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    Jonas smiles, "Well I suppose we have some time." He grinned a bit, "You might be surprised at what I'm capable of." He winked and pounced Bellamy, deciding to start the 'fun' off on the more 'typical' end of the spectrum. There would be time enough for the more unusual afterward.


    His friend replies with a quick apology and a wish for him to have fun before he headed off for his home.

    The Nexus Town is really bustling even though it's on the smaller side of such things. More people than Richard likely has seen in some time and of even more variation than the planet he was previously visiting.


      Richard being the rabbit fan from early on quickly found where the local lapines congregated in the Nexus community and quickly greeted a few in a polite manner. Although he did love playing with the yiffy familiar cat, he always did love and adore rabbits.


        There were plenty of locals to choose from too. The most notorious gathering place for lapines, however, was the local Lopsy Lining. A tavern like setting where many local rabbits, hares, and other such cuties came to socialize and relax. And yes, have more than casual 'fun' in some of the special back rooms of the place. However, they kept the front very clean and friendly. One of the waitor rabbits is more than happy to help Richard find a comfortable table to sit at where he can observe and interact with all the lapines he would want.


          Richard thanks the waiter with a kiss on the muzzle, then he continues to observe and interact with the other lapines in the Lopsy Lining.

          To one set of yiffing rabbits, he says, "Which one of you is the better yiffer in your own opinions? Or is it about even?" He giggled as he sipped on some carrot juice that was brought to him.


            The laced carrot juice was SUPER TASTY! The rabbit giggles, "That'd be ME!" The other replies, "NO ME!" The other giggles, "NOPE!!! ME!!!!" They started struggling and yiffng harder to show off to Richard who was better!


              Richard mmmms. "This carrot juice is better than I thought it would be." He giggled as he rubbed his bare feet over the active rabbits nearby. "Have either of you decided who is better yet?" He winked with a carrot juice induced grin. "Damn, this is really good."


                The rabbits grin and lick the bare feet, "Maybe you'd like to join and be the judge of who's better?" They all wink and churr and try to encourage him to join in!


                  Richard smiled as he downed the rest of his spiked carrot juice drink in one gulp, then he slyly grinned at the rabbits in the sunken entertainment pit. And there are more in there than just the two he's been talking to. "Well... if you want me closer, I think that might be okay. I won't get in trouble with the management, I hope, for playing with the entertainment." And he carefully slides himself down into the pit with the two of them and he hugs and rubs on them both. "My name is Richard." He kisses both of them. "I like rabbits a lot."


                    The two he had been talking two kiss him back and rub on him bodily as they introduce him around. "And we like you a lot... Your really nice and sexy. though you might be cuter with puffy tail." One of them giggles and the big group of bunnies tries to get Richard 'invovled' in their pit games as Richard is starting to feel quite rabbitish himself.


                      Richard giggles as he proceeds to yiff with his new friends although getting it himself from behind as he gets involved with them. If he's getting rabbity, he hasn't noticed yet since the carrot juice has made him moderately high and suggestively submissive to the other rabbits. "You think I'd look good with a tail? Well, I like your ears and your sheaths..."


                        He only acquires rabbity traits when he starts thinking about how much likes theirs... if he accepts it... he'll change, slowly, but not otherwise. And they can't be gotten into trouble because it's him wanting the changes. They all are VERY happy to show him some fun things to do.


                          Some time later, Richard having left the Lopsy Lining had found a nearly hidden Hell Rabbits tavern where he found a job board on one wall. While Richard had gained rabbit like abilities, he had not changed into a rabbit at all.

                          Now he looked over this job ad board. "So many rabbits hiring rabbits for one reason or another..."

                          His eyes continue to drift back to one ad that seems out of place for the board. It reads:

                          "Tired of the boring ordinary rabbit jobs? Are you a lapine seeking better rewards for your time? Then you have found the perfect lap job for rabbits. Drare Bogland Estates is situated in its own pocket realm where hundreds of lap jobs await the eager lapine. And that is you, right? High pay; enjoyable atmosphere; overtime benefits; medical and dental benefits included.

                          The only requirement is that you must be a male and want to make a lot of money for doing what imps and devimice usually do for next to nothing. For eons, they have kept this type of job a big secret and now it is available to all rabbits everywhere.

                          To apply, press finger into the paw-print circle on this ad and you will be instantly contacted for the job. And you will do this if you are ready for the perfect do-nothing job."
                          Richard hummed with a smile, thinking, I could use the extra income while I was attending the Academy. And I am male. And I love rabbits a LOT. It's a do-nothing job, it says... I could do THAT easily. So... He pressed his finger into the paw-print circle.


                          Almost instantly, he was teleported in the blink of an eye to the 'pocket realm' where he landed butt first on a very soft wet fleshy seat. And the moment he was sitting there, he felt a male booster shot penetrate his bottom along with a few knots... and then he felt a spray of some kind of relaxing agent inside of himself. Then he felt like he was bouncing slowly in place. And he couldn't stop.

                          "Where am I? What's going on? I thought I was to be contacted for the job! What am I stuck on? And why is it feeling so good...?"And he wasn't alone in this misty aired chamber, either, although no one else looked like a rabbit. And that bothered him. They looked slick and scaly, but very CUTE.

                          "Oh no! HELP!!! I don't want to be here!" And then he tried thrashing to get free, but the relaxing agent was preventing any thrashing actions or escape attempts. Richard was in a dragon trap that a Trapper had sneakily placed on a rabbit's job board.

                          And he fell for it.


                            Darvish sat alone, now, mulling over the situation in his mind with this whole 'sponsorship' deal. He had things in mind but he leans back and muttered to himself, "A child from Earth, hmmm. I am having second-thoughts about the ease and simpleness of this proposal. Yet... If Bell can do this..." He teleports away to do some more research, "What do humans even like to eat? They have not been my study in ages."


                              Suddenly in Richard's mind, he heard a familiar Instructor's mental voice. Say 'please' and I'll get you out of there.

                              Richard yelled, "PLEASE!"


                              He suddenly found himself within the quarters bathing room of the Instructor called Baeldragoth, the huge anthro goat/ram with a bulging package, although he wore only a loincloth of leather because of the school's dress code that demanded that instructors cover their goods.

                              However, there was also a Law Imp present and a Council Devi-Mouse recording the rescue.

                              Baeldragoth said, "Because I had to rescue you and because rescues have a legal fee, I brought in a Law Imp and a Devi-Mouse Recorder for official documentation. Please note, gentlemen, that Richard has been drugged up on tainted carrot products which clouded his judgment when he reviewed a job board where upon he found an illegal ad on the board that sounded too good to be true. He touched the ad and ended up inside a Hell Dragon's slit. Richard had to be rescued by me therefore he owes me the standard rescue fee, which I will waive as long as he signs up for at least two of my classes at the academy. OR... he can choose to somehow raise the money to pay me back. Did you get all that?"

                              The Devi-Mouse replied, "The statement has been recorded and is now on record as an Either/Or Contract."

                              The Law Imp added, "Perfectly legal under Lord Yuskay's revised laws. It is now up to this human boy."

                              Richard replied, "Rescue Fee? That sounds ridiculous! I'll get a job locally to pay you back, but I'll keep the option for your classes open in case the employment route runs into a snag of some sort."

                              Both the Devi-Mouse and the Law Imp said in unison, "Have it your way..." POOF! POOF!

                              Baeldragoth chuckled, "I hope you don't mind my filming your exploits because Lord Impy would pay a pretty amount to simply view your adventures. Finish your bath and then I'll make sure you find the legal job boards. After that, you're on your own. And Richard... I requested a non-buyout clause on your fee. It will not accrue any interest for 30 days, but after that... it starts growing. This clause prevents anyone else from paying off your debt or buying it out from under me. So it's all about you."

                              Richard wonders what the catch is.


                              Some time later...

                              Richard is standing at the legal job boards by himself. "Gosh... there are hundreds of boards. And zillions of jobs."


                                Darvish leaned back as he observed a scene on Earth through his crystal ball floating above his office's desk. "Let's see what we can see... Ah yes... The requirements and specifications." He brushes a paw over the orb, lacing the magics into place that would seek out ones of the proper type.

                                Within moments the swirling mists within the sphere began to part and glow softly as the scene shifted to a green soccer field near Thomasville, West Virgina, in the USA on Earth. Darvish ahs, "That was indeed fast... Thirty-two hundred matches... Let's take a look at the first.... three? Hmm.. interesting."

                                He leaned to take a closer look...

                                Tobias shouted, "Adam!" as he passed the soccer-ball to his team mate just before he almost trampled by the opposing team and was shoved back. The pass went wild, sailing past the intended target into the hands of the other team.

                                Adam, the captain of the team and easily the most handsome young man on the field, flashed a grin toward Tobias as he expertly took the failed pass back and started running down the field toward the goal. The other team dived in several times only to be fought off each time until finally with one massive he scored the final goal. The whole team crowded around, cheering, and the scene started to follow the team off the field but with a flick of a hand, Darvish sent it back to the boy left behind on the field. Tobias was slowly extracting himself from the ground where he had landed and winced, rubbing his neck, "That hurt... I'm f..." He looked around and sighed, "Fine." HE got up and limped over to the bench. He was grimacing in pain with each step as he had sprained his knee rather badly though no one else, not even the coach, had noticed.

                                Tobias grabbed his duffel bag and a started wrapping his knee in a sports patch. Another boy's voice suddenly said from behind him, "Your knee again? You really should make the coach aware of that you know..."

                                Tobias jumped slightly, looking over his shoulder, "Oh... Sorry Nathan... I didn't know you were here. I guess but if I told him that I got into a fight with Adam over the ball in practice and screwed up my knee, I'd never play again. You know how much I love playing this game..."

                                Nathan sat down next to Tobias and helped him with the wrapping job, "Yeah, but if you keep this up, your knee is going to get permanently screwed up... if it's not already. Then you won't be able to play anyway without being in constant agony."

                                Tobias smiles, "Then I'll just play despite the pain."

                                Nathan snaps, "It's not that simple, Toby!...." He looks away, "I don't want to see you...get hurt like this again. You could have made that pass... but you couldn't hit the ball properly with your knee screaming at you. I saw you."

                                Tobias sighs and looks down at his knee, "I'm too young for surgery, and the doctor said that the type of tear I had wasn't fixable with surgery anyway. There isn't anything that anyone can do as it is."

                                Nathan practically jumps up, yelling, "Then you have to stop this! Before you get SERIOUSLY HURT!"

                                Tobias snaps, "Then what? Huh, Nate? It's easy for you to say... Your smart. You have a chance to college! With my grades? My test scores?! I won't be able to get IN if not on a sports scholarship! Even the prep schools require higher averages! And I'm doing the best I can! You don't' know what it's LIKE. I'm not..." He sighs, "I'm not smart enough to do anything else. No one in my family has ever been to college. Only a few of them even completed high school. My mom and dad and everyone is bragging how I could be the one to change that... Play college soccer.... get a scholarship... Do what they couldn't..."

                                Nathan blinks as he whispers somewhat horrified, "You... You haven't told them about this, have you? Your parents don't... know?"

                                Tobias didn't answer but he shook his head silently.

                                Nathan sighed, "Toby, You have to tell.."

                                Tobias forced himself up and pushed Nathan away, "NO! I don't have tell them anything! And if your my friend you wont' either! Promise me. Promise me you won't tell."

                                "Fine... I don't like this, Toby... But... I won't tell... If you promise you'll talk to the doctor again... and the coach." Nathan puts his arms over his chest, "You tell them... Or I tell your parents."

                                Tobias sighs, "Fine... I can't believe your making me tell them... I thought you liked me."

                                Nathan walked over and put his hand on Tobias' shoulder, "I do... That's why I'm worried about you."

                                Tobias roughly yanked away from Nathan and stormed off as fast as his injured leg would allow.


                                Darvish smiles, "I see.... Yes... one of those two will do... nicely. I like Tobias' spirit but his attitude could use some adjustments. And Nathan seems a little... too goody-goody... Both might be interesting... yes..."