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III-04 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 2)

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    Yasma nods, "Well I don't care. I don't like Franky. I never thought he should be here. And I think Eddie is the best. I told you that boy didn't belong here, didn't I? I felt like something like this would happen!"

    Jacob grins, "Hey, Cody! Wakey wakey it!" He looks over at Eddie, "Yeah, probably couldn't hurt."

    Cody rubs his eyes, "Detox? Where am I? What's going on?"


    After reading the whole folder most of the ange's LEAVE immediately.

    One clan though remains and says, "Thank you for being so honest and forthright with us, Emperor Diablo. However, if we do not claim him... What do you plan to do with him? Do you find some value in him?" This ange-feline lord is SMART.


      Masya hummed. "Yes, you were right all along on this one. Although your correctness doesn't occur very often. So I think we should get you a nice treat. Anything you have a craving for, oh brother of mine?"

      Eddie summons the III Doc and asks him if he thinks an adrenaline shot would help Cody. The doc reviews the case briefly and says, "Since he was drugged, it would be better if we simply administered a regenerative energy caplet into his system and within a few hours, he'd be able to stand on his own two feet once again. I'll do that now. And Eddie... you missed a spot."

      The Doc administers a painless cure, then departs.

      Eddie resumes showering.


      Diablo smiled. "I would have been disappointed if at least one clan lord didn't remain. You are wise to ask that question, for you are earning it by staying rather than flee like the others did. However, the boy's best friend is in Triple I on Earth. Because of this, he upholds a slight rebellious chip on his shoulder and resists most training that he feels will not help his friend. Maatz Arelli had trouble trying to train this boy, and more recently, both Lord Jansy and Lord Razor both ran into the same trouble trying to train him. And it will be the same if you were to try to train him. He might appear to be learning it at first, but the moment he started thinking about his best friend, he'd want to go check on the friend and he would have outbursts in defiance in his attempts to go to his friend. I do not know how you would handle that."

      "However, back to your question about value... I did not include this information in the folder since it was being reserved for anyone showing intelligence, as you just did," said Diablo. "I am sure you are aware of the Lost Talents, correct? Well, Franky here... has one of them. He has the ability of True Senses. He can read the history, life, and more from the scent of a person as well being eventually being able to see the souls of others, including when they've been messed with or damaged, even how many human souls a Demonic lord has earned, and more. However... as you probably know yourself, that talent was only held by Hounds of the planes. Be it Ange, Devi, Demon, and even Hell varieties. I have even heard that Moon Dogs and Asgardian Wolves had the ability. It was a canine talent. And Franky seems to have it, although untrained in its usage. And I already told you what training the boy would be like."

      "However, if you truly want to claim this boy into your clan... you only need to provide me with the document or contract which enabled the Ange Felines to go after this boy in the first place. Show me that document... and I will have no reason to prevent you from taking him. Of course, if you felt that his training might benefit him more by allowing him access to his best friend, you're welcome to try it. But be reminded... I need to see the other boy later to remove his curse so Maatz Arelli can reward him properly for successfully completing a mission as the lead investigator. It was a test run for the boy being in charge of the investigation and he succeeded in finding their target, who was being held prisoner by Thodan the Breaker, who is also, I might add... very dead now. I had to kill him, too."


        Yasma grins, "An all you can eat (or steal) buffet from the Grand Cheese Arena will do nicely." He hugs his bro with a happy grin, "That's the first time I've ever heard you freely admit... I was right! I feel happy. Maybe I won't be as evil this time..." Yeah right.

        Jacob looks relieved and helped Cody clean up but he was still in a bit of a fog, "Why isn't anyone gonna tell me where I am? How'd I get here?"

        Jacob says, "I don't know, but I think we're back at those guy's head quarters. They're friends, Triple I, I think they said was their name. Kinda like our club."


        The feline lord hrms, "I see. I know a bit about these talents and I know, for example, that only 30% minimum canine content is required for manifestation of the abilities, which will grow to max out at 50% canine as some of the best of the old trackers were only 50% canine with other traits from other species designed to heightened their abilities. However, you did not mention, Emperor Diablo... What is it that YOU wish to do with him? If he is as impossible to train as you say, why are you not trying to push him off on the first lord you found? Why the time and....Ah... The Kisume logic.... You're trying to save them both....aren't you?" He leans back a little with a grin, "Well... Why don't you enlighten me on your true intentions...We both know the boy's fate in my paws, more information would be... useful. Perhaps we could ever compromise."


          Masya takes Yasma off to a well deserved repast. POOF.

          Eddie comes back around the corner in their shower again. "I am Edward Quincy Adams, Eddie for short, and you are within the shower area of Infernal Intelligence Investigations, or as Maatz Arelli calls it... The III, or Triple I. We were hired by Legacy Shipping in the Japanopolis region of QC Planet to find you and get you back to them alive and unharmed. Apparently a copy of you was sent to QC Planet in your place and this copy got into some trouble and had to have a backup body restoration to save his life. When the restoration was made, toon physics changed him into his own living self and that's when his friends at Legacy Shipping, a detective agency, were tipped off by the doctors that he wasn't the real YOU. He has been using the name Casey and he is currently going to school in Montropolis with a few other friends. However... he would like to meet both you and your friend Jacob. In affect, Cody... you now have a twin brother who really wants to see you."

          Maatz peeked into the showers with a grin. "That was well told, Agent Eddie. Very well told."


          Diablo smiled once again. "It is pleasant to have someone smart in meeting instead of just those filled with greed. Because you are asking and no one has chosen to present the document showing why this claim occurred in the first place... I was hoping that all Ange Felines would forfeit their claim on the boy, and then, I could simply send him back to Washington D.C. to join his family where he could retain contact with his friend who is in Triple I. When I said he was impossible to train, I was not indicating myself. I could have trained him MY way and he would have learned what he needed to learn and there would have been no back talking his instructors or in one case... possible Alpha he was wanting as a sponsor. I am sure you know about the Archon Alpha Falconsong... part Ange Avian, part Arvandorian Moon Dog, and part Hell Hound. He recently became an Alpha and Franky was impressed by him. However... part of Falconsong is Ange. Is this what enticed the boy?"

          He then turned to Franky and removed the collar that prevented speech. "You are now going to be given a say so in your own fate. I do NOT want to hear whining; I do NOT want you to mention your friend's name PERIOD; and I do NOT want to hear you talk about being worthless. Hell, dude... I was trying to save your life. I killed people for you. Now tell our guest along with Lord Yuskay and myself why you should or should not be sent back to where you can still see your friend on a daily basis."


            Cody blinked a few times... Then smiles, "Actually that sounds pretty amazing. I love toons and having a 'brother'... That's pretty nice. I've never had a lot of close family. Though what about you, Jacob?"

            Jacob rubs his head a bit, "Well if I possible, I'd like to go with you... But I ... kinda didn't get to really fulfill a mission here either and I promised them I'd help them with one. I'd kinda like to stay as well. I'm a bit torn, really."


            Franky is very quiet for a long moment... Then he sighs and says, "You don't want to hear anything about it... But apparently, it's a part of my past. How can I not do that?" He pauses again... "Look, I don't mean to be disrespectful... Or disobedient. I don't really hate any particular species, hell or heaven. I didn't know anything about what happened before. All I know is, I don't want to be just shunted off to the background. I don't want to be just some friend to be forgotten about but after learning what I did, I don't know if that's not just exactly what I deserve. However, I think your asking me... What do I want? That's a good question... The truth is, I don't know. I just want to be able to do things with my friends... And that includes all the ones I made at Triple I." He sighs, "That's all I really want."

            The feline Lord listens to what he says then looks at Diablo, "Well. I've listened to everything you have said. And I have considered everything we know." He smiles, "The truth is, a stranger we don't know... came to us and offered us a sizable reward in return for our pledge to capture and convert Franky to our species and keep him away from Triple I, especially his friend, Eddie. However, we only agreed to adjust his species to feline. The Hellcats agreed to capture him. I am willing to release all claim over him in exchange for the oath of the Emperor that the resultant form the boy wears for the rest of his life, is at least 30% feline. Which is the minimum for being considered of the feline species. That leaves you 70% to work with, I don't care if the other 70% is canine or dragon. As long as you can agree with this, I will give up my claim to him and he will be free of any further feline complications."


              Maatz hummed. "How about this... you go with your friend to QC Planet and when we get a mission that I feel you can participate in, I'll contact you. Or if you learn about a boy who is missing from QC, you can contact us and I'll arrange a Triple I investigation there. However... Triple I has no jurisdiction on QC Planet. Then you can still do a mission with Triple I and will have filled your quota. And you won't have to give up being with your friend and his twin brother. What do you think?"

              Eddie likes that idea, since most of these missions are 'find a missing boy' type missions.


              Diablo hummed. "Planar laws state that unless a document exists for such a contract, then there is no claim nor contract, feline lord. Since such a document cannot be presented... and I think even the Heavenly Courts would agree with me on this one... then you do not have a legal claim. However, I am not insensitive to the funding and resources you may have put into finding and acquiring Franky for your clan. Therefore, I propose a solution that you and other Ange Species can think about."

              He then stood up and walked over near the feline lord. "As you know, Triple I is a legal non-recruiting law organization on Earth whose job is to help the human authorities to find missing children. However, Triple I is the infernal branch because in most cases, the missing met with infernal interference. Suppose your clan were to sponsor the Ange version of III, you can name it whatever you like, based on Earth in Washington DC. You can assign whoever you like to run it. Franky would become a member of the Ange branch of this service AND be a member of your clan, fully, with the ability to switch between local Ange Feline form and his human form at will. Because your monetary resources are low and I am suggesting this venture, I will give you and your clan a grant of funding that you will not have to pay back. Part of which must be used to set up this venture; the rest can be used for whatever your clan needs. You will get full ownership over Franky AND legal permission from the Planar Council to be on Earth for a legitimate reason. What do you say?"


                Jacob smiles, "I really like that idea. Thank you." He gives the cute mouse guy a hug and a kiss on the nose, "Your really nice!"

                Cody snickers a bit but keeps his mouth shut.


                The lord shakes his head, "In truth I doubt the Heavenly Courts would support this but they do hate being 'behind the curve' compared to Yuskay." He leans back and sighs, "The only legal contract we have on him, is the one I issued for the species re-assignment claim. I issued it the day after Mr. X visited."

                He looks back at Diablo, "The guy had no aura, no soul, no nothing... Usually only the most powerful of gods are able to avoid our sight... but he almost seemed to not even exist." He sighs, "And you have deduced accurately that heaven in general is suffering right now. One of the worst recessions in our history. But, you ask us to accept this venture... You already have said the boy could not do anything under your guidance. How would we benefit from this other than just a place for the boy to stay and a influx of cash for our clan? I do not like to do something if I do not know I can complete or at least make an honest effort."

                The feline Lord rubs his eyes, "Besides, I have no idea who would ever run an Ange-version of III. The heaven legal system is more fucked than a pit of planar guilmon." He chuckles, "Though now you DO sound like you want to get rid of him."


                  Maatz chuckled. "Seems like Cody knows something more about Devi-Mice than you do, Jacob. Maybe you and he better talk about things before you go off hugging and kissing a devimouse on nose, whiskers, or more directly, the lips. Perhaps you fancy having sex with one of us too. Hmmm?" He winked, giggling.

                  Eddie then said, "Don't mind him, Jacob. He's like that after a successful mission. Then again, most of the agents are. Except me... I feel... like he's not telling me something important."


                  Diablo looked the feline directly in the eyes. "That or I am pulling reverse psychology on you. Maybe I do want to keep him and making it sound like I don't will make you forfeit the claim?"

                  He walked over to Franky with the continuing chuckle. "Falconsong has not surrendered his sponsorship over Franky as yet. But because he is part Ange himself, if you chose to go ahead with claiming this boy, the next person you would be speaking to is Falconsong himself. And I know he would welcome the idea of another business venture on Earth, since he also runs a restaurant where he employs ANYONE, regardless of planar origin. Ally yourself with him and your clan could make a profit."

                  Diablo then looked at Franky directly. "How badly would you like to see Eddie again once his curse is lifted and his memories restored? At current, he is still under the affect while you yourself are not. Tell the feline lord why Eddie is so important to you. And use your heart this time. Ange's love it when a reason is heartfelt."


                    Jacob giggles then says, "Maybe but then what'd be the fun in that?" He looks over at Cody who just says, "He's not a toon, though. Real ones are more 'dangerous'." Jacob smirks, "AKA more fun? Personal experience? I know how much you like toons...and mice."

                    Cody says, "Hey! Shush you!"

                    Jacob giggles then looks at Eddie, "Well that's cause he's not. Rule 1. Infernal only tell you what you directly ask for a fee or what they think you deserve to know. So pretty much there is ALWAYS something important he's not telling you." He looks over at Cody, "Right...that is the rule."

                    Cody giggles and nods, "Yeah. You remembered it."


                    Franky looks down, "If you say so... He's been my friend for a long time. I don't even know how long. I love him with all my soul and I just want to be there for him. I don't know how he's going to react when finds out about this but I know I'll deserve it if he never wants to see me again. He means more to me than anything in my life... And no matter what I want him in my life... if there is any way he would accept me."

                    The feline Lord waves a paw, "I don't really care if you are not. Sob stories aside, ultimately my decision was already made. I'll have Lady Angela from the central Court get in touch with Falconsong about the plans for TIED, Transplanar Investigations: Elite Division. Perhaps Falconsong wants to run it."


                      Eddie giggled at Cody's comment, as Maatz replies, "Wait until Cody meets Confederate Mouse in Legacy Shipping."


                      Diablo placed a paw upon his chin. "That is a concept that I had not considered. And a good idea. I know of Lady Angela; she is a good person, despite planar genotype species. Although if you want a partial cat clan son... perhaps I can knock you up and let you keep the resultant heir to train yourself..."

                      Yes, the meeting was at an end, seemed like, for the Emperor's mind was starting to drift into the gutter and that dictates that perhaps we should end this episode before anyone gets FUCKED.

                      End of III-04 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 2)

                      Stay tuned for III-05 Slip Me a Mickey