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[MTL] RSTW-01 Thunder Over the Bay

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    [MTL] RSTW-01 Thunder Over the Bay

    San Francisco, California; Planet Earth

    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe spin-off"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Thunderwing aka Richard Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Lord Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    [MTL] RSTW-01 Thunder Over the Bay.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Dressed in his basketball clothes and sneakers, the tall lean teenager with silver grey hair, light brown eyes and pale skin, Richard Wyndtrough was all over the court while the school coach and other classmates watched his moves. After slamming a few baskets, a commotion from where the coach had been sitting made Richard glance over to see what was going on. The coach was struggling in the arms of hired muscle men whom were in the process of trying to drag him away from the basketball court.

    And without warning, a loud thunder clap went off and every muscle thug was laying on the ground twitching. Their clothes smouldering as if they had been hit by lightning.

    As the other teenagers looked to the source of the thunder clap, they saw wearing Richard's clothes, a tall white feathered golden eyed Puckworldian Teenager whom had his cell phone in one hand as he placed a call to his god grandfather, Detective Ace Kannis. "That's right Ace... some of those gangsters you told dad about tried to kidnap our coach and when I saw he was in trouble, my power stemming from puberty went off and that was the thunder clap you heard earlier. All four of the muscled goons are unconscious on the ground and I'm stuck in my duck form. Maybe dad can help me straighten this out. My school mates witnessed this happening."

    Ace replied, "Remember back when you asked what your middle name meant? Now you know with your transformation why you have that middle name. Richard Wyndtrough is Thunderwing. I'll send your dad out to check on you. He was trying to let you have your own life; but I guess puberty had other ideas. We still love you, Richard. I'm sending him the signal right now. As you know, he was with Falcone and Nosedive today on their Puck Police cycles, despite your father being able to fly. I believe Nosedive once said that the cycles were to wow the babes. Remain calm and let any of your curious friends check you out. I just hope none of them are like Aramus was. Ace Out."

    Richard put the cell phone away as he looked across the court toward his class mates. "I called my god grandfather Detective Ace Kannis; he forwarded the message to my father whom will be here soon. I didn't transform on purpose guys. Being the son of a superhero makes puberty a real problem sometimes. I'm still me inside. I promise."

    A female class mate approached him and said, "So you are like one of the X-Men, Richard?"

    He replied, "More like a X-Duck at the moment and thankfully not the foul-mouthed Howard the Duck. I'm not sure what triggered my mutant puberty to go off like that."

    Another class mate, a male this time, came over and asked, "Can you use any of your father's powers? I think that would be the next thing to find out. We saw a lightning bolt; something your father cannot do."

    Richard smirked. "That might be a little embarrassing if I did since one of the powers is X-ray vision. Dad was all the time seeing his allies butt naked without meaning to."

    A third guy said, "Your god grandfather Ace said that you should have a collection of good friends to help you through this. I hope you let a few of us share in your future adventures. We know you aren't like the destructive ducks in Anaheim."

    Richard smiled. "I don't think anyone is like them. Of course my Uncle Victor is probably a lot more fun than most of dad's friends are."

    The girl smirked. "The Were-Kangaroo Aussie Physician whom your dad thinks smells good?"

    Richard grinned. "Dad isn't wrong; Victor's natural scent puts a lot of the perfumes and colognes on the market to shame."

    The second boy said, "I am glad your clothes didn't rip when you transformed, Richard. Even though your mother has the She-Hulk nickname, she never transforms like your dad and you do. What about your fraternal sister, though. She hit puberty before you did. How come she didn't go all feathery?"

    Richard chuckled. "Mom and dad think its because she takes after mom."

    Three Puck Police cycles and a paddy wagon arrived as Mallard in full uniform leaped off and came over to check out his son. "Good looks always did grace us Wyndtrough males more than anyone else. However, son, now that your duck form has emerged, it will continue to happen. It never happens only once then goes away. And now you know why I gave you the Pucklantis identifier as a middle name... just in case this event ever happened. When suited up, you become Thunderwing. I had a premonition that you wouldn't develop ice like I did. You get to be lightning. Although you may develop the other powers over time. Except for the ones I gained after you were born. I hope you don't have to put up with everything I muddled my way through. We better get you an armored outfit to cover your sexy duck body."

    Falcone and Nosedive were throwing the muscled goons into the paddy wagon roughly.

    The second teen-aged boy said, "Officer Thunderbeak? Are we allowed to come with Thunderwing since we are friends of his?"

    Mallard grinned. "You should have seen my crazy selection of friends before I ended up like this. Aramus Quincy was the overboard Mario fan; he originally hated ducks, but Zero helped him to get over that fear. James Talbot was the magic using warlock from Southern San Francisco. And Carol Mason, my wife, junior Olympic figure skating champion, eventually went full time and won major trophies. And then I gained all of my non-human friends. Those I like wrestling with the most I am still fond of; the rest can be quite annoying. Teams are overrated as Falcone was quick to point out to me. That's why Falcone and I have a private world where we get to work out my powers and practice with the brotherhood stuff. And now that Thunderwing has realized his powers, he might need that training himself."

    The first teen aged boy said, "Since we can come with Thunderwing, I promise we will help him figure out his abilities."

    The girl remarked, "Most of the class call me the voice of reason. I can sooth and calm him down when he gets frustrated."

    The second boy asked, "When do we make this trip with Thunderwing? Good thing its a Summer vacation."

    Mallard smiled, having gotten good at making beak twisting emotional movements. "As soon as we get you kids checked in with your parents and then the trip to our private training world will be over in the blink of an eye."

    Richard said, "I better pack up some soap and shampoo since most people forget the primary necessities, including deodorant. I know humans can get more foul than us birds."

    Falcone smiled at Nosedive. "I wonder where the boy got that sense of humor from?" He winked with a sly beak grin.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Planet Retaliation, in the Raptrin Spiral Arm Sector

    The five foot seven inch tall girl with the nice figure and having long brown hair with brown eyes and tanned skin came out of her quarters wearing hiking clothes and hiking shoes. Brenda Wallace was often called the voice of reason although her side specialty was cooking. "I'm all settled in and ready to help Richard. I wonder how the boys are doing? Good thing Lilith Spencer didn't come on this adventure. She hates roughing it although being the scrapper quite often." AKA the Local Hometown Girl.

    The short black curly haired African American boy with bright green eyes whom was sharing quarters with Nosedive stood at six foot two inches tall while being as lithe and athletic as the youngest Mighty Duck. "Thanks for helping me to get settled in, Nosedive. I think you're the coolest duck around since you also like the Turbo Duck superhero comic book like I do. I am glad we have something in common. Ready to go find the others?" William Fox was the comic book fan but loved all sports; it was no wonder he ended up with Nosedive. Loving the same comic book superhero was a bonus.

    Nosedive smiled. "Am I ever glad that one of Richard's friends is like I am! Your friend Santos Sierra is shacking up with Richard; Mallard is with Falcone making sure the training zones are ready for you teenagers. Mallard said this was the first time he had any humans here."

    William hugged Nosedive. "We are here to support Richard. Of course, Brenda is the cook among us friends. You bring her the goods and she can make it yummy."

    Santos was a Mexican descendant with steel grey hair, blue eyes and dark tanned skin. He wore the clothes of his nationality, although he was more comfortable in nothing but khaki cargo shorts and sandals. He stood at five foot ten inches tall and he was the closest to Richard before the mutant duck side emerged. "We are all settled in, Richard. I am glad you like me so much. You are fun to sleep with and to play with. I need to learn how to associate with your duck side since our friendship depends upon it." He then hugged Richard firmly and gave his friend a kiss on the side of his beak.

    Without warning, Thunderwing powered down to his human identity of Richard and his blush was very noticable. "Oh man... I lose the empowerment when I am embarrassed! But you surprised me by kissing me. I never had that reaction when we were younger. I better tell dad about this. Thankfully he and Falcone are nearby. Let's go pounce some birds. Mom will forgive me since I am helping dad to stay in line. But he has no qualms about showing affection to a teammate." And Richard led Santos out of their quarters. "Hey dad! Where are you?! Or are you having weird sex with Scooby Doo?!"

    Santos giggled. "If I said that about my dad, I'd get my rear end blistered in public."

    Falcone poked his head around the corner. "I am not Scooby Doo, Richard. Why are you back in your human form? Or did your time limit wear off?"

    Richard explained the weird kiss related reaction his duck had toward his best friend and how he had never had that problem before.

    Falcone took the boys to where Mallard was getting the nearest training zone set up. "Hey Mallard, your boy just discovered a strange weakness his duck has which he himself does not have."

    Mallard had just finished setting up a track and field course along with a basketball court, since the latter was his son's favorite sport. He looked at Richard and said, "This is temporary. I know how to make the duck come out of hiding, but he might get mad when I do it."

    Richard asked, "Why would I get mad, dad? It's not like you have done anything I haven't seen before."

    Mallard reared back as if to falcon-punch Santos in the face and the expected thunder clap went off as he was knocked backward through the trees on the far side of the training zone.

    Richard was Thunderwing again and still crackling with electricity. "What a weird trigger. Are you alright, dad?"

    Mallard then landed in their midst. "Good thing I am invulnerable, son. When you first transformed, someone you cared about was in danger, the coach, remember? So when I pretended to throw a strike at Santos in the face, the duck immediately came back out of hiding. Your friends and loved ones are important to you. But I never wanted to strike your best friend; it was simply the fastest way to get Thunderwing to come back to the surface." He turned to look at the Mexican boy. "I didn't scare you, did I? You heard me say what I was intending to do to help my son. I don't care how much you want to kiss Richard. The duck has to get used to your affection."

    Santos smiled. "In truth, sir... your giving me that kind of attention gave me an erection. Richard does that all the time. But I honestly told him how he was making me feel and we've been friends ever since."

    Now Mallard was blushing but thankfully it was not as noticeable as his son's reaction. "Everyone thinks I am so cool... NOT!"

    At that moment, Nosedive arrived with William and Brenda. "Looks like the gang is back together, Mallard. They have another friend back in the Bay Area whom hates roughing it. The LHG is a street babe with attitude."

    Falcone and Mallard almost said at the same time, "Sounds like someone Duke would go for!" Then they looked at each other. "Jinx!"

    The teenagers all laughed since it was rare to see Mallard in a funny moment.

    Mallard then said, "Be glad I brought us to a warm climate on my world. I could have taken us to our snowy environment where Falcone and I do most of our hard core training at."

    Brenda then asked, "Mallard, despite our being Richard's friends, we stick out like a sore thumb, don't we?"

    Mallard replied, "Being a duck is not all its cracked up to be. While it is true that I could change your species to make you guys fit in, Thunderwing is very protective of you guys as his friends."

    Brenda smirked. "If Richard wants to get a kiss from me, he better find some mistletoe to get me under or else no kiss. I have a boyfriend back in the Bay Area. While I am Richard's friend, I am not dating him."

    Thunderwing made the beak grin that his father was good at. "Your boyfriend is like Elmer Fudd and we ducks would be Daffy Duck during hunting season. Not to mention, I've seen what he can do with his fists. At least he's not a hippo."

    End of Chapter 02