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HF-03 Null and Voidstrike [Electric Tradition]

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    P A R T - T E N : Electric Truths; A Winter's Tradition

    Dec 4 2009, 05:59 AM
    Storm suddenly announced from the broadcaster's booth, "Ladies and Gentlemen! And all you listeners of RRHF-AM... I have just been handed a note! The grand event is about to begin.... on Center Stage joining us for one night only... Electric Tradition!"

    Classic Oriental music played first, then the curtain slowly rose and then... the Rock music began playing. And the opening song: Honor Thy Friends; Love Thy Honor.

    Yes, the band leader (Hengeyokai rat) had overheard Terri too and thought it was appropriate to a song they already had. So the first song was dedicated to... Leo, where ever he may be. Even shoveling horseshit, Leo was able to hear the dedication and the song.


    Alicia smiled at Vincent. "Tony sure knows how to get good entertainment in here."

    Tony grinz at the compliment as he hands out hot cocoa to the hunters coming in from the snowball fight.

    Mik Whoots! as he and Jason rejoin the others in the main lounge.

    The Golden Yak then hands Jason another list. This one contains over 248 unwanted freezing shelter kids where the shelters are in such poor shape that they are about to collapse. "Let me know which ones you want before closing time." And she walked over to the bar once again.

    Bray shouted, "Oriental Party Time!" Hee-Haw!

    Thane Tanner and the Junior Adventurers Club members were also partying down! Thane hadn't seen where Damien Lancer had went since they arrived when the club leader saw the dragons.

    Terri hummed, as he thought about what Rocky told him about Leo. He sipped on more hot cocoa while listening to the first song.

    Dec 4 2009, 06:15 AM
    Vincent smirks, "Tony's ALWAYS been talented as 'finding talent' "

    Jason also is excited about seeing the band! He likes their work! But then he sees the list... and blinks... He turns around gives the list back to the Yak and tells her, "Anyone in danger of freezing to death like these boys... I want them... I will take them rather than let them get hurt any further. No Child deserves that."

    Damien was deep in conversation with Surroccias and some of the other dragons wink.gif

    Nick grins and says to Bray, "Go Donk! Go Donk!" he laughs.

    Dec 4 2009, 06:35 AM
    The Golden Yak nods her head and vanishes to make Jason's request a reality.

    Thane was sitting in between Voidstriker's front paws nuzzling on him gently while listening to the music.

    One J.A.C. member was sitting with a P.I. Donkey Boy sharing food, drink, and time... while another J.A.C. member had joined some Were-Otters in a hot tub.

    Bray smiled and came over and gave Nick a deep kiss on the muzzle. "I love you, Nick. Thanks for enduring my stupidness."

    Tony hugged Sarrius. "No one missing yet, but I know it's going to happen. We get to play Where's Waldo at the end of the Howl."

    Terri honored Rocky with a dance to the music of Electric Tradition, to repay him for telling him about Leo.

    Dec 4 2009, 06:41 AM
    Voidstriker was listening to the music while licking and nuzzling on Thane every now and then, keeping the boy very toasty warm and in good company.

    Nick KISSED back with a laugh, "Eh, Stupidness makes the world go around, Toddy boy. If we weren't stupid we'd never get wise, now would we?" Philosophy outta Nick? Is the world gonna end?

    Sarrius hugged back with a grin, "Yeah. I think your taking a shine to me though." He winks

    Rocky was a good dancer and never made any impolite moves on Terri.

    The PI Donkey boi on the other hand couldn't be said the same for wink.gif He was trying to tempt the JAC member into donkeyish ways.

    Dec 4 2009, 06:52 AM
    After the first song ended, Storm announced, "And now, a very special PM ADULT-version of Kip's Corner! Take it away, Kip!"

    Bray giggled and rubbed his butt against the Were-Roo. "I owe you a few rounds, I think..."

    Tony grinned and kissed Sarrius on the snout. "Could be the Winter though. Like Dragons, Were-Jackals don't care for cold weather much."

    Terri smiled and was starting to enjoy himself, though he still worried about his own love problem. He knew once Rocky or anyone else found out, they would dump him immediately.

    The JAC member, Robbie, rubbed back on PI Donkey boi, returning the naughty affections and not trying to resist the temptations.

    Dec 4 2009, 07:10 AM
    Kip grins and thanks Storm then launching into several FUNNY as FUCK stories... and ALL of the SUPER NAUGHTY AND ADULT! Then he goes into DETAIL about a few VERY SPECIAL adult toys... As WELL as some 'secret lube recipes' before turn it back over to Storm!

    Nick grins and rubbed against the donkey boy, "Ah think yas owe me more that!" POUNCE!

    Rocky smiled, dancing with Terri, and finally leans in, whispering, "You're really reserved, cutie... Do you wanna go somewhere and talk again about your problems?"

    The PI donkey boi, going by the nickname Fetlock, was more than happy to rub and grope on Robbie... Offering him some 'pole time'.

    Sarrius laughs and licks Tony's nose and kissed him back DEEPLY again, "Or maybe you thing it'd be fun to get to know me in more private ways?"

    Dec 4 2009, 07:22 AM
    Storm giggled. "Let's hear it for Kip's Corner, folks! And be sure to give that Secret Lube recipe a try! He uses it himself! And if Kip uses it, it must be good! Now back to the music!"

    Terri whispers, "Okay Rocky. Lead the way... but the reason I wanted to make friends with Leo was... once he heard that he wasn't the only one with a problem, he would likely be able to relate. I hope he's okay."

    Tony grinz. "Perhaps so, Sarrius, though you are like a regular around here. Maybe I want to offer you a partnership at the Howling Fury. After watching Nick and Jason entering their Heat Cycles... I remembered that a Were-Jackal's Heat Cycle is in August and no one wants to be around me when that is going on. But someone still has to keep the Howl open..."

    Robbie and Fetlock go into a private room with concert speaker access, where Robbie undresses for Fetlock and continues to play with him. "About that 'pole time'... shall we try it?"

    Dec 4 2009, 07:36 AM
    Sarrius chuckles, "I would be honored to assist you... either with your heat cycle OR with the Fury."

    Fetlock grins and nods, "Certainly, Robbie... Let me show you what a trained pleasure donkey boy can do..." And he shows Robbie just WHY he's one of the most requested in his group.

    Rocky nods and leads Terri to a back room where it is more comfortable and intimate but also where they can see the stage and music through some closed circuit TV's, "So talk to me, Terri. I'd like to help."

    Kip grins, "I used it on the were-house stud John just tonight! And we all know how big he is!"

    Dec 4 2009, 07:48 AM
    Tony rubs and kisses on Sarrius. "I think you're just horny. But isn't a Dragon's Heat Cycle near August?"

    Robbie smiles and plays up and down on Fetlock, really getting intimate with the PI Donkey boi. "What's it like where you live?" he asks, as he kisses and licks on his new friend.

    Terri sighs. "I was born with a genetic defect. Um... you know how boys love to play with each others parts?"

    John blushes, but kept his mind on his work. John-to-Thunderhoof: Is Leo still mucking that chute? And how many times has he fallen in?


    A Were-Horse called Randy was keeping Leo company, though not interfering with the work.

    Dec 4 2009, 07:58 AM
    Sarrius laughs, "I'm dragonic, Tony. I'm always horny. But yes."

    Fetlock tells him ALL about it, making it sound like LOTS and LOTS of fun as he gets intimate with Robbie.

    Rocky nods, "Yeah..."

    Thunderhoof-to-John: Yes... He's still at it... and he's fallen in three times already. He looks like a frozen blue lion popsicle covered in shit.


    Leo waved at him some when first came out there but he focused mainly on working.


      Dec 4 2009, 08:11 AM
      Tony grinned. "I'm usually pretty horny in the Winter."

      Robbie smiles and enjoys himself with Fetlock a lot. "Maybe I can spend the night with you sometime... to repay you for now, yes?"

      Terri sighed again and... dropped his pants and undershorts to his ankles... and Rocky saw... female genitals. Not a herm; but only the tools of a female. "And this is the problem. When I was in the womb, both my mom and the ultrasounds confirmed that I was a boy. But when I was born... I had... this."


      Randy shook his head and dragged the nearly frozen lion inside his quarters and fed him some 'herd-special' warming fluids down his throat. Then Randy chipped the ice off and finally, wrapped Leo up in a Thermal Blanket, while giving the were-lion a needed cleaning.

      Dec 4 2009, 08:20 AM
      To say the least, Rocky is surprised, "Your a CB? Damn... I know some people are interested that a lot. It's not as bad as I thought. At least you have genitals. 'cuntboys' as they are called are rather popular with fetishists. Especially those looking for 'Power Bottoms'. Though I suppose those aren't exactly the type of people you'd wanna date." He hrms, "Though if you really wanted, you could change it."

      Fetlock grins, "Like...maybe... Tonight?"

      Sarrius laughs and rubs on Tony, "I bet I can get more horny than you."


      Leo was grateful for the warm up... but he was gonna head right back outside... as soon as he was thawed.

      Dec 4 2009, 08:36 AM
      Randy wasn't going to let Leo head back out. He wanted to talk to him. "Why is this so important to you? You're not doing this for anyone other than yourself. You're going to die out there. Storm just reported that the clouds would be clearing again soon and that means a quick freeze. You can't take another dip in the chute. Why don't you just... join us so you can personally live your big cock fantasy?"


      Terri said, "What can I do, Rocky? I'm not a bottom. I have a girl's name. Do you know how bad PE was in high school when the coach told everyone to go dress out and all the boys would look at me... cause they all knew?"

      Tony grinned and snickered. "If you and I disappear, then no one will be able to play Where's Waldo later on... but I won't lose a horny contest."

      Robbie smiled and kissed again. "Sure, Fetlock... I could do it tonight. But I thought your ride was your only way home. What did you have in mind?"

      Dec 4 2009, 08:46 AM
      Leo says, "Because it is important. Because fantasy isn't reality. And it's not what I want."


      Rocky says, "The Golden Yak is granting Christmas wishes. If you want to be a normal guy... She can do it. If you want it, just think about her really hard, and Make a Christmas Wish to the Golden Yak. I know she's listening in to this area."

      Sarrius laughs, "True. So I suppose we should wait until after." He winks.

      Fetlock giggles, "I hold onto you... Then he sends us BOTH back."

      Dec 4 2009, 08:51 AM
      Randy holds Leo in place. "Okay, I'm game... what are you really wanting? The truth this time..." Father, better listen in good...

      Terri hummed. "If I... get fixed... I won't be able to go home... where will I live?"

      Tony grins. "After the Howl, you and I... hot and horny. Promise."

      Robbie hummed. "Okay. Should I bring my clothes and ID?"

      Dec 4 2009, 08:56 AM
      Leo says, "I already told your leader. I am here to prove that I really did love John. I want to be able to move on from Ethan and John with a clear conscience. Until John admits that maybe he was wrong about me, then I can't do that. I want John to tell me that even though we're through, there will be no lingering doubts as to where I loved him or not. And I don't' want any of it to be a lie or him just trying to make me feel better. And I'm willing to do almost anything to prove it."


      Rocky says, "Well... You could ask Vincent for a job and live here?"

      Sarrius grins, "Deal. And you know use Dragons. We remember deals."

      Fetlock says, "Only if you want them to get messy. I told what it's like on Island. If you wanna keep 'em, I'd leave 'em here."

      Dec 4 2009, 09:11 AM
      Randy hummed. "I showed you some rare compassion for a non-horse. But if you listened to what you just said, Leo, then you know that you're an idiot. Now hear me out... I shouldn't tell you this, but... you're in the wrong place to talk to John. When John comes home at night, he plunges right into a Thrall orgy and is not in a talking mood. The only time he has any form of clear thinking is when he's with Storm at the radio station. In other words... if you want to hear John tell you the truth you want him to tell you, then you can't stay here. Because the only thing you're proving by staying here is that you want to join him. Which you said you didn't. If you go back out to that Chute and touch that shovel... I'll make sure you can't leave. Ever... And after that, you'll forget about this crazy talk of how confined your old life was... as you will see the freedom you were given. Please return to the Howl, Leo. Otherwise... you won't be able to."


      Terri hummed. "Okay Rocky... I'll do it. But... you'll be around to help me adjust, right?"

      Tony grinned. "I'm into S&M and Leather Boy Scout uniforms..." He winked.

      Robbie giggled. "Okay, I'll leave them here." He then held on to Fetlock. "Let's go."

      Dec 4 2009, 09:28 AM
      Leo sighs, "How can I just go back? It's like admitting defeat all over again. How many damn times do I have to just...sit quietly TAKE IT?" He rubs his muzzle with his paws, trying to hold back the influx of tears. He sighs. "I'm just so tired of being a failure and everyone blaming me for shit I didn't do. Maybe I should just get up and give up. Sure would be easier than fighting all the time."


      Rocky says, "Of course! We're friends now, right?"

      Sarrius GRINZ, "Oh this sounds like a LOT of fun."

      Fetlock nodnods and goes to find Bray with Robbie.

      Dec 4 2009, 09:51 AM
      Randy nuzzled. "It took balls to come talk to my brother Thunderhoof, Leo. Are you a failure for showing courage? You punished yourself in that cursed 10 foot deep horseshit chute that you fell in three times in the coldest of conditions. Are you a failure for suffering through all that? Are you a failure for caring about people? Did you even give anyone else new a chance to treat you the right way? Or is this all about you and John? Because if this is about you and John, then you better just start whickering and become a horse, because you are failing if this is ONLY about you and John." He paused. "I'm actually not part of Thunderhoof's herd, Leo. I'm with the other herd. I was just visiting here with my brother for a night. He's lucky to have a roof over his head. My herd... well... we truly suffer. Go back to John and talk to him there."


      Terri nodnods and gets dressed again. Golden Yak? I heard you were granting wishes. Here is what I need... I was born a CuntBoy... and... I want to have normal tools for a boy. Can you give me something really nice... so I can reward Rocky?

      The Golden Yak You're in luck. I know a girl with a massive shlong and big balls. She wants the right stuff. I'll just exchange your goods and then you'll both get what you want.

      And it happens... and Terri has a large bulge in his pants... which rips!

      Terri blushed. "Oh my..."


      Bray grins at Fetlock with a Nick glued to his backside. "Hi Fetlock. What do you need? I see you have a cute boy..."

      Dec 4 2009, 09:59 AM
      Leo sighs... But out of what Randy said, some of it got through but it also... peaked his interest as he raises a brow, "Why do you suffer?"


      Rocky laughs a bit and pats the ripped out bulge, "I see she granted your request. Congratulations. Your a full guy."


      Nick was REALLY pumping too. He had learned A LOT in his short time as a Kangaroo Lord and he was still growing, in all ways, and he had learned some really NICE uses for that prehensile roo cock of his.

      Fetlock giggles, "It looks like your busy but I was hoping you could send us back home? I wanted to show him our home and Robbie wants to see the island. Pweeeeease?"


        Dec 4 2009, 10:08 AM
        Bray grinned and winked. And in that wink, Fetlock and Robbie were on Pleasure Island in Fetlock's place. A bullseye landing, actually.

        Robbie blinking his eyes. "We're here? Wow."


        Terri blushed. "I asked her for something that I could use for rewarding you. I didn't know it would be like this..."


        Randy put Leo on his horse back with the space blanket while he carried another space blanket, and he took Leo away from the barn and way out to the edge of the valley... where Leo would witness a species freezing to death. They wouldn't last the night. They needed shelter badly. "This... is my herd, Leo... Blossomtrot is a boy who joined the herd just this last Spring... and now... I can't protect them. We weren't ready for this. This is true suffering, Leo. What would you do to help?"

        Dec 4 2009, 10:14 AM
        Fetlock laughs, "Major Bray... He's such an angel. And he's good too. Welcome to my home, hon." He shows Robbie around.


        Rocky blinked and blushed, "Re..really? I didn't ... I mean you don't have to do that..." But he hugged Terri closely!


        Leo blinked... "Um... I know this may be a stupid question but why not move them in with your brother until the spring?" Though he was already thinking of other ways to help.. And he had a few ideas.

        Dec 4 2009, 10:26 AM
        Randy replied, "As you might have already guessed, Leo... my brother and I don't see things eye to eye. He will only allow me and my herd to join the stables IF they totally give themselves to HIM. And the difference between our herds is this: I allow my joining herd members to retain their minds and free will. I don't put a masque of lies over the joinee's mind so he thinks what I want him to think. This is what Thunderhoof did to John. He offered to teach John how good horse cock was and once John was hilted and stuck, he initiated John into a Were-Horse Thrall and after that, John thought the way the herd dictated. It's an evil way to gain members; I'd rescue John if I could. To do that, I would have to capture John during the full moon and... initiate him into my herd. The moment the old links died and mine took effect... he would get his entire mind back. But right now, he thinks as Thunderhoof wants him to think. And no one is the wiser. Until now."

        That should make Leo realize that it wasn't kosher for John to just turn around in his opinion of Leo like that. It's an enforced coercion. He's in trouble and needs rescuing.

        Randy then said, "If you have Alicia restore him, it will only restore his body to human. After that, John would go right back to Thunderhoof and join him again. The only way to make a restoration stick is for me to do my thing first, then if he wants Alicia to undo it, she can."


        Terri hugged Rocky and kissed him deeply.


        Robbie walks around with Fetlock. "So quiet around here... but I guess everyone is at the Howl. So what can we do out here in the meantime?"

        Dec 4 2009, 10:32 AM
        Leo rubs his head a bit, "Well, the next full moon isn't for a while...So I guess that's not possible for tonight. Tonight we just need keep your herd living..." Leo thought a moment and sad, "Your herd are not trapped in their full forms are they? I mean they can shift to median form, right?"


        Rocky kissed back and blushed, "I... hope you know that I didn't do all this just outta wanting to fuck you... I really just wanted to be your friend."


        Fetlock giggles, "Yeah. It's pretty quite but we have the park almost to ourselves... Do you wanan ride some rides or play some games... or would you rather just cuddle up with me and have some more 'fun'?"

        Dec 4 2009, 10:40 AM
        Randy said, "My herd aren't stuck, no. But we are an open land type of herd. We tend to shun buildings. But the folly of that is that we won't survive the night. As for the full moon, there's a way around that... You have access to the Golden Yak, don't you? Have her place a full moon that has the same effects as a normal full moon inside your environment chamber. Then you ask Vincent to allow our herd to live there... and... I'll help restore John. Thunderhoof won't bother to come after him. Are you willing to do this with us?"

        Kip would probably help too if he knew John was being coerced.


        Terri smiled. "I'm not looking for sex right now either. But... you and I will need to talk to Vincent about my quarters and my working for him. But you're the best friend I have now."


        Robbie grinned. "What's the messiest ride we can go on?"

        Dec 4 2009, 10:45 AM
        Kip would!

        Leo hrms and looks at Randy, "You've thought this out, haven't you? You weren't there just to visit your brother, were you? But I'll do it." And he gets started.


        Rocky blushes hotly, "Then...forgive the very hard instrument pressing against you." He nods, "That would be a good idea. Let's go talk to him."


        Fetlock grins, "The Messy Donkey Ultra Extreme." He says, "Buuuut I should warn you since you are my guest and I like you ALOT... If you ride'll come out looking like me."

        Dec 4 2009, 10:54 AM
        Randy replied, "Beau the Were-Skunk sent me a message that John was coming to talk to me. He never showed up. When he didn't show, I knew what had to have happened. No, I wasn't there to visit my brother. I was trying to arrange John's rescue. When you showed up, Leo, I formulated a way you could repay me and my herd for helping both you and John. Let me gather my people..." And he got started.


        Terri grinned and rubbed on Rocky's rod for a moment. "I am so glad we're friends, Rocky." And he headed off with Rocky.


        Robbie said, "You had me leave my clothes and stuff behind so they wouldn't get messed up, so what rides can I go on that would normally mess up clothes?"

        Dec 4 2009, 10:57 AM
        Leo says, "Thought so. however it still seems a wise idea all around. I'll do my part."


        Rocky whimpers, "Please don't do that... It's hard enough resisting my urges without it." Then he goes with Terri. He's trying to be a GOOD kitty


        Fetlock hrms and grins, "I know... The MudSlide!"

        Dec 4 2009, 11:05 AM
        Soon, Leo and Randy's herd are meeting secretly with Vincent. Randy explains their emergency and how he is going to help saved John from the evil herd-mind. When permission is given for the herd to live in the Africa dome, they will find that the Golden Yak is already arranging the full moon.

        Leo's job is to go kidnap John and Kip, and bring them both to the environment chamber. Kip needs to come so he won't try to stop Leo.

        Rocky and Terri are also meeting with Vincent, where Leo learns what 'CuntBoy Hell' that Terri had gone through before Rocky helped him.


        Robbie grinned. "Okay, let's go try that!" he kissed Fetlock on the muzzle. "Lead the way!"

        Dec 4 2009, 11:11 AM
        Vincent gives the okay for all of those however he asks Terri to pick which area he wants to work in, old (more privacy) or new (more activity) and what kinda jobs he's good at.

        Leo is sorry for Terri and gives him a hug but right now he's focused on trying to save the herd and John and everyone. Leo heads to go see John and Kip.


        Fetlock kisses back and leads to way to the GIANT MudSlide Rollercoaster which is a combination Rollercoaster and Mud-Theme ride!


          Dec 4 2009, 11:19 AM
          The Golden Yak is going to be blocking equine mental communication to and from the Africa Dome. She is also making the radio receiver in Thunderhoof's barn fail, as if succumbed to the cold.

          In the broadcasters booth, John is saying, "You guys should see this dance that Kip is doing. He is so funny."

          Terri says to Vincent, "I am good at interior and exterior repairs, if you need someone to do that..."


          At the ride, there is a report written in donkey at the entrance. It reads: Donkeytar Curve seems to be rattling and loose. No problems yet. We are monitoring it just in case. If it breaks, riders will fall into Donkeytar pool and will need rescued or be stuck there for the rest of their lives. Notation to mention this to Bray soon.

          Robbie was already heading in to get in the ride.

          Dec 4 2009, 11:25 AM
          Leo explained the situation to Storm via private Vincent-Thrall network so Storm won't think he's gone nuts. Leo stopped by his place... and when he walks into the Broadcasting booth he says, "Hey John?" As soon as john turns, Leo shoots him in the chest and then neck with a enough tranquilizer to put down a were-elephant. After than, he explains to Kip what is going on and Kip is MORE than eager to go with him!!

          The Leo has the Yak teleport them all back to Vincent's Environment.

          Vincent hrms and grins, "How would you like to be our live in interior design and contractor? We need someone to feel in for that."


          Fetlock mmms and gets in with Robbie. After all it's a just a warning not a 'it's broken'. then he starts the ride.

          Dec 4 2009, 11:35 AM
          Terri said, "I would be glad to do that... Um, may I live with Rocky though? He did help me tonight..." He blushes. Then he noticed what Leo and the Horse-Dude was doing. "Um... what are they doing?"

          Randy hilted the unconscious John on his cock and pulled him down so he connected to the lips of the sheath edges. "Now, I have to hold him in place and... after 15 minutes... unload myself inside him. Then a 5 minute pause, and finally, the relinking." And he gets started.


          Robbie is having a LOT of fun... every hill and turn are a LOAD of fun... and then the warning curve... and just what the warning was warning about happened: the ride suddenly buckled and was on the verge of throwing Robbie out and toward the Donkeytar pool. Though Fetlock could still grab his ankle and pull him back into the ride.

          Dec 4 2009, 11:40 AM
          Leo says, "Well you only have about 25 minutes. That stuff wears off in 30 and it's a few months it might not be as potent as it could be. So work as fast as you can. If he does wake up, we'll help you hold him in place if need be."

          Rocky explains in details to Terri what happened and the attempted cure and everything.

          Vincent chuckles, "Rocky doesn't cover up anything does he? anyway, you may live with him if you wish. Though you should know ahead of time, during the full moon, like right now here, you COULD be accidentally infected by were-lions. Alicia can cure most issues however."


          Fetlock reacts as quick as he can! He lunges and GRABS Robbie! HIS ROBBIE!

          Dec 4 2009, 11:53 AM
          Some time later...

          John the new Were-Horse has been pulled off of Randy's cock and is laying on the ground softly speaking, though not fully awake. What Leo and the others hear is this: "I finally tried out a horsie cock... now I know why Leo likes it so much... I really hope he is impressed with me... I'd be sad if I did all this for nothing... again... he seems to like Ethan more than me. So I have to prove myself to Leo... I don't want him to think I am a failure..."

          Sound familiar? Almost the same thing Leo was saying earlier.

          Terri says, "How about I stay in a side cave off of the environment chamber during the full moon nights, and fully live with Rocky the rest of the time?"


          Robbie lands back in the ride in Fetlock's lap! "You saved my life, Fetlock! I owe you now! Junior Adventurers Club honor!"

          Dec 4 2009, 11:56 AM
          Fetlock whews and hugs Robbie closely, "That was CLOSE"


          Vincent nods, "That sounds like it'd work."

          Leo sighs a bit, "Now I'm gonna be the bad guy..." Though if John really meant so little to him would he rally have done all this?

          Dec 4 2009, 12:02 PM
          Randy hugged Leo. "You saved him, Leo. Did you fail to help rescue him? Did you fail to get suspicious when John started talking weird? Did you fail yourself by being brave enough to shoot him in the chest with the tranquilizer? Don't be a quitter, Leo. We brought him back. When he wakes up, I think he should see you first."

          Terri smiled and was rubbing on Rocky's bulge again. "I guess I better set up my side room so I can keep my hands to myself." He walked off giggling.


          Robbie hugged back and kissed. When the ride ended... they got out and headed toward a place where they can get something to eat and play games.

          Dec 4 2009, 12:04 PM
          Leo sighs, "I'm not, Randy."

          Rocky grins, "Want some help?"

          Vincent rolls his eyes.


          Fetlock takes Robbie to his favorite bar and grill, The Eight Ball Pool Hall

          Dec 4 2009, 12:12 PM
          Randy grinned. "Everyone is randy. And kinky and wrong. That's what happens with gay guys. Ah, he's coming to..." And he pushed Leo over to John.

          John was slowly opening his eyes, the haze of tranq and relinking slowly clearing from his eyes... and better... he could actually think. "Leo? I... I'm sorry if I worried you. A hug? Please?"

          Terri grinned and took Rocky off with him. hehe.


          Robbie grinned. "This sign says that this is the place where Lampwick first got Donkeyed. Must be a real VIP place..." He heads inside and orders a meal and drink.

          Dec 4 2009, 12:20 PM
          Leo picks up John and gives him a big hug, "Morning sleepy head. Sorry about the cheap-shot."

          Rocky was glad to go with Terri...mmmmmhmmmm!


          Fetlock grins and nods, "It's the best of the best! Oh..." he points, "look... There is Lord Lampwick! looks like he has a guest on his cock." he giggles.


            Dec 5 2009, 04:11 AM
            John ergs. "Feels like I was punched in the chest... and the neck... and everyone is still spinning a bit."

            Randy mentally commands John, Be thyself. Make your own decisions. You are free to choose your own way, herd brother.

            John nods his head. "I'm a Were-Horse?"

            Randy replied, "Um, yes. It's a long story. But Leo helped rescue you. He got tipped off that you were in trouble and he recruited me to help free you. He is a noble soul and cares about many people."

            John smiled. "I knew that when I first met him. But..." He remembered what Terri had said. "...I forced myself on Leo rather than first becoming his friend. I hope he forgives me for trying to make love out of a single night. I'm sorry, Leo. You deserve better. Terri was totally right... love stands no chance without friendship."


            Robbie grinned. "Hi Lampwick! I've seen your movies 55 times!" Then to Fetlock he said, "He looks like he's having fun."

            Dec 5 2009, 04:30 AM
            Leo hugged John again, "I'm just glad your alright now, John."

            Vincent says, "Alicia... Please restore John to his complete human self now that his mind is restored." He looks at John and Randy, "The reason for this, Randy, is so that I won't be taking sides. All we're doing is restoring him to his former state. Then, John...You can choose if you wish to rejoin the were-horse numbers or not with a clear mind and it'll be your choice."

            Leo rolls his eyes a bit, "Vinnie..."

            Vincent says, "Hey! Not a mouse! I told you not to call me that."

            Leo smirks, "Vinnie!"

            Vincent sas, "STOP IT! You know I hate that nickname!"

            Leo laughs. "Okay, Okay, No more..." Vincent shakes his head and starts to head back to the village. "Vinnie."

            Vincent ARGHS and teleports home.

            Leo GIGGLES and winks at John.


            Lampwick waves at Robbie with a wink and pet on Valey, "Looks like Fetlock found a cute boy too."

            Fetlock giggles, "He does look like he's having a lot of fun."

            Dec 5 2009, 05:00 AM
            Alicia looks to John, Leo, and Randy. "There are rules in White Magic... even though my betrothed has made the request, I cannot do it unless the person who is to receive the cure agrees to it. Otherwise, it would be like Leo asking me to remove the Were-Lion from Vincent and I would have to do it. What do you say, John?"

            John hums.

            Randy looked to the Golden Yak. "I think Vincent's environment dome may not be a good place for Were-Horses, my lady. Could you make a new place with a connecting set of transportals to here, the howl, the plaza, and to the sept grounds? And our environment should have Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons. Winter would be permissable as long as the temperatures were rarely or never below freezing. I don't want my herd to die, you understand. It would be better to have an extended Spring and an extended Autumn, with a small Winter in between... say around Christmas and New Years. That would be more ideal and pretty. Also, remove the full moon from here, or the Were-Lions will be having 2 full moons per month."

            The Golden Yak smiled. "You are a romantic, Randy. Let me get to work on that." And she heads off.

            John looks to Leo, then at Randy, and back at Leo. "Full restoration to remove any lingering effects of Thunderhoof, Alicia. And then... I want Randy to re-initiate me. And after that... I work the radio station, and... if permissable... get to know Leo before claiming love or not. Terri was right, Leo... we must be friends first or every attempt we both make at love will fail. And we are not failures, are we?"

            Alicia smiles and makes it so. Then Randy performs an actual initiation on John. It is far less involving and far more enjoyable. When it is said and done with... John can change into five forms. Full horse, Equitaur, Horse Man, Centaur, and Human. The best of all five worlds. Randy smiles and gives John an ending herd kiss. "Know you this, John... my herd name is Freewind, but I prefer my human name of Randy. Your herd name is Wildcrier, but you may continue to call yourself John, if you prefer. Wildcrier means 'untamed news reporter'. Hence... a reflection of who you really are."

            John smiles and in his human form hugs Leo for a long time.


            Valey grinz. "What's your name, young man, and who are you with?"

            "I'm Robbie from the NYC division of the Junior Adventurers Club, under Damien Lancer."

            Valey laughed. "He's good, Lampwick. A nice bunch of boys. Although I'd be surprised if Damien doesn't end up Samated if he's at the Howl... He would be the type to WANT to see first hand what dragon knots looked like."

            Robbie giggled. "Fetlock is letting me spend the night with him here and have a bit of fun, games, and food on the side."

            Dec 5 2009, 05:21 AM
            Leo says, "I agree. I hope, however, that you didn't make the were-horse request for my sake..." He hugs back tightly, "I just want you to be happy. I am not sure if we are meant to be but I do know that you are my friend. And I do not wish to be the cause of any problems in your life."


            Lampwick grins, "Oh REAAAAALY...." He laughs with a bit of bray in it, "Well Robbie... I can see you haven't a grown a tail or ears YET so you must be a good boy. " His ear flicks as he hears a long boat horn sound from the docks and he GRINZ at Robbie and Valey, "Sounds like a new Ferry Load of Boys arrived.... Anyone wanna take bets on how soon we can watch the latest 'Tail Ripping' contests taking place on stage?"

            Fetlock GRINZ, "It's one of the best attractions, Robbie. Major Bray and I often come here to watch it. It's where the nicer but still naughty boys who LIKE animal forms get on stage and see who can 'grow' their tail first. The rules being they can only think naughty thoughts and drink beverages and cannot let their pants rip anywhere but in the tail area." He giggles, "It's FUNNY to watch. I've seen all different species, dogs, cats, mice, rats, otters, horses, but donkey tails are of course the most numerous."

            Dec 5 2009, 05:37 AM
            John said, "Actually... Randy did help me get my mind back. And I..." he blushes. "...did enjoy being part horse."

            Randy then said, "In my herd, John... just so you are warned... Thralls can infect new people without the full moon. They simply have to have me present to watch."

            John smiled. "I actually requested Were-Horse because I don't want to be a Were-Lion, plus, I have heard that two Weres are immune to each other, even under the full moon."

            Alicia said, "That is very true."

            Randy added, "I think you made a wise choice then. You both could be in your human forms during the full moon, have sex, and neither be infected by the other."

            John smiled. "I also want to help teach Leo how to be dominant."


            Robbie then showed some more of his JAC goodness. "Lampwick, sir... the Mudslide ride broke while Fetlock and I were riding it. It was that one curve. Fetlock saved my life when that happened." He then smiled. "Betting on Tail-Ripping? That does sound like fun..."

            Dec 5 2009, 05:42 AM
            Leo blushed hotly, "Hey... I can be...dominate... I just worry about being TOO dominate and possessive and scaring you off! I mean, there is dominate and then there is anonyingly dominate.... and..." He shudders, "Abusive..." he gets quiet at that.... really...really quiet as he says quietly. "I don't ever wanna be like them..."


            Lampwick smiles, "Thank you. Fetlock informed me however, As did the normal maintenance person. Fetlock ..."

            Fetlock sighs, "There was a warning on the ride that it needed inspection. There was some suspicion that... the area was gonna break in the future but... I didn't know it was THAT bad... But I sorta... put you at risk."

            Lampwick nods, "In any case, I'm glad you told me it did break. I'll add it to Bray's list."

            Dec 5 2009, 06:22 AM
            Alicia arched her eyes, as John headed off with Kip to rejoin Storm in the broadcasters booth at the Howl, and Randy headed off to make sure his shivering herd members were okay.

            Alicia then looked right at Leo. "I'm not stupid, Leo. You were abused once, weren't you? That's why you took offense at being told that you weren't dominant."


            Robbie goes over, scratches Lampwick between his ears, then heads back over and rejoins Fetlock at the counter, just as their food arrives. Robbie starts eating.

            Valey grinned. "Head scratching... oooh... Donkey boi get tantalizing boy scritchies..." he giggled, tho hilted.

            Dec 5 2009, 06:27 AM
            Leo nods to Alicia... "yes... I... was. Ask Vincent sometime ... about why he started wearing dual pistols under his trench coat when he goes out."


            Lampwick grins and kisses Robbie for the scratches and gives Valey a huge load, "And you get donkey boi gooey creamy filling"

            Fetlock giggles and starts eating as well. His is a huge salad. "You really fit in well here." He notices the place is starting to fill up with 'fresh meat'.

            Dec 5 2009, 06:34 AM
            Alicia petted on Leo gently. "There is a difference between bad dominance and self-defense, Leo. Perhaps you should study martial arts so you can regain your confidence and be able to defend yourself without appearing overbearing or too weak."


            Robbie whispered to Fetlock, "Um, am I open game in here, Fetlock? Like the others...?"

            Dec 5 2009, 06:38 AM
            Leo sighs, "Maybe. But right now, I just want a hot shower... a long... hot... shower. Wash away some of the 'drama queen' my life feels like it's been the last few weeks."


            Fetlock smiles, "As long as your here as a personal guest and do not act like an asshole... you don't have anything to worry about. Unless you WANT to see if you can be one of the rare ones."

            End of Part Ten

            End of HF-03 Null and Voidstrike [Electric Tradition]

            Stay tuned for HF-04 Flying Circus Fury [Arctic Howlers]