust first. I told him that I needed to talk to Gawain first and then he allowed me to leave. I think I may have ruined my friendship with him. What do I do?"

            Timefrost pulled Gavin over close to himself and hugged him. "You did the right thing in obeying his original instructions, Gavin. Why don't you sit down and have dinner with us? We may not be able to eat all of this ourselves. Lightpaw probably got horny while playing video games and to alleviate that feeling he wanted to be your first; I am not sure if you understand what I am about to tell you, but I will try to explain this. The virgin scent of a female emits from the vagina, aka the pussy. A male develops the virgin scent from his anus or your asshole. Planar hounds like Hellhounds can smell a male's virgin scent even if you cannot smell it yourself. And if a virgin male human is in a small room with a Hellhound without a good air flow, then the virgin scent tempts the hound until he cannot stand it any more and he mounts your ass to make the scent stop. Lightpaw asked for permission first. Come the morning, he may think that he scared you away. He may feel like he ruined your friendship, like the fear you are having now. As your brother found out when I mounted him, once a planar hound mounts and ties with the boy at least once, the boy no longer makes the virgin scent. The same way that a boy fucks a girl and pops her cherry, the virgin scent is no longer produced. I know that second part is disgusting, especially for Hellhounds, but I had to explain it in a way that you would understand. The main few reasons to be careful in whom you allow to mount you are the following... One, you could end up pregnant if the hound is older than Second Puberty which occurs around sixteen to twenty-one years of age in human terminology. Two, you should only permit your first to be with the pack you want your sponsor link tied to. I had an accident my first time with Gawain which is why he is legally part of the Programmers Hellhound Pack. When Gawain is ready to officially join us, he must permit the Alpha to mount and impregnate him; which will put Gawain out of commission until he gives birth. After that, no other Hellhounds will think Gawain is open game. Having the Alpha's scent on you protects you from a lot of shit."

            Gavin blinked his eyes. "I didn't know all that was involved in having a friendship with a planar hound. Thank you for teaching me about this, Timefrost."
            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.
              The next morning, Gawain was up early and after a decent shower, he got into game with his half-elf character for a few hours and then Timefrost told him it was time to head off for the morning job assignments from Wog. The transformation into their Hellhound bodies was easy and then they headed out to report to assignment division. When they arrived, they saw Felpaw awaiting them along with several other Hellhound debtors who were also awaiting assignments.

              Gawain said, "Johnny? Why do you still look like a mutt? I asked Wog to speak to you about perhaps improving your appearance and Hellhound name and here you are looking like Saberpuppy's preference."

              Johnny said, "I happen to like my original look and chosen Hellhound name. I haven't seen you lately; what have you been up to?"

              Gawain replied, "Timefrost was educating me in programming skills and together we were resolving an issue my brother had with Lightpaw yesterday."

              Wog, Wild One and Roo all arrived together at that moment. Wog said, "Attention newcomers to WOG Enterprises. I am General Wog. I am your new boss in getting your debts paid off. Officers will have different tasks assigned to them. I have read over partnered reports from the former Freelancers. If you want to partner up with someone, you are going to have to prove to me that you have earned the privilege to be teamed up with a partner. That means you will have solo jobs at first with my watch core spies keeping track of your progress. The more you need help, the longer it will take before you earn partnered missions. WOG is not a sex party; you are here solely to get your debts paid off. But if you want a cock up your ass, my brother Wild One can surely oblige your request. Of course, you will be a horse after that. So make sure it is what you want before you ask him to mount you. Any questions?"

              Thankfully no one said a thing.

              Falconsong could see that Felpaw looked disappointed in not getting to do missions with him within the new company. The Hounds were given their assignments one at a time before being sent off to do them. Gawain noted that he did not seem to be getting a job to do.

              But then Wog approached him and said, "Normally the officers prepare meals in our cafeteria for all the hounds. But I have been informed that you attended Darren Arden's chefs academy in Michigan during your AWOL session away from Freelancers. Therefore, I am going to test you, Falconsong. You will be shown a menu and then you will prepare as many items on the menu as you can before noon. If you manage to please our sponsors, the Marcello Brothers during lunch, I will process your advancement into officer rank exactly as your roommate holds. I will also reduce your debt by one-half. After that for every Hellhound you please with your food, I will deduct one hundred dollars from your overall debt. Once your debt is cleared, I would ask that you and Timefrost depart WOG enterprises and set up a home and business somewhere else. I realize that means that your family will go with you, Gawain, but WOG is for clearing debts only. We are not a hotel for Hellhounds. On a side note, Freelancers is for sale. If Timefrost's pack were to purchase the business, you guys could relocate it to where ever you liked. Although you might want to change the name of the place since the old name is soiled currently on Earth. Okay, you and the officers follow me to the cafeteria kitchens and we will get you started."

              Gawain remarked, "I always hated the New Hampshire locale for the old company. It was damned cold and no Hellhound likes cold weather."

              All three brothers exclaimed, "Here! Here! We hate the cold too!"

              Gawain said, "If we buy and move the old headquarters, we could put it near the NYSPD Campus in Albany, New York. Then the law could help us keep an eye on the place."

              Timefrost said, "We can place one entrance there, but I was thinking that we could have multiple entrances all around the country or even the world for world-wide Hellhound services. Being stuck at one location would limit our ability to help a much larger demographic. Besides, I was thinking about our offering multiple businesses and services from the revamped business location. We could even offer a branch office for Direct Investments."

              Gawain smiled. "Sounds like you were thinking ahead already."

              Timefrost said, "If we buy it, then Saberpuppy cannot get his mitts on it again. Especially after we move the business."

              Gawain then said, "How about ACE? Affordable Canine Escorts or Affordable Computer Experts or even Advanced Cooking Experiences?"

              Timefrost smiled. "Sounds like we could have three businesses under the same acronym abbreviation. I am glad you mentioned that second one; my alpha has been wanting to offer our programming and computer services to the public."

              Gawain quietly said, "I feel sorry for Johnny since I know he has trouble doing things by himself. At least it seems that way when he and I are together, unless he is faking it to make me feel better."

              Wog then said, "We will find out by how he completes today's mission. In the report I read, Falconsong, It said that you were both sent out as a team, you would do most of the real work and he would whine about being hungry and then all but fail at actual tasks while you were watching him. But during those times when you were away, he could do a mission without fail. So if he is faking it, we will find out today. The report also said that as a team, you pulled the weight of high grades but your scores could have been higher solo. It also revealed that earned income was applied to his debt account as if to suggest that he was the brains of the team and you were the dumb brawn. As I said, we will find out today. He may be the type who just wants to be with you, Gawain. Being apart from you makes him sad."

              Gawain then said, "Aside from his Grammy and Father Swiftsom, Johnny truly has no one to be family with. He is all by himself in the world."
              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.
                Felpaw didn't like the Escort services they were now involved in and he cared less for being watched by a Law Imp who thankfully kept out of sight during his jobs. Johnny felt like they were investigating HIM. But then he returned to base feeling both cranky and hungry. As he was coming in, he saw and heard some Italian Mafia brothers departing and talking about Wog's new chef and how he successfully made all of their favorites. After using the bathroom and cleaning up properly, Felpaw padded into the cafeteria where he saw General Wog publicly awarding Falconsong with beginning Officer Status just a rank below Timefrost. Lt. Falconsong and Cpt. Timefrost.

                Wog then turned and saw Felpaw. "Oh good, you are back. Have some lunch and then we need to talk in my office." He glanced back to the new officer and the others. "Return to the kitchens, officers. There are going to be a lot of hungry canines coming in for lunch."

                Felpaw said, "What mission did Falconsong do that gave him officer status?"

                Wog replied, "Did you see the resort sponsors who were leaving as you were returning from your escort missions? Falconsong prepared a full meal for them and they gave him praises for making the menu items correctly. Lieutenant Falconsong was promoted as a reflection of that special mission and from all the staged shit he was put through in Freelancers. You personally had nothing to do with what they did to your friend, but they used you to dump Falconsong into the shit hole each and every time. Every team mission you both did paid Gawain absolutely nothing while your account was accredited as if you had done the mission without him. So when I learned that Falconsong got chef training from Darren Arden's chef academy in Michigan, I arranged a special mission for Gawain to please our sponsors; He succeeded. This promotion is more than earned given what all was done to humiliate him early on. He was raped on a mission that was keyed to your personal background. In Freelancers at the time, you suggested reporting Swiftsom to Saberfang; however, Swifty was ordered by Saberfang to plunder your friend since he was a middle class pretender. We found evidence that Mr. Strauss Capital paid Saberfang to make Gawain's time in Freelancers a true punishment. He was to be treated as the company fuck toy in retribution toward his making his Hellhound form so damned sexy that it distracted the boss, the officers and other debtors alike. Even you had an erection when you saw Falconsong's body. Yet instead of making a Hellhound at least as close to being as handsome as Gawain, you made this mutt of a mongrel type of Hellhound that impresses no one and is generally ignored. When Gawain asked me to speak to you about improving your Hellhound appearance and you declined, I knew something was up. Thus, if you feel that we are investigating you, then yes, we are. You are very suspicious."

                Wog remarked, "That is one of the reasons we separated you and Falconsong in regards to missions. There were Freelancer reports that stated that you could succeed in missions without a partner. And most of these reports were dated months before you arrived in Freelancers at the same time Gawain arrived. How could they already know about you unless you had already been through their program before?"

                Felpaw then growled before speaking. "The reports were doctored, Wog! I had never been to Freelancers before my arriving on the same bus with Gawain! We were told that Swifty was going to arrange for me a later bus to go up there but I left a day early. The Loan Shark had a bounty taken out on my head. I had to leave town to get the chance to pay him off so he would retract the bounty. As for why I declined the appearance upgrade... I happen to like my original looks choice. No one is making Gawain change how Falconsong looks. So why should I change my appearance."

                Wog said, "Get yourself a meal, we will resume this in my office unless you want the entire organization to know about this investigation on you."

                Felpaw then said, "If you hired real investigators instead of playing at solving a mystery like Scooby Doo, you would get at the truth. Read my lips: I HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR FREELANCERS BEFORE I MET GAWAIN!!!" And then he headed over to get into the cafeteria line.

                Wog shrugged his shoulders and he padded out of the cafeteria.

                When Felpaw got to the position for getting his tray of food, another hound deliberately nudged him aside to get a tray of food and that sadly initiated a horrendous fight which most of the other hounds backed away from. And then Wog arrived with his brothers but as he was starting to have Felpaw arrested for inciting violence, Falconsong shouted, "You won't be doing a thing, Saberpuppy the Second! Timefrost and I saw the whole thing! That hound deliberately shoved Felpaw aside as he cut directly in front of him to get a meal! If you aren't going to discipline the right hound, then to HELL with WOG Enterprises! I will pack up and leave this lair of serpents and I will take my family with me! I am no prince and neither is Felpaw! Take it or leave it! Or did you arrange this little floor show so you could get Felpaw off into your office?"

                And then Gwendolyn came in holding a leather belt which she popped Wog in the ass without warning. "I knew there was something fishy about this place. Your brother and I are packed and ready to go. When he told me that a few hounds were trying to recruit him. I put a stop to it. A few hounds are walking funny upstairs."

                Falconsong said, "I like Roo and Wild One; but Wog overstepped his authority. We will be heading out this afternoon. I hope the rest of the hounds enjoy the food I prepared. Johnny, lets go collect your Grammy and see about getting out of Italy."

                Riffpaw then said, "My brothers and I will be handling the transport for your family and friends, Gawain. We are going to let you guys unwind in our estate in TransHellhoundia."

                Falconsong hugged Riffpaw. "We get to stay in the 13th Hour Mansion? That's awesome!"

                Riffpaw smiled. "Anything for a fan. Not to mention, we could use Timefrost's help with our Wifi system. And we can pay for his services."

                Sadly for WOG Enterprises, nearly all of the hounds who had come in from Freelancers chose to leave with Falconsong since he was that popular among their kind. They liked him more than a new job. Once everyone was loaded up in the 13th Hour transport truck they were on their way out of Italy, having stayed there for only a week.

                Gavin sat with the Drummer who had a crush on the cute young man; Gawain and his mother sat with Riffpaw just behind the driver's seat. "In a few short hours, we will be home."
                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.
                  Despite the name of the city-state region of TransHellhoundia within the Narodny Park Nizke Tatry of Slovakia, the estate of the 13th Hour was quite beautiful and picturesque. The castle-mansion was nothing to sneeze at as well. The location was half way between Germany and Romania and just South of Poland. The locals knew the Were-Hellhounds lived there but for the most part, they left the musical hound people alone. An army only tried to overtake the estate once; that army was never seen again.

                  Of course while Timefrost worked on the 13th Hour's wifi system, Gawain was in a video conference call with Davyd Arden and the rest of the entire Saberfang Legion.

                  "We found out that Saberpuppy wasn't even a legal bloodline member of the Saberfang genetic line," said Davyd. "He had doctored his paperwork and changed his name illegally just to use the esteemed name to perform recruiting for his disgusting pack. I am the original Saberfang, Gawain. And it hurts that he even fooled me. So you want to purchase Freelancers and re-purpose it to handle three businesses instead of just one. But you need a purchase sponsor; did I understand this properly?"

                  Gawain replied, "That is correct, Davyd. Since you apologized to me just before we got shipped over to Saberpuppy the Second, I mean General Wog's domain, I figured that I would contact you about maybe sponsoring our plan. Because I am still in debt, no one would loan me the kind of money it would take to revamp Freelancers so we could clean it up and make it work properly."

                  Davyd Arden said, "I can help you as long as you are willing to team up with Antonio Fury, the current sept leader of New England. They recently had to close the Howling Fury once the land owner got tired of his privacy being disrupted by the party goers. Now they need a new place to conduct their howls. What was original idea in revamping Freelancers?"

                  Gawain then laid out the various ideas in continental access entry doors, the moving The Freelancer's compound further South into warmer climates and the hosting of the three businesses which included Debt Solutions, the provision of various Food Services and the Programmers Pack wanted to host Computer Games and an Internet Service Provider as well. "But a nightclub could work as long as we were permitted to work there to pay off our debts. What would the Saberfang Legion require of me for their help to purchase this business?"

                  The Saberfang Legion were then seen in the video call quietly looking at one another with serious expressions on their muzzles. Gawain knew this was the Hellhound Mental speech for which for reasons unknown that he had been discluded from learning when he got his Hellhound form. And then one Legion member said aloud, "You cannot hear what we are saying, can you, Gawain?" The others were all focused on Gawain now.

                  Gawain replied, "I never understood why we were not given full access to the Hellhound abilities when we originally joined Freelancers. My friend, Johnny Mercer who becomes Felpaw, was brave enough to ask one of the loyal Saberpuppy officers about it the one time when I wasn't around and they told him that he would get the full abilities should he choose to fully join Saberpuppy's pack without question. And he replied that he would only join if I, Gawain, joined. And the subject was dropped after that. They wanted Felpaw but I was not desired because Felpaw had a Freelancers voucher in New York; Father Swiftsom. The only person I had any kind of mounting fun with before Freelancers was Timefrost who was already in the Programmers Pack and he never told me that at the time. He accidentally placed a claim on me which would tell other Hellhounds that I was under a pack's protection but to this date, he has always implied that my joining a pack was my own choice and it would never be forced upon me. So no, I cannot hear a mental word you gentlemen Hounds are saying."

                  Then the mental discussion resumed. With the newly gained information provided by Gawain, they seemed to carry on for quite a while. Just when Gawain was about to get up and go use the restroom, one of the Saberfang Legion pack members said in English, "In exchange for our help, would you be willing to join the shared Saberfang Legion Pack. Of course this means that we all get to mount you equally. On the day you join us, your debt is completely erased. And while you will not be an Alpha nor a Legionnaire like us, you will be in the pack and you will be gifted with the full Hellhound powers that all Hellhounds enjoy the usage of. We contacted the Alpha of the Programmers Pack and we asked him about you. He said that while Timefrost was in love with you, they were leaving the choice to join a pack up to you. They said they are looking toward the alliance you will provide with them since Timefrost's claim on you, while accidental, is legal. Again, they leave this choice to you. Therefore, we have to ask you if you are ready to join a pack to acquire this assistance?"

                  Gawain then said, " I didn't know Timefrost was in love with me. I enjoy his company, of course. Riffpaw, the Alpha to the 13th Hour Pack, has mounted me; but his action was to help me to re-acquire access to my human form that Saberpuppy tried hard to erase. Riffpaw did not induct me and likewise was leaving the joining of a pack up to me. Although he mentioned that he would really love to have me a pack brother. But they are Were-Hellhounds. I don't know if I could ever have the control they have over accidental infection. Therefore, I must go the safe route. Gawain Falconsong will freely join the Saberfang Legion Pack. When would you like to have this done?"

                  "Remember, since you are the only one in the conference call meeting with us, you are the only one who is getting this offer to join our pack. If Felpaw was interested in being in this with you, he would be at the meeting table and he is not here. Only you are. There will be legal witnesses to place this into the official record, Gawain. Law Imps, Records Imps, an Information Devil Mouse or two and a Mack Roo Lawyer. We have a report you think they are adorable. We will open an access portal later tonight to the Saberfang Legion hall and you will come here for the joining rites. I would advise that only Timefrost make the trip with you. As we said before, the offer is not for Felpaw since he is still under investigation. The legal group finds it unusual he just happened to arrive the same day and the same hour as you did and then for a former gang member came across as a complete dunce. If he was that stupid in the gang, he wouldn't have lasted a day. And on your first mission with him in New York, you recalled his mentioning that the other gangs would kill a stranger in their turf."

                  Gawain nodded his head. "That's what he said at the time. He only came across as stupid while doing paperwork; but when we were in New York, he took charge until it came to our performing our actual missions, then he dropped back into 'woe is me; I cannot do this without help', like it was an act. Which was after Swifty raped me and leaving him unscathed."

                  "And Later, Saberpuppy spoke as if Swifty broke the rules by mounting you yet no punishment was doled out. Correct?"

                  Gawain again nodded his head. "That is correct as far as I know. I asked other officers while I lived with Timefrost if Swifty was ever reprimanded for mounting me painfully during a mission. They said that he was given a light punishment and he was told to not let it happen again. So no, he was never punished severely."

                  Davyd Arden then said, "After tonight, Gawain, you will be as Hellhound as I am. You have seen that I have full use of my human form when I need to use it. See you tonight."
                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.
                    That night, Timefrost, Gavin, and Felpaw accompanied Falconsong to his initiation, although the real Davyd Arden gave a cursory look at Felpaw as he commented, "I have never seen such an ugly Hellhound in all my life. But since you like the look of your canine appearance, there is no accounting for taste. You remind me of the old-school Demon Dogs of the Abyss. In fact your appearance is almost dead on identical." He then went over to Gawain and looked him over. "I originally said that this offer was for you alone, Gawain; but your little brother may witness the initiation... but let me stress this, Gavin; you are not to participate. That would be rape. Now come along, Gawain... we have to get you lubed for the initiation so you have sponsors for the new business you wanted funding for. You agreed to this when you spoke to us at the meeting. You also agreed that only you would be getting this offer. Felpaw can sit aside as a witness, although, he is still under investigation. And now for a final bombshell..."

                    Gawain didn't budge from where he stood with Timefrost. "What final bombshell? Unless things are going to go exactly as we discussed at the meeting, then no one is mounting me. You weren't the only one whom thought ahead, Davyd. I had an Information Devil Mouse and a Records Imp at my table but invisible and unseen listening to every word said in the meeting. This information was shown to Mack Roo, himself, one hour ago. And I am getting tired of nasty surprises."

                    Davyd never got mad at all; he was in charge of this meeting. "Then I would suggest you call them because what I have to say will make you angry." And while he said these words, two arch-angel hounds stepped up to stand directly behind Felpaw as Imperial Hellhounds and Arcadian Angel Hounds backed them up in an impressive manner.

                    One legal call later, Mack Roo, the IDM, and the Records Imp were with Gawain and Timefrost. Mack said, "Make this good, Davyd. Ah'm missing my favorite show on the Tele tonight because of yas."

                    Davyd smirked at the roo. "That's what TIVO is for, Mack." And then he went over to his desk and picked up a briefcase, which he then brought over to Mack Roo. "The Felpaw investigation ended an hour after my initial meeting with Gawain ended. And what we found out is pretty damning. Johnny Mercer died several months ago, just after he sold his soul to a demon dog named Felpaw in exchange for evading a kill strike from any assassins that the Loan Shark had hired back in New York. Note that the stupid gang member could have traded his soul to have all of the cancer removed from his grandmother; he clearly wasn't thinking. A few hours after he made this deal, he stupidly got cocky thinking himself invulnerable from all kill strikes. The fight in the subway tunnel between himself and the bounty hunters resulted in the young man being thrown unto the subway train tracks just as the eleven forty-five rocketed through the station. Johnny Mercer was killed instantly. The subway train had not been hired by the loan shark and thus, the death was legal. But then, before he was supposed to have taken the soul back to his alpha, Felpaw stupidly smoked the soul as if it was marijuana and the soul proved stronger than his willpower as he was transformed from a Demon Dog into the very likeness of Johnny Mercer as a human. Knowing the hit men would try to kill him, he had to take the early bus to escape from New York. During the bus ride, he stopped thinking of himself as Felpaw and accepted that he was Johnny Mercer. Then when you both transferred to the final bus going to Happy Corners, you met him as a human and you never thought any different until the transhounder device failed to give him the Hellhound body shape. His Freelancer form was identical to his former Demon Dog identity. This also explains why Father Swifty refused to mount Johnny. It looked like his boy, but the aura said otherwise."

                    Felpaw yelled, "That's a lie! I am Johnny Mercer!"

                    Mack Roo said, "Now calm down, kid. Ah 'ave a way to discern the truth. Give me a moment." The Kangaroo Lawyer Lord reached a paw-hand down into his pouch and he produced what looked like sunglasses which he placed over his eyes and resting on his muzzle. He then looked at Gavin to get the benchmark view, then he panned to look at Timefrost, Davyd, and Gawain. Finally, he laid eyes on Felpaw for all of a moment. He then removed the sunglasses and handed them to Davyd. "Take a good look; it works. Then 'and them to Gawain so 'e can see the truth."

                    Gawain asked, "What enchantment is on those sunglasses, Mack?"

                    Mack Roo replied, "They are aura scanning goggles. They allow yas to see someone's aura as if yas were a divine alpha. When yas look at the rest of those 'ere in the chamber, yas will only see one soul which looks like their true identity; but when yas look at Felpaw, yas will see two souls; one will look like the 'uman and the other will look like the demon dog. If it isn't true, then Gawain will only see one soul; the 'uman one."

                    Davyd handed the goggles to Gawain and said, "Mack is right. But now that we know what to look for, we can possibly pull the Johnny Mercer soul out of Felpaw; and for the record, Felpaw, your former alpha has been looking for you."

                    Gawain looked disgusted. "So my suspicion was right when I knew thet Johnny could have become a sexy Hellhound like myself but the demon dog wouldn't have anything to do with it. I suppose Johnny Mercer will require a new human body for his restoration."

                    Davyd then dropped the next bombshell just as Felpaw looked as if he was about to complain. "The soul offer was negated when Johnny died, because you can only collect if his dying was not caused by the hit men. They admitted to pushing him into the path of the subway train. Thus, they caused his death. You were performing illegal recruitment on a young man whose soul was sanctified through baptism by none other than Father Swiftsom. Thus you are trying to claim a soul which you had no right to take and you were on the surface world illegally when you ran away from your alpha's pack when you learned that the entire pack was about to get their virginities removed by the alpha himself."

                    Gawain said, "What a hypocrite! He lifted his tail for Saberpuppy, but he wouldn't do the same for his own alpha? I am thoroughly disgusted!"

                    And then the Yuskay Groomer arrived with two operating tables. "You will eventually learn how to do the long distance mental speak, Gawain. Davyd called me to assist in splitting and restoring Johnny from this demonic deserter." And he got started on the process.

                    Davyd then pulled Gawain to the side and said, "We need to get your initiation started, Gawain. Saberpuppy paid off the loan shark in the entire amount when he firmly believed that he was about to get Felpaw as a loyal pack member. And loyalty is something that Felpaw cannot possibly understand since he has none of it himself."
                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Three.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Legion of the Super Hellhounds.