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  • Fiction Evaluation

    Answer these as honestly as possible. Otherwise, it won't make any sense to even take the evaluation at all.

    How cliche/bad is your story?

    [ ] Your story takes place in high school
    [ ] Your story's main characters are teenagers
    [ ] Your story has a love triangle
    [ ] Your characters have to save the world
    [ ] Your female characters are all sassy
    [ ] Your male characters are all rebellious
    [ ] The main plot of your story involves who ends up with who
    [ ] Your characters use too much magic/too many gadgets
    [ ] You have more than five main characters
    [ ] All of your characters end up with someone
    [ ] Your story is a BL/yuri/yaoi story
    [ ] You have a character who's straight, but gets confused and falls in love with a gay person
    [ ] Your story is about wolves
    [ ] Your story has a bad guy who is bad with no explanation as to why he/she's bad
    [ ] Your story has an overly promiscuous character
    [ ] You plug in fan-service wherever possible
    [ ] You're making your story just to show people making out/having sex
    [ ] Your characters are human but have animal appendages (i.e. cat ears and a tail) (or furry with human genitalia) for no reason
    [ ] You're making a story with a language the general audience cannot read, even though you yourself speak English
    [ ] Your story is a fan fiction
    [ ] All of your characters are good-looking
    [ ] Your story involves forbidden love
    [ ] All of your characters have special weapons which they always carry around
    [ ] You main character has a rival who he/she eventually becomes friends/lovers with
    [ ] Your story has shallow speaking roles
    [ ] Your character meets the person he/she will fall in love with in the first chapter
    [ ] Your story involves the four elements as a fantasy theme
    [ ] Your story has a good girl who falls for a bad boy (or the reverse)
    [ ] All your characters are goth/dress darkly
    [ ] Your story has a human who falls in love with someone who's not human (or a furry who falls in love with someone who isn't furry)
    [ ] Your story has a main bad guy who your main character has to kill in the end
    [ ] Most of your scenes don't have well defined backgrounds
    [ ] You haven't considered a theme for your story
    [ ] When you don't know what to do next, you just add filler that has nothing to do with anything
    [ ] Your story is really confusing and people have told you so
    [ ] Most of your characters are vulgar/swear all the time
    [ ] Your first chapter is really confusing to write people into
    [ ] Within the first chapter, you've introduced ten or more characters
    [ ] You forget to carry though ideas you introduced early on in the story
    [ ] You beat people over the head with your opinions/beliefs and don't give consideration to the other side of the argument, and people have told you so on several occasions by debating with you.

    Total = Your Score __ / 40 possible

    If 10 or less, you're doing well.
    If 20 or more, you may want to consider changing things.
    If in between 10 and 20, critique yourself and consider things for your next story.

    How good/unique is your story?

    [ ] You have a beginning, middle and end planned out before you start
    [ ] Your story has a theme/purpose
    [ ] Your story's main characters are adults or kids
    [ ] Your story starts with your main character already married
    [ ] Your character doesn't meet his/her love interest in the first chapter
    [ ] One of your main characters has kids
    [ ] Your characters don't use magic
    [ ] Your characters don't have individualized weapons they carry around all day
    [ ] Your story is fiction - it doesn't have fantasy elements.
    [ ] Your characters have real flaws and feel like real people (only check if your readers have told you so)
    [ ] One of your characters has some sort of physical defect (like blindness or deaf)
    [ ] One of your characters has some sort of psychological defect
    [ ] Your story has a bad guy who your main character wants to save
    [ ] Your story is NOT a romance story
    [ ] You're not making a story just to show people making out/love
    [ ] You don't have any filler in your story
    [ ] You have only a few main characters
    [ ] Your story is simple as opposed to overly complex
    [ ] Your main character does not have a love interest
    [ ] Your story has definitive speaking roles
    [ ] Most of your scenes have defined backgrounds
    [ ] Your story doesn't have a villain
    [ ] You have at least one fat person in your story
    [ ] Your female characters are strong based on their personalities and faults rather than how good they are at beating people with a weapon
    [ ] All of your characters dress differently (To the best of your creative abilities.)
    [ ] The world you've created is unique, and your readers have told you so
    [ ] Your story is sci-fi
    [ ] Your story does NOT have a love triangle
    [ ] Your story is about something you're passionate about/you have a definitive message.
    [ ] Your story does NOT involve forbidden love
    [ ] If your story has gay characters, the fact that they're gay doesn't have to do with the main plot
    [ ] Your story has twists
    [ ] Your story has set-ups and pay-offs
    [ ] When your female characters talk to each other, they talk about things other than romance with boys
    [ ] Your story has an old person
    [ ] If your main character is falling in love, he/she doesn't kiss the other person until far into the story
    [ ] Your story is NOT a fan fiction
    [ ] Your main character is different at the end of the story than he/she is at the beginning
    [ ] Your characters all have different facial structures/silhouettes; they're all unique from each other and your readers have told you so
    [ ] You put your beliefs/opinions into your story, but you also show the other side of the argument as having its own merits.

    Total = Your Score __ / 40 possible

    If 10 or less, rethink your story
    If 10 or more, you're doing well
    If 20 or more, you're doing fantastic

    Originally created by ellen-natalie on Fur Affinity(dot)net to cover "web comics", the checklist has been modified to fit our needs.