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    Beautiful Fighters [Board Specific Crossover]

    Beautiful Fighters

    Beautiful Fighters song by Ayumi Hamasaki, lyrics adapted into English by Unicorn Rider (from translations by
    I can’t exactly recall when I began to realize,
    That no matter how much I believed,
    Fairy tales are nothing more than just fairy tales.

    And everybody knows that,
    As picture perfect as they seem to be,
    Those happy endings are very far away from
    Anything found in real life.

    You aren’t on a white horse at all,
    There’s no prince from the sky, no,
    Listen to the music!
    But it’s so easy to fall into that trap,
    Now, isn’t it?

    We are Beautiful Fighters
    But honestly there are quite a few days,
    That are so terrible,
    But the girls who live on,
    That refuse to give up or stop,
    Are the ones that can truly called
    Beautiful Fighters,
    No matter how strong we truly can be,
    Our old scars may come back to haunt us,
    But they always close again in time.

    Evelyne Trottier, Blue Eagle Druid Ranger (From Aragh Darktalon's Druidic Force)
    Hanabi Takahashi, Black Lion Knight Ranger (From Lord Pouchlaw's Lion Force)
    Alana Carbur, Pink Dragon Fury Ranger (From Lord Pouchlaw's Dragon Fury)
    Cassidy Jenkins, Yellow Cyber Ranger (From Timelord's Cyber Force)
    Eleanor Holmes, Blue Victorian Ranger (From Lord Pouchlaw's Victorian Sleuths)
    Mysterious Alien Cat (From ???)


    Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallée, France, 2022

    “Goodbye Princesses, enjoy your vacation!” Princess Belle daintily waved goodbye at a set of triplets who had just finished taking pictures with her Beast boyfriend and her. Once they weren’t looking at her anymore, she took the moment as a chance to pull up her canary yellow gloves back over her elbows. Her dress was of course very stunning and intricate like any Disney Princess’ attire ought to be, but it also offered excited children a few too many things to tug at.

    Her adjustment complete, she turned towards the Beast, taking his paw in both of her hands. “What exactly did you do earlier? That made them laugh when they were taking the picture of the two of us hugging?” she asked him, as if the mascot suit’s head could actually speak. Beast responded by looking towards where the camera had been and putting his free hand in the stereotypical gangster signal: index, pinkie and thumb extended with the whole hand on a bit of an angle. Belle couldn’t help but giggle at that, covering her mouth with both of her hands. So THAT’S why the father taking the picture complimented Beast on being a pimp…

    But obviously this wasn’t the real Beauty or Beast of animated movie fame. The actress currently under the guise of Belle was none other than Evelyne Trottier, the Blue Druid Ranger from many years prior who had managed to get a job in the Happiest Place on Earth. It wasn’t exactly the form of modeling she had been aspiring for during her high school years, but she needed some form of regular payment until her dreams really took off. Besides, who wouldn’t want to work in a Disney Resort?! Beauty and the Beast had always been her favorite movie when she was a little girl, so this job was a match made in heaven. She always seemed to have more shifts as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty though, what with her hair being naturally blonde. She could also be a poor man’s Little Mermaid in case of understaffed days, but that was going into details.

    “Look, Abigail! It’s Beauty and the Beast!” the familiar phrase made Evelyne snap back to reality, the former ranger scratching ever so lightly at her brown wig before turning around to see the next family to interact with, two parents pushing a baby carriage and a daughter who looked to be around 5 years old.

    “Bonjour, Princess!” Evelyne greeted warmly, carefully kneeling down so she could hug the little girl. “Abigail, right?”

    “What were you laughing about?” Abigail asked, obviously nervous at the prospect of meeting the Disney character as she fiddled around with her Minnie Mouse hat between hugs.

    “I was telling Beast about a funny story I read yesterday.” Evelyne replied, sharp as a knife. Belle actresses were encouraged to bring reading up at least once with the kids, so she had that reply already loaded in the barrel, so to speak. “Do you like reading, Abigail?”

    “Yeah…” Abigail’s reply came, her little eyes fixed uncertainly at Beast who was waving at her.

    “Do you want to meet Beast?” Evelyne asked while unwrapping her arms from around the child. “Give him a nice hug like you gave me?”

    Abigail silently nodded and Evelyne got out of the way so that the two could do their thing.

    “See, he’s really not that scary once you meet him.” The parents encouraged their daughter as they were taking pictures.

    “Exactly.” Evelyne responded before moving back in so the two characters and Abigail could all be in the some pictures together. “Me and Beast love hearing about the books all our friends read. Do you want to tell us about the last book you read?”

    “It was… about… having a baby brother.” Abigail eventually managed to say. Gods was she cute!

    “Oh wow, you’re a big sister?!” Evelyne beamed. Beast managed to mime surprise on his end at the same time. “Is that your brother in the carriage over there?”

    “Yeah…” Abigail stammered.

    “Do you think we can see him?” Evelyne asked in earnest, the 6 year old nodding as all of them got up from the ground and slowly made their way towards the carriage.

    “Look Beast, it’s a baby…” Evelyne added for two distinct reasons. Firstly, it made her excitement about seeing the baby genuine. Two, she was queuing the man in the Beast suit on where to look, visibility being rather poor in that type of costume.

    “What if he’s scared of Beast?” Abigail piped in at that, giving Beast a very distrusting look.

    “It’s okay, Princess. Beast knows how to be extra careful. But it’s good that you look after your brother like that.” Evelyne comforted Abigail, only to begin zoning out again. Something didn’t feel right. Were they behind on the water breaks for the mascot Beast? No, they just came back from one five minutes ago, it couldn’t be that… It was… all around here that felt out of place. The air actually brushed against her skin the wrong way. Her Druidic powers had naturally only gotten stronger over the years and she was now very aware of the slightest changes in air currents. But there was no breeze at all today. So how could motionless air bother her senses that much.

    Hesitantly, Evelyne looked up into the clear sky and was surprised to see a very large ball of light flying in the sky. Almost like a shooting star, but it was the beginning of the afternoon, so it couldn’t be. And it was really big for a star, the more Evelyne thought about it.

    “Hey look, a shooting star!” Abigail also noticed the strange occurrence, which didn’t even register in Evelyne’s ears.

    “Oh wow, a really big too!” The father replied as he looked towards the sky.

    “A shooting star in the broad daylight. This really is the place where magic comes true!” the mother added, readying her camera to take pictures of her family, Belle and Beast looking into the sky.

    While everyone else in the park had stopped what they were doing to stare in awe at the star, Evelyne’s was spinning in overtime trying to wrap her brain around what they were all witnessing. She knew it wasn’t a star, her gut was being very persistent on that. And the very air around her started being unbearable just before she spotted the light in the sky. Was the glowing thing in the sky the reason why the winds felt all wrong? That had to mean that the currents were being affected by it somehow, right? And that had to mean that it was… wait, why was it getting BIGGER just as it disappeared over the horizon?!


    The ground shook violently at that, Evelyne and everyone around her struggling to keep their balance, but the yellow clad princess’ high heels and the weight of Beast and Amelia holding onto her eventually won her over and they all toppled to the ground that continued to tremble and quake. The cries of a baby informed her that the stroller they had been gathered around had also fallen over.

    “Is the baby okay?!” Evelyne tried to yell at the adults over the chaos, but it didn’t look like they heard her. Then everything became very still.

    “Is the baby okay?!” Evelyne repeated her question just as Abigail’s crying became audible, looking worriedly in her direction to see that she had been huddled against the Beast costume worker on the floor.

    “Y-yes. I caught him in time.” the mother replied, rushing to her other child’s side. “Abigail honey, are you alright?!”

    “It looks like Beast softened her fall.” The father added. Which made Evelyne realized that her co-worker seemed to have fallen on his arm.

    “Oh my god, Fr-“ Evelyne almost slipped by calling him by his real name, but thankfully caught herself just in time. “Beast! Are you hurt?! Abigail, can you get up?! Try slowly…”

    Abigail managed to get up with minimal assistance, but Evelyne and the parents had to put a good five minutes to get Beast back on his feet. And even then he needed to support his weight on Evelyne. This was horrible, he was probably badly injured and that stupid mascot head didn’t let them hear anything he was saying. And now she had to find a way to leave and get him help, but while still being in character! But how was she supposed to focus on her part after this happened?! Who ever heard of earthquakes in France?

    “I… think Beast is hurt.” Evelyne finally managed to spit out in her Belle voice.

    “Is… is he going to be okay?!” Abigail managed to ask between sobs.

    Evelyne couldn’t help but want them to shut up so she could leave already, but Beast nodded his head as if to say yes. Thank god, he was going to be okay.

    “I’m so proud of you, Beast! You saved Princess Abigail!” Evelyne added, kissing him on the fuzzy nose only to bite her tongue when she saw that it left a lipstick mark. Wasn’t it only Snow White who had the smudging lipstick as part of her gimmick?! The Costume Department was going to kill her…!

    “Come on, let’s go back to the, um… castle.” Evelyne added as she began helping the Beast actor to walk away. “You should go to the nearest entrance and talk to the Security staff for more instructions! Goodbye, Princess! Take good care of your brother!”

    Everyone they crossed on their way to the Staff Only section was also recovering from their fall, but nobody seemed to be badly hurt. “Frederick, are you sure you’ll be fine?!” Evelyne whispered very closely to the gigantic fake head, from which she heard a vague muffled voice she decided to take as a yes.

    “I’ll get you to the Changing Room and the medic on hand can take a look at you.” She told him comfortingly. And once she knew he was going to be okay, she’d investigate on what happened just now. There was no way the earthquake and the strange light in the sky weren’t related. Whatever it was, it definitely landed in the middle of Disneyland and it was her job to figure out why. Even if she wasn’t an active Ranger anymore.