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BattleCard M'rajimer (Armored Illusion)

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    BattleCard M'rajimer (Armored Illusion)

    The elements are: Movement, Force, Thought, and Fancy.

    The base stats are Armor (total health), Action (attacks per turn), Offdef (amount of damage plus player rank), and Dazzle (amount of healing plus player rank.)

    Movement: +1 Action; -1 Armor
    Force: +1 Armor; -1 Action
    Thought: +1 Offdef; -1 Dazzle
    Fancy: +1 Dazzle; -1 Offdef

    Size Armor Rating:
    A Small partner gives a base of 5 Armor (mice, rats, squirrels, small birds, small reptilians, house cats, small dogs, pigs, young humans, etc.)
    A Medium partner gives a base of 10 Armor (horses, cattle, oxen, deer, bears, medium reptilians, large canines, big game felines, large birds, adult humans, etc.)
    A Large partner gives a base of 15 armor (war horses, camels, elephants, rhinos, hippos, large reptilians, etc.)

    When a player ranks up, he gets 15 points to spend between the four base stats.
    The base stats are recorded as the size armor rating, followed by 1 pt on all other base stats, plus or minus your elemental bonuses or penalties.
    (no base number may go lower than 1.)

    (a player cannot challenge another player of lower rank than himself; but you can challenge any ranked player higher than yourself.)

    Sample characters and their partners:

    Larry Kingston
    Rank: 1
    Equumagnus (horse king warrior)
    Element: Force/Erect
    Arm: 23
    Act: 1
    Offdef: 2
    Daz: 8

    Trentin "Recycler" Zhong
    Rank: 1
    Terrien (female terrier)
    Element: Fancy/Feral
    Arm: 15
    Act: 5
    Offdef: 3
    Daz: 6