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III-05 Slip Me a Mickey

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    Eddie remarked, "John has a valid point that I would have to agree with, guys. At least... I would have agreed with it until you guys broke the news to me about what was really going on. And now I think Tom and John should be let in on the big secret."

    Maatz came over and handed copies of the official report to both Tom and John. Then he went back over to his podium.

    Tom was now quietly reading the report to himself, but albeit then... he didn't seem surprised. "This simply verifies exactly what John was saying about the creepy stalker. He's been stalking Eddie since the 1700s. You don't get much creepier than that. Although I would like to know what the 1700s Eddie was like in comparison to our Eddie today..." He winked with a grin.


      John read over the report as well and nodded. He said distractedly as he read, "Indeed. He does not seem the type to let go of Edward very readily. This document is certainly proof of his overly amorous inclinations.....Huh..." He looks over at Eddie, "Damn, Eddie. You got friends in every fucking time and place imaginable. What the hell is up with that?!"

      There is a stark difference between his distracted speech and his 'normal' speech. Anyone talented or trained to do so, immediately can recognize the slight aristocratic tinge to his very proper English. Upper crust. Definitely not the type that would be normally associated with the types of people who speak as he normally does.


        Masya then appeared with a very dressed Franky. POOF! "I know what you're all thinking, so listen up... Franky had no problems getting a new wardrobe. We were done with that really quick. The issue came when he and the one shop owner got to talking about collars. I never thought he'd choose one. Luckily time moves differently there or we'd still be there."

        Eddie simply shot a knowing sly grin at Tom and John.

        Maatz nodded his head. "Franky, since you weren't here when we got the new information, you need to be informed. John was attacked at the skate part by Mr. X and his goons. And Eddie received another one of those threatening notes. Here, I'll show it to you..." And he proceeded to show a copy of the crude note to Franky.


          John just rolled his eyes in response.

          Franky took a look at the note, "Another one? Um... Can I see the original?"


            Maatz replied as he displayed it and the wicked dagger. "Okay Franky... just like at our very first outing... read the note and the dagger the way I had you read the clearing... you can do it." He is gently trying to get Franky to use his Talent.


              Franky took the note first, then sniffed it and looked it over, back and front, "He wrote this... left handed... there are sweat marks, too faint to see but I can smell the salt marks... He wrote it left handed but he's actually right handed. The marks move up instead of down... He is very annoyed...and hateful... his aura's negative...hollow... like he burned it away somehow....but...there are traces...he's not human...but he may have been once... He hates me.... He hates me as much as I love Eddie. He is jealous of Edward.... Of ... Of all us.... There is something that's been stolen from him... but I can't make out what....Just the loss...maybe even a death... I don't know. But the largest thing about him is his pure....hatred and malice. It's almost like he's nothing but malice now. like a skin of his former self over burning creature of hatred... I...I've never felt anything like that."

              He puts the note down and picks up the dagger... but as soon as he starts to focus on it, it LITERALLY sends him flying across the room and THROUGH a wall slightly.. as the dagger is buried tip first into the opposite wall...


                Lady Angela applied the healing ability to Franky this time, then she said, "The dagger seems to have a bit of residual power all its own, Maatz. As for the something stolen from him and perhaps a death and how he hates Franky... perhaps someone back in the 1700s wanted Eddie for himself and somehow arranged for the musket to go off so that Franky would blame himself for the accident. Or perhaps, Franky was meant to be the one killed. And with Franky back with Eddie again, it angers this being all the more and he aims to have his goals no matter what. Remember: the Ange Feline contract was only on Franky. Not a single contract ever was mentioned concerning Eddie."

                Maatz hummed. "That is a very valid point, Lady Angela. At most, Eddie only got threats to disband his club. To John, the man told him to break the alliance. Pretty much the same message. Tom was out of town attending to two family funerals back to back in Kansas. Yes, I did check out your backgrounds to make sure you were both legit. Another boy, Danny by nickname, is also not in the city currently. Family road trip, according to the report."

                Tom wowed. "You found out where I and Danny were? That's awesome! Where is the poor schmuck at the moment? He never wanted to go on that trip."

                Maatz chuckled and picked up his remote control and pointed it at a viewing screen. When the live image came on, there was Danny with his parents in a car as it drove through Glacier National Park in Montana. Maatz had thought balloons turned on for this event mainly so Danny's friends could see what he was thinking, word per word.


                  Franky winces but holds still for Lady Angela, "He certainly hates me... But I think there is something he fears about all of us being together."

                  Danny was thinking, 'God! Please! No more songs! No more sing-a-longs! No more picnics, no more sight seeings, Someone PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!'


                    Maatz says, "Sad to say, Danny is probably safer with his parents. If he were to come home right now, he'd been in the same deadly danger that the rest you are in. On the other paw, his parents are torturing him with Mental Cruelty. It's inhumane."

                    Eddie nodded his head. "Yeah, but it's a shame he's going to miss Disneyland with us."

                    Lady Angela remarked, "The only way anyone would fear your club coming together would be if you all had some Lost Talents of your own that operate stronger when you are together than they would if you were apart. However, before you get to thinking that Eddie has a Lost Talent simply because Emperor Diablo misread the situation, consider this... Eddie's actual talent is one that makes all who meet him want to be his friend... all who spend time with him... to be loyal and true. And to be stronger together. This is not a Lost Talent, per say; it is simply called Leadership. The Form Shifter is probably something Diablo was hoping was true. But it isn't."

                    Eddie arched an eye. "What do you mean, Lady Angela? I mean, I don't want to lose being able to help Masya and Yasma. I like them."

                    "What I mean, Eddie," she said. "is that you aren't what you appear to be. Masya and Yasma saw that air of Leadership in you and that's what made them want to recruit you for Triple I. You had what this organization lacked. But as I said before, Leadership is not your Lost Talent. And neither is Form Shifter alone. Diablo saw the title for a sub ability of your actual Lost Talent. You, Eddie, are a Planarmancer. Or as the layman call it... a Transplanar Wizard. One of your favorite spells was Form Shifting, which you should be remembering how to use."

                    Eddie was quiet as if he was now sorting through his memories again. And something seemed to click when Lady Angela said that. It seemed to be true. "I'm... I'm a Planarmancer."

                    "And another reason the devimice were drawn to you is because they, being information agents, were attracted to a wizard, you."

                    Eddie smiled at that thought. Then he was rolling on the floor laughing.

                    Tom grinned. "Somehow I don't think he believes you."


                      Yasma hrmphs, "I'm NOT an information agent! The insult! I am an INVESTIGATION agent. Last wizard who wanted ME to show up got their heads filled rotten Limburger!"

                      Franky made a gagging face.

                      Greyhoof says, "Many so called 'Lost Talents' are misnamed, or forgotten utterly, or even confused with other things. True Senses are known to hell most because we dealt with so many of them once upon a time. They have outward signs that are easy to spot. But... until the power awakens... NO ONE can know for sure what the Lost Talent truly is save for one with True Senses.... And has been trained in it and has used it for many years. Lost Talents are very difficult to probe. Even for a talented Emperor like Diablo." His tone implies, don't trust what the angel says blindly.


                        Masya giggled. "Lady Angela... for the record, I am the only devimouse present currently who has EVER been an information agent. And I am the best of the best. Ask any wizard about me. They'll tell you. Heck, Warneeri might just fry your balls for insinuating that Yasma was ever into information."

                        "But I don't have balls..." she started.

                        Diablo reappeared suddenly with a grin, finishing, "...anymore." He winked. "I heard every word, Angela. I mean really... are we back to the rivalry stage already where you have to be right and I have to be wrong? That is so juvenile. Well, there is one sure fire way to learn what Eddie's Lost Talent is..."

                        Maatz arched an eye, looking a mite pale. "You don't mean..."

                        Diablo nodded his head. "Yes I do mean... Fortunately, he has agreed to meet with Eddie in Disneyland since the boys are about to go there anyway. And then we will know beyond the shadow of a doubt."

                        Eddie got up and said, "No offense to anyone, but I was almost believing Lady Angela's little story until she said that Masya and Yasma BOTH were attracted to a wizard, me. That was too unbelievably funny. Especially since I know Yasma better that she does. If she hadn't said that, I'd be a Wizard... albeit a mixed up wizard. While there is a past life in me that played the part of a Planarmancer, it's not my Talent. You simply did what Diablo did. You saw a title and you ran with it."


                          Franky ums, "Who do you mean? Sorry if it's disrespectful to ask but... the way Maatz looked when he said that..."

                          Greyhoof chuckles and says, "Well what about the other boys, Diablo? You know they're abilities could awaken at any time... If I understand things correctly... These four could also share a Legendary Power that works when they're all together."


                            Diablo grins. "Wait and see. I want you to be surprised." Then he looked to Greyhoof. "Not four boys, my friend, but five. Danny is a member of their club but he isn't with them right now. Oh sure, I could kidnap him out of the next roadside outhouse they stop at..."

                            Lady Angela looked a little upset. "I have TIDE to set up. But don't think for a moment that this is the end of our discussion, Diablo." And she vanished in that angelic light the angels were fond of.

                            Masya whews. "Finally, the good conscious is gone. I move that we get this party out to Disneyland."

                            Maatz nodded his head. "I agree. We're sitting on our thumbs here. Time to get going."

                            Tom grinned. "I thought for sure someone would say we were sitting on our cocks."

                            Eddie said to John, "I know all of this seems fucked up, but... they are helping us. And you said the boss mouse and the horsey was cute."


                              Yasma grins and holds up his paws, in a blind motion, "AIEEEE IT BLINDS ME!! IT BURNS!!!!" Then proceeded to laugh loudly, rolling around in the middle of the air at his own joke.

                              John holds up his hands, "Things are royally fucked up, Eddie. Let's not fuckin kid ourselves. They are..." He rubs his eyes, "But I figure this damn asshole who beat me up has ta have a damn good reason. And I ain't one to split on my friends." He smirks, "Hell, this is more interesting that sitting at home, that's for damn sure. And yeah...they're fuckin' cute, but not what I'd want to be fucking..."

                              Franky looks over at John and then at Masya and Maatz, "Well let's get going."

                              Greyhoof grins, "You know... There is a legal clause somewhere about 'kidnapping for sake of personal safety'..." He smirks, clearly meaning Danny.


                                Diablo chuckled and doesn't mention that he IS keeping an eye on Danny and the car.


                                Disneyland, California; about one hour later...

                                Thanks to the Infernal Express, the III team and the club boys all arrived inside Disneyland where the hotel desk clerk spoke to Diablo as if he were speaking to a human adult with children in tow. Soon afterward, everyone found themselves in the Presidential Suite of the Hotel inside Disneyland.

                                Diablo said, "Okay, this is where we'll be bunking while we're here. And before we set off to have some fun, I need to fetch Danny for a while."


                                Southern Montana while driving by horse ranches

                                Danny's dad suddenly begins to have thoughts and images of two connected things. 'Rest Stop' and 'gallons and gallons of uncontrollable gushing piss down both legs'. Along with the slow developing urge to do it.

                                Yes, Diablo is causing it.