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UA-01 A Bazaar Way to Learn Magic

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    Tobias says, "I am a little thirsty... What do I need to do?" He was curious how this worked and how just standing in a hole seemed to handle eating and drinking. He's a very curious boy and that could be the downfall of him.


    He immediately reappeared in a mousy-only job add and he was yiffed deeply in his new devimouse body!!

    The one who was just ahead of him waves from just across from him, looking like he's having a lot of fun!


    The faun smiles and kisses Sara's hand, before accepting it and weaving it deftly into his longish hair. "Thank you. It is nice to have such a beautiful audience."


      Trake reached over beside him and pulled open a sticky hole for Tobias and said, "Stand behind the hole facing forward like I am and just jump feet first into this hole. Once you do that, I'll instruct you on the rest of the process." It is too dark in the hole to see what may be in there, naturally, nor how deep it may be.


      Jiles meeped as he got it just as the rest were getting it. "What is going on? MEEP! I'm a mouse! What happened to me?"


      Sara giggled a little. "You're welcome, but I thought they were your audience." She pointed over the edge. "By the way... My name is Sara. What are you called?"


        Tobias did as Trake instructed, trusting him, and then jumped inside the hole, hoping it wasn't too deep!


        The closest one giggles, "you got changed into a mouse. The job said 'mouse only' so you were changed to meet the requirements! And you'll change back at the end. NEAT huh? Now you can try out being like us TOO."


        The faun grins, "ah but everyone who hears is my audience." He winks, "I'm known as Ferin. Nice to meet you, Sara."


          It wasn't too deep, just waist deep, but a little weird feeling.

          But then Trake seemed to remember something and he asked, "Um, I forgot to ask this, but can boys like you take sustenance through their seats while talking at the same time? Because if you can't, then I'll need to get you out of that hole before you get totally sticky."


          The instructor Sirca suddenly said, "I see you met Ferin. He is one of the most talented spell bards at the academy. He often practices and performs out behind the academy like this."

          Sara looked at the hell hound. "Are you going to be checking on me every time I meet someone?"

          Sirca grinned. "No. I simply forgot to have you sign the academy form, that's all. You're the only female in the Underworld Sponsor Program." She handed Sara the form and a pen, while glancing at Ferin. "That's right, friend... it's started. I don't know where the boys all got off to, but I have the girl. She's nice, isn't she?"

          Sara was actually reading the form before signing anything.


          Jiles smiled. "Oh I guess that makes sense! Thanks guys!"


            Tobias blinks, "Through... seats? Uh... no..." He starts climbing back out. "How would you get anything from a seat?" He sounds thoroughly confused now.


            Ferin chuckles, "So I see. She has quite the appreciation for music. Perhaps I will see her in the bardic classes, then." He grins, "I'm also glad to know she is yours, Sirca. With you as her guardian, the others will be too frightened to do anything too unseemly."


            The devimouse giggles, "Your welcome! We love to help our new friends."


              Trake quickly helped Tobias out of the hole, which is trying to act like a suction now. But they manage it before anything weird happened. "I am glad I remembered that part, Tobias. You see, we underworld drakes are designed to be able to eat and drink through seats like this. But I often forget that non-scalies cannot do that. That's why I asked you about it as quick as I did. We don't want Darvish mad at me. Right? Anyway, if you're hungry and thirsty, I can get a catering service to bring you something. Whatever you want since you're so nice."

              "Of course, if you want to know how the seat things work... I'd be glad to tell you," he said with a smile.


              Sirca smiled. "As true as that may be, I am now wondering where the other charge boys got off to. Unlike my peers, I only gave Sara permission to explore the academy first. I would hope the boys didn't accidentally touch a job board or befriended a samate or even got involved with breeding animals."

              Peg. Peg. Peg.

              Sara hummed. "Sirca... you already had me sign one of these. Are you sure you aren't simply checking on me?" She handed the form back.

              Sirca replied, "Okay, okay. I am checking on you. I just wanted to make sure you weren't getting yiffed on your first day. Unlike a boy, you should be a little smarter."

              Sara grinned. "If they want to try it, I can always describe what a human female period is like. Wanna hear?"

              Sirca suddenly looked sick and departed looking a mite green.

              Sara giggled. "So that's what it takes."


              Jiles will continue to have fun on the job then since they said the form was only for this job.


                Tobias was a little startled by that sudden suction. He ums, "I am curious how that would work but I would like the catering if you would not mind too much. I don't want to be a bother."


                Ferin fell back a bit, laughing. "Oh... Oh that's funny. You would make a good jester Sara. But if you think a human female period is bad..." He grinz, "I can tell you horror stories of the Slush Pit of Hell where the Female Hell-Beasts go for their period cycle. A whole realm of nothing but constant periods. OF course that realm is near PATHS." He grins, "It's got a really bad reputation as a result." He sits back up and chuckles a bit more, "I'm glad, however, that you are smarter than your less intelligent gender."


                The mice will treat him REALLY well and deliver him back to the tavern when the job's done.


                  That evening in the Academy Dining Hall...

                  Baeldragoth didn't look very happy nor amused as he was being FORCED by the Academy Dean to clear Richard's debt in front of everyone AND with the Devi-TV cameras rolling. (Apparently the Mount Lord called the Dean about Baeldragoth's vile plot and the Dean called Lord Impy with a free scoop.)

                  Richard sat clean and smelling good at one of the tables where the Charges were all being allowed to sit at while having dinner.

                  Trake quietly explained to Darvish what happened during the day, the shared wages, and the innocent mistake with the sustenance hole. But Trake did make sure Tobias returned human.

                  Jiles told Guiloni-san about his outing with the devimice, and Guiloni-san was just glad to get his boy home as a human boy. It would have been a FAIL to lose a boy on the first day.

                  Sara simply ate quietly as she took note of who the other charges were and who their friends were. And of their Sponsors. Jonas Atticus was the one she had definitely heard of. The others were new to her, except for her nosy Sponsor, Sirca. She was glad to see Ferin in the dining hall at a table with other spell magicians.

                  Bellamy smiled, stroking his long rabbit ears. "One day down and every Charge still human. They made some friends and they learned some things. I think we're doing very well."

                  Guiloni-san replied, "Indeed. Although I was worried at first."

                  Baeldragoth grumbled. "Okay guys... I'll be the first to admit it... maybe you can make it work." He wasn't upset with the other instructors; his beef was now with the Dean. Humiliation sucks.

                  Sirca giggled. "An admission from Mr. Hard-nose Funniest Home Video. But let's not get foolhardy, guys. One day a win does not make."


                    Darvish forgave Trake for what happened, after all he acted honorably and gives Trake permission to visit and befriend Tobias, under the condition that he continues to be as honorable and helps to ensure the boy remains human. Darvish smiles to Bellamy and the others, "True. But the first day is always the hardest."

                    Jonas grins, "So you guys are really going to try to go through with this? I look forward toward seeing your progress in the future and wish you the utmost luck." He grins over at Bellamy, "Richard seems to have had a good day as well. I think he learned something."

                    Tobias smiles and introduces himself to Richard and the others.


                      Bellamy smiled. "Glad to hear you say that, Jonas, since Lord Impy wants to cover our progress for Devi-TV. It is good publicity for the Academy."

                      Sara smiled. "Hi Tobias. Just call me Sara."


                      "I'm Jiles."

                      Sirca poked Darvish in the tummy a little. "Tomorrow we get to run them through their first classes."

                      Guiloni-san giggled. "Somehow I think that won't be a problem for them either."


                        Darvish chuckles, "Tis true."

                        Jonas winks at Bellamy, "Well, that kinda helps us too." He lifts up a small crystal ball, "Just keep tuned in and you'll always know where your boy is and if he's about do to something stupid." He giggles.

                        Tobias smiles, "Nice to meet you all. Nice to know some friends who are human here. I like meeting lots of people but it's kinda nice to feel like I have some 'comrades' too."


                          Richard said, "Are you kidding, Sara? Your Sponsor does that?"

                          Sara nodded her head. "All I was doing was politely chatting with the devifaun spell musician over there" referring to Ferin, obviously "in the back of the academy and Sirca suddenly shows up from nowhere and sticks her nose up my butt, not literally, but figuratively. Unlike you guys who got to explore on your first day, I can't even fart without Sirca being right there to sniff it to see if it's demonic."

                          Jiles giggled when he heard the description. "She sounds overprotective. And if she keeps that up, then the Sponsor Charge program will be marked as a failure anyway. It's supposed to be like the Big Brother programs on Earth. But if she goes the I've got to control my Charge route, then that's it. Failed program. It doesn't succeed if you're controlling your Charges."

                          Richard grinned. "Sirca will have to take her eyes off of you if you ever want to earn your own spending money. At the moment, and I am sure she hasn't mentioned it, but aside from meals... and the one-time necessary shopping trip to the mall, nothing else is given to you for free. When I learned that, I chose to find a part time job. I got lucky because not only do the mounts like me, but the foreman loves having me around and wants me to stay on full time. He said he understood the deal with the academy, so he's content to getting me once a weekend. However... time there is different than from here. One hour here is one day there. So a typical nine hour work day of academy time is nine days at the mount stables. I love it."

                          Sara hummed. "That does sound lucky. Do they yiff you though?"

                          Richard blushed a little and nodded his head. "But they are polite about it."

                          Jiles looked to Tobias. "And how was your day with the drake boi? Did you learn anything interesting or useful or even... funny in a kinky way?"


                            Tobias blushes, "Well it didn't go... badly." He fills them in on the entire affair. "I don't know. It seems pretty tame, really, compared to what it could be! And he's given me a lot lectures... but he's always said that I have to choose if I listen or not. And if I'm smart, I'll have fun while keeping myself safe. And that, while he'll be disappointed and marked a failure, if for some reason I did join a local species, which he says has happened...alot, he'd still support me even if for some reason the Charge thing didn't apply. So he's pretty ... supportive. Just knowing that... Makes me able to relax a little and I guess...also like I don't have to sneak anything, you know? I feel like I can talk about almost anything to him. And he really does listen. He's stern about chores and stuff though."


                              Jiles smiled. "So you made a friend, like the rest of us did. I'm glad we are able to make some friends around here. It would be super dull if we weren't allowed to have friends."

                              Richard grinned. "I get the feeling that a certain cat and a certain bunny would like to bang my bottom in bed eventually... but neither have even breathed anything of that nature."

                              Sara giggled, then she got serious again. "Ferin is nice, but one person safely in the academy isn't really my going out to meet and make new friends. And how do I know whether that encounter was arranged by my nosy Sponsor?" She paused. "...who just HAPPENS to be looking my way yet again." She then raised her voice, "NO, I DID NOT DISAPPEAR WHILE YOU WEREN'T LOOKING, SIRCA! DON'T YOU HAVE SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT TO DO OTHER THAN STARE AT MY BUTT?"

                              Baeldragoth smirked and grinned again. "She nailed your habits, Sirca. I like that girl already."

                              Sirca was now the one growling.

                              Guiloni-san smiled at Darvish. "They are getting honest now. This will be an interesting year... if they live that long, that is."

                              Bellamy hugged and kissed Jonas again. "I like you a lot, partner. Thanks for helping out with this project."


                                Tobias giggles, "And nods. That's true. Hey. Maybe we could make it a trip with all of us? That'd get approved from all of them right? Then we could all make new friends. There's gonna be that big show thing in the town later, right? We could go to that. I bet a lot of interesting people visit that."

                                Jonas giggles, "Your very welcome. After all, I couldn't let Richard get in trouble without a LITTLE supervision." He winks and hugs Bellamy back. "But, Sirca... You really should relax a little. It's your choice or not, but... From my experience... If you watch a charge TOO closely...they're gonna run away from you and try to get in trouble just to prove you can't stop them."

                                End of Episode One -- A Bazaar Way to Learn Magic

                                Stay tuned for Episode Two -- Charge of the Friend Brigade