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[QCEU-02] ES-02 Pub Olympus

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    [QCEU-02] ES-02 Pub Olympus

    Extreme Spirit
    Episode Two - Pub Olympus
    Darquirrin, Darktalon, & Timesheart
    November 6th, 2011

    Gathered together by the Mallard Thunderbeak and given permission to operate locally by Titano Beast Solomon, comes a new team to Aegean City, QC Greece. Join Extreme Spirit as they protect and serve in the land of myths and legends.

    Starring, Extreme Spirit:
    1. Mallard Thunderbeak, male mighty duck, hero, Alias "Thunderbeak" - Darktalon
    2. Vesalius Zaverios, female weasel, gypsy trickster, Alias "Zaverios" - Darktalon

    3. _Real_Name_, Alias "Parallax" - Darquirrin
    4. _Real_Name_, Alias "" - Darquirrin

    5. Rajhi Myrrah, male camel, genie, Alias "Myrajhi" - Timesheart
    6. Zephyrus, female horned Pegasus, mage, Alias "Zephyrus" - Timesheart

    Guest Starring, The Argonauts:
    1. Asterion Minos, Alias "Paladar" - Warheart
    2. Bartholomew Barrington, Alias "Silversurge" - Warheart
    3. Adonis Nirvana, Alias "Spectra" - Warheart
    4. Serilon Stagg, Alias "Actaeon" - Darquirrin
    5. Marigold, Alias "Thanatos" - Darquirrin
    6. Huskiana Du Bois, Alias "Hybros" - Darquirrin

    The Mighty Ducks: (© Disney)
    1. Wildwing Flashblade
    2. Nosedive Flashblade
    3. Duke L'Orange
    4. Mallory McMallard
    5. Tanya Vanderflock
    6. Check "Grin" Hardwing
    7. Canard Thunderbeak (MIA)

    Other Allies:
    A. "Ace", Alias "Bat Hound" - Warheart
    B. Solomon, Titano Beast, Head of Security - Darquirrin
    C. Aroma Pony, Alias "Passages" - Darktalon
    D. Carol Mason, Alias "Terra" - Darquirrin
    E. James Talbot, Alias "Lion Lord" - Darquirrin

    ES-02 Pub Olympus
    By Darquirrin, Darktalon, & Timesheart
    November 6th, 2011

    Aegean City; Dockside, Pub Olympus

    Aroma looked surprised. "The Mighty Ducks are here? Even though I am afraid of ducks, I can respect them."

    Trev grinned again. "And he was hot. I wonder how he tastes?"
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    James lifted Trev playfully and set him on his shoulders amid his mane as he headed inside, though he privately mentally commented to Trev, The population here DOES seem rather aquatic. I don't mind ducks but even when Aroma says that, there are A LOT of ducks around here. I can smell 'em.

    James nods, "I can respect them as well. They're pretty popular as well."


      Mallard was in his Thunderbeak gear as he worked the counter while Check "Grin" Hardwing was in the kitchen preparing the meal for the new arrivals.

      Mallard smiled when he saw James and Aroma. "Good morning, guys! Welcome to Pub Olympus here in Aegean City's Dockside. Did you have any problems getting here?"

      Aroma was surprised at the Mighty Ducks uniform that his friend was wearing. "No, your directions were pretty precise. Damn, you look good in that outfit. It beats the shit out of your old outfit."

      Trev mentally says to James, He looks tasty, too.
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        James mentally smirks slightly. Duck a l'Orange on your mind? Behave. Though feel free to go after one of the others... If you can caught them. He does look very familiar in that outfit... Makes sense I suppose given what happened.

        James nods, "Quite. So are you joining the Might Ducks officially to replace their lost teammate?"


          Mallard shook his head. "Actually, no. But I have a deal with them to ally with them and use the Thunderbeak surname since I look exactly like their missing comrade. They will continue to look for him. They are very interested in that Military Hospital in QC Germany where this was done to me. Wildwing thinks they might have Canard Thunderbeak locked up in there. Which I wouldn't put past the military. That General ticked Terra off majorly."

          He grinned. "Speaking of which... Where is Terra this morning? I thought she was interested in the new job being offered to her here in Aegean City."

          Aroma replied, "Terra decided that she wanted to commute back and forth between the old team and the new one. Now that the old team is getting a fresh restart, she's concerned about them. I guess its that motherly feeling that all females have."

          Mallard giggled. "Speaking of females, I see my new waitress arriving for work. Her name is Sofia. That cat with her is Parallax. He'll be joining my new team. We'll be operating outside of the Argonauts, but be allied with them." He called out, "Hi Sofia! Hi Parallax! My friends arrived!"
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


            Sofia waves with a smile and polite bow as she got to work.

            Parallax walked over. "Huh. A cat and a horse. A lorded feline from the smell. It's a wonder the horse made it here without an feline parts."

            James blinks, "Um... Hello to you too..."

            Parallax says, "Whatever. I'm here to help Mallard. He's the one who helped me. And you smell of self-righteousness. I hate that smell."

            James erms, "Riiiight... Nice to meet you. The pleasure is obviously all mine." He looks over at Mallard, "Well, Siggy, from what I heard and a few of my contacts, the military base was destroyed... Well." He smirks, "One of them. Terra's instincts are rarely wrong. If something is wrong there, I'll believe it." He pauses, "Of course, I'm probably the only one who knew her day job..."


              Mallard giggled. "Yes, blowing people up!" He laughed.

              Aroma hummed. "You know what, Mallard? I think I will hold off on joining your team until I see if it can hold together. I agreed to come here, but... let's call this a trial basis. I came because I was told that Solomon was going to be in charge. Now you're saying that you are going to lead your team. That doesn't make me feel confident in the team idea. You had trouble with the Dark Knights when it came to following orders. Giving them isn't going to make it any easier."

              Mallard nodded his beak. "That's your choice, Aroma. I already suspected that you and I as a couple were finished. And now that you learn I'll be running a team, albeit with Solomon's blessing, you aren't sure if the idea will hold up. But because we are friends, the room offer will remain open. You can either use it or find someplace else so you don't have to be point blank with a species you don't like. But like it or not, I'm stuck as a duck so I am making the best of this. I am not going back to being weak useless human mutant Sigmund Wyndtrough who could make sticky goo or weird liquids as my power. The Master said this was permanent, so I'm stuck with it. And since last night's well wishing and adoration I received from a whole crowd of people, I'm satisfied with this result. I am Thunderbeak. Get used to it or don't."

              Aroma nodded his head in return. "So, how's that breakfast coming along?" He will change the subject since his Sigmund obviously didn't exist anymore. That military hospital must have did a brainwash on him.

              Check emerged from the kitchen and served the fish dishes to the cats and then the oats and grain meal to the pony, before returning to the kitchen.

              Mallard chose to turn his attention to Parallax since Aroma was choosing to drop the subject. "How was your night, Parallax? I hope you slept well."
              "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

              ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                James smirks as he thanks Check politely, "Actually... She was working at a nearby hospital as a grunt. I think she called it... penance." He smiles as he lets Trev down to join him at the table, changing the subject.

                James smiles, "The fish really is delicious. Thank you, Check. Mallard."

                Parallax nods, "I did. Quite a bit better than a cell, I gotta say. Please say we get to smash something today?"


                  Mallard smiled. "Our other friends can't arrive today, they said, but they are coming. In the meantime... you and I get to go on a test patrol and if we find anyone being bad, we get to smash them. The Argonauts delivered me a most wanted list last night for this region and thankfully, you are not on the list. They have pictures and names and what they are worth for the bounty." He handed over the wanted posters to Parallax. "Have a looksee."

                  Aroma quietly hummed as he ate. Superheroes/Bounty Hunters. That's a different concept. No wonder he thinks that his team idea will work. Well, I didn't graduate SHAPE to be a Bounty Hunter. I trained to be a hero. So I may drift out of the area without telling him. He seems happier without my being here. I kept my word about coming, but I never said I would stay. Maybe I could swing back through QC Germany and say hi to Terra before I headed back to the QC States. No one needs a smelly My Little Gay Pony as a hero.
                  "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                  ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                    Parallax grinned, "Oh NICE!" He takes the posters, "mmm.. i used to know that guy. He traveled through one of the areas I was 'working' for a while. Before you got me clean of course. I bet I could find his little lair... And he's got a nice bounty on his head. And they're not even particular on the live or dead part." He grins and goes back to looking through the posters then HUGS Mallard and grins, giving him a kiss on the beak, "Thanks M.T. Your stellar. This looks like it's going to be a hella lotta fun. Let's get going ya sexy drake you." Parallax is always happy when he has targets to smash.

                    James kept his face neutral but he couldn't hold in a slight glare. He knows we're sitting right here and he's doing that on purpose to annoy us. I can't believe it, Trev. He didn't even say anything about Terra. He doesn't seem to care if that hospital that screwed up is working still or not. Maybe he's just focusing on putting that all behind him but... Something about his attitude now, still rubs me the wrong way.

                    James nods, "Well if your going to be busy, I think I will take today to acquire some lodging. I have a lot of familiars traveling with me and it's only proper they're somewhere comfortable. I'll stay at least a while and see how things go but it's been a long trip of course."


                      Mallard glanced at James and went over to his table. "James... look me in the eyes. Sigmund deep inside; Mallard Thunderbeak on the outside. Publicly I am known as Mallard here. I appreciate your and Aroma coming, but regardless of what you see in front of you, this is the Mallard personality even though it's Sigmund deep inside. I'm not ever going to be able to be Sigmund again. If you and Aroma can't get over that aspect of my new life, then you two won't want to stay here long. And I can see it in Aroma's eyes. He's now not only hating the duck, but he's hurt because my new teammate is kissing me in public. But I did save Parallax's life and help to save his sister's life. I saved lives. Isn't that what's being a hero is all about?"

                      He then straightened up again. "Look, the largest suite upstairs was supposed to be reserved for you, James, but if you want to go find your own place, I won't stop you. Look, I'll even help you with something else you were working on..." he went over to the cash register and pulled out a brochure like pamphlet, then he brought it back to James and handed it to him. "There is a local comic book agency looking for a new comic book artist. It's that break you always wanted. Look into it, please."

                      He went back over to Parallax and gave the thumbs up. "Time to go bash some bad guys!" And he charged out of the pub.

                      Aroma finished his breakfast, which gradually tasted more stale what with Sigmund kissing another guy right in front of him. It was truly over. Everything they ever went through together... gone. Now he really wanted to go smash and blow up that Military Hospital for causing this. Then he slowly grinned.

                      I could score points with that cat if I blow up stuff. He seems to like making things explode. Somehow I don't think Solomon will let Parallax blow things up locally. Otherwise, he wouldn't be Solomon. I'll even record my blowing up the hospital so I can send the video to Parallax. Then he will see that I can be just as fun as Mallard. Yeah...
                      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                        Krypto padded into the Pub and hopped up on a stool at the counter. "I need some tea this morning. The Union has me filling in for a sick hero locally. I can't believe they always ask me to fill in for sick union members. Oh well, all those times Night filled in for me while I was Mechanikat's prisoner couldn't have been fun for him either. Too bad I can't repay him for all those times, what with the original being a dead evil imp, the second version turning out to be a kitsune named Ta'fortia, the third version becoming Decadex, and the returning original version not being old enough to even be a hero."

                        Wildwing came out and set the tea in front of the Superdog. "Those are the breaks, I guess. Good always comes with the bad. And bad brings way for the good. Its part of the big balance. Like with Mallard... in his old life, he had few to like him, but in his new life, a lot of people like him. But with that good for him comes the bad from before... his old friends aren't sure if the new good is really him. Or just another military trick. Especially with all the fake Harolds that the QC has already put up with."


                          Aroma spoke up suddenly, "Wait a minute! You mean we might be dealing with Fake Sigmunds and the real one is locked up with Canard Thunderbeak? I suppose that makes sense, especially with what the Military Bunker was doing to all those victims therein."
                          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                            Wildwing commented, "And why not? Bad guys are always doing that to fool the good guys and it usually works."

                            Krypto nodded his muzzle after taking a sip of his tea. "Look how many times the Champions got tricked into thinking that they had the real Night."


                              James finishes his breakfast, "Regardless. Terra is already working there and I'm sure she'll soon blow it sky high. And let us know, I hope. As for myself, I don't know. While it is always possible, it is equally possible that we did not know him as well as we thought. He always seemed happy before... But now he has something he always wanted. Maybe getting that was enough to change his perceptions of himself and us. I don't know. However it turns out, even if it is a clone, just as I am, he still retains a core part of the original. I am my own person but many similarities remain to the 'real' James."

                              James pauses... then says, "All that said... I can understand the allure of the new life he has been given. Sigmund told us that the Master said he wasn't a mutant and removed the mutant abilities from him when he went through that process. There is a chance, that he was telling us something without actually telling us. IE. This is a super duck, who was meant to look like Sigmund, but it's not Sigmund. Being that he's neutral, he can't just leak information."

                              James his head, "There are any number of possibilities though."