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III-02 Power Improvements

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    III-02 Power Improvements


    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents.

    Despite the RPG name, most of the action occurs on Earth.

    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Two: Power Improvements

    1. Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams - Warheart
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Warheart
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Warheart
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin

    ...and countless unnamed others... - Warheart & Darquirrin


    Part Two: Practice Makes Perfect
    III Training Complex; Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

    Maatz had Eddie and Franky with him and all of the others who had been hired in the last month well inside the Lincoln Memorial in the III Training Complex. It was a place where they could practice and improve their powers.

    Eddie worked on Teleportation currently because to him it was fun.

    Franky was doing a few warm up exercises and testing out all of the abilities to see what they did because he was very curious about them.


      Eddie said to Maatz, "I noticed that a few of the others training here today aren't human or mouse, like us. What's up with that?"

      Maatz grinned. "Since we couldn't get any other Devi-Mice, Imps, or Humans to join up with us, I opened to the recruitment to the other species and we actually started getting applications. Those you see here today joined in the last 48 hours since we saw you boys last."

      An orange and black Hell Panther smiled at Eddie and winked. "Can't wait to work with you, Eddie. I'm Lavadance of the Flame Pride. I always wanted to do investigation work, but my King insisted that our main goals in life were to breed repeatedly."

      A purple and gold Minotaur with glowing slitted red eyes said, "City Gate Guardian Sampede of the Armored Labyrinth Clan. You don't know how dull it is standing guard at a set of city gates that are always open. I longed to try something better. And this job came up and I applied. Here I am."

      Eddie nodded and glanced over at two others to hear their names and stories.


        A soft grey colored Hell Stallion grins, "Nice to meet you. I'm Greyhoof of the Felldancer Herd. I've been a freelance messenger and investigate agent for a short while but I was very eager to be able to work with triple I. And now with you as well." He bows.

        A rather plain looking red and silver adult drake smiles politely. "I am Val. It is my pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with all of you."


          Maatz said, "I noticed that you're practicing with your teleport ability, Eddie. That's a good one to train with, just don't forget about the other abilities."

          Eddie said, "I was reading over the upgrade guidebook a few minutes ago and saw that Teleport upgrades to Pocket Port, then to Dimension Door, and finally to Planar Gate. But it said that in order to upgrade teleport, I have to be able to teleport to places I can't see. And I'm not that good yet."

          Sampede smiled. "I can help you with Teleport. I use it often enough in my line of work. And yes, it helps to be able to teleport places where you can't see."

          Just then, Masya and Yasma arrived from where ever they had been prior.

          Masya said, "There you are, Maatz. That assignment you gave us is a doozy alright. It's no wonder the humans were so stumped. There's no body to locate. They don't know if the boy is a runaway or a corpser."


            Yasma grins, "And just look, he's down here molesting all the new recruits with his eyes." He giggles, "I have my money on Runaway. To convenient in my opinion. If he was dead, we'd be able to get a line on his soul from SAS. (Soul Acquisition Services)."


              Maatz grinned. "It's your job to find him so we can turn over the anonymous tipped information to the human authorities so they can locate the boy and bring him home. We also have to determine whether it's a runaway or a kidnapping. As for what is going on here today, it's a training session. Surely you two don't need to borrow the two bright boys to help... do you?"

              Masya giggled. "We were considering it, yes. They did so well the last time and we like working with them."

              Eddie chuckled. "I think you two just like looking at boy butts."

              Sampede winked. "I second that guess."

              Lavadance coughed. "Third."


                Yasma grins, "Nothing wrong with that you know you." He says, "But seriously, what better way to train them than to ensure they have plenty of opportunity and experience?"


                  Maatz said, "If you really need the two bright boys along, then you have to take the whole class with you. It's all or nothing since they are in a class at the moment and they just now met their fellow classmates. Perhaps a better team of eyes may help you guys solve the case so we can get these people back on track with their education in this organization."

                  Masya smiles. "Okay, Boss Mouse. We'll take the class with us so you can bang your secretary in private. Let's go, guys!"

                  Eddie giggles, as Sampede and Lavadance hug Eddie on both sides. "Going on a mission! Going on a mission!"


                    Val and Greyhoof both were excited as well and came over rather quickly.

                    Franky came up the rear, waiting to see what was up.

                    Yasma grins, "Sure thing, Boss. We'll get right on that..."


                      Masya giggled. "The rear is warm and friendly, isn't it, Franky?" He winked. "So, we need to get this team over to where we're working on our case. And that will require a group teleport. Let Yasma and I handle the destination since most of you may not be familiar with the surface world. Also keep in mind... when you're working on a Triple I case, you must stay Devi-Mouse sized. And as unseen as possible. Only allow those you want to recruit to see you. You'll see why later."

                      Eddie giggled again since he liked Masya's and Yasma's sense of humor.

                      Sampede and Lavadance stayed close to Eddie for now.


                        Val and Greyhoof stayed close to Yasma with Franky bringing up the rear of the group.

                        Yasma giggles, "I, I, I Captian. Shall we get to going with our young pupils? Ever notice that have Three Eyes and Six Pupils?"


                          Masya giggles. "We're taking you guys on an orgy of a lifetime. Actually, this is an important case and the two human boys here are super useful to us old timers." He winked at Yasma.

                          Eddie blushed from the comment, while Sampede and Lavadance both tickled him and giggled.


                            Val grins, "sounds it could be fun."

                            Greyhoof nods, "Or at least interesting."

                            Yasma giggles, "Maaaaybe but like Masy said... This is an IMPORTANT CASE! ANd the human boys are useful. Sometimes." He giggles.

                            Val says, "More so than your experience and wise minds?"

                            Greyhoof smirks, "Of course not but they don't like to boast, heh."


                              Masya, Yasma, and the team with the boys are soon reviewing the evidence. And there is a LOT of it.

                              Eddie hrms, pouring over the evidence in his own way.

                              Sampede and Lavadance helped him however they could.