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    Head Master Salem Spellman's image suddenly appeared in front of the Beta Inspector that had been questioning Richard about the Crimson Mage. "Pardon the intrusion, Beta Inspector, sir, but I am Head Master Salem Spellman of the QC Planet Consortium. One of my students told me what Bellamy Legosi was thinking about doing for Richard Longier and I have information for him that is most pertinent."

    The Hell Hound Beta Inspector nodded his head. "You may proceed, Head Master Salem. We know who you are."

    Richard actually smiled more than usual when he saw the image of the feline Salem.

    Salem then said, "Richard... the Battlemage known as the Crimson Mage is not a rabbit at all. He is a recruiter for his lord's realm... a realm full of ill tempered and in-heat badgers. If you were to go to him, he would fuck you, change you into the local species, then hand you over to their lord, who would fuck you, get you pregnant, then soul-seal you to that realm for the rest of your life. Your humanity would be gone and by proxy, you would also lose your job with the planar mount stables since the foreman there wants you human to entertain his mounts as you take care of them with whatever the job is that you do there. There was once a rabbit with the name Crimson Mage, but he died in a battle in what is now the realm where abandoned familiars are barely getting by."

    The Hell Hound Beta Inspector nodded his muzzle again. "That is exactly the same information that I know about this Mage. So when you said a rabbit, it threw me for a moment because I knew the rabbit had perished."

    Richard looked crestfallen. "So much for my out of academy tutoring..."

    Head Master Salem then said, "Don't look so glum so soon, Richard. I know you wanted a magic rabbit to help you learn your lessons and I made some inquiries. I found one who works with the Eldritch Academy who permits his apprentices to have day jobs and time to themselves. All he requires for a new student to apprentice to him is for them to bring him a clean human safe carrot and... spend one night in bed with him. There's no getting around that stipulation. Rabbits are notoriously randy especially with cute human boys. But he has agreed to let you keep your stables job. He is called the Beige Boomer. Although he specializes in Detection and Curing magics, he will educate in any spell school you have an interest in. If you would like, I can forward your reply to him so he knows that you are considering him."

    Richard smiled. "Yes please, Salem. And thanks. If you were really here, I'd hug, kiss, and mount you."

    Salem grinned. "Naughty naughty." And the image vanishes.

    The Hell Hound Beta Inspector smiled at Richard. "Even I have heard of him. The Eldritch Academy is located in a pocket dimension that is neither in the Underworld nor in the Overworld. The person in charge of the place is Grandmaster Rook Huxley, a Were-Kangaroo Wizard of the 500th circle of magic. Although his specialty is Alchemy, like all of his other family members. Here, I will embed the pocket dimension's location and how to get there into your memory along with a power for two way transport between Nexus Town and the Eldritch Academy." And he makes it so.

    Richard was so happy that he gave the Inspector a kiss on the mouth! Deeply!

    The Hell Hound Beta Inspector blushed after that. "Um, yes... you're welcome..." He headed off to resume his job.


      Bobby said nothing the entire time this was going on. He simply stood there and listened. He chuckled a bit when Richard kissed the inspector, finding something about the situation funny. When the inspector finally left, he commented. "If you need anything Richard... anything I can actually help with... let me know, okay?"


        Bellamy came over and hugged Richard. "I know your familiar meant well, Richard, but he didn't have his facts straight. I'll send word to Jonas right now so he doesn't go get himself badger fucked." And he send the mental message across the academy to the Cat Prince.

        Richard nodded his head. "At least I am getting in with a nice tutor. Um... Bobby wants to help though."

        Bellamy looked at Bobby. "Are your grades up to student instructor level as yet, Bobby? Or are you still below 5th circle?"


          "Third circle at the current moment," he said.


            Bellamy said, "Student Instructor level is 5th circle, Bobby. That's two rungs above your capability. But I can see that you care about Richard, so..." He ponder this for a bit. "Were you hoping you could help Richard during his tutorial with Beige at Eldritch?"


              "Possibly, sir... yes." Bobby told him. "If I'm allowed, I would like to help."


                Naith smiles and taps back, I would like that a lot. Typically, Dad escorts me, just to be safe. Plus it's free time to talk with him and that's always nice.


                Jonas says, "Usually does. But at least these are the type who like to eat feline." He chuckles a little and when the image of Salem appears, he can't help grinning. He always enjoys seeing his own professor and teacher. To the inquire about more human students, he does mention the new human student who just joined who was there.


                Tobias gave Trake a hug quietly and discretely.

                Lord Yuskay ahs, "Well then pardon my not knowing and I understand your species has it's secrets to keep. No hard feelings at all. If that is the feeling of Sara and the others, then I would most certainly agree that that is for the best. I was unaware of that option." He hrms, "Ferin, is it, I think we can have his master contacted for you. And I hope your next choice does better in your care...Are there any complaints or other information that needs to be brought up before final judgement is rendered?"


                  Basil tapped out, Parren went off to tell them to bring you a meal a whole hour ago? Are the kitchens in the next realm or something? He was actually giggling at the thought.


                  Richard his Witch Cat friend: Salem is arranging me to get some tutoring with the Beige Boomer at the Eldritch Academy. I've heard a little about that academy, but no one ever told me how people enroll there.

                  Bellamy walked over to Jonas and hugged him. "Bobby wants to help in Richard's tutoring, although he is only 3rd circle rather than the necessary Student Instructor 5th circle level. What are your thoughts on this? You know the Eldritch guys best."

                  Baeldragoth said, "The Eldritch Academy is a far better academic institution than the Nexus academy is. If Richard is getting help from them, then he is in good paws."


                  Levarus said, "As you know Tobias, the agreement you made with Bahamut, Darvish, and I is more legalized than the trick the union attempted to do to you. You are bound to that agreement and through that agreement is the only way you still have direct access to Darvish. As for Sara... her deal is different and sad to say, Tobias, you will likely never see her again as she is. The law is the law."

                  Sirca said, "I was too strict with Sara at first, then when I tried to be paws off with her, she immediately got into the worst trouble possible. I would like to blame myself, but how can I possibly do differently the next time? I tried both methods for having a Charge and it still failed. How is it that Guiloni-san has managed to keep a human Charge?"

                  Trake replied, "Guiloni-san allows Jiles to live with Cesma at the Job Tavern as long as the mice help Jiles stay human. Aside from that, Guiloni-san has little to do with Jiles' activity, save for deep and caring advice. Even back when everyone punished everyone for the trouble they got in at the factory, Guiloni-san still allowed Jiles to return to Cesma and the others. And Jiles is still himself."

                  Bahamut said, "Guiloni-san is doing something right then. Damned if I know how though."


                    Bobby didn't really know what to expect, or, for that matter what was being discussed between the instructors. He really did want to help Richard somehow, but it was looking less and less likely that was going to happen. Well, maybe he could help Richard in another way...


                      Naith giggles and tapped in response, No they're not. He probably got scolded from trying to steal an early treat or something.


                      WC: Oh that's much better. The Eldritch Academy's a pretty awesome place. A friend of mine transferred there. And if you transferred there or were taking classes there... It'd be easier for us to meet up again too! Though they're very strict about 'activity' during class hours.

                      Jonas hugged back. The young feline's tail swished silently behind him as he looked over the porcupine. "Hrm. Well my opinion is that the determination should be made by his new instructor. We can say it's fine all we like... but it is him that must approve any supplemental instruction to his own. And I wouldn't want things to get off on the wrong foot. However, personally, I think it is fine. So long as the sex is kept in the bedroom and the magic in the study." He winks and chuckles.

                      Jonas then hugs Richard, "I'm really proud of you so far, Richard. How's your kitty friend? Last time I was up there, he nearly pounced me trying to find out if you were still okay. I've never met a feline so loyal... in any case" He pets the foxy, "Cute familiar too."

                      Vakul grins and beams a little. "Thanks! I try do good for Master Richard... Glad he caught my mistake." He blushes, "I didn't know he was bad."

                      Jonas chuckles again, "It's an honest mistake."


                      Tobias nods a little. "I am very sorry for what happened. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'd like to still be her friend if she'll let me. But... You are right, we're not 'close' like that. We're friends. And it isn't fair that Darvish be punished for my screwing up, if it is okay for me to say, sir."

                      Yuskay chuckles, "I've been called in on any number of cases. It's never the same. Perhaps assuming 'someone else' knows how to do is the wrong approach and the only approach is to make the one that works for you? In any case, if there is nothing else, I have many more cases to oversee. A Yuskay's job is never done." He smiles, "If there is anything further that needs to be discussed, feel free to file a 12099 and a 781." After that, the handsome stud is gone.

                      Tobias blushes, "He might not be a scaly, but Mr. Yuskay is really good looking too."


                        Basil tapped out, Since they are so late... I have an idea about what you told me about the window. Wait a moment... He got up again and went over and opened his window and climbed outside and walked along the wall to the next window which would have been Naith's bedroom window.

                        When Basil reached the window, he tapped on the window and waved when Naith turned to look his way. "Hi. Is this a little better, Juliet?" He winked.


                        Richard smiled at Jonas. "WC is doing better now. He had to get a tutor himself after I wasn't there to help him anymore. It is really strange... when he and I were together, we were both excelling in our classes. But the moment we got separated... we both started failing and he had to get a tutor first, and now I am having to get one." He then grinned at Vakul. "Yeah, the foxy can't wait to pound your bottom, Jonas. Just bend over and lift your tail and you'll learn something special." He giggled. "But yeah, my witch cat friend said that if I attend class at Eldritch, he can more easily visit me there than here... which never made sense to me because there is a 2-way portal at the Consortium between Salem's office and the Dean's office here at the Academy and my friend never asked to use it."

                        Bellamy turned to look at Bobby once again. "As Jonas says, we are not the right people to ask since the tutor will be Beige; not us. We could say no or yes to your offer, but it is Beige's choice since Richard would become his student during Eldritch hours and Richard would be working the stables and the mounts the rest of the time. A job he cannot get out of nor would be want to. He is loved by every mount there."

                        Baeldragoth grinned at Vakul. "Here, I'll hold Jonas in place and lift his tail, and you hump his rear!" He laughed although he never moved to touch Jonas.


                        Delphine the hell donkey elf eared kissed Ean while he stroked on his some more, giving him a lot more hell elf fluids and instructor serum through the male booster shot. "That Inspector was super nice when he read over my paperwork. Were you surprised that he told us to 'carry on'?" He giggled as he streamed another shot of himself into Ean's sexy body.


                        Bahamut smirked. "You know what's funny? Yuskay got in such a hurry to leave... that he never asked me if we were actually going to conduct the alternate restoration for Sara. He simply asked what it was and after that, he got distracted by his other cases. And since I don't want to cause the Paragon any more trouble, I think Sara is just fine where she is since that was part of the original agreement that we had with her. As for you, Sirca, I would suggest you head over to A.I.R.S. Underworld and fill out a new form so you can get a new Charge. That silly Inspection is still going on at the Academy."

                        Sirca smirked and teleported. She had no intention of returning to the Academy today.

                        And then Bahamut also departed. He would return if asked to.

                        Levarus said, "Now that we have Tobias' situation straightened out, Darvish, I guess we better see about getting a bedroom and study set up for you at my estate. Especially since you're going to have to live with me now."

                        Trake hugged Tobias and planted a kiss on his mouth. "I love you."


                        Guiloni-san and Jiles AGAIN arrived at the Job Tavern at Cesma's apartment where Jiles' bed and belongings were located. "I am proud of you, Jiles. Now you take care of Cesma and his friends. And you can come see me if you have any need of my advice." And the he departed.

                        Jiles waited, then headed downstairs to look over the job board since Cesma wasn't home. "If I was Cesma, which job would I be doing right now...?"


                        A.I.R.S. Underworld

                        When Sirca arrived, she was surprised to see another instructor she knew from the Academy. This one was an Anthro Devi-Unicorn Stallion named Androcor. "What are you doing here?" asked Sirca in surprise.

                        "I came to pick up my collection of Charges, naturally," replied Androcor. "Six Boys and Six Girls. They are to live in my pocket realm and I will permit them full exploration of the realm when I have to work. What are you doing here?"

                        Sirca sighed. "I have to order a new Charge. I've had my eye on a nice boy, although I told Bahamut and the others that I had my eye on a girl. But girls are far harder to manage, so this is the route I will take this time."


                          "All i can say... is that if Richard wants my help, and there's a way I can do it, I want to. I'm just not sure where to go, or how to go about accomplishing something that would actually be of use to him. If there's someone else I need to talk to, then I should probably do that."


                            Bellamy shouted some encouragement toward the foxy familiar. "Mount him, Vakul! Jonas likes it!"


                              Naith smiles and walks over to the window. He was actually fair bit larger and much sexier than Parren. He was REAL HOT STUFF! He opened the window a little and smiles, "Hi... Um, who's Juliet? I'm Naith." With the window open Basil could see even more of the sexy, sexy hellcat and could smell the nice scent that an in heat feline produces.


                              Vakul giggles, "Only if my Master says so! I'm a good familiar!" He grins, "But if he is okay with it... hehehe"

                              Jonas hrms, "You don't say." He rubs his chin a little, "Actually, that is a very good point, Richard. While it may not be true, I just suddenly thought of a reason why that can be..." He moves over to Richard and looks at the collar then at Richard, "Richard, leave the collar on and come over here... Try out this spell work homework... I know you had a problem with this but maybe your cat friend can give you some inspiration."

                              Mentally, Jonas comments to Bellamy, I've seen cases where Witch Cats and Non-Felines can get 'involved' and due to the magical nature it causes an instability in each others magic matrix when they're apart cause they sorta get 'inter-tangled'. Similar to what happens to an iron filing caught between two magnets. Can be very confusing. Thankfully, if it is that, it can be fairly easily mitigated. Though Salem has the particular knowledge on how to 'untangle' the magic fields most expertly and permanently. The collar should 'conduct' well enough to see if that's case. If it is, then he can simply wear the collar constantly.. or we can take him to visit Salem and get it fixed.


                              Ean blushes and moaned slightly from the streaming. He nodded, "I..I was pretty surprised. He sure got a big hard on when he saw me though."


                              Darvish says, "Perhaps it was intentional. If he doesn't know, then he can't say one way or the other. In any case, yes, Levarus, we should get going and start preparing things."

                              Tobias hugs Trake back and kisses him deeply, "I love you too! And we'll get to see a lot of each other since I'm gonna be living with you, Levarus, AND Darvish. I'm kinda happy about that."


                                Basil smiled at Naith. "You're a Hell of a lot bigger than Parren indicated. He made you sound like a little kid brother. And you're huge. You're big enough to be a comfortable sofa chair for doing homework in." He winked. "And you smell really nicely."


                                Richard walked over to Jonas and started weaving the spell and... it surprisingly worked very well. As if Richard had no problems at all. Jonas seemed to have guessed the problem exactly.

                                Bellamy looked to Bobby and said, "We will see what Beige has to say."


                                Delphine hummed. "Maybe we can arrange for the Beta to help you as well since he likes you."

                                End of UA-05 Sirius Lessons

                                Stay tuned for UA-06 Eldritch View & Charges New