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    [3C-RPG] Players Journal


    a pen-and-paper role playing game by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle

    created on November 5th, 2014 in a three subject college ruled notebook

    the official guidebook for playing 3-C

    Re: Attributes


    Of all of a character's statistics, the primary ones should always assist your character throughout the game. A game which includes a statistic which seems to have no use whatsoever usually has no reason for the statistic to exist at all and most players would choose to keep that statistic's total as low as possible. Not so in 3-C. All six player attributes assist your character in the game play involving your character's career.

    The primary six attributes are Muscle, Balance, Health, Smarts, Looks and Reputation.

    [MUS] Muscle: This is the measure of how strong your character is and grants him or her a +1 to hit for every three points of MUS (rounded down) your character has.

    [BAL] Balance: This is the measure of your character's agility and reaction deftness. For every three points of BAL (rounded down,) you get a +1 for dodging direct attacks. If you do not see the attack coming, you do not get this bonus. If another player's character shouts off a warning to your character in time, you may get this bonus after all.

    [HEL] Health: This is the measure of your character's life force and his or her resistance to poisons. You get +1 for every three points of HEL (rounded down) to regenerate lost hit points.

    [SMT] Smarts: This is the measure of how brainy your character really is and grants you +1 for every three points of SMT (rounded down) to succeed at figuring out unknown information or to gain insight direct from the game master during adventure sessions. This statistic also grants you a resistance from mental attacks at the same bonus as above.

    [LKS] Looks: This is the measure of how good looking (or ugly) your character truly is; please, no offense is being implied toward anyone. You receive a +1 bonus for every three points of LKS (rounded down) of stunning defense to remove from your opponent's attacks (to hit rolls.)

    [REP] Reputation: If you want to get ahead in this world, it pays to have a good or bad reputation which precedes your character when dealing with others. You get +1 XP (Experience Point) for every three points of REP (rounded down) your character has during a session. The higher your REP score, the more likely others will call on you for help.

    All attribute statistics (or stats) begin at a base of 3 and are modified accordingly for your chosen archetype (or career path.) Every time your character advances a level, you get to add +1 to the stat of your choice. This could mean the difference between life and death during game play so choose wisely when crafting your character.

    [HP] Hit Points: Your hit points are always the total of all six of your attributes added together. If during a fight your hit points are reduced to zero or below, your character is simply "out of the fight." Meaning, he or she is unconscious. Death cannot occur in this game as that would remove the enjoyment for all players in the game. Natural regeneration occurs at a rate of your character's HEL bonus per round (one minute in real world time.) A turn is the measure of how many scenes occur during the adventure itself.

    [XP] Experience Points: Each session of game play controls the set number of experience your characters may acquire. This is decided by the game master to equal out to the number of turns the adventure contained and how many of those turns your characters participated within. If an adventure contained three scenes, then you could receive three experience points.

    [LV] Level: This is your character's level and helps to keep track of how popular your character is among your peers. The higher the level, the more popular you are. The rate of advancement is shown below.

    L1 -- 0 XP
    L2 -- 3 XP
    L3 -- 9 XP
    L4 -- 27 XP
    L5 -- 81 XP
    L6 -- 243 XP
    L7 -- 729 XP
    L8 -- 2,187 XP
    L9 -- 6,561 XP
    L10 -- 19,683 XP
    L11 -- 59,049 XP
    L12 -- 177,147 XP
    L13 -- 531,441 XP
    L14 -- 1,594,323 XP
    L15 -- 4,782,969 XP
    L16 -- 14,348,907 XP
    L17 -- 43,046,721 XP
    L18 -- 129,140,163 XP
    L19 -- 387,420,489 XP
    L20 -- 1,162,261,467 XP (or more)

    All characters who attain Level 20 are considered Legends of their time and congratulations on arriving at this esteemed position in your character's career.


      Character Origins


      1. Mutant
      2. Designed
      3. Sponsored
      4. Homemade
      5. Accidental Scientific
      6. Supernatural
      7. Accidental Supernatural
      8. Charismatic Involvement
      9. Nonpowered Adventurer
      10. Extraterrestrial

      Character Origins:

      Okay, here are the explanations of the various types of character origins. While they're not retyped verbatim, they get the point across. One interesting thing about them is that a character's origin can affect his initial Reputation (REP) score.

      These characters spontaneously developed their super-powers with no apparent outside stimuli. Because they are not always accepted in human society. There's a 30% chance that a character, with this origin, will lose 1 point of REP

      The character was given his powers by the government or scientific organization and was then set loose upon the world. He still maintains contact with his benefactors and is expected to come to their aid in crisis situations. However, he is generally allowed to handle his own affairs without supervision by his "creators."

      Similar to the Designed character, except that he is permanently employed by his creators and they maintain a large degree of control over how he uses his powers. There's a 30% chance, per month, that he will be sent on a mission. If he refuses, the GM determines what consequences happen to him. The character is paid $100 per week per an experience level, and may not except rewards, and gains no REP for refusing them.

      The character trained himself secretly and created any devices he has on his own.

      Accidental Scientific
      The types of powers such characters can gain are determined by the type of accident responsible for them

      The character studied magical books and forbidden lore in order to master the arts of sorcery. True supernaturals gain +2 to their REP due to the aura of fear that surrounds them and the dedication they've displayed to their art.

      Accidental Supernatural
      The character has become involved in sorcery through no plan of their own. They've either discovered a magical item of power or have become enchanted by an unknown benefactor, etc. They gain a +1 to their REP, but aren't as dedicated to Law or Chaos as true supernaturals.

      Characteristic Involvement
      These characters contain some sort of (as yet) unidentified characteristic that gives them an automatic and permanent REP of 17, which can't be changed under normal circumstances. The primary bonus these characters have is being able to attach themselves to some hero or group, and then act as a companion or "mascot." High level Charismatically Involved characters are the type of people hired as secret agents or lead secret organizations. They may switch from group to group of hero to hero when it seems useful. They are also able to train themselves while adventuring, but only up to a max REP score of 16 (once again we get a characteristic benchmark for what constitutes "normal"). They may take time off from adventuring to raise their scores above 16.

      Should a Charismatically Involved character ever find himself in trouble, super-powered individuals of his faction, who are in the area, must come to his aid. Super powered groups with such a character must sustain a one point REP loss should the character be killed or permanently taken out of action.

      Nonpowered Adventurer
      Such characters don't have powers, but because of the number of skills and heightened characteristics they can obtain, they are more than often a match for many super-powered beings. It then states that players first character (the one based on the actual player) can't have this origin type.

      There's a 3% chance that the character comes from another time, dimension, or whatever the GM comes up with. If he's not from an somewhere else, there's 20% chance he works for some government agency and is handled like a Sponsored character.

      The character is from another planet, and his powers are natural to his race. Once again, this can't be used as the origin for the PCs, first character. The GM gets to decide if the character has any contact with his homeworld.

      As previously mentioned, the number and type of powers a character gets is based on his origin.

      Mutant: 1-6 powers from list F
      Designed: 1-4 powers from list A
      Sponsored: 1-4 powers from list A
      Homemade: 1-4 powers from list B
      Accidental Scientific: 1-4 powers from list C
      Supernatural: 1-4 powers from list D
      Accidental Supernatural: 1-4 powers from list E
      Charismatic Involvement: 5% chance of 1 power from list F
      Nonpowered Adventurer: 2-5 powers from list G
      Extraterrestrial: 1-4 powers from list F