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[Falconsong] GF-01 Anything For Money

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    [Falconsong] GF-01 Anything For Money

    Happy Corner, New Hampshire; Planet Earth.

    After crashing an Earth banking institute by accident, a young man signs on to do 'Anything For Money' through a firm called Freelancers unaware of what he is about to get himself into. This is his personal adventure in seeking a debt solution.

    Gawain Fairweather, Falconsong
    Johnathan Mercer, Felpaw

    [Falconsong] GF-01 Anything For Money
    By Darrel Vanwinkle Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01
    Highway 3 heading for Happy Corner, New Hampshire.
    The Greyhound Bus had few people on board. Gawain noted two lovebirds heading for Canada in the far backseats. But closer toward the front where he was, though in the other side row, another boy. The Bus driver was female, so the testosterone on board was evenly match. Soon, however, the bus arrived at the small bus depot in the snow covered Happy Corner community... well, if you wanted to call it that. It was barely the bus stop, a gas station, a small eatery, and a small telephone booth sized building with a single word on it's door: Freelancers.

    "That's IT?! I came up here for THAT?!" exclaimed Gawain loudly when he laid eyes on the telephone booth sized structure. "I thought it was going to be a HUGE company building! I am royally SCREWED if this is it."

    The Bus driver then said, "That is the entrance to Freelancers. Believe it or not, I've seen a LOT of people go into that building. I don't know where they go, but I have seen them go in. Anyway, this is your stop. You and that other boy. Gather your things and get off, please. You only paid for one-way tickets up here."

    Johnathan thought to himself when the Bus Driver said 'paid for', 'Yeah... I paid for a one way ticket.' He sighed, 'More like James Van Buren paid for it... I'll have to thank him... if he ever find out who stole his wallet.'

    Seconds later... Gawain stood shivering in the snow and cold holding two suitcases, while to one side was the other boy with his gear (or whatever he had) and the Greyhound Bus pulled out of the depot heading north toward the Canadian border. Gawain sighed and slowly trudged over toward the Freelancer entrance. He still couldn't see how that could be the entrance to anything. It was only the size of a classic telephone booth.

    Johnathan blinked as he walked toward the phone booth, he had only a small overnight sized back. Nothing else. Not like he really HAD anything else. He stopped near the door of the booth, "This is it? A telephone booth? I could have seen these in New York... What the mother fuckin' Hell... I'm standing in snow, freezing my ASS off...for THIS?"

    Gawain finally said, "This is total retard." He opened the door to the 'booth' and stopped in his tracks at what lay before them. It appeared to be a long black tunnel with another door at the other end. And it was warm inside the tunnel. "What the?" He looked to the side of the structure but the size had not changed. Then he looked into the tunnel again and stepped inside... "Better being warm in an impossible hallway than be freezing out there." And he slowly walked down the hallway toward the other door... whether the other boy followed or not.

    Johnathan blinked... He slapped the back of the booth...then the front, "Shit.. This is like somethin' outta the Twilight Zone... But I second that motion. Fuck this." He heads inside along with the other boy, "'Sides... I'd rather there be two of us together. We can at least watch each other's back. Name's Johnathan by the way, but folk call me Johnny or John. I don't mind which."

    "Name's Gawain. Yeah, spelled the same as the Arthurian knight. All the teasing that goes with it, too. 'Hey Gawain, where's Arthur?' 'Hey Gawain, I can't find Excalibur.' 'Can someone direct me to Merlin? I'll betcha Gawain knows where he is.' I'm the kid who floored the Capital Financial Banks computer system by accident."

    And yes, it was HUGE news in New York when this happened!

    Johnathan GRINS! "Ohhhh boy! YOU? Oh that's FANTASTIC!" He laughs, "I always did want to meet and shake the hand of the guy who brought all those fuckin' privileged rich ass mother-fuckers to their knees. Only too bad about the whole bein' caught thing. Guess that's why your here too?"

    Gawain giggled. "I accidentally inserted a 13th Hour mini-CD program for installing a behind the scenes screensaver... into one of their ATMs instead of using my ATM card. I am just glad my parents don't use that bank or I wouldn't be here now. I'd be in a national cemetery. So what are you up here for?"

    Johnathan laughs and nods, "I understand. Personally, I had to get myself here solo. I'm here cause I need to pay off a nearly 750,000 dollar debt... that still is growing."

    Gawain said, "I still have no idea how Freelancers is going to be able to help us with the debts we owe. Mine is over 500 thousand with interest growing. It's ridiculous. Anyway, we're about to the end of the tunnel. I still can't believe there is a tunnel inside a phone booth."

    Reaching the doorway, it slid open on it's own, revealing an area as large as Grand Central Station where both humans and Hell hounds walked to and fro freely from shop to shop and from business to business. There were even devils and angels standing around at various places, too. Imps, Devimice, and Angemice floating through the air, as well. Fortunately, there was a help desk fairly close to the entrance and Gawain immediately headed over there.

    "Excuse us, sir... We're looking for-" His voice caught in his throat when he saw that he was speaking to a Hell hound wearing a business tie and a collar with a time piece on it.

    "Welcome to Freelancers," he said. "Is this your first time here?"

    Gawain slowly nodded his head.

    "...then you will need escort to the main offices. Are you here for registration or debt solutions?"

    Gawain quickly exclaimed, "Debt Solutions!"
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    The Hell hound chuckled, then said, "Yeah, I still remember my first day here... owed over 2.3 million dollars for causing that suspension bridge accident."

    Gawain arched an eye. "Huh? But you're a Hell hound."

    The Hell hound stepped outside of the help desk booth and pressed a paw to his time piece and said, "Freelancer. Mission Complete." And in a beautiful fluid transformation... he became a human man wearing a full business suit. "As you can see, the work form is not permanent. But you'll learn this more later." He then placed a palm over his time piece and said, "Hound me down." And in another beautiful fluid transformation... he was once again in his Hell hound body, re-entering the booth. "I will call a cart escort for you to help you carry your luggage." And he made the arrangements.

    Gawain glanced back at Johnathan. "Where are we?"

    Johnathan looks around slowly, "I have... no idea..." He looked as stunned at Gawain felt. He half-grinned, "Though you can't say that transformy-hellhoundy-thingie isn't cool." He looks back at the Hell Hound and then at Gawain, "But I as long as they can help me work off my debt, I'm not sure I wanna ask too many questions."

    Johnathan continued to look around, "I have to admit. I'm pretty amazed by all this. Especially given that it fits inside a freakin PHONE BOOTH.... But... like I said. As long as I can work off this debt...and save my Grammy's life...then I'm okay with whatever they want to make us do."

    Soon, the hover golf cart arrived and the boys loaded up their gear and sat down in the seats, and then, they cart hovered off through the humongous mall like complex. At one point, they both saw a familiar sign: Arden's Pizza.

    "They have Arden's here? No frickin' way!" exclaimed, Gawain. "Oh man... I like this place already since they had an Arden's!"

    Johnathan grins, "Best Pizza in New York.... Or anywhere for that matter." He agreed with Gawain.

    Then the cart pulled into a set of double doors and stopped in a docking platform. The boys heard it lock into place, as a ramp extended out to them and hall lights slowly came on directing the two to a doorway marked as: Executive Alpha.

    Soon, with gear in hand, the two were standing inside a super large office where there were monitors all over the place. Most monitors were labeled with the names of major cities on Earth, showing live shots from different angles. Sitting to one side in one of a set of leather lounge chairs was a Hell hound wearing Ray-ban sunglasses. "Hello boys. Welcome to Freelancers. I am Saberfang, the CEO of the company. I am assuming you are here for the Debt Solutions since they sent you to me instead of to Auction Services Registration. Before I can help you, I need you both to fill out these forms. Read them extremely carefully to make sure you understand the rules of what you'll be signing on for." He handed them the forms and writing utensils.

    Gawain took one of the leather lounge seats and got to work on his set of forms.

    Once they were in front of the CEO, Johnathan was rather nervous. Not only was the CEO quite good looking but he was a hell hound and one of the most important people he's ever met. Usually he was QUITE contemptuous of rich folks but.... This WAS a hell hound and it WAS the one who was going to be giving him money so he felt like he put that behind him for now. He took his forms and sat down next to Gawain to start filling them out... But he soon was scrunched up.... trying to follow them. School and paperwork was NEVER his strong point and a lot of the big words didn't make much sense to him. He had to re-read even small parts of it many times to try and figure out what some of the words meant.

    Johnathan ohs suddenly and starts digging around in his pockets and the various holes in his jeans, muttering, "Where is it... Common I know here somewhere..." Finally he ah-hahs and pulls out somewhat ragged and crumpled but still sealed envelope. He approaches the hell hound and said, "The person who told me about this place... told me to give you this." He hands the envelop to the hell hound before going back to his seat to work on the paperwork some more... He could be here a while.

    Saberfang lowered his shades and opened the sealed envelope to view it's contents.

    Inside were two documents, both written in infernal script. One was a list of names and addresses. The other a short note that read:

    Document Contents: One name list /w addresses

    Codename, Swiftcock-Pouncealot ID#369116

    Greetings from Saint Michael's. As per request here is the list of abused and naughty boys ages 13-16 from this parish for your recruitment drive. Sorry for the delay. I decided to send it via this boy since I directed him to at least speak with you.

    Your Friend, Swifty

    PS. Give the others a hug from me when you see them.

    PPS. We've seen a rather disturbing increase in abuse cases lately. May have more names for you later. Send a hound at the usual time to the usual place.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03
      Saberfang hrmed. "Good old Swifty. Still doing his job." Then he noticed Gawain holding his forms out to him. "All done?"

      Gawain nodded his head. "Yes sir, although I didn't know what 'Option for Permanent Positions' meant, so I left it blank."

      Saberfang smiled. "Good. Probably for the best if you did leave it blank." He read over the forms. "Fairweather? I've seen the commercials. Good slogan. Ah good, you did sign the bottom of each form. So, how much do you owe and to whom?"

      Gawain replied, "$565,000 dollars with accumulating interest at the start of each month. Payable to: Capital Financial Banks."

      Saberfang grinned. "So you're the one who did that! The bastards..." He chuckled, then he hrmed. "Got you on the legal shit though, didn't they?" He then grabbed a wrist watch and strapped it on Gawain's left wrist. "This is your Transhounder. I am sure by now you have seen them in use. But before you get started, you have to tell me what your favorite colors are and choose a new nickname for yourself. It cannot reflect your real name at all and you cannot use your real name when you are working for Freelancers. That's why the nickname is good."

      Gawain smiled. "My nickname will be Falconsong. It's an old character name I used to use on Dark Castle Online, before the game server crashed and was never revived. I miss that game. And my favorite colors are Dark Sienna Brown overall with Terra Cotta (Golden Brown) highlights."

      Saberfang asked, "Would you prefer spiky flourishes or ribbon like flourishes?"

      Gawain had no idea what the Hell Hound was talking about, but he replied with, "Ribbons sounds more fluid than Spiky."

      Saberfang then made some programming details into Gawain's Transhounder.

      Johnathan looked up at Gawain being finished... He wasn't even two pages in. He sighed and looked back at his paperwork. He had to fight down a surge of anger as he almost broke his pencil. He took a deep breath and got back to work...he hated paperwork... Though he did glance up from time to time to look at Gawain's Transhounder.

      Finally, Saberfang ran Gawain through the instructions. "...and that's really all there is to it. Once you join Freelancers, the job is always available to you whenever you need some quick funds and you don't care what you have to do to earn the money. Anything for Money is the common catch-phrase around here. And believe me... we've had some employees return after ten years saying that this job was the only constant guarantee in life. Full medical and dental, as well as tech training provided. And of course, undercover Hell hounds in the major cities. Now, give it a try."

      Gawain pressed his palm against the watch face and said, 'Hound me down!' There came a fluid transformation changing him from a clothed human teenager into a Hell hound Freelancer, ready for a mission. "This is pretty nice!" He now looked pretty damned HOT! Then he pressed a paw against the time face on his collar, just under his head, and said, 'Freelancer! Mission Complete!' And he was once again back in his clothed human form. "That just felt... so normal."

      Saberfang grinned. "Yes, I am sure. Now, I better check on Johnathan. He seems to be having some paper trouble." And he padded over and had a look for himself.

      Johnathan had to 'cover up' a problem in his jeans with the papers after that as well. He blushing something bad when Saberfang approached. But he kept his head (and papers) down as he worked. He was moving pretty slowly and with a good look it's kinda obvious his literacy isn't nearly high school level. He's not retarded or stupid... He's just not good with English or spelling or math or science or any school subject. Probably because in a school where there is one teacher for sixty kids... the slower kids who never had a good foundation to start with, never gets help. Dyslexia doesn't help. But he's a good kid. And obviously a horny one from the scent. He thought Gawain's form was HOT!!!! And Saberfang's only less so.

      Saberfang said, "Okay, Johnathan. Let's see how badly you're off with your forms. I'll try to help you as much as I can."

      About ten minutes later, it is all straightened out. "That wasn't so bad, was it? Now... it's your turn, Johnathan," said Saberfang. "How much do you owe, to whom, and what hospital is your grandmother at right now? And be honest."

      Johnathan hadn't stopped blushing... But he answers honestly, "748,369.39 cents plus 45% interest per week....For the loan shark loan....Alekzander DeMalio. With another 159,000 due to St. Luke's Roosevelt and... That's before they do her next set of surgeries to try to fix her paralysis from the stroke caused by the cancer..." he sighs, "It could be long term care required which... could mean anywhere from another 300 to 450 hundred thousand dollars..."

      Saberfang hummed and walked over to the desktop speaker phone and spoke in Infernal to some people. Whatever he said was serious, to the point, and involving. Then he came back over, picking up another Transhounder and strapping it on Johnathan's left wrist. "Favorite Colors and Nickname. You know the drill." He winked. "I have a good nose."

      Johnathan blinks at the infernal speaking, wondering what that was about, then BLUSHED HOTLY at the nose comment. He pauses and thinks, "Um...Hell...Hound... Um...Felpaw I guess... Fel is another word for unholy or hell and hounds have paws...Um... My favorite color is crimson but... I think I'd rather look reddish blond over all with darker black lowlights and dark reddish black patterns across my back, sides and flanks. that...okay?"

      Saberfang made the adjustments in Johnathan's Transhounder, then he said, "Okay, give it a try. Go hound on us, then back again."

      Gawain smiled as he watched from the side.
      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04
        Johnathan said, "Alright..." He pressed his palm against the watch face and said, 'Hound me down!' There came a fluid transformation changing him from a clothed human teenager into a Hell Hound Freelancer, ready for a mission. He was not bad looking for a hell hound, if a bit on the thin side. No where near as a hot as Gawain or Saberfang in his opinion though. "Whoa... That was...kinda of a rush.." He tested his footing a bit then he pressed a paw against the time face on his collar, just under his head, and said, 'Freelancer! Mission Complete!' And he was once again back in his clothed human form. He blinked a bit and scritched and scratched a bit, "Also....leaves you feeling rather tingly and itchy..."

        Saberfang replied, "An itchy feeling implies that some people prefer to be in their Hell hound forms over their human forms. Nothing serious. Now, Johnathan... do you know a New York City priest named... Swifty?"

        Johnathan said, "Um.. Swifty? Oh! Swiftsom? Father Swiftsom is the one who told me about Freelancer... And...told me I shouldn't try to rob a bank for the money... He's the councilor at the catholic church my grandma goes to... I guess I'm suppose to... I'm technically catholic I guess... I don't think about it much...He's also the one who did my first communion and did the water sprinklin' on my head thing when I was a born... Um... That's the only 'swifty' I know."

        Saberfang grinned and giggled. "'Father' Swiftsom... is actually one of our people." He winked with a naughty grin. "His code name is Swiftcock-Pouncealot ID#369116. Around here, we all know him as Swifty. Anyway, your first missions, both of you, are to go together to New York City, find Father Swiftsom, give the code-phrase of 'Pardon me, Father, but do you have the time?' and he should reply with 'Is it Freelancer time?' And you reply with 'Sabers have good noses.' Your job down there is to collect a few boys that Swifty tells you about and you will bring the boys back to Freelancers to our own Saint Devangel Hospital so they can be treated for abuse, then given protective custody with sponsored people who are registered with Freelancers."

        "Now, here's the catch to your mission... you may not be in your human forms at all. In fact, every time you go on a mission, you must stay in Hell hound form and only use your nicknames. If someone who knew you finds out who you are and they want to know more about Freelancers, then bring them to me immediately. To get around from place to place, at first, I would suggest you hang on to each other and think about your home cities. Let Gawain go first so you, Johnathan, can learn his home city, then Johnathan will do it so Gawain can learn his home city. Knowing home cities allows you to teleport to those places rather quickly. And of course, Freelancers Receiving Area is your arrival point via teleport when you come back here."

        "And you can only teleport when in Hell hound form. And also while in Hell hound form, you can speak and understand Infernal. It is a very handy second language. Okay, you two... Hound it down and begin your assigned missions. I'll see you when you complete your missions."

        Gawain grinned at Johnathan and pressed his palm against the watch face and said, 'Hound me down!' There came a fluid transformation changing him from a clothed human teenager into a Hell hound Freelancer, ready for a mission. As before, he looked pretty damned HOT! "Your turn, partner!"

        Johnathan is surprised by that!! "Father....Swiftsom is a Hell hound!?" He doesn't know what his grandmother would say to that! And he hopes she never finds out! He nodded a little, "Alright..." He pressed his palm against the watch face and said, 'Hound me down!' There came a fluid transformation changing him from a clothed human teenager into a Hell Hound Freelancer, ready for a mission. As before, he was not bad looking for a hell hound, if a bit on the thin side and no where near as a hot as Gawain or Saberfang in his opinion though. Just a simple hell hound. He took a slow and breath and said, "Well, 'Felpaw', reporting for duty."

        Saberfang said, "Learn your home cities, first. Falconsong, you lead Felpaw in the first teleport. Make sure you aim for someplace private in your home areas so you aren't immediately seen."

        Fairfield, Pennsylvania; just behind Fairfield Park.

        Falconsong placed a paw around Felpaw's neck and they vanished from New Hampshire... and soon appeared in Pennsylvania in the bushes behind Fairfield Park near Lake Erie.

        "This is my home area of Fairfield, Pennsylvania. The Lake is to your right and the Park is through the bushes to your left. Okay Felpaw... it's your turn to lead me."

        Felpaw looked around to memorize the area and nodded. He placed his paw around Falconsong's neck and they vanished from Pennsylvania and soon appeared in New York. There was almost painfully loud music blasting from one side of the narrow alley they found themselves in.

        New York City; an alley way behind Mack's Shack O' Racks.

        Felpaw looked around, "This is it... Mack's Shack o' Racks..." He looked around the alley, "No one ever comes back here..." He looked down at the floor of the alley, "Remind me to wash my paws when we get back too... I forgot we can't wear shoes." He made a face. "Still... We're on target at the least."

        Falconsong ewwed, too. "My paws, too. And I will remind you. At least its nighttime in the city. So how do we find Father Swiftsom? This is your area, so you probably know more about it than I do."

        Felpaw nods, "That's why I picked this place. It's equal distance between the church and my home. Plus it's private." He grins, "And it's New York... a couple of stray dogs won't be noticed most likely. Well you might. You look AWESOMELY hot...So you'll probably be considered a run away pure breed unlike me." He walked over to the edge of the alley and poked his muzzle out into the street, looking around for a minute.

        Then he retreated and walked back over, "The coast is clear. We'll need to cut across the street to the avenue ahead. Follow me."
        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05
          Felpaw went back to the entrance and glanced over his shoulder, "Ready?"

          Falconsong nodded his head. "Ready, Felpaw. Let's do this."

          Felpaw nodded an affirmative and checked it again... then he darted out, running for the other avenue. It was a short trip and thankfully there were no cars on the street at the moment. Felpaw said, "Well, That was eas-" He winced and drew up to a halt and darted behind a dumpster, motioning Falconsong to follow! The sound of a gunshot echoed from not too far away. A few minutes later, a gang of young Caucasians and Hispanics passed by the dumpster heading back onto the street. "That was close; Jeesh. I didn't expect the Specters out tonight."

          Falconsong released a heavy sigh of relief. "Where to now? You're the local leader, you know..."

          Felpaw nodded his muzzle. "I know... I was just thinking..." He grumbles, "Fucking rules... This would be easier if we could be seen you know." He hrms, "That's it...I know how to get there." He leads Falconsong around through the alley and then grins, hopping up a few stairs and around a fire escape to the roof of a building, "Now this will make things MUCH easier! I was so stupid not to think of it before." He starts jogging across the roofs, only returning to the streets to cross gaps that weren't jumpable and crossing the street. In this way, it only takes a few minutes before he's leading Falconsong around to the rear entrance of the church's ground, "Here we are, Falconsong. He should be round here... That's his office in the corner with the lights on."

          Falconsong thought for a moment. "I'll knock and give the code-phrase." He then approached the door and knocked on it as he said, "Pardon me, Father, but do you have the time?"

          Felpaw nodded his head and stood watch behind Falconsong.

          A voice from inside said, "Is it Freelancer time?" At the same time a metal plate slid aside, revealing a hound-sized private entrance in the wall next to the door, doggy door style.

          Falconsong smiled and gave the last part of the code-phrase. "Sabers have good noses." He then winked at Felpaw with a grin. What he didn't know, however, was that this code-phrase wasn't anything special... it was just to inform Swifty that the Hounds sent were on their first mission.

          Felpaw grinned. "After you, Falconsong." He walked over to the doggy door.

          Falconsong nodded his muzzle as well and nosed his way through the doggy door and inside the room beyond. The room itself is heated nicely from the cool New York air and the two doors inside are heavily locked and barred. The layout is nice if sparse and tons of religious paraphernalia litter the room as well things the occupants needs and wants.

          The Occupant is a large and very muscular and sleek Hellhound waiting He had dark coloration with thin ribbons of white like markings running down his body. He was a real stud!! And he was sporting a hefty erection. It's quite clear why his name was Swiftcock because as soon as Falconsong was inside, he was beset upon, pounced and shown a REAL knotty good time. Swiftcock started to do the same to Felpaw but he looked at him and decided not to. He recognized the boy's aura even if the new hounds had not yet learned to read auras and knew who it was. As he rested for the moment, tied with Falconsong, he starts going over their mission in more detail. "Greetings boys. I'm Swifty. Hell Hound Agent # 369116. Or as my registered ID in the pack, Swiftcock Pouncealot." He grins, "You can call me Swifty. Since this is your first mission, I'll keep it fairly simple. There are six addresses you have to go to and recover the child from and take said child back to Freelancer. There are two, however, whom have run away despite my efforts, and you will have to track down within this huge city... by scent. By the way... You're receiving a grade on how well you do this mission and it will determine your starting ranking and what types of training you get and what future missions are available to you. Since this is a team mission, you will be earning team credit and rankings."

          After a few more minutes, he finally released again inside Falconsong and let him go, "Dismissed. You can come back here anytime you need help. Just use the code-phrase and I'll let you in. If I use the Code phrase, 'God is with us', then you will know that I am occupied and cannot come at that exact moment. If it's important, wait a bit and I will come back to let you in. If it's not important, well... Go do something that is... Any questions?"

          Falconsong moaned... feeling hurt by that pouncing. "How come you didn't pounce my partner?" he asked in some pain.

          Swifty said, "Because even Swifty had standards. It'd be too weird to pounce a boy I helped bring into the world and baptized. That and his mother would get out of her grave and kick my ASS. Don't worry; he'll get the same; very soon. Standard practice. And you can expect to get it often within our ranks."

          He grinned. "And it just gets better each time."

          He sighed. He didn't see that mentioned any place on the forms he signed. And he read it over three times. He would be having words with Saberfang later. "just give us the damned addresses so we can get started already." Now he sounded bitter, but he was just raped for the very first time and he had no warning that it was going to happen.

          Felpaw was being really quiet... He didn't know what to say to this new development or knowing that they could practically be raped at any moment. He was starting to seriously reconsider robbing that bank.

          Swifty nodded his muzzle and gave them the addresses and the final address of where to find the Tracker who would be providing their scent marks for finding the last two. "Good luck on your first mission, guys."

          Once away from Swifty's lair... Falconsong just walked... well, with a limp now. He's hurt. But he just wanted out of there. He was upset and at the moment, the mission can be damned.
          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06
            Falconsong was thinking to himself. They wouldn't know a thing if I just ran off. Just change back to human form and leave. Change my name... start a new life somewhere else. No one would give a damn. I get raped and mangy mutt boy doesn't. I guess he had a point about high class breeds... too late now. Still, he never even asked us for our nicknames. We could say that we couldn't find him. He would NEVER come back to Swifty's place... EVER. Not even if ordered to.

            Felpaw leads the way for a bit then stops in an alley for a moment and looks at Falconsong, "Are you... Okay?" He's honestly concerned. Partially because he was ashamed for his own thoughts and partially because it didn't happen to him. He knows nothing of the real reason that Swifty wouldn't but it looked like Favoritism to him as well.

            Falconsong quietly and painfully replied, " I am not okay; I've been raped and it was my first time and unwillingly; and none of this was ever in the forms we signed; and you got off Scott free; cause he brought you into this world; so i am the company fuck toy; I just want to forget this job ever happened and leave. Saberfang and freelancers be damned and i don't want to see you anymore either; mister Swifty's favorite." he sighs, looking at the ground. "let's just find these stupid boys, kill them, then get out of here."

            Felpaw walked over closer slowly then stopped...and sighed, turning away, "Alright... I'm...sorry. Do you want to go back to Saberfang and report what he did... if it wasn't in the contract... maybe we can get him in trouble so he can't do it again and then go get the boys? I want to help..." He sighs, "I feel kinda guilty... Cause I had thoughts like that when I saw first saw you too you. But... I'm sorta... I like looking at boys and girls both... but I've never actually... done anything and he didn't seem to be very gentle with you either." He sighs again and flicks his ears back a bit, "I know where to get the first one. It's not too far but we can go talk to Saberfang first if you want. Or you can go and I can work on finding the boys... OR something..."

            Falconsong sighed. "I am never going back, Felpaw. I was set up for this and they used you to make it happen. Too coincidental that our first mission comes AFTER Saberfang reads a note that YOU gave him from Swifty. It had to be from Swifty, cause HE mentioned Freelancers to YOU originally and gave you that note to bring to Saberfang. Well, I don't want you to get a bad grade in Freelancers, so we'll do this mission. But after that, I'm walking... and Saberfang can go blow himself if he doesn't like it." He stepped forward and listened. "Someone else is in this alleyway..." He peers off toward a dumpster. "We need to go, Felpaw."

            Felpaw perked his ears a bit but nodded and started leading him again toward the first address. It doesn't take long to reach the first and this late at night it's pretty dark and quiet. Felpaw said, "This is it. The first address. things seem pretty quiet." Though he was still thinking partially about what was said. He HATED being used and if it was to set up Falconsong, he was thinking he would want to quit too but... it was warring with all the 'what ifs' for his grandmother as well. It was a hard choice for him to make.

            Falconsong sneaked into the building and came out with a boy tied up in a sheet, with a gag tied over his mouth. "Where to next, partner? I just realized that we can only carry one each at a time. How are we going to do this?"

            Felpaw said, "That was fast...The next is one several blocks from here.... Can you carry him and travel at the same time?" He pointed, "It's over that way." He started leading the way.

            Falconsong said, "It was fast cause I caught him coming out of the bathroom in nothing but underwear. I'll have to carry him. Don't have a choice." And he followed Felpaw, beginning to forget about what happened with Swifty. He's still upset though.

            Felpaw nods and led the way to the next house, thinking... "I think after we get two, we should take them back to Freelancers before getting the next two." He led on, helping Falconsong all he can over the tough parts. He paused a few houses down though and sniffed, " you smell that Falconsong?" He sniffed again, "That...That's home-made caramel pie!" He sniffed again, "With Whipped cream..." his stomach growled rather loudly.... "Do you think Freelancers would....punish a SLIGHT delight to that house to grab some?"

            Falconsong sighed. "What if it's a trap to lure you over there on purpose? If basic canine medical knowledge from Trivial Pursuit serves me well, sweets are BAD for doggies. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't Swifty purposely trying to make us fail. If you want to go steal the pie, go ahead. I'll wait here."

            Felpaw sighed... "Your right... Sorry..." He headed on toward the house, "I just...haven't exactly had much to eat lately... But mission first... steal and scavenge garbage cans later." He looked up at the apartment building, "That's it, Fourth Floor, Apartment 3C" He headed inside to grab his kid, returning a few minutes later, at a run, "I don't think anyone saw me but I heard people movin' around... Let's go."

            Falconsong said, "I can't let you walk around hungry, so how about after we drop the first two kids off at Devangel, we go snag some Arden's Pizza before we head off after the next two." And with that, they teleported back to Freelancers where they did drop off the first two boys with Devangel, then they hit the Arden's Pizza outlet, getting two larges to go... and then, they teleported back to New York City, though this time appearing in an alleyway near a subway entrance. "I memorized this location while we were heading for the second house. We should be able to eat in quiet here. Bonn appetite, partner."

            And two large pizzas really hit the spot.

            Felpaw actually gave Falconsong a heartfelt kiss thank you then dug in. He really WAS starving but he can't eat all of that at once without being sick so there is plenty for Falconsong too. Felpaw did end up eating most of it though and he looks MUCH, MUCH happier after that... He rubbed his belly, "That's the best dinner I've had in four months...Thanks Falconsong. If there is anything, anything I can EVER do for you... let me know. I mean ANYTHING. I owe you big time now..."

            After one more trip back to Freelancers, the boys are back in New York for the final time... where they are going to either have to sniff out the two runaway boys themselves, or 'trust' the Tracker that Swifty recommended to them.

            "What do you think we should do, Felpaw?" asked Falconsong. "I am not too thrilled about going to see a Tracker that Swifty trusts."
            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07
              Felpaw said, "Well we don't know what these boys smell like and we can't track them without the scents the Tracker had. So either way we have to meet him to get the scents. We've come so far. I don't want to have to back to Saberfang empty-pawed. What about if I go in to speak to him? And you watch the entrance; that way if anyone gets pounced, it'll be me instead. I'd rather it be me than you. Besides, I'm just a mutt. Who'd want me? I'm not favorite, I'm the worst of the two of us. Sound fair?" He's totally willing to put his butt on the line to spare Falconsong having to go through that again.

              Falconsong shook his head. "No, Felpaw. I've already lost my virginity. You still have yours. I won't let you throw it away just because I got raped. I'll meet with the Tracker and get the scents. Besides, you led me to those other four houses. I never would have found them. And you prevented us from being shot earlier. I was mad about getting pounced and fucked before, but if it's going to happen again, I am ready for it this time. On top of that, you don't your full strength back yet. What if you changed into a Hound cock? How would I explain that to your grandmother? She's relying on you. Let me go see the Tracker and just get it over with. He might not be as painful as Swifty was... or he could be worse." And he heads off to do just that.

              Felpaw said, "Are you su..." But he's cut off as Falconsong headed into the meeting point. He sighed as he thought to himself, I really am totally worthless. I can't even do THAT right. He simply waited.

              Falconsong's contact turned out to be a a VERY handsome looking hell-hound tracker. His coat is a glistening chocolate brown with almost metallic looking golden highlights and a sexy red tribal pattern going down his body. He grinned as he saw the new hell hound, "Wow... You're HOT." He laughed, "I didn't expect you to be so good looking, Falconsong." He handed over the two clothes, "These two clothes have their scent on them. I can either come with you and help you track them down at a cost of points... Or... you can try it by yourselves. Your call." He grinned and despite appreciating how good Falconsong looked (and admittedly being a bit aroused) he did NOT pounce nor rape Falconsong. Though he did hand Falconsong his card and suggest if he's ever lonely, to give him a call. "Name's Travin."

              Falconsong blushed and almost gave his real name. "Er, Ga-, no... Falconsong. Um... I thought for sure you were going to pounce and fuck me. Swifty did... first mission with Felpaw. He's waiting outside. Um... you're handsome, Travin... Er, how many points would your coming along cost us? We're being graded as a team."

              Travin smiled, "Thank you, Falconsong... You're very very good looking yourself. Travelin' Travin' is my name. I'd give you my real name but then I left it behind long time ago." He grinned again. "As for points, it depends. If you don't need me, only two points each. And then another two points for each clue I have to give you up to a maximum of 10 points each. That's the point value of a single kid each. And Swifty is a bit of a horny bastard. I don't know if he can even really help himself. In his human form he's as nice as can be. But his hound form... Well they don't call him Swiftcock for nothin' you know. Swift Cock, Pounces A Lot." He shrugged, "He still goes by the old Pack Rules. I'm sure he knew you were Debtors not Pack Mates but... I'm not sure it always matters to his pouncing lust. Anyway. Any time you want a honest, fun time and wanna learn a thing or two... I'm willing. I'd be willing right now but I'm not a rapist. I have to be invited first. I COULD show you a lot of interesting and pleasurable ways to use that thing between your thighs." He winked, "But again. It's your call, Falconsong."

              Falconsong said, "I was... a virgin before Swifty... and it hurt. Still does, to a degree. But since you explained his problem... I guess I can see why he did pounce me. But... chose not to pounce my partner because he knew him. I didn't ask him, but how could he know my partner when my partner was in a new body, same as me?"

              Travin said, "Oh? He didn't explain that... Damn..." He said, "Basically all infernal creatures... including Hell Hounds... Can read a person's aura. The more skilled you are, the more easily you can perceive this aura and at a further distance. However only the most powerful can sense it without LOOKING at the person they are trying to read. It's why we still have to use response codes when we can't see each other." He said, "Close your eyes... then open your eyes... but try to keep your physical eyes closed... and then look at me. You should be able to see the aura around me and along with it, information about me. My name, my rank, etc. Your infernal bank accounts are even stored within your aura so you can literally never loose your money." He smiled. "Give it a try."

              Falconsong did try it; he felt he could actually trust Travin, as he closed his eyes, then... he attempted to do as Travin asked... and... "I see... looks silver... ever-flowing faintly around your whole body. I guess that's a start. I can't see anything else though." He gave Travin a soft kiss on the muzzle.

              Travin smiled again. "There you go! See you can do it. It just takes practice." He kissed back deeply and softly. He had a really NICE tasting muzzle too. He smiled and licked Falconsong softly. "I'll tell you one more hint too. Your nose is a long more powerful than you think. Trust it. You can also use the trick I just showed you to help you when tracking too...if your within ten to fifteen minutes of when the track was left, there is usually a faint hint of aura left behind. This aura is stronger as you get closer... You have to be REALLY good to detect it but you can practice now. Maybe you'll be a natural at it." He smiled and licked Falconsong again, giving him a nice nuzzle, whispering in his ear, "And if you ever want to mount someone instead of being mounted... I can teach you that too." He winked. "Besides. I like helpin' people learn. It's part of what I do."

              Falconsong called out, "Felpaw? I need you now. We have a decision to make."

              Felpaw came in slowly.

              And after Felpaw came in, he was introduced to Travin and told how nice he was. Then, "Travin is willing to help us at the cost of points, but aside from our mission, I think there is much he can teach us after the mission... and I think I am willing now. Travin is on our side. So what do you think, Felpaw?"

              Travin greeted him and re-explained the cost.

              Felpaw ummed, "Well he could be useful... I'm not sure we can find them on our own... And these are kids we're talking about... Even if it's our mission I'm sure the most important thing is that they're found safely, right? I say we bring him along to make sure we find them before something happens to them."
              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08
                Falconsong said, "Felpaw... he didn't pounce nor fuck me. He's too nice to take advantage of us. He really wants to help us learn." he looked to Travin. "Okay, we need to get going and find these two. Even with their scents, we still don't know what direction they went in. Unless they are glowing in the dark, I am not sure how we're going to get within smelling range of them. Anyway, Felpaw... here's their scents... let's take a good sniff of both of them."

                And while he sniffed then, he also tried to see what kind of faint aura is on the clothes. Hopefully that would help.

                There was a very very faint aura but it's really hard to tell. He hadn't been doing it long enough to develop the skill to see it very well yet but it's there.

                The scents were both very different. As they say, the nose knows. One is of a rather sweaty kid... lingering scents of waffles, motor oil and animal feed.

                The other was feminine, perfume, plushy stuffing, grass, river water and mud.

                Travin said, "Their scents cross here where I'm standing. They likely met here but went off in separate directions. Which one do you want to try to track down first? boy or girl?"

                Falconsong hummed. "I think I want to track down the River/mud Girl first. She might be the easier of the two mainly because I am familiar with a lot of the common scents on her clothes. I live near Lake Erie, so I know those scents. I am assuming the Waffle Boy would be a snap for Felpaw to track down because Felpaw," he pets the scrawny body. "had been fasting and food scents tempt him, so... if he set his mind to Waffles, he could find the boy easily. Comments?"

                Travin grinned, "Then how about we make this more interesting? It's 2 points each for me to come with you... but I can't travel with you both at the same time so how about this. Each us will go with one primary tracker per scent. We'll start with you Falconsong because Fa comes before Fe. Whoever finds their target with the least amount of time and tips used... Will win a bonus two points, off-setting the cost of me coming with one of you. One you had to win it so it automatically means you only loose one point each. But I'll give the winner a note in their record on their excellent performance."

                Felpaw said, "I guess I'm game for that."

                Falconsong hummed then nodded his head. "Okay. I'm in." Although he was still toying with the idea of just running off... he will accept this offer for now. He can't run off while people are watching him. heh heh. He sniffed the girl's clothes again before starting off on his first tracking mission. He really didn't expect to beat someone like Felpaw at a game that he's likely been doing as a human for however long Grammy was in the hospital.

                Given a perfect score of one hundred scent checks along the way, Falconsong had a seventy-five percent accuracy rating and only had to back track two or three times to find the girl. Felpaw turns out to do much worse with only five percent accuracy rating. In the end, Travin had to almost do the entire thing but he tries to do in a helpful and non-invasive way to help Felpaw learn how to do it properly. The second tracking takes much longer but eventually it is done and Travin declares Falconsong the winner and makes a note in his report on the scores. Then he smiled at the two. "Well after your check in with Saberfang, your first mission is completely done. It was great meeting both of you. Feel free to contact me any time. Either of you. I need to go report in as well to the tracker captain for tonight. I'll see you guys around." He teleported away.

                Felpaw looked at Falconsong, "Back to Freelancers now?"

                They turned in the two kids at Devangel, but instead of going to see Saberfang right away, Falconsong took Felpaw with him to the quiet backside of Fairfield Park behind the bushes and presented himself to Felpaw. "Mount up, partner. I want you to. Don't make me beg, just do it. I'll be doing you next. You did say ANYTHING for that pizza I gave you, right?"

                Falconsong had officially shocked Felpaw... He stammered for a second but said, "As long as you promise to do me next..." He then mounted Falconsong... He was rather (okay, completely) inexperienced but he tried to make it as good for Falconsong as it was for him. And it was GOOD for him. ESPECIALLY the feeling of tying with Falconsong with his knot. After he had gotten deflated enough to removed himself from Falconsong without injury... Felpaw turned and presented himself to Falconsong, "Your turn."

                Felpaw was actually pretty good, but Falconsong had a nice sized erection himself. Not as large as Saberfang and Swifty, but nice still. He slowly mounted and gently pleasured Felpaw, then giving him his own knot, which was a bit larger anyway... and he finished it up with a nice warm washing inside. Once he was deflated enough to be free without injury to Felpaw, he said, "Okay, now we can go report in. I am sorry you lost the tracking contest, but I blame it on your not being fully fed properly in a long time. Now let's go stand before Saberfang and see what he has to say."

                Within the head hound's office, Saberfang looked the two over then said, "You did good despite certain undercover hell hounds disobeying my instructions. I hope you both weren't injured by Swifty."

                Falconsong remarked, "I was the only one Swifty pounced, sir. He wouldn't pounce Felpaw because he recognized him."

                Saberfang looked at Felpaw. "Did it not occur to you at the time to wonder how he could know you in a hell hound body, when it was your human form that he knew?"

                Felpaw said, "Not...really, Sir. I figured it was something about my scent or you had sent our descriptions on ahead.... Though I would have gladly taken Falconsong's place..." He sighed and said honestly, "He did the best on most everything even though it was my local area."
                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09
                  Felpaw then continued by saying, "To be honest, Sir, I feel like I held Falconsong back but he not only helped me with the mission, but he fed me and played with me. All at his own expense. He's quite honestly the best person I've ever met and second, maybe third person to ever give a crap if I existed or not. The first, of course, being my grandmother..." He stopped as he realized he had started rambling and just looked down. He didn't want to be asked to leave. It's one thing if he left for reason of principal but he didn't wanna be kicked out.

                  Saberfang took Felpaw into the backroom and closed the door, where an awesome fucking commenced, followed by tying two knots within Felpaw's backside, then... he taught Felpaw about Auras, Scents, and Forming Pack-Gangs from people he knew in New York. Naturally Falconsong couldn't be one of the Pack-Gang members, but he's still a good friend.

                  Once the pleasure time ended and they were apart once again, Saberfang told Felpaw, "Your Grammy woke up about 30 minutes ago. Would you like to go see her? We have her in our own Saint Devangel Hospital where she is getting expert professional FREE medical treatment with no cost to her nor further cost to you. If you would like to go see her, your mission had been completed... you may switch back to your human form and go see her now, if you wish."

                  The two emerged from the backroom, then Saberfang focused on Falconsong. "When you both signed those forms, Freelancers bought off your debts. You now owe Freelancers and me that debt. So to repay that debt, you will occasionally do further missions for us. Any tips you pick up on the side is yours to keep, regardless. As members of Freelancers, Arden's Pizza and Arden's Drinks are FREE. Just show them your collar or wrist watch to get the VIP treatment. And now that you have successfully completed your first mission, you may return to human form and go do whatever you like. I am told there is good skiing country outside of the 'phone booth'." He chuckled.

                  Falconsong nodded his head and placed a paw to his time piece and said, "Freelancer! Mission Complete!" And he fluidly transformed back into his human form as Gawain. "I do have one question... are we assigned living quarters here or are we S.O.L. on that front?"

                  Saberfang said, "Johnathan/Felpaw has a place near Devangel so he can have close access to his Grammy. You, Gawain/Falconsong... have quarters set up on the other side of the complex. Seems Captain Timefrost had asked me to allow you quartering with him. Normally I would say no, because that is in the officers section of the complex, but I see on your report that Travin spoke up for you as well. Therefore, your luggage was moved to Timefrost's Suite. Here are your directions to your new quarters." And he handed over the papers with the directions to the two.

                  Gawain departed Saberfang's office... now curious on why the Officers wanted him in their section. He had NO intention of joining their packs.

                  Felpaw was just happy to have his own place to stay with his grandmother. He was still trying to digest everything Saberfang told him though those two knots were definitely fun. He put his paw to his timepiece and said "Freelancer! Mission Complete!" And he fluidly transformed back into his human form as Johnathan. He then gave Gawain a big hug and went to go see his grandmother. The news about the free food also...being very, very well received. Before Gawain left however, Johnny stopped him a moment and told him that he considered him one of the best friends he's ever had and that if he can do anything at ALL in the future, don't hesitate to ask. Then he headed off to see his grandmother.

                  In their human forms, they couldn't even feel that they had been fucked. That actually made Gawain feel better. Maybe only his Hell hound form lost it's virginity; not his human.

                  However, when he arrived in the officers quarters, he found his two suitcases in the hallway near an unmarked door. He picked them up, noting that his belongings were still in them, looked at his directions again and noted that his assigned quarters was behind this door. However... he had seen Timefrost's quarters back further up the hallway but the directions brought him to his suitcases here. "I wonder what's going on?" He opened the door and walked inside, powering on the light source... the layout was a disaster area. It looked as if two Hell hound gods had a fight in the apartment and all of the furniture was the loser. And it was like that throughout the apartment. Finally... he returned to the front door, powered down the lights and departed the officers quarters with his luggage. Either there had been a mistake in the room assignments or... someone had lied to Saberfang about his quartering.

                  The next morning.

                  Saberfang entered Saint Devangel Hospital to check on Grammy and Johnny Mercer. Mainly Johnny. When he saw the boy sleeping bedside, he grinned and quietly padded over and nosed Johnny's groin with his nose. "Hey Woody. Wake up." He smirked.

                  Jonathan moan-murred a little, muttering something about Saberfang and Falconsong. Eventually he awoke startled, jumping a little, yawning and looking around, "Huh? wha?"

                  Saberfang chuckled. "I know what you were dreaming of... Anyway, it's morning. How is she?"

                  Johnathan blushed darkly but said, "She's doing better. The doctors have been really nice here. But... They're not entirely sure they can fix all the problems. There was the all black sexy sleek hound guy here late last night who said he was 'just checking in' on her. He gave me the creeps but was SUPER hot....Anyway... The doctors said they're gonna do all they can. I'm really grateful for it too." He looked over at his grandmother, "She's the most important thing in my life. My parents are both gone. My brother died two years ago. Gunshot to the head. He was 8." He sighed. "The first hospital we went to didn't even want to treat her. I was lucky the Roosevelt would. She'll be up and dancing again someday soon. I just know it."

                  Cancer....strokes from pieces of it breaking off and causing clots not to mention infections from the low blood cell count the chemo and surgeries have caused. The woman is just plain worn out and old. She's had a hard run of things. At the human hospital, there was a good chance she wouldn't have ever left the hospital bed ever again. Johnathan may be just deluding himself. But the care here is far far better than it was in the other hospital.

                  Saberfang hummed. "I have a friend who is a professional in the field of medical miracles... he's a Ptolemaic Black Devi-Jaguar Priest. Dr. Valenzuela, by name. I could have him come in and work on your grandmother. He specializes in youth-inducement medicines, but is the world specialist in Cancer cases... among the 'touched' variety, if you catch my drift..."
                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10
                    Johnathan said, "Do you really think... He'd help her?"

                    Saberfang replied, "I can call him right now. He's probably not had a real case in months. Of course he would help. Besides, he gets a nice kickback from working special cases here. Every little bit helps. By the way, I am going to go by and check on Gawain later. You can come along if you'd like." He then got on a phone to place the call.

                    Johnathan blushed again but grinned and nodded his head. "I'd like that! I wonder how Gawain's night went."

                    Saberfang hung up the phone and said, "He's on his way. He sounded happy to get a new patient. Especially a sweet old lady with Cancer. Anyway, if you're ready, we can go see Gawain in the officers quarters right now. I hope he slept well."

                    Johnathan nodded his head again. "Okay. I'm glad he was happy to get a patient. I hope he can help and I really would like to go see Gawain."

                    Thirty minutes later in the officers quarters...

                    Captain Timefrost was a white Hell hound with silver-light blue highlights and golden eyes. He was as HOT as Falconsong, but his package was clearly noticeable and he didn't try to hide it. At the moment, he was all wet (shower?) yet standing at attention for Saberfang. "No sir, I have no idea on who you mean. No one came to my suite during the night. I was on that mission to South America and got back very very late and zonked out immediately upon getting home."

                    Saberfang then showed him the letter/note request. "You didn't have this written?"

                    He looked it over and hrmed. "No, but I recognize the handwriting. It's the pack practical joker, Funnyboner. You know him... he's caused trouble before. Had I requested a newbie, then I would be training him right now; I don't even know what Falconsong looks like."

                    Saberfang had the look of mentally football kicking Funnyboner in the ass over a goal post the size of Mount Everest.

                    Johnathan was more concerned over something else. "Then where the FUCK is he? Damn it, he's fuckin' not here then where the hell did he go? Where'd he fuckin sleep? If he's hurt, that motherfucker better HOPE he's not hurt!..." His expression said that he would help Saberfang... But of course it probably wasn't his place to threaten one of Saberfang's hounds but he was pissed.

                    Saberfang then got on the intercom network. "Security. Locate Funnyboner and lock him up. I'll let Johnny deal with him later. Also, send some people to find Falconsong and his luggage. I want to know if he walked out of the complex or teleported out last night. And if he didn't, then I want to know where he slept. Contact me ASAP with the information."

                    Timefrost said, "Sir, with permission... since Falconsong was to have bunked with me, I would like to open my quarters to him when he is found. Had he come to my door, I would have allowed him inside. It is the very least I could do since Funnyboner set both of us for a joke and the new hound is the one getting the worst of it."

                    Saberfang glanced at Timefrost, then at Johnny. "You will allow Johnny Mercer here visitation whenever he likes, whether he is in human form or Felpaw form. Falconsong is also known as Gawain Fairweather. He's the son of that guy with auto slogan."

                    Timefrost replied, "And a good slogan it is. I would be honored to have Falconsong as my Fairweather friend, sir."

                    Johnathan grinned! "Thanks... I would hate to not be able to see him..." He growled, "And that asshole Funnyboner is gonna be a fuckin NO BONER when I get my damn hands on him."

                    Suddenly, an intercom message came in. "Sir? We found his luggage in one of the rarely used maintenance shops. There is a worker's bedroom in the back and Falconsong was asleep in the bed itself. We are explaining to him what you had found out regarding the room arrangement and about Captain Timefrost's offer to let him stay there with him since that was the promise made to the boy. We are about to bring him back to the officer's quarters, sir."

                    Soon, the security hounds were handing Falconsong over to Saberfang and Timefrost. "The others are still looking for Funnyboner. He has hidden himself well this time."

                    Timefrost greeted Gawain saying, "Since you were promised lodging with me, Gawain, that is exactly what you will get. I am an honest hell hound and as a captain, I get paid well." He then thought to himself for a moment as he said to Johnny, "Would you like to see the suite while Gawain is getting settled in, Johnny? I should finish my shower but you can look around all you like. Private Jacuzzi, heated swimming pool, fully stocked bar, billiards room and a nice sized library and recreation room."

                    Johnathan said, "Um... I guesso. I should stay where Saberfang can find me." He followed Timefrost inside but kept his hands to himself. He's a bit nervous.

                    Timefrost led Gawain and Johnny inside, saying, "Don't worry, boys, I'm not yiffy. I just want to finish my shower."

                    Johnathan said, "Okay, Timefrost, I'll be spending some time with Gawain." He then began to head off with Gawain into the spare bedroom which had its own bathroom.

                    Timefrost wasn't rich but he had privilege being a Captain. But he was willing to share, obviously. "If you're horny, you boys can join me in here, otherwise, make yourself at home. My kitchen is fully stocked. I think you might find some Houndy Treats in there, if you look. Those things are just super delicious!"
                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Fetch and Delivery.