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[APQC] CG-02 I am Daring Duck

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    [APQC] CG-02 I am Daring Duck

    Anaheim - QC Planet

    "Daring duck of mystery;
    Champion of the right;
    Swoops out of the shadows;
    Daffy owns the night;
    Somewhere some villain schemes;
    But his number's up; (3-2-1)

    Daring Duck, (When crime's a spree, you call DD,)
    Daring Duck, (Let's get dangerous,)
    Daring Duck, (He's so Dashing; Very Daring,)
    Daring Duck!

    Cloud of smoke and he appears;
    A master of surprise;
    Who's that cunning mind behind;
    That shadowy disguise?
    Nobody knows for sure;
    But bad guys are out of luck;

    'Cause here comes, (Daring Duck,)
    Look out! (When crime's a spree, you call DD,)
    Daring Duck, (Let's get dangerous,)
    Daring Duck, (Better watch out, you bad boys,)
    'Cause I am Daring Duck!"

    [APQC] Daring Duck - Casey Glendon
    Episode Two: I am Daring Duck
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Casey had just finished off a refrain of his new favorite musical lyrics, Daring Duck, moments before going on an outing with the Puck Police, Mallard, and Nosedive. He was suited up in his Daring Duck identity at that time. "The others will use duct tape on you, Nosedive, when they cannot find me around the Pond."

    Nosedive smiled. "Relax, little bro. Mallard will cover for you. Besides, he wanted to see how you could do with his Puck Police guys and gals. Not to mention, Zero and Falcone like you. Especially Zero. He's been a little lonely again. Mallard and his lady love, Carol Mason, are heavily dating and Zero doesn't have anyone. I think you get my drift."

    Daring replied, "Dive... I'm just a kid; I don't think about things like that. I'm still at the frogs and comic books stage."

    Nosedive said, "Just try to be friends with him, okay. Let's change the subject for the moment. How are things back at the Pond?"

    Daring sighed, which seemed to indicate there was a problem. "I think Wildwing hates me. Every time I call him dad, he gets tense and upset. He is supposed to be my sponsor dad, for crying out loud. I am supposed to call my sponsor dad by that title. Tanya doesn't mind my calling her mom. I just can't figure out what Wildwing's problem is. Maybe I should have chosen the Swat Kats as my sponsors instead... T-Bone and Razor said they liked me."

    Nosedive along with Mallard who was close enough both hugged Daring/Casey at that moment. "Wildwing is barely older than you are, Casey," said Mallard. "His problem is that he and Nosedive lost their real parents during the initial attack on Puckworld and Wildwing still isn't over that as yet. Not to mention, his best friend was cremated to give me my duck form by Wraith and that has Wildwing angry over that fact. I have Canard's body; thank God I don't have his voice anymore."

    Nosedive then said, "Its a touchy subject for my bro; he gets all misty eyed over Canard who for the record never wanted me on the team. Duke thinks I am a joke; Grin tolerates me because he can see that I am hurting as much as anyone does. Mallory thinks that I am a pain in the tail feathers. And Tanya focuses on her tools and barely acknowledges me. But the moment I agree to move out of their lives, they realize that without me, they would be a duck short for the hockey games and then they won't let me leave."

    Mallard said, "So he migrates between Anaheim and New Puck City only returning for the hockey games and spending the rest of his time with me because I am so cool. NOT!" He said that last word with a beak grin. "Just be glad your powers are stationary, Daring; mine interchange once a week. I have a set selection of powers; then I have a power slot that changes week to week. I barely get used to using it before it changes. That is a worse pain in the tail than anything Nosedive and Zero could ever come up with."

    Nosedive smiled. "Mallard is still teaching me the Street Hockey sport he is so good at. Why don't you head up to the front of the shuttle and just be friendly to Zero, Casey. You don't have to go further than that. He likes comic books, too."

    Daring shrugged his shoulders as he headed up to the piloting station of the shuttle where Zero was focusing on steering the shuttle on their New Puck City patrol route. Falcone was standing nearby as he watched over the radar for emergency signals. Daring sat down in the co-pilot's seat as he thought about something to say to the pilot. Then he chose to sing the Hero Zero song by the Bouncing Souls from their Simplicity album. "This is the saga and mythology, a once upon a time of you and me. A paradise became a jail cell, a mutually created personal hell. We had such a sweet start. We were living as one heart. How did we end up in this epic fight? Like fire and water, opposites ignite. Is it a love story or a dark comedy, playing for the long run or going straight to DVD? I'll be your hero, you'll be my zero. You'll be my hero, I'll be your zero. Give and take, it's all the same. We fought it out, now only ashes remain. I see there's no kingdom to save. We're the liberators, and we're the slaves. Here's to all our rises and falls. Forever love is living in these halls. I hope these wars will see an end. Instead of breaking, maybe we could bend. I'm the paint chipping off your wall. Scrape me off before I fall. I'll be your hero, you'll be my zero. You'll be my hero, I'll be your zero. I'm the paint on your wall. Scrape me off before I fall. Stories written on these halls. Take my love, one and all."

    Zero released a sigh as he heard Daring singing that song just for him. "Thank you, Casey. I... don't know what to say."

    Daring replied, "Just be a friend at first. That goes a long way. Maybe when we get to the end, you will see how wonderful you are; you can even reach the stars; ad infinitum. Forever."

    Falcone grinned as he said, "If you guys are gonna get mushy, then why don't we go find a motel room and watch some old Humphrey Bogart movies or something similar."

    Daring grinned back at the brotherhood falcon. "Nosedive told me that you were just as lonely as Zero, so don't be trying to get the upper wing just yet. Your groin aches as much as Zero's does."

    Falcone frowned as he said, "Now I want to kill the little squirt, but then Mallard would have to fill in for him this Saturday and we would rather keep Mallard with us."

    Daring then said, "You can help Wildwing tie the squirt up with duct tape. Nosedive has been getting on his nerves too. Duke hasn't said much at the Pond, but then again, he does love my shadow speed ability."

    Just then, the base to shuttle radio came on. "Zero? This is Wildwing. We can't find Casey and he has school in the morning. Does my brother have Casey with you guys?"

    Zero picked up the mic and said, "Nosedive is solely to blame, as usual. You better get the duct tape ready. He wanted Casey to see what one of our quiet Puck Police patrols was like. Not to mention, your boy just cheered me up with one of his songs. I was feeling down something fierce. You are so lucky to have him, despite his feeling sad around the Pond."

    Wildwing then inquired, "Why would he feel sad around the Pond? He is always in a good mood."

    Zero then replied in a matter of fact manner, "He told us that he feels that you hate him for the sponsor dad thing and his calling you dad."

    End of Chapter 01