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III-03 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 1)

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    III-03 Operation: Legacy Code Red (Part 1)

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. Despite the RPG name, all of the action occurs on Earth.
    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Three: Operation: Legacy Code Red, Part 1

    1. Edward Quincy Adams / "Edward", male information devil mouse - Warbard
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Warbard
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Warbard
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin

    ...and countless unnamed others... - Warbard & Darquirrin


    Part Three: The Animeiyo Challenge

    Adams Backyard, D.C. Suburbs, Washington D.C.

    Today, Masya and Yasma were with Edward (Eddie decided to drop the cutesy nickname now that he had a devil mouse body) and Franky helping the two with their homework inside of the shared tree house. Edward had used his powers to bring human safe food up to the tree house and thus they had a nice picnic meal while homework was being done.

    Edward was currently in his human form since it would be harder to do his homework otherwise. "You don't know how many times my mom has almost caught me in my other form inside the house, guys. She's starting to make living at home more challenging than those exercises that Maatz puts us through."

    Masya grinned. "At least you get to practice your powers and Triple I abilities."

    Edward giggled. "Teleportation is still my most favorite power." He hugged Masya. "Thanks for reminding me."

    Franky nodded but remained somewhat quiet as he had lately. Things had been going pretty well with him and his grades were holding remarkably steady. Though the changes in Eddie's... life style... had made, at least on Franky's end, somewhat strained. He still felt just as strongly as ever for Edward, but for an inexplicably reason he felt like there was a distance between them. He mostly tried to ignore it, but he had no idea what could be causing it so he blamed the obvious reason... His friend was a devimouse now.

    It was fairly obvious to Yasma and Masya but Yasma's opinion on the whole thing was to just let it play out. When devi-species are involved, lives are always changed and you have to able to adapt or your dead in this type of work. Though to be honest, Yasma still thinks rather little of Franky's involvement over all. A few lucky spotting of things, doesn't make you III material.

    Franky put the math book away, "Well that's done. I suppose I better do English now..."


      Probably what made the friendship more strained was that now Edward was a devimouse he was capable of speaking to both Masya and Yasma on a very private species mental network. Physically, they didn't even have to be looking at each other nor did it ever appear that they were moving their lips, yet to devimice, they could clearly see and hear each other speaking to each other, mouths moving and all. And since Franky wasn't part of this network and to Edward... something feline seemed to be always around Franky even though the devi-doctors said that Franky was cleansed of possible contamination. Edward wondered if the doctors could have been wrong this once. Because there was definitely something feline about his friend now.

      And during off-moments that something smelled a LOT like Lord Firefur.

      On the human level, Edward was heard to say, "History has been really difficult lately." although on the devimice level, Edward said, "Do you really think Franky shouldn't be part of Triple I, Yasma?"

      Masya was helping Franky with English, although on the devimice level, he said, "It's still too early to tell how Franky will develop. He really wants to help, but he's been afraid of letting the rest of us down. And when you're afraid, it throws off your timing."


        Yasma was helping Edward with his History homework but mentally he replied, "Just my opinion, but yes. If he can't get into the groove of things, he's only going to hold us back. He hasn't even been practicing that much with his Triple I powers. Not to mention, he hasn't made ANY efforts to really work with us. Isolationists really don't need to work well with teams and I mean, how many words has he even spoken to his best friend since we got back?" He pauses and then mentally replies, "Or ARE you still best friends? You haven't seemed too interested in being around him..."

        Out loud Yasma says, "And trust me, The general was an ASS. I was there after all."

        Franky rubs his head a little. "Two more pages then... I'm done." He yawns and STRETCHES and rubs his neck, "I can't stay too long though... My mom's taking me shopping later for some new clothes since so many of mine got messed up lately."


          Suddenly over the devimice only network, Maatz's voice was heard, "As soon as you guys have some free time, come on into base. We just got a code red type of mission. Our first one... a real hottie. Take your time, though, because I am still pulling up the necessary documents and pictures for the case."

          Masya hummed as he helped Franky. "So how did your clothes get so messed up recently? I thought they looked fine when we got you both home from the last mission. Unless your whole wardrobe had a clothing malfunction..."

          Edward chose to continue to mentally talk in DeviMouse Language since it was a little easier. "Is it just me, Yasma, or does Franky have sorta a feline something in his aura? I never noticed before the last mission and now... every time he's around, I get that feeling."


            Yasma hrms, and replies likewise, "Maybe slightly, yeah. But you weren't a devimouse then either. They did say he was free of any contaminates." He thinks and says, "You know in the old days, devimice actually were on devi-feline menus. Devi-felines and devi-mice still aren't very...friendly. I wouldn't say hate, but it's about like that."

            Franky says, "Various things. Mud. Being old. being itchy. You know just need new clothes. I'd wear them but mom says I need better ones for school and everything." He closes his books and kisses Masya's nose, "Thanks for the help Masya. I'll get going so I can go meet up with my mom."


              Masya nodded his head. "Why don't you just teleport yourself and your books back to your room, Franky? Or do you prefer walking...?" He grinned.

              Edward closed his History book and said, "Finally done with that. Thanks Yasma. Let's see what's left in the picnic basket..." He opens the lid and peers inside. "More cheese, looks like. No Mozzarella, though..." He giggled at the joke. In Devi-Mice mind speak, he said, "You are right about Franky's lack of practicing with his Triple I abilities. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he chooses to climb down out of the tree house and walks back home. It would be far easier to teleport because I do it all the time."


                Franky ohs. "Yeah that would be a lot faster. Thanks for reminding me, Masya." He kisses the mouse's nose again but it's a bit of a lick. And he teleports back home. But the teleport effect IS slightly... different in feeling from the standard teleport power of III which is strictly based off the Devi-Mouse version.

                Yasma giggles, "Well you wouldn't have won that bet." He grins at Edward, "Yeah. It's noticeable how little he practices. Or how little he seems to care about our cases. What about you, Edward? How do you feel about him?"


                  Masya hummed. "That wasn't a Triple I regulation teleport. I wonder... and his tongue felt raspy..."

                  Edward distributed the cheese as he said, "Before I was a devimouse, I would have defended Franky all the way. But since joining the species, and sensing this feline thing in the air and aura about him... it actually makes me desire to not be friends with him alone, if you know what I mean. And now this thing with his clothes... the wear and tear and mud... haven't been as much as we would normally encounter, and his mother wouldn't have made a shopping trip before just for a little mud. Something else has to be happening to his clothes. Something as in... causing them to appear to tear and rip more than normal."

                  He then hugged Yasma and Masya. "Anyway, let's finish up this cheese, then I'll pop my books and homework back to my room, invent an outing excuse for my mom, then we can all go see what Maatz has for us." And then he nommed on the cheese. Nom nom nom.


                    Yasma yayed and always was in the mood for cheese. "Sounds like a plan. And we leave Franky behind this time. The three mouseketeers can handle anything Maatz has for us."

                    Back at home, Franky sighed a bit, "He didn't say anything when I left... I didn't say anything to him and he didn't even notice..." He sniffles slightly and rubs his eyes, taking a breath. "Stupid. You can't be crying over one little missed goodbye. Stupid...." He puts his books and supplies away then heads downstairs. He makes himself a glass of malted milk and makes a malted milkshake float. One of his favorite beverage desserts ever. Though he always liked them even before all the recent crap... he's found a new appreciation and love for the beverage. Cream in every layer!

                    After making his beverage he takes it into the living to watch TV until his mom calls him to go shopping.


                      Triple I Headquarters; The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

                      Masya, Yasma, and Edward appeared in the headquarters offices with a POOF!

                      Maatz glanced over at the three then noticed there was one missing. "Where is Franky?"

                      Edward replied, "His mom hi-jacked him for a clothing shopping trip. So it's just us three this time. Is that okay?"

                      Maatz hummed.

                      Masya then said, "It's for the best, after all. Franky has not been practicing the regulation Triple I abilities. He's rusty on the rules and regulations within the organization, where as you, Edward, practice all the time AND you re-read the rules every day."

                      Edward said, "It's just that I feel badly that he's going to miss a case this time. He is my friend, after all."

                      Maatz stood up and walked over to the three. "Earlier you were saying that since you joined the species, there was something off about Franky that made him seem less friendly and you also commented that he felt feline to you. And I have been reading over Yasma's training report regarding the new recruits which include you and Franky. And the only one who seems to have fallen behind is Franky. Every recruit, you included, have passed the training course and are considered Basic Agents now. Yet Franky seems to be stuck in Training Mode. Do you want to add anything to the report, Yasma?"


                        Yasma just comments, "Honestly, Maatz... I think he should be removed from any and all active service until he catches up. Until he gets his ass in gear, if he ever will. He doesn't have a place in Triple I. This is just my opinion but you know as well as I do that he has no place here."

                        Yasma looks at Edward, "And my question to you, Edward, is he REALLY your friend? He ignores you. You are not comfortable around him. In what way is this 'feline feeling' guy as you put it.... your friend?"


                          Edward sighed. "Before that last mission... everything about Franky spoke to me that he was my friend. Something has happened to him to change him, guys. The doctors had to have made a mistake in their diagnosis."

                          "The other day... Franky and I stopped by one of those ice cream truck vendors in the park and while I ordered a banana split, he asked the guy if he had anything with extra cream in it. I pretended not to notice, but he's been cream crazy lately. I heard a rumor in school that he got in trouble with his dad one night when he raided the refrigerator and was caught drinking all of the liquid dairy creamer straight from the bottle."

                          "Franky was never like that before. I know."

                          Masya then said, "Doctors have made mistakes before, Maatz. But in Franky's case, as much as Yasma and I would prefer he not be involved in our cases, I think Edward has a point. Before Franky went home this afternoon, he went to give me a kiss for helping him with his homework, and it ended up as a raspy lick. Just like a devi-feline would do it. And his tongue WAS raspy when he did that. He looks human, but he's developing feline."

                          Maatz hummed again as he walked back over to the briefing computer and board. "It's starting to make some sense now. Yesterday, Firefur contacted me and asked me how Franky's training was coming along, and when I told him that Franky was failing, he didn't react all that surprised, but he did offer to help us to train Franky so he would remember the training. And then I reminded him that he wasn't part of the agency, and he said, 'That is okay, because Franky is a great guy regardless. I am sure there are other agencies who could use him.' and then he had the gall to ask me, 'How much would you sell Franky to me for?' And that's when I hung up on him. It was almost like Firefur KNEW how Franky was doing in the training program and wanted to buy him from us. And then I remembered something important..."

                          Edward remarked, "Let me guess... this Firefur character is an Underworld Recruiter for some clan or pride or some such."

                          Maatz nodded his muzzle. "Exactly right, Edward."

                          Edward hummed. "And he's the one who had molested and fucked Franky before bringing him back to you guys. Wait a minute... wasn't he devi-lion who was scouting out potential Earth boys for joining his king's devi-pride and Masya told him that as long as he wasn't recruiting this his permission for being on Earth was legitimate?"

                          Masya replied, "I did say that. At the time, his story and his papers checked out. He was on the level. And according to the Records Imp accounting department, he claimed no recruits during his stay on Earth. He merely solicited the 'club'."

                          Edward asked, "What normally happens during a recruitment?"

                          Maatz took a breath and replied, "This is the Standard Recruitment guideline: Meet Cute Boy; Talk to Cute Boy; Play With Cute Boy; Allow Cute Boy to go Free; Meet with Cute Boy a Second (or Third or more) time; Build up Trust with Cute Boy; Yiff Cute Boy; Suggest to Cute Boy how wonderful his club (clan) is and how the Cute Boy could be a member; Cute Boy agrees to join and the Recruiter applies a mental club link to the Cute Boy; Recruiter Meets With Cute Boy one last time publicly; Recruiter Takes Cute Boy back home where Recruiter's Lord/King finalizes the Joining with an Initiation Yiffing/Mating; Cute Boy changes into the species, pregnant, and is stuck there for one year minimum."

                          Edward goes pale and is speechless.

                          Maatz then said, "Since we know that Firefur committed no Recruiting while he was on the surface world, then he must have applied the link when he had Franky at his own pride home for the yiffings. When he brought Franky back to us, the boy was indeed still human, although you could smell the yiffing scent and feline semen scent all over him. And Firefur admitted that while they did yiff, it was Franky's idea. And Franky himself admitted to that."


                            Yasma rubs his chin a bit... "That doesn't explain why he would display feline traits. I believe Masya if he felt a rough tongue. That's a physical change. That's not suppose to happen until after Firefur's KING or LORD yiffs the boy. Why would he display any physical changes now? That's not part of the recruiter protocol... And would take more than just standard recruitment, right?"


                              Maatz remarked, "I think I know why the changes are occurring, Yasma. Technically, Firefur is a Lord. One of our recruits recognized him when he met them. Remember? Our resident fire cat, Lavadance, recognized Lord Firefur on sight. And he wasn't all that happy to see him. That should have been a red flag to all of us. We miss these things, so we learn too late. As a Lord, Firefur could have placed a physical change timer within Franky that activated well after he was back on Earth. And you can believe me when I say that Firefur is monitoring Franky's development even as we speak. He wants that boy."

                              "The question is now... do we let him have him? Do we become worse than the people we prosecute in our missing kids cases?"

                              Edward growled, "NO WAY! Franky signed the Triple I recruitment forms willingly the same day I did. He belongs to Triple I regardless of his performance. True, he may not be ready for the open field like the rest of us, but if you have to, partner or mate him to Lavadance."

                              From an open side doorway, Lavadance commented, "No way! He would be a hindrance to my work in the field! Besides, I joined way AFTER he did and I still graduated the training course before him! I worked with him once and he's a nice guy, but if he's becoming feline, I'm not interested in him anymore! That's the bottom line! I liked him as a human; but only as a human! I totally agree with Yasma on this case!"

                              Edward sighed. He didn't want his friend 'shelved'.

                              Maatz said, "Therefore, again I ask... what do we do with him? No agent wants to be partnered with him since he is far behind everyone else. And let me remind you, Edward... the training forms you signed explain that you have six months to pass the course, at a maximum. You and all of the other recruits passed the course in under one third that time, yet Franky is faltering. And his time is almost up. If he can't pass the course on the last day, he will be released from Triple I and sent 'home'... and you better hope he chooses to stay human after that because otherwise, it will be a year before you see him again, according to Firefur's pride rules."