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HF-03 Null and Voidstrike [Electric Tradition]

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    HF-03 Null and Voidstrike [Electric Tradition]

    Howling Fury
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, & Witch


    Warheart's Characters
    Antonio "Tony" Fury, Were Jackal (Salem, Massachusetts)
    Jene "Cypher" von Hammerstein, Were Rat - Wizard (Greenwich Village, New York)
    Douglas "Storm" Maguire, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Toddrick "Bray" Hunter, Changeling (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut) - Warheart

    Darquirrin's Characters
    Vincent "Vincy" Alexanderos, Were Lion (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Leonardo "Leo" Folesom, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine, Human - Contact (Aware) (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Witch's Characters
    Lucia "Lu" Chantelle Laramie, Vampire (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Gwendolyn "Gwen" Masterson, Human - Contact (Aware) (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Katianya "Tanya" Zrashav, Were Wolf (Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut)

    Orion Talon, former Sept Leader - Werewolf - Warheart
    Jason - Were Rabbit - Darquirrin
    Maximilian - Were Fox - Warheart
    Lord Nick - Were Roo - Darquirrin
    Pete and Meric - Samates - Warheart
    Sarrius - Dragontaur - Darquirrin
    John Flicker - Were Lion (Thrall) - Warheart
    Kurt Lombard, Human (Surroccias' Island; Argyle the Drake's Home) - Warheart

    New Norms
    To be announced...

    Nov 27 2009, 12:11 PM
    Episode Three: Null and Voidstrike [Electric Tradition]

    Feeling the groove, learning to pray; Act like a jackass, and you'll start to bray.

    Hi there. Antonio Fury here. Never thought I'd get the shock of seeing the death of someone we all really like. But as weird as that is, he wasn't who we all thought he was. And now Vincent has gone to get the original back. I hope he doesn't act like a donkey.

    P A R T - O N E : Meeting With Lampwick

    Pleasure Island, Lampwick's Office...
    One hour before Valerian Mouse teleports in...

    Tod, now called Captain Bray, walks up and inside Lord Lampwick's Office. "Sir? I was thinking about Christmas on the mainland... and how one month out there is one year here... time difference... And I thank you for unblissing me and giving me real work after granting me Changeling Donkey status... but, I still think about the holidays in Roarin' Rhoades, sir."

    Bray was no longer with 'the Maintenance Donkey' after Lampwick had caught him trying to hide new donkeys, and Bray too, from Lampwick's inspection rules.

    Nov 27 2009, 12:19 PM
    Lord Lampwick smiles, "Well you have done an extremely good job." He motions Bray to a chair, "You've been here quite a while and you seem to have adjusted surprisingly well. Before you finish your question, I would like to ask you one." He smiles and leans back in his chair, "Do you like being a donkey? Would you trade it for anything? And be honest. You know I can tell when someone lies to me"

    Nov 27 2009, 12:25 PM
    Bray sat in the offered chair and replied, looking Lord Lampwick in the eyes, "You should know me by now, sir... as long as I can work in an honest environment, it doesn't matter what I am. Being a Changeling Donkey enables me to be human part time. I can't beat that. As for the donkey part, while I did get stuck as one through no fault of my own... I don't think I would give it up now. I consider it as a reminder of... everything that has happened to me. But I do miss my motorcycle and fixing other people's bikes. Heck, I've repaired several rides here on the island. I probably know them better than anyone now. But still... I miss Roarin' Rhoades."

    Nov 27 2009, 12:37 PM
    Lord Lampwick puts his hooves up on his desk as he leans back, "The reason I'm asking is... There is a tradition around here. Once a Earth year...That is... During the Christmas seasons... I pick one former human to receive the 'Lampwick's Boon'. Usually I don't actually pick, we have a vote among the captains. There are various guidelines and such and no... You were not the one picked. You lost by one vote. Because you didn't vote for yourself." He chuckles a little bit at that. "In any case, the boy in question got 1 Christmas Wish decided to give that Wish to you along with his Amnesty Restoration... If you choose to accept them. Now the reason I asked my question is because the rules say that you would be returned to the state you entered the Island at. So if you wish to keep anything we've given you... It has to given again AFTER you disembark the Ferry on the mainland."

    Lampwick says, "Truth be told, I'd rather he left than you did. People like you more." He smirks, "But then, rules are rules, no?" He smiles, "You can talk to the guy if you want. You see him enough. It's the boy you rescued from the 'freak-show fun-house'. I think he finds being a donkey preferable to being a freak. I'm sure you remember him. Now you don't have to answer yes or no, now. You have until December 25th, Mainland Time." He hands Toddrick a small golden sphere with 'LB' on it, "Here's the boon token. Try not to loose it. I don't have to remake those things." He laughs a bit, "Otherwise, if you DON'T take it... Then we can talk about some 'vacation time' for you so you can be with your friends for Christmas. Any questions?"

    Nov 27 2009, 12:49 PM
    Bray hummed. "Lord Lampwick... sir... if I took his voted legal way out of here, I would feel cheated. The reason I would feel cheated is this: Lord Surroccias gave me a Teleport Power to be able to teleport anywhere that I had been to before. When I got stuck in the Machine, the other donkey in a machine said that the machine would let me go, so I didn't teleport. I didn't feel it was necessary. When I got changed into a donkey and blissed by Maintenance Donkey... I couldn't remember that I had the power. When you rescued me and unblissed me and gave me the Changeling Donkey species... I slowly remembered that I had the power. But at that point, I thought, Lampwick saved my life. I owe him and I have to repay him."

    He then said, "And now today... I was going to ask for permission to teleport back to Roarin' Rhoades for Christmas and maybe work out a back and forth deal with you so both places could benefit from my being there. But I do not want to give up being a Changeling Donkey. And that's why I'd feel cheated if I used someone else's earned exit from here. Send the other boy home. But let me have the deal I wanted to make with you. What do you say?"

    Nov 27 2009, 12:54 PM
    Lord Lampwick smiles, "I say... Open your hand."

    Nov 27 2009, 12:56 PM
    Bray opens his hand unsure of what is going to happen. He LIKES being what he is now. To lose the Changeling Donkey would make him feel as if everything he came through to get here was a lie.

    Nov 27 2009, 01:03 PM
    The LB token glows gold and disappears. Lampwick grins, "Congratulations. You passed the REAL test of the Island. Virtue. You've always been in my opinion... Or you wouldn't have stayed or come to ask me. But you have a golden heart. You now have full permission to come and go as you wish and the Island's traps and tricks cannot cause any unwanted augmentation. You've EARNED your ability to come and go as you please. And you will ALWAYS have a job here." He grins, "But neither will it take anything from you either. In other words, you get permission from your friends to jointly work there, and you can work there any time you are not wanting to work here. And yes, yes, yes you keep your Changeling Donkey form." He laughs, "I wouldn't take that from you. It'd be cruel! Besides." He walks over and rubs on Bray, "You're quite the donkey stud." He winks, "Simple arrangements, no?" He chuckles, "I do hate I had to fool you like that but... well you won't blame and ole Jack too much will you?"

    Nov 27 2009, 01:12 PM
    Bray smiled and KISSED Lampwick on the muzzle deeply! Then after a while, he says, "I can't leave right away. Just before I arrived here, one of the captains asked me to come help fix another broken ride and I gave my word that I would do it. It will take an hour and a half, but after that, I'll be ready to head out. Its the Chocolate Otter Dip ride. The one that dives the rider into chocolate like a diving otter and when they emerge they are doped up donkeys. Well, the emerger mechanism is fouled up. It takes you under and keeps you there. So, I have to fix it." And he heads off.


    One Hour Later...

    A calmed down Vincent and Valerian arrive in Lampwick's office. "Greetings Lampwick. It's been a while. We've come for someone..." says Valerian.

    Nov 27 2009, 01:15 PM
    Lampwick says, "Ah! Valerian Mouse. How good to see you." He grins broadly, "I see you've managed to keep your ears and tail from regrowing. Really... You are here for someone... Don't tell me the stellar dragon is a donkey. That'd be too much of a laugh.... The Yak? No I would have noticed HER fireworks right away... do tell me."

    Nov 27 2009, 01:19 PM
    Valerian says, "Mark Jolson is a Were-Rabbit now, so I know he has long ears." He giggled. "We came for Toddrick Hunter. Vincent here... screwed up a spell, which he realizes now that it couldn't have worked right even if he had all the details. I remember one of your rules on the island. Once changed, you have to stay a donkey for 3 mainland days. And Vincent didn't know that."

    Nov 27 2009, 01:30 PM
    Vincent says, "How I screwed up doesn't matter. We want him BACK. No matter what it takes."

    Lampwick looks over at the were-lion and just ignores him and looks at Valerian, "Your friend really shouldn't threaten me on my island. It's not healthy. He's impulsive isn't he? I've a million like him. All high and proud privileged kids who think they're lives are the worst and they deserve special consideration. Bah, I'm glad the kid doesn't take after HIM." He sighs, "Really Valerian... Are you sure you don't even want that big cock back? You looked so nice with it....No? Ah well." He leans back in his chair again, putting his hooves up, "Anyway.. It doesn't matter. The issue with Toddrick hunter has already been addressed. Bray, as he is called now, is free to do with himself as he wishes. He's a Captain here and he's both earned his Changeling Status AND his free permanent pass."

    Vincent looks at Valerian, "What's that mean?"

    Lampwick sighs, "Children.... From the dawn of time, the island's be doing it's job, testing the hearts and souls of the kids who come here. There is a REASON the island never overflows. OTHER than the Donkey sales. Once you've proven to the magics of the island that you are a PURE HEART, it no longer has any power over you against your will. He would have gained a teleport power as well but he ALREADY had it.... And hour ago, he could have left that second but he's a busy tending to an obligation he made. He gave his word to do something and despite being able to leave, is repairing a ride attraction in our park."

    Vincent sits down, rubbing his eyes, "So I fuck up... and I fuck up... And I can't even come to his rescue.... FUCK. I can't do NOTHING right. NOTHING."

    Nov 27 2009, 01:35 PM
    Valerian grinz at Lampwick while Vincent is rubbing is eyes. "You're acting like a Jackass again, Vincy..." He winks at Lampwick. Some of the guys at the Howl think Vincy needs to be a donkey for a very limited amount of time. What would it cost me for you to do that to him?

    Nov 27 2009, 01:37 PM
    Lampwick smirks at Valerian, Sport a tail and ears around the office for an hour and we'll call it even hehe. Just for old times sake?

    Nov 27 2009, 01:45 PM
    Valerian's eyes twinkle and his ears grow out into very LONG donkey ears and a ropey donkey tail juts out of his backside. Like this? I have this spell kept in memory, mainly for people like you, Puck, and Circe. They enjoy seeing me like this. Your turn now...

    Nov 27 2009, 01:49 PM
    The minute he does, Vincent vanishes from the office!

    Lampwick giggles, "There is the Valey I remember." He pulls Valerian into his lap, "You know you really don't visit me often enough. It's been a millennium since you were last here it feels like. Not to mention, You still haven't said 'yes' or 'no' to my OTHER offer." He grins, "Of course, I suppose the most powerful Archmage in the North Americas keep you pretty busy." He sighs softly. Other than to hug Valerian, he doesn't try anything else. He actually DOES respect his old friend.

    Nov 27 2009, 01:53 PM
    Valey giggles. "So where did you send him?" He kisses on Lampwick and gropes him. "The Yak keeps me busy, the old bitch. I wanted to come back loads of times. Are you wanting to mount the old mousey?"

    Nov 27 2009, 01:56 PM
    Lampwick laughs, "Hey your not allowed to call yourself old until you get to be MY age." He grins, "I sent him down the Donkey Works in the Coachmen Central Plaza." He smirks, "I'll restore him later." He then smiled again, "And...yes, I would like that very much, Valey."

    Meanwhile at Roarin' Rhodes and Howling Fury...

    Every were-lion thrall that was bound to Vincent, including Leo and Storm, revert to their human forms, loosing all of their abilities and powers and were-ism as the link to their master, now former master, is broken.

    Nov 27 2009, 01:59 PM
    Valey magically makes himself nude then gets on all fours for Lampwick. "Show me what I've been missing, hon."

    Nov 27 2009, 02:03 PM
    Lampwick mounts Valey with a grin, "I will love to, hon... I'll make you bray for sure." And he shows Valey EXACTLY why he's the boss of PLEASURE Island. wink.gif


      Nov 27 2009, 02:07 PM
      One hour later...

      Captain Bray pokes his head inside the Donkey Works. "Captain Surehoof? I heard that someone ended up in here. That usually doesn't happen unless they insult Lord Lampwick. Whose the new victim? Just some high society kid with a mouthy attitude?"

      Nov 27 2009, 02:12 PM
      Captain Surehoof nods, "Yeah. We got him down in Containment right now during his post treatment... We did a full purge and donkification." He smirks, "He actually fell in the Class 5 vat. we got him out as fast as we could but... Well this kid must not care what happens to himself cause he was a full donkey before we could pull him out. He hasn't a said a word." he laughs! "I guess he's in shock or something."

      Nov 27 2009, 02:16 PM
      Captain Bray also laughs. "What a Dipshit! He must have REALLY insulted Lampwick to be sent to THAT vat! That is for the most insulting cases, right?"

      Nov 27 2009, 02:20 PM
      Captain Surehoof laughs, "Yeah. Poor Sod." He snerks, "You can go have a look if you want. He's tamed now. No word on if he's destined for the Work Camp or..." He shudders, "Being sent to the Coachman personally. I guess either the work camps or until some Captain claims him as a private fuck toi/slave"

      Nov 27 2009, 02:23 PM
      Captain Bray heads down to check on the new donkey. When he gets to the stall door, he looks inside. "Hey, you must be the new donkey. I'm Captain Bray from Roarin' Rhoades."

      Nov 27 2009, 02:27 PM
      The donkey just looks at Bray and sighs, braying softly. He doesn't seem to be upset... or even... care what's happened. Not uncommon among broken spirited people after the shock of what goes on here.

      Nov 27 2009, 02:34 PM
      One hour later; Captain Bray's Quarters in Chateau Lampwick...

      Captain Bray is gently feeding the Donkey some food. "I used to be human, too. I was a pretty stupid boy who ran away from home, was hired by a really nice gentleman in Roarin' Rhoades. All I had to do was fix motorcycles for him. It was a classy job. But then... when I found out what was going on around there... I started getting into the most stupid of things imaginable. There's this thing called the Howl. I came to Pleasure Island to invite the Were-Donkeys to the Howl. And I got stuck as a Donkey out here and I've been out here ever since. I am sure your story isn't so horrible, hon... so cheer up."

      Nov 27 2009, 02:43 PM
      The donkey sighs some more, tearing up a little, but it eats the treats as he thinks to himself, Should just stay like this. He has no idea. So hard to think... It's better just to ...oh ...treats are nice... I like treats.

      Nov 27 2009, 02:44 PM
      Captain Bray says, "In three days, you'll get your voice back. But we can find out who you are right now by playing the Alphabet game. It's a very easy game. I hold up a card with a letter on it. If the letter is in your first name you shake your head up and down. If it's not, then shake your head side to side. If the letter appears more than once, you nod your head and raise your hoof. Want to give it a try? I would feel bad if I gave you a sub name..."

      Nov 27 2009, 02:46 PM
      The donkey tilts his head... but nods a little.


        Nov 27 2009, 02:51 PM

        The letters of C-E-I-N-N-T-V are on the floor. Having the donkey point to each letter in order...

        "Vincent? The guy I worked for in Roarin' Rhoades has that name. But he's too smart for Pleasure Island... Not to mention... he's a real sweetheart who would never bow down to depression and self-pity. He's a strong willed guy. He protects people. So you have the name of someone I respect more than anyone else."

        Nov 27 2009, 02:56 PM
        The donkey nuzzled Bray's hands a bit. so had...thunk...Something....not right... but... it right...very right... what's so hard think? I'm hard? The donkey brays softly again though it's more of a confused sound now.

        Nov 27 2009, 02:59 PM
        Captain Bray says, "You're trying to tell me something... you know Vincent? You met him? You... are... Vincent...?" When he gets a head nod to that one, he mentally shouts toward Lampwick, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO VINCENT ALEXANDEROS? RESTORE HIS MIND IMMEDIATELY! PLEASE!

        Nov 27 2009, 03:04 PM
        Lampwick replies that he has not done anything to Vincent other than sent him to the Donkey Works for a few hours and there won't be any mental alterations. Valerian just wants to give him a lesson in humility after how he barged in here demanding you back. He was very angry that someone hurt you and you weren't hurt. He tells Bray what all he heard about Vincent's actions at the Howl...including how angry he was. In a few hours, I'll restore him and maybe he'll be a bit wiser next time. Besides, Vat 1 doesn't have any long term effects.

        Nov 27 2009, 03:07 PM
        Captain Bray growled, SUREHOOF SAID THAT WHEN HE APPEARED, HE WAS OVER CLASS VAT 5, NOT 1! I have Vincent in my quarters right now and he seems to be fading!

        Nov 27 2009, 03:10 PM
        Lampwick errs... That...Could be a problem. Keep him there any um... don't yiff him. Whatever you smell from his rear or cock when he goes into heat... DO NOT YIFF HIM,... Unless you want him imprinted on you. Vat-5 is the slave donkeytoi mix... I'll be there soon Lampwick sighs, "Never fails Valerian... I Just get warmed up good and trouble happens..."

        Nov 27 2009, 03:14 PM
        Valey says, "Even Lords make mistakes, Lampwick. I'll stay here in position for you. I promise. You go do what you need to do."


        Captain Bray says, "Think, Vincy. Think. Say your name in your mind. Please stay here in your mind. Please don't fade..." He sniffles.

        Nov 27 2009, 03:18 PM
        Soon, the donkey is swishing his tail and has a fully erect shaft and Bray and SMELL the INTENSE heat coming from it... The scent is so strong it could make a donkey lord instantly hard. He stands and flags for Bray...wanting it...


        Lampwick works on making the cure. It's complicated and will require a full two hours to brew but it will work.

        Nov 27 2009, 03:24 PM
        Captain Bray teleports over to the door, goes out, and closes the door and locks it. "Sorry Vincy! Don't make me get Leo in here to fuck you and then you would be HIS Thrall... or worse... Nick!"

        Nov 27 2009, 03:26 PM
        Two hours later, a human Vincent is laying on Bray's bed... Lampwick... hrms... "Interesting...I would have thought..oooo...interesting..."


          Nov 27 2009, 03:28 PM
          Captain Bray says, "What have you done to him, Lampwick? I don't see any of his were-lion markings or shaman ties."

          Nov 27 2009, 03:31 PM
          Lampwick sighs, "Apparently... The combination of Pre-Wash ad Vat-5 purge totally ....purged out all of his nonhuman abilities... He's... He's no longer a were or a shaman. Nor anything." Which is particularly ... bad... because that also FREES a NUMBER of evil spirits that were serving punishments on the Alexanderos lands... including the one that attacked Tod. He rubs his nose, "I really didn't expect this."

          Nov 27 2009, 03:34 PM
          Captain Bray says, "If we were to get a Were-Lion to infect him, and agree to free him... would that restore his were-ism?"

          Nov 27 2009, 03:36 PM
          Lord Lampwick reminds Captain Bray of the whole rules around weres and thralls. "So it's not that simple but that might restore his were-ism at least. We could make him a were-donkey. At least that is a were."

          Nov 27 2009, 03:41 PM
          Captain Bray says, "No, Lampwick. I know Were-Donkey is the were of choice on the island, but... I couldn't respect him unless... Hey! I know! Give him the Lampwick Boon! The moment he gets off the Ferry, full restoration to how he was BEFORE he came to the island! Or did you just make up that power?"

          Nov 27 2009, 03:44 PM
          Lord Lampwick says, "No, I didn't make it up but... It's not exactly following the rules to give it to someone who..." He rubs his muzzle, "It would fix him I guess... Are you SURE you want to do that? I mean is he REALLY worth it after what all he did?"

          Nov 27 2009, 03:47 PM
          Captain Bray replied, "As a Shaman... he had well over a thousand evil spirits locked in imprisonments on his land and... one of them tried to kill me. Me, Lampwick. He's without his powers... and the Second Howl is underway right in the MIDDLE of the hottest spot of where the evil spirits are going to go. Now you tell me if it is worth restoring him to save thousands of lives who don't deserve to be harmed by evil spirits?"

          Nov 27 2009, 03:51 PM
          Lord Lampwick sighs, "I suppose your right. Timmy can get the boon next Christmas. Though so you know... I cannot UNDO anything to do with the shamans. That's they're turf. NOT mine. I restore his physically and mentally to how he was when he got on, that's it. I can't re-lnk any thralls or samates he had or anything like that or recapture the evil spirits."

          Nov 27 2009, 04:02 PM
          Captain Bray cusses. "I forgot about Timmy. No, Lampwick. He's earned this release. Dammit, I'm just trying to reverse this damned mess so no one gets hurt. If Vincent gets the boon, then Timmy is the one hurt. No, Timmy deserves the Boon, Lampwick. I can't believe this was Valerian's idea... I know! The Yak! She's the most powerful person on Earth! She can restore Vincent!"

          Nov 27 2009, 04:03 PM
          Lampwick winces, gulping... "Oh gods... not HER AGAIN...." He sighed and shamefacedly talked to Valerian about summoning her...

          End of Part One


            P A R T - T W O : Vincent v2.0

            Nov 27 2009, 04:24 PM
            Captain Bray's Quarters in Chateau Lampwick...

            Fortunately, Lampwick wasn't going to be needed in the bedroom there, so he ended up back with and fully hilted in Valey.

            The Golden Yak and Bray talked, then she examined Vincent and said, "First of all, to restore his were-ism, I inject this hypo of his father's were-virus into Vincent's bloodstream. Because the two are compatible, Vincent will become a full were-lion. He will have to re-thrall anyone who still wants him as their Master. When he got donkeyed, all of his thralls changed back into powerless humans. Yes, all of them. Including Storm, whom you liked. Storm feels abandoned."

            Bray sighed.

            She then injected Vincent with the hypo and said, "For his other powers, I am going to give him a massive upgrade. His old spells and abilities were way out of date. So here goes his empowerment..." And she laid her shocking hands on his chest and a massive flash went off in the bedroom...

            Nov 27 2009, 04:35 PM
            The were-virus was a particularly strong variant only from within his family so it is a good thing that she thought of that because many other things would rely on that Alexanderos linkage... However the were-change is NOT fluid nor easy. It harkens back to the older days is EXTREMELY drawn out and painful. It takes nearly three hours for virus to finish it's work. It's powerful and unstoppable but a bit slower in speed than many of the 'modern' equivalents. However merely becoming were isn't all that Yak has to do to restore him. It also requires placating the Alexanderos ancestors and renewing the ancient bonds of father to son and within the family. For that, only the Sept Leader... and a Were-Lion Shaman... can do. Luckily Vincent was NOT the only Were-Lion Shaman and with Howl in full swing, there is a large chance of finding everyone needed for the Rites within minutes. Vincent won't fully awaken until those conditions are met.


            Several evil spirits are already at work... silently seeking out the abandoned Thralls to seek their vengeance on their jailer by seeking to drive the abandoned Thralls to violence or suicidal depression or worse. Possessing them if they can.

            Nov 28 2009, 02:09 AM
            King of Lion's Den and Tony Fury were on Stage conducting a HUGE 'Evil Spirit Purging' Rite, while the other Lion's Den Shamans provided the Ritual Music. This Rite, according to King, would send every evil spirit stupid enough to stay on Vincent's property... straight into 'the light' where 'you-know-who' was awaiting.

            In the meantime, Gotaki had contacted Garla Canopyskimmer the High Priestess of Okali, and Warneeri Slyfingers the Battlemage Bunny, and the three of them, along with Damon Horse, were doing spiritual battle with the evil spirits.

            Wraith looked down at the body of Tod 2 and smiled. "So you died."

            Ravengaunt said, "Wraith..."

            Wraith said, "There is no need for us to be fighting, Ravengaunt. Tod is dead."

            Ravengaunt smiled. "So he is. But there is something that I know about dead Tod that you don't know. Why don't you take a closer look?"

            Wraith leaped inside Tod 2's body and began examining it from the inside. "Yes, there is something odd here. I can't quite put my icy touch on it..."

            Ravengaunt grinned evilly as she cast a sudden spell on Tod 2's body. "WRAITH SEAL - LOCKED!" *CLICK*

            Wraith realized what he had allowed Ravengaunt to do to him now and he was stuck! "LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

            Ravengaunt grinned again. "Oh no... you wanted Tod to be dead so badly that you can be buried with this dead copy of the original."



            The Golden Yak was setting up a Ancestral Ceremonial Rite around Vincent's body and was in the process of contacting ALL of the former Alexanderos family members.

            Captain Bray simply stayed back and watched in silence. This was something that he had never seen done.


            Valey humped back against Lampwick more and more, thoroughly enjoying the donkey sex with his friend, his donkey ears flopping back and forth with the motion. "You're really good at this, Lampwick."

            Nov 28 2009, 02:25 AM
            Lampwick grinned and met each of Valey's humps with a hard thrust of his own, "If you came by more often, you would know I've had a long, long time to practice for you, Valey." He kisses Valey deeply and keeps at it. He loves how the donkey ears keep flopping so cutely with the motions they are producing.


            The Golden Yak was finding the Alexanderos family member had an odd pattern. Every single one of them, all the way back to the first founding the Were-Lion Clan all died before they reached the end of even a single human lifetime. Most of them died before 90 and the few older ones... died before 150. Not a SINGLE Alexanderos family member has EVER lived past 150 years old. And that is YOUNG for a pure-blooded were creature.


            There were a number of spirits and entities that even warriors were finding SURPRISINGLY strong. Many of those released where not one Vincent personally had sealed there but where ones his ancestors had as well. The Alexanderos family line was like a 'seal' on a wellspring of spiritual negative energy. Vincent's blood had sealed back these spirits and entities within the confines of the land... now they were out... And they were DETERMINED to take some of the living with them. Some of them were as old and powerful as Ravengaunt herself. Though with less intelligence obliviously since they were not leaving nor retreating which could well mean an end to their existences.

            Nov 28 2009, 02:52 AM
            The Golden Yak said, "I am detecting a curse. An ancient family curse... but I am more powerful than curses, so it's time to end this farce and give Vincent and all future Alexanderos family members a new lease on their lives." And she got to work on removing the curse. And she would be relentless in that.


            King shouted, "Vacuum Cleaner time! Away with the Evil Spirits!" And... SHHHLLLLOOORRRRRPPPPP!!!!

            Tony was trying to remember most of this stuff in case he had to use it later.

            KER-BLAM! Damon had enough of the bullshit and had summoned... Ra and Zeus to the spot with tokens that Anhur and Artemis had given him. And now, two divine pantheon leaders were helping to deal with the evil spirits.

            Nov 28 2009, 03:16 AM
            The source of the curse lies back in the origins of the Alexanderos family's joining with a clan of Were-Lions that was almost destroyed. The clan isn't even on the list of old were-lion clans and all traces of it before the Alexanderos has largely vanished. However, a being as powerful as the Golden Yak can certianly remove it.


            The were-nubian who was invited to the Howl just grinned slightly. The few spirits who got too close to him, ending REGRETTING it. When Ra showed up, he quietly slipped out, whistling softly to himself, Looks like I was right... Deaths are so much fun. Pity there are two others here still on my list.

            Nov 28 2009, 03:29 AM
            One Hour Later... both Howl and Pleasure Island...

            Cypher blinked his eyes over how quiet it had gotten. "Is it over?"

            The Lion's Den were resting in a group on stage with Tony, Ra, and Zeus.

            "What did you say this was again, Tony?" asked Ra.

            Tony smiled and gladly explained the monthly concept of the Howling Fury to him. A once a month get-together for special folk and the norms with unique bands of live music, dancing, partying, gaming, sex, and species experimentation. "And all special factions are always encouraged to come. No admission to get in nor listen to the concert. But the drinks, food, and bazaar booths have purchasable goods that we get a commission off of. Part of that pays the bands, part of that pays for the upkeep around here, and the rest goes to Vincent Alexanderos cause he owns the property."

            Zeus hummed. "No one in Olympus knew of this. Now I know were to bring my brood once a month."


            The Golden Yak smiled. "Curse gone. Spirits appeased. Shaman links re-established. The only two things remaining is for a Were-Lion Shaman to do the final rite on him, and then... Vincent has to personally re-Thrall anyone who still loves him. Let's get him back to the Howl. We'll need King now. Valey can stay here with Lampwick."


            They appear on-stage with Vincent laying on a tribal bed. Yak explains to King what needs to be done, and King gets started on it...

            ...and much later...

            Nov 28 2009, 04:18 AM
            Jason rubs his chin, "And Talon wasn't even involved in this time and it's been more action than even his 'tests'. If things get much more exciting, I don't know what's gonna happen." He chuckles and looks at Mark, "What do you think, hon?"


            As King started, Vincent's body glowed slightly...

            Elsewhere, Mental Landscape

            Vincent was sitting at a large wooden desk, writing in a large journal, It's really hard to be an Alexanderos sometimes. I've been working to help others for years. I don't usually even get a thank you. I work so hard to protect those who mean the world to me. I fight constantly and not for myself. I spend most of my money and allowances on them. More money has been spent from my family's accounts for them than for myself. And still, people complain and bitch. I really don't understand what more I can do. I try so hard to help others but I'm only a kid myself really. I'm only 25 years old. HUMAN years old. I think people forget that sometimes. It's true I've been trained, rather hard and sometimes even viciously, since I was 8 but... Sometimes I really wonder if anyone ever thinks about me or if it's just 'oh something going wrong, let's go talk to Vincent, he'll fix it'. It feels often like the second. If it wasn't for my thralls, I would be completely alone... And... that's what I am most afraid of ... being alone. Being... totally... alone. He sighs heavily and looks around the misty room, "And yet here I am... Alone. Completely...totally...alone." He sighs and sniffles, yelling, "I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE!!!"

            Then Vincent blinked softly as there was a soft glow ahead. What... Is that? They...actually want me back? He walks toward it, viewing scenes of what all has happened since the Island... Maybe... Maybe they really do care... He stops at one image, touching it softly, Toddrick... He sighs heavily, I failed you more than most. Leo wanted you. Hell everyone wanted you. All I wanted to do was keep you safe. And I couldn't. You should hate me for it. He walks on a bit further, Tony... If it wasn't for you, I would have never opened Roarin' Rhodes... Much less expanded it. You've been the inspiration for nearly everything I've done. I don't know if even he realizes that.

            Vincent sighs as he finally gets to the end, just before the glowing portal of light... I guess... I guess I should go back and face the music... I've let everyone down... so many times. Maybe someday I'll make it up to them all. He steps through.

            Howling Fury

            Vincent is sleeping peacefully after the rite in his were-lion form again. He will awaken very soon. Strangely, he looks even more noble and handsome after all this as if the curse itself was before eating at him and slowly consuming him. Now, all of that is no longer there and he looks better than ever.

            Nov 28 2009, 04:43 AM
            At that moment at the front doors of the Howling Fury, as in on cue, there stood a most beautiful Austrian female dressed in the fashion that you would expect an 18th century young lady to dress. In her hands were a large carpetbag and a broom. Sitting on her shoulder was a sleeping white cat. "Pardoan?" Her voice was a soft gentle sort of voice, as if she had a good upbringing. Her body was not overly showy. No giant boobs like a demoness. "If you please, I am seeking Monsieur Alexanderos."

            Almost everyone in the Fury was staring at the new young lady.

            The Golden Yak whispered, "Who is that?"

            Tony quietly replied, "I've never seen her before."

            No one had, in truth.

            Storm stepped up to the lady. "Vincent is resting, Miss. Come, it's this way." And he led her toward the stage.

            Nov 28 2009, 04:53 AM
            Vincent groans softly... starting to slowly open his eyes and look around around the bed where he was resting...


              Nov 28 2009, 04:55 AM
              Storm stepped up bedside to Vincent and gently hugged him. "Master... This young lady has come to see you." And he moved aside to permit her to sit bedside with Vincent. Up close, she was just as pretty. There was nothing fake about her.

              Nov 28 2009, 04:57 AM
              Vincent blinked softly.... then reached out and hugged Storm before he moved then looked at the lady... curiously. "a...pleasure to meet you.. I'm afraid I'm not at my best at the moment..."

              Nov 28 2009, 05:02 AM
              She smiled. "That's okay, Vincent. I am Alicia von Hammer from Austria. You may have been too young to know, but there is an old honorable tradition among the females of the von Hammer family. Every 9th female von Hammer is promised as a betrothed to the Alexanderos clan. I am that female. I had just finished a French University when my family told me. And now, I present myself to you. I am to be your future wife, unless you choose to send me away. After that, the next 9th female will come. You don't have to decide now, Vincent. But you know you this... I am a White Magician, so power I have."

              Nov 28 2009, 05:05 AM
              Vincent blinks.... And faints...

              Leo blinks, "Wow... Didn't expect THAT."

              Nov 28 2009, 05:16 AM
              The Golden Yak then said to Leo, "A moment, Leo, if you don't mind... I know you were planning on having Cypher make you into a full Were-Lion, but... he is not going to be able to do it, so I wanted to warn you before you asked him. Rules of magic prevent a Mage from granting natural were-ism to a human."

              Storm and Alicia stayed near Vincent.

              Nov 28 2009, 05:23 AM
              Leo looks over at her, "Oh... Well can you do it then?"


              The SECOND time Vincent came around, he coughed slightly, "betrothed ... as in Marriage?"

              Nov 28 2009, 05:30 AM
              Alicia smiled. "Do you know of another meaning for Betrothed? White Magicians are immune to lycanthropy. So Vincent, you would never have to worry about infecting me nor Thralling me."

              The Golden Yak quietly said to Leo, "King can help you, Leo."

              King hopped down from the stage and looked Leo in the eyes and said, "I will know if I can help you with one question, Leo... answer truthfully because there are gods here who will know if you lie." He paused then asked, "Are the reasons for why you want the Full Were-Lion 'selfish'?"

              Nov 28 2009, 05:40 AM
              Vincent blushed slightly, "Um... Forgive me for sounding stupid... but.. What is a White Magician?"

              Leo says, "Honestly? Some are. Some aren't. I'm not going to even try to lie about it. Part of it because I want to be able to start a family and thralls of my own. That is rather selfish. But I also want to be able to protect my boy and my stallion. A human... I do not think I could do that as well as I could as a were-lion. I do not deny my reasons are no where near as good as some but they're not exactly evil either."

              Nov 28 2009, 05:47 AM
              Alicia replied, "A White Magician is a Curatives and Restorations Wizard. It is our job to heal others when Priests and Healers are not available. Shane Wayne is a novice White Magician. I am a graduate."

              King walked off with Leo still talking. "I need to warn you, Leo... when I do the Rite that will give you what you think you want, I won't be able to undo it. The reason I say this is because of what humans have which is called... your personal spirit animal guide. If that guide is NOT a lion, then you will become whatever species they are. And you will be stuck as that. Do you want to chance this at all?"

              Nov 28 2009, 05:51 AM
              Vincent rubs his head, "With the crew around here, your skills would be in quite.... high demand. It... would be a logical...arrangement."


              Leo thinks about that... then nods, "Yes. I want to. But.. I want Ethan and the boy there ... Is that okay?"


                Nov 28 2009, 05:55 AM
                Alicia smiled. "Miss Mowsa? We're here. Wake up."

                The white cat yawned and opened her eyes. "Charmed, I am sure... let me know when the cream is ready." She went back to sleep.

                King said, "You may bring them."


                Nick's Upper Bedroom at the Howl...

                Bray took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Nick? Are you in there?"

                Nov 28 2009, 06:04 AM
                Nick calls out, "Yes. I'm here..."


                Leo nods and went to get them and brings them with him to King.

                Vincent looks at Storm...then says, "Storm could you please... do me a favor... And gather up any who..." He sighs, "Still want me and let me have a moment to talk to Alicia in private?"

                Nov 28 2009, 06:14 AM
                Storm smiled. "Yes Master. I'll go fetch them immediately. If naught else, sir... I missed being yours." And he kissed Vincent, then headed off. Now he knows he's wanted for sure by at least one.

                Alicia smiled. "He seems like a loyal thrall, Vincent. You are lucky to have him."


                King had Leo stand within a species empowerment circle at the Sept Grounds. "Leonardo Folesom, best friend of Vincent Alexanderos for as long as you can remember... now request the full were-species for yourself. Leo, when I start the Rite, we will briefly see the species of your spirit guide. If you do not wish to become that species, dive out of the circle. Otherwise, the Rite will continue and you will be stuck. Here we go..." And King got started, chanting in the ancient tongue as he danced and trotted around the circle.


                Bray walks inside. He is in human form, so that means that Nick sees... Tod. "Hi Nick. Someone told me what that stupid copy that Vincent made of me did to you. You didn't deserve that at all. Well, the real me is back now, only... I've become a Changeling Donkey. But I am not sad about it. And I don't want you to be sad either."

                Nov 28 2009, 06:26 AM
                Vincent blushed a bit and watched Storm go with a smile... He's always been very fond of Storm and is glad that at least he will be back. He looks over at Alicia and nods, "I'm very, very lucky. But I want you to know something. To be honest, I don't... mind...this arrangement but... I'm a were-lion, Alicia. And I'm bi-sexual. If you want a man who will be true to you and you alone... I cannot make you happy and I would be happy to release you from any obligation. I cannot speak to love either since I've only just begun to know you. My own father had six mistresses and chose his 'wife' from them... Illegally I suppose for modern law but that's beside the point. I just want... you to be aware of what you are getting yourself into on my end. If nothing else I will have sex with my thrall...or thralls... and I do not wish you to be unhappy even if we've just met."


                Leo nods and looked around for the brief vision of teh species though so far he had not seen it. He could, however, feel the energy around the circle building.


                Nick is definitely larger than the last time Bray saw him. "Your... A Changeling Donkey?" He rubs his head, "First a pure human who I couldn't touch because your boss would rip me a new one if I did that to you without permission... Then you were a dragon-friend....then you were a were-drake yourself... And to top it all off... now your a Changeling Donkey and I still have never had sex with you." He shakes his head, "Why would you want to stay a Donkey? I'm not judging but I really want to know."

                Nov 28 2009, 06:47 AM
                Alicia said, "Where I am from, the master of the house makes the rules. The rest of us obey the rules. You let me know the rules, I will obey them. Where sex is involved... I will only be upset if you start doing cracks in tree trunks."

                She knows that story too!


                King continues to make the motions, as he throws the conjuration pellets into the fires around the circle...


                Bray giggled. "Then you HAVE forgotten! You and I HAVE had sex once! And you've totally forgotten about it! I don't believe it! You forgot! The State Forest Camping trip! There was this roadside bathroom stop we had to visit mid-way... we started role playing. You pretended to be Jason, and he was pretending to be you. It was the first time I have ever seen him drink a Fosters and the first time I ever saw you eat a carrot. Then Jason said he was horny for little boy butt, and I said, I think I would be safer in the Were-Rabbit's lap, and I sat in your lap, Nick... there was a hole in my underwear and I felt your cock go in. You said, I'll protect you from Nick and you started hopping around, in which you made yourself cum a little. Then we went and washed up, and later, I hear you and Jason throwing up. I guess when you threw up, you forgot that we had sex. And you were good."

                Nov 28 2009, 07:20 AM
                Nick shakes his head, "That's not really what I meant, though, Tod, and you know it... Though I had forgotten about that..." He sighs, "I guess I just wanted... more out of it than just that. And you still didn't answer the question."


                Vincent laughed, "Reed's done some pretty outrageous things. But I don't know if I would ever get to be that bad. Besides... I don't go thrall hunting. Mine are just accidents really."


                Leo missed seeing the image as he was so busy looking around but Ethan and John did see the image of a saber-toothed feline leaping for only a moment in a predatory posture before it was gone.

                Nov 28 2009, 07:34 AM
                Bray re-explains the same thing he told Lampwick when he passed Lampwick's LB Test. Then he says, "I'll make you a deal, Nick... you and I can have sex whenever you like for as long as you like provided that you promise to never try to trap me as a Thrall or Were-Roo. I know it will be hard for you, but... if you agree... we kick Reed out right now and totally tear this room apart with our first session. What do you say...?" he winked with a smile.


                Alicia giggled. "You sound like my brother now."

                Storm was then returning with a group of 50 some odd others, only 10 were originals from before... the other 40+ were people who wanted to join the family. "Um, Master... er... you're going to be busy..."

                Alicia laughed.


                King then threw the man-stripping powder into the fires and the transformation pellets into the fires and changed the chant... a gripping pain shot through Leo as his spirit guide copied itself and threw the copy into Leo's spirit!

                Nov 28 2009, 07:44 AM
                Nick listens to the entire explanations... and seems to honestly TRY to understand too. Then he does something surprising and says, "Tod... I'm on the tip of my heat cycle. I can't honestly say an accident WON'T happen but I can say that I would NEVER, EVER try to trap you as such and if an accident DID happen, I would go to the ends of the earth to try and make you happy and restored. It has NEVER been my intent to TRAP you as ANYTHING. Even during the yiffiest moments."


                Vincent blinks... "10 of the originals... and... 40 new people?" He made a mental note to see what happened to the other four former were-lion thralls that didn't show up but he looks at Storm, "They all want to join the family?" He's a bit shocked at the number.


                Leo blinked... Then SCREAMED in pain as his spirit and body both writhed under the effects of the Rite. Thankfully he WAS already nude. Something he had learned to enjoy even in his human form. He didn't like clothes when he could do without. Thus, Ethan and John could see everything that happened as Leo's form twisted and was reformed into a species of were that hasn't been seen in a millennium. Which might surprise even King.

                Nov 28 2009, 07:55 AM
                Bray hugged Nick. "Would you rather I wait until after your heat cycle passes? There is something I can do in the meantime, Nick. My motorcycle is... frozen solid. A complete loss. I have to rebuild it."


                Of the 40 new, 10 were female. That's a change.


                There came a rush of finalizing power that thundered over the Sept Grounds, knocking all from their feet, as the Rite ended... and as the smoke slowly cleared...

                Nov 28 2009, 08:21 AM
                Nick says, "As long as your willing to take a risk with me... I'm all yours, Bray? er.. Do you have full control over your shifting powers cause I just said 'Bray' and I saw a tail grow out..."


                That is new. Vincent isn't entirely sure if they will stay females or not after this simply because he doesn't know but he will take them (and his wife to be if she wishes to observe) into a PRIVATE back room and initiate each one of them properly.


                Leo coughed and groaned that turned into a deep growl as he slowly stood up... Revealing the new feline. He seemed to be a mountain lion, at least in part... All the sleekness and agility of the mountain lion only he was stockier and had large saber-like fangs. His long puma like tail swished behind him. He was built much tougher and more feral than most weres in their hybrid form. He also seemed to have a more hunched posture. What he lacked in pure strength was more than made up for in agility and speed. He looked positively deadly and the slight tinge of red to his eyes made him look a bit evil but it was for show only.


                  Nov 28 2009, 08:25 AM
                  Bray giggled. "Of course I have full control over my changing powers. I simply have a deal set up with the other Captains and Lord Lampwick so they can contact me whenever they really need to contact me. I am actually Captain Bray, Bray being my new nickname. When I grow a tail suddenly like that, they are trying to contact me. Let me fully change so I can find out what they want. I get sexy in my other form." And he releases Nick and makes the full fluid change, and then his ears act as Communication Radar Antennae for the telepathic conversation. Captain Bray at the Howling Fury speaking. Who is contacting me and what is the issue?


                  Storm offered to go first to show the other new people how it was done. He then nodded to Vincent and assumed the position.


                  King said, "By the great pride fathers... you're not a Were-Lion, Leo. You're... a Saber-toothed Were-Puma. Still pretty damned hot though."

                  Nov 28 2009, 08:39 AM
                  Nick says, "Okay..."

                  Captian Swifthoof INCOMING, BRAY! WATCH OUT!

                  Not more than 10 seconds after that, a BUNCH of were-donkeys, donkey-bois, and changeling donkeys and others POUR out of thin air where Bray was standing.

                  Captian Jack Lord Lampwick okayed a monthly holiday for the Howl! FOR EVERYONE! The only catch is... You have to be in attendance as well! Congratulations on your promotion... MAJOR Brayer. He winks as he one of the first through.

                  Nick ums... " is full of donkeys..."


                  Vincent uses Storm as an example... And conducts the rite in slow scale to let each of them see what was coming. But then he gave Storm a SPECIAL honor. He makes him into a Thrall-Captain which conveys a large number of powers and privileges that normally Thralls don't have. They really considered their Master's 'right paw'.

                  After that he inducts each of the others with lots of love shown... But after 50 inductions he blinks... "Um.. Where did the other people come from." He motions to the 'audience'.


                  Leo looked over himself slowly, stretching and posing. He WAS hot... He almost burned with a sexual energy he didn't before. As others had noticed Leo before looked bedraggled and ratty. NOT that sexy or hot other than being a lion. But now... He's HOTTER than HOT! He could make someone who didn't usually like feline be interested! The dark and light colorations of his fur give him fluid and powerful look and his long saber-like fangs glint in the light. He poses and growl-laughs deeply, "I can't say I'm...disappointed." He poses in his hottest position and poses for Ethan, John, and King. "What do you think?"

                  Nov 28 2009, 09:01 AM
                  Bray looked to Nick. "I've been promoted to Major. Lampwick is okaying a monthly holiday for the Howl for all these guys... although... I have to be there to make sure they get back home afterward. So it looks like I'm working, Nick. ATTENTION Donkeys! My friend Nick is starting his Heat Cycle... unless you want to be Donkaroo hybrids, don't get too close to him!" He winked with a grin at Nick. "Quit trying to rape Nick. Over here right now." He giggles. It was a joke, but he knows some of these guys... THEY MIGHT TRY IT!


                  Alicia said, "I guess they just love you enough to want to join you, Vincent. Don't complain; just accept."

                  Storm likes that more people want to be Vincent's.


                  Ethan leaped toward Leo and tried to fuck him right there.

                  John on the other hand, slowly headed back toward the Howling Fury through Sept Transportal. As sexy as Leo now was, it didn't turn John on at all... it had the opposite effect. It turned him off.

                  King decided to go after him to talk to him.

                  Nov 28 2009, 09:11 AM
                  Knowing some of them... They WOULD! But they salute Bray with lots of grins and get to attention and over there right then.

                  Nick sighs, "Well I guess we'll have to make a rain check then then, Tod."


                  Vincent says, "Alright... Anyone who WANTS to be MY WERE-LION THRALL... Line up over here so I can keep track." and he'll initiate any other who want in.


                  Leo laughed then blinked when John turned and left... He was excited with Ethan but... John's leaving hurt. John's the one who first made Leo feel like he wasn't worthless... He watches King go after him and sighed heavily... John... Wh..why'd he leave... I guess lions is all... he... liked... He looked down.

                  Nov 28 2009, 09:24 AM
                  Bray says, "I'm sorry, Nick. Every time we try to make plans, something happens. Just like old times. Nothing's changed. But do you still love me?" He smiled with big donkey eyes and partially flopped over long ear.


                  Vincent goes over 100 pretty quickly. Soon, he's in Nick's boat.


                  Ethan noticed that Leo's mood wasn't there. "Have I... disappointed you, Leo?"


                  King caught John and took him backstage into the Stars Dressing Rooms. "What is wrong with you? Aren't you happy for Leo? Your leaving is making Leo sad!"

                  John slowly looked up into King's eyes. "My Leo is gone."

                  King arched an eye. "Because he isn't a Were-Lion now?"

                  John replied, "No, not that... my Leo is a scraggly ragged looking person with messy fur and a forlorn though loving expression. This new Leo... is nothing like what I fell in love with. He's sleek, perfect, well-groomed, in heat, horny, and... has nothing to prove now. The old Leo... had to work for his rewards; this new Leo... got what he wanted on a silver Were-Lion Platter. He isn't my Leo anymore."

                  King sighed. "I get it now. You love Thralls."

                  John also sighed. "Yeah... and he's gone."

                  Nov 28 2009, 09:35 AM
                  Leo hugged Ethan tightly, sighing, "No... No you haven't. I just...I really liked john too. You were both... part of what made me... And it just... It really hurts that as soon as I tried to... be better... he...he turned away from me. But I still love you, Ethan. Maybe... Maybe he's better off this way..." He sighs, "I would have just... hurt him eventually...." He hugs Ethan TIGHTLY, "You won't leave me...will you? Please? I'll do anything you want....Just please say you won't leave me too, please?"


                  Vincent is surprised... And wondering where all the people are coming from! But he askes EACH one questions to make sure they know what they were getting themselves into... and each one is saying yes...


                  Nick says, "Just like old times. And yes... I still love you. Go on then. Scoot. Take care of your charges."

                  Nov 28 2009, 09:52 AM
                  Ethan hugged Leo and told him how Vincent had found out about the Ethan improvements and had asked Cypher to ask Ethan and John for improvements to Leo. Ethan wanted the were-lion to always want to have sex with him, love getting horse cock, and never leave him. But John could only come up with one request. And Cypher couldn't grant it cause it would undo everything Ethan asked for. John had asked that Leo remain exactly as he was the day he had met Leo.

                  Ethan said, "So you see, Leo. I have no intention of ever leaving you. I don't know what's wrong with John though."


                  Bray grinz. "Jason has thralls now. Mr. "I'll Never Have 'em" now has them. You can poke some fun at him. When will you be making your one announcement? A joey told me that you had important news."


                  King was back on stage again with his band. "In honor of the real Tod being back with us and Vincent's full recovery, Lion's Den is going to perform every song we did earlier... again!" And they got started again.

                  The Golden Yak grinned. "Time for me to resume granting wishes then. First wish... I wish for Valey and Lampwick to get stuck together for longer than they intended. I think that's poetic justice..." ;>

                  Nov 28 2009, 10:02 AM
                  Leo hugged back tightly, and kissed Ethan on the lips. "Then if you trust me. I want you to stay right here for a moment and wait for me. I promise I will be back and I will send cypher out here too. I WANT you to talk to him and ANYTHING about me you want to add/alter/change you do it with him and have it happen over night not right away. I need to speak to John. I think understand now."

                  Leo then goes to hunt down John to speak with him. He has something important to say to him.


                  Nick says, "I was going to wait until after things calmed down from all that happened with Vincent and the other you." He hrms, "But I will tell you." He pulls Bray down and tells him EVERYTHING that Tod 2 found out about him... and the news that was brought to him... and introduces him to the now roo-thrall.... Whom Nick thought was one of the CUUUTEST.


                  Jason grins, "Ms Yak? I have an idea for that." He winks and whispers in her ear... I think you should have Lampwick grow a knot on his cockbase and for Valey to trapped on it until New Years Day, Roarin' Rhoades time. Not even magic able to remove him.

                  Nov 28 2009, 10:16 AM
                  John had since left the Howl. He was in his car outside of Leo's first house. He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a bottle without a label, shook it, then opened it... "my leo is gone... now... so am i..." And he started drinking the poison that he had made back during Howl 1 (drug overdose reference). He was going to carry out his original plan.


                  Bray grinned. "Congratulations, Nick. I am proud of you. Don't worry, I won't hit you up for money." He winked.


                  The Golden Yak grinned. "The Epidemic Reference... that's a good idea, Jason. One good dragon knot coming up." ;>

                  Nov 28 2009, 10:41 AM
                  Leo wouldn't stop until he tracked him down and tracked him down he would! Though he just hoped he wasn't too late to stop him from doing something stupid. He checked his house first... But he did notice the missing and immediately started checking everywhere close by. When he finally found John... He immediately began carrying John as fast as he could back toward help. "I'm not going to let die, John. You can't. I'm not going to let you."

                  A particular voice said from behind Leo, "I'm afraid your already too late, Leonardo."

                  Leo turns and blinks, "Who are you?"

                  The Nubian says, "Oh who I am doesn't matter. What matters is... Your friend there is already dead. His heart stopped 10 minutes ago. If you revive him through normal means now... he'll be left a vegetable. Which only leaves a few other methods. But even if you bring him back... He won't be happy. Another dead casualty of your own obsession to be the best. His death... is on your paws, boy"

                  Leo growls, "I've done NOTHING but love him."

                  The Nubian smirks, "In your own way... maybe. But he needed you...and you kept running out to Ethan...running out to find a way to make yourself better. To get more power... You never stopped to realize... What you already had." He walks over and touches the corpse' face softly, "And soon this young soul will be leaving this world and going to judgement. And there is nothing you can do about it. He's on my list."

                  Leo growls, "FUCK your list. I'm not going to let you have him."

                  The Nubian shakes his head, "I, I, I... Me, Me, Me." He sighs, "You should learn something from Vincent and not attack those who are trying to help you."

                  Leo blinks, " me?"

                  The Nubian nods, "Indeed. I will give you a test. If you pass my tests and game.. I will arrange it so that the boy gets an extension on his life. Loose, and I take your soul as well. What do you say? Do we have an accord?"

                  Leo looks at John.... then the Nubian, "Yes. You have a deal."

                  The Nubian nods and suddenly Ethan and the Soul of John Flicker are standing on the sidelines next to the Nubian. Ethan on the left and John on the right. The Nubian grins, "This should be... amusing." The ground under Leo suddenly gives way and he lands in a pit... completely human again. "Now, now, Leo. Don't die. IF you die, I get both your souls. I really don't understand why you'd want to risk your life to save someone who only cares about thralls and appearances...But here we go." The pit rearranges into a dangerous 3-d hellhole maze, "Round One! Find the Exit! Oh and don't die while your doing it." He grins at Ethan and John, "Well... How's it feel Ethan to see him risking everything just to save the boy's life?" He was taking a preserve amount of pleasure in watching this.


                  Nick chuckles, "You can hit me up for money any time you like, Tod."


                  Jason grins, "GOOD! That should be funny."


                  POP! Lampwick blinks, "What the?! Valey? Um... I think we have a problem..."


                    Nov 28 2009, 11:22 AM
                    Ethan set a gaze on the Nubian. "I know who you are. You may have the others fooled, but I am a former Hunter. I've seen you many times when I had to hunt in Africa. When I saw your likeness in a temple, I figured it out fast... Amon Anubis." He then looked into the pit. "Know you this... I would love Leo no matter how he looked nor no matter who he tried to save. True... I was lonely back at that cabin where Cypher left me. I didn't think anyone knew I was there. Weeks went by. One day, I'm picking apples and Leo shows up. He shares an apple, then... he provokes sex... I normally wouldn't have done anything with him, but he said, 'Being a prude is for humans; centaurs are not humans. Live a little.' So I gave in."

                    "Maybe I got too excited," continued Ethan. "Maybe... I started relying on him too much. But the next thing I know... he's asking me to go Equitaur. Well, I agreed to it. Then he says he wants to move in with me. And then as an afterthought... he says, oh yeah, my human too. He couldn't even remember his name. I started getting worried at that point." He paused. "Leo may get hurt in your pit, but he won't give up once he sets his mind on a task."

                    John quietly says, "'s not that he was a thrall... it was that he worked hard for his rewards... this will be no different... he will succeed. but... he was given full were-dom for nothing... for free... what hard work had he done to earn it? i fail to see how he can be happy with a charity transformation. did he do it for the power, to impress others and to have his own thralls? or did he do it because he had earned it? certainly not the latter. Sexy doesn't turn me on. Scruffy underdog types... oh yeah... that was sexy to me... how the first leo looked... he gave it up..." He then started softly singing the Lion's Den song of 'Hear Me Roar'.


                    Bray grinz. "Will we get to see a new Were-Roo Estate soon?"


                    Valey irked! "Feels like you just grew a dragon knot! And it hurts!"

                    Nov 28 2009, 11:36 AM
                    Anubis grins, "Well.. Interesting viewpoints. We'll have to see how this turns out, won't we?" He looks at John, "I will say one thing. He refused to give up on you. Even after you gave up on yourself."

                    In the Pit, Leo suddenly YELLED loudly as a part of his side was badly burned by a moving volcanic plate... But he kept going.

                    Anubis grins at Ethan, "So... he asked you to completely give up all traces of your humanity to be an Equitaur.. Just because that's what he wanted. Not what you wanted. Was that fair of him? Does that not bother you in the least? Not even a tiny bit?"


                    Nick grins, "Well.. MAYBE a small villa... with lots of room." He smirks, "You want me to build you some stables to stay in, donkey boy?"


                    Lampwick says, "I know! I can't...I can't pull out either... or stop thrusting!" If anything his thrusts get STRONGER and push himself deeper inside Valey, STRETCHING him good so that soon the pain will be replaced by something else entirely.

                    Nov 28 2009, 11:56 AM
                    Ethan said, "I was bothered until Cypher told me that Vincent was giving John and I permission to dictate changes in Leo. Leo could have been an Equitaur himself, had I asked for it. John could have had Leo on a leash."

                    John actually smiled at that one. Then he said, "Anubis... why is my soul important to you?"

                    Ethan muttered, "...cause he's hard up and horny...?"


                    Bray laughed. "Is that where you and I are going to be having sex at?"


                    Valey moaned. "If we can't get loose, you'll get all nine knots and develop a slit and I'll become your Samate and you'll change into a Donkeydragon who will want MORE Samates!"

                    Nov 28 2009, 12:03 PM
                    Anubis grins, "Do I have to have a reason to do anything? I'm the Man. The God. The ruler of Death, Darkness and DESPAIR! BWAHAHAHA" He laughs genuinely. "Nah, I'm not that bad. But why do YOU think your important?"

                    Leo CURSES and pants, finally making it to the exit as the whole pit-room-bubble of reality changes again... This time it's MUCH more difficult test. A hall way of mirrors and forms... and only the 'right' solutions leads out. On top of that there are evil monsters to fight through. Very D&D inspired room.

                    Anubis grins and calls down, "MIND THE GELATINOUS CUBES!" He winks at Ethan and John.


                    Nick smirks, "Maybe. and maybe that's where I'm gonna put all the Donka-roo kids you pump out at."


                    Lampwick pants and moans, thrusting and fucking Valey harder, "Well I only have one right now... And... I can't pull out of you at all. It's like there is something preventing it.. When I try to.. I just get shoved back in harder. Can your magic get you off?" He pants, moaning more, and thrusting harder, deeper and more pleasurably.

                    Nov 28 2009, 12:26 PM
                    John says matter of factly, "Either Thoth needs a new scribe or one of your pack members has asked for a new omega... Namely me. Which I wouldn't mind, in truth... I support the underdogs, you know. They have it off as bad as I did. If I was given life back, I wouldn't want to stay with the new Leo. No offense, Ethan... but he isn't himself anymore. Regardless of looks, in my opinion... he's Vincent 2. And that doesn't impress me. Maybe if the Nubian Hounds had a shop in the Plaza... I might move in with them and work hard to earn my place. If sex happened, sure, I'd accept it. I didn't move in with Leo for sex; I moved in so he wouldn't be lonely. Then he went to you, Ethan. So maybe I would benefit the Nubian hounds more."

                    Ethan hummed. "A Nubian Jewelry and Ritual Supplies Shop... I could see that as profitable..."

                    John smiled. "And I could wear a black collar with my master's name on it. And an Ankh necklace..."

                    Now they are both going way off topic.


                    Bray started ushering donkeys down into the Howl.


                    Valey groans. "I've been trying. Feels like all of my spells that I could use to get free are blocked. And only the Yak could block my spells. I told you she was an old bitch, remember?"

                    Nov 28 2009, 12:36 PM
                    Anubis leans back, "Interesting you should mention Leo 2." He chuckles with a knowing grin. "Very interesting indeed." He grins and watches Leo's progress. "Oooo this is my favorite part! The Acid and Spike Traps! I made those by hand... oh such devious little traps they are"


                    Nick watches them go, snuggling his Thrall Joeys.


                    Lampwick pants and moans in pleasure, thrusting harder against Valey, "My..My cock's starting to feel itchy love... And I'm getting even hornier... I don't know how we can get apart if all these things are OH GOD..." HE CUMS hard inside Valey and goes right back to pounding, hard and deep, "Blocked"

                    Nov 28 2009, 12:49 PM
                    Suddenly, Ra's voice was point-blank behind Anubis. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THESE AREN'T EGYPTIANS NOR AFRICANS!"


                    Outside, Bray placed the one Thrall Joey up between his donkey ears and let him ride on his head as they walked around the Howl... "Maybe we can find Nick some more 'recruits', yes?" He giggled.


                    Valey moaned, then OW'ed! "I just felt the second one! Damned that Yak!"

                    Nov 28 2009, 12:58 PM
                    Anubis hrms and looks back at Ra, "Hrm? Oh 'ello Ra. You know you really shouldn't shout like that... It'll make you go horse." He looks back at the scene, "Just conducting a little test. You know the rules. If the god of death happens to be around when a soul dies and there are no other active death gods to bicker with, you can put a claim in on it." He pats John, "john here committed suicide. Leo's trying to get him back. It's all in tip top shape. By the way, Any plans on telling Anhur about this little Howling? I think it'd be just the type of place he'd get a kick out of."

                    Leo suddenly YELLED as a Acid Spike was shot through his leg... Though as soon as it was removed he kept trying to continue on... He wasn't giving up.

                    Anubis says, "Leo's got spunk. Always did." He looks over at Ra, "Hrm... Anyway... Do you have a problem with what I'm doing? I mean I can exactly back out of a deal. It'd make the whole pantheon look bad."


                    Lampwick says, "On the bright side... We're getting to spend some quality time together at last"

                    Nov 28 2009, 01:13 PM
                    Ra grinned. "You mean that rule that says that you can only offer deals and tests to Egyptians and Africans who are true to our pantheon? That rule? And you are NOT a god of death; you are the Guardian of the Dead. Until John's soul departs, you do NOT own him. I've already had to punish Bastet this month. Is it your turn now? You know you make the pantheon look bad by breaking the rules." He then examined John and did something to him. John suddenly looked blank and was unspeaking. Ra then said, "How is Leo doing?" He looks into the pit.

                    Nov 28 2009, 01:23 PM
                    Anubis chuckles, "Blah blah blah. You know I'm not breaking them. more like...stretching them." He grins, "He's doing... remarkably well. All told he probably won't die until the 8th or 9th room." He yawns, "I thought it would be more amusing than this, honestly." He sighs a bit, "Leo 2 just isn't... the same. You can't tell his determine isn't waning but his... energy... his will is being sapped rather quickly." He tsks softly, "Copies. Just never the same as the originals. In any case, Ra, John will need to be returned to life when the fun's over..."

                    End of Part Two


                      P A R T - T H R E E : Rescuing Leo

                      Nov 28 2009, 01:43 PM
                      Ra growled, then he said, "You jumped the gun. The poison he mixed a whole month ago to kill himself with would only have killed him if it had been FRESH. When he drank it one month later... it placed him into a sleep-like coma. He wasn't dead, Anubis. You FUCKED up! He drank a heavy duty sleeping drug. And THAT is why you can't claim him. However... because some of the rules are rather dumb... and I did overhear the discussion about the Egyptian Jewelry and Ritual Supplies Shop idea... If Leo succeeds, we give John a job in our new shop along side Nubian hounds who know the craft better than anyone."

                      Then he smiled. "Now for the real reason I came out here. I was talking to Vincent and Zeus earlier and Vincent mentioned wanting to provide a Howling Fury News Magazine for the Special Folk. And naturally, that meant that he would need a reporter. And the most immediate reporter in the area was... John Flicker. The boy was about to be offered a job doing something that he is good at. And that will be needed once 1040 RRHF-AM got built. The area's first radio station. John doing the news and Storm doing the weather. In other words... he is needed for the businesses at the Plaza."


                      The Howling Fury was closing for the night. Naturally, there were the obvious shouts going on...


                      "I can't find my brother! He's my ride home and he had the car keys!"

                      "Tony? We got some boys stuck in a toilet stool! Need help! Fast!"

                      Tony just grinned. "Just like the first Howl... Don't worry, folks! We'll find everyone!"

                      Nov 28 2009, 01:49 PM
                      Anubis says, "Oh well. Better luck next time." He vanishes leaving Ra to clean up the mess.


                      Sarrius smirks, "or at least where they went and got trapped at.."

                      Nov 28 2009, 01:58 PM
                      Anubis didn't get away THAT easily... he was suddenly in Osiris' grasp and after that, he found himself in a cell directly beside Bastet. 30 fucking days...


                      Ra growled and Leo, Ethan, himself, and John were on stage where all of the healers got to work. Fortunately, Alicia proved to be the most effective. She's the EXPERT.

                      "He'll awaken normally after a little rest. But the drugs have been removed. Thank you for placing his soul in a non-eroding stasis so it couldn't depart. That was very helpful, Ra."

                      Ra looked at Vincent. "Anubis is being punished."

                      Alicia was now healing Leo's wounds, but then she stopped. "I thought you were Leo, but you're not. Who are you?" Yes, as Anubis was hinting, she can see it, too.

                      Cypher looked at Vincent. "How many people did you use that Shaman Copy spell on?"


                      Tony was traveling around with Sarrius again. Trying to locate all of the missing people. What a fun job!

                      Nov 28 2009, 02:04 PM
                      Vincent says, "I never used it on Leo..." He thinks back, "There was this one time the restoration magic fired but never did anything... I thought it was Odd... but Leo was perfectly safe and was just at the shop. Nothing out of the ordinary at all and he wasn't even hurt. I didn't Re-Thrall him so he should be a human and this was clearly the one I was were-thrall linked to..." Which means the original hasn't been a were for a while so would easily be over looked. But must still be trapped.

                      Vincent says, "The fetishes I made for the thralls contained an auto-save-me... Of course now that I know all this I'll be changing that but... Yeah.. I don't know what's going on... Are you SURE that isn't Leo?"


                      Sarrius found to be a VERY fun job. Especially since he could use the time to educate his samates (especially Pete and his friends) on those situation and how to best to solve them.

                      Nov 28 2009, 10:30 PM
                      Alicia examined Leo2 again. "There is no doubt about it, Vincent. This Leo is not the original. I am trained to know a copy from an original by seeing the signature in their aura. And this one's signature... has no DNA imprint info about his parents. The original would have that. We need to find the original. Where did this spell go off at, Vincent. Lead us there."


                      Raleigh and Malerisk were speaking to the Golden Yak. " you see, his whole pack were killed and I want to help him in any way possible for him to regain his pack members. Is there a way to make this happen?"

                      The Golden Yak said, "Yes, but you have to spend the whole Winter with Malerisk while under the effect of a spell that I will place on you. I will inform your parents that you have gotten a job with a friend of Vincent's who has some unique dogs, but you have to live there for the winter. Malerisk, it will be your job to have sex with Raleigh all the time, and only pausing for your friend to lay eggs. Every time an egg forms, the prior mind, body characteristics, and entire life's memories, as well as their souls and spirits will take up residence within the individual egg. When the eggs hatch in the summer, the dragondog pack members will remember everything, although they will be young and have to grow up all over again. However... the last egg produced... will be an original, a true son of the union between human boy and noble dragondog. Are you willing to do this?"

                      Raleigh shivered, but he said, "I said I wanted to help and I said I would do it. I'm in if Malerisk is in."

                      Nov 29 2009, 12:18 AM
                      Vincent thinks back, "It's been a while... It was after Ethan arrived..." He nods, "I think I remember roughly where... We'll have to hurry if we want to beat the blizzard, right, Storm?" He starts leading the way. It's actually quite a distance a way just over the border of his property. The scene is filled with snow however there are several burrows and some have unnatural still bubbling tarry black substances around the entrances. And White Magician or Shaman with them could sense the demonic influences in the area. Especially deep underground. What likely happened was that the new Leo was not only created and linked in place of the old Leo but also teleported to the workshop so when Vincent checked on him, he was at the shop and he didn't remember what got him in trouble in the first place. Somewhere down there, Leo is still waiting to be rescued. And likely, it's not the demons fault, in truth.


                      Malerisk puts a paw on Raleigh, "Are you... sure, Raleigh? You don't have to do this. I won't lie to you that this is something I would like to do but I don't want you to feel you have to do this..." He blushes, "I...I... That is.. I really like you, Raleigh and I don't want you to be hurt or upset..."

                      Nov 29 2009, 01:18 AM
                      Alicia, Storm, and Bray stayed with Vincent. Bray said, "Glad I got all the donkey's sent back to Pleasure Island when the Howl ended. Thanks for letting me come along to help find Leo. But if this happened after Ethan arrived, then Leo missed the first Howl, too. And that would mean that John Flicker never met the real Leo, either."

                      Storm says, "We have 2 weeks to find Leo, then the blizzard hits. I just hope we find him today."

                      Alicia is riding on her broomstick with Miss Mowsa. "I think we can find him. We just have to believe we can."


                      The Golden Yak says, "We'll arrange full camping equipment in the cavern. I'll set up a Transportal between the cave and the Buck Run Plaza's Roarin' Inn and Restaurant. You'll need the Transportal to have food delivered to you because there is a blizzard to hit in 2 weeks and when it does, you two will be snowed in. So, you'll need another exit for food access."

                      Raleigh hugs Malerisk. "I still want to do it, Mal. Would you rather I pull a 'human' and change my mind?"

                      Nov 29 2009, 01:25 AM
                      Vincent says, "True enough but I'm not SURE how long after Ethan got here... I've been...rather busy. But this looks like the right area." He ruffles Bray's head, "You know I am sorry that I lost you, Tod. I feel bad that I abandoned you."


                      Malerisk nuzzles and hugs back, "No... Thank you, Raleigh, I promise to be as loving and gentle as possible with you." He lick-kisses the boy softly.

                      Nov 29 2009, 01:38 AM
                      Bray grinned. "Call me Bray, Vincy. It's the nickname I use now. Besides, I still work for you and Lampwick. I repair your motorcycles and I repair his amusement rides. I could probably build a ride for the plaza, if you wanted to have one there. I felt honored when I saw that you came to the island to personally get me back home. That's when I knew that my respect in you was totally well-placed. Thank you for that. But let's find Leo now. He trusts you, too."


                      Arly is washing up in the bathroom with Big T. "I'm a Were-Moose. I don't understand how that happened. I know you didn't bite me. I thought we were just trying out something new. But... I really like being yours..."

                      Nov 29 2009, 01:59 AM
                      Vincent chuckles slightly, "You are one of us, To..Bray. Why wouldn't I come for you?" He nods slightly, "And I admit I'm quite...worried about him."


                      Big T chuckles, "Because I came inside you." He kisses Arly again, "I like you being mine too." He rubs the young were-moose body softly, "And you look quite the handsome moosey calf too." He chuckles, teasing Arly. "I can't keep my hands off you."


                        Nov 29 2009, 02:00 AM
                        Alicia said, "I sense his aura just ahead, Vincent."


                        Tony and Sarrius looked in on Big T. "Hey, Big T! What's your boy's name? We have a missing persons list again this month!"

                        Arly says, "Arledge, but my friends call me Arly."

                        Tony scanned the list, then he said, "Nope, you're not on the reported list. You get to keep him, Big T."

                        Nov 29 2009, 02:02 AM
                        Vincent nods, "I smell Demon. Dog Demon. I don't recognize the type though." He looks around and heads a little further a head and hrms, "The scent is strongest over here.. I suspect that cave?"


                        Big T grins, "Well good. Cause he said that he liked being mine." He looks at Arly, "Right Arly?"

                        Nov 29 2009, 02:25 AM
                        Suddenly, a human young man said, "Watch your step in that cave. I almost got stuck in the tar when I was in there earlier."

                        Bray looked at the new brown haired hazel eyed, fair skinned male in winter clothes. "Who are you and why are you out here?"

                        "I'm Thane Tanner from New York. I was at the Howl earlier and I decided to go out and get some fresh air. I took a short walk and found this place. When I was in that cave, my shoes almost got stuck in the nearly unseeable tar. That's why I said to watch your step in there. If you're looking for someone, I'd like to help. I'm a junior license carrying adventurer."

                        Storm said, "The Junior Adventurers Club in New York? The one Lancer runs?"

                        Thane grinned. "Yeah. My cousin knows Lancer better than he cares to."


                        Arly nodnods his head. "I said that just before you guys came in. I was at the last Howl. What sort of list do you have this time?"

                        Tony said, "There's this one boy who is stranded here cause his ride is missing and his ride had the car keys. And the boy waiting can't drive."

                        Arly hummed. "That's tough."

                        Nov 29 2009, 02:48 AM
                        Vincent grins, "Well, nothing wrong with having another body with us." He hrms a bit and says, "Tar isn't fun. We could freeze the tar solid though. Drop the temperature far enough and most tar looses it's sticky properties and turns hard.


                        Big T chuckles and says, "I think I know where to find that guy. I saw a guy in the northern bathroom... With one of those pegasi... not sure if they were weres or changelings or just lords. You know the ones. From the greek isles who were looking for new sileni boy servants."

                        Nov 29 2009, 03:14 AM
                        Thane nodded his head. "The tar close to the entrance is frozen, but the further into the cave you go, the warmer it gets. And that's when the tar becomes a problem."

                        Alicia hmms. "Perhaps a flying carpet?"


                        Tony says, "Thanks, Big T. But we do have to search everywhere. Next month, the bands will be The Answer, which is three were-llama brothers from Tibet in the party lounge, and from Japan, on the main stage, Electric Tradition, a rock band consisting of a Kitsune, a Tanuki, a Were-Tiger, a large Were-Panda, and a Hengeyokai-Rat. He's the lead singer." He and Sarrius head out again.

                        Nov 29 2009, 03:20 AM
                        Vincent hrms, "That would work as well if you could arrange it, Alicia. And it would make it easier."


                        Big T nods, "Just tryin' ta help."

                        Sarrius pets Pete, "At least this Howl, we know what to expect. You're getting good with the arrangements, Tony."

                        Big T says, "I've heard of Electric Tradition. I have a friend who will NOT want to miss them."

                        Nov 29 2009, 03:32 AM
                        Moments later, the group were riding a flying carpet through the ever-increasing warm cave.

                        Alicia flew along slowly on her broomstick with Miss Mowsa. "I hope the arrangement works out. I can sense that we're getting close to that dog presence."


                        Tony says, "Got lucky with Electric Tradition. Their manager told me that the fest that was taking place on the same date as the next planned howl had cancelled. So they were ecstatic to be able to come play at the Howling Fury."

                        Nov 29 2009, 03:44 AM
                        Vincent was clinging to the carpet with his claws, "he..hehe... nice carpet.... don't drop us now..."


                        Big T grins, "What about tryin' for the Canadian Lumberjacks sometime?"

                        Nov 29 2009, 04:00 AM
                        Alicia grinned. "Don't pee on the carpet and it won't drop you. Carpets hate getting wet."

                        Thane was trying to see ahead. That's odd... the others don't seem to notice, but I smell Dog sex scent...


                        Tony said, "Rules of the Howl, Big T, is that we have to get in 2 bands. 1 minor and 1 major. Can you name another?"

                        Nov 29 2009, 04:12 AM
                        Not just that but the tar was increasing in stickiness and scent as well. Vincent was distracted by the carpet but Thane could hear also a slight barking and yipping sound from not too far away. The inner chambers of the cave smelled STRONGLY of Demon... Demon Dogs and Demon Foxes and Demon Wolves. A veritable whole PACK of them living undetected on the surface world. Likely started by a run away high level demon who learned to mask his presence and the presence of his packmates. They would have to deal with the Alpha if they wanted to get the boy back.


                        Big T nods, "The Lumberjacks are okay as a minor... They're not that well known. But... The Arctic Howlers are very well known among the Northern weres. Three Electric Guitarists Were-Wolves, one of which is lead singer (with a three wolf howling chorus), a were-fox as backup singer, a were-hare on keyboard (snowshoe), and a Were-Bear(Polar) on drums."


                          Nov 29 2009, 04:27 AM
                          Alicia said, "That's odd... I am now sensing two large wolves directly ahead. But I don't smell nor see them."

                          Thane said, "I think you cats are encountering a sensory mask. I can smell every canine in here. I can smell the two border wolves and they are about 500 feet ahead. They will be stopping us in a few moments. Leo seems to be in the middle of a BUNCH of canines in heat."

                          Bray said, "I'm not a cat. Why am I being blocked?"

                          Thane grinned. "Don-key."

                          Bray ohed.


                          Tony grinned. "I've heard of the Arctic Howlers. Problem is... they are booked for all of January in Greenland. The February Howl is when we would try to get them in, but how do we contact them?"

                          Nov 29 2009, 04:43 AM
                          Vincent hrms, "Masking sight and sound from not just us but all touched species... That speaks of a VERY high level demon, Alicia."

                          Thane was right on the money, however, as just moments later two very large and bristly demon wolves stop the group and they do NOT look happy to see the cats OR the donkey.

                          The one on the right, growls menacingly, "What do you furballs want here? Haven't you caused enough damage? You want to try and kick us out now?"

                          The one of the left, snarls, "Can it, Carron. Master says they're get through."

                          Carron blinks looks at the other one, "Are you sure, Thanos? Look at 'em! They're just gonna make things worse..."

                          Thanos snarls again, showing more than a little fang, "Are you questioning me?"

                          Carron's tail droops immediately, "N..nosir."

                          Thanos nods, "Good." He narrows his eyes at group, "Go on in.... But if you try to pull anything...your dead where you stand."


                          Big T grins and pat's Tony's back, "I can get 'em here. My cuz works with 'em backstage. He's their set director who gets all the stuff setup for the shows. I can call in a favor. Though if you REALLY wanted to get the band here FAST... There is a were-wolf I know. Lives not TOO far from here by bike. About 150 miles by road, I'd guess. He's been sick. Real sick. Degenerative disease or something. He's Redfang's, that's the lead singer's, mother. Yes. He's a mommy. Anyway. You cure him, you can have the Arctic Howlers any time, day or night, with a snap of your fingers."

                          Nov 29 2009, 04:55 AM
                          Thane smiled. "They are furballs; I'm not. Let's go, guys." And the group went on through.

                          Once beyond that point, Bray said, "Vincent, I just had a thought...with all of the evil spirits and other land protectors gone from your lands... you are going to need new patrollers. Now set aside that these guys are demons... who better than to patrol a property than a pack of canines? I say let them stay. Make that as an offer to them. Then any trespasser on the land that you aren't familiar with, they can play with. Just a thought."

                          Thane said, "I thought Carron was rather cute."


                          Tony chuckled. "Vincent's new betrothed is a White Magician. I'll bet she could cure his momma."

                          Nov 29 2009, 05:18 AM
                          Vincent says, "I have nothing against canines but the demon part is somewhat worrisome. As was Carron's accusation that we had already done something. Not to mention... We crossed the border of my property about 20 meters before the cave entrance. But it is certianly something to consider. I am worried they may not trust us given they seem to be on edge about something. I certianly couldn't throw them out if I wanted to. But I could give them amensty within the borders if they wanted it..."

                          As the group goes on, the cavern widened and opens up impressively but it all appears natural caverns. The main central cavern is primarily the yiffing chambers. There are a lot of very nice looking canines there. Surprisingly, there are ALSO a number of humans... UNCHANGED humans. And a few partially changed humans as well but it doesn't look forced.

                          To the left are two other chambers, one full of wolves of various types and the other contains wolven hybrids. On the right are more chambers. One contains foxes, the other fox-hybrids that are mostly fox, and the last two contains the dogs and dog-hybrids. In the center of the cavern, far a head, is a truly MASSIVE demon/devil canine. It looks largely wolven but with some fox like traits...including nine multiple fox like tails. It's eyes glow a soft silvery red and it has large spikes and metallic spines over it's joints and claws. It's breathtaking and despite all the demonic traits, the sheer power is incredible. But he's a DAMN sexy beast.

                          Alicia, alone, would have the training and memory to recognize what, or rather who, this is. An old Canine General. Obviously in exile from Hell but he's lost little of his power. His nickname was La Muerte, that is The Death. General 'La Muerte' Voidstrike


                          Big T grins, "There you go. That's your in, then."

                          Nov 29 2009, 05:32 AM
                          Alicia hovered in place and said, "General Voidstrike. An honor to see your esteemed persona in a most healthy condition."

                          Thane said, "La Muerte himself who won the Battle of the Fallen Skulls during the Skirmishes of the 5th Imperium?"

                          Alicia asked, "But... you shouldn't know such things, Thane. How do you know that?"

                          Thane grinned. "Duh, adventurers club... We study EVERYTHING. Not to mention, we New York Tanners study everything canine."

                          Alicia ohs.

                          Thane said, "He was supposedly awarded his own realms until he was 'cheated' out of his right to own them. And the cheaters were feline, so that probably explains why the border guard were so upset to see this group."

                          Nov 29 2009, 05:43 AM
                          General Voidstrike looks up at Thane and Alicia and the two others. The general leverages himself up into a sitting position. And that's when it's noticeable, he has a rather large gash on his right foreleg and another on his chest. They look like they were inflicted with a Demonsbane blade because they are not healing very quickly and demonic regeneration would have those simple injures healed rather quickly.

                          He looks at Thane and Alicia and the others, "Thane Tanner... And Alicia von Hammer. You must be the new Alexanderos bride to be." He snorts a bit of fire, "Bloody felines." He glares a bit in the direction of Vincent but doesn't linger there long, looking instead back at the two, "I smell a Donkey Changeling too. How nice. What a motley group. What is it that you want. Here to 'rid the world' of another 'blighted darkness'?" His tone is rather bitter.

                          Vincent says, "You have nothing to fear of that from us."

                          He looks up, "Oh no? Then tell me why my home has been attacked not once but four time in the last few weeks by FELINE tainted HUNTERS welding weapons specifically targeting demons, devils, and canines?"

                          Vincent frowns, "I've heard nothing of this."

                          General Voidstrike says, "Your own former Thrall was among them. Wandered in here drunk and slapped one of my guard for being...'fresh'."

                          Vincent facepalms.

                          Nov 29 2009, 05:52 AM
                          Storm then said, "The Golden Yak teleported 850 Hunters directly to Chaosmire just last night under the condition that they couldn't leave unless they allowed the Chaosmire locals to fuck them. As for tainted Hunters, a Hunter would NEVER agree to let a tainted Hunter to be among their number."

                          Thane asked, "Is the former Thrall still here, your lordship?"

                          Nov 29 2009, 06:02 AM
                          General Voidstrike says, "You doubt my word, feline? I know what I saw. 20 humans with feline traits, some tails, some ears, all stinking of felines, attacked us wearing traidtional Demon Hunter outfits and welding Hunter weapons attacked us. ONE of which SLEW one of my SONS. I taught that one the true meaning of pain and torment..." his eyes flare with red rage when he talks about that but it fades as he settles down again. "But I have allowed you here for a reason..."

                          He looks at Thane and nods, "Yes. And he is alive and largely unharmed... Though I had to restrain several of my people from doing him grave harm in their outrage. In his benefit... he welded no weapon and was nearly struck down himself by one of the attackers. I assume you want him back? I'm willing to give him back to you. For a price."

                          Nov 29 2009, 06:12 AM
                          Alicia said, "Storm... you are out of line. I can tell that Voidstrike is telling the truth."

                          Storm cringed. "Yes ma'am."

                          Alicia then continued, "However... Vincent ordered no such strikes on your people, Voidstrike, regardless of what you saw or now say. Lord Lampwick himself placed a humble punishment on Vincent that almost killed him. Therefore I cannot imagine what further conditions that you might name."

                          Thane then said, "Perhaps you would speak your conditions to me, sir, as the felines are all a bit 'testy' from the trip." He winked.

                          Nov 29 2009, 06:21 AM
                          Vincent hugs Storm reassuringly. "It's okay, Storm."

                          General Voidstrike looks at Thane and hrms, "My conditions are fairly simple. Bring me two people who know this feline and can say without question they believe he meant no harm here and would stake their own freedom on it and NO his fellow thralls and Master DO NOT work for that. After that, I want assistance with these Hunters."


                            Nov 29 2009, 06:42 AM
                            Alicia said, "Would I be permitted to speak to him and see for myself if he is the one we are looking for? It would be rather silly to agree to a deal if he wasn't who we came for at all just so you could possibly get more boy-butt nookie."

                            Thane rolled his eyes. "Sir... I think free access for you and your people to the Howling Fury would be highly permissible as an added bonus. Also, an offer to hire you and your people to help to patrol Vincent's property was under discussion before we arrived here. I hardly think that the talks of people who meant you harm. I would speak for the Thrall, but I don't know him. This was my first Howling Fury just last night."

                            Bray then said to Alicia, "Can you contact the Yak, Alicia? Maybe if she set up an anti-Demon Hunters spell over the cavern entrance, all new attackers would be directed to where she sent the 850 Hunters, with the same conditions..."

                            Alicia grins and contacts the Yak mentally.

                            Bray then looked at the Lord. "The former Thrall we came to fetch is called Leonardo Folesom. I do know him and would vouch for him, but I must know if it is really him and not just a disguised demon feline. When Vincent lost his powers last night, the Thrall you have should have totally reverted to his human form. If that did not occur, then he is not Leo."

                            Nov 29 2009, 06:53 AM
                            Vincent hrmed and says, "If you wish, I do have a old mine that was mined out and abandoned on my property now. It had a large amount of sulfur, coal and other things you might could put to good use there."

                            General Voidstrike has a group of sexy wolves bring the tied up devifox before the group. "This is Leo. I will restore him." And he returns the devifox to human form. And it IS Leo. Alicia can tell that easily. He would not have returned to human because the DeviFoxing is what TRIGGERED the rescue magic that made Leo 2.

                            Nov 29 2009, 07:07 AM
                            Alicia says, "I think I understand things now... Vincent. When these guys changed Leo into a DeviFox, it triggered the Rescue Magic. But instead of sending Leo back, it copied him. And you found Leo 2, instead of the original. And that means that he was here during the attack on these people. And Leo will have some heavy explaining to do."

                            Bray exclaimed, "Leo! Alicia has to be wrong about you. Please tell me you weren't willfully attacking these people."

                            Thane mouthed to General Voidstrike, 'A pity. He looked better as a Devi Fox.'

                            And then, the Golden Yak was standing there. "So it is Voidstrike. He's the sweetest guy I know, you know... I believe him if he says he was attacked. And you should believe him, too. Now, let me set up my protection magic over the caverns." And she disappeared again. And that is the bottom word: The Yak says Voidstrike is to be trusted.

                            Nov 29 2009, 07:24 AM
                            General Voidstrike smirks and mentally whispers into Thane's mind, I agree.

                            Leo says, "I didn't attack anyone! I was here when it happened but the wouldn't believe I didn't have anything to do with it! .. I..I admit .. I had been drinking heavily... And I came inside the cave to get out of the wind and throw up... The gaurd said I wasn't welcome here and I slapped him and said I was free to go anywhere I wanted on Master Vincent's property... but I was DRUNK. I honestly DID NOT mean any disrespect. I didn't know I was off the property."

                            Vincent sighs, "I believe you, Leo. It sounds like something you would do."

                            Leo says, "These freaks with the ears and tails and weapons attacked whiled I was trying to explain... They ... They didn't attack me. I don't know why. I guess it was because I was in feline form. I'm sorry, Master Vincent. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I was just so .... happy after meeting John. ... Are John and Ethan okay?"

                            Vincent says, "When was this?"

                            Leo gives a date that's actually after the first howl. He had met John and Ethan but it JUST prior to the radical change in behavior both John and Ethan noticed. It makes a lot of sense.

                            Vincent hrms, "I see..."

                            Voidstrike says, "That is, as I said, why he was devifoxed and used a fuck toy instead of killed. He did not have any weapons. However, he DID strike a guard AND they appeared shortly after him. What else were we to think?" He greets the Yak politely and even give her a nod of respect. More than he's given anyone else here.

                            Nov 29 2009, 07:53 AM
                            Alicia hummed and summoned John Flicker then quietly explained to him what was going on, in detail.

                            Finally, John said to Voidstrike, "I would willfully take any punishment you and your people inflicted on Leo upon myself. Leo had already met Ethan before his arrival here and according to Alicia, Leo asked how both of us were. But I do not think I could satisfy his needs, which is why he turned to Ethan, a centaur at the time. After I moved in with Leo, I rarely ever saw him there. Later I found out that he was with Ethan almost every day. I guess he fooled me. Typical cat got tired of a sure thing and had to have something larger. I should have left right then and there, but I didn't know where to go. Then he met up with you guys and that Leo 2 came around and... he was far worse than the original. If I hadn't been offered work in an all-canine working environment at the Buck Run Plaza just recently... I would just present myself here and now."

                            Thane mentally said to Voidstrike, If I understand things correctly, Leo met John at the first Howl and had sex with him one time only at the Howling Fury. And after that... he wouldn't touch him; he was with Ethan all of the time. I don't know how Leo could call that love. Also, the Yak is a regular at the Howling Fury, so if you and your people attended... you know you would have her protection.

                            Bray and John have spoken for Leo, as per the conditions... And Yak is setting up the defenses.

                            Nov 29 2009, 08:08 AM
                            General Voidstrike hrmmed. "Interesting."

                            Leo sighs and says, "That's not entirely true, John. Can I please tell my side of the story?" He pauses a moment and hearing no objections took a deep breath, "This is not going to sound very good of me but I'm going to be honest with you, John. You deserve that."

                            Leo sighs, "I've always been a bit on the wild side. First with Storm, then Tod, then you... After I met you, I was DAMN sure I was going to loose you too. I've never been able to KEEP anything in my life. My PARENTS. My FRIENDS. I've been betrayed so many times I lost count. The only constants in my life where Vincent... and my job. I FUCKED UP with Storm... I FUCKED UP with Tod... and I was SURE I was going to fuck up with you. I do like Ethan. A LOT. I can't say 'love' exactly but he is a DAMN good friend and that...excited me. Plus I DO like his centaur cock. I won't deny that either. However... That being said..." He sighs, "I did love you. I still do. I don't care if you hate me. Or if you want to reject your vouching for me but it's... the truth. I know I know nothing about love or hell, let's face it."

                            Leo shakes his head, "I know nothing about relationships. I fucking SUCK. But I've had to FIGHT tooth and CLAW for EVERYTHING in my life. And I would fight for you. And Ethan. My life would be worth LESS than SHIT without you, John. And that's the truth. I can't deny who or what I am. I'm a mongrel cat who doesn't deserve you. It's just what I am. I like being fucked by large cocks even before I was turned into a fuck for these canines. So I can't say I hated what they did to me. But I swear, John, I never, ever wanted to hurt you. And if you were... I apologize... I truly...truly am sorry."

                            General Voidstrike looks over at Thane, Another reason canines are superior. We're a hell of a lot more loyal. He smirks, By the way. If you like, young one, I can give you permission to visit us at any time. Aloud, Voidstrike says, "As per the agreement, Vincent Alexanderos, you can have Leo back. I am intrigued however, by this mine you mentioned... and Thane's mention of a...patrol deal?" He looks at Thane, "Tell me more."

                            Nov 29 2009, 08:42 AM
                            John said, "Leo... the scruffy mongrel you is what attracted me to you in the first place. But after you had me, you tossed me aside for Ethan. That hurt. But Leo 2 blatantly rubbed it in my face so much that he made me want to commit suicide. And I almost did."

                            Thane smiled. Extend that 'visit anytime permission' to include John Flicker and I'll accept that gracious offer. Although I may not be around all the time. Junior Adventurers Club. He then said aloud, "Vincent's property is wide open currently because all of his Spirit Patrollers are currently dispersed and gone. If you permitted your people to work for Vincent in the patrol of the entire property, you would gain benefits in many ways..."

                            "1) you would have advanced warning if any demon hunters set foot on the property so you could be better prepared. 2) if the trespasser is someone that Vincent isn't familiar with and they are not demon hunters, then your patrol could 'play' with the guy and possibly earn a new recruit. And 3) having your people on the inside of the Alexanderos workings... you would have advanced warning if the Were-Lions ever DID plot anything against you, which I don't think they would. But better safe than sorry. Also, if you permitted one each of your people's species to work at the Plaza with John... the all-canine work environment, remember? Then you could claim a legal reason for being on the surface world at all. Hired Security."

                            John was looking at a DeviFox and a DeviDog pair briefly... he was interested, obviously. To Leo he said, "If I didn't offer a second chance, Mr. Scruffy Thrall... then I would be no better than how you treated me. However... I cannot compete with Ethan. I will never be that much of a turn-on, Leo. So let's try being friends first, then if we can make it closer, we go there. But I cannot live with you anymore. I'm sorry." John then looked to Voidstriker and Thane. "If you want to assign your people to work with me at the Plaza, I would accept that. I might learn something useful."

                            Nov 29 2009, 09:14 AM
                            General Voidstrike hrms, thinking about that. "You, Thane, are more clever than your human years would suggest. Let us take the matters one at a time. First, this patrol issue. Will the felines allow us to play with them and possibly keep them?"

                            Vincent looks a little uncomfortable but says, "As long as you recognize that I am the boss of the property and don't actively recruit norms who are just passing through then I would be okay with that but not all of those who cross our property are in the know and I would rather keep incidents to the minimum. As long as your people are DISCRETE and only stop suspicious people I can't say no. Patrolling guards ARE needed and it would take me months if not years to rebuild the spiritual defenses lost." He sighs, "I'm not a bad guy, General, I just do not wish to give normal folks reason to come storming my... or our... gates."

                            General Voidstrike smirks, "My people can be FAR more discreet than you skulking cats are. You must know VERY little of us. We can turn invisible AT WILL and the hunters here can stalk a human on scent along for thousands of miles unseen and escaping over the border matters little to us as we are not bound here. However, I WILL give you my word... Normal humans who do nothing suspicious will not be accosted. Since we are working for you in this matter, mutually, we can respect your lands, your rules, so to speak however! As you can see these caverns are becoming somewhat cramped. IF, and I say IF with advisement, we take your other offer. I want YOUR word that the mines interior would be OURS. Your laws, your rules, none of that applies within MY Realm"

                            Vincent hrms, "The mines are EXTENSIVE... And would allow you almost as much room as you could wish for. If the Golden Yak is willing after she's done so much here, I would not be opposed to allowing you to have the mines. HOWEVER, I make one request, should you find any more veins of sell-able product, I get... a mere 10% of your profits... IF it comes within the earth of my land. This 10% will then be put into things that return the wealth to the land as is proper."

                            General Voidstrike rolls his eyes, snorting, "Shamans... Fine, that's fair enough. I will speak with the Yak. She's a truly honorable beauty. I have much respect and friendship with her. I will make the request." He hrms and mentally contacts the Yak, explaining the offer and if she is willing to assist with setting up both defenses and helping Voidstrike create the new Pack Home. General Voidstrike smiles, "If it is big enough, I may even be able to expand and bring the rest of the hound packs here."

                            One of the hell hounds licks John's fingers and nuzzles his hand for attention. They like John a lot.

                            Leo sighs, "I'm willing to start as friends, John. I understand and I will understand if you decide canines are better for you." But he sounded pretty dejected. Yet another thing he's lost. But he'll keep going.

                            General Voidstrike, "Due to all that Thane has done, I am granting him the power of PTT. Past Travel Teleportation . Wherever you have been once before or can see, you can teleport there. Thane and John, as long as I live, you will both be allowed to visit without fear. However, I WILL warn you... If you do visit... You'll probably end up changed. Just come to me if you REALLY want it reversed and we'll talk." He winks, "Now Vincent. I will also establish a separate business in your plaza as well. It is one that we can do well. A messaging running, pack delivery, and personal security station. As well as donating workers to the other establishment."

                            Vincent rubs his eyes, "There are some contracts for that but nothing I'm sure you can find fault with. I only charge rent. Nothing else. Any profits are yours to keep..."

                            Meanwhile... Back at the Howling Fury grounds

                            Leo 2 rubbed his head, and looks at Ethan. "Well... If all that I've heard is true, then I guess the 'real' Leo is more what John wants." He rubs his neck and stretches, "Personally, I'm going to change my name to Raphael then." He winks, "Since Raph was always the one getting in trouble." He laughs a bit, "So, Ethan... Want to live with a Were-Pumadon or with Scruffy Leo and Stuck up John? Cause John did have a point, I did like you more than him. Interested in dating a Were?"

                            Raphael grins and winks

                            Nov 29 2009, 09:40 AM
                            John casually scratches the hell hounds' head as he says to Leo, "I am not rejecting you, Leo. Listen to what you're already doing to yourself. I want you to continue to be Ethan's boyfriend. Wait until you see what Leo 2 made Ethan do. Coercion, mainly because Ethan thought it was you, at first. Ethan is a full Equitaur. With cock powers." He then knelt on the ground and rubbed on the hell hound's tummy. "If you're already giving up on me, Leo... then why are you bothering to continue living? According to Alicia and Vincent, Leo is this guy who was Vincent's best friend. Or is that a lie too."


                            Ethan growled. "One thing you are going to have to learn, Raph... is that you should never call other people names. Also, you are not as smart as you think you are, right Cypher?"

                            Cypher grinned. "Right. Tell him the rest."

                            Ethan said, "That magical deal of how I am now only applies if you were Leo the Were-Lion Thrall. When Vincent gave John and I permission through Cypher to make changes on you, there was a secret thing that I asked for. And that was... if Leo (you) ever stopped being Leo... then I would completely change BACK into my old self, where I could ask Cypher for a new start." And as soon as he said those words, he was HUMAN again... albeit naked. Then he stepped over to Cypher. "No more Equitaur, Raph. You blew it."

                            Ra and Zeus were laughing! Yes, they were still there!

                            Nov 29 2009, 09:48 AM
                            Leo sighs, "I'm not giving up but it sounded rather like a rejection to me. I mean, 'lets be friends' is almost as well known as 'Dear John'. I guess I'm just disappointed but your right, I don't have any right to be. And no that's not a lie, like I said. I'm just... disappointed. Can you... really expect me not to me? But I'll... make it through it. I always do. And if things turn around.. well... That'll be good."


                            Raphael raises a brow, "How did I blow it? I don't get the joke. I'm just calling my brother names cause ... well John did. I was more being satirical of what he said. IF you want to be human again, it's your right, Ethan." He honestly doesn't seem phased by it. "I admit I'll miss the size though but my offer is still the same. Now if your saying you want nothing to do with me... Then, I suppose yeah I blew it. Though I don't know how. You were hugging and kissing me not an hour ago... And you can't say you didn't enjoy your time as an equitaur. You admitted as much."

                            Raphael really doesn't get what's so funny. He was being serious.


                              Nov 29 2009, 10:14 AM
                              Ethan says, "I'll need Cypher and Yak to work together to give me what I really want in form. But as for you, Raph... if you think hugging, kissing, and cock-sex is love, then you and Leo both fucked up. As a Centaur, I tried it with him cause he seemed to need it. When you did me, you flat wanted it. But I never loved either of you. It was just sex. When I agreed to accept Equitaur, I asked Cypher to monitor my free will. And put a stop to my new form if I ever got out of control. I saw right away that I was losing my mind and free will. I was just a fuck toy. If I hadn't asked for this species revert failsafe, I'd still be your fuck toy. If you want me, however... you and Leo have to work together and BOTH live with me."


                              John said, "You tossed me aside for Ethan, Leo. One night with me at the Fury, and you were done with me. Now I think we need to take it slowly. I jumped right into your home after the first night, then you were never there. I can't do that a second time. I lost to Ethan when the Leo I met at the Fury... stopped being that Leo... and resumed his wild ways for big cock. As I said before, Leo, I cannot compete with Ethan." He scratched under the hell hound's chin and the devifox's head between his ears. "And it isn't that I like the Canines more, Leo... but Ra said I had to work with them in exchange for his saving me from Anubis' stupidity. So I'm stuck."

                              Nov 29 2009, 10:22 AM
                              Raphael says, "No thanks Ethan. A clean break is best. I'm not going to be hanging around Leo. I know him too well to think he'll have anything nice to say about me. And you weren't a fuck toy. But if you want this, go far it. That's the best thing I can leave you with. You tried something awesome and liked it. I guess I'll be seeing you around then, Ethan. Though I think you blame me too much." He shrugs and heads out of the Howl. He's not that bothered by it. He'll find someone else if Ethan isn't willing to give him a chance solo. "I am what I am."


                              Leo sighs, "I didn't toss you aside." He shakes his head and says, "Slow it is. It could be worse, I guess. Can I at least get a hug?"

                              Nov 29 2009, 10:40 AM
                              Ethan looked to Zeus. "You better teleport his ass to New Mexico."

                              Zeus asked, "Why there?"

                              Ethan said, "I did my homework on Pumadons. When the blizzard hits, he will freeze to death. Pumadons were active in Prehistoric New Mexico. His species needs dry heat to survive or they die. And I don't want him to die."

                              Zeus ohs and makes it so. POOF!

                              Ethan then says, "I knew he would turn down my test offer. I was going to ask Leo the same thing. The one who refused to do it obviously didn't really want me. And you saw how that went with Raph."

                              Cypher smiled. "But you still cared about his health..."

                              Ethan smiled. "I cannot deny that he was great sex. But that's all it was: sex. I want Leo to see the real me before I choose my new species. I want to have a long talk with him about it."


                              John stopped with the hound and fox, and gave Leo a hug. It was short. Then he went back over to the hound and fox and resumed what he was doing for them. "Leo... answer me one question that's been nagging me since the first Howl... why didn't you Thrall me during our only sex together?" To the hound and fox, he thought, Cats have limited attention spans... not like you handsome guys.

                              Nov 29 2009, 10:45 AM
                              Leo says, "Because were-lion thralls are only accidentally infectious during the Full Moon. I didn't want to make you a Thrall. I wanted to get to know the real you. If you were a Thrall." He shrugs, "Things change. Maybe you would have been more attracted to sexy lions than me. Maybe you would have hated me for it. Maybe... I don't know. I just didn't want to see you trapped to anyone. You've always been on my mind."

                              Nov 29 2009, 10:51 AM
                              John then said, "How was Ethan the day after the first Howl? I know you spent the whole day with him. You sure weren't home with me."

                              John rubbed down the hellhound's tail and rubbed down the devifox's tummy and sheath lightly. You two seem to really like me. I sense that you both want to talk to me when the cats aren't around...

                              Nov 29 2009, 10:57 AM
                              The devifox mrrrrs happily and nodded with a wink.

                              Leo says, "Actually I wasn't with Ethan either all of that time, John. I was a for a bit but then I had other things I had to do."

                              Nov 29 2009, 11:06 AM
                              Alicia then said, "Leo? If you are quite through with John... Ethan wants to talk to you at the Fury. And it's not about sex, he says. I know, shock shock... the end of the world. When you're ready to go, Cypher will summon you." She then turned to General Voidstrike. "Permission to heal your wounds?"

                              John grinned and winked back, now that Leo was distracted by Alicia. John rubbed the DeviFox's sheath and sac a bit more. I'm John Flicker, ex-newspaper reporter. Fired for telling the truth during the dragon-knot epidemic. What about yourself, cutie?

                              Nov 29 2009, 11:10 AM
                              Leo glanced back at John... then nodded to Alicia, "Okay. Fire the teleport away"

                              General Voidstrike hmmms then nods, "Granted."

                              The DeviFox mrrs and yipped cutely and humped the rubbing hand a bit. He yips softly, "Your nice." And really cute! I'm Kip. Nice to meet you!

                              Nov 29 2009, 11:17 AM
                              Thane had been mentally asking Voidstrike all about the 5th Imperium Age. The Club's records were incomplete.

                              Alicia got to work on repairing and healing Voidstrike.

                              Leo and Bray vanished from the chamber... to be seen in the next part at the Fury...

                              Storm was cuddling with Vincent on the flying carpet.

                              John giggled at the humping on his hand. "Not as nice as you are." He winked. Nice name, Kip. Is what you want to talk about public or private?

                              Nov 29 2009, 11:24 AM
                              Vincent smiled and was cuddling back, petting and stroking on his thrall's fur, knowing how lonely Storm must have felt when he was 'abandoned'.

                              General Voidstrike was quite happy to recall the 'old days' with so polite a listener.

                              The Devifox giggles, Either... I's wanna stay with you and learn bouts Hoomans. I never gots to see a real one before. Lord Voidstrike doesn't like us to leave where we might get seened and hurteded. I pwomise I be good and not git in twouble.

                              End of Part Three