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UA-01 A Bazaar Way to Learn Magic

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    UA-01 A Bazaar Way to Learn Magic

    "Underworld Adventures"

    Join a group of friends as they are adopted by Rotunda Sponsors in the Underworld Bazaar.

    This RPG is rated [AX] for Adult content and Naughty scenes.


    First Set:

    Bellamy Legosi - Knightmane
    Jonas Atticus - Darquirrin
    Richard Longier - Knightmane

    Second Set:

    Darvish Seranon - Darquirrin
    Tobias Worren - Darquirrin

    Third Set:

    "Guiloni-san" - Knightmane
    Jiles Trevor - Knightmane

    Fourth Set:

    Sirca Duschia - Knightmane
    Sara Townsend - Knightmane

    UA-01 A Bazaar Way to Learn Magic
    By Knightmane & Darquirrin
    August 6th, 2010


    Previously on All-Stars Episode 13...

    Originally posted by Warheart
    At the Magic Academy, Salem was receiving a Crystal Ball telephone call from the Underworld's Bazaar. "You say you're where? But how in the...-?"

    There came a pause. "...I see. So this Lord screwed up his spell and it opened into the Academy and it grabbed you by accident. Yeah, I'll let Jonas know immediately. But since you're there anyway... I want you to locate and check out the Academy of the Mystic Arts in the Underworld Bazaar. It's another magic school that I sponsor where more than just 'cats' attend and teach at. If you attended there, you would get to meet a wider variety of species learning magic. Heck, even Miyuki would love the place."

    Another pause, then Salem said, "I'll tell Jonas as soon as you turn off this phone call. Take care, Richard. Bye."

    Academy of the Mystic Arts; Underworld Bazaar

    Richard sat in a courtyard at the Academy of the Mystic Arts where he watched the students practicing their magical lessons -- on each other. "Okay, that is unusual..."

    Bellamy commented, "Not really, young man. They are merely doing as they were instructed. I am Bellamy Legosi. Salem asked me to team up with Jonas to be your new sponsor here at the Underworld Bazaar. In fact, the pretty kitty should be arriving soon. I hope he likes how clean we keep it in the academy. Here in the Underworld, we _do_ have something to prove."

    Sirca, Guiloni-san, and Darvish were also nearby watching the students.

    Sirca said, "Their performance is sucking today."

    Guiloni-san grinned. "Perhaps it is because they know a cute boy is watching them."

    Richard blushed.

    Jonas appeared just then. Unlike usual, he was actually wearing clothes today... Well what passed for clothing for a feline like himself. He was wearing a nice brand new looking collar. A shiny silver collar that offsets his black fur nicely. He also was carrying a very old looking leather bound tome. He walked up and presented it to Bellamy, floating upwards so he was not having to crane his head so far up. "Here you are, Professor Legosi. Salem said you had been waiting on this for quite some time. Since I was coming anyway, he felt he could shave two cats at once."

    Jonas is clean and well trimmed. He looks even prettier than usual with his new collar and silver studs in his ear. He looks professional!

    Darvish mmms, "If that is the case, we should get some more. Focusing past distractions is an important part of all magic."


      Bellamy smiled and hugged Jonas. "You look and smell well, Jonas. As I was saying earlier, we have something to prove in the Underworld. Are you ready for the tour of the academy?"

      Sirca hummed. "Darvish is right. We should get more down here. And I want a girl, at least. Thanks to that Digimon A.C. series, everyone who even knows about the underworld thinks that there are no female species down here; that it's all males. A big gay sex party."

      Guiloni-san grinz. "Probably worse that most think that we have no cats down here."


        Jonas chuckles and hugged back a bit then nodded, "Yes. And of course my new office... I assume I'm sharing one with you for now?" He looks over at Richard and grins slightly, "By the way." He hands over a small catnip-scented tail-ribbon with a bell attached to it. "Your friend sent this to you. He said that he'll miss you and that you were the greatest boy he ever met. He really was impressed."

        Darvish smirks, "Well, D.A.C. also furthered the stereotypical digimon races as well as Underworld philosophy. Still in some parts of Hell, they're not wrong. In others... well there is a reason we have so much to prove."


          Richard sighed and tied the ribbon around his neck. "He was a nice cat, too. I didn't mean to land down here though. If that stupid demon hadn't accidentally tried to capture cats out of the Consortium's labs through that cauldron, I wouldn't have found out what was going on. But because I wasn't a cat, he didn't want me. He sent me here to the bazaar where I called Salem."

          Bellamy smiled. "Come, Jonas... Richard will be okay here for the time being. I'll show you the offices first."

          Guiloni-san remarked, "I was insulted when I heard that Guilmon and Growlmon were supposed to be that yiffy with human boys."

          Sirca giggled. "It could be far far worse..."

          And to prove her point, one of the other professors arrived at that moment and released his students into the courtyard... and he noticed the other instructors with the human boy... and he on his cloven goat hooves came walking over slowly. "Well, well, well... if it isn't the Goody Two-Shoe Squad." The demon professor (Baeldragoth by name) was a huge anthro goat/ram with a bulging package, although he wore only a loincloth of leather because of the school's dress code that demanded that instructors cover their goods. "A new student or someone's class project? Cute ribbon and bell, by the way..."

          Bellamy cleared his throat. "Richard is our new Charge with the Underworld Sponsor program. The Surface World kept screwing up this program and we haven't had a shot at this, so this is our chance to show that the Underworld can do what the Surface World can't. Do you have a problem with this, Professor Baeldragoth?"

          Baeldragoth simply chuckled as he listened to the explanation. "If you really think you can make it work when those on the surface can't, then this should be entertaining to watch. I may video tape this exercise and sell it to Devi-TV as a Funniest Home Video." He winked with a wicked grin.


            Jonas nods, "Alright, Bellamy. I do hope you are right." He will go with Bellamy but he'll be keeping a mystic eye on Richard. It is his responsibility after all.

            Darvish looked rather disinterested as he said in an off hand manner, "Well it would be the first time you ever managed to get a submission that wasn't immediately rejected."


            Richard could suddenly hear in his mind, in a native feline dialect that the ribbon auto-magically translated so he could understand, 'Oh... you got my gift. I am very happy. I was hoping that you might. This way I might not have to say good bye to you forever.'


              Bellamy and Jonas head off together.

              Richard mentally says back to his feline friend, 'I didn't mean to end up here, but Salem said I should stay here and attend classes at the academy. The instructors aren't too bad... except for this one who looks like his cock is about to rip through his loincloth.' hehe

              Sirca glowered at Baeldragoth. "We will be getting more humans down here. This one is just the first."

              Baeldragoth laughed. "Oh, so you WANT the program to fail! Very well... I'll be 'good' and be around to say 'I told you so' when things go horribly wrong!" He then walked away laughing.

              Guiloni-san hummed. "I wonder why he thought having more humans here was funny?"


                The feline replies, Well then I know the first one I would avoid. I am sorry that you got pulled down there. On the up side, maybe that means you will be able to see me sometimes. It sounds like your near one of the Nexi.

                Darvish shrugs a bit, "Well failure is just the first step toward enlightenment, yes? I doubt we will achieve perfection on the first attempt."


                  Richard mentally replied, 'He's not that bad, in truth. But he thinks the sponsor program down here is doomed if they bring in any more humans. And the other instructors want more humans at the academy. Anyway... the academy is at a college town called The Bazaar. Apparently, there is a direct nexus between the Consortium and here, because Salem supports the Academy.'

                  Guiloni-san glanced to the other instructors. "Any idea on what kinds of humans you want? And instead of just female, Sirca, what kind?"

                  Sirca hummed. "That's a good question. Though I'd like one who loves magic and who has practiced her tricks on her younger sibling."

                  Baeldragoth grinned over where he was as he silently examined Richard. He isn't a bad looking boy. Maybe I can get him into at least one of my classes...


                    The reply is a little sheepish as his friend says, I guess you have a point. Maybe I am just a little over cautious and protective because I miss my friend. You were the first one to really say I was good and I have a lot to prove to the other cats here. Lord Puss-in-boots wouldn't want his... I mean... He wouldn't want one of his subjects to be the weak link.

                    Darvish grins, "Well... I think I'm going to let a little random chance help that a long. I think it would be a good thing to not try to pick what I might want but rather whom I think I can help the most."


                      Bellamy and Jonas are looking over Jonas' new quarters and nearby classroom.

                      "And this is where you will be living when you aren't teaching a class, you sexy feline." The demon rabbit groped the witch cat's rump gently.


                      Baeldragoth noted the human boy was looking his way and he politely smiled and waved a little.

                      Richard smiled back and waved, then continued his mental conversation with his witch cat friend, 'Lord Puss-in-boots wouldn't want his... lover? to be the weakest link? His sex toy? His chief familiar cat? When you corrected yourself, all manner of dirty what if's entered my mind. What were you going to say?'


                      Guiloni-san grinned. "I am sure we'll get a good selection of young people to try out our skills with. But I think we should agree not to be sexual with our charges regardless of what the rest of our species might do to them under ordinary circumstances. We try to keep our interaction with our charges clean and thus prove that we can make the program work."

                      Sirca hummed. "That's a good idea, Guiloni-san. And that is probably why the surface world's program always failed, too; the Sponsors got sexual with their Charges. So if we keep it clean, we'll succeed where they failed. Hopefully..."


                        Jonas smiles and bapped the rabbit's paw with his tail as he winked, "Thanks. It looks really nice. I think this will do very nicely for my home away from home. And probably be much less bothered here as well."


                        There is a soft mental sigh and wince. Son. Youngest Son. By product of his Chief Familiar Cat. Surprisingly, it's not nothing dirty and probably less interesting than chief familiar cat. But the tone behind it suggests the position isn't as nice as it might sound. Sons of familiar cats usually aren't even considered as anything but a new familiar, generally speaking of course.


                        Darvish hrms, "Well in that, I would agree fully. I do not plan on doing such things with mine either."


                          Bellamy smiled as he gave Jonas a deep kiss on the muzzle......


                          Baeldragoth was already making arrangements for Richard to be in two of his classes. hehe.

                          Richard mentally said to his witch cat friend, Wait a minute... if you're a familiar cat yourself, then how come I'm not one by now? You and I have yiffed deeply loads of time when I was with you. And you've emptied a lot of cum in me and I know from talking to other witch cats that if a familiar cat yiffs you, you will become one yourself if they cum inside of you. And since you emptied yourself into me lots of times... I just don't understand how we avoided it.


                            Jonas smiled and kissed back, "I take it your happy to see me down here?"


                            His witchy kitty friend replied, It's complicated. You see I'm the lord's son. One of his heirs. But I'm also a familiar cat. However, I passed my father's Mastery test. A familiar who passes the Mastery test is 'promoted' to the same species as their Master, which in this case was my father. He didn't want to have a son of his be.... weak. I barely passed. That's why he spent me to study under Salem and Jonas.... And I don't want to disappoint me. I'm technically half-cat prince, half-familiar cat but since I passed my Mastery, I can control whither I make someone else a cat or not...*sigh* And I liked you too much to do that to you. I'm really gonna miss you.


                              Bellamy smiled and kissed Jonas some more. "I am always happy to see a fellow magic user down here. Wanna romp with a bunny rabbit while we have some time?"


                              Richard mentally replied, Will you quit saying that you will miss me? I'm in a nexus here. Heck, I just saw Jonas in here an hour ago. You'll see me again. Honest. But for now, I do need to see about familiarizing myself with this new area. So many species in one place. I'll chat with you later, best yiff I've ever had kitty.

                              And he takes a slow breath and releases it before he heads out of the courtyard and sets about exploring the nexus town that the magic academy is in the middle of.