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III-03 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 1)

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    Franky nods, "Yeah.. Really good thing. If it wasn't for them... Well I don't even want to think what would have happened to me... I know I wouldn't be here with you..." Big puppy dog eyes at Edward.

    Yasma yeeshiks, "Okay.. I know your playing around and experimenting, kid, but I can only take so much cute and 'good' in one day."

    Franky giggles, "Sorry." He looks over the map, "Hey... Eddie... er...Edward... Look." Points to the location on the map with a paw, "Casey's house is right in the middle of the 'mystic triangle!'"

    Yasma raises a brow, "Mystic Triangle? What Mystic Triangle?"

    Franky rolls his eyes, "Any kid in the DC/New York area knows about it. It's a kid term for the area formed by 1) The Ghost Buster Building that Summoned Gozer, 2) The Site of the NWM Battle if it were real in our world, 3) The site of the Twin Towers. If you take all three, form a triangle and circumscribe it within the city, you find this area where LOTS and LOTS of REALLY WEIRD stuff goes on! I mean, it's like spook central for New York. The Lancer Clubhouse is located within that zone too."


      Edward smiled. "He's right. Lancer would be the best place to start our investigation since they see weird all the time anyway. They could be our in-excuse for even being in the city."

      Maatz then brought up a recent club membership photo from the Internet of the Lancer Clubhouse. "Okay people. These are the current members of the Lancer Clubhouse. You may use their clubhouse, with their permission, as your base while in the city. Otherwise, we do have branch offices there. And people, I want results that are on my desk in less than 30 days. And speaking of which, Edward and Franky don't have thirty days. They have school on Monday and also have to be back at their homes for dinner and for breakfast each day. The parental thing or they'd be reported as missing kids. And we have enough cases..."

      Masya giggles. "But we LIKE looking for Eddie and Franky." More so the former than the latter, of course.


        Franky nodnods and grins, "Neat! We have a list!" He says, "And I promise not to eat our homework." He winks at Eddie while continuing to study the documents. He hrms, talking quietly to himself "Enjoys toon and otherworldly creatures. Four legged variations attract more attention than 'standard' bipeds. This kid sounds pretty cool. Though not as cool as Eddie. A dog and cat living together... kinda weird. But if the clone's interests mesh with the original's we might learn something there." He was doing a lot of thinking about this... trying to focus on HELPFUL things for his best friend!

        Yasma looks over at Maatz, "So will Edward be taking point on this investigation with Masya and I as senior back up or what? Franky is obviously still the trainee. But I think it might be good for Edward to get some experience running an investigation."


          Maatz hummed. "Just as you and Masya make a team, we can't break up Eddie's team. And it might be good for Edward to run an investigation for once, just so he gets a feel for it. Therefore... Edward will be in charge, Franky will be Eddie's right paw assistant. And Masya and Yasma, you both will play back-up. You two are there to bail the newbies out in case something goes sour. But since Franky recognized the triangle up there, he may prove more than useful on this case. I would suggest you make whatever preparations you need to make before you head off to New York. And remember, Edward and Franky... you both still have Parental check-in times with your families. So don't blow it. Dismissed."

          Edward hummed. "In that case... I think we should plan this outing for first thing in the morning. Give everyone time to get their shit together. Not to mention, the parental thing in our case... it would work out better if we were free from being checked on at night and then we'd have the whole day free."

          Masya nodded his muzzle. "Sounds good to me. That would give me some extra time to do some research on the Big Apple to see how cheesy it really is. Plus, I know there are mages living there so maybe one or two of them may be able to get us some more information."

          Edward then looked at Masya and said in Devi-Mice Speak, "Use the PHONE to call them. No going up to New York without the full team." Then he reverted to normal speak and said, "Come on, Franky... we have some plans to make."

          He grabbed Franky and teleported the both of them off to the clothing store where he and his own mom go for clothes. "We need to buy you some new clothes to fit your human body," Eddie said with a grin. "Maatz is letting us use his Discover Platinum Card."


            Franky grins, "Okay. Is this where you get to play house and 'dressup'? ... Sorry... I just It's hard to avoid." He blushes, "I can't believe how happy I feel right now, even though I know we're in deep with this case and everything. It's going to be really hard to focus. But I'm going to do my best for you.... for us." He raises his right paw, "I swear. Boy Scout Honor. Or Pup Scout... I guess that counts too. And I should probably change back to my human body for now, right?" His tail was STILL wagging a mile a minute being so close to Eddie.

            Meanwhile, Yasma was packing up two senior kits for himself and Masya, a 'standard' kit for Franky, as well as mobile officer's command kit for Edward. Including making copies of the important documents and other things needed for the investigation.


              Edward then said, "Maatz and I were discussing something while the Lords broke you in... I asked him what he thought about our bringing our other two friends into Triple I. And he said, quote, If you solve this case in under thirty days, you can bring in Bozo the Clown for all I care, unquote." He winked.

              "That means, we can have all four members of the club we belong to in Triple I. Maatz gave his word to me on this. And he wants results. But yeah, you need to be in your human form. Clothes makes the transformation with you when you change. I learned that myself... although your form is far cooler than mine."


                Franky smiles, "That would be really cool... Though I don't know them as well as you..." But when Edward says that he stops in place and blinks, "You really think that, Eddie? I think yours is cute, sexy, and awesome.... and...umm.....somewhat arousing too. Sorry but it's true... I er... even sorta.. had a dream about it once... Your my best friend and it sorta made me feel weird cause I didn't want to make you uncomfortable."

                It takes Franky a moment but he managed to get back to his humany form. Though as mentioned there are still some canine hints to his 'new' body. "There! Wow..." He wiggles his fingers and bends and twists a little, "Kinda weird feeling but I can deal with it."


                  Edward grinned. "Masya and Yasma both told me one time... it's okay to be thinking that. They told me that before Devi-Mice got into the secret agent thing and Devi-TV stuff... their main two jobs were being summoned by mages for information... and Job Board Tavern... lap jobs... as in... sexually bouncing on a naked Demon Lord's lap... entertaining him. So if you had dreams like that about me... it's normal, according to the Mousy brothers. Now, let's see about getting you some clothes your mom would approve of."

                  He just hoped Franky's parents didn't notice the slight caniney hints that were in Franky's appearance now. Or best case scenario... they might think it was an improvement?


                    To be honest, Franky's father, while not abusing in any way, was one of those who valued the more 'manly' traits and the introverted shy bookworm wasn't entirely someone he understood or 'liked' though he loved his son. If anything, it would likely be a bit odd but accepted and liked by the family to be honest since none of them are TOO obvious.

                    Franky smiles, "Alright. Do you think sometime then... maybe... you and I could have....some fun like that, in our deviforms? I mean if you wanted to? Maaaybe.... as a reward for doing good on this mission?" He blushing furiously as he looked around, trying not to look at Edward too much as he said that. Unlike Edward who was warned before hand about the mix of feelings Franky had for him, Franky's working on no knowledge at all other than what he's been told. So he's a little scared of saying the wrong thing.After the exited the safe landing zone, Franky pointed out the type of clothes he wanted but... Since his mom ISN'T here... he's free to pick out some HE likes as well. His mom tends to pick out most of his non-demanded clothes. Getting to pick anything he wants, is a new freedom... and he LIKES it.


                      Edward grinned again. "Yasma was suggesting that we take some species recognition classes so we don't end up stuck in something sexual that we would need the others to embarrassingly get us out of. And you blush a lot and while it is cute... I don't want to give any cute girls the wrong idea." He giggled. "Now, let's see about getting you some shoes..."

                      End of III-03 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 1)

                      Stay tuned for III-04 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 2)