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YAS-02 Meet the Young All-Stars

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    YAS-02 Meet the Young All-Stars

    Young All-Stars
    Meet the Young All-Stars

    Join Zachary Van Wham, Blade Ferral, Clockheart Tiger, Moonflame, Jonah Talbot, Scarlet Daemon, Anastasia Sandiego, Songhorn, and Tom Selleklaw as well as others in a world of paint and ink, where they solve mysteries -- cartoon style.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Starring, The All-Stars:
    Zachary Van Wham (Charley and Vinnie's son) - Lord Pouchlaw
    Blade Ferral (the megakat nephew of Enforcer Commander Ferral) - Lord Pouchlaw
    Clockheart Tiger (Jasmineheart and Diamondheart's son) - Lord Pouchlaw

    Ronald Davis, alias "Moonflame (adopted brother to Dawnspark)" - Darquirrin
    Jonah Zaman Talbot, black tiger cat - Darquirrin
    Scarlet Daemon - Darquirrin

    Anastasia Sandiego (daughter of Carmen Sandiego) - Octavia
    Songhorn (son of Cowlorado Kid) - Octavia
    Tom Selleklaw (Studio City Werewolf) - Octavia

    Guest Starring, The Charges:
    Danielle Andrews, Zachary's first Charge - Lord Pouchlaw
    Brent Edelson, Zachary's second Charge - Lord Pouchlaw

    Harold Dangers, Krypto and Rudolph's Sponsor Family Charge - Lord Pouchlaw
    James Talbot, Simba and Whitefang's Sponsor Family Charge - Darquirrin
    Raemond LaCross, Sponsor Family Charge - Darquirrin

    YAS-02 Meet the Young All-Stars
    By Lord Pouchlaw, Darquirrin, and Dark Delilah
    September 2nd, 2012
    The Narrator said, "Welcome to an all new series of adventures for the newly rechristened All-Stars. And so without further ado..."

    Late March
    Cloud Kingdom - Terryville
    Terryville All-Stars HQ

    Zachary sighed as he ran the vacuum cleaner in the den. "This is what we get for allowing werewolves to party in the den. At least no one peed on the carpet."

    Danielle was washing dishes in the kitchen. "If you think that's bad, maybe you would like to try cleaning blood off of the plastic bowls instead."

    "Just remember kids: Clocks are for caring!" Clockheart was practicing his lines in his bedroom. "Doesn't exactly sound right, but I'm just a stunt double with a show to do. I really need a better catch phrase. The writers suck."

    Blade giggled as he approached the building with his arms full of groceries. "Thanks for helping me get this stuff here, guys. Zachary is going to flip when he sees what the Kat dragged in this time." Following him with more groceries were Harold and James (from the Defenders RPG.)

    Brent was on the roof trying to get used to being in wolf form during the daytime. "The Wolf Stars said this was important, so I gotta do it."

    Tom Selleklaw smiled at Brent. "You're doing fine. Everyone has rough starts but you're off to a great start. By the way, I heard they revived your dad for Planet Starknight's Magicwood Mysteries team. At least they aren't on poison planet anymore."

    Anastasia was heard having another argument with her mother in her bedroom upstairs.

    Songhorn smiled as he helped Zachary straighten up the den. "I can't believe they shed so much, Zach. Their estate must look like a fur ball." He winked with a chuckle.


      Jonah grins and flicks his tail, making a few arcane gestures and setting his broom and mop to working for him, "I learned this in Fantasia."

      Moonflame glances over, "Careful, then, Jonah. There's a saying...raise no more devils than you can put down."


        Zachary said, "I don't mind the Wolf Stars being over, but we have to keep a clean base, you know. They can mess up their own place, but we're a business."

        Danielle giggled, then she saw Blade coming in with Groceries and two CUTE well-known boys. "We may be a business, but we certainly have the best view in all the Cloud Kingdoms. And when they are all male, this Charge can really smile."

        Blade giggled himself as he put the groceries down on the counter, and he helped the boys put theirs down too. Then he ushered them to the doorway into the den where the others were cleaning. "Hey guys! Look who the Mega Kat dragged in!"

        Harold Dangers and James Talbot.

        Harold waved and said, "Hi Zachary, Moonflame, Songhorn, and..." he saw Jonah. " that cat looks like Jonas, but he's too young."

        "And remember kids: When the Clock strikes one, there's time for caring and fun!" Clockheart hrmed. "That one sounds better, but it's still kinda shabby. I need a new scriptwriter."

        Brent did some exercises on the roof with Tom. "Thanks for hanging out with me, Tom. But don't you have a show to film?"


          Songhorn smiled at the boys. "Harold and James both! I last saw you boys with Timesheart, Dalis, and Miyuki when you came to the playhouse in Coolsville the other night! You boys look fine!"

          Anastasia came downstairs just as Carmen Sandiego departed. "My mom finally took off. So what's the caper aside from cute molestable boys?"

          Tom exercised with Brent. "We only film on Wednesdays. So I have some free time."


            Moonflame smiles and waves, "Nice to see you both."

            James giggles and wavies himself, "It's nice to see you all too! Uh...yeah... who is he?"

            Jonah giggles, "I'm NOT Jonas. I'm his son! I'm Jonah Timesy Talbot."

            James says, "I guess that explain the slight stripes.."


              Zachary smiled. "Nice. Harold and James. And with the werewolves on the roof, we're getting a full house."

              Danielle smirked. "Brent is improving gradually, Zachary. He just has special needs."

              Blade started putting the groceries away. "Harold has a part time job at Lampwick's Gift Shop in Meta-Star City, while James has a part time job at the Ink and Paint Club. He gets to work with the Pink."

              Harold blushed. "My work there is to pay off a donkey restoration debt I owed Lampwick. But... I have met some sexy and nice donkeys there. And that ice cream is to die for. Too bad Bastan doesn't work at Champion Pony's Malt Shop anymore."

              And that's when Clockheart Tiger came downstairs. "I don't know how Timesheart ever put up with the scriptwriters. Every catch phrase that gets suggested to me to use sucks really badly. The best one so far is... ahem, When the Clock strikes one, there's always time for caring and fun! But it still seems not right to me for some reason."

              Brent smiled as he got help from Tom with the weight lifting set. "I hope I get to see the Wolf Stars again soon. But something tells me that Zachary didn't like their messing up the den like that. At least no one peed on the carpet in there."


                Songhorn chuckled. "We're the Young All-Stars, boys. Zachary was going to call it the New All-Stars at first, but the Young All-Stars has a more interesting sound to it. Too bad Timesheart, Dalis, Miyuki, and Arthur are probably never going to come back."

                Anastasia said, "They were old and this is the young team. Although if the original Timesheart and Dalis were to sneak back in for whatever reasons... that'd be cool."

                Tom said to Brent, "We should head on down into the building and see what the others are cooking."


                  Zachary nodded his head. "We have to get this place clean for when Timesheart and Dalis do come home. And I mean the real versions of them. Detective Harris of the Rainbow Marina hero team let me know this morning that Tigertime and Skotas are none other than COME operatives who have been trying to subtly destroy everything Timesheart and Dalis ever stood for."

                  Danielle growled like a pissed off Mega Kat at that statement. "Are you serious?! I knew it was too good to be true! Timesheart is going to be so pissed when he sees the mess at the Tower of Time!"

                  Blade sighed. "A well earned anger, too. Wait until Dalis sees what the fakes did to MIT and the UEC while he was gone."

                  Harold cringed. "James and I have seen angry tiger and angry panthagoyle before."

                  Clockheart said, "I'll help Timesheart get the Tower of Time back in order. Its the least I can do for a true first cousin like him."

                  Brent and Tom came into the front chamber at that time. "We cleaned up the roof after the session, Zachary. Something smells good in here."


                    Tom hummed. "Zachary? Didn't you say at the end of the last case that the Producers told you that Timesheart was returning with a surprise?"

                    Songhorn gave the heads of Harold and James a nice fuzzle rubbing. "At least we get the boys in for a visit today."

                    Anastasia said, "I'm glad I joined your team if the originals will be back. But I have to wonder what the surprise is."


                      James smiles and nods, "We were happy to come. IT's better than sitting around not doing anything!"


                        Zachary replied, "Actually, that is right. Timesheart is supposed to be bringing home a surprise with him. I don't know what it is, but I'd kill to have Miyuki and Arthur back with us. They quarreled all the time, but they made life fun in the All-Stars."

                        Danielle smiled. "Miyuki is being a lawyer these days. If you miss her that much, just head up to the Japanopolis courthouse. She is often there."

                        Blade fuzzed the boys heads. "Don't worry, guys. We won't let angry tiger and angry panthagoyle get you."

                        Harold says, "What about an angry Dark Witch?"

                        Brent grinned. "We'll pour a bucket of water on her and she'll melt."

                        Clockheart rolled his eyes. "At least the headquarters is all cleaned up. Say, whatever happened to that secretary that Miyuki hired?"

                        Zachary replied, "Her union won't let her work for the new All-Stars unless Miyuki herself is on the team, mainly because Miyuki hired her. And as for Arthur, he got lucky when a producer decided to make a full length movie starring him. Lupin Millennium or something like that."


                          Anastasia chuckled. "They'll be home soon and when they do come in, they'll get to see your newest crew. Maybe Miyuki and Arthur can come in and make a cameo or something."

                          Songhorn smirked. "Says the daughter of Carmen Sandiego, who was just here. In a detective agency building no less. She must be brave. Or she knows Acme is no where near us."

                          Tom laughed, then he looked around. "I know where Scarlet is, but where did Jonah and Moonflame get themselves off to? They are going to miss a great dinner."