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    The large PP demon's voice replied soothingly, "Eventually if you dropped the brush, then yes... Is it feeling any easier to stand under me like that?"


      Richard replied, "Actually it is. You're good at instruction. Were you ever a teacher or an instructor before you lived here?"


        The PP demon just shook it's head a little before thrusting deeper and harder, "Yes. I am a mounter and teach others to accept it properly. As well as enabling them to do so." Ie...start bodily changes to ensure their ability and comfort.


          The foreman/owner would get Richard out far later, but for now... it was way more fun to watch the boy to see how far he went. If he became a mount like the others, he would get a stall in the middle of the others and then a new 'boi' hiree would be allowed to brush those within. Of course, if Richard got stuck, the owner would buy off Richard's debt so no one could get him out for a restoration.

          Richard nodded his head as he rocked himself back and forth on the shaft that was stuck deeply within him. "I sorta have one question while we're doing this... thought it's not about what we're doing... but I was wondering why I was the only worker in here? This job was so easy that I figured that there would be hundreds of volunteers to do this job. Am I truly the only one who has ever accepted this job?"


            The PP mount says honestly, "The Master is a bit of a cheapskate... But he also feels like it is best to have as few workers as possible to limit the possibility of upsetting the other mounts. No, no, lean a bit more forward, push with your arms and legs, like a four legged...yes more like that... The tenseness will ease after a bit..." Each little bit of advice was tailored toward training Richard to unquestioningly preform his wonderful task...and taking his attention away from the slight changes each little spurt of demonic was having on the boy's body.


              Richard then asked one rather touchy question... "So what happened to the worker before me?" Of course, he was very much so learning how to do this just right.


                The PP mount says, "It's something of a sensitive subject but he got 'bonded' to one of the prize demondragonmounts in Corridor 16. .. It was essentially theft since they can't sell that mount any more as it's already bonded to it's life-mate Master. Mounts of that sort are very special and rare. Thus worth a lot. SO he had to replace what he becoming a breeder."


                  Richard ohed as he continued with the PP Mount. "I worked the brush in that corridor this morning and I never would have guessed. But... then again, they all looked happy to see a new face there. And truth be told... I really LOVE this job. Cause I owe a rather crafty college demon a LOT of credits and favors... and rather than work for him, I said I would take a job board add and pay him off through the job I took and... I ended up with this job. But if I can't pay him back in a year, he said he would summon me and I'd be his slave until I did pay it off. With interest. And I don't want that... I really LOVE working with the mounts in here. Everyone, you included, are so nice."


                    The PP mount smiles, "We all like you too. Your a very nice boy and we wouldn't mind if you were around more often." He then moves it up to the next level and Richard feels likes everything just got bigger inside him... and it feels great!


                      After a while, the foreman/owner comes around and helps Richard out of the pen and he gives the PP mount a treat for being good; hehe. He then handed Richard a fresh brush and says, "You probably didn't know this, my boy, but you didn't have to go after the brush every time it slipped out of your grasp. But because you did... you've been making my mounts very happy. They all say you are the best boy we've ever had in here."

                      "And no, you haven't been the first. But I tend to only hire one at a time to see how they score in the eyes of my PP mounts. And you've made gold stars everywhere you've gone in here. Therefore, if you would agree to a lifetime contract here, I'll be glad to multiply your wages by one hundred. Then you could get that debt paid off with Baeldragoth all the quicker. He is someone that most underworlders know too well. He will do almost everything to get you into his class at the academy."

                      "And if you don't join it willingly, he arranges for the victim to end up in situations where you end up owing him a debt. Then he offers the victim a deal for paying off the debt. But if the victim is smart, like you were, Richard... they will turn down his offer and seek regular job employment."

                      "That's right, Richard... I said you were smart to stay out of his clutches. He arranged that rabbit trap you fell in with the dragon because he knew that you had a rabbit fetish after a club rabbit who has a class with him told him all about you. He used the thing you love most against you so you'd owe him a debt."

                      Richard then asked, "How can he get away with that?"

                      The foreman/owner smiled. "One of Yuskay's laws, which he really thought was well worded at the time, has a pretty bad loophole in it. I don't remember how it actually reads, but the gist is that the perpetrator must be caught in the act before charges can be pressed against him. And because he is never there to push a victim into a situation, he can't be caught. Of all the instructors... he is the biggest prick on the staff. And he gets away with it."

                      "Now come on... Corridor 17 would like some special attention from you. Yes, a row over from where you started. They are dragonmounts but of a younger variety. And the majority have fox in them, so many are rather randy today. But they said they hadn't seen you yet, so you need to handle their area. And allow me to explain something to you about theft here in my pocket realm..."


                      They began walking down the corridor. The conversation wasn't meant to be secret, so anyone could listen in.

                      "When you sit on a dragonmount's back, they have a special yiff hole on their back. It's more like a back slit rather than a groin slit. If you ever get your cock into that hole, you end up bonding with the mount. And after that, the mount loses value with me, but is more valuable to you because in effect, you have married the mount and permanently soul-linked yourself to the mount. If you buy one then bond with it, that is perfectly legal. That is your business."

                      "But if you purposely do it with dragonmounts owned by someone else without purchasing them, it's considered theft and a magic I have in place in my stables will change you into the species as a breeder so you can produce enough to pay for what you've stolen. If you accidentally do it, I can undo it, but only then. But remember this: accident or not, undoing it is like breaking your new lover's heart. Once you bond it is for life, usually."

                      "But if we can get you unbonded before an hour passes, then there would be no harm done to either you and the mount. But if more than an hour passes, then even if an accident, it's considered to be theft and you have to pay for it. I am telling you this because it has happened at least eleven times before you were hired."

                      "Now... there is a safe way to yiff with them... if you yiff their tail holes, you can get away with that without a problem. But if a dragonmount yiffs you, you will change into a dragonmount and then you'll be just like the others... waiting for someone to bond with you. Understand?"

                      Richard nodded his head. "Thank you for explaining all this to me."

                      He then said, "And that's why I mentioned early on... if you drop your brush, you don't have to enter a stall; you can go get a fresh brush. You are taking a chance if you enter a stall even if it is to retrieve the brush, unless you simply love that brush over any others (and I've noticed that you are still carrying it.) Like I said earlier, those you retrieved the original brush from... all said you were a perfect gentleman of a boy and they all demanded I hire you on permanently. Ah, we're here. Get to work, Richard. I will check on you again in an hour or two. Have fun." And the foreman/owner departed.


                      Richard got to work immediately with Corridor 17 and the foreman was right, naturally... these guys acted and smelled very randy.


                      Through the Law Imp arrangements and time displacement, Darvish had received a boy named Tobias Worren. And Guiloni-san had received a boy named Jiles Trevor. The boys had both been briefed by Lord Albert and AIRS about the sponsor program (omitting all the bad stuff that had been occurring with the program,) and now the boys were in the hand-holding grasps of their new sponsors.

                      Guiloni-san said, "Fine choices, I think, Darvish."

                      Jiles asked, "Um... I noticed that you are undressed, sir. Do you want me to... get naked... too?"

                      Guiloni-san smiled, then replied, "No. If you undress, it must be your choice; not mine. Although others around here may have dirty thoughts if they see more naked humans."

                      Jiles seemed to release a sigh of relief with a smile when he heard the answer. Heavy weight lifted off his shoulders.

                      For which Guiloni-san was GLAD! This boy seems to be embarrassed over his own nudity. Maybe that will help keep him out of trouble down here. And then I'll have proven the program works because I'll have the perfect boy.

                      Famous last thoughts... knock on wood.


                        Darvish grins, "Thanks. I think you did as well. Well, Tobias... What do you think of all this? What is... your honest opinion?"

                        Tobias blushes, "Well, sir, it's not like anything I could have expected. But so it's pretty awesome meeting people like the two of you... Um... I admit, I'm pretty glad we can keep our clothes on. I was a little afraid of that as well. Are there any ground rules other than we already read and agreed to? Or have for me?"

                        Darvish laughs, "Well education methods I employ, tend to be hands on rather than lectures. But the first one, I think, I will warn about, particularly around this place, never EVER say 'I wish' or variations of that theme in context because it will get granted... And you WILL regret it."

                        Tobias nods and writes that down in a little notebook, "Got it."

                        Darvish grins, thinking this could be a VERY good choice to prove they can handle humans!


                          Jiles was checking Guiloni-san out when he remarked with, "Um, how come you're not anatomically correct like the D.A.C. guys on TV?"

                          To which he replied, "...because my goodies are inside my slit which I don't just whip out in public. I have morals and manners, you know."

                          Jiles smiled. "Cool." Although Guiloni-san couldn't tell if Jiles was happy with the answer or not.


                          In Corridor 17 Richard was working on the fox-dragonmount teens there-in. He had quite the job to do there... not only did he have to lube/oil the slits and tail holes, but he only had to lubricate the bonding hole without bonding with any of them himself. And these guys were very happy to finally meet him AND they smelled and acted very randy indeed.

                          "Okay guys..." said Richard as he worked to the best of his ability. "I know you're happy to see me, but you don't have to lick my face like that."


                            Darvish smiles as he floated down the halls with Tobias, "And that concludes the tour, now if you'll follow me... I'll show you where we will be staying." He leads the way down to the teacher dorms, "You will be living here with me and you will be responsible for seeing your morning and evening chores are done... Other than that, your time will be mostly your own. Less so, however, if you take a heavy coursework load."

                            Tobias nods, "Okay. I'll be sure to ... but... Sir?"

                            Darvish laughs, "Please... I'm your sponsor and this isn't a classroom. Call me Darvish."

                            Tobias smiles, "Alright. Darvish. Um...Why are you so different from the others?"

                            Darvish ahs, "That's because I'm a Wish Granter... And of the traditional Arabic Djinn stock. Technically I could be considered a demonic entity but I am more neutral than most legends tell."

                            Tobias says, "I see...." Though he didn't really understand.

                            Darvish smiles, "If you really wish to know more, I can give you some excellent reference material later. For now... Here it is. My residence. Let's get some dinner started."

                            Tobias nodded and begin to look around and adjust to his new surroundings.


                            All of the teens were indeed very happy to see him... And none of them tried to bond to him just yet.... They were too excited for the moment with such a cute boy... but they wouldn't be distracted by that for long.


                              While Guiloni-san was checking on a class he ran, Jiles was having a meal at one of the intra-species job taverns. Guiloni-san told the owner to give the boy whatever he wanted and to charge the costs to the academy. Hey, you can't beat that!

                              Occasionally, Jiles would see imps and mouse bois touch the job board and simply disappear. A few times he would see others reappear, turn right around and touch something else and disappear again. His curiosity was about to get the better of him when one mouse boy walked over to his table and took an available seat and ordered a meal and a drink.

                              Jiles asked him, "What are the dark scaly boys and the mouse boys doing over there?"

                              The horned mouse replied, "That's the Underworld Job Board. We use that to make a living by doing random jobs. I wouldn't suggest a very nice and sexy boy like you trying it because most of the jobs involve sex. There's my good deed for the day. Sex as in up your butt hole for pay. I believe you humans stupidly call it rape. But down here, if you accept one of those jobs, it's not rape since you give your consent the moment you accept the job. Luckily, a few jobs don't involve sex, but those, to Imps and us Devil Mice, are boring."

                              "I'm Jiles." He held his hand out.

                              "Cesma." He grasped the boy's hand and shook it with a grin, as Jiles felt a slight pin-prick shock in his hand. "Now we're friends because we exchanged names."

                              And then the devil mouse's food was delivered and he started eating.


                              Richard giggled as he worked, he was continuously getting face licks and occasionally an anal lick, too. He never saw who all did it, but he didn't complain since he was just doing his job among the teen dragonmounts.

                              At one point, he could see over in another enclosure in Corridor 18 (over the back railing) a dragonmount laying eggs and looking very tired. Unbeknown to Richard, he was looking at one of the former hirees that worked here before him. One who supposedly tried to steal a dragonmount by bonding with one.

                              "That guy looks exhausted," commented Richard as he worked on one of the teens.


                                As Darvish has no evening classes, he and Tobias get to spend the entire evening together. Tobias is actually pretty happy with that. He'd like to get to know his sponsor before running off and exploring everything else. Specially since there is so much he wants to ask!


                                One of the face licking mounts replies, "He's really nice. He's part of a bonded pair... Super, super lucky! Having a bondmate rider is the best thing in the world... Better than sex." He giggles, "But then maybe not better than sex with you."