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[QCEU-01] DK-08 Hell Hath No Fury...

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    Terra's eyes flash with anger, "Kill anyone... Why i outta..." Her eyes literally WERE on flames after that as she pushed her way away from Ghost Stormer, becoming tangible as she violently thrust a large wave of soldiers to either side with the very ground under their feet but didn't kill them, using her earth manipulation to firmly block off their return with solid walls of rock. She was PISSED. Her voice took on a rather booming quality as she growled, "Arise! Spirits of Fire and Earth, Vulcan! Lugh! Agni! Pele!" As each Volcano god was named, a burning avatar of molten rock formed in a circle around her as she speaks and their voices are merged with hers as they all speak at the same time, "We are the fire in the sun. We are the iron strength of the world. United as one." She walks toward the general, leaving a huge trail of molten metal and stone behind her as her clothes are completely burned away by the intense heat, leaving her unfortunately naked but she doesn't seem to be caring at the moment. The avatars mimic her actions, contributing the huge circular trail behind her.With a gesture, the whole complex SHAKES as literally tons of metal, concrete, stone, and earth are being instantly melted as pillars of lava erupt from the corners of the room, spreading and connecting until it forms a ring of molten magma all around the room and into a wide dome above and below... Literally no escape. "General, I would advise you to be very careful with your next words... lest I 'accidentally' lose concentration and lava begins to ... flood this little safe area I've left you. I would survive... but I doubt anyone else would."


      Ghost Stormer was now protecting Passages from the onslaught of lava and flames by keeping him intangible. "When she blows up, she doesn't fool around."

      The General didn't look scared of Terra at all as he said, "Even if I fall, there are others in the network who will continue my work. A new dawn will 'come' and whether I am there to see it or not... there is nothing you can do to stop it. Humans must be eradicated or assimilated into the local genre. That is what we did to Sigmund Wyndtrough aka Deluge. His mutant power was akin to water so we changed him into a species associated with water. A duck. We didn't expect him to turn out so awesome looking however; we were aiming for Donald or Daffy duck type stature. And now, the dawn will 'come'. The wave has begun and it cannot be stopped. A pity you will not be there to see it, Terra."

      And without warning, he threw a liquid splash of cryogenic fluids at the red hot female, but the General obviously wasn't thinking clearly at that point and the fluids simply evaporated before they even reached her.

      Ghost Stormer muttered lowly to Passages, "Now we know what they did to your friend."


        Terra glared at the general, obviously infuriated by his forms. The flames roared up loudly, consuming the attempted attack. "So you like to play with temperature, hmmm.... Let's turn up the heat..." She slowly walked toward him, the heat increasing with every step, "You wish to see a new dawn... you wish to see a new sun rise? Perhaps I will allow you to see this... new dawn of yours... And see it FAIL." She grins in a very, very disturbing way. "Yes... that is more fitting for the likes of you." The five of them hold out their hands at the same time, "Volcanic Wrath" Terra smiles grimly, "Obsidian Prison!" Swirls and chains of lava spun off the huge bubble of molten magma and lashed out at the general, starting at his fingers and toes before working their way up, coating him slowly in a burning prison of lava. Gloves, boots, pants, shirt, even a comical mask but leaving his mouth, nose, and eyes open, completely covering him, before solidifying into obsidian as it cools JUST enough to prevent death.... crisping and burning and cauterizing the flesh under it tortuously... forming into a prison suit of burning hot stone with stone chains linking it to several extremely heavy anchors of the same material. Inside, flows of the burning liquid metal force little holes into veins and muscles and nerves, causing agonizing pain... and ensuring if anyone tries to release him, he will die first.

        Then all the rest of the heat and lava solidified into a large sealed room where the authorities can retrieve the general later... If they can find him. The four other volcanic figures slowly fade and dissipate as Terra lands back on the ground. She looks down at her clothes, or lack there of, and sighs, "I really need to find a volcanic proof set of clothes one of these days..." She looks over at the general and sits down on a small 'throne' of rock, looking at him with a small smile, "I think the rocky look suits you... Death's far too nice for someone like you. You see, I realized killing you IS a waste. With that suit on you, I can cause you many, many, many more years of pain in which you'll WISH you were dead but be unable to kill yourself and you'll get to watch... as one by one, I personally stop you and your little 'network' of toon supremacists. And I'll laugh... as all your rhetoric....becomes as dust in the whirlwind before justice."


          Later, Outside of the Military Bunker

          Darcadia had not only the Press, but the Authorities under Solomon's Agency present. "Okay, Solomonites... arrest these soldiers and their General once Terra is done with him, that is... They were running an illegal empowerment station here to create super villains out of kidnapped people. But it seems there is another plot going on... which is to change real humans into cartoon animals, like most of the rest of us. They apparently did that very thing to Sigmund Wyndtrough at the Military Hospital."

          Reliquary was now facing Passages while glancing through the hole in the Military Bunker where they could see Terra. "Good job, you two. However... we won't keep you guys here. I know you want to go join Sigmund as soon as possible. And I wish you both the best of luck in Q.C. Greece. Just remember... down there you both will be in Solomon's territory. As for the Dark Knights... we'll survive. Somehow. Darcadia is taking the reinventing the team talks you guys gave very seriously. I think things will improve. Although we do need to focus on allowing new foreigner members to live in the castle."

          Then he noticed a toon note appear in front of Passages who took it, opened it, quietly read it, and smiled. Reliquary smiled. "You don't have to say a thing, Aroma. It's from Sigmund. I can tell from the look in your eyes. What about you, Terra?"


            Terra shakes her head and smiles, "Time will tell. Besides, I still have to stay around to make sure the General behaves for now. There will be plenty of time for final decisions after this creep's dealt with."
            End of Episode Eight.
            End of Dark Knights, Volume 1

            Stay tuned for Dark Knights, Volume 2
            Stay tuned for the next episode - This is What I am Talking About