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UA-05 Sirius Lessons

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    UA-05 Sirius Lessons

    "Underworld Adventures"

    Join a group of friends as they are adopted by Rotunda Sponsors in the Underworld Bazaar.

    This RPG is rated [AX] for Adult content and Naughty scenes.


    First Set:

    Bellamy Legosi - Timesheart
    Jonas Atticus - Darquirrin
    Richard Longier - Timesheart

    Second Set:

    Darvish Seranon - Darquirrin
    Tobias Worren - Darquirrin

    Third Set:

    "Guiloni-san" - Timesheart
    Jiles Trevor - Timesheart

    Fourth Set:

    Sirca Duschia - Timesheart
    Sara Townsend - Timesheart

    Fifth Set:

    Baeldragoth - Timesheart
    Basilio "Basil" Lindsey - Timesheart

    Sixth Set:

    Theran - Darquirrin
    Zeragorath - Darquirrin
    Peter o'Conner - Darquirrin
    Ean o'Conner - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:

    Bobby Thornbody - Scatterpaws

    UA-05 Sirius Lessons
    By Timesheart, Darquirrin & Scatterpaws
    June 16th, 2012


    Levarus' Estate

    While Levarus, Trake, Darvish, and Tobias played a game of billiards for fun...

    ...Bahamut examined Sara outside in an open back field where it would be private.

    Trake said, "It will be okay, Tobias. I promise."


    Devimouse Job Tavern

    Jiles had returned and got cleaned up before seating himself at a table to have a meal in quiet. It was while he was dining, four large Hellhounds padded into the Job Tavern and started looking around very meticulously.


    Stable Realm

    The sex session between Richard, Vakul, and Bobby and whoever else wanted to join in, was still going on. So no, this session did not end with the last episode.


    Hell Donkey Elf Quarters

    Delphine had Ean back in his room and in his lap where upon he was actually teaching the boy how to use cantrip orisons, since they were the easiest to learn.


    Nexus High School Courtyard (near the dorms)

    Basil and the Hellcat sat there while Baeldragoth gave a lecture of a different sort to his Charge. "I can't believe you drank Faery Dragon Honey Tea. Please tell me he didn't overdose on the stuff, HC."

    Basil thought his Sponsor was over reacting.

    Tobias nods a little. "To be honest, I guess I have been spending a lot of time with you and Sara. I just... Really... love you both. But I know it's probably best I take some time off."

    Darvish nods as he sinks another ball (never play billiards against him) "This is true, Tobias. You also have much to learn still. Also, I think I'll be sitting the next game out and having a drink." He grins and sinks the ball. Then heads over to the bar.


    For the record, Vakul had no intention making Bobby a impfoxy familiar, he thought he would be cuter as a young porcupine familiar boi.


    Ean was alternating between being intrigued and embarrassed but he found he rather liked being in Delphine's warm lap. He tried his best to master the cantrips.


    The Hellcat says calmly, "Of course not, Sir. He was having trouble with his Alchemy. I helped him but I noticed his problem was partially because of his Sparkless nature. I, myself, have had a few friends with the same condition, rare though it is in the planes. I didn't feed him the pure stuff, I gave him Faedra Blossom Tea. A variant my brother sells and we sell in the cafe as well. It's harmless unless he were to drink several pitchers at once. And I ensured he did not. I even told him not to and explained why rather give mere warnings and enticing the boy to try it like some might. I care about Basil a great deal."


      Bobby did, in fact, have some knowledge of what Vakul was doing, but did absolutely nothing to fight it, resuming thrusting upward inside Richard. As he did, he felt his orgasm slowly approaching. "Hey... Richard... I think... I'm gonna..."

      He felt himself release inside of Richard, making himself twitch multiple times from the orgasm. "Ohhhh...."


        Levarus racked up the table once again. "You break, Tobias."

        Trake kissed Tobias on the cheek. "I will think about you all the time you are taking a day off."


        Bahamut was learning from Sara concerning the restoration she got through Jonas after she had been changed into a male drake... without consulting Bahamut. And that was why Sara now wanted Bahamut to examine her. Since Jonas is not a dragon, was his restoration on her legal and thorough.


        Jiles watched the four large Hellhounds for a bit, then he asked one close by, "Excuse me, sirs... what are you doing here?"

        The Hellhound Beta Captain replied, "We are official inspectors. After we finish here and a few other businesses, we are to be hitting the Academy tomorrow. They don't like it when we come to town."

        Jiles stayed out of their way after that, but he quickly sent a message to his Sponsor (Guiloni-san) to warn him about the Inspectors.


        Richard continued to entertain not only Vakul and Bobby, but ALL of the other devifoxy brothers to Vakul, mainly because he liked playing with them. Like last time.


        Delphine was distracted in his teaching Ean how to use cantrip orisons, so he didn't notice when the boy began to receive the foot-long sausage surprise from Donkey Land.


        Baeldragoth hummed. "If this is the case, then you did a good thing, HC. My main concerns with Basil is that I don't want him species changed and I don't want him pregnant unless unavoidable. But I don't think you have those kind of plans for Basil, so I will add you to his exception list so you and he can study where ever you need to."

        Basil smiled at that. Now he was starting to get some freedom. But it still seemed limited.


          "Vakul... Richard..." He looked at them calmly, still trying to catch his breath. "Why would you want to share something this special... with someone like me? I mean, I had already admitted just prior to this all happening that I was a virgin... Did that have anything to do with it?"

          He clenched his ass around Vakul's cock, which he still felt inside him. He was hoping that Vakul was going to cum soon, as he wanted both of them to enjoy themselves. His own cock was still buried in Richard, but with the feeling of the first orgasm having subsided, Bobby found himself able to start thrusting again, and began doing so.


            Tobias blushed and gave Trake a hug, "Thanks. I'll think about you too. But not too much, I promise." He moved over to the table and tried to see if he could break the setup of balls.

            Darvish chuckles, "Good."


            Vakul was very happy to have fun with his Master and his friend. After he filled Bobby's rear up good, he traded position with another devifoxy bro.


            Ean didn't notice at first but when he laughed and rocked back in the lap slightly about to comment about a funny effect from cantrip, he gasps loudly as he felt it slide further inside and with his rocking motion, it sent him sliding further down and almost hilted on the warm rod.


            The Hellcat nods, "I would not allow him to come my home this week anyway. My brother is in heat and would not be a good example of my species for my friend as he would instantly be one of us. Personally," he blushes slightly, "While I wouldn't mind the second, I would rather date him first and I find him much more handsome as a human than a hellcat. But, I give you my word, I have no malicious intent what so ever for Basil. I like him a great deal. Also, with your permission, I would like to take Basil to the a special Howling Hell concert this weekend at the Neoplanar Stadium near the Chaosmire, Nexus Border. I didn't ask him if he wanted to go yet, because I didn't now if you would allow it since it'd be an overnight trip. It's on a weekend and not a school day."


              Baeldragoth said, "You have my permission to take him, HC."

              Basil then said, "We may have a problem after this weekend for a whole week. One of my instructors at Nexus High School was talking to another teacher about the Instructor Meetings that were occurring all of next week and how the school would be closed for all of that time and anyone living in the school dorms would have to find somewhere else to stay during that time. And I remember your telling me when I first arrived that since I wasn't an Academy student, I couldn't live at the Academy."

              Baeldragoth almost cursed; you could tell he really wanted to. "The damned Instructor Meetings is already upon us again? I hate this time of year! They enforce ALL instructors to go attend this stupid thing! Which means I have to go to it too! And you are right about the lodging issue. And since your Hellcat friend here is saying that his brother is in heat, it wouldn't be reliable for you to live with him for a week... although no one said it was not safe to do it either, as long as you obey my main two rules. Stay human and no pregnancy. And the best way to stay human is to keep your clothes on. I trust your new hellish feline friend since you and he are partnered together in school. But..." He hummed. "HC... if you were to host Basil for a week, could you make sure your brother kept his paws to himself?"


              Jiles continued to watch the four large Hellhound Beta Captains as they inspected the job tavern looking for literally everything that could possibly be out of place. Of course, curiosity began to get the better of him and he got up and started following one of them around looking to see what the Hellhound was looking at.


              Delphine gasped in unexpected pleasure when he felt the boy plug into his lap like that and closed his eyes and panted hard when he accidentally sent a shot of Donkey Elf Enzyme deeply into the boy's bottom. "Ean... are... are you... alright?" He was kind of worried about his new friend now. Not just anyone could receive D.E.E. safely.


              Richard took a break after a while replacing a devifox brother in front of Bobby as he quietly said, "I'll be back in a back, Bobby. Unlike you animal types... I have to use the drop chute... aka the toilet. I'll return when I'm done." And he headed off and out of the room slowly although gingerly. He really needed to go and he didn't want to go on his friends.


              Bahamut finished his examination on Sara with a tired sigh. "Stupid Cat Lords... they know time and time again that when someone gets changed into a dragon kin species, that I am the one who should always be called in. You are totally right, Sara. You are only restored on the surface; underneath you are still a male samate to... the dragon who owns the samate who did this to you. And since he hasn't made an inquiry on you as yet, we have to unfortunately ask him as to why. Of course asking him about you may remind him that he owns you. Some dragons often have a lot on their minds or worse case scenario... are hibernating. In the case of the latter... until they awaken, you are their property until they awaken to either deny they own you or sell you... or even... demand your return to them since you did willingly join them with another citizen of his slit environment." He picked up Sara. "Let's go find him and hope he is awake or not stuck in something himself."

              And he flew off with Sara in his claws.


              Trake nodded his head. "I was supposed to take all of you guys together on the next outing. I even had permission from Darvish and Sirca. But now we have to wait until after your day off."

              Levarus smiled as he took his turn. "Nice break, Tobias. What do you think you will do on your day off from scalies?"


                This made Bobby stop in his tracks. Seeing as how neither Richard nor Vakul wanted to do anymore, and he really didn't feel comfortable being left with two others that he didn't know well enough, he stopped the two devifoxes from continuing. He didn't want to sound mean, but with neither Vakul nor Richard there to enjoy himself, he no longer felt comfortable, and sat up.

                He did, though, still seem to have the two of them on his mind. "You know something," he said, turning to the two devifoxes. "When I first met Richard and Vakul, I didn't think I'd actually find someone I'd like so much. Richard's very sweet, and I'm finding myself more and more... attracted to him the more we talk."

                "And, Vakul..." he turned to look at him. "I don't know many foxes, but I have to say you're by far one of the most interesting foxes I've ever met."


                  Fortunately for Bobby, Bellamy and Guiloni-san arrived via teleport into the chamber.

                  The demon rabbit instructor said, "It is probably best that your activity ended, Bobby. We need to get you and Richard back to the Academy so you both can get your living quarters and bedrooms cleaned up. Jiles sent Guiloni-san a mental warning that the annual inspectors were in town and would soon be hitting the Academy to look things over. And you don't want them to write you up with a citation for having a messy room. Where is Richard, anyway?"


                    Bobby pointed toward the bathroom. "He said he needed to head that way..."


                      The Hellcat thinks a moment then nods, "I believe so. Most of my family are clean and we take pride in that. My mother, Adea, would do far worse than you could ever think to do to him if he broke her rules and attacked a guest in our home. If he offered, then there would be trouble, but I am sure Basil is the highest quality and would not do so. And our subspecies of hellcat is unable to get someone pregnant outside of our heat cycles, so even if 'activity' occurred, your rules would obeyed."

                      He pauses then blushes and facepaws slightly, "And I forgot to introduce myself again." He smiles softly, "I was named Parren after an old family friend, Parthinax, a dragon of highest esteem, to whom my family owes their surviving the Feline Exodus."


                      Ean gasps, jerking suddenly, which was precisely the wrong thing to do as it caused him to slide further down and become fully hilted on the Donkey Elf's pride. "I..I.I think so....Wh..what just...happened? It...It feels..really....good"


                      Vakul looks over, "Vakul go check on Master and tell him you waitin'" He poofs off to find his Master while mentally telling him what's going on.


                      Tobias thinks a bit then says, "Thank you. Well, I was thinking I might try to explore a little, the safe areas, and possibly visit a club I was invited to. It's called the 'SOSACS Club'. I was told it meant Species of Small And Cute Stature. It sounded pretty neat."


                        Bobby cleared his throat briefly before speaking again. He turned to Bellamy and Guiloni-san, standing up. "I have to say... some of the things I've learned... and the people and creatures I've met here at the Academy... well, let's just say each day as become quite a surprise."


                          Distracted by the dragon's name, Baeldragoth nodded his head with a smile. "Ah yes... good old Parthinax. I am old enough to remember his heroics in ages past. Very well, Parren... you may entertain and house Basil for a while. Since you are named after my old friend, I can lend that trust to you. I need to return to the Academy now. Stupid inspections are today. Be glad you aren't academy students. Everyone is scrambling to clean their rooms and work spaces." And he teleported away.

                          Basil smiled as he hugged Parren. "Old fuddy duddy is gone, finally. And he gave me permission to live at your place and go see that concert. I am really glad he forgot about the tea so suddenly. So what should we do now?"


                          The Hellhound Beta glanced over one shoulder at Jiles with a sly yet goofy grin. "Like what you see? Take a closer look... if you dare."

                          Since the hound was in a fashion giving him permission, Jiles closed the distance and groped the inspector's goods as he examined the merchandise. "If you insist..."


                          Delphine gasped again as he inadvertently shot more of his Donkey Elf Enzyme fluids deeply into Ean. "You just accidentally slipped and... hilted yourself on my shaft. I know I am quite big normally down there... are you sure you are okay?"


                          Richard had just finished cleaning himself and was emerging from the toilet. "Okay, I'm back. This better be good, Bellamy."

                          Bellamy said, "This surprise inspection is leaving us little time to get the Academy cleaned up and in order. Jiles just happened to get the warning first since he was in town where the Job Tavern is. He met the inspectors then he smartly sent a mental message to Guiloni-san."

                          Richard eeps! "Our academy rooms are a MESS! I have to get it in order or I'll look like a human who can't keep things in order!"

                          Guiloni-san said, "Luckily this realm has a different time from the academy or you may have never known about this. Okay, you guys, here we go. I'll aim us for the hallway in the dorms." And he teleported himself and his friends back to the academy within the hallway between the dorms.

                          Richard took off running fast toward the Sponsor quarters where his own room was located. It was his responsibility to clean it up. "I'll return shortly... I hope!"


                          Bahamut and Sara arrived in a realm that was a bit off the beaten track. Once the platinum dragon landed, he set the girl down and he rang a bell by pulling a rope on it. "Now we wait, Sara. This is as far as we can go until invited inside. Or he may just send one of his cute servants out here instead.

                          Sara said, "I know the samate and the drake boys whom I met at the time were really nice. But... it seems awfully quiet around here for someone with as many playmates and servants as I was led to believe."


                          Levarus hummed. "I have only barely heard of the club. I saw an advertisement for it in the Underworld Flier newspaper. Aside from that, I don't know anything about it. Jiles would likely be more interested if its small and cute species."

                          Trake said, "I think another drake told me it was a club for devil mice, imps, hell bunnies, and other such small cuties you usually never see out in the open in the underworld."


                            Bobby quickly ran off toward his quarters. There wasn't much of a mess left behind from earlier, as Bobby had tended to keep things relatively maintained and organized. He finished rather quickly, and was then prepared for the inspection, or at least he thought he was.


                              When Bobby did return, he saw Bellamy, Guiloni-san, and Vakul in the hallway gazing toward the demon rabbit's faculty door. There were a LOT of cleaning and moving sounds emitting from within. Rapid activity sounds, in fact.

                              "The cleaning would probably be a lot easier if he could master the first circle of magic like most of the other academy students," said Bellamy with a sigh.

                              Guiloni-san patted the rabbit on the back of his leg, since he was only three foot tall himself. "How long has Richard been behind the other students?"

                              "Since the day after he arrived," replied the demon rabbit. "Any other student joining the academy the same day he did would have already reached third circle by now. But he got into trouble early on and got rescued by Baeldragoth who chose to charge him a rescue fee. Then that foreman at the stables bought off the debt from Instructor Dumb-Butt, and now... Richard has to work at those stables for a year of Nexus Rotunda Time before the foreman will call the debt cleared. That leaves Richard with limited time to learn magic and hang out with his friends."


                              The Hellhound Beta smirked as he gave Jiles a deep lick on the mouth. "So you dared to play with an inspector, did you? That's a refreshing change from the terrified looks of most people we see. Be careful back there or else you'll get all sticky." He laughed a bit.

                              Jiles mrphed when he got the muzzle to mouth kiss like that. When he was able to speak, he said, "Its just that none of the local Hellhounds around here are as big as you and your three buddies are. You guys are really BIG. And I like that." He proceeded to grope the hound's tools some more, seeing what it would take to cause the aforementioned sticky warning.

                              One of the other Hellhound Beta Inspectors was watching from across the Job Tavern. "Beta Gamma better focus on the job and not on the boy. Although he IS kind of cute... why couldn't our pack ever get cuties like that back in the day?"