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[APQC] CW-01 Best of the West

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    [APQC] CW-01 Best of the West

    Silver Stallion City, Planet Stallos; Animation Project Frontier

    [APQC] Winchester 73 - Chester West
    Episode One: Best of the West
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    "Hey Bob!" the young man with spiky brown hair said into his walkie talkie. "I'm about to set the charges to level the Silver Stud City ghost town so we can get the rebuilding prepared here! If you don't hear from me in thirty minutes, wait an hour for the boom, then come see what happened to me!" And then the male twenty-two year old Caucasian Earth human began wiring the explosives. As he finished wiring the next to the last explosive, he walked back into the rear of the old jail to wire the last explosive when the wooden floor creaked under foot and without warning, he fell through the rotted floor down an old shaft, landing in soft sand at the bottom. When he was finally able to shake the stars out of his eyes from the landing, he glanced back up the hole he fell down through and he saw that an old ladder was broken part way up and every rope rung was rotted clean through. Then he looked behind him where an old tunnel lay open and he about lost control of his bodily fluids in a blood curdling scream when he saw the intact skeletal remains of a stallion which had been propped up and chained to a wall by his fore hoof ankles. There was an old chain necklace around the man-horse's neck with a tag that read: Winchester 72. On the back of the tag was the phrase: Planet Stallos. The young man slowly regained his composure as he removed the chain necklace with tag from the horse's neck. "Don't know who you used to be, fellow, but your skeleton gave me a fright and that ain't no foolin'. I don't have my tools down here with me so I can't free you from the wall. I need to get back topside. Does this tunnel lead back to the surface?" He shook his head as he realized that he was talking to a skeleton. "Not like he can answer me." Then he noticed that his walkie talkie was not with him; he must have dropped it topside in the jail. Then he began walking through the tunnel in hopes of finding a way back outside.

    When he emerged in the huge chamber which had what looked like a star ship wedged into it, he was literally blown away by what he saw before him. "What in tarnation is this?" he asked as he slowly approached one side of the great star beast. As he reached what appeared to be a rectangular door hatch, it unexpectedly opened as he approached it. "Oh shit!" As his breath returned as a steady pace, curiosity got the better of him as he entered the star ship and began looking around. Doors opened and closed as he approached or stepped away from them and he couldn't figure out as to why. There didn't seem to be anyone aboard the vessel save for himself. Although all power was apparently still operational as well as the computer systems. He finally made his way into what had to be the command helm of this star ship made for one. When he saw the size of the command chair and how the keypads were in some alien language made for a person with three fingers and an opposable thumb, he approached the command chair expecting so see a skeleton in the seat but it was empty. But it looked comfortable so the young man sat in the chair and leaned back to rest for a bit. "What is a star ship doing under a ghost town?" he said aloud just to hear his own voice.

    At that moment, a light came on just over the forward view screen and it beamed its light directly upon his face as it slowly panned down his body to his pants where it stopped for a time before rising back up to his throat where it stopped again. Then he heard an audible query in a language he had never heard before. He replied, "I'm sorry; I don't know what you are saying, Mr. Computer." The audible then stopped as it went silent for a few seconds before speaking once again, this time in English, "Is this satisfactory, sir?"

    The young man blinked his eyes when he heard it speaking in his language. "You can speak English!"

    The computer replied, "I have analyzed your voice box and learned your language. It is now in our records as Language Number 98,275,108."

    The young man then said, "My name is Chester West. But you can call me Chester. Only certain ladies call me Chez."

    The computer then remarked, "Name registered in database. Chester West. Shortened version, Chester. Chez to certain mares. My designation is Stallos-One."

    Chester said, "May I call you Stallion?"

    The computer quietly processed the request, then replied, "I am now Stallos-One, shortened name, Stallion. You may call me Stallion."

    Chester smiled since he had apparently made a friend. "What is this place?"

    Stallion processed the question. "You are aboard the Winchester Training Cruiser created for training Equestrian cadets at the Academy for Law Horses. The last Pilot was a Cadet undergoing his final training mission to make contact with friendly alien races. You appear to be carrying his ID tag in your jeans pocket. May I inquire as to what happened to Winchester 72 otherwise known as Merrimack Shyremane?"

    Chester frowned at that point as he told the computer the truth. "He apparently encountered hostile members of my species who didn't know that the cadet was friendly and not a threat. They chained him to a wall in a tunnel near here and they let him starve to death. I found his skeleton and he was wearing this tag necklace. I couldn't remove his remains from the wall shackles so I brought the tag with me."

    Stallion then said, "Employing body retrieval drones for transport back to Planet Stallos. Thank you for your honesty in the fate of the cadet. Perhaps all will not be lost for him."

    Chester arched an eye. "But he's nothing but a skeleton at the moment... How can there be hope for him?"

    Stallion then processed the query before replying, "This ship has a restoration chamber in the medical bay which can completely return him to normal hide, mane, tail, fur and blood as well as bodily fluids as long as the skeleton is intact. Yes, this means you could speak to him yourself within a few hours. However, once we have him on board, I should get this ship topside for the trip back to Planet Stallos. I would request that you come along this once. You can be returned to your home world later. You have my word."

    Chester thought about the request for a moment before saying, "I don't know what the people in space call this planet, but we humans call it Planet Earth."

    Stallion processed the information. "Planet Earth. Listed in our database as Goldilocks-Three or as pirates and merchants are fond of calling it and please do not be angry with me as I say this... it is only what I have in my database... 'That Fucking Dirt Ball'."

    Instead of being angry, Chester actually laughed when he heard the title. "That is remarkably accurate in several cases."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    About an hour later, Chester's partner Bob was finishing up his lunch and coffee when he heard and felt the ground rumbling as if an earthquake was striking the area or an oil gusher was about to blow. And then there came the ginormous explosion which leveled the Silver Stud City ghost town when the star cruiser blasted up through the ground and an untapped oil well began filling the crater the ship once occupied. "My god, Chester! What have you gone and done?" He shouted as he ran outside and saw the geyser of black gold erupting from the ruins of the ghost town. He never bothered to look toward the sky or he would have seen the star ship departing Earth's atmosphere at a rapid pace.

    Aboard the Winchester Trainer star cruiser bound for Planet Stallos, the computer called Stallion said, "Auto-pilot ETA six hours; ETA for Merrimack's restoration 3 hours."

    Chester then said, "What will I do when meeting the other Equestrians, Stallion? I cannot speak their language."

    "Hold still and I will place a trainer helmet and visor over your head," said Stallion. "This will enable the auto-translator will help you learn the multi-linguist ability. You will be able to speak to all Frontier languages. As for dealing with the Equestrians, just be yourself and be polite and calm around them. They are quite humorous to me at times."

    A helmet was lowered down from above and Chester's head fit into the padded insides as electronic nodes attached to his forehead and to his voice box and then the language trainer began to implement the multi-linguist ability within his body. It wasn't long before he fell asleep.

    When Chester awoke much later, he saw what looked like an anthropomorphic Shire stallion wearing a towel around his mid section standing directly in front of him and looking down upon him. "Um... You must be Merrimack Shyremane." He slowly dug one hand into his pocket and pulled out the chain necklace with the ID Tag on it and he held it out to the horse.

    The big Shire took it and placed it over his head and let the tag rest against his chest. "You were right, Stallos-One. Chester is a nice young man. A lot nicer than the ones who tortured me after stripping me naked." The multi-linguist ability was working great; Chester could understand every word the horse said.

    "Just call me Chester," he said as he started to get out of the seat. "I only meant to sit in the command chair long enough to rest, sir."

    The Shire hugged Chester close to himself and gave him a deep kiss on the mouth, which inadvertently shared some of his alien fluids with him. "Since you like shortened names and my own is such a mouthful, you can call me Mack. I never liked Merrimack anyway." He then sat in the command chair and he pulled Chester down into his lap. "Thanks to you, I wasn't forgotten on that world of yours. What year is it anyway? I ask because the other cowboys said it was 1886 before they killed me."

    Chester swallowed before replying, "The year is 2016, Mack. That means you have been dead for about 130 years. You know," he started attempting to be funny. "For cowboys, they didn't look much like cows, did they?"

    Mack smirked as he got the joke or he had thought the same back when he arrived on Earth. "The cowboys didn't think much of that joke when I told them they didn't look like cows but I told them that they smelled like cows instead."

    Chester laughed, "Old West Cowboys were not known for their sense of humor, Mack, as you likely found out first hand. But those days are long gone now. Only the best of the stories still exist today."

    Mack smiled at the back Chester's head. "You smell a lot better than the cowboys back then; You make me feel really good. I am so glad you agreed to come back with us. I'll likely get my award for sure when the instructors meet you."

    Chester replied as he felt Mack's bulge under his bottom through the towel, "Before the project in that ghost town started, I bathed every day. Now that I am in space, I am not sure how I am going to manage staying clean on Planet Stallos. When a human starts stinking badly, no one with decency wants to be around them. But thank you for liking how I smell."

    Mack said with a smile. "There is s shower stall in the state room of this cruiser if you need to bath before we arrive on planet. Stallos-One told me we have another hour before land fall. He also told me that you called him Stallion. Um, may I watch you bathe?"

    Chester glanced over his shoulder at Mack who seemed to be blushing somewhat. "You like me, don't you?"

    Mack nodded his head once. "Yeah, I reckon I do. You did save me and I owe you for that. The only academy buddy I had made friends with before was a Clydesdale stallion called Johnathan Hoofenmeyer. He was bunked in the Spencer Dorm and his tag ID was Spencer 69. You would likely shorten his name to John, which is a nice nickname for him. Despite his being in a separate dorm than me, we were pretty good friends. I sure hope he is still around."

    Chester smiled back at the horse. "Promise not to get frisky with me when I shower and I'll let you watch me get clean." He then got off of Mack's lap.

    Mack got up as well. "I promise, Chester. Now let me show you where the shower is."

    The two departed the bridge and headed back to the state room where Chester was show to the bath room which was next to what sounded like a laundry room. He removed his clothes slowly giving Mack a nice smooth show of his body and then he stepped into the shower stall. While he had his back to the Shire, Mack picked up Chester's clothes and shoes, putting them into the washer to let them get cleaned along with Mack's spare uniform. The brown leather jacket was hung up to be dry cleaned. Then Mack removed his towel and proceeded to assist the young man in the shower as he explained what the knobs controlled and where the soap and shampoo dispenser was positioned. Although Mack did behave himself, he ended up getting a second shower with the nice male human as he helped him with cleaning his manly parts.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Just before the final approach to Planet Stallos, the dryer finished drying their clothes and the two got dressed in their clean clothes. Then they returned to the bridge where Stallion reported, "I am not receiving any landing clearance from the academy, Mack. I estimate that something may be wrong there. You will have to perform a landing as you were instructed to do during your training."

      As the cruiser broke through the clouds, Chester could see that the landscape had scorch marks as if the planet had been in some major war. "Mack... Your planet looks like it fought a great fight and perhaps lost."

      Mack replied, "I sure hope you are wrong, Chester. But in the event that you aren't, we are fortunate that my Cruiser has a medical bay for anyone we find who needs treatment. I just hope John is still around. He would be key in getting things up and running again."

      Chester then said, "Stallion? Could you perform an outward scan over the planet for any signs of Equestrian life? If we know where there are others at, we won't have to waste time later trying to find them. Although we should check out the law academy first."

      Stallion replied, "Performing outward scan as you suggested. I am getting a minor few life signs from the academy and from subterranean locations across the planet."

      Mack said, "Academy coming into view, guys. And as Chester suspected, it doesn't look good. The registration building is completely gone."

      Chester watched through the forward viewing screen as the academy fully came into view. it was apparent that two buildings were completely gone in a straight blast line. Side buildings were still intact although only barely. Then he watched as Mack brought the cruiser around behind one building to a landing circle that was free of any debris. A fortunate thing that. Thanks to the multi-linguist implement training, he could read the sign on the back of the building which read: Winchester Dorm. "Stallion? Any chance of locating Spencer 69's ID Tag if it is within range?"

      Stallion was quiet for a moment before stating, "ID Tag located. Spencer 69 is prone and immobile."

      Chester then exclaimed, "Deploy body recovery drones to Spencer 69's location to be brought back for medical treatment if necessary."

      Stallion replied, "Deploying drones now." After a moment when the ship had fully landed, the computer added, "I am able to detect a nearby computer data bank that is still functional. I will attempt to retrieve data logs and for any history on what has occurred on Planet Stallos."

      Mack finally said, "I cannot believe the academy is in this shape. It was once thought of as the most secure base in the cosmos. The early alert satellites should have given our people plenty of time to ready themselves versus any invasion. I cannot believe it all ends like this. I need John."

      Stallion then said, "Drones have found Spencer 69's body under a wall of what was once the Academy's prison building. Spencer 69 is wearing an officer's uniform of the Spencer Dorm designation. Body is in transport back to cruiser for restoration process. Uniform will be cleaned so as to make him presentable when he awakens."

      Chester then said, "Perhaps you should locate an officer's uniform in the Winchester Dorm, Mack. You were working on your finals while on Earth; after what you went through, I think you have earned the right to be an officer. If you need another officer to confirm your promotion, when John is restored, he can instate you as an officer, then you guys can decide what to do about my being up here with you. I could be useful in the restoration of your academy base. I was part of a community restoration program back home."

      Mack got out of the command seat. "I'll go fetch the uniform; you stay put, Chester. If you leave the ship, you won't be able to get back on board without an ID Tag."

      Chester replied as he took the command seat. "Perhaps you can see about getting me an ID tag of my own."

      Mack smiled. "If I do that, I'll have to get you a cadet uniform to go with it or else other Equestrians will think you stole it." He then departed the ship.

      Chester then said, "Stallion, please open a blueprint of the academy as you last knew of it's layout. I will study it and plan the restoration project for their command base."

      Stallion stated, "Spencer 69 is now in the restoration booth; I will now open the blueprint you have asked for." And the blueprint of the academy then appeared on main view screen.

      An hour later, Mack had returned with several packages which he placed into storage within his state room. Then he entered the bridge and handed Chester a see-through container which contained a chain necklace with an ID tag on it. It was like Mack's and it read: Winchester 73. "Before you open that and put it on, I need to swear you in to make this official." And then he recited the Galactic Law Enforcement Code and asked Chester to repeat it himself. When he did, Mack then recited off the edicts of the Law Equestrian one at a time. "Do you understand these edicts as I have stated them to you?" Chester replied, "Yes, I do." Mack then said, "Stallion, open the hand and eye-retina scanner for Chester to officiate his joining of the Winchester Dorm as an Equestrian Law Cadet, please." When Stallion had done this, Mack continued, "Chester, place both of your hands palm side down on the scanning window and look directly into the goggles that Stallion has positioned before you. You will feel a slight sting when you do this, but if you close your eyes tightly one time, the stinging will go away pretty quickly."

      Chester then did as he was asked which did sting his eyes for a moment until he did as Mack had suggested afterward. While he was busy with his eyes, his hands were scanned while his entire body was given a rapid scan medical for the official academy records. His complete anatomy was recorded in the computer data base although Stallion did detect a mutation within Chester's internal fluids which seemed to indicate that he was compatible with Equestrian physics for some reason or another.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Wearing the ID Tag, Chester had gotten up from the command seat to allow Mack to sit there once again and then he went back to look at the restoration booth because he was curious about how it functioned. The only thing he had been told about it was that they could put a body or skeleton into the chamber and within three hours, the Equestrian would be restored to full health in their original body. As he arrived in the medical bay of the cruiser, he quickly saw the occupied tube booth and he saw that the naked Equestrian Clydesdale stallion body looked as if it were already restored yet the timer still said it had several hours to go. as he stepped around the booth to look at the other side, he noticed another empty restoration booth with its door open. The read-out read: ready. Chester being the curious sort, looked inside the empty booth and sniffed the residue within the tubular chamber. It had a smell equal to a sweating Percheron stallion. "Mack is a Shire and John is a Clydesdale; so who does the Percheron draft horse scent belong to?" He then sniffed himself just to make sure. "Nope, it isn't me. These tubular booths are about the size of a telephone booth back home." Without thinking, he stepped into the booth and closed the door behind him.

        The moment he was in the booth, the outward read-out changed to read: initiating Percheron restoration. The door sealed as a gaseous sleeping vapor sprayed him in the face and he spun around and in a blink found himself naked (save for his ID Tag) within the tubular chamber as the booth began to fill with the restoration fluids for the Equestrian stallion in question.

        He was soon submerged within the fluids as he passed out and his lungs and air passages filled with the restoration fluid.

        Within the bridge, Stallion suddenly said, "Percheron restoration booth has been activated yet I cannot detect an Equestrian within the booth. Timer has begun however."

        Mack got up fast. "Chester went back there to look at John during his restoration! If Chester accidentally stepped into that booth, then he is in trouble, Stallion!"

        Stallion then processed the statement and said, "Occupant is indeed Chester. However, once a restoration process is started, it cannot be shut down. Parameters were never implemented in the event of an accident. Chester will be stuck until the process completes its timer which is currently set to 2 hours and 54 minutes and counting."

        Mack exclaimed. "I'm heading back there, Stallion! Chester is my responsibility!" And he headed back toward the medical bay himself.

        John's restoration booth completed its process first while Mack was waiting for the booths to reach zero. When John's booth drained out the restoration fluids and the door opened, Mack was right there to help his friend get to the state room's bathing room so he could freshen up before getting dressed in his dry officer's uniform. While John bathed, Mack explained what had happened to him and about Chester's assistance and the accident that befell the young man just hours ago.

        John replied, "He seems like a nice young man if he selflessly helped you get back to your ship."

        Mack smiled. "Oh he is. I really like him a lot. He had even offered to help us rebuild the law academy before his curiosity got the better of him. And he is a good kisser."

        John smirked when he heard his friend admit that he liked kissing another species. "And what would Elizabeth say about that, Mack?"

        Mack chuckled. "Probably the same thing Marylin would say if you kissed another species. If it was in the line of duty and it helped diplomatic situations, then it is forgivable."

        John then asked, "How much time does Chester's timer have left anyway? And if he is going to be stuck as an Equestrian, then we will have to find him a mare."

        Mack replied, "Stallion? What does Chester's timer read as currently?"

        Stallion processed the query then said, "Approximately forty-four minutes until completion. It would seem that our promise to take him home later may seem impossible now that he is becoming one of the local species. What will we do, Mack?"

        John then said, "Perhaps it is still possible. Especially if my old correspondence friend completed his Special Sys Ops research for Galactic Base. Cathargic-Li was working on a special device that would permit one species to assume the appearance of another species. That could be Chester's best hope for returning home as his own species. Although I cannot wait to see how he looks as a Percheron Equestrian stallion. I'll bet he is going to look hot. But before we go in search of Cathargic-Li, we should locate our mares first."

        Mack hummed. "If we end up having to restore them like we had to do for ourselves, then we are going to need a bigger ship. This ship only has one stateroom with one bed. For a training cruiser, it has served me well. I really don't want to abandoned Stallion when we change ships later on. I have grown fond of him."

        John finished his shower and then he said, "Cathargic-Li can help us with a new ship as well as transferring Stallion over to the new vessel." Then to the computer, he said, "Stallion? What is the status of Apple Grove? That was the community where our mares were stationed at while we attended the academy."

        Stallion processed the query before remarking, "I am detecting toxic gases all over the Apple Grove community. The trees are dead and withered and I can only detect the ruins of certain buildings. I would suggest a search and rescue drone recovery deployment. I would advise against you stallions going in there."

        Mack then said, "We had offspring through our mares, Stallion. John's got a son and I have a daughter. Therefore, both our mares and our children need to be located."

        Stallion replied, "I will analyze your genetic fluids and locate your children that way. But for the mares, I will need specific information on their species."

        Once the male Equestrians gave Stallion the information on what to look for, the deployment of the drones were sent to Apple Grove to locate the mares and their children. By nightfall, the bodies of the mares and their children were aboard the training cruiser, while Chester was re-stationed into the ship's gymnasium where he was undergoing a movement instructional.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Another six hours later, Stallion spoke to Chester. "Mack is worried about you. Do you have your balance figured out, Chester?"

          "For the most part, yes," he replied as he leaned against a weight machine. "But some part of me keeps reminding me that the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

          Stallion stated. "An apt saying, Chester. I will add that bit of wisdom to my data base." The computer went silent for a moment to process the new information. "Mack and John are discussing three things. One is to find you a mare of your own; second is to find a way for you to resume your normal species; and third, the acquisition of a larger ship for their family. They plan on transporting me over to the new ship's data core. I just hope they remember to also move our medical technology or else we won't be able to revive any more Equestrians when we find them."

          Chester made the natural response to the mare statement. "I don't think I would be compatible with an Equestrian mare."

          Stallion then remarked, "On the contrary... I have already ran a diagnostic on your former fluids as well as your current fluids and you are compatible."

          The handsome Percheron then said something that made the computer stop and try to discern what it was. "I still don't think it would work out because I am homosexual."

          Stallion was quiet for quite a while as it tried to search its data base for the word that Chester had just used. Finally, Stallion made the query, "I am sorry, but that word is not in my data base. Could you please elaborate on what a homosexual is?"

          Chester looked up at the camera unit that allowed Stallion to see into the various rooms. "Oh boy... looks like I get to teach you about a few sexual terms that are common knowledge on my home world." And he proceeded toward explaining Heterosexual (or Straight,) Omnisexual (or Bi,) and Homosexual (Gay for Stallions; Lesbian for Mares.) He tried to keep it as clean and as professional as possible. Then he explained a selection of sexual slang to the computer since they were already on the topic itself. In truth, however, Chester was straight but he had a preference toward male companionship. This meant that he was Omnisexual with a male preference.

          Back on the bridge in the meantime, Mack and John were about to launch the cruiser once again into space. They had acquired another mare's intact body, a Percheron which was currently within the restoration chamber and now it was time to get off of Planet Stallos and try to make their way to Galactic Base in hopes that Cathargic-Li was still available.

          "Engines at maximum; solar batteries fully charged; we're ready to go, Mack," said John.

          Mack smiled as he activated the intercom. "Attention state room, we are about to launch. Destination: Galactic Base." Then to Stallion, he said, "Please inform Chester that we are about to lift off. I know he is getting used to his new balance."

          Stallion replied, "Chester is instructing me in some new terms that are common knowledge back on his home world. It is a good thing that I am capable of Multi-tasking. Ready when you are, Mack. Activating navigational grid for best route to Galactic Base."

          The ship then lifted off as the training cruiser glided across the sky until it was ready to break through the clouds and move out into outer space once again. Then it veered off into the blackness of space as Stallion laid in a course for Galactic Base. During the trip, Mack asked John what had happened at the Law Academy as far as he could tell; and that was when the invasion strike explanation was laid out. Further data from the records that Stallion was able to recover indicated that a massive interplanetary war broke out about thirty years after Mack's departure. Those conducting the war wanted the Law Academy out commission first. As they made their way through the safe in between areas between solar systems, they could see distant explosions within the solar boundaries where apparent fighting was still occurring.

          Eventually after several uneventful hours, the cruiser heard a message over their radio from Planet Bazaar. "The merchant world of merchant worlds is the only safe haven in the cosmos. Even the former Galactic Base representatives had to relocate to our world after the idiot forces of Count Wolvfdragor blasted it to bits. Good thing the G.B. research scientists were here already setting up a new laboratory. So if anyone is looking for that radical jaguar, Cathargic-Li, come on over to Planet Bazaar where the best goods in the galaxy are available today." Stallion then said, "I have determined that the source of the radio signal is a legitimate broadcasting station on Planet Bazaar. Should I plot a course for that world?"

          Mack looked to John before replying, "Change course to Planet Bazaar." Then to his friend he said, "Be ready for anything."

          John replied, "You got it."

          As the cruiser came into view of the Merchant home world, they saw galactic signs warning to keep ship to ship fighting outside of the star system. By now, Chester had joined the boys in the bridge so he could see what they were seeing. "What is all this?" Chester asked. "Looks like a used car dealership to me."

          John laughed. "This is Planet Bazaar, the merchant haven in galactic space. Cathargic-Li is supposed to be here someplace."

          Chester then said, "Stallion told me what you guys had planned. He remarked that he hoped that you remembered to transfer the medical technology over to the new ship or else you wouldn't be able to restore any more Equestrians when you found them."

          Mack smiled. "Stallion has a good point. We would all have been dead without that Medical Bay. By the way, Chester... we found you a mare. She is sitting with our mares in the state room for now along with our children. Now hold on while Stallion tries to find us a landing spot. Unlike these other ships in orbit, the training cruiser is not an orbiter. We have to physically land before we can do business."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Surprisingly, there was a landing zone laid out at the research center next to one heck of a nice looking research cruiser star ship. The research center had jaguar men, Minotaurs, and what could only be called anthropomorphic sexy moon dogs. The Jaguars were the official scientists; the Minotaurs were blacksmiths and metal construction engineers; and the moon dogs were the System Operation Specialists for all new inventions. Also surprisingly, there were a few celebrities hanging out at the research labs, including the Equestrian War Hero, Aureal Hoofenmeyer otherwise known as "That Damned Rill-Arr" as well as his space companion, the Minotaur Samson Beauregard otherwise known as "That Wise-Cracking Sambo." Other celebrities included the rest of his rebel outfit Dalia Mondendale, an Equestrian Sugarbush mare; Britorgana Longhorn, a Minotaur cow communications expert; Scalsmyth, a Moon Dog hound Priest; his wife Vivian, a Moon Dog bitch Dancer; and San'uck Silverstripe, an Equestrian Belgian-Suffolk crossbred stallion whose coloration made him look like a male skunk (move over, Pepe Le Pew!) He was both a warrior guardian as well as being construction worker. Someone like him would be ideal in Chester's line of work.

            Despite having an Oriental sounding name, Cathargic-Li had an almost Mexican sounding accent; but for a radical jaguar war hero like himself, he was cool all the way. He gave John a massive hug and joked how his mare had come back to him after all this time. This earned John a weird look from Chester since John came across as the proverbial straight stallion.

            John then explained to the jaguar on why they had come and what had happened to the Equestrian Law Horse world. "We want to create and colonize a new Planet Stallos well outside of the War zone but still close to Chester's home world. Alas, he is the other reason we came to you; due to an accident, he got changed from a human man into an Equestrian Percheron stallion. Our computer wisely recorded his human physiology before the accident and made a reading after the accident. We were wondering if that old research you were doing actually panned out for our friend to make use of now. He really needs it if he is to return to his home world later on... you know... he comes from Goldilocks-Three."

            The jaguar looked at Chester and sniffed him. "Why yes... you seem to be more my type, yes, Amigo? Tell me, is that asteroid belt still between the red planet and the planet with the red eye ball? Because if it is, then we can tow the newest Genesis made world to that location and siphon all of those asteroids into the hollow core of the new world which would then place our new world into the asteroids previous orbit as the new Planet Stallos Two. We could even grant Bazaar merchants a place on the planet for out of zone mercantile sales. We also have an atmosphere generation apparatus already in place at the poles. As for my prior research, one of my Moon Dog associates took over the project when I became too frustrated over trying to get it to function correctly. He perfected it while I worked on the Genesis Planet Creator, which was a complete success. We have already used it several times."

            Chester said, "Yes, the asteroid belt is still there. So you can actually help us? How does this species converter operate and are there any side effects?"

            Cathargic-Li then snapped his fingers and one of those sexy Moon Dog Technicians came over to attend to Chester's questions while John and Mack explained what else they needed for the extra passengers and how they would like to transfer the former AI to the new ship as well as rescue the Medical Bay technology for the use of restoring other Equestrians they may find on the original Planet Stallos.

            The Moon Dog whose name was Randemeyer Goldenrod (although Chester quickly shortened the name to "Randy",) explained that the wrist worn device operated on formerly lost Magical Technologies and they simply needed fluids from his former species and fluids from the new species to make it work. Therefore, after picking up a device for Chester's usage, the two returned to the Training Cruiser to get the fluid samples from Stallion.

            In the meantime, Cathargic-Li along with John and Mack spoke to the dignitaries of the former Galactic Base in regards to their request. John said, "Since no one wants to penetrate the star system Goldilocks-Three resides within, it is the ideal place to have the Peace time headquarters for the new Galactic Base as well as the Stallos Law Horse Academy. Planet Stallos was decimated in the primary launch of the war and like Galactic Base, we need a new location few space travelers are willing to journey into. And the Sol system is ideal for that purpose. May we have the rights to set up a base planet within what is now the Asteroid Belt of the Sol System?"

            One of the Dignitaries, whom was an anthropomorphic Reindeer buck inquired, "Would you be open to the idea of the eventual integration of Human kind into our society, Johnathan? I mean, they are going to be close neighbors and they might get curious as to what we are doing in their star system."

            John looked at Mack and the two started laughing. When they stopped laughing, Mack was the one who spoke up. "Forgive our laughing just now but we are already associated with a Human young man who is getting help from one of the Moon Dogs after an accident which transformed him into a Percheron Equestrian. And even before the accident, he was already open to the idea of assisting us in our restoration effort. Some Humans may be ready for extraterrestrial association while others have not yet achieved the level of understanding that the rest of us have already achieved through evolution."

            "After one million years on their world and only a few are enlightened enough to accept us?" asked an Anthropomorphic Elephant dignitary. "We accepted our differences in only a quarter of that time. It is no wonder that they are still bickering over what little land space they control on their own home world. But as you said, Merrimack, a few might be ready. But we should keep the delegation team of Humans to only a few for now."

            The reindeer then said, "It is decided then, The new Galactic Base will be in the Sol System and it will reside on the planet to be called Stallos Two. The new Law Horse Academy will also reside there as will food and grain production facilities or as the Humans call them... Farms. We will also require a star ship production facility for the use of planetary discovery and mercantile negotiation. We are not to be manufacturing war ships; Are we clear on this matter?"

            A resounding, "Yes Sir!" echoed around the delegation chamber and it was decided. John and Mack had their permission for their project.

            Back with Chester and Randy, Chester was now asking, "Is it possible to add a communicator and personal teleporter into the wrist device to permit access between the worlds when it is required for me to do so?"

            Randy replied, "Since you can only be human when you are back on Earth, I think we can effect that request with few problems. Just remember that if someone is holding on to you when you make the teleport they will also travel from Earth to the new world as well although unlike you, they will stay human while you become your other identity's species."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              The small fleet quietly made its way back to Planet Stallos where rescue operations commenced. Those who had sought shelter underground were found and brought aboard the convoy ships, while the bodies of many others were found and brought aboard for restoration purposes. Once no more skeletons could be located upon Planet Stallos, the convoy fleet made its way to the Sol System where the mountainous cork was pulled out of its resting place within a mountain chain on the Genesis made world and orbital gravity producing asteroids were siphoned into the hollow interior of the new planet which was then positioned into the Asteroid Belt's former orbital path. Chester knew it would be a few months before the scientists on Earth noticed the new 'star' in the heavens was actually a new planet within their own solar system. He also knew they would be checking their systems for glitches and errors before blatantly making an announcement that they had discovered a new habitable planet which had appeared in the former asteroid belt.

              With the right gravity producing asteroids filling the interior of Cathargic-Li's newly made Genesis world and the planetary cork placed back into the hole, the atmospheric generator was activated, the planetary rotation was professionally activated and tested for stability, then the colonization of the new world commenced as Planet Stallos-Two, home of the new Galactic Base, the Galactic Patrol and the Mercantile Warehouses for the Galactic Bazaar. The star ship factory grounds were soon also laid out while the new Equestrian farms and Law Academy were built and made operational. Then by Chester's request, a Planetary Radio/TV tower was erected within the mountain chain to give the aliens the ability to monitor what was occurring on Earth to better prepare themselves for unplanned visitation. Although by Earthian standards, a common human would die before a manned rocket could reach the new world at the current rate of scientific progression on the planet Earth. But Chester suggested that they be prepared just in case anyway so no one was surprised.

              One afternoon, Chester was approached by the reindeer delegate known as Guarder. "Chester? I was told that you needed a lesson in swordsmanship. I am the professional expert here at Galactic Base 2. I will be training you in the use of the energy blade, a sword weapon common to Galactic Patrol Officers. One's energy blade can be either your shield or your close quarters weapon. When facing off against honorable opponents, the energy blade is your best bet. Only those with no honor will opt to fight a gentleman with their fists and/or hoofs and horns and/or antlers depending upon the species. Who knows? You might teach me something in this lesson or you might get lucky. First time luck has often played a part in many first successes. This is your energy blade belt and sheath. As you can see, it is a handle that connects to your belt on the left." He fastened the belt around Chester's waist; the reindeer was already wearing one himself. "Now, practice removing the handle from the belt and bring it up in front of yourself like this..." He then demonstrated the maneuver so that the young man could see what was expected of him. "While we are in training, your name under my guidance will be Defencer. Is this to your liking?"

              "Yes sir," said Chester/Defencer as he practiced the maneuver he had just been taught.

              Guarder then said, "Regardless, your official ID is Winchester 73; you are only Defencer when I am training you."

              Chester replied, "I understand, sir."

              Guarder said, "You have the form down good for pulling out the handle; now we will add in the next part. As you separate the handle from the belt and before it reaches the upright position, you think 'ON'. Like this." And he demonstrated how this part of the maneuver would look. It was a lot like Thundarr the Barbarian's Sun Sword except it looked like a solid blade with a electrifying glow around it. "Now you try it."

              After a few tries, which he made look as if he had used an energy blade before, Chester said, "Despite how I look with this, I've only seen something like this in Earth cartoons."

              Guarder smiled. "Since you look like a natural, I will take these next few moves slowly for you. We don't want any accidents, do we?"

              Defencer replied, "Your devilishly handsome good looks are quite distracting to me, sir."

              "Show me you can learn these next few moves and I will show you a good time in the steam room later," remarked the reindeer delegate with a smile.

              Chester then stated, "And what would your wife say about that?"

              Guarder nearly stopped as he released a slow breath of air. "My wife died early on in the wars. These days, I have several mates. I am what you might call Omnisexual now. I am not permitted to take another wife until the mourning period passes which is a hundred years. We Spacers live a lot longer than you Humans do. We will let that accidental statement pass for now since I know you didn't mean anything by mentioning my former wife."

              Chester held a pose as he said, "I will make it up to you, sir; after our practice ends. Since Randy helped me to get my human form back, I can show it to the rest of you without much worry nor concern. And with the workout I am getting through the training Mack is making sure I get, I am perhaps in the best shape of my life."

              Guarder smiled once again. "I will hold you to that, my boy. Whatever happened between you and that mare John and Mack arranged for you to meet?"

              Chester replied, "Turns out that she is an Agricultural Engineer. She is more interested in growing the foods that the rest of you will require to eat in the coming months. I made an emergency trip to Earth late last night to procure some seeds for fruits, vegetables and grains specifically for her usage. She is out in the community gardens currently with the other mares getting the rows of crops arranged. She did thank me for bringing the seeds to her, but her clear interest is in making the food grow for the community. She would likely rather make out with a Zucchini than a stallion or a buck, sad to say. Well, my interest was only mediocre at best anyway. I gave her a fair chance, but like you, I am Omnisexual with a male preference. I wasn't all that thrilled when John and Mack found a mare for me without asking me if I wanted one first."

              Guarder smiled as he patted Chester on the back. "As friends, I am sure they meant well, but you and I would likely be more successful together than with a mare or a doe."

              Chester chuckled. "I think we better get back into training before you forget why we have energy blades at the ready."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08
                While Chester was training with Guarder, an odd looking star ship towing a fully developed city popped in from what looked like a wormhole between universes. And then a message from the star ship was directed toward them. "Attention Horse world; This is the Pucklantian Duck Ship en route to Planet Earth. Requesting permission to set up friendly communications with your people. Please respond."

                A few moments later, A Galactic Patrol officer responded to the call. "Greeting Puckworldians. This is Stallos II, the proposed new seat of galactic law and order in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our original home world was destroyed in a sneak attack by enemy forces. We had been rescued by the intervention from an Earthian male human who accidentally joined our species. We would welcome an alliance with the Puckworld Ducks at any time you needed our assistance."

                "I am Mallard Thunderbeak, a former human named Sigmund Wyndtrough who while in a coma was operated on by the Saurians and changed into my current Puckworldian form. I am also establishing a new law enforcement team on my home world; Earth. We would welcome the Kestrons within our city once it is fully established. New law enforcement equipment should never be turned down no matter what the source."

                "Greetings, Mallard. I am Winchester 73, formerly Chester West of Kansas. I changed into an Kestron Percheron by accidentally stepping into a species restoration device and then I couldn't get out until the timer ended. I have been helping these people with their colonization of their new world in the Sol System."

                Mallard couldn't help but to smile a little. "I am sure your story would be interesting to hear. Perhaps later after we get things settled back on Earth. We are about to go purchase Greenland from Denmark."

                Chester chuckled. "Oh I am sure they will be thrilled with your offer. Let me know how it goes. I need to get back to my swordsmanship lesson with energy blades. Also for the record, the main city here on Stallos II is called Galactic Base 2. The original had an attack done to their home base. So this is a neutral joint effort here in the Sol System. Later, Mallard." Then Chester shared the communication data with the Puckworldians before they shared their communication data in return.

                Chester was getting better with the energy blade lessons but he would soon get the chance to speak to the duck person again sooner than he expected when the Stallos II scientists announced a polar ice cap stabilization issue they were having that could result in problems for their world. The suggestion was to place a call to the Puck Police to ask Mallard Thunderbeak for assistance. In exchange for their help, they could perhaps give the ducks their own continent on planet.

                One day some weeks later, Stallos II made the important call to Mallard and the Puck Police from Chester and the Horse Force. "Mallard! Great to see you again!"

                Mallard smiled although practiced with that beak of his. "Hiya Chez! What does Stallos II need from the Puck Police?"

                Chester replied, "We need your scientists help in stabilizing our polar ice caps. In exchange for your assistance, the law officials of Galactic Base 2 want to give the Puckworldian Ducks their own continent here on Stallos II. Much of our new world is still non-populated so the ducks can choose the continent best suited for them and govern the land as they see fit."

                Mallard then said, "I'll talk it over with the ducks. Although we do have ties here on Earth; not the best arrangement but pulling out now would cause a few problems unless we give Denmark a new city for their research team here in Greenland. New Puck City is detachable through our clever use of anchors and the star ship's tractor beam. Also, I got married to my teen aged sweetheart and she is expecting twins currently. So you see, I have to migrate between New Puck City and Earth as often as needed."

                Chester laughed. "You stinker! And here I was hoping to bed you! Just kidding... anyway, the request for help is still the same and the reward offer as well. Congrats on your wedding."

                Mallard smiled. "Thanks, Chez. Although I am not beyond sleeping with team mates when they need someone to lean on. But the love of my life is Carol. I will call you guys back in one hour after I hold a meeting with the ducks. I can tell you now that more than a few are getting tired of dealing with local humans. We caught some humans the other day trying to get schematics of our weapons and flight technology. They were turned over to the U.N. and we raised the security around here. Mallard out."

                Moments later, "Chester! Stallos II is about to get some ducks. Its a go! We will be on planet within a week!"

                The following week was spent crafting the shell of a city that looked like the original with only one functional building in the center of it where a Puckworldian family of scientists would continue to do the research and mining that the U.N. approved deal had offered. The Shell city would also house its own air field and air vehicle repair hangar for those times when the Puck Police had to be on Earth. This would give the illusion that the ducks were still in Greenland. Following that, Carla and Maverick were moved to the countries of their choice. Finally the remaining ducks used the star ship to move New Puck City to Stallos II, where they found and claimed a snow covered continent that was more than similar to Puckworld. Stabilizing the ice caps was not a problem for the ducks since they had long since had the technology for accomplishing that task. It was a shame that the Earth side base idea could not pan out; the ducks also had access to a technology that would have been able to repair the ozone and reduce greenhouse gases world-wide. The only side effect of doing this was colder air which the Puckworldians didn't mind dealing with. Humans on the other hand would complain about it being too cold; human kind was never happy no matter what the good done. Colonizing the snow covered continent of Pucklantis was also not a problem. With an existing coastal city to anchor into place, their own power plant for generating energy for the city itself, Mallard and the ducks had no problem getting everything up and running within the next few weeks. And though it was chilly in the thirties by day and lower twenties on most nights, it was not so frigid that Carol could not live in the city with them if need be.

                But for now, Mallard chose not to have her migrate just yet since the children needed to grow up on Earth. Mallard was once again stuck in Duck form and that was going to be hard enough to explain to their children later on.

                With the polar ice caps stabilized, Law Horse activity resumed as normal for Chester and his friends. Although Chester was still looking forward toward exchanging stories with Mallard Thunderbeak, his own law training was on-going at least for the time being.
                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Then came the day in his law training that Chester was not looking forward to. He had to go to another world and bring back a peaceful member of their society. Doing this would earn him his officer promotion. Mack had suggested that he return to Earth and bring back someone who was ready for extraterrestrial contact. Chester wouldn't need a ship for that. He had a few perfect candidates of choice he could ask to be the ones for the trip. He knew he needed to call and thank the man responsible for clearing him through the government bullshit so he could be part of the community restoration project and following that, there was a group of role players he knew who had always wanted to meet some of the species they always role played as. With his list of candidates in hand, Chester began preparing for his trip back to Earth.

                  Just before Chester was to leave, Mack gave him the final pep talk. "Gather those you feel are ready for alien contact. Bring them to council hall and present them to the council. Council will ask them a few questions. Depending upon how they freely answer those questions will help to determine whether you have earned your officer promotion or not. If you succeed in this final mission, there will be a banquet in your honor and then you will be made into a law horse galactic patrol officer just as John and I are. Just don't take over a hundred and fifty years like I did." He winked with a grin at the end.

                  Chester hugged Mack. "You are getting good with the winking grin."

                  Mack hugged back. "I had a good teacher. Now run along and good luck."

                  Double checking to make sure the portable version of Stallion was linked into his Screener, Chester transported himself to Earth. Although trying to home in on his government friend, his arrival at a cemetery almost made him think the worst. However, the Captain's car was parked in the parking lot... Chester went inside the cemetery; not so bad during the day time, but it was after sunset and creepy cemeteries were not Chester's cup of tea. After traversing his way through the isles of tombstones, he soon saw his friend laying flowers out upon a family grave marker. But it didn't seem like a parents grave site. As he approached the former Army Captain from behind, Chester heard the man say, "I cannot even pay my respects to my deceased sons without you S.O.B.s following me around?"

                  Chester replied, "The reports of my death were highly exaggerated, Captain Clifford Hill."

                  Captain Hill slowly looked over his shoulder toward the voice of the young man he knew and he slowly smiled as he saw who was standing there. And then Chester was in the grip of a strong hug. Although the hug stopped rather suddenly as Clifford stepped back and said, "Your body feels different, Chester. It feels like you have enormous muscles and a fur coat. What's going on? Where have you been all this time?"

                  Chester pointed a finger at the grave. "If your sons had the chance to live again, would you give them that chance? How did they die?"

                  Clifford turned and looked at the grave site. "A mad bomber sent a bomb package to my home since I still worked for the Pentagon and my sons were home to receive the package. They chose to open the package since we were expecting a delivery from Amazon and this was an Amazon box. The point blank explosion killed them both and ripped nearly the entire house to pieces. My former wife and I got home at the same time to see the authorities sifting over our home And when i asked if my sons had been found, they revealed the gruesome fate that we weren't ready for. My former wife declared publicly that she was tired of this cloak and dagger shit and she wanted a divorce before she was killed next. She accused me of not caring about our sons. And I exploded and told her that she had balls to say that I didn't care about the family after I let her have an affair with Lieutenant Bob Ratchet. Then she exploded as she said that there was no way I could have known that. And I told her that our sons told me after they caught her kissing the man. She left and I quit my job. This happened a week after your disappearance from the Community Restoration Project. So if I had the chance to give my boys another life, would I take it? Damned right I would. Now you. Where have you been? You owe me on several fronts. You didn't qualify for the program and I fudged the reports to get you in. Start talking, Chez."

                  Chester said, "Let's dig them up, Clifford. And while we work, I will tell you about my extraterrestrial accident I had at the Project site." And then came the explaining of the first few chapters of this episode and of how he accidentally stepped into a species restoration booth and got stuck in the process of being remade into an alien Kestron Percheron Draft Horse man. Then he told Clifford about Stallos Two in the former asteroid belt. And finally of his law training and how he has to wear a Screener on Earth if he wants his human appearance. "And my being here now is part of my final tests. If I succeed, I get my promotion as a Galactic Patrol Officer. We have even befriended Mallard Thunderbeak and the Puck Police since we got set up on Stallos Two."

                  Clifford said, "If your space friends can bring my boys back to life, I will offer my expertise to the New Galactic Base folk which they may find invaluable. Were you going to pick up anyone else here on Earth?"

                  Chester smiled. "Just a band of young adult role players of whom other humans think are crazy anyway. I asked them to meet me at the former location of Elk Lodge Number Four. It burnt to the ground last year and my role playing friends use the site for their adventures. They are part of that world-wide group of mystery solvers... the Teen Force."

                  Clifford grinned. "I remember when Hazardous Materials sank the British Isles. And the Richfield Champions defeated Hades in Greece. And Maximum Force drove some vampires back into another dimension. The Teen Force may be harmless to most folk but they get the job done."

                  Chester smiled. "And now you know why I chose a group of them. Are we about done here?"

                  Clifford smiled. "I am amazed that you can carry these caskets by yourself."

                  Chester said, "I lost my humanity but I am still good old Chester underneath. Now lets go find my role playing friends and get the Hell out of Dodge."

                  As they were emerging from the cemetery, they both saw the military Jeep parked in the parking lot with what looked like two army generals in full uniforms and medals. "Oh shit. Remember how I growled when you arrived. They are the reason. How are we going to get past them?"

                  "Leave that to me." And after Chester loaded the caskets into the back of Clifford's Wrangler, he came around and picked up the Jeep in both hands and threw it into a drainage ditch!

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Safely driving down the highway, Clifford said, "Damn, you are stronger than you used to be, Chester. Throwing an entire military Jeep; I know how much those weigh."

                    Chester replied, "Just past this upcoming mileage sign, hard right; right off the pavement. You will find a dirt road that heads through the woods to the role playing locale. My friends ride their motorbikes in to gather at the old lodge site." and when they got to the spot, Chester said, "TURN!" And Clifford pulled the wheel aside and the Wrangler left the highway and the forest dirt road was right where Chester said it would be.

                    It wasn't long after they were driving through the woods when they heard the military copter flying up the highway really fast. "They are looking for you, Clifford."

                    Clifford smiled as he kept the headlights on low beams and he drove slowly. "Fat chance of their finding us here in the woods."

                    Chester said, "I see my friends and their bikes just ahead. I will clear you with them so don't worry."

                    As the Wrangler pulled up along side the bikes and stopped, Chester got out and came around to see why his friends had stopped at this location. "What's up, guys..." He then saw the new fence with Keep Out signs posted by the forestry service. "Oh I see. Stupid bastards. Everyone bring your bikes close to the Wrangler. I am going to tie a Bungy Cord around the Wrangler and the bikes and we are all going to make the trip together. Clifford Hill, these are my friends: Joseph Williams, Barbra Lang, Pamela Worthington, Jerry Wellington, Valiance Knightmane, Stacey Morita, Paul Hailey, Daz Merlock, Ash Ketchum (no relation to the anime character,) Christa Lee, Rudolph Williams (Joey's cousin from England,) Evelyn Prince, Bobby Oscarson, Sonja Flare and Monty Goldman."

                    Clifford then said, "I know a few of these guys. They recently escaped from Project Dream Boy. The U.S. Government's attempt to make super soldiers like Captain America in real life."

                    Valiance remarked, "Boy did they fuck that up. Joseph and I ended up as mice."

                    Joseph smirked. "My dad almost killed them when he found out. I was supposed to get a German Shepherd, like Trooper."

                    Chester said, "Some of my Stallos II scientist friends might be able to sort out your mismatches so you get what you were promised. No promises though. Lets get this party back up to Stallos II." But before Chester could make with the transport, the CB radio squawked to life as a military voice that Clifford knew spoke clearly.

                    "Clifford? Where are you? Not answering is grounds for being accused of treason. Harboring escaped Dream Boy recruits is a federal crime. I don't know which one can throw a military jeep in their human form but we were wired the report. Answer me right now and we can smooth this over."

                    Utilizing his best Marvin the Martian voice, Rudolph picked up the CB microphone and said, "I am taking the human with me, Earthling. He saw too much and he is now my prisoner."

                    "Who the Hell is this? Is this a joke?"

                    Rudolph then pulled the wiring on the CB radio as he nodded his head at Chester. "Lets get out of here, Chez."

                    Chester secured the transport package to his harness as he brought his wrist device up in front of himself and he reached to push the button. Just as he was about to do this, a gaggle of Russian agents erupted from the forest shouting, "We found you, Agent Flare! Hand over the plans and we might let you live!" Chester laughed as he pushed the button as he and his friends vanished out of the forest along with their vehicles...

                    ...and in the blink of an eye, they arrived on Stallos II directly in front of the new Galactic Base Headquarters where several security guards were on hand awaiting Chester's return from Earth. And that's when his friends got to see Chester's new equine identity standing next to the vehicles. "Looks like we made it, guys. Sonja, what was up with those guys who appeared at the end?"

                    Sonja replied, "They are Russian Agents and they are after a Russian female double agent who stupidly looks identical to me. She supposedly stole some top secret plans that would lead to world domination and they desperately want to get their hands on those papers; of which I have no clue where the plans are. They follow me around like mad; and let me tell you, a few of our friends have seen how crazy it can get. Isn't that right, Bobby?"

                    Bobby said, "I handed Sonja a briefcase to give to my father and her stupid fan club popped up and demanded that she hand over the briefcase or else be killed on the spot. That led to a shootout against my father's gangsters which promptly summoned the Atlanta police. When the briefcase was opened by the Commissioner, it was revealed to contain my father's legal tax information. The spies were arrested and deported out of the country. But that doesn't stop these kooks as you saw just earlier because they returned to try again."

                    Chester grinned. "If they can get off planet to come to you here, Sonja, that would be a miracle in itself. Now come on, guys, I want to introduce you to my Stallos II friends as well as the Galactic Base scientists. They are the ones who might be able to sort out your messed up powers and to begin the restorations on Clifford's two deceased sons."

                    After getting things settled between the Galactic Base medical team and Clifford in regards to his sons, Chester presented his Teen Force friends to the delegates and Law Horse personnel. Merrimack Shyremane walked up to Chester and hugged him tightly as he planted a deep kiss on his muzzle. "Well done, Chester. You have completed your law horse academy training and you are now a galactic patrol officer just as Johnathan and I are. Here is your new officers uniform and utility belt. You may change either here in front of your friends or over here in a privacy room."

                    Chester grinned. "As a human, most of these guys have seen me naked before. I am a Kestron now, so what is there to see?" And he began to undress right there and get into his new officers uniform permitting Mack to help him to adjust minor parts of the uniform for the better fit. The scientists were giving the Teen Force an examination in regards to their request to have their empowerments sorted out; if possible.

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, The Stallos II Protectors.