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MM-02 The Winter Wabbit Mystewy

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    MM-02 The Winter Wabbit Mystewy

    Magicwood Mysteries

    Magicwood Mysteries
    The Winter Wabbit Mystewy

    "In an animated world of magic, mystery, and fantastic myths, join a new team of mystery solvers as they tackle the vast unknowns within the Magicwood territories of the Spell Lord Realms as they have adventures throughout their magical lands."

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Joshua "Time Drake" Thunder - Timesheart
    Dusty Marshall - Timesheart
    Elmore Werewolf - Timesheart
    Jafera Arcor Querah "Jaq the L'warrg" - Timesheart
    Serafin the Otter - Timesheart

    Jeffery (Jeff) Kerros - Darquirrin
    Jacob Kerros - Darquirrin
    Rolvar Werewolf - Darquirrin
    Falin "Star" WereFox - Darquirrin
    Randy the Folftaur - Darquirrin

    Also Starring
    Reynard the Foxtaur - Timesheart
    Rocky Klugman, 12 year old boy - Timesheart
    Glitterhorn the Unicorn - Timesheart
    Strobella the Fortune Teller (Raven female) - Timesheart

    Epoch the Time Dragon - Darquirrin
    Dalis Hayley - Darquirrin
    Blade the Werewolf - Darquirrin

    Guest Starring
    Brand Maguire, Aka "Red Werewolf Druid Ranger" - Timesheart
    Hal Dangers, Aka "Decadex" - Timesheart
    Hikaru Areli, Aka "Silver Oracle Druid Ranger" - Darquirrin

    MM-02 The Winter Wabbit Mystewy
    By Timesheart and Darquirrin
    May 18th, 2012

    The Minstrel remarked, "With a song in your heart and a tale in your throat, a great team like them, I am happy to quote. December began, and Winter e'er closer, the Magicwood Mysteries is about to get their first real poser. A mystery, yes? A lark! A spree! And the keep is getting their cast. But Mysteries will come from present or past. And now I bring to you, a ballad so true... just wait and see... the Magicwood Keep's second mystery... And so, with a good foot deep snow all over Planet Starknight..."


    A few weeks after MM-01
    Magicwood Mysteries Keep & Estate

    Posted 21 September 2010 - 03:10 AM

    "All this snow... yet again." sighed a tired Dusty Marshall. "Didn't I just shovel the walks last night? Oh well... time to do it again." And he got to work.

    Jaq was enjoying the Winter season because his species thrived on COLD WEATHER! "AHHH!! THIS IS THE LIFE!" He was sitting on a beach blanket in his shorts in the open courtyard.

    Joshua, Serafin, Jeff, and Star were huddled up in the chamber with the roaring fireplace. Randy was someplace nearby. As for the werewolves... where ever they were was anyone's guess.

    Hal Dangers was visiting his cute scaly digimon friend he made before all the snow hit. Drakis the Drakomon. He and Hal had been dating.

    Posted 24 September 2010 - 12:40 AM

    Jeff shivered and grumbles, "Why's it gotta be go cold durin' the winter?" He looked over at Joshua, "At least Epoch was nice enough to give you that temporite lounging stone, Joshua. I bet the cold really effects your new body. I always heard Dragon and Drakes didn't like cold weather."

    Epoch, in a rather handsome and dashing human form, walked just enough about then with a grin. He was wearing only short blue jean cargo shorts and a nice t-shirt. "Well you can't say all Dragons or all Drakes, Jeff. There are Ice Dragon/Drakes and others as well not effected by it. Not to mention, Temporal Beings, like myself and Joshua now, are relatively unaffected by most common things. We can pretty much walk through lava or a blizzard. But. PREFERENCE wise, it all depends on the drake/dragon in question. Myself, I happen to love the winter but prior to my... association with my current employer... " He grins, "I myself lived in a colder climate. What we can 'withstand' and our preferences... Are much different. I imagine that Joshua's tastes and preferences haven't changed that much... yet. He's still the same boy he always was. Which reminds me..."

    Epoch crosses his arms with a grin, "Aren't you suppose to be practicing your form-powers, Joshua?" He chuckles, "Can't get rusty on those. You need those so you can fit in when you sneak into other time-periods." Epoch's actually turned out to be a pretty good and pretty helpful teacher. Which certainly didn't show in the Show he starred in.

    Jeff jumped a little at first then blushed when he realized it WAS Epoch.

    Star giggles, "Sorry, Epoch. I kinda distracted him. He was telling me about his latest adventure."

    Epoch smirks, "Well, I suppose we can't be training ALL the time. But... I do want to see how well you've gotten it down, Joshua. So let's see it." He thinks a moment, "Let's start with an easy one, show me your old human form, whatever dress you wish. Then we'll move on to your real test. 1700's, Merchant Class, Random Human Adult, Period Appropriate Attire. After that, you can have the rest of the day to spend however you like."


    Rolvar sniffed the air a little and grumbled. He tightened his overcoat tighter around himself. He was thinking to himself, I don't understand why Blade insisted I do this in my human form. I hate it! And damn it... It's so fucking cold without my fur! GRRR... I hate having to this form... This is for Dusty... Just keep thinking that. This is all... For Dusty.

    Rolvar took a breath and walked into the Estate toward the slowly shoveling Dusty. Just invite him... To the Festival... And we can get outta here and go change back. He was just passing by Jaq relaxing on the bench when a shimmer of a teleport caused him to jump back reflexively in surprise. The action in his normal werewolf form would have been easy and agile, however due to his lack of using it and relative clumsiness with the form, it was anything but. Rolvar slipped and went sliding and roller, head over heels in a fumbling, skidding slide into a snowdrift.

    Jacob blinks as he looks around, "Um... Did I miss something?" Jacob was wearing a pair of tennis shoes, a light wind breaker, and jeans but nothing else and didn't seem particularly bothered by the cold either. His teleport spell was spot on and he had landed sitting right next to Jaq on the bench.

    Posted 24 September 2010 - 11:39 PM

    Joshua glanced up at Epoch. "In this frigid air? Oh all right..." And he focused on returning himself to his human identity, which he DID make clothed. Then he focused on the 1700s assignment, as he was asked to do. Whether he got it right or not... well, that's for Epoch to judge.

    Serafin said, "It's warmer here than it would be in the swamp waters right now. Breaking through ice is NOT fun." He rubbed some more heating salve on Jeff. "I hope this helps for now. We're not allowed to have space age heaters in Magicwood Mysteries."

    Dusty and Jaq both glanced the disturbed snow drift, then back at Jacob.

    Jaq grinned. "How was your trip, Jacob?"

    Dusty walked over to see who had decided to dive into a snow drift as if it was a pile of leaves. "You okay in there?"

    Posted 25 September 2010 - 03:18 AM

    Jeff nodnoded, "That's true! Thanks, Serafin... It is helping." He smiled and watched Joshua work. Then giggled a little as Epoch looked him over. Even checking the skin under the clothes briefly, even down to how the clothes were laced and put together. Then he smiled, giving Joshua a kiss on the head, "A+ job, Joshua. You did have a FEW minor things off but you did good. We'll over the minor details some other time." He resumed his own scalie form with a grin, "So what are you going to do with all of your now free time?"

    Star grins, "That's why I'm glad that the fox village has the magical warming zones and lots of us furries to snuggle together...and 'keep warm'." He giggles.

    Outside, Jacob grins at Jaq, "It went... surprisingly well, actually. I even got my old status back and an offer from several of the new local magical schools if I wish to pursue that." He grins and fuzzles Jaq's fur, "You always were complaining about the heat. Feeling better?" He also waved at Dusty.

    Rolvar sat up slowly, shivering and cold and looking like a sad puppy even though he had barely managed to keep from reverting. HE looked up at Dusty with a slightly teary expression and a clump of snow still on his nose and head. " ..ww..w..want to c..c...ccome Wo..wolf v...v...village ...wi...wif....m..m..m.e t..t.his.....w..weeken..end?" He may be human but the voice and eyes and expression are similar enough for Dusty to place almost at once.


    Posted 30 September 2010 - 03:07 AM

    Serafin smiled. "Everyone gets some of the heating salve today. Except for Jaq. He said he likes the cold. I've heard that some dragons even buy and use this stuff." He applied another coat on Jeff.

    Joshua reverted to his Time Drake form. "There... back to normal. Well, I should be thinking about early Christmas presents for everyone, but I know Timesheart had enforced 'home for the holiday' plans with the Care Bears this year. Grams wasn't going to take no for an answer."

    Jaq giggled. "I was planning on building a snow wolf. Complete with all the accessories." He winked. "But that guy over there sorta beat me to it." He laughed.

    Dusty helped Rolvar to his feet. "Of course I'll go with you this weekend. Where is your fur? Who made you come down here furless? I'll have to tan their bottom."


    Posted 30 September 2010 - 04:51 AM

    Jeff giggles a little but nods at Serafin, "I really appreciate it! It's nice, I think!"

    Jacob chuckles and stretches, "I don't know what the big deal is... It's not THAT cold out here. I'll help you build a few snow wolvies if you like Jaq.... Just like we did that LAST time?" He grinned mysteriously and mischievously.

    Rolvar blushes at Dusty, stuttering slightly, "B...blade... He ... He said I..I should use my hu..human form. I..I..I really duno why... He insisted though .... really will come?" He gives Dusty a BIG HUG!


    Posted 04 October 2010 - 06:20 AM

    Dusty commented, "Blade ought to try it before sending someone else to do it. Of course I'll come to your little party, Rolvar. But I think you better come inside and let Serafin coat your bare body in this heating lotion he has. I think you need it more than the humans do."

    Jaq grinned. "Could be worse, Jacob old boy... it could come to life and try to yiff the All-Stars a la Dark Dragon style." FLASHBACK REFERENCE!

    Serafin glanced at Joshua. "Christmas in Care-a-lot? That sounds exciting. Too bad we're not invited..." He sighed as he finished up Jeff's salve application.

    Joshua hummed. "There's an idea... the Magicwood Mysteries team could go to the Forest of Feelings and solve a few mysteries there and spend Christmas with the Care Bears. Grams Bear's cookies are the best!"


    Posted 05 October 2010 - 03:16 AM

    Rolvar blushes, "w..well... Okay..." He blushes, "It's...not a little party tho... It's the Winter Festival.. Um... It's suppose to be good luck to be able to go with someone..."

    Jacob chuckles a little, "You never know, right?" He winks!

    Jeff sighs a bit too then smiles, "Yeah. But it would be nice if we could!"


    Posted 05 October 2010 - 05:42 AM

    Dusty got Rolvar inside and had Serafin apply the salve to his body. "...and Blade made him come here in his furless form in all this snow. What a dick."

    From a side door, Reynard who had just returned said, "Yeah, my older turd of a brother is a dick sometimes. Randy is a sweetheart though. Anyway, mom sends his love, guys."

    Serafin worked on the furless werewolf boy. "Don't you worry, Rolvar... we'll have you warm in no time. I mean, look at Jeff. I just finished his salve application and he isn't cold anymore and he's never had fur."

    Joshua asked, "By the way, where is Elmore today, Rolvar? You two are usually together."

    Jaq grinned as he got up and started making the huge snow wolf monster with Jacob. "So they are letting you back into the magic business, Jacob?"


    Posted 07 October 2010 - 06:03 PM

    Jacob grins, "Well... They're still debating it. But, it's not like they really gonna stop me. You know me, Jaq. Takes a lot to even try!" HE giggles and works on the snow creature with his friend, "Still, I am looking into some off-planet options as well. Like that Frontier school for Planar Technology and Magic."

    Rolvar was still blushing a good bit. He doesn't use his human form much so he's still a little bit embarrassed at having people see him all human and not furred. He lets Serafin apply his ointment though. He's too cold to argue that point. "Elmore's having to do his pack role stuff today. He and I are best friends but we're not from the same 'role'. I'mma Hunter/Tracker!" He says that with no small degree of pride. "Though... Elmore's from the higher ranks technically though. His Dad's a Beta and a Lieutenant. So his Dad sometimes makes him work extra extra over time."

    Star says, "I always thought wolf packs were weird. Us foxies don't have things like that. We have big families with everyone sorta doing what they're best at, and only one leader and stuff like that. It's always worked for us."

    Rolvar looks uncomfortable but he doesn't say anything. He doesn't want to insult one of his friend's friends, though it's kinda obvious he wanted to say something back about that.

    Jeff giggles a little and nods Serafin, "And his salve does make you toasty warm. I gotta give him that. Not to mention, I..."

    Just then, Randy suddenly came pouncing in, the folftaur all dressed up in a big (and VERY purple) cape and looking like someone dumped a whole bottle of glitter paste all over his fur! "TA-DA!!! DUGH DUH DUHHHH!!! Randy the Super Time Folfy! READY FOR ACTION!"

    Jeff blinked....then blinked again... and fell over laughing!!


    Posted 10 October 2010 - 09:57 PM

    Jaq grinned. "I am sure you could practice your magic whenever you liked. Or are you simply wanting to sleep with Salem that badly?" He laughed at the implied statement.

    Dusty grinned as he scratched on Star's ears. "Don't worry, Rolvar... this weekend, you and I will show Blade just how great you really are and-" and he then saw Randy's outfit. "Oh my god, Randy! Where did you get that at?"

    Serafin rubbed the salve into Rolvar's skin, giggling still, trying NOT to look at Randy since he got a full look when Randy leaped into the room.

    Joshua smirked. "You look sweet, Randy. And Star... we did get the ad in the real world newspaper for you today advertising a cute roommate for the foxy. Don't know who will apply, but you will surely end up with someone..."


    Posted 12 October 2010 - 03:28 AM

    Jacob smirks and baps Jaq lightly with a giggle, "No, you fuzzy devil. Besides, I like you more." He winks and tosses some snow at Jaq.

    Rolvar smiles a bit and nods.

    Randy struts around, showing off, giggling, "I'm no Randy! I'm RANDY THE SUPER TIME-FOLFY!" He giggle-fits some more and leaps across the room, posing, "WHOOOSH! SUPER FOLFY! CLOAK TIME!" He whips the cloak around, hiding his face, giggling and zooming off to Joshua's room.

    Epoch raises a brow and smirks at Joshua, "He your new time mount?"


    Posted 14 October 2010 - 02:08 AM

    Jaq grinned. "Are you sure you don't want to play with the magic school dean to get ahead?" He threw some snow back at Jacob.

    Joshua giggled. "I guess you forgot already, Epoch. Randy agreed to learn time stuff with us when I joined up as a Time Drake. And yeah, he and I do sleep together. He's pretty cool. Don't know who gave him the silly costume though. I wouldn't be surprised if Chronus didn't give it to him."

    Just then, the crystal ball in the stone chamber Reynard and the others were in flashed and the image showed Timesheart Tiger. "Guys, listen up. The All-Stars just got a mystery over here, but I think this is something you guys could investigate on your end as well. Someone is stealing fortune telling props from all over the place. They even made the mistake to steal from Amy Rose, who is here right now. So if you guys want to, you can check to see if anyone in Magicwood has lost any fortune telling gear." And then the crystal ball turned off again.

    Dusty hummed, as he stopped scratching on Star's foxy ears. "Timesheart is giving us a case? That's cool."

    Serafin replied, "Very cool since it's something we can check out without leaving the Magicwood."


    Posted 18 October 2010 - 03:31 AM

    Jacob laughs, as he's hit with the snow and throws another one back, "I'm sure, I'm sure. Felines are more my brother's traits." He grins a little, "You know it's sure odd to say that. I never had a brother before." He pounces Jaq, tackling him into a snow drift.

    Epoch chuckles, "Forgot? Hmm... Maybe. Or maybe I had a reason for asking." He grins and looks over at the Tiger's image when it shows up. "Well... Looks like you have a new case."

    Star awwed a little, butting his head against the boy's hands against when the scritching stopped.Jeff nodnods, "Yeah. That's really awesome. I'll be super happy to be doing a real case again."


    Posted 19 October 2010 - 07:35 PM

    Jaq giggled as he wrestled with Jacob and stuffed a snowball down the back of Jacob's pants. "Take that!"

    Joshua smiled. "Having a case that we can work on from our side is always good. King Arthur is holding a winter tournament with game booths and yes, a fortune teller. I think we should start there. We might even win some spiffy prizes."

    Dusty grinned and scratched on Star's ears some more. "So you placed an ad so Star could have a roommate? That should be interesting." Although he was wondering how long the boy would stay human with the were-fox.

    Serafin finished up his salve application on Rolvar. "There, werewolf buddy. Now the cold shouldn't bother you for a week. I like faires. They always have the nicest goodies."


    Posted 19 October 2010 - 08:01 PM

    Jacob acks!!! He wriggles around then grrrs and pounces Jaq deeper into the snow as Jaq got something cold in a place unmentionable.

    Jeff nodnods and grins, "Sounds like fun too. And right up your alley, Joshua. Time, Fortune Telling, it's kinda exciting."

    Star mrrrrred happily, leaning into the scratches with a big grin, "Yepyep!!! Lotsa Roommate funtimes!"

    Rolvar blushed, "Th..thanks, Serafin. I do too. Especially at this time of year." HE looks over at Dusty a bit jealous of the were-fox but he doesn't say anything... He'll get the boy to himself soon enough.


    Posted 23 October 2010 - 08:54 PM

    Dusty got Jaq to help him hitch up the one-horse open sleigh for their trip around the Magicwood. "We got a case we can do from the Magicwood. Timesheart himself gave it to us."

    Jaq smiled. "That will be fun."

    Serafin was getting the thermal blankets ready in the sleigh. "I hope the fire in the fireplace stays lit while we're out and about."

    Joshua grinned. "Oh, I am sure it will. You coming along, Reynard?"

    Reynard slyly smiled. "Well, yes. But I was debating another new Charge, since Rolvar has the eyes for Dusty."


    Posted 26 October 2010 - 12:28 AM

    Jeff nods, "Would be cold if we got back and it was out." He grins, "Though the remedy Serafin used on us that might not be that bad."

    Star giggles, "He is good about that."

    Jacob chuckles, "Well, Jaq and I can hold down the fort and keep the home fires burning if you like." He looks over at Jaq, "What ya think?"

    Rolvar blushes at Reynard's statement and in his human form it really shows.


    Posted 27 October 2010 - 10:42 PM

    Jaq grinned. "They are going to a winter jousting tournament in the snow! I want to see that!"

    Serafin said, "My salve mixture works well. We should be okay."

    Dusty climbed up into the sleigh's steering seat and held the reins. "This is a singing time of the year, you know."

    Reynard hoped he didn't slip back into all-song mode again, but then again, he was in the process of looking at other Charges. It wasn't easy to find one that stayed on the straight and narrow. There was too much horseplay in the All-Stars anyway, without this new team displaying it, too. This team needs a female. is what Reynard was really thinking.

    Joshua held on to Randy's back as the took their positions in the back of the sleigh. "So where did you get that costume at, Randy?"


    Posted 29 October 2010 - 03:36 AM

    Jacob chuckles and fuzzles Jaq on the pet, "I swear your like a big puppy sometimes. Pretty excited for someone who never wanted to see this planet again." He stretches and hrms, "I guess I should dress a little more the part..." He snaps his fingers, conjuring up a nice short sleeve heraldic vest with what looks like a hand-sewn druidic emblem with his alternate form stitched into it, darker brown leather breeches, and a nice pale-blue fur-lined hooded cloak. "How's this for an old-fashioned outting, Jaq?"

    Jeff rolls his eyes a little at his brother showing off for his 'BOOOYYYYFRRIEEENDDD'. Bleck. He looks back at Serafin and smiled, nodding, "Yeah it does." He petted Serafin's head again and reflects back on how funny the situation between him and the otter was verses how things were before. He concludes he likes this new way better than the old.

    Rolvar smiles, "Singing time of the year? For it's more the howling time. Lots of games and stuff. But I'll sing a long if you teach me the words."

    Randy grins at Joshua with a cute look, "Secret! Dey helped me find allll the things I needed to get to be a SUPA TIME GUY!.... Um... Where's Epoch go? He was here a bit ago..."

    Epoch chuckles a little from the sides as he walks up in his natural form, easily filling the courtyard, "I was taking care of a few things, kiddo. Ever busy our jobs never done." He walks over, shrinking nearly instantly and fluidly into his smaller anthro form and smiles, "Off on a case, are you? Well don't forget to have fun. I have to go pounce Chronus... Christmas is that time of the year for him." He chuckles and heads off again. "Do try to be home before too late."


    Posted 03 November 2010 - 03:42 PM

    Jaq winked at Jacob. "Now you look like my mom." He laughed.

    Joshua chuckled. "Epoch comes and goes. Think about those two words." He winks.

    Serafin helped the others into the sleigh. "We're all aboard, Dusty!"

    Dusty nodded his head as he hugged Rolvar and used the reins to get the horse underway. "Next stop, the tournament." Then he grinned. "Dashing through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh, chasing down our werewolves, and howling all the way..."


    Posted 07 November 2010 - 11:12 PM

    Jacob laughs, "Well I wouldn't want to say that in front of her. I thought these would be more stylish. I suppose I have to work on my manifestation magic after all."

    Randy gigglefits, "Cums and goes." He bounced a little in the sleigh. "I like Winter... My Winter Coat's prettier. Everyone says so... Right, Master Joshua, Lord of Time Drakes?" He giggles some more.

    Jeff rolls his eyes, "Good lords, you two could pump out enough sap to coat all of magic wood."

    Randy giggles, "White sap!"

    Jeff snerks, "Yes, Randy... That kinda sap... wait.. no.. You probably could."

    Randy snickers and looks at Joshua, "We could! And would!"

    Rolvar hugged Dusty back and grinned, "Maybe we'll chase down my cohort at the same time." He gave Dusty's cheek a quick kiss.


    Posted 11 November 2010 - 06:25 AM

    Dusty said, "I wonder where the All-Stars will be searching?"

    Serafin giggled. "They have to put up with the perfume squadron."

    Joshua giggled, too. "Now that's not nice... Miyuki is a nice girl. Although I have heard... the more you argue with someone, the more you love them. And the less you argue, the less likely you are interested in each other."

    Jaq coughs. "That only applies when the two in question are male and female, Joshua. And don't you forget it."


    Posted 12 November 2010 - 02:20 PM

    "Pony! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" a little feminine voice could be heard from somewhere above the Magicwood Mystery boys. And sure enough, a little pixie girl zoomed in and began slowly flying around their heads. Her entire body was radiating a soft white light, but it was still easy enough to see that she was wearing a big white fur coat, but proportionate to her, so it was most probably not fur but something like a bird's down.

    She also had strapped to her back what looked like a pack of business cards, but seeing as she was about as tall as the pack herself it looked like she was carrying a gigantic backpack.

    "I don't like winter, we're not good at taking the cold, so we have to stick close to bigger folk just to have their radiated body heat keep us from freezing." she said matter of factly as she softly landed on the floor of the sleigh. "But don'T worry, I won't be sticking with you for long. Um... this is going to sound strange, but... do you want to buy flowers?"


    Posted 13 November 2010 - 10:06 AM

    Jeff blinks at the odd looking little female, "A fairy?"

    Jacob grins, "Oh sure, I'd like to buy a flower... perhaps a Wolf Rose?"


    Posted 14 November 2010 - 11:32 PM

    Dusty smiled. "We're heading to King Arthur's Winter Tournament to talk to the faire's fortune teller and to see Merlin. I am surprised to see a fairy out in this cold weather."

    Jaq grinned. "They normally stay within the heated realms of the elves. Puck protects them."

    Serafin said, "I could give her some of the special salve. I coated the sleigh horse this morning so he didn't freeze on us."

    Joshua giggled, as he held on to the folftaur.


    Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:23 AM

    "Oh, I don't have the flowers on me per say..." the small pixie began, swinging her large bundle over her shoulder. "I'm just spreading the word for a friend who's doing a clearance sale at her flower shop, seeing as it's winter and they'll all die if they don't get sold soon. But Wolf Rose, it has bigger petals and the thorns are shaped like little wolf teeth, right? She still has some of those for sure, I saw them when I picked up these business cards." she said, struggling to hold up a business card for anyone to pick up. It had the typical information like business name, address and phone number as well as mentioning the clearance sale and that they would have a booth at King Arthur's Winter Tournament.

    "The wolf is right though, we don't stick around for winter. I'm really only doing this to help out my friend." she added to what Jaq said. "I can't stand going to anything winter themed, personally. But I hope you have fun at the Faire. I hear the fortune teller's real good! Just make sure you give the flower store a visit so you can get your Wolf Roses, alright?"


    Posted 19 November 2010 - 09:53 PM

    Jacob chuckles and nods to the little fairy then grins at Jaq, "Remember the last time we ended up visiting Oberon's Court? Mab was nooooooot happy"

    Jeff rolls his eyes, "Is there anyone you HAVEN'T angered?" He pets on the otter some more as they ride.

    Randy giggles and is doing his best action poses and 'Super Folfytaur' poses as the time drake's 'Super Time Mount'. He's having fun even if the others are all serious.

    Rolvar says, "I heard that they were going to have a prize for the King and Queen of the Tournament. Dusty will easily be the King, being the best looking guy there."


    Posted 19 November 2010 - 11:22 PM

    Jaq grinned. "She deserved it. We haven't angered Queen Titania and Puck yet... but we could and say it was your idea."

    Serafin giggled, as he licked Jeff's face. "This forest is a lot more active in the Summer. Although the Winter setting is kinda pretty." He paused. "BUT COLD!"

    Joshua snerked as he lay on Randy's back as he rests before their investigation later. "I wonder where Reynard disappeared to?"

    Dusty replied, "He had other Sponsor duties to attend to. Apparently there are lot of rules involved in being a Sponsor and because we're Charges, I can't help but to sometimes wonder if we haven't somehow failed our Sponsors."

    And at that moment, the other werewolf boy (Elmore) and a tall black raven lady rode up beside the sleigh from the nearby woods. They were riding on a sparkling sliver unicorn who had a wool scarf wrapped around his neck. Elmore chuckled and said, "Nice shortcut, Glitterhorn! We found them!"

    The unicorn, Glitterhorn, replied, "But of course. They had to stay on the roads. But there is only one destination in this direction, so they must be..."

    The raven lady replied, "...going to the Faire. Where I had just come from earlier, being the local fortune reader. And although I don't use the newer manufactured methods for fortune telling, my methods are all-natural and nearly flawless."


    Posted 20 November 2010 - 02:16 AM

    "Speak of the devil!" the extravagantly dressed pixie said as she picked up the rest of the florist's business cards and began hovering above the group again. "You can ask her to read your futures right here! I have to go deliver the rest of these cards before my wings freeze off. Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying flowers? Hopefully anywhere but in Magicwood? I hate winter so much!"


    Posted 23 November 2010 - 08:43 AM

    Jeff blushed a little but agreed, "The summer months are a lot more fun. Winter's cold but snow balls are fun and you can't make snowmen and snowballs and snowfurries without snow and that means cold."

    Rolvar grins, "Hi Elmore... You were lookin' for us... or for Dusty?" He giggles but is still sitting very close to Dusty. Happy werewolf!

    Randy was starting to get bored with all the talking... and that usually meant something weird was about to happen.


    Posted 27 November 2010 - 08:11 AM

    Elmore said, "Glitterhorn and I had been over at the Faire when Strobella here approached us and said she needed to speak to the Magicwood Mysteries team. And that's you guys."

    Glitterhorn commented, "And because I like carting my friends around the forest, I agreed to bring her to you."

    Dusty smiled. "We were on our way to to the Faire to see her and Merlin. The All-Stars have a case that seems to coincide with the Magicwood. Someone has been stealing Tarot decks and we wanted to know if the fortune tellers at the Faire have had that problem."

    Strobella replied, "I haven't since my fortune telling methods involve sticks, stones, and runes, of which you can find anywhere in the Magicwood. And I seriously don't think someone is so bored that they are going to dig under the snow to clean them all up." She winked with a grin. Funny as the statement sounds, though...

    Jaq stifled a snicker as he thought about someone lifting the snow and using a vacuum cleaner.

    Serafin hugged Jeff, saying, "I forgot that fortune tellers in the forest don't rely on manufactured divining methods."

    Joshua hummed. "Strobella doesn't, but Merlin has a little of everything. We could still ask him."


    Posted 05 December 2010 - 07:57 AM

    Jeff hugged back but nods, "That's true. We could still ask him. It wouldn't hurt."

    Rather suddenly, the whole area burst into a rainbow sparkling glittery snow from a left over magical firework going off and Randy leaps out of the cart, into the snow, and makes a stance, "Never fear! We're ON THE CASE! We'll solve it at the speed of Magic!... Time! Yeah! Super Time Duo! AWAY! Common, Super time Dwakkie!" He starts running off over the snow with Joseph!

    Jeff blinks... "Wha?"


    Posted 09 December 2010 - 02:27 AM

    Jaq said, "He is hyper, of course. How does Blade keep the boy in check?"

    Elmore grinned. "Mission impossible, Jaq."

    Dusty giggled. "I'm glad I'm not small, scaly, and cute."

    Serafin remarked, "There is nothing wrong with being cute... but throw hyper into the mix and... well, you never know what you'll get."

    Glitterhorn smiled. "I just hope they don't land in a deep snow drift. We unicorns can avoid things like that, but I am not so sure about folftaurs."


    Posted 15 December 2010 - 04:03 AM

    Jacob chuckles, "More than a pawful for sure." He grins and looks at Jaq with a thoughtful look and a grin, "You know, you'd look in a hospital gown and bouncing a few on your hips." He's just teasing... OR is he?! Muwahahahaha.

    Jeff ignores Jacob's banter and says, "Well I just hope Time Drakes don't freeze in snow easily... I'd be more worried about him getting cold and frozen."

    Rolvar smiles at Dusty and winks at Elmore, pointing at Dusty where Dusty can't see with a big grin.


    Posted 28 December 2010 - 06:44 AM

    Jaq grinned. "I am the dominant one."

    Serafin licks Jeff's face. "He's coated in the salve. He'll be fine."

    Elmore giggled at Rolvar as he pets on Glitterhorn.

    Dusty is sitting there quietly for a moment and suddenly, he just vanishes out of his seat!

    Jaq growls, "WHERE DID DUSTY GO?!"


    Star's cozy den is where Dusty suddenly appears! The entrance is buried in a snowdrift, but the den us exactly as it was the last time. "Who knocked over the recall amulet? I'll bet the others are freaking out. Especially Rolvar." He walks over and picks up the amulet and sets it back on the mantle. "I wonder were Star is? Or that other WereFox that lives in this den? Seems awfully quiet here..."

    Dusty headed down to the lower tunnels and poked his head into the other WereFox's sleeping quarters. "Anyone home?"


    Posted 05 January 2011 - 06:02 AM

    Star suddenly flying-pounced Dusty then erped, "Dusty? Whatever are you doing here? I thought you were with the others today..." He doesn't get off Dusty's lap/stomach though as he sits down there. "I thought I was gonna get to play with a new boy..." He smiles and licks Dusty's nose, "But your better than any 'new' boy."


    Posted 06 January 2011 - 01:02 PM

    Dusty giggled as he tummy scratched the cute were-fox on top of himself. "I was with the others, Star, until someone knocked over that summon medallion you linked to me for calling me to the den. By the way... where is that other denmate were-fox of yours that is supposed to be living with you? And how come you were in his bedroom?"


    Posted 07 January 2011 - 05:56 AM

    Star giggles, "Well... We were invovled in something personal... but he ran outta here when he got a mind-call from a litter-mate and had to go help him with something important. I guess he knocked over the pendant when he was rushing out of here." He licks Dusty's face softly.


    Posted 09 January 2011 - 04:01 AM

    Dusty nosed the were-fox in return. "That summon pendant was supposed to be up the mantle of the fireplace, Star. The only way to knock it off the mantle would be to deliberately reach up there and pull it down. Are you saying that his arms are so big that he can reach the top of the mantle? And how did he get out of the den, Star? The entrance is buried in a snow drift."

    Posted 09 January 2011 - 04:49 AM

    Star giggles, "Probably cause I was polishing it and put it down on the table and he smashed into it.... Of course, we can still get out even snowed in. We have good paws." He winks and shows Dusty the small hole in the back door's snowdrift. You'd definitely have to be small or a fox to get through it though."

    Posted 09 January 2011 - 09:37 PM

    Dusty grinned and rubbed over his were-fox friend's fur coat. "I am sure the others are enjoying the red herring of a trip to Arthur's Joust without me helping them. I would rather play with you, Star. Besides, maybe you can help me decide what to get Prince Friskytail for Christmas. It's hard on me to shop for a were-fox prince especially when you don't know what to get him that he will like."

    Posted 12 January 2011 - 03:42 AM

    Star licks Dusty's nose and nods, "I can help with that easy! There are lots of things he could use and even more lots of things that he'd like" He rubs on Dusty some more murring happily and grins, "Friskytail isn't the only one frisky though."

    Posted 14 January 2011 - 07:46 AM

    Dusty giggled as he gave the fox boy a kiss on the muzzle. "So you think you're more than a match for Prince Friskytail, do you?"

    Posted 17 January 2011 - 02:47 AM

    Star giggles, "I dunno about that... I wouldn't say that to his muzzle." He licks Dusty again and nuzzles, "But I suppose you could." He winks again.
    Dusty grinned as he kisses back on Star. "So you want me to go say that to Prince Friskytail's muzzle, do you? If his cavern is anything like yours is out front, I imagine no one is getting in or out of there unless they teleport. Or are you offering to teleport me there?"


    King Arthur's Winter Faire

    Joshua and Randy were seen barreling through the tents as they arrived just ahead of the rest of the Magicwood Mystery Team.

    Jaq smiled. "I smell really awesome food!"

    Serafin giggled. "I see some games I wanna try my paw at."

    Elmore was hugging and petting on his boy (Rocky Klugman) whom he left here at the Faire.



    Hal was GLAD he was in his Decadex suit this time because it was thermally lined to keep the wearer warm in the winter and cool in the summer. He finished shoveling the snow out from in front of Drakis' home where the Digimon lived with another Digimon and the occasional two human boys (both seen in the last episode.)

    "All done, Drakis!" called Hal as he put the shovel away and he waited for a reply.

    Star giggles and flicks his fluffy tail over Dusty's chin, "I can do that any time you want of course. If that's what you really want... Or I could just prove it."


    Jeff grins, looking around, "Sounds like things are really warming up...despite being so cold!" He heads off to look around.

    Jacob looks over at Jaq and offers him a hand, "Shall we go find some of those vendors?"


    One of the digimon suddenly cannonballed into a huge pile of snow near Hal and Drakis laughed as Hal was covered in snow from the crash. "Common, Hal. I have some hot chocolate ready."


      Dusty giggles. "I haven't seen Prince Friskytail in a long while and I have gotten him a Christmas present. I got you one, too. So I'd like to pop on in there for a bit to one) give him his present, and two) tell him to his muzzle that you think you're better than he is." He winked.


      Jaq smiled and took Jacob by the hand. "Let's go see how good your hand is, love."

      Joshua spoke to Merlin about the Tarot Card Mystery, whom in turn told Joshua that the perpetrator had not come to Starknight Planet at all. The event was confined to QC Planet.

      But then Merlin dropped something new on the time drake. "Since you boys are at the joust, there is a mystery you could be working on. The Winter Wabbit is a little overdue. He usually brings diamond mini-sculptures to the Winter Joust to give away as prizes to the winning knights. But... he's late and that worries me. Perhaps Magicwood Mysteries could look into this for us, yes? I am sure King Arthur would reward you himself if you did."

      At one vendor, the Druids Tent, Brand Maguire sat in his red druid gear doing a scrying for a curious bear youngster. "...and I see your prized ball in a blue chest under your bed. Is that accurate?"

      "Yeah, it is. You're really good at this, Mr. Druid sir."


      Hal went over to Drakis and went inside with him. "Your hot chocolate is always the best, love. How are those human boys of yours or... are they even still human?"


        Star giggles, "Okay. Get me in trouble then." He winks and teleports them both to Prince Friskytail.


        Jacob laughs and nods, "Okay"

        Jeff mmms, "That sounds like something we could do, Joshua!"

        Randy grins and nodnodnods! "Yeah! Let's do it! Let's do it! Super Joshua and Super Randy!!! AWAY!!!!!" He zooomed off with joshua having to hold on tight to avoid being dumped in the snow.


        Drakis giggles and kisses Hal's cheek before handing him a warm cup of hot chocolate. "Thanks. Well they're all....mostly still human. A few accidents here and there, one of them is a bit of a prude though." He winks and gropes Hal, "Not that any of them quite match up with you, of course."


          At the were-fox realm lair, Prince Friskytail and his people looked like they were freezing to death. And with the cave's opening being as huge as it was, it was little wonder... there was snow packed in as far as the central fire pit, which was out.

          Dusty quickly opened the gift for Prince Friskytail and then opened the vacuum packed container and pulled out the space age thermal blankets and began wrapping up were-foxes with one each. "Merry Christmas, Prince Friskytail. I didn't forget you. I hope this gift helps a lot. Oh, and Star here says he's better than you." He winked as he finished handing out the blankets, then he got to work shoveling snow and preparing the central fire pit for a much needed fire.

          Prince Friskytail shivered but was glad to get the blanket. Then to Star he said, "Perhaps you are better since you have such a good friend who thankfully helps people like us without being asked. You treating him good?"


          Jaq pointed toward the Druid Tent (where Brand was) with a smile. "I see a recently restored friend of yours, Jacob. And he is doing his craft quite well."

          Joshua and Jeff rode on Randy's back as the latter carried them off toward the Winter Wabbit's home on the other side of Camelot.

          Joshua hummed. "I wonder if the Winter Wabbit is related to the Easter Bunny?"


          Hal giggled. "Prude as in how? I assume he doesn't like getting digi-mounted? He doesn't know what he is missing."


            Star nods, "Yessir. As good as I can." He starts helping Dusty quickly. "You should have told me you guys needed help though!" He didn't like his friends being cold and freezing to death! He looks around at all the foxes near death... Then sighs and brings his paws together, murmuring softly before there was a warm summer breeze that suddenly blew through the den, warming the foxes while the fire was lit. Though it looked like the strain of keeping the effect up was really eating away at Star.


            Jacob smiles and nodnods, "Yeah. I'm glad he's made a good recovery. He looks happy too for the first time in a long time."

            Jeff hrms, "That's a good question."

            Randy giggles, "Nope! He's a Wabbit of Wonderus Winter!"


            Drakis grins, "No he likes that. He dislikes drakis mounting. Eh, it's not my fault his best friend grew a tail. I did warn him to wash off very well afterwards."


              Dusty said toward Star, "Unlike your lair, Star, Friskytail's home lair doesn't have a closing front door; it's just a blatant opening to the outside. And with as cold as this Winter has been, he is lucky we showed up." He finished shoveling out the snow and then he grabbed an ax. "Now lets see about getting the Prince some firewood. We need to heat these foxes up."

              Prince Friskytail shivered but was smiling. "I like Dusty, Star. But then again, I've been told that every pack throughout Magicwood liked him."


              Jaq led Jacob into the Druid's tent and said, "My friend would like his fortune told, noble druid."

              Brand smiled when he saw who had come in. "I foresee flirting with disaster if my Oracle friend catches you two trying to distract me during the Winter Fair. He is around someplace himself. Gods, it is so good to see you guys again." He hugged them both.

              Joshua said, "Maybe the door to his lair is frozen shut? I guess we will see when we get there."


              Hal slowly embraced Drakis and kissed him deeply. "Since he doesn't like Drakis mounting, that leaves more for me. You say his friend ended up with a tail? So he is part drakomon now like you? Where is he? Still inside you?" He groped the slit and bent his head down close to it. "Anyone trapped in there?" He giggled.


                Star nods a little... "Friskytail doesn't like moderning anything I guess... but I don't think a door is being TOO civilized." Something he's probably been critized for by SOME wilder residents. "Nah, not lucky. We're all friend in Magicwood. We look out for one another... I'm sorry I didn't come sooner though." He sat down, panting slightly, "I'll keep the place warm until you get the firewood going and the fire started." He focused on maintaining the warming, rejuvinating cherry-blossom scented breeze he was creating through out the den. He doesn't like using fox tricks but he can when times call for it.


                Jacob grins and hugs back, "He has to catch us first. You're looking much better, I'm happy to see." He smirks and puts an arm around Jaq and Brand, "I just seem to collect harems of wolves where ever I go... And I'm okay with that!" He laughs and ducks before one of them punches him, "Yes, yes, but I'm all yours Jaq!"

                Randy chants as he runs along, "Wascally WAAAABIT, We're Hunting WAAABITS, Oh WHERE oh WHERE is WINTERY WASCASLLY WABBIT OF WONDERFUL WINTER WILL HIIIIIIDING." He's really hard to keep in a bad mood.


                Drakis kissed back with a grin, "Not right now, they're down below in the warm oil playpens. And yeah, he ended up with a tail. I even asked Infintomon and Merlin to look at it but unforunately, for some reason, I don't understand it, it's permanent. The only thing that could remove it is PERHAPS a Ink and Paint Show. But he's contemplating that...cause they're expensive." He holds Hal's hand, "So you wanna come down to my parlor and try out some of my cookies? and perhaps...some of my cream later?" He winks.


                  Dusty started carting in loads and loads of firewood. He was good with cutting wood. When he finished that, he started the fire in the fire pit going. Then he went over to Prince Friskytail and he put his hands under the space age blanket and started rubbing feeling back into the were-fox noble all over his furry body. "Now the cavern should heat up really fast."

                  Prince Friskytail smiled and licked Dusty's face lightly. "I hope you're right. We are lucky to have a friend like you, Dusty, You help Star a lot, although once he gets his human boy roommate in there, he will likely be very busy in there. And then you can bring us some more firewood while Star is busy training his new boy."


                  Brand gave Jacob a kiss. "I heard you had a new brother. Or did you and Friskytail simply pop out a kid?" He winked.

                  Jaq grinned. "I'd pay to see that."


                  Joshua held on to Jeff as Randy bounded along. And then they saw a strange sight: there were two buildings just past a sign that read WINTER RABBIT FACTORY AND LABS. One of the two buildings was emitting what looked like loads and loads of bubbles. The other building was smothered in what appeared to be oozing ice cream except it didn't smell like ice cream at all.

                  Joshua irked. "Which building is which?"


                  Hal giggled as we rubbed on Drakis' slit bulge. "You know I always have time for you, love. Cookies and Cream sounds sexy and fun. So you're totally empty at the moment?"


                    Star whewed as he stopped the magic and sat down, panting. He was exhausted after all that, but at least the foxies were gonna be okay.


                    Jacob laughs and kisses back, "Yeah, a new brother, but no, Frisky has nothing to do with it." He baps Jaq, "And you shut up. the only one allowed to get me pregnant in the near future is you." He looks back at Brand and told him the story of the episode past.


                    Jeff says, "That's the Factory." He points to the bubbles, "And that other one is the labs... Gut opinion."

                    Randy bahs! "You're wrong!" he giggles, "It's obvious. They're both both! Jeesh! Common!" He starts bounding toward them, "You know they hafta be! You can't experiment if you can't make stuff."

                    Randy has a very...simple mindset when it comes to certain problems.


                    Drakis lets into the rubs with a grin, wrapping his tail around Hal lightly, "Careful... You know what happens when us drakes get horny... You might be stuck a while... And end up with a drake tail yourself."


                      Just then, a ringing bell sound was heard coming from Star's vest pocket. It was the visitor alert system telling Star that someone just entered the foxy's cave.

                      ((At the cave home, a teenage boy with brown hair, blue-grey eyes, and fair skin, wearing winter clothes came in carrying two suitcases. "I almost didn't find this place. I sure hope the guy advertising the roommate offer is around."))

                      Dusty smiled at Star. "Your new roommate, Star? Cause if it is, he is really early."

                      Prince Friskytail giggled. "A fresh boy who couldn't wait to entertain Star. Why don't you head back over there, Star, and see if it pans out? Dusty can stay here and help secure the cave door to help keep the warmth inside." Of course he was also thinking about how nice yiffing Dusty would be, too.


                      Brand giggled. "So you have a brother named Jeff now. Well, you always wanted a younger sibling you could tease and pick on. So aside from him, what all are Magicwood Mysteries working on? And... do you need help?" He winked giggling some more.

                      Jaq grinned. "I think you would be more help than Mr. Cryptic has been lately. But at least we got Randy out of the deal."


                      Joshua now looked to the two separate weird buildings which were each covered in weird smelling stuff. "Which one do you think the Winter Wabbit is in? The building with the loads and loads of bubbles. Or the building smothered in... that oozing white cream stuff is?"


                      Hal giggled again as he stuck one hand into the slit. "My Decadex has available slots for new heroes, love. Maybe we could design a Drakomon hero for one of the slots and then whenever I wanted to play in your slit, I could switch to that form and just dive in butt first."

                      He then arched an eye as his hand touched what felt like someone's head or the slit cock's head. "Are you sure no one is in there?"


                        Star chuckles, "Alright. Don't do anything with Dusty I wouldn't do." He winks and runs off to see his new roommate.


                        Jacob chuckles, "Yeah. And, hrm, actually..." He tells Brand everything that's happened from what he understands, including how 'Mr. Cryptic's been acting.


                        Randy giggles, "Let's try the white stuff! It seems AMAZINGLY tastey! LIke..LIke SUUUGAAARRRRR"

                        Jeff erfs, "Let's not let you get MORE Hyper, Randy, and mmm... Maybe you can peek in with your powers, Joshua?"


                        Drakis hrms, "Pretty sure... Though if you wanna gain that form..." He winks, "Now's a good time."


                          At Star's home cave, the teenage boy with brown hair, blue-grey eyes, and fair skin, wearing winter clothes and carrying two suitcases was now in the bedroom hallway. "I wonder which room is to be mine?" Jesse Baxter peeked into one of the clean bedrooms at the furnishings.


                          Star was gone just long enough for Dusty to close the cavern doors and walk back over to the prince, when Friskytail yanked Dusty deep inside his HOT tent and proceeded to magic his clothes off and yiff him good.


                          Brand said, "Hikaru can't help being Cryptic. Remember: he is a servant of time. Heck, I know Epoch is a great fuck."

                          Jaq grinned. "I agree there. he is."


                          Joshua took flight and said, "Okay guys... I'll go inside the one on the left. And please try to stay out of trouble while I am gone." And he flew up and through the only open window he could find which wasn't oozing with the white creamy stuff. Once inside, he flew into what looked like a lab and he landed on a white cream covered table. "Winter Wabbit? You in here?"

                          The Winter Wabbit was finally seen stuck to the floor and he was covered in the white creamy stuff which Joshua now knew what it was... too late.

                          He slowly tried to lift off again but he was stuck to the table. He is glad he didn't lay down now. "This is embarrassing. I hope Randy doesn't jump into the other cream building." Both legs and tail was stuck in this stuff. "This is too embarrassing. Epoch will fall on the floor laughing when he sees this."


                          Hal Kissed Drakis on the snout, then he slowly lowered himself down inside the Drakomon slit where he was ready to learn the Drakomon hero form. Once he was inside, however, he felt himself get hilted and stretched on a cock that felt larger than it should... and then the knots popped in, one at a time. He was now plugged in. "Don't see anyone else in here..."