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III-01 Junior G-Men

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    Yasma hrms and nods, "Sounds reasonable. I didn't see any pet at the Girl friend's place. So... Tiny must have the dog. Tiny must also be the one who knew the boy... He seemed to care about the boy because he was trying to cover him up and make him look decent."


      Maatz said, "You two finish up this case. I'll take the boys back to D.C. It's starting to get late and unlike you two, they do have to be home for dinner and such. Come on, Eddie and Franky. I'll transport us back to D.C."


      In D.C., Maatz brought Eddie and Franky back to a corner near their homes. "Well, this is where we should part company for now. Remember... you're both Triple Eye Agents now. We'll be in touch. And don't worry about Masya and Yasma. They will wrap up the case and justice will be served. Now, you two use your new powers to resume your normal size. And if you discover a mystery or a case that you think we could solve, let me know so I can lend the proper information on it. I'll be talking to you both later."

      Eddie grinned at Franky and struck his pose. "Triple Eye! Off Duty!" And spiraling arcs of power revolved around him as he instantly resumed his normal size. "Totally awesome! Thanks Maatz!" He then waited for Franky to do his growing thing.


        Franky walked over and looked up at the now HUGE Eddie, "That's pretty neat... You can see right up boy's pants if your small like this." He giggles and went back over and did his growing thing too. "Triple Eye! Off Duty!"

        When done he grins at Eddie, "You know these new powers could be LOTS of fun."


          Eddie grinned. "I guess you and I are going to go home and have dinner now, right? My mom is making pizza and salad. What are you guys having?"


            Franky ums... He thinks a moment then says, "Prolly gonna make Spagetti...I think that's all we have the stuff for. I didn't go shopping today."


              Eddie mussed up Franky's hair a little. "Sounds like I'm getting the better meal. I may be back outside after dinner. Depends upon what my mom has in mind... See you later." And he started into his home.


                Franky blushed, dipping his head a little away from Eddie with a giggle, "Yeah... See you later, Eddie." He heads inside his place to make dinner. Unfortunately, he also was missing the noodles for Spaghetti so he used some old bread and made sloppy marinara/spaghetti sandwiches instead.


                  That night on the TV News...

                  "...and the cold case of the murdered Tompkins boy was finally laid to rest today as new evidence surfaced incriminating two adult men in that local vicinity. The chief of police would only tell us when asked of where the new evidence came from..."

                  "A little mouse told us."

                  Eddie's Household

                  Eddie giggled as he watched that news report on TV. "And I'll bet the mouse's name was Roanbury. He's that police mouse we met earlier today. He was awfully nice. I wouldn't mind seeing him again."

                  From the kitchen, Eddie's mom exclaimed, "Did you say something, Eddie?"

                  "Just making a comment about this news report on TV. They solved that boy's murder down south today."

                  Eddie's mom replied, "Oh good! I knew they would get that case taken care of! Honey... the cat is acting really strangely. She's been pawing at your shoes all evening."

                  Eddie had taken off his shoes earlier, and he could just imagine what the cat was smelling. "Maybe it's time for another vet visit. I know I didn't step in anything today during the Pentagon tour." He quietly giggled, thinking about Maatz, Masya, and Yasma.


                    Franky's Household

                    Franky fixed dinner and washed his clothes and the dishes and had finished up some other chores before flopping out on his bed and looking out the window, stargazing. He always liked trying to spot new stars.

                    End of Episode One: Junior G-Men

                    Stay tuned for Episode Two: Power Improvements