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III-05 Slip Me a Mickey

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    III-05 Slip Me a Mickey

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents.
    Also starting in this episode, TIDE, Transplanar Investigations Division: Elite joins the action to also work on cases that stem toward a non-infernal direction.

    Despite the RPG name, all of the action occurs on Earth.
    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Five: Slip Me a Mickey

    1. Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams, male human (Doppler), III Agent - Warheart
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy, male human (True Senses), TIDE Agent - Darquirrin
    3. Thomas "Tom" Sawyer Jefferson, male human (Attraction) - Warheart
    4. John Gregory Washington, male human (Soul Wielder) - Darquirrin
    5. William Daniel "Dan" Penn, male human (Voice) - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Warheart
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Warheart
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin
    Archon Alpha Falconsong, Head Official of TIDE - Warheart
    new ange agent - Warheart
    new ange agent - Darquirrin

    ...and countless unnamed others... - Warheart & Darquirrin


    Part Five: The Place Where Dreams Come True

    Transplanar Corridor, Washington D.C.

    While the Feline Lord spoke to Lady Angela, Emperor Diablo met with the crew of Triple I... who were probably surprised to see Franky in attendance as well.

    "The matter has been resolved, Maatz," started Diablo. "Franky is no longer a member of Triple I, although you will still be seeing him around."

    Maatz arched an eye. "H-How do you mean, your lordship?"

    Diablo then outlined the plans for TIDE, Transplanar Investigations Division: Elite, who would do the same job as III, but would handle cases where infernal interference was not involved. And any case they discovered that was up III's alley would be handed off to them. An equal SHARED operation.

    Maatz hummed. "I like the concept, sir. Sometimes it gets rather short-handed around here and cases often drag on when they enter areas we are not familiar with. But having a second team who handles the rest would lighten our load a lot."

    Diablo said, "Yes, I thought it might. They are mainly getting this offer because Heaven is in an extremely heavy recession right now. Almost no one has funds to do anything and money is tight up there. I've offered to help out where I can, since Hell is booming profitable right now, especially with the doings in Nexus Town, where the Academy of Magic is located. I am sure you have heard how their Sponsor/Charge Program is actually succeeding, haven't you?"

    Maatz nodded his muzzle. "Yes and that surprised me that Transplanar people could get it right and Toons could not."

    Diablo then turned to Eddie and carefully laid him out on top of one table. Since he was in a devimouse body, it was really easy to lay him in the center of the table. "It came to our attention, Eddie, that you are suffering from a powerful rebirthing curse and memory blocker. I am now prepared to lift that curse and restore not only your memories... but your form as well."

    Eddie quickly threw his paws up. "WAIT!" He panted. "If you remove this curse that permits me to live again in a new body over and over again... then the next time I die... I'd be gone forever. And... then I would be no good to Masya and Yasma, whom I like working with a lot. I don't want to lose this job. I get to help people."

    Diablo smiled as he glanced at Masya and Yasma. "Perhaps it is time you learned another faucet about devimice, Eddie... they are a species with a million year lifespan. Just like Imp species. They developed this longevity because the conditions they lived in originally was so hazardous that rightfully, they shouldn't have lived beyond a single hour, given the conditions and jobs they were put through. They are thankfully beyond that now. Masya and Yasma, while young, true, are actually not as old as Maatz... although they are thousands of years old. And Maatz is close to twenty thousand years old. Although they can choose to appear, act, and even talk as young as they like, they are in fact adults."

    Masya grinned and did a little dance, minus the song, routine. "That's right. Our power is Longevity. Oh sure, we can be flat out killed, but then the second ability kicks in... Instant Restoration at our last Registration Point. Meaning... just when you think you're rid of a devimouse, he comes back when you least expect it."

    Eddie giggles. "THAT is why I like these guys, Diablo, sir! They are funny and educational, too! I don't want to lose out on helping them!"

    "Then when I lift your curse and restore you, I will permit you to have their abilities, of course, I would also have to offer that to your friends, as well, so they wouldn't grow old on you and die before you did. A sad thing that. However, you, Eddie, have a Lost Talent of your own. The moment you get all of your memories back, you will remember it... but you will need training in how to use it. The Lost Talent is called Form Shifter. With it, you can assume the form of any species you have the opportunity to study within a full 24-hour block. After that, you know the species and can change into it. Franky's Lost Talent is called True Senses, and I am sure both Yasma and Masya KNOW what that means..."

    Eddie hums, "Okie-dokie, sir. Lift my curse and restore me. I'm ready. The other guys in the club will never believe this..."

    Diablo starts the restorations.

    Franky kept off to the side. He was anxious what Eddie would say when everything was done, plus he was still thinking about this whole TIED thing.

    The Feline Lord finishes his explanation and Lord Diablo's plan, "So that is where things stand at this moment, m'Lady. Everything has been prepared and we're ready to finish up the details as soon as you give the word and of course official court backing."


      Masya commented, "True Senses... then that must be the ability that Franky was attempting to use on our very first outing, although Maatz did have to coax him to use it."

      Maatz nodded his head. "Yes, that makes sense now. Although Franky is welcome as a visitor, I really don't think he ever liked being part of Triple I as a member. I can respect that."

      Lady Angela ran her hand over a global viewer as she looked down at Washington DC. "Emperor Diablo and I are familiar with each other, my friend. I am pleased that he is willing to help us financially during a time when they are doing so well. Perhaps this venture would be the thing that brings Heaven out of the recession... by showing our citizens that not only can create and run a legitimate business during a recession, but displaying that we are not too proud to accept help during our time of need. That last Ange/Inferno War... even though we won... was really the cause of our recession. While we did reclaim lands from the Underworld, it took nearly all of the funding to purge out the infernal taint from those lands. Leaving us with nearly nothing. Of course, Hell had a different Emperor then... Diablo is far a better gentleman to offer his paw of assistance."

      "This venture may be started immediately. I will clear its formation through the official court and after that, I expect to see not only success, but a slow profit returning to Heaven. Creators know... we need this."

      Diablo then stepped away from the table to reveal a naked Eddie in his human form on the table top. "Finally... pesky evil curse. I have half a mind to kill that stupid lord twice."

      Eddie on the other hand simply lay there, not because he couldn't move, but because he was allowing all those memories to return and he was trying to sort through them. It was a HELL of a LOT of Planar and Earth memories. And it dawns on him now that he had made friends where ever he went in the Transplanar Realms. Nearly everyone he had met was his friend throughout the ages.

      Masya floated over close to the boy but didn't touch him. He was worried since Eddie had not moved to open his eyes yet.


        The Feline Lord nodded then bowed and left.

        Yasma hurmphs but WISELY keep his mouth SHUT with Diablo AND Angela present. He thinks it's STUPID to let the idiot into another agency but at least HE won't have to deal with the little pest.

        Franky looked over at Masya and Eddie, hoping he's okay. He doesn't have much memories of those times, only what he was told by Diablo.


          Lady Angela turns to look at Yasma surprisingly. "Although you are choosing not to say anything, your aura is shouting everything you don't want to verbally say. Which is why no one in Heaven chooses to have mental thoughts. Everyone and everything can hear them. As for Franky... I feel he only acted the way he did because he was worried and scared for his friend. Much the same was a devimouse would worry and be scared if their favorite cheese was out of stock."

          Masya giggled. "Blasphemy, woman! Bite your tongue! Cheese is life!"

          Eddie then unexpectedly stated without opening his eyes, "...which is why you and Yasma smell like you celebrated at a nice Cheese Restaurant and you didn't remember to invite me along. Did you guys wallow in it or something? You reek. You know where the showers are." He giggled. "Franky? Are you nearby? Please come over here."


            Yasma says, "There is no WALLOWING there is only THIEVING AND CHEEESE at the Ultimate Cheese Arena! And they NEVER RUN OUT! Though we did remember to bring you souvenirs."

            Franky ums... He walks over, "Yeah... I'm here. Congrats on your case, by the way."


              Eddie's hand finds Franky's hand and holds it. "Are we still friends? I know you didn't mean to have that musket discharge like that back then. It was an accident. It just happened."


                Franky says, "Eddie... I love you. You'll always be my friend. I really don't remember that far back. Unlike you, I guess. I just got told. But I know how I feel about you and I can understand why I would do something like that.... Because I can't imagine how horrible it would be lose you." He suddenly hugs Eddie' tightly, crying softly into his chest.


                  Eddie then opened his eyes. "At least I don't stink of cheese. I showered after this mission ended. But there is something I would like to do... but I want this to be a club outing this time. Triple I can come if they want, but there is not likely to be a case, unless Maatz and Diablo are keeping secrets again. Let's get a hold of Tom and John and see if they would like... to go to Disneyland with us. I think we've earned a short vacation where dreams come true. And I want this to be a friends outing."

                  Masya OOOoooohs! "We have friends in Disneyland! This would be a great excuse to go visit them!"


                    Franky looks up, sniffling, "Disneyland?....We...We don't haffa do the haunted house again do we? No ghosts or disembodied spirits this time?"


                      Eddie giggled. "No, we don't have to do the haunted house. But if we did, imagine how pregnant it could get from Diablo mounting it." He laughed out loud.

                      Diablo grinned. "I'm not a horny pup like I was a long time ago. Although stranger things have happened."


                        Yasma can't help but ask, "What are you talking about haunted houses and ghosts in Disneyland?"

                        Franky wipes his eyes a bit, blushing, "We went for Halloween one year. I saw a lot of ghosts and floating lights and stuff... It scared the crap out of me and...." He looks down, "Eddie had to walk me home I was so scared, I couldn't even move... One of them even pulled really nasty tricks on me in front of the others.... No else believed me but Eddie...I tried really hard to never go anywhere on Halloween ever again... I didn't even go trick or treating much...."

                        Yasma facepalms, glancing at Masya, You have GOT to be kidding me. You mean THIS is why.... GRRR! I wanna strangle the boy... Please, bro... Please let me strangle him... just a little... just a tiny bit.... We asked him.... We prodded.... I takes EDDIE mentioning DISNEYLAND of all places.... GRRR!


                          Maatz mentally glared at Yasma, Drop it, Yasma. Now that Eddie isn't in danger anymore, Franky can only improve since he doesn't have to worry about losing his friend again. Besides, this Tom and John sound like they might be the offsets to this club Eddie is mentioning. We can get to know them during the outing. And yes, I am coming along. To make sure there is no pushing Franky down a well or getting him run over by a roller coaster. Get my drift?

                          Eddie smiled. "Can't wait to learn how to use this Lost Talent of mine."


                          Centennial Skate Park

                          ", no message, ma'am. Thanks. Bye." Tom looked at John as he closed his cell phone. "That's it, John. Neither Eddie nor Franky were home and nor in their tree house, and they haven't been coming here to the club's public meeting spot at the Skate Park in weeks. In fact their moms both admitted that the two were spending a LOT of time around historical monuments and near the Pentagon. I have to wonder what they are up to now."


                            Franky sighs a bit and looks over at Maatz and Yasma then shakes his head. He heard both of that. He looks back at Eddie, "Personally, right now, I'll be glad to learn how to turn mine off. Though it wasn't as bad a bit ago."

                            Yasma blinks a little but nods, "Sorry. little frustrated. I'll go get things ready." He poofs off.

                            Franky looks over where Yasma was and then just looks down.

                            Greyhoof, who was bringing Maatz a report, says, "Here you are, sir. The report you aske... Oh... Emperor Diablo." He bows, "I didn't know you were here. Nice to see you again." He looks back at Maatz, "The report you asked for. Sorry it took so long to find." Then he notices Edward and grins, "Hey... Your looking better! Nice to see you back to your old cute self again. Lost Talent, hm? Sometimes those sure can be a curse. My great-grand-sire, Steelstride, did one of the last investigations before they became 'Lost' Talents."


                            John looks over at Tom, "If they're off on some Club Case without us, I'm going to be mad. They promised us they'd let us know as soon as something came up. Or maybe they're off daaating." He snickers, "Anyway, what're we gonna do now?"


                              Eddie smiled and grabbed one of Greyhoof's legs. "I missed seeing you on this last agent outing. How you been? Oh, my Lost Talent seems to be Form Shifter. And Franky's is True Senses. We're planning an outing to Disneyland. Wanna come along?"


                              Tom hummed. "Where have we not looked yet? There must be something we're missing." He then checked the bottom of his shoes. "Okay, there are no Eddie and Franky smushed in my treads." He giggled.