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KRS-A-01: Eleven Point Roo

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    KRS-A-01: Eleven Point Roo

    Planet Adalia
    Kamen Rider Stranger: Angel
    Episode One: Eleven Point Roo.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    Co-Written by Lexington Lonewolf
    May 22nd, 2016

    Deryk Devlin, Kangaroo King of Angels; Red Fire Stranger
    ~~ Were-Kangaroo aspect [Lord Kiel's son through Auranea Sherwood-Devlin]
    Orion Spencer, a local boy with a far away look in his eyes.
    Danika Cherry, a local girl with odd hair color.
    Damien Cherry, a local boy also with odd hair color.
    Varvara "Barbra" Najeeb, a local girl with an Arabian complexion.

    Wallace "Wally" Blaze, a local boy.
    Timothy "Tim" McGraw, a local unfortunate boy with twin aunts.

    Also Starring:
    Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn, a local bully.
    Mike Bowler, a local bully.
    Janet Renton, a local bully girlfriend to Rikki [the original LHG heinie kicker.]

    Guest Starring:
    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.

    Also Guest Starring:
    Grandfather Matt Devlin and Grandmother Demara Devlin, Dirk's parents whom live in America.
    Grandmother Martelle Sherwood (Auranea Sherwood Devlin's superhero mother from Jamaica; Spiritua.)
    Zander Dragonheart, Were-Crocodile aspect [Lord Brock's son through Valon Dragonheart]
    Severn Radson, Were-Dingo aspect [Lord Tally's son through Locke Radson]
    Lord Pouchlaw, Lord Parcelpaw, Outback Legend and other Dreamtime spirit personalities.
    Roolock and Clarissa: Immoral Lord of Witchcraft and Fun, along with his rarely seen wife, a sheila whom can paralyze a boomer with her long eyelashes.
    Stanley Thunder, a Hengeyokai Rat whom is disguised as a handsome boy whom is interested in Deryk's future.

    Chapter One: Introductions.

    "Although putting my life story down into words hasn't been one of my high points in my life, this Diary idea of Rocket's seems to be a great idea. And while it won't exactly be private, it will permit me to get a lot of problems both past and present down into print so my friends and family can help me. Now, borrowing Rocket's format... allow me to introduce myself. I am the Adalian Deryk Devlin whom is the son of Lord Kiel and Auranea Sherwood Devlin. Kiel got the Holy Pouch's permission to activate the project for having me birthed from Australia's foremost female Artificer whom is also the daughter to the Jamaican voodoo queen herself, Spiritua aka Martelle Sherwood."

    "This Diary will cover my life from my arrival in the River Bluff Tri-City area. And now, as Rocket would say, all good stories need a proper setting. And without further ado, we will now shift back in time to a week after my arrival on the Devlin Farm in Eleven Point. The other two cities are Van Buren and River Bluff itself. And here we go..." And so saying that, the wavy lines of the flashback covered over the scene as the Devlin farm came into view.

    Matt and Demara Devlin's Horse Farm; Eleven Point farmlands; Planet Adalia, 2001

    I will begin by introducing you to the good people first, followed by the local bullies last. I don't have any enemies as yet since at this young age, we weren't Power Rangers at this time.

    Deryk Devlin was a good-looking, slender Australian boy, with light tan skin, blond hair and blue eyes. He stood at 5', weighing 115 pounds. He wore blue jeans, hiking shoes and a red t-shirt. He had a fair smile, and while slender, he had the makings of a fine gymnast.

    Wallace "Wally" Blayze stood at 5'11.90" tall, weighing about 185 pounds. He had black hair, grey eyes and dark brown skin. He particularly liked Deryk a lot, and was striving to help Deryk whenever and however possible. He was also a Chronicles of Narnia fan and he firmly believed in unicorns.

    Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti was an alien from the Planet Henge'rin Yo'ki. No, really! He was! He stood at 6'1" tall, weighing 190 pounds. He appeared Caucasian, with russet-brown hair and solid black eyes, which had no pupils, but did produce a nice shiny effect at night. He often hid his fox's tail inside his pants, wanting to appear as human as possible. Orion would someday become Rocket's host caretaker.

    Royal Princess Varvara Najeeb of the Radiant Desert was a real native Saudi Arabian princess from a hidden kingdom hidden in the vast sands of the wind swept desert. She stood at 5'10" tall, weighing around 175 pounds. She had long black hair and crystal blue eyes. She often dressed in casual blouses, mini-skirts, and high-heel boots.

    Timothy "Tim" McGraw stood about 5'11" and weighed around 175 pounds. He had a far-eastern complexion, with brown eyes and a brownish-red Mohawk. He dressed in the finest designer clothes that his twin aunts were constantly buying for him in the hopes that he would attract a very nice looking female to someday wed.

    Danika Cherry is a year older than her brother and she was 5'7" and weighed about 125 lbs. She had looked like she was out of a teenage magazine with up-to-date fashions, even though her hair was naturally light pink. Very odd for someone to be a pinkette outside of a manga or anime. Anyways, she is one of the few people that would talk back to the bullies after growing a thicker skin.

    Damien Cherry was much closer to Deryk's age. He stood 4'5", and weighed 99.5 lbs. He was picked on more often for his height than he was his mid-tone pink hair. He's finding himself confused about what gender he likes, and though his sister lucked out in the height department, he lucked out in being close to normal as he could get. He likes collecting trading cards. He'd likely not make it past 5'2".

    Stanley Thunder was a Japanese Hengeyokai Rat whom currently looked like a tall athletic human boy who was often more into tennis than baseball. He stood around 6'1" and weighed about 165 pounds. He had spiky blond hair and blue eyes, though his complexion and facial features would remind one of a brown rat. He really liked that LHG bully Janet but his sole training focus was Deryk.

    Now for the not so nice side of river Bluff... The bullies.

    Mike Bowler stood about 6'3" and weighed 220 pounds. He was Caucasian, with black hair and brown eyes. He was the leader of the bullies and he had a whiny little sister who tried to play music. Notice we said 'tried'; skewered was more the word. See Mike? I remembered.

    Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn was a closet bisexual but he loved Janet with an undying passion. He stood at 6'3" and weighed 210 pounds. He had a ruddy-red complexion with freckles, spiky orange-red hair and green eyes. He was often training to better his skills.

    And last and certainly not least; Always save the best for last. Janet Renton was the all-American Caucasian hometown girl, but trouble through and through. She stood around 5'9", being slender yet muscular, and she'd black your eye if you asked how much she weighed. She had short brown hair and green eyes, and often wore boys clothing. A real tomboy!

    On this particular day, we boys were doing chores for Matt while the girls were 'elping Demara bake cookies and make pies in the kitchen. Thankfully the 'orses liked me a little better than they liked most Australians. Ah guess Ah was the lucky one. Most animals in the area regarded me as a royal prince among animal kind. That often meant no manure on my shoes, no stomped footsies, and more than my share of nose nuzzles against my face by every animal around. Even the non-domesticated kind. Snakes wouldn't even do bad things to me. Spiders often moved out of my way. As Ah said, Ah was one with nature. Not Dr. Doolittle; but it was close a lot of the time. Luckily for my friends and for Grandpa Matt, the animals always be'aved when Ah was 'ome from school. Including zoo animals and circus animals.

    "Wash up, boys!" shouted Grandma Demara from the house as she called out toward the corral and barn. "Cookies and pies for good little boys, kits and joeys!"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: In the Days Before Dragons.

    Ah don't know why Grandma always tagged that last part on the end when she called us in from doing chores. Ah really enjoy chores when there are other people to share the experience with. And the rewards are fun to share too.

    Matt guided us to the hand water pump in the back yard so we could get cleaned up before heading into the house. Like Ah said, they lived on a real classy horse farm. With the friends Ah am lucky to 'ave 'ere in the tri-city area, what could go wrong in such a quiet little burg? Well, Ah'll tell yas what could go wrong. That is why yer reading my Diary after all. And now, on with the adventure.

    On most days, the worst thing Ah often 'ad to deal with was being picked on by Mike and Rikki; the bullies of the tri-city area. Janet wasn't nearly a problem like those two often were. Let me give yas a few examples and yas will see what Ah mean. Bulk and Skull of Angel Grove were comic relief; Mike and Rikki were pain and anguish. Janet made the trifecta which no one wanted.

    School had just let out for the day and Ah was about to leave to 'ead 'ome to the safety of the teen 'ang out in town. No one was allowed to fight inside the business; even Janet obeyed the rule. If yas were ever banned from the business for a month, they always called yer parents. Or in my case, Matt and Demara. Something tells me that if they were to some'ow reach my were-kangaroo dad, 'e might say, 'Way to go, mate! Do it again!' Luckily Ah was never on the receiving end of a ban phone call. More of that Aussie charm and luck, Ah suppose.

    "There's our little punching bag peeking out of the school right now." remarked Mike as he lay in wait across the street in the bushes with Rikki and Janet. "He is always carrying at least fifty dollars, guys. I do not know where he comes into money like that; his grandparents aren't that wealthy. Let's relieve him of that obviously heavy wallet."

    Did Ah mention that Ah often lead a charmed life? When it isn't my friends being fortunately around, it is my unseen guardian protectors getting involved at the last second. Today it was the former as Orion, Damien and Stanley joined me at the entrance to the school. Ah knew Stanley knew martial arts; something Ah really should be learning myself. But again, Ah lead a charmed life in this area; it wouldn't always be like this; but Ah am getting ahead of myself.

    Orion said, "Thanks for waiting, Deryk. We can do our homework at the pool hall before we play some games. Boy, English class was brutal, wasn't it, Damien?"

    Damien hummed. "I wonder whose idea was it to make us learn poetry, anyways?" He was wearing a skull shirt to try and keep the bullies away, but so far, it wasn't working too well.

    Deryk smiled back at his friends. "The teacher said that poetry builds true and 'onest character."

    Orion giggled. "Then we and our friends are full of it. The bullies certainly aren't."

    Stanley made a sudden martial arts type of leap forward with a kick out in front of him before doing a mid air somersault and landing on his feet. "Poetry is like the spiritual balance; the more you know, the smoother your retorts against those who mean ill will toward you. Perhaps a few lessons in martial arts when I am working out at the teen center would help you boys find your own inner balance."

    That was when both Mike, Rikki, Wally and Tim stepped out from behind a tree just up the street. Just beyond them up the street was the teen center and Janet Renton was standing outside watching the scene down the street. Mike said, "Hand over the money, Deryk and we won't have to rough you up."

    Stanley stepped out in front of the boys and struck his martial arts pose. "I'll handle these hoods, guys. Run for the bluff, Deryk. I'll cover for you." Deryk turned and broke off running down the street back in the direction they had come from before he reached a corner and turned to make a break for the bridge that crossed the river. Stanley had said to make for the bluff and that is where Deryk was going to try to get to.

    Rikki shouted, "I'll handle Stanley! You guys catch Deryk!" And he then initiated a connecting martial arts strike against Stanley's hands which surprised the Oriental young man. He had not expected anyone else in town to know martial arts well enough to engage him in combat. Especially not one of the bullies. Mike and the others sped past the fight ignoring Damien and Orion as they ran faster to catch Deryk for his money.

    As Deryk was about half way across the river bridge, he heard Mike and the others yelling behind him as they were just setting foot on the bridge. That only made him run faster. and as he exited the bridge, he left the road and began his trek up the trails into the bluffs of the nearby river shores.

    Unbeknown to Deryk, there was an evil stranger out in the bluffs on a search for the parts to a staff and a small gem stone. General Pandemona resembled a tall winged humanoid morphic parrot, with outrageous colors and a very annoying voice. She shook her head as she stood on the Ozarks bluff overlooking the Current River. "A useless gem-like rock, he says. If he hadn't provided me with a picture of it, he'd have gotten any old rock from around here. Why would a gemstone formed from the core of a meteorite be in a place like this? Shadodraks! Begin search! Now!"

    Not more than a mile away, Mike and the others bullies searched for their favorite victim, Deryk Devlin, who they had seen running up into these hiking trails. They'd been waiting all day to beat him up again, so they could rob him because he always seemed to have a lot of money.

    Deryk kept running; he hated it when his parents sent him to the United States to live with his grandparents. He preferred the outback in Australia better. Being here was pure torture. Every day, he had to endure the harassment and abuse from those bullies. Mainly because of his accent and his wealth. He kept running, until he finally stopped to rest with his back to some tall brush. As he leaned back, expecting a rocky wall of dirt to be behind the brush, he suddenly tumbled backwards into a natural cavern. After he stopped rolling, the boy looked around and saw something off in the darkness, glowing a shimmering red light.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Angel Riders.

      "What is that? Ah better go 'ave a look." Deryk made his way over to where the object lay in some sort of a mini-crater in the cavern itself. Directly above the crater in the ceiling was a hole extending all the way up to the sky. Within the crater, an ornate Ruby and Gold pendant lay shimmering in full view. Deryk exclaimed, "Wow! It's beautiful!" He reached out and grasped the pendant in an attempt to pull it out of the crater. The second his hand touched the pendant, his mind blurred and standing before him was what looked to be a large kangaroo boomer wearing the armored robes of a Dreamtime Warrior. He pointed one furred finger directly toward Deryk which made a red light envelop both of them all around.

      "Young man... Are yas worthy of carrying the Angel's torch? Are yas willing to lead others to the defense of yer strong'old."

      Before Deryk could reply, Mike and the other bullies having heard talking from the cavern, shouted, "Hey! Outback Boy! You better just come on out and hand over your money like the wuss you are! Or do you want us to come in and get you?"

      "What is yer name, Joey?"

      "It's Deryk Devlin. Please don't 'urt me."

      The glowing Kangaroo warrior said, "'ow would yas like to teach those bullies a lesson? Ah will 'elp yas." He stood directly behind Deryk and held him by his shoulders. "Now, affix the pendant to yer shirt." Once Deryk had done this, the Kangaroo Warrior said, "reach yer 'ands in a vee above yer 'ead and say, Transform. Yer Kamen Rider powers will come so yas can 'andle those bullies. Remember, send them fleeing, but don't kill them. In the end, yas will be the Kangaroo King of Angels! Yas will be the Red Fire Stranger!"

      Mike and Wally yelled into the cavern once again. "Last chance to come out on your own, Deryk! You'll really get hurt if we have to come in there after you!"

      Lifting his head up just slightly to reveal his crimson orbs of red light from his now glowing eyes, Deryk in slow motion crouched down as he raised his hands over his head in a vee display. "Transform!" His eyes flared with a brilliant flash of ruby red like light as the his clothes vanished leaving his body glowing in a cocoon of red light from his neck down to his wrists and ankles. Then glowing bright red hexes cascaded around his feet which formed his boots. Then the hexes cascaded up his legs creating his red leather Rider pants, over his torso and hands making his Rider Shirt and gloves and finally up over his head to form an almost futuristic helmet with two red visors and one crimson visor in the middle over the front of the red lens. Then Deryk leaped into the air in a mighty jump and when he landed, his helmet had the appearance of a kangaroo boomer and the back of his armored outfit popped open what could only be described as metal wings. A futuristic sword handle leaped out of a compartment on one of his legs and when he caught it in his hand, its Crimson and Ruby like blade grew forth from the grip and glowed in a radiant yet eerie light. "Ah am the Kangaroo King of Angels! Ah am the Red Fire Stranger!"

      As the blade ignited on fire, The glowing Kangaroo Warrior said, "Go forth, Red Fire Stranger. Teach the bullies a lesson they will never forget." The Kangaroo Warrior then seemed to turn into vapor and was sucked into the Ruby Pendant on the leather uniform.

      The bullies yelled once again. "Okay, Deryk! You had your chance!"

      Suddenly, the whole front of the cavern's entrance exploded outwards in a fiery blast, sending the bullies rolling in all directions, as the Red Fire Stranger emerged from the cavern, with flaming sword in hand!

      The sudden explosion definitely got Pandemona's attention. "Someone is having fun and they didn't invite me!"

      Deryk spoke in a voice so unlike his own. "So, yas boys like to bully younger kids, do yas? Let us see 'ow you like the same treatment!"

      Pandemona heard several more explosions and screams of agony. "Okay, my curiosity just demands to know who is having all that fun while I am working!" Pandemona headed off over the hilltop to see who was having all that fun!

      What Pandemona saw was, of course, Deryk attacking the other humans. For all Pandemona could tell this person was a new General that Vudula had hired to replace Peregrine and she definitely approved! "Well, well, well! He has class! My kind of man!"

      Deryk blasted the bullies again, then smiled, watching them run away. That is when he heard someone applauding his actions behind him. Deryk slowly turned around. "Who are yas?"

      Pandemona smiled. "I am General Pandemona and I like how you perform. Who are you?"

      The Kangaroo Warrior mentally said to Deryk, "Ah detect evil and bullying ways within 'er mind."

      Deryk replied, "Ah am the Kangaroo King of Angels! Ah am the Red Fire Stranger and yas will no longer bully innocent people! Prepare to receive some of yer own medicine!"

      Pandemona soon found out what it was like to be on the receiving end of the Stranger's attacks! She pulled back, upset and angry. "Shadodraks! Attack this red fool!"

      The Shadodraks swarmed over the hill flinging themselves at Deryk!

      The Kangaroo Warrior mentally said to Deryk, "Do as I say and don't question me. Spin around and say, Eruption!"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: How The Mighty Have Fallen.

        Deryk began spinning around rapidly as he shouted, "Eruption!" And the ground fired off a geyser of flame which sent all of the Shadodraks through a fiery portal back to Florida as Deryk stopped spinning to face Pandemona once again.

        Pandemona was in the process of creating her Dragon Monster. Pandemona unfolded her wings, slowly folding them around herself as she squat down and growled loudly. Then, Pandemona arose, unfolding her wings and stepping back. On the ground was a large white egg covered with rainbow speckles. Suddenly, the egg shattered, revealing a large, seven foot tall cloud dragon. Pandemona screeched, "Attack him!"

        Deryk fought against the Cloud Dragon and with the Kangaroo Warrior's aid, the Cloud Dragon was slammed on her back, her head and eyes looking up at Pandemona.

        Suddenly, Vudula's visage appeared, saying, "Having problems, Pandemona? I don't know who this fool is, but we must teach him a lesson for attacking a General." Vudula's eyes glowed, as he said, "Paragon Dragon, GROW!" The Cloud Dragon suddenly grew, massively huge. The Paragon Cloud Dragon became 132 feet tall and 590 feet long. Maximum size for Cloud Dragons. Vudula then commanded, "Annihilate him!"

        The Kangaroo Warrior mentally said, "Do as Ah say, mate. Say, Angel Ride! Then leap 'igh into the sky and merge with yer Boomer Cycle before landing and finishing yer fight!"

        Deryk nodded his head and shouted, "Angel Ride!" And then he power jumped high into the sky as his Boomer Cycle shot through the sky and Deryk merged into it. Suddenly a rush of power cascaded over Deryk's entire body as he and his Boomer Cycle grew in size, transforming into the Boomer Warrior King, with a huge halo of Ruby and Crimson light rippling off it's body. Deryk found that the entire cycle was his new body as he dropped out of the sky and kangaroo kicked the Paragon Cloud Dragon with a mighty fiery Boomer Foot kick! Then in a lasting fight that lasted several moments, during which Pandemona made good her escape, the enemy dragon was caught in an Ruby Halo Blast of Flame which totally destroyed it in a huge explosion! Deryk grinned under his helmet! "We did it, Kangaroo Warrior! We did it!"

        Then he heard the Kangaroo Warrior once again. "No, yas did it, Deryk Devlin. Yas are the Red Kangaroo Fire Stranger. A Kamen Rider Stranger who is the Fire Angel of Kings. Yas could recruit others to assist in yer fight against evil. Although there is only one Kangaroo Angel of Kings, others may gain their own Angels of Kings. For now, aim yer Boomer Cycle down for that nearby roadway and Command the Boomer Warrior to power down to its transport mode of Boomer Bike."

        Aiming for the paved roadway, Deryk commanded, "Boomer Cycle to Boomer Bike!" And as the large Boomer neared to the road, it shrank down and transformed into its Boomer Bike version leaving Deryk Devlin sitting on it with a new helmet on his head as he steered the motor bike down toward the highway stop sign. Then he turned the motor bike on to the highway and drove it back into town across the river bridge as he returned to where he had last seen his friends at the teen center. He parked the motor bike at the bike parking rack before getting off and walking inside the teen hangout where he tagged up with Orion, Damien and Stanley.

        Back at the Lake Fortress in Florida, General Pandemona got a huge scolding, then she had to endure the other Generals comments. As she sat down in the Generals quarters, Pandemona growled, "Oh hush! All of you! You weren't there! You didn't see what this newbie did!"

        General Baphozak grinned. "Okay, I'll bite. What did he do?"

        Pandemona said, "When I first laid eyes on him, he was attacking other humans. So naturally, I thought he was a new General that Vudula had hired. He was even dressed similarly to Shadow, if he wasn't all glowing in red, that is... Anyway, I awaited him to finish fighting the humans, then he turned to me, and we exchanged greetings. I went first. I was really impressed with the guy. Then, he announced that he was Kangaroo King of Angels and the Red Fire Stranger and that my bullying days were at an end. That's when he attacked me. I didn't have a choice but to initiate a full scale attack against him. And worse, he had his own single unit named battle machine shaped like a giant kangaroo. And he mopped me good."

        General Shadow had been ignoring Pandemona until she mentioned that the new guy dressed similarly to him. "I wonder. Perhaps we should ALL go see this new guy. It's obvious that he isn't with the Dragon Guardians if he attacks other humans. But why would he attack Pandemona for no reason? That doesn't make any sense. Against all four of us, this new guy can't possibly stand a chance..." Shadow noticed Baphozak quietly heading out the door. "And where are you going?" Baphozak stopped for a second. "Unless you'd rather me use this room as a toilet, then you shouldn't have to ask." He then continued out of the chamber.

        General Glacyra hummed. "Safety in numbers... It's a good plan. If all of us cannot defeat a single person, then Vudula can punish us severely for allowing ourselves to become so weak."

        Dragon King Vudula entered the chamber and strode slowly over to the window overlooking the lake. "He has a Kamen Rider power. One of a type previously unknown. Where did he get his power? That is what I want to know. Also, I want the gemstone that I sent Pandemona after. When you go to confront this fool, your mission will be two-fold."

        Shadow said, "In other words, while we're confronting this guy, the Shadodraks can search for the gemstone. When they find it, they can take it immediately back to you. We Generals will handle this Kamen Rider upstart."

        Vudula turned to Shadow. "You had better handle this guy. If you are all defeated, don't bother coming back without something to make me forgive you." Vudula strode out of the chamber, returning to his own quarters.

        Glacyra smiled. "Thank you for getting us kicked out of the fortress, Shadow." Shadow growled, "You give up too easily, Glacyra. I have a plan. With it, this Kamen Rider Stranger will not attack us. Oh, he'll want to; but he won't be able to."

        Pandemona smirked. "I've heard that one before, but why not? We have to do something."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Early Warning and the Search.

          The Dragon Guardians were all sitting at a private beach that they had rented for the day. Lionel, Aiko and Kimberly were trying their hands at surfing. Kaitlin and the Magician were preparing the picnic table, setting out food, drink, and snacks. Eugene and Peregrine were up on a cliff discussing fighting techniques. Peregrine held his stick pointed at Eugene. Eugene's stick was held, but not as steadily. "Lift it up a little more. No, not that high. Here." Peregrine got behind Eugene and helped him align the stick. "If this were a sword, your opponent would be laughing. Not a pleasant thing. Now, arc the stick as you swing it, just like a sword. This way you are not simply beating on your opponent as if you held a club. We are making a slash. Now, you try it without my aid." Peregrine let go of Eugene, as Eugene made the movement just as Peregrine instructed.

          Eugene smiled. "Thank you for helping me hone my fighting skills."

          Peregrine nodded his head. "Consider it an equal lesson. I am learning things from you, as well."

          Suddenly, Baphozak emerged from behind some rocks. "Green Ranger. I need to talk to you."

          Eugene and Peregrine turned that way immediately! Eugene said, "Baphozak? It must be an emergency if you risked coming here in person. What's up?"

          Baphozak said, "Were there any Ruby Pendants? Or any other Pendants that you guys know of, but do not possess?"

          Peregrine growled, "Don't tell him, Eugene! He'll just share what he knows with Vudula and we'll be at a loss."

          Eugene hummed. "Remember our bargain, Baphozak? You tell me something of worth and I tell you something of equal worth. That was the deal."

          Baphozak erf'ed. I was hoping he'd forgotten about that by now. "Yes, that was our deal. Very well... Vudula is crafting a very powerful staff that will summon a super dragon that will be under his complete control. There are two items he needs to make this staff. The first appears to be a useless stick with an indentation on one end. The other item is a worthless-looking gemstone. When the two are brought together under the right conditions, the super dragon will appear, and it will do whatever Vudula asks."

          Eugene looked to Peregrine. "Go tell the others what is up. Go!" Peregrine hesitated, but did as he was asked. Eugene turned to Baphozak. "I really wish you'd switch sides, Baphozak. You're not evil, like the others. Anyway... When we first acquired our Talismans, two Angel Pendants got away. A Ruby Pendant and a Storm Pendant. We weren't sure where they'd went."

          Baphozak came over and hugged Eugene. "You're the only one who believes in me, Green Ranger. The Ruby Pendant is in Missouri. As for the staff, Vudula needs storm conditions."

          While the Dragon Guardians made their own plans, Baphozak quickly joined his fellow Generals in their trip to Missouri. "Are you sure this is the place, Pandemona?"

          Glacyra was also perturbed. "If you dragged us up here for no reason, YOU will be the one getting a beating."

          The four Generals were back at the Ozark bluff near River Bluff Missouri. Shadow carefully examined the terrain, searching for proof of Pandemona's claim.

          Pandemona growled, "I am not lying. I got humiliated up here. I was standing right here, and I heard explosions from just over the hill, where Shadow is right now. I walked over the hill and I saw him. Attacking humans."

          Shadow announced, "Pandemona is correct. There was a Pendant at this location. Was, mind you. It isn't here now."

          At about that moment, the four Generals heard the voices of boys. One was saying, "...and when we find that dweeb, we'll thrash him harder than ever for sicking that red guy on us!"

          A few more voices agreed. "Yeah!" "He's toast!" "He won't be able to walk after this!"

          Pandemona turned to Baphozak and Glacyra. "Still think I'm making it up?"

          Baphozak hummed again. "Perhaps this requires further investigation." Baphozak headed off in the direction from which the voices came. It didn't take him long to find them. The local bullies (Mike, Tim, Wally and Rikki) searching the whole area. "Ah, bullies... This should work out perfectly." Baphozak waited until all four bullies were cornered in an area that they couldn't easily escape from, then... Baphozak stepped out and into the only exit. "Greetings! I believe you four have something that I want!"

          The four turned around slowly. They're faces contorted with fright. Classic Bulk and Skull expressions. Then, they started yelling and trembling.

          Baphozak as was previously described resembled the cross between a black dragon and a Minotaur, in all the worst ways. Although he more looked like a Minotaur in sunlight. He motioned to Mike first. "Who is the Red Fire Stranger?"

          Mike said with fear, "I don't know! But if I did know, I wouldn't tell you!" Baphozak shrugged. "So be it." And the bully started transforming into a Minotaur. Baphozak turned to Tim, asking the same question. And then Wally.

          Finally, Baphozak turned to Rikki who had orange-red spiky hair, green eyes and freckles had stepped away from the others as he said, "All we know is that Deryk Devlin went into a cave and that red guy you are looking for came out! Please don't hurt me!"

          End of Chapter Five.