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[APQC] CW-02 The Stallos II Protectors

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    [APQC] CW-02 The Stallos II Protectors

    [APQC] Winchester 73: When Chester West discovers a lost Equestrian star ship, he becomes involved in a galactic adventure as big as the lone cosmos.

    Chester West, 22-years old, had spiky brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. He stood at 5'6" tall and weighed about 165 pounds. He wore a white long-sleeved shirt that had a red horizontal stripe around it's torso, blue jeans, and running shoes. Chester often had a set of mini-headphones around his neck that was hooked into his PDA that he kept in the upper pocket of the thoroughbred brown leather jacket that he always wore. Since graduating high school, he had been involved in a Ghost Town restoration project in the old west.
    Silver Stallion City, Planet Stallos II; Animation Project Frontier

    [APQC] Winchester 73 - Chester West
    Episode Two: The Stallos II Protectors
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    It was the following day in Silver Stallion City on Planet Stallos II... Chester and his Teen Force friends were setting up shop within a building that connected to the Marshal's office. This building was reminiscent of a saloon and hotel as would be seen in old western towns on Earth. Pamela Worthington, the teams' wizardess, had summoned a classic piano for the saloon building and Valiance Knightmane was demonstrating one of his skills in being able to play the piano. His friends knew he was capable of playing the guitar and the saxophone, so they were not surprised to learn that the Dream Boy participant could play the piano as well.

    Mack and John watched from the door since they had heard the music and had come to check it out.

    Chester pulled the two on inside and escorted them over to the bar where he stepped behind it and said, "The guys thought they would liven up the place with some music. What's the word from Galactic Base? We've been awaiting some sort of word from them ever since they ran the scans on the Teen Force."

    John remarked, "The official word is that the military humans really messed up the genetic markers within your friends. Cathargic-Li believes he can rearrange this mess and if he can, then he will finally be able to solve the transformation trigger riddle and then you won't need the Screener anymore. He is working with Joseph and Rudolph Williams first since their situation seemed to be the priority case. Even your friend Mallard Thunderbeak is interested to see how this can work out. He used to be human, too, much like yourself."

    Chester then asked, "How did it go with Clifford's sons?"

    Mack said, "Your energy blade instructor is pretty happy. One of the boys turned out to be a reindeer fan so his resurrection was as a spacer reindeer. The other boy likes rabbits, so he came back as a spacer rabbit. The two boys were offered the transformation trigger the moment it becomes available. But neither seem all that concerned about it currently. They are just happy to be alive once again. And Clifford is keeping his end of the bargain by sharing his prior military knowledge with Galactic Base."

    John then said, "The radio receiver in the Wrangler has not been quiet either. Someone called General Sloan is asking Clifford to call in if he is able. Would you happen to know who that is?"

    Chester replied, "General Sloan is the supervisor of Project Dream Boy. His scientists were the ones who screwed up my friends' animal choices without his permission. Sloan could be on the level; but none of the Dream Boy participants want to report in since they were screwed with by that bunch of mad doctors."

    Mack then said, "Perhaps you could answer Sloan on behalf of Clifford. Give Sloan a chance to be on the level. If he isn't, then we can easily get rid of him."

    Chester nodded his head. "That is a good idea. I can at least hear him out. Let's go, guys."

    Clifford's Wrangler had since been moved to a private hangar for safe keeping. Chester approached the Wrangler and he sat in the driver's seat as he leaned over and hooked back up the microphone on the CB unit. "Come in General Sloan. Or have you changed your mind about contacting Captain Hill?"

    Sloan's voice replied, {I don't recognize your voice, citizen. I am still interested in communicating with my friend Clifford. Dream Boy aside, I need to speak to him. Please... I want to know how he managed to implement a strength power into a human. It takes superhuman strength to lift a military jeep let alone throw it the distance his test subject threw it. How can I arrange a safe visitation with Captain Hill?}

    Chester replied, "Pack a backpack as if you were going camping in the Great Smoky Mountains; there is an overlook there where you first met Clifford years ago. Come alone and without any weapons nor tracking devices. If you are sincere in your words, you will show up there by noon tomorrow. If you don't come, I will assume you changed your mind. And the Dream Boy Secret will stay with us. It is your choice, Osric Sloan. What will it be?"

    Sloan then said, {I will be there. No tracking devices means I will have to leave my phone behind as well. I can understand the need for secrecy. Please, Clifford is my friend. I need to know how he solved the Dream Boy riddle. I didn't even know he was working on it; I wanted to be a test subject myself but the doctors said I was too old to make it work.}

    Chester said, "Noon Eastern Time, Sloan. I will be waiting. I am your ticket to Clifford. If anything happens to me, you lose Clifford. So come alone." He then switched off the CB unit as he turned to his friends. "If Sloan is on the level, he will show up by himself. Tomorrow will be the day. I am surprised that Sloan wanted to be a test subject himself."

    The following day, Mallard Thunderbeak provided Chester with a portable force field unit to protect himself in case Sloan's fellow officers chose not to let him come alone. "I don't want to hear about anything bad happening to you, Chez. Carol gave me permission to play with you as long as my activities were not serious. So if you want that time with me, come home alive. I want to trust the authorities but from what all of your friends say about Sloan, expect a double-cross. That's why I am providing you with a portable force field."

    Chester hugged Mallard and kissed him on the beak. "What do you know? It is like kissing someone with braces. Don't worry, your horsey will be back just fine."

    After stepping away from Mallard, Chester activated his teleportation unit and he transported himself down to the Smoky Mountain overlook where he stepped back out of sight to hide himself from hikers and to await Sloan's arrival. At about three minutes to Noon, he heard someone climbing up to the ledge of the overlook muttering, "Three minutes to spare. I hope I didn't come all the way out here for no reason. I tried to ditch my followers as much as possible so I hope my contact will forgive me that I tried to come alone." Sloan then slowly stood up as he stepped over to look over the overlook. He could see the other officers at the overlook further down the hiking trail. They looked as tired as he did.

    "Do not turn around, Sloan. Take two steps backward toward the trees. I am your ride to Clifford."

    Sloan slowly did as he was asked and then he felt himself get frisked police style. "Good; no weapons. No phones. Here we go..." And holding on to Sloan, Chester activated his recall device and the two men vanished off of the top of the mountain and arrived within the Galactic Base hangar on Planet Stallos II. "Now, remove the backpack and have a seat in that chair you see before you. When you sit down, you will be able to look at me."

    End of Chapter 01