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III-04 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 2)

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    III-04 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 2)

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. Despite the RPG name, all of the action occurs on Earth.
    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Four: Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 2)

    1. Edward Quincy Adams / "Edward", male information devil mouse - Warbard
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy, male hell hound of Falconsong Pack - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Warbard
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Warbard
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin

    ...and countless unnamed others... - Warbard & Darquirrin

    Guest Starring:
    The Lancer Clubhouse Gang - Warbard & Darquirrin


    Part Four: Apple Sauce in the Big City

    Lancer Clubhouse, Mystic Triangle, New York City

    Leading the mission was quite unexpected even though Yasma was the first to suggest it. But here Edward was leading the others toward the Lancer Clubhouse. He just hoped someone friendly was there at this time of the morning. "We're almost there. Riding the subway was a new experience in our new bodies... crazy movement and crazier people... it almost feels like the Country Devi-Mouse visits the City Ange-Mouse..."

    Masya giggled at the reference. "Well, as Maatz said, we do have alternative check in points in the city. We're lucky no one who can see us normally has tried to talk to us yet. How are you holding up, Franky?"

    Franky glanced over his shoulder at Masya, "Well. Other than finally knowing why canines love hanging their heads out car windows... And being sickeningly embarrassed about it." He shrugs, "I'm doing fine. How much further is the IAC? Am I still going the right way, Master Edward?" He meant that last part playfully though.

    Yasma reclined, sipping his drink and putting his feet up on Franky's head (Franky just let him, though it irritated him slightly), "I have to admit, Eddie. This was a pretty brilliant idea. No one is gonna notice us... And one 'dog' running through New York won't draw a bit of attention. And we get to RIDE in STYLE." He grins, patting the back fur of Franky. "Then we just find a nice secluded place near the Lancer place to let you boys change back and we introduce ourselves."

    Franky grumbles at Yasma, "I swear if you spill that cheese wine on my fur... I'll bite."


      Edward giggled. "You've seen all the other canines and hell hounds running around, right? What's one more on the street? No one has even blinked twice at our walking down the street among the other pedestrians. We're almost to the alleyway turn off to Lancer's Backyard. It's actually part of Central Park, although a lot of humans overlook that information. We may even see some of the club members doing some weird things the moment we enter that alleyway..."

      Masya stated, "Don't forget that we are here on a mission. Cute sexy boys aside... we have to remain focused. I saw Maatz polishing the spanking paddle this morning." He shuddered at the thought of it being used.


        Franky turns the corner and heads down the alley until... Yasma and Masya are KNOCKED off Franky's back as he walks through a barrier surrounding the clubhouse. Strangely, Edward is also not effected.

        Yasma yells, "HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

        Franky blinks and looks back, "What happened?"

        Yasma says, "What happened?! We got knocked off by that stupid barrier!"

        Franky looks around, confused, "What barrier?"

        Yasma walks over and KICKED it, causing it to flash silver for a moment, "THIS thing, stupid... though... How did you two get through... Oh... Clever... You two have human souls still... Even though your a different species, it recognizes you as being human... While we were never human to start with. Hrm... This could be tricky..."

        Just then, a figure steps out of the alley's shadows from a small hut cobbled to the side of the alley. Outwardly he looks like a dirty old street bum, to the four Triple-I agents, however, they see a CUTE looking Impdrake. He greets the four cautiously, "Former Human who's soul is still mostly human, Former Human who's soul is tainted, Devi-Mouse, and a Devi-Mouse Chaos Causer. Your not on the lists..." He tilts his head and looks around then says, "Wait. Me find out if you be allowed."

        He closes eyes a few minutes then blinks. He approach Edward, "Are you Triple-I Agent, Edward Quincy Adams who is also Edward the Devi-Mouse? oh! me forgot and what is your Agent ID number!"

        Franky mutters, "A lot of security for an adventure club..."


          Edward huhed. "Beta Alpha Three Three Nine Two Seven Dash Two One Delta Ceta One." He is GLAD Maatz made him memorize his damned agent number now. "Did someone tell these guys we were coming? Look, sir... we're working a case in this area. Missing person, Code Red rank. If our superiors can't get in with us, we may have to go check in at the other check in points."

          Masya patted Edward and said, "Nice job on the memorizing, Eddie."


            The cutey OHS! "So it do be you... Otay." He walks over and touches each of the four and grins, "There. You can go in now... Oh... And you can't tell no one about the barrier... or any of the boys that there are dragons or drakes around unless they find out first without your help. And um..... obey the rules.. that's it." He smiles widely and grins, "Enjoy your visits!"

            Yasma looks curious at Masya then Edward and Franky then the impdrake, "Uh... Just HOW is an impdrake here on earth and working for a human club again?"

            He looks at Yasma, "We work for Damey. Damey Lancy. He signed a connerstract in blood with us to take care of us, we keep 'interferers' out and away from 'his boys' so they can have safe place to learn bout's weird stuff! We gots LOTSA members! Even some incognito... please don't break their cover!"


              Edward grinned as he got back on Franky and helped Masya and Yasma back on. "We aren't here on vacation. We're under cover ourselves on a case for Triple I. Besides, I don't think anyone wants the Yuskay Express coming down on them for blowing someone's cover."

              Masya smirked. "Actually... Lord Yuskay once lived in New York, Eddie."

              Edward blinked his eyes. "Ooookay... that's not a pleasant thought."


                The impdrake giggles and nods, "Yah... He used to be human too. Otay. Have fun. Or ...good luck or whatever! If you need me I be here." he starts back over ot his hiding place.

                Franky thinks a moment then once his passengers are seated again, he steps back over to the drake, "Excuse me, but I just would like to ask one other question. You see a lot here right?"

                The impdrake nods, "Yah!"

                Franky describes the boy, "Ever see him?"

                The impdrake nods! "Oh sure! Me know him! Him Cody."

                Franky says, "Um... 'Cody'? I was told his name was Casey."

                The impdrake says, "no know. But I see boy like that and him called Cody."

                Franky smiles and nods, "Thanks for your time..." He starts walking on... And says to the mice, "A possible AKA?"


                  Masya said, "What if his real name is Cody and when the clone was made, they named him Casey and no one knew anything about it?"

                  Edward hummed. "That would make sense in case investigators tried to look for the real boy. Which is what our case is."


                    Franky nodded, "Makes sense to me. So we know a name now... A fresh lead."

                    Yasma mms and nods, "I suppose asking him was a decent idea."

                    Franky keeps walks toward toward the clubhouse. "What should we do now, Edward? We're almost there."

                    Within the protected area, the four were seeing LOTS of humans and non-humans. All of them involved in various activities while the sun was up. Urban tracking and identification of landmarks, parkour/street running, skateboarding, all types of really interesting activities. It's obvious why the club was so popular. There were also 'species and specter' meetings to discus 'fictional' species like dragons, gryphons, etc. And each 'group' had at least ONE of the species secretly hiding out within it to 'help' with information.

                    While waiting on Edward's directions, Franky was staring a bit... where was this place when he and Eddie were growing up ... This is just the type of place he would have loved to been in...


                      Edward said, "Make for the clubhouse, Franky. All we really need to do is check in. We may not want to overstay our welcome here since we are working on a case and I am sure Lancer is not involved in our case at all. If we have to, we can arrange lodging at one of the check in points. Remain focused."

                      Masya thinks Edward is doing fine leading a mission, although they haven't even really started yet. "Since they are expecting Triple I, there is no reason for our pretending to be something we're not. Makes the job a little easier, in my opinion."


                        Yasma nods, "I agree fully."

                        Franky heads straight for the club house. No one even gives the group a second look. Inside there are the 'core' members... Damien Lancer himself is there today and he's up top monitoring things and answering fan mail. Franky walks into the main room, looking around at all the core club members.


                          Edward cleared his throat. "Pardon us." He pulled out his badge. "We're with Triple I and we're handling a case in this area. While we don't believe any of your club friends are involved in this case, your cooperation would be greatly appreciated."

                          Masya thinks Edward must have gotten drilled by Maatz before the mission. That was almost entirely word-per-word from the instruction manual.


                            One of the members says, "If we can help we will."

                            Franky obediently pads over to the center of the room and stands up tall on all fours so Edward can use the top of his head as a platform to speak from.

                            One of the others closes the door behind the group to be safe no one over hears anything. "So what exactly is it you need? Damien mentioned we might be getting some 'guests' who'd want to use the old clubhouse before we built this one as a temporary HQ."


                              Edward then nodded his head as he stood on Franky's head. Nice to be light weight for that. He explained the nature of the mission and who the mission had originated from. "...we knew to start our investigation near his original living address. And since arriving, we gleaned that his local name may have been Cody, even though the name in our case files is Casey." He then pulled out a written description and a picture of the boy to show to the Core Members.

                              Jansy swiveled around in his chair and looked at the photo with a silent hum. The boy did look familiar to him. He then turned back to his computer and started searching through the club records of every boy who had ever been a club member to see what came up.

                              Masya made sure to give Franky some timely pettings and scratchings on his back.