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Roofield's Finest RPG - Bio/Profiles

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    Roofield's Finest RPG - Bio/Profiles

    ------====== ======------
    Roofield's Finest
    ------====== ======------

    Life in Roofield can be what the locals make of it. But when a new officer joins the police force, drama is sure to follow...

    1. Chief Paddyfoot O'Reilly, red kangaroo - Timesheart
    2. Officer Patrick Greytail, gray kangaroo - Timesheart
    3. Officer Sanuck Farwanderer, skunk - Timesheart

    4. Iago Huxley, diamondback black kangaroo - Darktalon

    5. Jack 'Sherlock' Roson, red kangaroo - Darquirrin
    6. Ian, Ivan, and Isaac, foxy triplets - Darquirrin


    If you're interested in joining, just make sure you're going to have time to post.

    Characters are talking toony type animals who wear clothes and live in an anthropomorphic world.The main characters are police officers, although any family members you mention in the bios you are able to play, too. If you make up an NPC in game, then you forever after control that NPC, so be careful in who you make up, for all creations are to become part of the world.

    The main part is to just have fun.

    Chief Paddyfoot O'Reilly

    Red Kangaroo
    48 years old
    5 ft 7 in tall
    Chief of Police in Roofield
    Married to Maureen; Two sons, Kenneth & Galileo; One daughter, Barbie

    Paddyfoot is a hard nose hard working kangaroo. He is always pushing the envelope for what his precinct can handle in an attempt to have the top most class police force in New Mathilda. He loves his wife dearly although when the family do have problems, it is with their second son.

    Maureen is a women's activist for sheila's rights in Roofield. This often has her at odds with her husband in public.

    Kenneth takes after his father and is on the high school security team.

    Galileo is a rebel, of sorts, and is most often with a local greaser gang called The Deacons.

    Barbie recently came of age and that has caused her to become the target of suitors, for which her father is very discriminatory over who can date his daughter.

    The O'Reilly's live on the good side of town, but that doesn't stop Galileo from frequenting the pool halls and malt shops near the railroad tracks.


      Officer Patrick Greytail

      Gray Kangaroo
      23 years old
      5 ft 5 in tall
      Police Officer in Roofield
      Married to Alice; One daughter, Kamillah; One son, Petey

      Patrick is an open minded though easy going kangaroo. His views on how things should be done don't always mirror the views of his boss, Paddyfoot. He often has arguments with his daughter concerning her desire to be out and about with her friends. He believes he can trust his son to behave since he is never in trouble and always does as he is told. At least, Patrick has never heard of any trouble his son has been in.

      Alice is a secretary for a lawyer and thus is rarely seen, save for the evenings when she can be with her husband. Like Patrick, she believes their son is perfect in every way.

      Kamillah isn't as bad as her parents think, but she is often sneaking out to be with her friends or skipping out on her chores so as to be with her friends.

      Petey while publicly obedient and polite is in fact the leader of The Deacons, the local greaser gang. When not hanging out with his gang brothers, he can often be found helping the local priest in the confessional.

      The Greytail's live near the railroad tracks in a fairly nice two story home whose back yard has direct access to the local Catholic church in which most of the townsfolk frequent. And while nearly everyone in Roofield knows about The Deacons, no one outside of the gang has ever seen the leader. And because of his image, you can see why.


        Officer Sanuck Farwanderer

        23 years old
        5 ft 6 in tall
        Police Officer in Roofield; formerly from Stripesberg
        Widowed from Sally; One son, Jean-Claude

        Sanuck is a high profile police officer whose spouse was killed by mobsters after he testified in court against their boss. The female governor of New Mathilda has sent him and his son to live in and work at Roofield since Roofield's police funding has recently come under suspicious investigation. Therefore, his work in Roofield is two-fold: the new non-kangaroo police officer AND the former Secret Service operative investigating the funding in Roofield. Otherwise, home life with Sanuck and Jean-Claude are happy go lucky. (Think Goofy and Max in Goof Troop, relationship wise.)

        At current, Sanuck is not interested in remarrying.

        Jean-Claude is an aspiring musician, although he does own a motorcycle, a leather jacket from his involvement with another gang, and a pretty rad skateboard. Always a fan of Sugar Frosted Chocolate Tiger Paws (that contained more caffeine than a pot of black coffee!)

        The Farwanderer's live in a one story house on the outskirts of Roofield, since Sanuck was sure that no kangaroo would want skunks for neighbors, so their living arrangement worked out just fine. Their home is also very close to the local skateboarding park, a huge plus for Jean-Claude.


          Iago Huxley

          Diamondback Black Kangaroo
          19 years old
          5 ft 6 in tall
          24-11 Convenience Store Employee in Roofield
          Married to Faline (a Persian cat); One brother, Justin

          Iago is a wily clever counter clerking kangaroo. He recently married a pen pal from out of state and they are happily living together in a rental over on Third Street near the park. His brother was given the apartment over the garage, although he is still in high school, it was better than ending up in foster care.

          Faline is the switchboard operator for the Roofield police and she does a fine job. She also handles the mail and makes the coffee for the officers. Although rarely seen, unless specifically seeking her out, she is a wonder to converse with... which tells you how Iago latched on to her.

          Justin loves his brother, but isn't too fond of Faline. Point is: Justin is gay. When not schooling, he works part time for a local repair shop and does associate with The Deacons, the local greaser gang.

          The Huxley's rental on Third Street is nearly central for all other places in town. It's a nice two story home with a garage and an apartment over the garage. Justin gladly helps to pay the rent to own arrangement for his brother since the part-time job pays so well.


            Jack 'Sherlock' Roson

            Red Kangaroo
            30 years old
            6 feet tall
            Police Officer in Roofield
            Married to Diana (a Western Grey Kangaroo); Three Children: Jeffery (oldest, male), Micha (middle child, female) and David (youngest, male)

            Jack's father, David Roson, was the original 'Sherlock Roo'. He made detective after only six months on the force, solved hundreds of cases with iron-clad evidence, often ending in the suspect's confession. He was a brilliant detective and hardworking officer who never hesitated to act, and earned several merits for valorous conduct above and beyond the call of duty. He had one of the highest case closure rates in the history of New Mathilda. That is, until he was murdered in his sleep 14 years ago along with all the rest of his family. In the middle of a nice suburb, no witnesses and little to no evidence left behind. The body was discovered the next morning by his only remaining son, Jack, who was just returning from the Academy and wanted to surprise his father with the news of his graduation.

            Jack swore to become as good a detective as his father and track down those responsible for murdering his family. Though he still has not solved the case, it has grown from a simple obsession to a life-long pursuit, from one family, to trail of police-related family murders spanning decades. Jack is determined to one day bring his father's murderer to justice, not just for himself, but for all the families. His latest lead had led him and his family to relocate to Roofield.

            Diana is Jack's oldest friend and high-school sweetheart. Diana was the one who helped him through the loss of his family and over the years the two grew to be very close and eventually married. She is supportive of Jack's official and unofficial cases, so long as it doesn't take up ALL of her husband's time away from the family.

            David is Jack and Diana's youngest boy, ten years old and quite the pawful!

            Micha is twelve with a passion for music and turning out to be quite the lovely young lady. A fact that has Jack very concerned for his daughter's future as she idolizes several pop idols that Jack just doesn't understand the draw of.

            Jeffery is the oldest, and strangest, member of the children of the family because unlike his siblings and parents, the 15 year old is a human. It was only a year after his family's death and a few months after he had married Diana, when Jack was handling another case in his area. This one involving a human family which was an accident discovered to be a homicide. Jeffery was the only survivor and would have been put in foster care or returned to distant relatives the boy didn't even know. It was an unusual case but Jack was an unusual person. But he did what he felt was right. He immediately offered to adopt the boy. And that, as they say, was that.

            Having to be there for Jeffery and Diana helped Jack through some of the worse years of his life and he came out of it stronger and more determined than ever. Even though Diana was pretty hesitant at first, both parents soon grew quite attached their adopted son and the opposite was true as well. Even at 15, Jeffery is a very caring, earnest and polite young human, but he has an undeniable wild-side that has cause him, and his parents, a few problems in the past for trespassing and 'exploring without leave'.


              Ian, Ivan, and Isaac

              Male, Male, Yes Please
              Foxies! Subspecies, unknown.
              18 years old
              5', 5', 5' respectively
              Owners of the 'I-Cubed Cyber-Cafe' in Roofield

              Ian, Ivan and Isaac are triplets from a family of foxies and so similar in appearance that the only way anyone can tell the handsome fox-boys apart is by their areas of specialty!

              Ian is a computer programming guru.

              Isaac designs hardware and software systems.

              Ivan does the engineering/building. Ivan is also a master wielder and usually has a few small scorched fur marks that makes him slightly, sometimes, easier to identity.

              The three are known to be very prolific with each other and any other male who might wander into their private quarters. They take turns running the I-Cubed cafe and each of them take credit for the cube-shaped fox with the three tails that is their mascot. They are very professional when in their administrative roles and keep a clean and well groomed public appearance. Ian, however, being the oldest (by a few seconds) is technically the one in 'charge' of the foxifluff band. He also has a secret.

              No one knows their last names or when EXACTLY they arrived in Roofield. It seems like one day, they and their cafe were just there and had always been there.