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[3C-01] GP-01 The Golden Carrot

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    [3C-01] GP-01 The Golden Carrot

    Capes, Costumes & Crooks
    Country of Animated Super Toons

    Stumbling into the Country of Animated Super Toons by accident, a young man becomes an unwilling part of a nation dedicated to animated Anthropomorphic beings.

    [CCC] Gerard Prentice - Episode One
    The Golden Carrot
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    February 1st, 2019


    Gerard Prentice as PVT Rabbit Prentice

    Chapter One - Foggy Short Cut.

    Having left the baseball game well after dark on foot just outside of Summer Lake, Oregon, the young boy with sandy blond hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin made his way along the unpaved road which led toward where he lived with his older brother. Just ahead, he saw what looked like a dense fog drifting across the roadway making it so you couldn't see a few inches in front of oneself. "Man, that is some fog. But it wasn't supposed to be foggy tonight." He continued walking through the fog thankful that he could feel the road under foot which would tell him that he was going the right way.

    As he proceeded forward through the fog, he heard a shout from somewhere in front of himself saying, "Catch him! He has the Golden Carrot! If he uses it to cross into another world, we are all doomed!" The young boy shouted back, "There is a quicksand bog in this direction! I just barely avoided falling into it! Damn this fog!" He had seen the trick used in an old movie and he hoped that whomever the thief was had not seen the movie himself. Then he found himself stepping out of the fog rather suddenly and he saw an anthropomorphic brown and red fox with two tails wearing a military uniform standing almost directly in his path. The military fox looked surprised to see a young human emerging from the fog at his location. The boy quietly said, "You have two tails like the Mobian known as Miles Prower. Who are you?"

    The fox sensing that the human was choosing to be diplomatic replied, "I am Corporal Wiley Primer; a soldier in the CAST World army. Who are you and where did you come from?"

    The young boy replied, "I am Gerard Prentice from Planet Earth; I was proceeding home from a night-time baseball game and this thick fog moved across the road I would use to get home and I chose to walk through it since I knew the route well enough to stay in a straight line. I didn't think the fog was going to be this thick. What is the Golden Carrot and why would someone steal it?"

    Wiley replied, "It is a magical artifact that is shaped like a golden carrot and it permits the user to open gates between worlds. We don't know what shape the world gates look like. For all we know, it could be this fog you walked through."

    Gerard arched an eye and said, "There is one way to find out, Wiley. Are there any humans in CAST World? I am asking since you seem to know what humans look like."

    Wiley stated, "The last time humans were seen in CAST World was just before the transfer gate was sealed to prevent corruption between the two worlds. But since you are here now, I would have to surmise that the thief opened a new gate or we missed one we previously didn't know about. I am thinking more the former since that seems more likely. We haven't seen a thick fog like this since the sealing of the primary gate. I knew not to step into a fog. I like living in CAST World."

    Gerard asked, "When was the original gate sealed? I've never heard of CAST World."

    Wiley said, "It was long before I was born, my friend. Nearly 500 years ago in 1519 in the year of our lord, the human locals feared non-human life as well as powers they themselves could not utilize. In order to separate themselves from our own people in what they called 'The Realm', their top ministers devised an enchanted object that when thrown into the gate would seal the gate off from their world deeming that we, of all people, were demons and devils to be banished. The object crafted was the Golden Carrot. With the object in our world and the gate sealed, we had no knowledge of how the thing operated. Recently a group of revolutionists did some research that stated that the Golden Carrot could operate from night time conditions mixed with sea water and a solid chunk of carbon dioxide. This would activate the Golden Carrot by summoning the eerie fog needed for making the gate appear."

    Gerard smiled when he heard the explanation. "Oh, Dry Ice. Then I am assuming that the Golden Carrot is made of Dry Ice before being coated in a layer of liquid gold before being allowed to harden and dry where upon it takes on the appearance of a carrot. In all honesty, this seems rather stupid on behalf of the ministers to believe in an old wives tale. They performed witchcraft themselves in order to close a gate between worlds. Since I am the first human your people have seen in 500 years, then I have to assume that the seal was weakened which permitted me to pass through it. Does the thief still have the Golden Carrot?"

    Wiley smiled. "He might still have it. If the Golden Carrot enters your world, then all formerly sealed gates would re-open at the same time. And since we haven't gotten that report as yet, then we might still have a chance to stop this fool. When the shout came that there was quicksand just ahead in the fog, I heard someone running to the right as if to either avoid the quicksand or being caught by whomever gave the shout."

    Gerard chuckled. "I gave off the quicksand shout from a play I had seen performed last year. In truth, there is no quicksand. My warning shout simply made him either abort the crossing or freak out when he thought his escape route was cut off. Of course, I should try to return home, Wiley. My brother will freak out if I don't return from the ball game tonight."

    Wiley frowned, "Then you better get going; it looks like the thick fog is starting to thin out in spots. If you cannot cross back into your world, I will give you lodging until we can figure out a way to get you home. A shame since you are arousing me something fierce."

    Gerard turned to look back into the fog and saw that it was true, the fog was starting to thin in spots. He turned fast and ran into the thickest portion of the fog; he knew he had only walked about ten feet before encountering Wiley. One part of him wanted to get to know the fox better, but his brother was waiting for him back home. After running ten feet, he stopped when he came upon what felt like a cliff that rose up out of the ground before him. "Oh no... I didn't get through in time. I hope Wiley waited for me." And he turned to return to where he had last seen Wiley. As he walked forward, he stumbled over something on the ground. Kneeling down and feeling for the object, the boy soon felt something that felt like a carrot, accept it was cold to the touch. He pulled out his catchers mitt and he picked up the object in that. Then he lifted his voice. "Wiley? Speak up so I can find you! I didn't make it back home! But I found something that might be what you and your people are looking for!"

    Wiley's voice was heard from a certain direction in the fog. "I'm over here, Gerard! You sound like you are off to the right instead of being in a straight line like you originally said!"

    Gerard then emerged from the fog and was once again standing in front of Wiley. "I found this on the ground and I picked it up with my catchers mitt. It was too cold for my bare skin to touch. It looks like a gold carrot; is this what you and your people were looking for?"

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two - Dinner For A Hero.

    Wiley escorted Gerard back to the military station where the gold carrot was handed over to the base lab boys. One of the head researchers said, "You managed to bring back the Golden Carrot along with a young human." Wiley replied, "Actually, Gerard Prentice prevented the thief from opening the gate fully by freaking him out and fleeing. His flight caused him to drop the Golden Carrot and Gerard retrieved it and he gave it back to me. Since Gerard couldn't make the crossing back over to his world, I am going to give him a place to stay until we can figure out how to get him back home safely." Then he mouthed, 'Plus, this young man is arousing me something fierce.'

    The head lab animal man said, "Why don't you take him over to the cafeteria and see about getting him a heroes dinner? He stopped a thief from getting away with the Golden Carrot." Then he mouthed in return, 'Later, you can sleep with him.'

    Wiley then took Gerard with him to the cafeteria where a fine meal was laid out for the human boy along with some fruit flavored drink. "Eat all you want, Gerard. You saved the Golden Carrot as well as likely saved our entire world from being wide open to your world. I hope I am not being too forward, but I am really attracted to you."

    Gerard smiled as he hugged the two-tailed fox in return. "I feel the same way, but I didn't want to embarrass you by saying the wrong thing."

    Wiley smiled as he gave the boy a fond hug and a kiss on the side of the young man's face. "Eat up, my friend. You will need your energy for tonight."

    Gerard said, "Everything smells so good." And then he began filling his plate with the offered food selections. After applying a dash of salt over his food, Wiley stated, "Pass me the pepper, will you? It's the green bottle to your right." As Gerard turned to reach for the pepper, Wiley quickly added some sort of powdered aphrodisiac to the human's fruit drink, before Gerard turned back to the fox and handed him the green bottle of pepper which Wiley used to sprinkle over his own selection of food. "Thanks, you're a sweetheart," remarked the two-tailed fox with a smile as he began eating his own food and drinking his own fruit drink.

    Once dinner had been finished, Gerard voiced a need to use the outhouse; Wiley took the boy to the outhouse and let him go inside to do his business. The boy had brought along some napkins from the table to clean himself afterward. Once inside, he noted that he thought right since there was no toilet paper in the outhouse. Furry people likely had no use for toilet paper like humans did. Although he hoped Wiley was cleaner than he started to suspect; the teen age human could show that he was at least more decent than a standard animal.

    After cleaning himself from a healthy dumping, Gerard used the table napkins to wipe his anus thoroughly. He really didn't want to sleep with a poop smeared ass. Although he was starting to feel extremely aroused for some unknown reason. "Man, just thinking about Wiley is driving me wild. I don't know why I am so aroused like this; I usually have more control than this. I hope I don't have to beat off before laying down to sleep for the night." And then he pulled his pants back on before stepping out of the outhouse to where Wiley was waiting for him. "Wiley... I am feeling so horny for some reason. I am normally in more control than this. I think I want to sleep with you. I am sorry if that turns you off."

    Wiley smiled. "I was hoping you would sleep with me, Gerard. Besides, you were going to be staying at my place tonight anyway. I want to cuddle with you in bed while we sleep. May I show you a good time tonight?"

    The young man replied, "May I kiss you on the muzzle?"

    The two-tailed fox hugged the boy and kissed him deeply on his mouth before guiding the human male back to his own quarters for the most wonderful bed fun to come later that night.

    Within Wiley's personal home in the officer's housing quarter of the military camp, the two-tailed fox removed his clothes before he posed sexily for the human boy who was in the process of removing his own clothing. "I will be gentle with you, Gerard. And I am sure you will serve me well in returning the favor. If you need me to teach you how, I am more than willing to teach you how to ride a fox."

    When they were both completely undressed, Wiley used some lubricant oil to slick up the boy's anal ring and hole, as well as his own anal ring and hole. He then lubricated the boy's erection with his slick paws as he pulled the boy into bed with him. He sat himself into the boy's lap as he coaxed Gerard's cock into his own tail hole as he then demonstrated how to perform dual mounting on his new bed partner. The boy felt the vulpine cock enter his tail hole along with the fox's knot, then he got a full muzzle to mouth oral French kiss.

    The activity heated up after that as Wiley helped the boy to reach his climax as they donated their seed directly into each other's anal tracts. Wiley smiled. "You learn fast, Gerard. Ready for round two?" The boy nodded his head as he kissed Wiley's muzzle again as he found himself clenching his anus around the fox's knot and penis. Wiley whispered, "Give me more fluids, love... and I will share more with you. Thanks for agreeing to play with me tonight. You make me feel so important. Ready to learn how to sixty-nine each other?"

    The boy whispered, "As long as it doesn't hurt, I am willing. Let's do it."

    Removing their cocks from their anal holes, Wiley then proceeded to place his muzzle over the boy's penis while he slid his own still slicked up cock into the boy's mouth and throat to teach his new recruit how to go all the way. After another session of releasing more life-giving cum fluids directly into each others stomachs and cum-covering each other's heads and bodies, the two passed out to sleep together for the remainder of the night.

    Early the next morning before the boy came to from the aphrodisiac drug that had been placed into his drink the previous night, Wiley was up and out of bed as he gathered up the boy's clothes and left a recruit uniform in their place. He put on the Earth clothes and he headed out of the military camp to the storage building where as he retrieved the Golden Carrot and he carried it with him out into the field where Gerard had arrived originally. The thick fog returned and Wiley stepped through the thickest portion of the fog vanishing from sight as he left the Realm and arrived on Earth. At that point, Wiley proceeded to perform the planned supply trip run to collect needed supplies for the military camp. He fully planned on returning to play with the human recruit. He hated lying about the Golden Carrot's true function to the human recruit. But Gerard would soon be a Realm citizen like the others in the military camp. But he would sleep for twenty-four hours before he would wake up to discover his new life.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three - Private Jackass.

      When Gerard did finally awaken from whatever had kept him unconscious for nearly two days, he slowly sat up in bed and looked to where he had removed his clothes and saw the recruit uniform laying there. He then got out of bed and began to search the room for his clothes. It was while he was looking in a dressing room when he caught a reflection of himself in a mirror and saw that his entire body seemed to look like a long eared donkey boy with foot paws instead of hoofs. His hands were covered in fur and his muzzle had the clear asinine appearance to it. "How did I end up as a donkey? Man... why do I still have an erection? Where did Wiley go with my clothes?"

      He then grabbed his tail and looked at it in his hands. "Its a donkey's tail all right." And then he sniffed himself. "I sure smell like a dirty donkey at the moment. The only clothes in the building are those laying where I had taken my clothes off before my play time with Wiley. Well, I better get dressed and see about getting something to eat. Although I don't feel very hungry... I do feel horny still. This has got to be some sort of weird magic to change me into a jackass."

      He pulled the training tunic over his donkey head and arms as he slid his hands and arms through the correct arm holes and then he pulled on the knee-length training trousers up over his new donkey legs. He then spent a moment sticking his tail out through the tail-flap in the pack of the trousers in the way he remembered that Wiley had his tails sticking out of the uniform he wore. He then tightened the tunic with the belt that came with it around his waist. He then approached the door and opened it to head over to the cafeteria building to find something to eat. As he exited the building and headed across the yard toward the cafeteria building, his feet began to hurt as his feet changed into donkey hoofs. He almost lost his balance when that transformation occurred. He had his back up against the side of a wooden palisade wall as he waited for the pain of the transformation in his former feet to subside. "Ow... now I have hoofs. I am just glad that I still have my voice. I don't know what Wiley did to me to change me into a jackass, but it left me feeling extremely horny."

      Gerard slowly made his way into the cafeteria building and he approached the counter where the meal trays and drinks were set up. "Hey... I got changed into a jackass after Wiley played with me the other night. I couldn't find my clothes that I arrived in. On my way to the cafeteria, my feet shifted into hoofs. I almost fell over when that happened. So where did Wiley go with my clothes?"

      The cafeteria chef, which was a male pony looking officer, replied, "I haven't seen Corporal Wiley since he was in here with you, Gerard. He could be washing your clothes, but I strongly doubt that. I know he performed a supply run yesterday. You apparently slept for two days after you did whatever you did with him in bed. Were you aware that you were wearing a recruit's uniform? In fact, it has the designation of Wiley's unit, but if you would rather join my unit instead, you might get better quarters as well as a daily bath instead of a weekly bath like Wiley's unit perform."

      Gerard asked, "What does the uniform for your unit look like? How is it different from Wiley's recruits?"

      The male pony said, "Wiley's recruits wear a dark green tunic over light brown trousers. My recruits wear a crimson tunic over black trousers. Much like the uniform I am wearing right now. Everyone in my unit have hoofs. No one in Wiley's unit have hoofs. I think he made a mistake when he arranged for you to earn a realm species form. Since you ended up with hoofs, we could get you enrolled with my unit and then you could get all cleaned up and into a proper recruit uniform like the rest of my boys. Of course, I will need for you to sign a joining contract to show that you joined my boys of your own free will. I think Wiley just wanted to have sex with you the other night. I don't think he was actually recruiting. So your change could have been a complete accident. Although he did mention wanting to have more sex with you. He said you were awesome. At least that's what he told the general of the camp in regards to what you guys did the other night. I recall the General asking Wiley what realm species you had acquired. Wiley acted as if he was going to have to go check to see what you ended up as. But I can clearly see that you changed into a jackass; And I remember how nice of a human boy you were before you did it with Wiley."

      Gerard then inquired, "Did Wiley doctor my drink during dinner? I have a raging boner that won't go down. And it is starting to drive me crazy."

      The Cafeteria chef pony replied, "I believe he did add a powdered sex inducer to your drink when he asked you to hand him the pepper. I think he did it so you would be completely attracted to him during the sex session later."

      The former boy turned donkey asked, "So what kind of mistake did he make that resulted in my becoming a jackass?"

      The Cafeteria chef pony replied, "Remember the lubricant that Wiley applied to your anal hole and to your cock? He got a bottle of the stuff out of my unit's storage building thinking it was normal lubricant except he grabbed some Equine-based Oil based lubricant instead. So if he taught you how to do a sixty nine maneuver in bed, then you got this oil into your mouth and body. We keep several varieties of this oil in our storage building. The lubricant he grabbed was Asinine Oil which resulted in changing you into a jackass."

      Gerard remarked, "But he got it into his mouth as well; how did he prevent himself from joining the jackass club?"

      The Cafeteria chef pony replied, "He likely drank the antidote potion just after he woke up the next morning. We could have prevented you from transforming had we been able to have you drink the antidote yesterday morning. Now it is too late since you have already transformed. But if you feel that Wiley tricked you, then you may want to join my unit so he cannot do something like this to you again. At the moment, you smell like a wild donkey in rut. Which is why the hoofies unit have to bathe every morning. If you don't bathe once a day, then you will slowly slide into being nothing more than Wiley's fuck toy instead of being a military recruit. I hate to see a good boy get stuck in something they were not warned about. So how about it? Join up with my unit so you get to bathe once a day and get a better uniform; or stay with Wiley in hopes that he will help you get back to normal and while you are waiting, satisfy his need to have sex with someone until the cure is ready for you. Just remember; boys can get pregnant in the realm. If Wiley gets you pregnant, then your form change becomes permanent and I am sure you are in no hurry to have that happen to you... are you?"

      Gerard drooped his head with a sigh. "No I am not. How long do I have to stay in a unit during training? And how long would it take to get a cure made for me?" When the pony officer indicated that it could be as long as a week at the minimum to have the cure made and unless Gerard had a safe place to stay out of Wiley's sexual grasp at, he could end up more stuck in his new form... Gerard said, "Then I think I should accept your offer to join your unit for my own safety. I think it is odd that Wiley stole my Earth clothes and left this recruit uniform in the place where my clothes had been. Hand me the sign up form and I will join your unit, sir." And with the form laid out on the counter, Gerard signed his name to the form.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four - Brotherly Unit Mates.

        Moments after a good breakfast, Gerard found himself out behind the cafeteria building undressed once again and sitting in a large bathing tub with three other equine recruits. One was another male pony like the officer chef, another was a jackass like himself, and the third was a full stallion. When they initially looked at the former human, the jackass said, "Aren't you the guy that Wiley was rewarding for saving the Golden Carrot from the thief who tried to take it?"

        Gerard nodded his head. "Yeah, that's me. Wiley and I had sex in his quarters, and when I awoke two days later in his bed, I was in this body and my original clothes were missing."

        The Stallion said, "I shouldn't say this, my friend, but Wiley didn't change you into a jackass. If he was going to change you into a realm species, he would have chosen his own species; not a hoofer like us. When Wiley tries to find you later, I hope you remember to speak up on our behalf since we are choosing to reveal that you got targeted for a recruiting to fill a spot left open by either a graduate or a former recruit who went AWOL. We hate serving under camp chef Pony Officer Rumpmane. I kid you not, that is the bastard's real name. Rump plus Mane. He is a real prick during the training sessions. You would be better off with Wiley. Wiley is the supply officer in charge of the camp. He would never make a mistake in choosing a lube from the storehouse. So if you were told that he made a mistake, then the one who said it, is the one who set you up. You could get partially restored to normal if you could find Wiley right now and tell him the truth. I am sure he is wondering who nabbed you. Just remember to speak up for us three at the same time. We want to be in his unit; we hate Sargent Rumpmane."

        Gerard then asked, "Where would Wiley be right now?"

        The male pony next to him said, "Wiley would be doing inventory in the storehouse at the moment. Apparently someone made a mess in there and Wiley went to get the building back in order. Seeing you stuck as a jackass makes me think that Rumpmane did the deed so he could recruit you."

        Gerard sighed, "He convinced me to sign the joining form. If we could somehow destroy that form, then he would have no proof that I ever signed it. I am afraid that he would use that form to get his way even if I did tell Wiley the truth. If you guys help me with the forms, I will speak up on your behalf when we go see Wiley. No one deserves to be in something that they don't like."

        The hoofer unit then proceeded to get out of the bathing tub immediately after that and then they helped Gerard to get out of the tub as well. Without getting dressed in the recruit unit uniforms, they prowled in the nude still wet as they sneaked around to the office where Rumpmane kept the recruiting forms. Thankfully, he wasn't in there and they were able to quickly find the signing form that Gerard had signed as well as the forms containing the names of his three new friends. Proceeding around to a barrel in the back of camp where refuse was burned, all four forms were carefully set on fire and dropped into the burning barrel. Then, the four recruits crept around to the storehouse where they found Wiley working hard to clean up the supplies and to make sure everything was on the proper list. "Wiley?"

        When the two-tailed fox officer turned at the sound of Gerard's voice and he saw the jackass standing there with another jackass, the pony, and the stallion, he said, "Gerard? Where are you?" He tried to peer past the four wet hoofed recruits.

        Gerard reached out and held Wiley so he could look him in the eye. "Wiley... Rumpmane changed me into this jackass species form so he could trick me into joining his unit. His other recruits, these guys, told me what he had done to trick me and they want me to help them to get out of Rumpmane's unit and into yours. They told me that you could make a partial cure for me so I could be more like my old self. Or was our time together just a one night stand? I'll even help you to clean up the storehouse. I helped you to save the Golden Carrot, remember? I didn't ask for any reward. Now I just want to be like I was. Or... are you in on this recruiting trap with Rumpmane?"

        Wiley focused as he heard Gerard's voice coming out of the jackass. "Stupid Sargent. I wasn't going to do anything like this to you. I just wanted you to be my friend. Yes, there is a partial cure I can make for you, but... it is going to taste terrible. If you ate anything this morning, you will either vomit it out or you will crap it out after you drink the cure. As for these three hoofers; since they warned you what was going on, I will accept them into my unit. I am not a racist against any species; if I was... then you and I would never have had any bed fun the other night. And you said you were impressed by my appearance. And you were arousing me. By the way, where are the joining forms he likely had you sign?"

        The other jackass replied, "We retrieved them and burned them in the refuse barrel in the back of the camp. We wanted to make sure that Gerard's form got burned before the ink had a chance to dry. We burned our own at the same time we burned his. He agreed to help us get away from Rumpmane since we chose to tell your friend the truth."

        Gerard then added one more thing to the statement. "Rumpmane said that your intention was to change me into your personal fuck toy, Wiley."

        Wiley stopped what he was doing when he heard what Rumpmane had told his friend. "That is not true. I made a promise to help you get home and that is going to be a problem if you are not human to make the trip. All four of you are under my protection now. Help me finish my job in the storehouse, and then we will leave camp and head back to the home base to report Rumpmane's activities in recruiting. He isn't even supposed to be signing up recruits. You just told me something he is illegally doing."

        Gerard looked to his hoofed friends. "I gave my word to help you guys... it is the least we can do to help Wiley to get the storehouse in order before we leave this crummy camp. Remember... no looting. Doesn't matter what you find that you might think you may want to keep. Wiley has a list in his hand. Just be honest and you get to stay with me."

        The jackass said, "You are okay, Gerard. I am glad we chose to be honest with you. Let's get to work, guys."

        Wiley asked, "Did you burn the recruit uniforms as well? I don't see too many realm citizens walking around in the nude."

        The stallion replied, "We thought about it. Rumpmane prints his name on all of the recruit uniforms to prove that those who wear them belong to him. He is a true prick and no one in his unit like him at all. He even uses a whip if you mess up a what he calls a simple command. The recruit uniforms are still laying beside the tub where we removed them at."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five - Welcome to Home Base.

          When night fell that evening, Wiley led his unit and the four cloaked hoofer recruits into the home base camp and after he dropped off his usual unit mates into the two-tailed quarters, he took the hoofers to the medical quarters where he got the base doctor to help him in making the cure for Gerard's restoration. While the cure was being made, the home base General came in and he listened to the story that Wiley and the four hoofer recruits had to say about Sargent Rumpmane's recruiting operation in the forward camp. When the hoofed realm citizens were checked for whip lash marks and old wounds upon their bodies. After finding the tell-tale bruises and wounds upon their backsides, the three hoof recruits received medical treatment from the medical staff as the General wrote up the official report and had the four sign the report as witnesses to make the complaint official. The General then looked to Gerard and said, "So you are the Earth human whom accidentally passed through the portal fog that the Golden Carrot created when it was being tested by the thief that stole it out of the storehouse. It is a good thing he couldn't figure out how to open a permanent portal or else he would have had a whole bunch of humans in the realm instead of a nice polite human like yourself. Wiley has spoken up for you and since I trust him (and he likes you a lot,) you will be a ward of the home base camp until we can figure out a way to return you to your true human form and get you safely back home. In the meantime, if you want to train along with those who helped you to get away from Rumpmane, I will permit you to learn what they learn."

          Gerard sighed. "What are the chances of the cure they are making for me being able to return me to my human form, sir? And what do I call you?"

          The general who was a white skunk with black stripes (and having two tails as well) smiled. "You may call me Parallax. As for the chances on the cure... we don't have any human samples in storage to make a comparison to; so generalizing a guess on a chance is not a wise thing to speculate. It would be better for you to pray for it to work. I have found that faith often works far better than most homemade cures. I'll bet you were a cute boy before whomever transformed you."

          Gerard looked to the pony, the jackass, and the stallion once again. "I promised that they could stay with me if they helped me to get away from Rumpmane. I am a boy whom likes to keep my promises. And if I am being given permission to train with them, then I accept whatever training they will receive. And the four of us will bunk together as well."

          The jackass gave Gerard a hug and licked his muzzle. "I cannot speak for the others, friend, but I really like you."

          The pony said, "Just because the stallion and I don't say much doesn't mean that we don't like Gerard. We are just waiting to see what the results of the cure on our friend is going to do to him. We haven't heard anything good being said about this cure, you know. It will taste bad and it might either cause vomiting or diarrhea. And the most important part... its only a partial cure. What part will stay a jackass? How human will the boy look? It seems like a lot of experimentation to me."

          The stallion then said, "I would suggest you check our friend for any drugs that Rumpmane might have slipped into Gerard before you apply a cure to him that may make his situation worse."

          Gerard arched an eye. "You did say he was a prick; that sounds like something a prick would do to retain something he wrongfully thinks he has earned."

          One thorough medical examination later did reveal some sort of drug fluid substance lodged up inside of Gerard's jackass anus near his stomach. Once the bulb of gunk was removed and examined more closely, Parallax said, "This is an illegal recruiting drug. Any cure applied into your stomach would have caused this drug bulb to contaminate the cure and then you would forget all about your old life entirely. Memory wiping drugs were outlawed hundreds of years ago when the more evil armies used them to keep their soldiers in line. That was a good call, Stallion. Gerard? In your memory, who was the last person to have sex with you?"

          Gerard glanced at Wiley as he replied, "Corporal Primer and I did it last when I was completely human. But then I apparently was unconscious for two days, when I woke up in Wiley's quarters in the other camp, I was in the body of a jackass although my feet became hoofs after I tried to walk to the cafeteria. I think Wiley would have freaked out had I changed into a donkey while he was still with me unless he knows more than he is letting on."

          Parallax looked to Wiley and said, "Look me in the eye, Wiley. Was he human when you last saw him the morning after the sex session?"

          Wiley met his superior's gaze and said, "He was human when I got up to perform my supply run that morning. I took his clothes to have them washed and to prove my words, I have his clothes, shoes, cap, and ball mitt in my knapsack. They are clean since I did clean them. I left a note that Gerard would have easily found to let him know that I was cleaning his clothes. Since that note was gone when I went back to my quarters to pack my gear for the return trip here, either Gerard took it or someone else did. I was gone all of that day fetching the supplies for the forward camp. When I returned, I found the storehouse in disarray and I got to work on sorting the storehouse into its proper order. By the next morning, Gerard and these recruits showed up in the storehouse in their search to talk to me. And Gerard was a jackass by that point."

          Parallax released a breath of air. "Not even a flinch... although when you mentioned Gerard's clothes, your heart skipped a beat. Did you tell me the truth about his clothes?"

          Wiley blushed before replying, "Well, I wore them on my supply run. But before I came back, I made sure they were clean. I just wanted to experience being in his clothes one time. I am sure he put on one of my uniforms when he got up."

          Gerard nodded his jackass head. "That part is true; since I couldn't find my clothes, I put on the uniform that was laying where my clothes had been and Rumpmane had me take them off before he sent me to get a bath with these guys."

          Parallax then said, "Aside from the clothes, Wiley told me the truth. But Gerard, the report was that you helped Wiley to recover the Golden Carrot. How did it feel to you when you tried to pick it up without gloves?"

          Gerard replied, "Before I used my mitt to pick it up, it was super cold to the touch, it took me several hours to get the feeling back into my hands after holding the carrot for even a few minutes. When I learned that the Golden Carrot created a thick spooky fog, my word for the effect was 'Dry Ice', or frozen Carbon Dioxide in the shape of a carrot and coated in gold to make it look like a gold carrot. Is there something about the Golden Carrot you are not telling us, Parallax? I like to be told the truth as well, sir."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six - The Truth About Carrots.

            Parallax leaned up against one of the counters. "When it was first crafted by our people, there were those who wanted to steal it to recruit outsiders in for conquering the Realm itself. Decoy carrots were designed that would have a similar ability for bringing people in but they would not be able to transform a visitor into a local species; other means would have to be done to make that possible, as you likely found out when Rumpmane changed you into a jackass. These decoy golden carrots could only bring you into the realm. It takes the actual Golden Carrot to be able to make the round trip. No one before now was told the truth about how the Golden Carrot originated. Everyone was told that that the ministers of Earth villages made the carrot for sealing the gates. The truth is that we sealed them ourselves to protect ourselves from human invaders who might have killed us for being monsters; imagine US as monsters... some of these humans should look in a mirror if they want to see a monster. When I say these things, Gerard, I do not mean you. You seem to be far more kind than the humans of old. The actual Golden Carrot would be able to permanently restore you to your human form and permit you to return to the realm whenever you liked."

            Gerard looked at Wiley for a moment before saying, "So if Wiley doesn't have the actual Golden Carrot, then where is it?"

            Parallax then straightened up before replying, "It is where it has always been. Within the royal palace; however... it takes three officers, myself included, to unlock the sealed vault to get at the artifact itself."

            Gerard then asked, "Can it be viewed without having to unlock the vault, say from a security window or a sky light opening?"

            The two-tailed skunk replied, "That is possible from the roof although there are bars in a cross pattern over the opening to prevent people from getting in that way."

            The boy turned jackass then asked, "If I were to get this carrot, what would I have to do with it in order to get the cure and power that I needed for being able to transform myself and being able to make the crossing whenever I liked?"

            "I believe I can tell you that since getting the three officers together isn't likely to ever happen in this century," started Parallax. "Stick the entire golden carrot inside your muzzle as if you were sucking an animal's cock and suck on it until the flavor of the carrot goes down your throat. After that, you can pull the carrot out and you would be able to change species at will and magically make the crossing between Earth and the Realm at will as well. You wouldn't even have to make the fog appear at that point."

            Gerard then said, "I would like permission to view the actual carrot, sir. Of course I realize that preparations would have to be made before we could make a trip like that." He was beginning to think that he would have to perform a MacGyver (1985 TV series) operation in order to get the Golden Carrot. He wasn't sure if he trusted the so called partial cure to return him to his human form. In fact, he felt the pony recruit was spot on when he said that it didn't sound like the partial cure had any guarantees of working.

            Parallax said, "We will go ahead and apply the partial cure to you in preparation for your recovery; then while you are resting with your unit mates, we will prepare for a trip to the royal palace. When we are there, tell no one that you are a former human or you will likely end up in the dungeons as a spy. They will not listen to reason, Gerard."

            The medical officer presented Gerard with a clear beaker of watery looking fluids. "Drink it all in one shot, young man. It works better if you down it quickly and don't bother trying to discern the taste. It isn't something I would want to drink if I was sick."

            Tipping the beaker up to his jackass muzzle, he exhaled before downing the fluids as fast as possible. The asinine throat was designed to accept a whole lot more than the human throat could by comparison. When it was entirely inside of himself, Gerard belched and promptly turned green as he quickly made his way to the outhouse which was just behind the medical quarters. The other jackass recruit went with him to keep him company since he was concerned for his unit mate. Gerard found himself sitting over the hole and releasing a whole bunch of nasty looking manure that looked nothing like what was known to have gone into his body. "Man... my shit feels like it is on fire. Thanks for accompanying me out here, friend. Sadly, I am feeling aroused again. I don't know why I continue to feel like this around you realm people. I am so sorry for feeling sexually attracted to you like this. I am normally not this forward. Are you ever like this?"

            The jackass recruit smiled and said, "Only when the boyfriend is as attractive as you are, Gerard. By the way, I was given the name of Brian when I was born as a donkey colt. And I have been aroused and sexually attracted to people several times over the last few years. I am actually glad you became a jackass like me since I've been lonely for a donkey for a while."

            Gerard hugged Brian and said, "Thanks for telling me your name, Brian. I hope we can be the best of friends. Since you came out here with me, I will need a spool of fishing line without a hook and a small grabbing tool that will close when it is placed on top of something. If my plan works, I will be able to use the Golden Carrot cure and I will share the transport power with you since I like you so much. Will you help me get the equipment I need?"

            Brian hugged Gerard in return as he said, "I will help you get the items in exchange for a session of sex with you before we head to the royal palace."

            Gerard smiled. "You have a deal, Brian. I promise to give you that time you are asking for. Just don't tell the officers why I need the fishing line and the grabbing tool."

            Brian kissed Gerard on the muzzle. "I will get you the supplies before we head to the palace."

            Gerard cleaned up after himself before heading off with Brian to perform what he had promised his unit mate in exchange for the supplies. He was finding sex with the realm people to be more and more acceptable although he was still a young teenager himself.

            Brian began to enjoy inserting himself into his unit mate whom he wished would choose to stay in the realm since he really liked having another jackass in the realm army with him.

            Gerard hugged his jackass unit mate as he clenched his asinine butt cheeks over the asinine cock which was showing him a good time.

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven - Palace View.

              Having gotten his requested supplies for the trick he aimed to try from the vault room sky light, Gerard and Brian walked with the pony, the stallion, and Wiley and Parallax as they soon gained access to the palace vault roof where a view of the Golden Carrot was to be had. Parallax led Gerard over to the barred sky light over the vault and he pointed down toward the Golden Carrot. "That is it, Gerard. Although I am not sure what seeing it will do for you. Unless you thought of something in regards to the decoy carrots. Now if you will excuse me, I must go talk to the king of the realm. I will return later." And Parallax then walked away to leave Gerard at the sky light view.

              The former young man waited for Parallax to be completely gone before he pulled out the supplies that he had gotten from Brian after the sex session ended the previous night. The grabber tool was a hand-held kitchen appliance and to the handles he tied two fishing lines; the third fishing line had a lasso loop tied at the end of it. He then lowered both fishing lines down through the bar mesh into the vault itself. He knew he had to be careful or he would miss his chance. He also knew that Parallax would be angry if he caught Gerard doing this.

              Using the grabber to pick up the carrot wasn't as easy as he had hoped it would be. Then he had to lasso the carrot with the second fishing line. Once the loop was secured around the carrot, he unhooked the grabber and pulled it out separately. Then he slowly pulled the carrot up through the mesh bars and he quickly stuck it into his mouth and he proceeded to deep throat himself with the Golden Carrot to get the yellow fluids to flow into his stomach.

              Before he could finish the process, Parallax returned with what looked like a two-tailed lion man wearing royal clothes and having a golden crown on his brow. Seeing the lion man almost made Gerard choke on the Golden Carrot as he felt the carrot splash into his stomach fluids. He fell on his knees and he began to retch as he tugged on the fishing line which was still attached to the Golden Carrot as he tried to pull the magical artifact out of his throat and muzzle. When the carrot fell out of his muzzle, the kingly lion almost got angry when he saw it laying on the cobblestone but Parallax stopped him by saying, "Let us give the boy a chance to explain himself. Besides, you never liked the fact that it took three generals to unlock the vault."

              Gerard then coughed and said, "I was trying to enact the cure that you yourself said would work if I could get it to suck on. When you returned with the king, you startled me and I almost swallowed the Golden Carrot whole. Its a good thing I still had the carrot tied to the fishing line or else it would have been lost in my stomach fluids."

              Parallax laughed when he heard the explanation. "That isn't the Golden Carrot, Gerard. That is one of the decoys. If you will recall, I said that we made several decoys to fool people who might try to get the Golden Carrot."

              Gerard looked upset. "I could have died from the lie you told me, Parallax! I am still not happy with this whole recruiting operation to get humans transformed into Realm citizens! I used to be a human teenager before your people decided to play mad alchemist on me to change me into a jackass! Is this king in on this sick plot?"

              Wiley then spoke up. "Your highness... Gerard Prentice's being here is my fault. I was testing out one of the decoys on the night of his arrival. I really didn't expect the fog to actually make a fog portal that permitted this nice boy to make the crossing into our world. Since he couldn't get home after arriving, I was going to take responsibility over him as my personal ward until I could escort him back to royal court myself. And then we learned that Sargent Rumpmane was transforming people into hoofed recruits who would not recall who they had been before their recruitment. Transforming them was the first step, then he would feed them and have them take a bath with other recruits; during the bath, sex would occur which would trigger an illegal mind wipe drug inside of the victim to make the forget about their former lives. We discovered the drug bulb inside of Gerard's anus and was able to remove it before Rumpmane could claim another recruit. After that, I got the jackass boy to Parallax where we proceeded toward the plan to bring him here. I really care about him, your grace. Please do not be angry with him for seeking to resume his human form. If Parallax had not told him that the Golden Carrot would restore him to normal and then bring him to this spot and indicate that the decoy was in fact the Golden Carrot, Gerard would not have attempted to take it to perform the cure that Parallax himself said would work."

              The lion king turned to look at Parallax. "Make it good, General."

              Parallax sighed before saying, "I determined that Rumpmane had done a mind wipe on this other jackass, this pony, and this stallion and I knew that the real Golden Carrot could restore their memories to normal although if they had been in their new species bodies for too long, then restoring them to their original species would not work. I wanted to ask you for permission to enact the cure on all four of these hoofed victims. I did fib to Gerard on how the cure could work since the actual Golden Carrot is in fact in your protected custody."

              Gerard then looked to Brian the jackass. "You told me that your donkey colt birth name was Brian. If you were mind wiped, then how could you remember who you had been before your current state of being?"

              Brian replied, "Rumpmane has always called me Brian and he indicated that I had told him the same story. If we were mind wiped, then he could of permitted us to keep our natural names so our awakening in the new species forms would feel more natural. Like Wiley, I also like you, Gerard."

              The two-tailed lion king said, "I will permit you to receive the cure, Gerard, under the promise that you return to assist Wiley and Brian in their endeavors here in the realm. They both like you a lot and if you only got cured and ran away, then they might once again believe in all of the witchcraft stories about human kind as we had believed in the old days. Do I have your word under a promise that you will return to the realm when you are able to assist Wiley and Brian?"

              Gerard replied, "I promise; just let me be cured so my brother back home doesn't freak out when he sees me." The two-tailed lion king opened his belt container and brought out what looked like a carrot shaped clear container which contained golden fluids. "When I open the container, deeply inhale through your nose the vapors and scent within the carrot bottle. Then take a quick drink of the fluids and swallow it. This combination is the cure you are asking for. Then close your eyes tightly and think about home. When you open your eyes, you will find yourself facing your living quarters. To return to the Realm, Either think about Wiley or Brian and you will feel yourself teleport to a safe locale as close to Wiley or Brian as possible. If they are in some trouble, then you will appear just out of sight but close enough to hear what they are stuck in. You will also be able to mentally speak to Wiley and Brian before you plan a crossing into the Realm. That way if they are in some trouble, you won't land in it yourself. As for your original human clothes, I am afraid that those will not be able to be replaced. So when you plan a crossing into the Realm, only wear what you don't mind losing."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight - The Same Night.

                The fumes of the bottle nearly burned his nasal passages and made his nostrils itchy. Then he quickly took a drink of the fluids and they were as nasty as Wiley had first mentioned the cure as being. Just after the bottle was retrieved from him, he closed his eyes and thought about home. He briefly heard Brian ask how long the effect would take to work before he suddenly felt cool air blowing across his bare skin and the feel of grass under his bare feet. When Gerard opened his eyes, he saw that he was standing in the nude within his backyard. Thankfully, he and his brother lived at the end of a road leading into the woods. So there were no neighbors to see him in the nude back there. Circling the house around to his bedroom window, he opened it to let himself into his room where he gathered a clean pair of underwear, a clean tee shirt and a pair of socks before he opened his bedroom door and went across the hallway to the bathroom so he could get cleaned up. While he showered, he noted that he could not smell any jackass nor fox anywhere on his body at all nor in his hair. And he knew he reeked of their scent before earning the right to come home. Nevertheless, he chose to clean himself thoroughly anyway. Including what he felt was a necessary enema to clean out his anal hole. When he finished his shower, he dried himself and he put on his undergarments before he headed out of the bedroom hallway to see if there was anything in the kitchen.

                Sitting in the living room on the couch with the TV on was his older brother and he had a young lady with him. Gerard said, "Sorry I am late getting in, Bro. I am going to see about getting something to eat and then you and your date won't hear anything from me at all."

                His brother never turned to look at him, yet he asked, "How did the softball game go, Gerard?"

                Gerard replied, "We lost and then someone stole my catchers mitt. I encountered some thick fog on my way home. I almost couldn't find the house."

                The young lady said, "I told you there was some thick fog earlier."

                His brother replied, "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, hon. You go ahead and get something to eat, Gerard. Later in the week, we will see about getting you a new mitt." He then looked over his shoulder at his brother. "Did you take a shower, Gerard?"

                Gerard nodded his head. "I had to, bro. I fell in something nasty while trying to avoid the fog and I smelled like donkey manure for a bit. I didn't want to trail that scent around the house. What is the date? I am starting to think that it is still Thursday night; it felt like I was away from home for three days."

                The girlfriend checked her wristwatch which had the date and she said, "Yep, still Thursday. If I didn't come home at Midnight, my dad would hunt me down."

                Gerard then said, "Do you guys want anything from the kitchen?"

                His older brother then said, "Take this bowl in there and bring us back the bag of popcorn. After that, I'll talk to you on Friday night after I come home from work."

                Taking the bowl back to the kitchen, Gerard prepared a baloney sandwich and a glass of milk and then he grabbed a carrot out of the fridge. He then took the bag of popcorn into the living room and handed that off to his older brother before returning to the kitchen to grab his food and drink. When he got back to his bedroom, he sat on the bed and ate the small meal. As he forced himself to enjoy the sandwich, he began to feel a nauseous sensation in his stomach as if his digestive system was allergic to meat all of a sudden. The cheese, mayo, lettuce, and rye bread were fine. But the meat was making him feel sick to his stomach. He then alternated between the sandwich and his carrot which along with the milk caused the queasy feelings to subside. But not long after finishing his dinner, he got up and went into the bathroom where he emptied out his bowels and colon as if his body was purging out unwanted poisons. Annoyingly, it was mostly soft serve and liquid that left his body into the toilet stool. Afterward, he was for the second time cleaning himself up. The manure that exited his body smelled like a combination of Wiley's body odor and Brian's body odor mixed in with their waste products. "Man... I stink... What brought that on?"

                He finally returned to his bedroom and he got into bed and he laid his head upon his pillow. "I must have eaten something bad over in the Realm and it isn't agreeing with my Earth choices of my favorite foods. I need to get some sleep." And he was out almost immediately afterward.

                Through the night, Gerard had some pretty weird dreams which ended with his waking up as a rabbit with two fox tails instead of a rabbit fluff tail like a normal rabbit. When he actually awoke the next morning, he found himself in a straitjacket with a muzzle clamp over his mouth or rather his lapine muzzle. He was also laid out in a cage in the dimensions of a crate. Nearby he could hear his brother speaking to what sounded like a Military General.

                "And when I checked on his this morning and I saw the rabbit wearing his clothes, I knew I had to call the emergency number your warning message told about last month on TV. He mentioned a thick fog and falling in something nasty. He also said that it felt like he was somewhere else for three days and even went so far as to ask my girlfriend and I what the current date was. She didn't see him as a rabbit, but a rabbit doesn't have two fox tails, sir. I have been caring for my brother ever since our parents vanished one night while investigating a thick fog. And now... he encounters a fog and ends up like this. He lost his softball game and then his catchers mitt was stolen and now he is stuck in a rabbit man body. Its like the world is completely against him."

                The Army General said, "We have seen other cases like his, Mr. Prentice. Except none of those cases had two tails. They only had one tail. We will work on restoring him to normal; so don't worry about that."

                At that moment, one of the lieutenants said, "Sir? The patient is awake. I saw him struggle for a moment. Now he has his eyes closed again."

                The Army General walked over to look into the cage and he said, "Gerard Prentice? We only have you trussed up for your own protection. We will find a way to return you to normal."

                Gerard spoke slowly for a moment. "If I thought my brother would hand me over to the government, I wouldn't have bothered to come home. Back to the Realm I go..." And after saying those last words, his body turned transparent right before their eyes and then he vanished, leaving the straitjacket laying on the floor of the cage.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine - Home Base Homecoming.

                  When Gerard opened his eyes, he found himself standing to one side of Corporal Wiley's desk at the Home Base camp. Wiley, Parallax and Brian were in the officer along with the two-tailed lion king. Upon his arrival, they all looked up at him since he was the only one standing. "I am not going to blame you guys for what happened after I went home but... about twelve hours after my arrival back on Earth, I woke up in this body. It's me; Gerard Prentice. I had been human before this happened. And my older brother called the government when he saw that I had changed into this species. They were about to ship me off to a military hospital to see about restoring me to normal, or so they said. I chose to escape and come back here so you people could look over this result and see why this happened at all." That was when he noticed that he still had the jackass hooves on his feet. "Okay... this is just weird... Instead of being one species, I am a combination of three species. No wonder my brother freaked out."

                  The Realm soldiers and their king immediately rose to check Gerard out once he identified himself to them as being who they had remembered. The king said, "What had you eaten while you were still human?"

                  Gerard honestly told them about the baloney sandwich, the Earth grown carrot, and the glass of milk. And how he began to feel sick as he ate the sandwich as if he was allergic to meat. Something he had no reaction to before. When asked what all was in the sandwich, he explained every ingredient in the sandwich itself.

                  The two-tailed lion king then said, "I believe I know what has befallen you, Gerard. The GMO chemicals in the Earth food had a negative reaction with the pure consumable foods which our world provides. The result of our food combating against the foreign chemicals in the Earth food resulted in the Realm energies attempting to save your life from the poisons in what you thought were normal food products. We can de-hybridize you down to one species. Although I never knew that you had ever become a realm bunny while you were here. So I am at a loss to explain where that came from. The Jackass hoofs and the Fox tails are throw-backs to when you had sex with Wiley and later when you were a Jackass with Brian. I will attempt to give you one more cure, but remember... your body is now allergic to GMO chemicals. You are lucky your body didn't make a nasty mess in your bed. You may need to establish a new safety home base on Earth. At the moment, your arrival zone will be where you originally felt safe to be at your brother's house, so you will need to claim a new safety home base so you don't keep reappearing at your brother's home. Do you know of a place like that?"

                  Gerard replied, "Yes, but in order to claim it, I will have to physically travel there at least once. Meaning that I will have to go back to my brother's property at least once then make the trip to the new safety zone. I get the feeling that the military are going to have someone stationed at my brother's house just in case of my return there. And I refuse to be taken to their military hospital where they do not believe in magic."

                  The young man turned hybrid was taken to an outhouse where he was sat down over the hole and then he was asked to drink a watered down version of the Golden Carrot cure; it had been watered down to reduce the nasty taste. Except to make this work, he had to drink more of it to offset the quantity of water that had been added to the cure. The taste was still bad, but his body did react as he slowly transformed back into his human form expelling poisonous looking black fluids out of his tail hole as he transformed back into his original species. And the GMO saturated fluids smelled extremely bad. "Ugh... just like before... Is that the GMO making that horrible smell?"

                  The two-tailed lion king replied, "Yes, that is the unnatural chemical revealing itself as it comes out of you. Talk about your germ warfare. I cannot believe your government adds this into the natural food products. Now remember... your body is going to finalize between two species forms; one will be your Earth human form and the other will be your Realm species form. The cure is allowing you to be human at the moment, but along with making the crossing at will, you will also be able to shift between your Earth form and your Realm form whenever you like. Clothes can make the change with the transformation when you do it. Therefore, the plan will be to have you sign up under Wiley's unit so we can legally assign you with your own uniform specifically for your Realm species form. Because you landed in our portion of the realm, your species form will have two-tails like the rest of our people do. You originally told Wiley that you were impressed by his two tails like the Mobian. We do not know who the Mobians are, but if they are animals like us, I suppose it makes sense for you to accept how they appear. When you have to tell a government official about the Realm, just say that you were given the ability to visit the Mobians on their world. True, it is a lie since we are not Mobians ourselves, but if it helps to calm your people's nerves on the subject, that is the story you should use. But you will still need a new safety base."

                  Gerard nodded his head before asking, "Can another human make the trip over here by hanging on to me before I initiate the transport over here? I ask in case someone tries that."

                  The two-tailed lion king replied, "Yes, they could make the crossing that way. But Earth weapons will not make the crossing; so you are warned in advance. I am sure the rebellion has been trying to figure out how to get Earth weapons into the realm; but thanks to magic being in control here, it will never work. As soon as you are finished releasing your manure, I will teach you how to change your species between human and the Realm local species. Then we can sign you up and give your animal form a new uniform."

                  Gerard grunted as he released more waste. "By the way, sir, what is your official name? I forgot to ask you that the last time."

                  The two-tailed lion king smiled. "I was wondering when you were going to get around to asking me that. I am Lion King Lionel Proudmane, ruler of the two-tailed kingdom realm. There are many kingdoms in the Realm itself; we exist within one of them. Everyone in my kingdom have two tails as per the norm. The rebellion claim to be part of a kingdom called Usa. We have never heard of the place and if we could return them to their kingdom, I would gladly send them there."

                  Gerard nearly muzzle-palmed himself. "I know where it is! On Earth, the nation I am from is called Usa, as you call it! But our people usually spell it out as U.S.A. It stands for United States of America. It is an abbreviation. Sad to say, if these people have been animals for too long, when they are sent back to Earth, the military will lock them up in the military hospital under the claim that it is for their own protection so they can be cured. They think that being an animal man is the same as being a monster. But I think they should look in a mirror at themselves before making that claim."

                  King Lionel then said, "If the rebellion were once humans, then returning them to normal and granting them the crossing back into their own world simply makes sense, especially if doing so will end the war that we are currently in. Once we have your form established, perhaps we can grant the Rebellion that which they are truly asking for. A way home."

                  Gerard grunted one last time as the last of the GMO chemicals exited his body. "I will assist your kingdom in bringing an end to the war, sir."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten - A Military Surprise.

                    Gerard's specific Realm species turned out to be a two-tailed Angora Fox which looked more like a plucked Angora Rabbit than an actual fox. Which explained why he had lapine features. Apparently someone in Gerard's family had lapine genetics within their lineage and that combined with Wiley's genetics helped to create the all-new Angora Fox species. And Gerard was lucky enough to be that new species when in the Realm.

                    Next he was outfitted in his new Realm uniform with instructions on how to keep it clean when necessary. He struck a pose in front of a mirror for the official record, "Private Rabbit Prentice, special forces agent for the Proudmane Kingdom!"

                    The journey to the edge of the Rebellion encampment was a carefully planned one. When they arrived, Gerard was asked to change back into his human form for the actual parley.

                    The leaders approached King Lionel and the human he had with him. "What brings you here, King Lionel? Or have you decided to provide us with the Golden Carrot so we can go home?"

                    King Lionel then said, "Hear out my friend, Gerard Prentice, and then decide if you still wish to return home." He then stepped back to allow Gerard to parley with the rebellion leaders.

                    Gerard jumped right into his planned speech. "Sirs! I am Gerard Prentice of Summer Lake, Oregon! The Golden Carrot cure will return you to your normal human forms along with a provision warning! I underwent this cure myself which is why I can be human right now! However, you only stay human as long as you outlaw GMO laced foods from your diets when on Earth! Otherwise, you simply change back into your animal forms while remaining on Earth! The U.S. Military would capture you for your own protection with the intent to take you back to their government controlled military hospital under the claim that they want to cure you! I had to escape from them when they tried to do this from me! If Proudmane had not provided me with a way to return to the Realm, I would still be their prisoner at their military hospital! I am your ticket back to the U.S.A. if you wish to make the trip! The cure will be provided to you here in your own camp! Unlike my situation, you will not have the ability to return to the Realm once you make the crossing to return to Earth! The choice is yours! Oh, and the cure is not going to taste good at all! As you change back into humans, you will excrete manure out of your anuses to purge out the unwanted animal transformations! To stay human, you can only eat all natural foods; any GMO at all will return you to your animal forms as if you never got the cure at all! What will it be?"

                    An European rabbit couple of male and female then approached as the male said, "Son? My gosh, it is you! Your mother and I have been stuck over here for quite some time. If this cure you tell us about reacts badly to GMO chemicals, then we must question whether we will want to take the chance to be captured by our own world's military despite our government work on the side anyway. When too many people disappeared in the thick fogs which continued to appear, the C.I.A. asked us to investigate the occurrence. Initially when we first arrived in the Realm, we remained human; over time, we changed into our current forms. The Rebellion is a group of former humans who simply want to return home. We learned over time that King Lionel had the only cure which the two-tailed kingdom was calling 'The Golden Carrot'. The Rebellion tried to steal the Golden Carrot several times since it for reasons unknown could create the thick fog. We got a hold of one of these carrots once and it was cold to the touch, yet we could not figure out how to make the Fog Portal open."

                    Gerard said, "Oh how the mighty forget their Earth sciences... Dry Ice, dad. When the decoy golden carrots were dipped in water, they would create a Fog Portal which would only stay open for thirty minutes, after that, your ability to cross is lost since you have to do the process again to make the Portal. Earth Weapons simply vanish when you attempt to bring them through the Fog Portal. The rebellion needs to decide if they want to chance going home with the knowledge that they will have to avoid GMO laced foods in order to stay human."

                    The rebellion leader then said, "If you were able to convince King Lionel to give you the Golden Carrot cure under the warning to avoid the GMO foods, then perhaps he isn't all bad. Many of us want to go home. If returning to farm life is the only way to stay human, then I think many of our people would want to take that chance. We will hold a rebel meeting and those who want to make the journey home will be given the cure and then we will accompany you back to Earth. Those who don't want to take the chance will need a kingdom of their own in the Realm to continue to live within. We were simply desperate in finding a way to get home."

                    Gerard then said, "Believe me; I felt the same way at first until I managed to get home only to have the military capture me for my own protection. And what made it worse was that my older brother is the one who called them after I changed back into my animal form. I recalled that King Lionel gave me a way to make the crossing at will which I used to escape from their stupid caring ways. I think they would have simply kept me locked up when none of their cures would work on me."

                    After the meeting, the decision was made, six to three with the remainder opting for sea-side farms along one of the coasts of the realm continent under the agreement from King Lionel that they could govern their own lives at that location. Their mini-kingdom would become the Earth embassy in the Realms should other humans end up in the Realm or if the originals undergoing the cure wanted to return to the realm if and when the cure failed as Gerard was fairly warning them that it could in regards to the GMO foods. Formerly, no one in the realm had access to sea travel and the Earth people knew how to make boats and ships. It was a trade well worth the effort.

                    Gerard then watched as his parents and those others receiving the cure made awful faces when they drank the nasty tasting cure. It was worse for him since he had to drink it twice. Then the bathroom usage occurred which slowly reverted the rebellion members to make the trip home back into their former human identities. "Now remember, people," started Gerard after a group was ready to make the crossing with him. "Regardless of how long you think you have been here in the Realm, the time ratio is as follows: One Realm day is equal to one Earth hour. So think back to how long you think you have been missing from Earth and do the math. That explains why you are still alive right now. Realm longevity is longer than the human standard."

                    His parents had been missing for about ten years of Earth time, so the ratio exchange was 87,600 Earth hours in ten Earth years. So, his parents had been in the Realm for 240 realm years. So despite being in the realm for that length of time, they had aged less than twenty four Earth years since they had been in the Realm itself. The longevity factors played a key role in the decision most had to simply stay in the Realm to enjoy their new lives. Those wanting to go home were being given the opportunity to make the trip. His parents had been in their thirties when they disappeared from Earth. Thus 300-400 plus 240 realm years equaled 54 to 64 human years of age. Their actual appearance would only look the day they had arrived.

                    Magic was fun like that. Collecting the humans for the trip home, Gerard had everyone hold on to a rope which was tied around his waist and then they made the crossing back to Earth. Arriving in the back yard of the family home. Mr. Prentice then accessed the emergency C.I.A. contact number and called his superiors in regards to their successful rescue mission to find the missing people. In the coming months, a Realm embassy would be established in the coastal community of Denmark, Oregon, in which the Prentice family owned land there anyway.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Special Forces Agency.