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III-06 Time Passages for the Next Train Home

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    III-06 Time Passages for the Next Train Home


    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents.

    Despite the RPG name, all of the action occurs on Earth.
    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Time Passages for the Next Train Home

    1. Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams, male human (Doppler), III Agent - Warheart
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy, male human (True Senses), III Agent - Darquirrin
    3. Thomas "Tom" Sawyer Jefferson, male human (Attraction) - Warheart
    4. John Gregory Washington, male human (Soul Wielder) - Darquirrin
    5. William Daniel "Dan" Penn, male human (Voice) - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Warheart
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Warheart
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin
    Lord Firefur, Head Official of TIED - Warheart

    ...and countless unnamed others... - Warheart & Darquirrin


    Part Five: These Truths are Self Evident

    The Palace of Time; beyond the Time Stream

    Firefur and Diablo stood next to each other with the rest of the crew gathered in front of them. And further across the chamber was the massive Time Dragon himself along with several Time Agents wearing various garbs... yes, including one who looked like Doctor Who. Once all the agents departed, the massive dragon turned an eyes toward the newly arrived group.

    "For whom does the bell toll... tell me that? Will the five club members please step forward. Or float in Eddie's case. And Eddie, could you please resume your human form please?"

    Eddie changed back to human and landed on his feet as he stepped forward.

    Tom also came forward, not sure why this dragon wanted to look at them for.

    Masya stayed put. The last time he had been summoned here was to help a time agent with information. This was one of the few places he didn't like visiting.

    Maatz simply stood quietly.

    Franky looks around then steps forward with the others, though he was pretty impressed by the place itself... It was as massive as the dragon it housed.

    John stepped forward followed by Danny. They both were looking a little nervous.


      Chronos looked at Danny, sniffed him, viewed his aura, and.... looked at Danny's reflection is a special mirror. Then he said, "You, Danny, are cleared." He turns his head to Tom next.

      Chronos looked at Tom, sniffed him, viewed his aura, and.... looked at Tom's reflection is a special mirror. Then he said, "You, Tom, are cleared." He turns his head to John next.

      Chronos looked at John, sniffed him, viewed his aura, and.... looked at John's reflection is a special mirror. Then he said, "You, John, are cleared." He turns his head to Eddie next.

      Chronos looked at Eddie, sniffed him and paused before sniffing him again, viewed his aura and arched an eye, and.... looked at Eddie's reflection is a special mirror. Then he said, "You, Eddie, are in question." He turns his head to Franky last.

      Chronos looked at Franky, sniffed him and nodded his head, viewed his aura, and.... looked at Franky's reflection is a special mirror. Then he said, "You, Franky, are not as you seem."

      He then leans back and says, "Edward Adams... how much of your life in the latter 1700s do you remember?"

      Eddie irked. "I thought... I had recalled everything my lost memories provided me with. But from your expression, that isn't the case, is it?"

      Chronos turned to Franky. "Were you aware that you aren't even here, Franky? The body you have is tangible locally, but your actual mind and body are elsewhere. Or even else when. I can detect that a dark energy made it possible for you to occupy this body. But it isn't as real as you think. You're only inhabiting the body of F. Kennedy. You are actually in fact... a missing human boy, and thus, an open case for III... that is, IF they are still handling cases like this."

      He then turned back to Eddie. "You are and you are not Edward Adams. That may be a bit confusing until you hear this explanation. In 1778, you had a twin brother named Edward Adams the I. You were born second and given the add on, the II. According to the records I have in time, the morning you were to have met with Franklin Kennedy in that field, two Planar Lords appeared to you and your parents. They offered to buy their son for if he remained with the family... Edward Adams would die within a month's time at the hands of a close friend. They chose to let the parents choose which boy to send with these lords. The one they chose to sell to these lords was YOU, Eddie the II. Your brother was told by your parents to go tell Franky that you weren't coming. But Franklin had never met Edward the I before, so when he arrived, Franky spoke to the older twin as if he was talking to his friend. You had not loaded the brand new musket gun that morning so you thought it was safe... but something with dark energy loaded the gun and caused it to go off when the barrel faced Eddie."

      He now spoke to Franky. "The rest you know. Edward the I died instantly. But when you made that deal with the Dark Stranger... he also didn't know about there being twins. Thus when you asked him to resurrect Eddie and you'd do anything he asked if he did it, Eddie the II at that time was being given the waters of eternity and immortality so he could live for as long as he needed to and receive the training that these two lords were offering. You see, Eddie, they knew about your Doppler Talent. So when the Dark Stranger's spell went off, it took Eddie away from the Lords and dropped him into the Underworld where he woke up as a local species. And the rest you were told."

      "However, I can remove the magic that the Dark Stranger caused, Eddie, and I have already contacted the two Lords. When they learned that you had formed a club, they offered to help you sponsor the club... free."

      "Are there any comments at this point?"


        Franky rubs his head, "This is all very very confusing... Very... Very confusing... My only... comment is... W.T.F."

        John rolls his eyes, "This has got to be the worst. Jeesh. But... If you don't mind me saying, I wouldn't mind meeting these other planar people, Eddie. Could be nice."

        Danny smirks, "Or sexy in other words."


          Chronos then said, "From here, we can fix several things since no one outside of this palace will know what we have done. That is, if you want it done right. I've heard Diablo's version, so who wants to tell me their version?"

          He looked at Danny. "You're the Voice... you start. What do you know about this mess in your own words?"


            Danny thinks about things for a long moment... Then shrugs, "I don't know. It is very confusing. I don't hate Franky. I do really like Eddie. That's almost enough for me. I don't like seeing people get hurt, even emotionally and I know this has to be wearing Franky and Eddie both thin. It's a lot to deal with and they both deserve to know the truth. Most of our problem seems to revolve around Franky's infatuation with Eddie. But that infatuation doesn't make sense if it's not even the right person. I have to wonder if this...infatuation isn't somehow implanted as well. I also noticed, though, as soon as Firefur showed up, someone who by reports really likes Franky, he seemed to calm down to me. And from what I've seen, Franky's made no attempts lately to 'live up Eddie's butt' since he kinda wanted to die which would be separating himself from Eddie all together... I think Franky just wants someone to give him a reason to live... Which isn't bad, he's just been approaching it from the angle I think.... Since you kinda have to want to live for your own sake first."


              Chronos then turned to John. "In your own words, John. What's the story."


                John shrugs, "There isn't much to the story, to be honest. Franky's a clinging, annoying little parasite and despite whatever you may say about him, that's the impression he's given to us. I just want to have some time with my friends and not have to worry about Jealous Franky."


                  Chronos pivoted his gaze. "Your turn, Tom. What's your version of this story."

                  Tom replied, "Before I answer you, answer me one question... Why do you need different versions of our tale?"

                  Chronos smiled. "Only by listening to varied versions can I get the full story from all of you. One teller may leave out details while others will be biased in their telling."

                  Tom nodded his head. "Okay, fair enough. John and Danny are both correct, but there is more, as you will learn from all of us. Eddie supposedly either died in the 1700s or was taken to two lords in the planes, who likely want him back. Their claim on him would supersede Franky's request from the Stranger; Triple I's commitment; and even our own club. Except... when Eddie returns to see these two lords, we the club members would like to go with him to meet these lords for ourselves. As for the Franky angle, someone made sure the musket was loaded and primed to kill Eddie, but they missed him then thanks to the two lords. And then Franky felt such remorse over what had happened... at that point, like any of us might have done, made a deal with a planar entity to save Eddie's life, except... Eddie was never in danger until that request was made."

                  "I'm sorry if my reply is all jumbled, sir," stated Tom. "But your sexiness is so distracting." He winked with a big grin.

                  Chronos grinned back, then he looked to Franky. "Okay Franky... what is the story from your own angle. You were there for a lot of it. Don't be nervous and just tell it like it is."


                    Franky sighs, "I don't know what to say. I'm so confused that I don't know what's really happened and what hasn't. How do I make any sense of this? I don't remember much if anything of the times before so I only have Eddie and the others memories to go off of for any of that. I've tried to be a good friend to Eddie... When he offered me to join, I initially was hesitant and offered not to because I didn't think I was that special but I wanted to help Eddie. When Eddie was lost, I was upset but I wasn't under him trying to crawl in his ass about it when he was back. How much time, Maatz, did I spend WITH Eddie at III? Honestly? He kept going off and getting involved in things but I didn't. I was too concerned over not being helpful. I was worried, not about Eddie, but that _I_ wouldn't be able to offer anything to the group. Can you honestly say that I spent even a fraction of the amount of time with Eddie as I did with YOU?"

                    Franky rubs his eyes, "In truth, I love Eddie. I love him to death. But... I've never had anything but friendship and working hard to be there FOR Eddie on my mind. I wanted nothing but a little recognition that I was worth being his friend and when he gets wrapped up in his cases and other planar friends...." He looks over at Eddie, "He forgets. He's so busy meeting new people, the rest are left to trot along behind him and try to catch up. Something I've never felt I could do. If it wasn't for other interventions... He and I wouldn't be together now. Or does he forget that I was letting him go to do what he wanted when he came to me and said he DIDN'T want our friendship to end? If I was such a burden... why didn't he just say 'yes, I want a friend, but back off you can be too clingy'? Was it because he LIKES having someone willing to through their life at his feet to serve him as I am willing to?"

                    Franky shrugs and sighs again, "My story is already well known to anyone here... but I'm biased. I don't know if my story can add anything to what you already know, sir."


                      Chronos nodded his head. "Well told. All of you. And now for Edward Adams." He then lifted his voice. "You can come in now!"

                      From a back set of doors walked what had to be an anomaly. Dressed in the clothes of the 1700s was a young man with a hair style of the age, a blue colony cap, a shirt with long sleeves and ruffles, and black cloth breeches with white stockings and low top shiny black shoes with a silver buckle on them. But otherwise it was Eddie 100%.

                      Chronos said, "Edward... look at these boys carefully and tell me if you know any of them."

                      The colonist Eddie slowly glanced from boy to boy, then he looked at Chronos and said, "I am familiar with this boy, sir." He pointed at Danny. "But the others I really do not know. Do you want to know anything else, sir?"

                      The present day Eddie was in shock. It was like looking in a mirror, sorta. But it was literally how he looked before.

                      Chronos then raised his voice again. "I now call for Edward the II, please."

                      From the door came a twin to the first one. "I am here, Chronos, sir." The twin resemblance was super uncanny.

                      The time dragon said, "Look over these boys and tell me if you recognize any of them."

                      Edward the II actually approached the group to look them over. He looked at Tom first, since Tom was black. Then he looked at John, and then Danny. He looked at Franky next, and finally... Eddie himself. When he returned to the dragon's side, he said, "I recognize all of them, sir. Especially Franklin Kennedy. He was the one who killed me with a musket he claimed was not loaded."

                      Chronos then nodded his head and said aloud a final time, "Would Edward the III please come out here now?"

                      Eddie shot a mental thought at the Devimice. Who the HELL is Edward the III? We were only told about two of these people.

                      The third Edward emerged from the back and he was also a twin of the others. He bowed properly to the time dragon.

                      Chronos smiled. "Someone has manners. Could you please tell those gathered here who you are?"

                      "I am Edward Quincy Adams, although my friends often call me Eddie. I run a club for gifted boys back where I live... in New York City. I know Damien Lancer all too well and he knows me."

                      Chronos then said, "Have you ever been to Washington D.C.?"

                      "Not at all, your grace," said Edward/Eddie. "My parents had an opportunity to move there, but they changed their mind at the last second when my father turned down the job relocation offer. He currently works for a new company with a higher wage."

                      Chronos then asked one last question, "Think carefully, Edward... do you know any of the boys gathered here?"

                      Edward the III slowly walked by everyone gathered. When he got to Diablo, he said, "Your grace, is the Underworld so boring that you choose to grace this meeting with your presence?" But without waiting for an answer, he looks over the rest of the crowd, before he stops to look at Eddie. "May I see the bottom of your left foot, please?"

                      Eddie lifted his leg and showed the boy his foot. He wasn't sure what was supposed to be there. But he got the distinct feeling that his time was starting to unravel.

                      Edward looked at the sole of that foot, then he nodded his head and returned to Chronos to stand quietly while pondering his answer. Finally, he turned around again and stated in a matter of fact manner, "I know Danny, John, Tom, and Franky. But that one boy... is a clever forgery. He doesn't have the family birthmark on his foot. Not like mine and this other Edward does." He pulled off his shoe and revealed the mark.

                      Edward the First removed his shoe and revealed the exact same mark.

                      But Edward the second then said, "That's because he is my present day counterpart... except.... as I already told you, I was killed. Therefore, he cannot possibly exist. He is the anomaly; not any of the rest of us."

                      Chronos then glanced over at the others to judge their reactions.


                        Franky fainted....muttering, "So...many...eddie....keep...dizy....." Thunk!

                        Danny ums, "Well... This was... unexpected... And I think someone needs to revive Franky..." He looks at all the Eddies, "Well technically he could exist... If... He was a clone of you before the incident ever occurred, stolen at the moment of your death so to speak. But I'm sure if something like that would have happened, someone would have noticed"

                        John rubs his head, "Okay.... I take back EVERYTHING I said. Working for you people could very well cost me my sanity, Maatz."


                          And then... Eddie who everyone thought was real... slowly faded away and vanished from the spot.

                          Chronos nodded his head as he turned to the other Edwards and said, "Okay, we succeeded in removing the simulacrum. Everyone can remove your make-up now."

                          Edward the first reached down into his shirt and grabbed the folds of his life like Edward rubber head and pulled it up off his head to reveal... Jansy Tanner.

                          Edward the second helped Edward the third to remove his disguise to reveal... Damien Lancer wearing a voice modulator.

                          And then finally, Edward the second gave a wink to the club boys as he said, "I hope I never have to wear clothes like this again, Chronos. But it was fun to dress up in old costumes."

                          Tom said, "Eddie? But... you're the real Eddie?"

                          Eddie nodded his head. "Chronos contacted me way back when Greyhoof and I was supposed to be at the pony farm. He warned me that an old enemy was going to attempt to break up the club once and for all. Chronos brought me here right after Greyhoof took his eyes off of me in the stables. And not a moment too soon as the fake Eddie arrived and pretended to be me. But he made too many mistakes too fast. He got caught by the ponies and the rest you know. But Chronos knew in order to remove the simulacrum, we had to make him think that there was no way he could exist. When he got it in his head that he wasn't real, he simply faded away. Chronos was able to get Jansy and Damien to come help me pull off the charade. I'm just glad Franky passed out so he didn't get to see the fake Eddie fade away."

                          Maatz said to John, "Triple I had nothing to do with this mess, John. This is pure Chronos all the way."

                          Eddie said, "While I waited here at Chronos' Time Palace, I contacted the two lords who had been looking for me and once we finish here, guys... they would like to meet the club members." He then turned to Damien and Jansy. "Thank you both for your help with this. But out of curiosity... what did Chronos offer you guys to get you to come help me?"


                            John crosses his arms, "So what's really going on... Who's who... And what's the truth to all this mess? What's REALLY happening around here?"

                            Danny nods, "I'm curious of the same thing. And I'm very confused."


                              Chronos replied, "Eddie, before he moved to Washington D.C., was actually a member of Damien Lancer's club in New York City. Eddie loved being in a club like that so much that he wanted to make a club like Damien's down in D.C. He knew it would be small to start with, but he was lucky to have you boys all join him almost immediately. The truth is... you were attracted to Eddie because of his recent Lancer Club based presence. You liked how it felt to be around Eddie. But you were disgusted by how Franky continuously hogged all of Eddie's time leaving the rest of you feeling as if you either didn't belong or... worse... feeling left out of something special. Eddie understands now that Franky's behavior around him almost destroyed the club he really loved leading. A proxy of Damien's club. Therefore in truth, your club is a Chapter of Damien's Club in NYC."

                              Eddie removed the costume clothes and got back into his modern day clothes. Then he came around and hugged John, Tom, and finally... Danny. Although Danny got the best and longest hug. Heck, everyone liked Danny.

                              "I'm sorry I put you guys through that," said Eddie. "But I am the Eddie you first joined the club thereof. I am the real Eddie."