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    After what happen earlier, Nightscare was in NO mood for this shit. He was NOT pulling ANY punches though he did avoid any truly fatal hits, he was not being gentle by any measure. "If they want to play rough... I'll be more than happy to play rough right back."


      Mountain Spirit sent a bad guy flying backward over the tops of several buildings. "How you holding up, Nightscare?"


        Nightscare threw one of the villains against a wall and followed up with a punch to his now like non-functioning parts. He growls, "I'm fine and I'm pissed."


          The Union Official had arrived and was watching the battle safely to one side. He had learned the HARD way months ago NOT to interfere in a New Protectors battle. These guys were not unionized, even if a few heroes who hung out with the team were.

          And then another villain got the uppercut through his nuts that no self respecting citizen would want to think about and then there were only two villains left standing on the playing field. Horribly outnumbered.

          Supermouse's eyes were glowing so red you couldn't see the pupils anymore. "Do you two really want us to finish this fight? Or maybe you'd like to give up before someone loses the ability to pee."

          Power Penguin LOVED hanging out with the New Protectors! They played hard ball! And it was FUN!

          Smartly, the remaining two surrendered. Being able to pee was likely the main motivator. Plus, the union rep being just outside of the battle... they would gladly pay the union penalty fees as long as they didn't have to fight Supermouse and his friends again for a year.

          Weather Crane smiled. "Darn... and we were just getting warmed up. Oh well, there's always next time."

          "Oh no there isn't," they replied as the handcuffs were placed on their wrists. Then the police led them away while the paramedics carted the others off the battlefield.

          The union rep said, "Nice fight. Not too much property damage. I wish I could say that for unionized heroes. You guys do okay. But are the LOST going to be hanging out with you guys now or was this just a chance encounter?"

          Supermouse's eyes returned to normal at that point. "Their team is allowed to hang out whenever they like. As you know from my records, Overcat is my mentor, but I have my own team. The New Protectors are not with the union."

          Mountain Spirit added, "And we never will be. Someone has to stay outside the red tape or else the villains will run loose unchecked. This little team up with Nightscare happened because a bunch of his enemies chose to have a non-union battle with him and they made the mistake of attacking him while we were escorting Power Penguin back into the neighborhood. And when we saw what was happening... we had to help." He winked.

          The union rep shook his head slightly but was smiling. "Good enough." He glanced at Nightscare. "How are you holding up?"


            Nightscare brushes off his jacket, "Quite well... That actually felt rather... good for a change. Especially after the last meeting I had with them." He rubs his chest with a grumble, remembering it.


              The union rep said, "For the record, Nightscare... and you can tell your team this too... but if you are ever with the New Protectors during an outing, union rules no longer apply. They are one of the few exceptions to the rule. As you saw earlier. Mountain Spirit is right; someone has to stay outside of the red tape in order to help keep the peace when villains choose to be stupid."

              Power Penguin grinned. "Losing the ability to pee sounded really funny."


                Nightscare nods, "I'll let them know. We might be around here more often to help out then. Provided we're needed of course."


                  Power Penguin then asked, "Some of us in the LOST are actually young heroes, Mr. Union Rep... is it possible to be in both the LOST as well as Supermouse's younger group at the same time?"

                  The union rep replied, "As long as you are in the proper age bracket as the rest of the New Protectors, we at the union don't have a problem with that at all. Just remember the difference... In the New Protectors, they can play hardball outside of the union rules. But if they get hurt, they take care of their own. There is no union medical insurance when it's the New Protectors. But Lost has that coverage. So if you get hurt while on a LOST outing, it's covered. Aside from that, you don't get a paycheck for being in Supermouse's team. It's all volunteer work. You get a union check with LOST. But if you're okay with that, then the answer is yes."

                  Power Penguin smiled. "Thank you. Supermouse invited me to hang out with his team and I saw benefits on both sides. I'm not as old as Overcat, so sometimes... I like hanging out with people my own age."


                    Nightscare grins, "Makes sense to me. Anyway, unless there is something else, I think we should probably be getting on with our duties and such."


                      The union rep replied, "Nope. We're done here. You may all return to whatever you were doing before."

                      Supermouse grinned. "On a side note, I have been studying to get my Union Rep license. Just because I don't plan on being a Union Hero doesn't mean I can't have a Union Rep license on the side."

                      Power Penguin smirked. "You'll have all sorts of inside information regarding union schedules, won't you?"

                      Supermouse grinned again. "That's the whole idea, actually. We see a villain working his trade outside of his schedule and then I can challenge the guy to cease and desist. And when he refuses... the kid gloves come off and the Protectors roll." He winked. "Come on, Protectors! We have a crop field to get tilled! See you later, PP; Nightscare!" And the Protectors departed for their ranch.


                      Power Penguin and Nightscare enter the LOST Penthouse HQ just in time to see Dr. Warner closing up his medical bag with a disgusted look on his face. "What happened, Dr. Warner?"

                      Dr. Warner replied, "Overcat and Naerean hurt themselves in the steam room. I have better things to do than to see something that gross." And he departed.

                      Power Penguin looked at Nightscare with an odd look on his face. "This is the reason I like hanging out with heroes my own age. Old fogeys can't keep their minds out of the gutter."


                        Nightscare just shakes his head, "I do not believe that is something that is limited to old fogeys as you put it. I have known many older heroes who were more prudish."


                          Power Penguin smirked. "It was a teen joke, Nightscare. But at least you and I got to see Supermouse and his group, and we got to have that really cool non-union battle earlier, too."


                            Nightscare ohs. "My apologies. Sometimes... Humor gets lost on me. And yes, Supermouse and his group were quite nice. It was a relief from the norm."


                              Overcat emerged with his purple tights costume and yellow cape on. "I'm sorry you had to see that, Dr. Warner. I really should be getting back to Terryville so I can educate that class I teach there. Hero Basics, which is a field trip to Meta Star City. But I was thinking... maybe this time I should bring the class back to headquarters and give them a lesson in team management, the pros and cons of the deal, and... let them meet the rest of the studs, I mean... the Lost Boys. Of course, I'm no Peter Pan." He winked as he flew off through an open window.

                              Power Penguin hummed. "School kids in the headquarters... I like that idea. We can show them our personal quarters and the training gym and other things we really like."


                                Nightscare raises a brow, "I am unsure of the wisdom of that. I would not like my name associated with such things as the Champions had to deal with. I would prefer to keep my name clean. ... Somewhat...cleaner than that at least.."