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III-05 Slip Me a Mickey

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    John didn't seem that impressed with the suite but he nodded, "Alright... I'm lookin' forward to this."

    Franky smiles, "Me too. As long as the ghosts stay away, I'm happy. Hey Eddie, where you think we should head first?"

    Greyhoof chuckles as lays down on the porch's balcony, taking in the Californian sun.


    Danny's father suddenly started looking for any near by rest stop and not finding one.... Until he sees the Ranch House Bed and Breakfast and pulls in there.

    Danny is confused but as it means he'll be left alone for a few minutes, he's GLAD for it. Sweet salvation! THANK YOU. This is torture... what have I done to deserve such TORTURE.... If it wasn't for Dad getting that big bonus at work out of nowhere, I'd be home having FUN with my FRIENDS... I HATE THIS! I'd do anything to not be here!


      Diablo >--to--> Danny's mind, Be glad your friends sent me to fetch you or that anything could get you in a lot of trouble. And Danny vanished out of the car and a note in Danny's handwriting appeared in his place which read: "Dad, since it looks like you'll be in there for a while, I went over to look at the nearby horses. Just honk the horn when you're ready to go."


      Diablo reappeared with Danny in the hotel room. "I got him, Eddie... but I hated to leave a note like I did in the car. I don't want the poor man to worry himself to death when he can't find his son."

      Eddie patted the side of Diablo's head. "You saw how it was, big guy... he was torturing Danny."

      Tom waved at the boy. "Hi Danny. This is a club outing. Welcome to Disneyland a la fucked up stipulations."

      Masya smiled. "So that's their fifth wheel. I wonder what he looks like naked?"

      Maatz ahems. "No."


        Danny erked?! But he was so happy to be OUT OF THERE than he HUGGED the scarey mastiff and gave him a kiss. And even hugged EVERYONE in the room! "Oh thank you...Thank you thank you thank you!"

        John smirks, "Fucked up but a lot damn less painful than what he was goin' through, eh?"

        Franky hugs Danny, "It's okay, Danny. We're here. And it's a good thing you are."

        Danny says, "What do you mean fifth wheel...."

        Franky says, "Don't worry, Danny... He didn't mean it like that. I know 'im real good. He's a nice guy, isn't that right, Eddie?"


          Eddie grinned at Tom. "Sadly, Danny... we'll have to send you back when this outing ends. But this is an important club outing. We get to learn what special powers our club members have. And oh yes, we seem to have special powers. Maybe you, too." I really hope Danny has powers, he shot over to Yasma. Above all of our club members... he's the one who would and could make the most of having powers. I mean, look what he had to put up with before we rescued him.

          Tom giggled. "But until then, we're in Disneyland!"

          Diablo grinned as he settled down on the carpeted floor nearby. "If anyone needs me for a good yiffing, I'll be over here resting."

          Masya grinned. "We'll keep that in mind, sire." As in NOT!

          Maatz then stepped center stage and said, "Remember: We're here to meet up with the local operative who can define your powers beyond the shadow of a doubt and activate them if you have any dormant. Are we about ready to head out?"


            Danny smiles, "I doubt I have any special powers. But I'll be glad to document things for you guys! Anything to stay HELL and HEAVEN's distance away from my family!"

            John grins, "Don't write yourself off so quickly. If Franky can have powers, you should."

            Franky heys! "What is this... beat up on Franky day?"

            John grins, "Kinda sorta. Especially from what I saw of you."


              Tom grinned. "Good one, John. Although from what we did overhear... Franky has the type of power that makes people hate him. And not just people either... demons, angels, and the whole kit-and-caboodle of planar species."

              Maatz chuckled. "He said kit-and-caboodle." Then he giggled a lot.

              Eddie was conferring with Diablo quietly as he discussed a few minor details about everything he'd been through in the past month.

              Masya floated over to look at Danny up close. "You're lucky your friends wanted you here. Although if your parents search through those horses looking for you, I would only hope they don't get butt-fucked by a Wild One." He winked with a knowing giggle. Wild One as in LORD Wild One.


                John grins and nods with a wink, "That's only too true."

                Franky grumbles, sullenly, and goes to get something to drink.

                Danny giggles at the comment and says, "Well I wouldn't mind seeing that..." He shrugs a little, "I don't hate them... but I hate the way they treat me.. .alot."


                  Maatz grinned. "Okay, boys. Let's get you off to Diablo's friend to see if any of you score having any powers."

                  Diablo got up. "I agree. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner your group can run amok in Disneyland."

                  Eddie smiled as he got up on Diablo's back and held on. "Okay, I'm ready."

                  Tom smirked. "Better be glad he doesn't have a cock in his back, Edward." He winked with a giggle.

                  Masya slyly grins. "Hell Hounds don't, but dragonmounts do."


                    Franky says, "Well since we already know my power, should I wait here?"

                    John smirks, "Since you make everyone not like you, maybe so."

                    Danny rolls his eyes and says, "Okay, the first time was funny, but the two of you should back off... Just because he's in love with Eddie, doesn't mean you need to get on him that hard. Both of you have more gay thoughts in a day than he does. At least he only focuses on one person. Common Franky, some time out will do you good." He pets on Diablo and Eddie, "Right, Eddy?"

                    Franky says, "Well... Alright."

                    Danny says, "Good. Cause this should be about havin' fun today!"

                    John rolls his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, Sorry for riding you too hard Franky." He looks over at Tom.

                    Franky says, "I can't wait to meet your contact." Though he certainly didn't deny he loved Eddie. It's pretty obvious.


                      Soon, the group were walking through Disneyland and soon walked into the front yard of the Haunted House, a place Franky said he didn't like. However, instead of heading toward the entrance, Diablo led the group through what appeared to be an illusionary wall to the side and through another illusionary wall which brought them out into a fantastic looking sci-fi lab, although the Hell Unicorn who was working on a project glanced up when he saw the group enter from the special wall.

                      "Diablo, your majesty." And the Hell Unicorn was immediately showing respect. "For what purpose brings you to me this day?"

                      "I have a group of boys who may or may not have special powers. I need you to discern if these powers exist and to confirm and verify what those powers are."

                      The Hell Unicorn nodded his head. "As you say, your majesty. Permit my introduction... I am Professor Pyrrocane, a Hell Unicorn of the fiery hurricane seas of the underworld. Although I originate from there, I live and work here. I only ask that the boys come with me one at a time so I may examine them in private. Privacy is needed so stray energies do not interfere with my reading. Who will be first?"

                      Diablo shoved Eddie directly into the Hell Unicorn's body. "He's first. He's been told a few things already, but you can verify beyond a shadow of a doubt."

                      The professor took Eddie off into a private room where it appeared they weren't gone for only a second... but by now I am sure we are familiar with time slowed realms, right? When they return, the Professor says, "Edward Adams is definitely beyond the shadow of a doubt... a Doppler. Or in layman terms... a Polymorphic. I don't use the term Shape Shifter because that is too broad of a sense of what he is capable of. I have instructed him on how to use his ability."

                      Eddie nodded his head as he shimmered in place fluidly becoming a Minotaur warrior, then a Cat Lord, then a Moon Dog, then a Were-Roo, then a Hell Hound, and finally, a Devimouse, like Masya and Yasma. Then he changed back into himself again.

                      The professor smiled. "Who is next?"

                      Tom was blown away when he saw Eddie change forms like that.


                        Danny grins, "Holy crap... That's AMAZING!!!" he HUGGGGGGS Eddie!!! "That's super, super amazing! Do it again! Do it again!!!"

                        Franky rolls his eyes, "He's not a court jester, Danny, give 'im a break..."

                        Danny pfts, "At least I don't want him in my laaaaap." He grins, "Now stop being so sullen. You know your amazed too."

                        Franky says, "Why don't you take Danny next.... HE has to leave soon."

                        Danny hrmphs, "Fine... I'm willing."

                        John snickers but keeps his mouth shut .. too easy.


                          The professor takes Danny through the 'door' and into what appears to be a pocket realm, where he has the boy remove all of his clothes, then he proceeds to lick the boy's body all over with his tongue... coating him in a magical fluid... when he's done, he has the boy shower off under fluids that resembles water, but is in fact the second catalyst for the identification process. Then while Danny is still dripping wet, both fluids thoroughly mixed... the Professor performs the Identification ability.

                          What does he discover?


                            Danny tries not to wriggle too much but it's very ticklish. Danny possess fairly powerful ancient art commonly referred to as a Voice. Though a obtuse and blanket term the actual term has been lost for many centuries. The Voices were notable for several abilities that all revolved around their one central ability, Absolute Command. Words became their shields, their weapons, their being. Words powerful enough to negate the powers of a Deity or Emperor. The most well known Voice is the one who, several million (relative) years ago, ended the War of the Planes when Heaven and Hell had their second (and to date worst) war. A single word of Command brought all the armies to an immediate stand still. There has not been a Voice or any record of the power's resurfacing since his death... from a very unhappy lord who stood to gain a tremendous amount from the war. Voices can be quite vulnerable when they are unable to speak.


                              The professor then spends the time with Danny to educate him in what he is and how to use the ability. He even giggles when he explains it since he can see Danny possible using the ability to take control of his fucked up life outside the club.

                              AKA dealing with his parents?

                              When they finish, a second shower is given to Danny to clean him for real this time, then he is redressed in his clothes and they emerge from the room where the Professor presents Danny to the others again. "Danny Penn is a Voice." And then he explains in layman terms just what THAT is.

                              The Professor says, "Show them how the ability works, Danny."


                                Danny was pretty happy with finding that out and once back with the others, he looks over at John and Tom, "Sure thing, Professor. Kiss" The word seemed to come out in an odd tonal pitch that seemed almost heavy in the air though to Tom and John, the intended victims, it was an irrefutable command, their bodies moving without their consent until their lips met in a kiss though the moment it happened both were instantly released as the Command was met. "My parents won't be able to treat me like crap any more!"

                                John wiped his mouth, "Danny! Gods.... BLECK!!!" Though it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

                                Franky couldn't help laughing.