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III-07 Wyld Horses

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    III-07 Wyld Horses


    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents.

    Despite the RPG name, all of the action occurs on Earth.
    Infernal Intelligence Investigations, Volume 2
    Wyld Horses

    1. Hartley "Harry" Shanahan Truman, a 14 yr old white male, III Agent - Warheart
    2. Ted D. Roosevelt, a 14 yr old white male, blond hair, blue eyed, III Agent - Warheart
    3. Martina Van Buren, a 14 yr old white female tomboy, III Agent - Darquirrin
    4. Zachary Taylor, a 14 yr old white male, III Agent - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Warheart
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Warheart
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin

    ???, male Hellhorse - Darquirrin
    ???, male Impbunny - Darquirrin
    Zarra, female Persian Blue Hell Cat - Warheart
    Ralto, male devimouse - Warheart

    ...and countless unnamed others... - Warheart & Darquirrin


    Part Seven: No Stable Clues

    Triple I Training Facility; Washington Monument

    Those who had to be restored were human again although Maatz Arelli assigned them to the partners they chose in the ready room. Harry and the Hellhorse were now partners in training; Ted and the Impbunny were now partners in training; Martina and Zarra were now partners in training; and Zach and Ralto were partners in training.

    Masya and Yasma watched from one balcony where they had a meal and drinks. Masya wasn't that interested in assisting in the training of these guys, but since he did bring two of them in, he would watch from on high. He was already missing Eddie and the others who chose to stay at the Triple I branch office at Freelancers. Although Franky was still local a LOT of the time, Eddie and Franky had the rank Masya and Yasma had when they first hired the boys.

    Harry was doing push ups directly beneath the Hellhorse... when he raised up, he could feel the cock tip poke his rump, which he liked, then he had to lower himself again.

    Ted was working on the teleportation power that the Impbunny was super good at.

    The hellhorse didn't mind it at all, though he was a bit sad when Harry was restored from the horsieimp he had 'accidentally' become. The hellhorses' species couldn't make others into their own species if they weren't the herd stallion. They made sexy hellhorseimps. Though no one else other Maatz knew his name, Harry was allowed to know Thunderhoof's real name.

    Zach was helping Ralto with his filing and generally trying to be helpful. He really liked the mouse a lot.

    Martina was busy doing her own exercises while memorizing the rules and regulations handbooks. She was serious about her job.

    The impbunny had a lot of fun with his human but while he was very teasing about making him into an impbunny, of all the boys he was actually the most safe since the impbunny was more responsible than he sounded and was happy to teach Ted his special teleportation skill.


      Maatz thinks Martina needs to party a little. He thinks now she is too stiff for Triple I. He glances up at Masya and Yasma at the balcony but says nothing at this time.

      Harry whispered, "Say Thunderhoof... I didn't mind being your sexual partner yesterday. I'd do it again whenever you wanted. Maatz simply said that since I signed up human, I had to be human during missions. But he said my time off was however I wanted it. So... I could be your sexy hellhorseimp bed toy when not training and on missions. That okay with you?"

      Ralto was teaching Zach the ins and outs of filing in Triple I and how to find something faster than a human secretary could.

      Zarra was reciting off titles for the rules and regulations and it was Martina's job to explain what they pertained to.

      Ted enjoyed having the impbunny tail temporarily just as the Impbunny offered. That's why he LOVED his partner; he kept his word. He loved it even more that Maatz had assigned the humans to their partners' living quarters to live at when they didn't have to be with their parents.


        Martina was doing pretty well but far from perfect. Though she was starting to enjoy Zarra's company.

        Thunderhoof grins, "Well, I honestly didn't mean to change you at first. But, I couldn't help it, you're so nice and cute." He leans in and whispers in Harry's ear, rubbing on the boy's muscles gently, "But if you want to be my hellhorseimp toy... I promise to take very good care of you while you are."

        The impbunny smiles at Ted and flicks his tail at him a little as he teleports around him again.

        Zach quietly did his head to learn what Ralto was teaching him but he was having a bit of difficulty with it.. mostly because


          Another Devil mouse teleports in and hands Maatz an emergency report before vanishing again.

          Maatz begins to read the report then he growls when he sees what it implies. "Masya! Yasma!" He teleports up to their balcony. "We have an emergency brewing. The stupid Underworld Stampede Club is staging their next Wyld Run here on the surface world. One of our law contacts in the underworld sent us the heads up on this. During the Wyld Run, the underworld horses surprise teenagers and try to recruit them in the shortest time possible. New Recruits are instantly horses like those who recruited them and they join the run. We need to either put a stop to this OR make sure those who get recruited get the restoration afterward. And Hells forbid if a Recruit gets pregnant because then a restoration will fail."

          Masya calmly says, "What do you want us to do about this? You know full well that the Triple I was created to solve the cases of missing or murdered children. Are are not supposed to be policing what Underworlders do on Earth. Yasma and I read over the Rules and Regulations book last night, Maatz. The same book Martina is reading right now. Do you want to be the one to tell the Tomboy that the Rules Book is out of date all because you changed your mind?"


          Zarra said, "Decoders and Locators."


          Harry smiled up at Thunderhoof. "Hey, you were good last night, stud. I'd be glad to do that again whenever you liked."


          Ted and the Impbunny eventually end up teleporting out of the training hall and into the Impbunny's off base quarters where another Impbunny was preparing for work, looked like.

          "Did you forget something at home, cousin? Hey, cute boyfriend... you have all the luck."

          "I'm his partner and roommate, Ted. I'm always glad to meet more Impbunnies."


          Ralto tags Zach and they take a necessary break at the Arden's Pizza branch in Triple I. Agents love the cheese, you know.

          "You were starting to make mistakes, so that prompted a halt for now. We don't want you to overdo it the first day." He then munched on his pizza slice. "I really like you, Zach."


            Yasma nods, "Yeah boss... This is sorta outta our jurisidction. No one is missing, yet, nor murdered, yet, and I really don't want to start trying to police the underworld's interactions on Earth. We'd NEVER get any sleep then. Plus, it's against the Triple-I Charter."


            Martina sits up, putting the weighs aside a moment, and looking at Zarra, "Okay, I admit it. That's the one I don't really understand..."


            Thunderhoof grins, "So were you." He leans down and whispers in Harry's ear, "And since we share a room now... Any time we're not on duty... I'd be happy to stretch you again." He licks said ear with a grin and stands back up, "I like you."

            Thunderhoof certianly likes the idea of a horsieimp playtoy every night and likes having Harry as a partner on duty.


            The impbunny giggles, "Nah, teleporting practice. I wanted to make sure he'd teleported here once so he can come back and visit us whenever he likes."


            Zach blushes, "I like you too. You're cute and nice and really helpful. I can see why mages like devimice and information mice. All you guys are so adorable, I'd summon lots of them just to have the company." He giggles alittle at that, "Though you're the cutest so far. Even cuter than Masya and Yasma and Maatz."


              Maatz hrmed. "Okay boys... you both have the next two weeks off. I mean it... vacation time for you two doesn't come often. Go live it up and have fun... and Yasma, when I say fun, I do NOT mean TPing all of New York City." And he teleported back down to the training floor.

              Masya grinned. "He said no TPing NYC; he never said you couldn't TP any other Earth city. ;-)


              Zarra smiled. "If you cannot get this one, Maatz will likely keep you in the training gym all the time. This is the most important one. The best agents in Triple I are a combination of two agents. One is the Decoder and the other is the Locator. The Locator finds the clues at the crime scenes. The better you are at locating things, the more valuable you are. The Decoder is the guy who often puzzles out the cases with the help of the clues gathered by the Locator and solves the case, at least on Paper. Then the two go after the suspects in their own special partnered way. Hence... Masya and Yasma. True, they are brothers; but Masya is the Decoder and Yasma is the Locator. They are the best in their caliber. They have a very high ranking. Before your official first case is ever given, you and the others will be given a test to determine who makes the best Decoder and who made the best Locator. The latter often sees more action because they are at the scenes. The Decoder meets the sexiest mice. Hehe."


              Harry smiles again. "You can stretch me any time we're not working."


              "Impbunny orgy party on each and every Saturday night, Ted," he said. "All the food, drink, and sex you can handle." He winked.

              Ted giggled. "Sounds like it might be a good party... if I'm not busy."


              Ralto replied to Zach, "Actually, just so you don't get their jobs mixed up, every Information Devil Mouse focuses on a single field of expertise. Masya focuses on Mages, Magic, Spells, Components, Spell Descriptions, Mage Locations, and the History of Mages and Spells. And he is one of the Platinum Class Information Devil Mice out there. In the top three. But others often focus on other fields so they aren't summoned by stupid mages. There is one I know whose expertise is automobiles, auto repairs, motorcycles, and auto components. He doesn't get called very often, but he doesn't seem to mind."


                Yasma grins, "Ever wanted to see if you could fill the Grand Canyon with devi-mayonnaise? I do, and I think I know of how to accomplish that. Wanna see?"


                Martina sighs, "Why is that one the one I can't freaking remember out of all them." She smirks, "Though I doubt any of them can match you for looks." She chuckles a little bit.


                Thunderhoof grins and rubs on the boy nicely, "Well we're about to be on break... Wanna come back to my place for lunch and maybe some stretching exercises, heh."


                The impbunny grins, "Work before pleasure. Makes the pocket book heavy and the pleasure that much more satisifying." He winks.


                Zach smiles, "Sounds like he's pretty nice. Then again, I bet he can't be as nice as you." He gives the mousie a small kiss on the lips with a blush.


                  The two devi-mice departed in poofs... look out, Grand Canyon!


                  In the meantime, Maatz had all of the new agents front and center once again. (Hopefully cleaned up.) "Listen up, recruits. A mission has come up and our best agents chose to pass on this one. Of course I did word it so they would think something other than what I wanted them to think about it... but I did that so the new team could have a fair and unassisted outing. Two boys and a girl are currently missing out in New Mexico. They disappeared off of horse ranches out there although... and this is the stickler... the stupid Underworld Stampede Club is staging a Wyld Run here on the surface world. During the Wyld Run, the underworld horses surprise teenagers and try to recruit them in the shortest time possible. New Recruits are instantly horses like those who recruited them and they join the run. If a recruit gets pregnant, restoration will fail automatically. You are not to interact with the Stampede Club unless your Triple I partners are there with you. And I mean that. I don't want to lose my own recruits. But before I send you out there, we need to give you the Decoder and Locator tests so we can find out who is capable of what."

                  Harry, Ted, Martina, and Zach were led over to four separate desks nowhere near each other and handed pictures and information sheets. A third form was placed to the side. "Use the clean form to decode the information. OR... circle clues in the pictures. The photos have nothing to do with the information sheets. I am admitting this now so you don't accuse me of tricking you later. Whichever task you are better at will become your job. Begin." And Maatz departed the chamber.

                  Harry looked over the photo first. He started circling things rapidly.

                  Ted was reading the information sheet... and humorously... correcting the bad spelling errors here and there. He made use of the clean sheet to write out what he thought the answers were.


                    Martina shrugs and starts looking over the 'tests'. She decides to do both since that would be the most likely way for them to find out what she's best at in her mind. She was somewhat slow on the photo but faster on the information, though neither seemed to be a particular forte though she honestly found the tests somewhat... boring and kept making notes in the margins about potential ways the various things inter-related. Even though the pictures and information had nothing to do with each other, she created pretty humorous theories none the less.

                    Zach happily collated the various information, writing it out meticulously into the separate sheet as he worked, including various amounts of facts and collated data from other sources that he happened to know about. He seemed to have an encyclopedia (mouse) in his head with some of the obscure facts he pulls out not to mention even doing as far as to mention some really old and obtuse languages he's read about and how they might help. He's really surprisingly well tongued for a kid his age. Yasma would probably accuse him of cheating.


                      Maatz was grading the results a little bit later as the other official agents (who had befriended the new recruits) watched from nearby. The human recruits were having to wait out in the recreation chamber. When the chief devil mouse finished the grading, he didn't look all that happy.

                      "How do I tell them?" He didn't speak as if he felt all that great. This usually meant that someone had failed to score well in both exams. And now Maatz had to inform those who had failed that they were not going to get to go on the mission outing.

                      Finally in the rec chamber, Maatz walked out and leaped up on the central podium. "Zach! Ted! Come here, please!" When the boys both joined him, he led them out of the chamber where they were once again teamed up with their chosen peer agents, the male Impbunny and Ralto the male Devimouse. After receiving their briefing envelopes, the four departed via teleport to the Great Southwest to get their mission started.

                      Now Maatz had a task to do that he dreaded. Both Harry and Martina had failed their tests. He didn't fear telling Harry that he was going to have to be assigned to something closer to home; but facing Martina was a worry since she was the Local Hometown Girl member of the team. Since neither of the two qualified for Decoder nor Locator positions, Maatz got an idea on something the two _could_ possibly qualify for. He just hoped they didn't opt out since if they did, then the only solution would be to send the two back home.

                      Consolation prizes didn't seem to be Martina's style and Harry was one of Masya's friends.


                      Having summoned both Masya and Yasma back to debriefing central, the two devimice noticed Harry, Martina, Thunderhoof the male Hellhorse, and Zarra the female Persian Blue Hell Cat. Maatz said, "Nice to see you two back even with the Devi-mayonnaise on your fur. I don't want to know what you two did today. Now, here's the scoop."

                      "Remember your first official outing with Eddie and Franky last year? This time we have something similar to that for you six to work on. Cold cases division handed me a report of a female girl found DOA and her puppy near her body was also DOA as well. The main reason I called you pros back is this... Harry and Martina failed their primary tests and since you both brought them in, and since you both vouched up and down for Eddie and Franky... okay, okay; mainly Eddie since Yasma wanted to get down his pants..."

                      Harry stifled a giggle at the 'down his pants' statement although it seemed that Martina didn't look all that happy about hearing that explanation and it appeared that she was staring at Yasma once again. If the Ice Dagger Glare was for real... hoo boy.

                      " both get to help these two in actual in the field training," continued Maatz without stopping. "Your destination this time is Pine Hall in Stokes county, North Carolina. We have a police cat at the local precinct in the area and he will be assisting you with local lodgings therein. Find out who did this, how it was done, why it was done, and don't come back without results on poor little Janice Landers. You have your mission. Head out. Go and prove that Harry and Martina have what it takes to be Triple I agents."

                      The unspoken part privately to the non-humans was, I really like Harry, but Martina scares me. Don't piss her off. That last sentence was obviously directed at Yasma although all four non-humans heard Maatz say it.


                      Debriefing from Maatz:

                      Two boys and a girl are currently missing out in New Mexico. They disappeared off of horse ranches out there although... and this is the stickler... the stupid Underworld Stampede Club is staging a Wyld Run here on the surface world. During the Wyld Run, the underworld horses surprise teenagers and try to recruit them in the shortest time possible. New Recruits are instantly horses like those who recruited them and they join the run. If a recruit gets pregnant, restoration will fail automatically. You are not to interact with the Stampede Club unless your Triple I partners are there with you.
                      Double M Horse Ranch, New Mexico

                      Zach and Ralto the male Devimouse as well as Ted and his male Impbunny senior partner had arrived at a nearly empty horse ranch that smelled strongly of underworld equine. The tracks were all over the place and the ranch house doors were wide open and in some cases, kicked off their hinges.

                      Ralto was slowly panning his gaze over the chaotic tracks and destroyed doors all over the property. "Wow... I've only heard of the Wyld Runs, but I've never seen one before. This ranch looks like it was caught by surprise."

                      Ted was mixing a pouch and water mixture to make a casting imprint of a hell stallion hoof print since it could be used in court at a later date. "Their smell is all over the place. Sure is quiet now though."


                      Debriefing from Maatz:

                      Janice Lancers and her puppy were killed in cold blood and simply left in the bushes where she fell. There are few suspects to look into and publicly, no one disliked the little girl. Find out who did this, how it was done, why it was done, and don't come back without results. This case is also Harry and Martina's proving test outing so make use of them during the case and I do not mean in bed. This is serious, Yasma. Hint, hint.
                      Pine Jail, Animal Division; Pine Hall, North Carolina

                      The police cat who was wearing a police jacket made for felines greeted the two devimice, the hell cat, the hellhorse, and the two human teenagers. Then after some colas and cookies, the police cat whose name was Badges gave them a list of those people who lived throughout the small Pine Hall lake region. Because this was a rural/park lake region, not a lot of people lived locally. The lake saw a few tourists and vacationers now and then.

                      As Badges laid out the crime scene photos, Masya said, "I still cannot believe you both failed what is normally the simplest of the written tests in Triple I. Even Yasma passed them while doped up on sugar cream and Devi-chocolate. And that's saying something. Anyway, this outing is your last chance to prove you have what it takes. Normally when you pass the tests, you are awarded with a high class mission. But when there are complications with the tests... meaning you failed them... you are given one last chance in the form of an official outing, but the outing isn't high class. If you fail this, you are simply cleaned up, dressed in your clothes, and sent home without any knowledge you were ever part of the team. But if you succeed, you are rewarded by Maatz and awarded your new powers. So please, guys... we chose you and this is our necks on the line. Show us you can do this."

                      Harry hummed as he looked at Masya. "I guess that is why Zach and Ted got to go off solo with their partners on the Wyld Run case in New Mexico."

                      Masya's jaw dropped open. "They did what?!" he shouted with concern.

                      Zarra folded her arms over her feline chest. "Calm down, Masya. You'll give yourself a heart attack."