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LOST-02 Understudies

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    An Hour Later...

    Overcat had returned with the class students and... a Union Judge. Which indicates that Overcat WAS thinking ahead. He doesn't want a Champions accident happening either. So if an accident still occurs even with a union judge watching, then they will be off the hook.

    Power Penguin awws. "Boring. Its Overcat's class; not a random visit. Oh well, I guess I should go resume my usual identity and get back to work." And he departed the building since he was obviously not going to get to entertain a fan.


      Naerean came out finally, still limping ever so slightly from soreness. "Never. Again."

      Nightscare smirked at that but just nodded to P.P. "Have fun. I should return to my duties as well."


        A Few Days Later in Meta Star City...

        Power Penguin was in a scripted battle against Octopussy (a feline with mechanical octopus arms) and Mysteerio (a bull with foggy illusion powers) while one of the Union Judges monitored the fight just off to one side. With a three member fight, stupid people often let temptation to get the better of them and that's why the Union Judge was present for this.


        Overcat was at Terryville's AniSapien High teaching his Hero Dynamics class. He really liked the chance to be with the students. "Students? Today, all of you will be on an official patrol with me and my friend Naerean. There will be a Union Judge accompanying us, so you can learn just what a typical outing is like. Just remember that when Naerean and I get into a battle, please try to stay to the side where the Union Judge is standing."