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Legion of Super Talents - Profiles

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    Legion of Super Talents - Profiles

    Legion of Super Talents - Profiles & Charts

    Join the official team of Meta-Star City as they battle super villains and fight for truth and justice -- cartoon style. This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    The Character Profiles in this thread are only for the Players / Writers who are going to be joining me in this Role Playing Game adventure.

    "Overcat" - Warheart
    "Power Penguin" - Warheart

    Allo Veres, Alias "Dinosaur Power" - Warheart
    Eudora Marcel, Alias "Kaleidoscope" - Warheart
    Leandra Lujimba, Alias "Lion Princess" - Warheart

    "Nightscare" - a dark evil looking cloaked anthro Nightmare Stallion - Darquirrin
    "Naerean" - Darquirrin

    Aria Snowclaw, Alias "Spectrea" - Darquirrin
    Xao Young, Alias "Xao-Tsu" - Darquirrin
    Denthanus, Alias "Denthanus" - Darquirrin


    Other Super Talents (Heroes & Villains) who have appeared in LOST:

    Overcat's Arch Foes:
    Minos Del Malign, the evil looking cartoon human who wore white, pink, and orange. He was bald and ugly, too.
    Riff Rider, a large wolf with cybernetic armor that plays the nastiest of music.
    Wacky Weasel, a nefarious cartoon weasel with a bag of ever dangerous pranks, tricks, and jokes to fool your friends.

    Power Penguin's Arch Foes:
    Dr. Webwalker, a nefarious cartoon duck with spider powers.
    Riff-Raff Fox,.

    Naerean's Arch Foes:
    Azathoth, a not so nice Egyptian themed villain.
    Amonoset, a Registered Nemesis with Villain Union # 10029475618846. A leader type.

    Nightscare's Arch Foes:
    many were vaguely mentioned, but none named.

    Other Heroes & Villains Mentioned:
    Dark Thunder,. arch nemesis to the hero Willow Master
    Wyldfire, arch nemesis to the hero Lingerie Lioness
    Mechanakat and Snooky Wookums, arch nemeses to the heroes Krypto, Streaky, and Bat Hound

    Dinosaur Power
    Alter Ego: Allo Veres
    Home of Origin: QC Europe
    Sex: Male
    Type: Allosaurus Humanoid
    Sponsors: Donkey Guardian, Rocket Rex
    Powers: Olympic Gold Winner with Stellar Altered Muscles
    Catch-Phrase: "I got my smile, I got my muscles, and I got my trophies. What else does a Dino need?"

    Allo stood quietly to one side of Hal's desk while he waited for a potential superhero to come and apply for the team. He knew Hal had a lot more patience than he would have with some of these losers, but he was a graduate of EURO-MASA, the premiere Maverick superhero academy in Europe. It was a no-nonsense type of place.

    He cracked his knuckles as he looked down at Hal's desktop. "And you think your old friends will show up for this?"

    Hal smiled. "I can almost guarantee that a few will show up." Then his smile got grim. "But if they do, they had better leave the juvenile shenanigans back in Seaspray Hills. They aren't in MIT anymore."

    Allo chuckled in that deep voice of his. "It would be hard for anyone to be in MIT since it was destroyed."

    Alter Ego: Eudora Marcel
    Home of Origin: QC South America
    Sex: Female
    Type: Rainbow Cockatoo
    Sponsors: Network Peacock
    Powers: Rainbow Chaos Powers (Each color has a different effect)
    Catch-Phrase: "Look what happens when you land at the rainbow's end! I'll never get this out of my feathers!"

    Kaleidoscope was practicing in the nearby open court training field shooting her colored beams at various targets. Red for fire, Yellow for earth, White for ice, Blue for water, Green for air, Purple for stun, and orange for random effects.

    "Those two are always so grim. I'd send a beam their way, but Allo would likely break my neck."

    She then resumed her practicing for as it was said, practice make perfection.

    Lion Princess
    Alter Ego: Leandra Lujimba
    Home of Origin: QC Africa
    Sex: Female
    Type: African Lioness
    Sponsors: Goliath, Simba, Kovu, Kimba
    Powers: Mystical and Martial Arts
    Catch-Phrase: "I didn't use the door." This is usually following the statement of "But that door was locked!"

    Also training nearby was another new female on the extreme team. Lion Princess was a princess back home, for real, but instead of flaunting her wealth, she chose to use her tribe's natural abilities and powers to fight injustice. And Champions Extreme was perfect for that.

    "That was a good shot, Kaleidoscope," she commented as she made a rope change into a ladder. "Hmm... this would never hold D.P.'s weight."

    Kaleidoscope replied with a grin. "That's cause he's a D.P. Get it?" She winked.

    Lion Princess chuckled quietly. "Only in training can you get away with making a juvenile crack like that. Changing the subject, I am impressed that the headquarters has no bedrooms. That simply shows maturity, in my opinion. Otherwise, what would the team be? Superhero Hotel?"


      Alter Ego: Aria Snowclaw
      Home of Origin: QC Europe ( Siberia )
      Sex: Female
      Type: White Tiger
      Sponsors: Comrade Tiger
      Powers: Specter ( Intangibility, Invisibility, Wraith Touch )
      Catch-Phrase: "What you can't see, CAN hurt you."

      After arriving at the grounds from a rather tiring trip, Spectrea walks into the area wearing little save her rather extremely revealing costume. Her pale stripes and pure white fur giving her a ghostly appearance even in normal terms. Her over-all countenance was that of disinterested professionalism as she strode across the courtyard to the desk. However, few males could avoid staring at that voluptuous figure and not stare. Wither it was muscle, sleekness, breasts or legs, she was the total package.

      Spectrea smiled, rather predatory by nature, at Hal, "You are Hal, Dah? I'm here to join your new team. Where we get started?"

      Alter Ego: Xao Young
      Home of Origin: Chinatown, San Francisco ( Real World )
      Sex: Male
      Type: Panda
      Sponsors: Po-Shaun, Hong-Kong Phooey
      Powers: Martial Arts, Indestructible, Ninjitsu
      Catch-Phrase: "Balance Within, Chaos Without, We stand."

      Unlike a number of his species, Xao is neither fat.. nor flabby. He is densely muscled though his thick fluffy fur hides the definition. He strides into the open area with a sense of purpose and serenity. His well worn Chinese outfit a bit dated but still in good condition. He carries only the tools of his trade, scrolls and ink, and single long reed flute.Xao looks around the area then proceeded to wait behind the tigress patiently. He is in no hurry and it is obvious.

      Alter Ego: Denthanus
      Home of Origin: You try asking!
      Sex: Male
      Type: Anthro/Feral Dragon
      Sponsors: None
      Powers: Dragon, Magic, Healing Abilities
      Catch-Phrase: "Even an Outcast can be a Hero."

      In his normal, natural form, Denthanus stretches to almost a football field from nose to tail tip and more than twice that across the wings. And is he a very young dragon by their standards. In his Anthro form, Denthanus stands at nearly 12 feet tall, and that's with his neck scrunched down, muscled with thick scales of iridescent, metallic red scales that darken to almost black over his undersides. He is rather forced to use his anthro form today to apply due to the sign outside... That and he likely would not fit in the courtyard. His eyes are gem-like, faceted, and seem to almost glow at times, giving him the ability to see in perfect darkness without expending any magical energy to do so.

      Denthanus is an outcast from his clan after accidentally killing a fellow clan-mate in the Proving Rites when he came of age. He has since gone through training in just about every training facility on the planet before finally seeking a team of his own... He hopes that today he will finally have found that.