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HF-02 Thralls Well [Lions Den]

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    HF-02 Thralls Well [Lions Den]

    Howling Fury
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, & Witch


    Warheart's Characters
    Antonio "Tony" Fury, Were Jackal (Salem, Massachusetts)
    Jene "Cypher" von Hammerstein, Were Rat - Wizard (Greenwich Village, New York)
    Douglas "Storm" Maguire, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)

    Darquirrin's Characters
    Vincent "Vincy" Alexanderos, Were Lion (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Leonardo "Leo" Folesom, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine, Human - Contact (Aware) (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Witch's Characters
    Lucia "Lu" Chantelle Laramie, Vampire (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Gwendolyn "Gwen" Masterson, Human - Contact (Aware) (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Katianya "Tanya" Zrashav, Were Wolf (Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut)

    Orion Talon, former Sept Leader - Werewolf - Werewolf
    Toddrick "Rider" Hunter [2], Human - Contact (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut) - Warheart
    Jason - Were Rabbit - Darquirrin
    Maximilian - Were Fox - Warheart
    Nick - Were Roo - Darquirrin
    Pete and Meric - Samates - Warheart
    Sarrius - Dragontaur - Darquirrin
    John Flicker - Were Lion (Thrall) - Warheart
    Ethan Lombard, former HUNTER - Centaur - Warheart

    New Norms
    To be announced...

    Nov 15 2009, 02:11 PM
    Episode Two: Thralls Well [Lions Den]

    Feeling a cop, keeping one's word; Down at the hop, give a jerk the bird.

    Hi there. Antonio Fury here. We just ended the first rocking howl hosted by yours truly but things were about to heat up in the dead of winter when Storm's blizzard nearly puts the second howl out of business. Stay tuned to see what happens.

    P A R T - O N E : Feeding Thralls

    Todd instantly appeared at the front door of Nick's home on the same morning he had been at the Howling Fury just as the Epidemic was breaking out in the State Park. He had no idea where on the Eastern Seaboard or in the 13 Colonies that Nick lived, but he was now at the house. There was a light snow on the ground here and the air was a bit cold. Tod inserted the key in the lock on the house, unlocked it, and stepped inside, closing the door behind him, as he called out...

    "Nick sent me to check on you guys! Name's Toddrick! But I prefer to be called..." He paused and decided that a new Nickname was needed since he was no longer just a Norm. "...Rider. My nickname is Rider."

    Nov 16 2009, 01:41 AM
    The home is surprisingly neat. At least this room. The Foyer is long and narrow with a total of six doors leading off of it. The main door is the one at the far end of the hall but there are two doors on each side spaced about evenly down the hall.

    The walls are painted a soft off-white color and the baseboards are all of polished wood. The floor here of highly polished stone that seemed to give off a warmth and scent of distant home...

    There are also labels on each of the four side-doors. 'Mobroom', 'Induction', 'Kitchen' and 'Guests'

    The door at the end of the hall as a label as well that reads 'Family and Friends Only'

    The Induction door proves to be locked tightly. Leaving only four possible exits for Toddric.

    There is the sound of hopping and thumping from the Mobroom and beyond the Family and Friends Only doors but they are distant and muffled and probably mean children are at play. The home seems to be filled with a joy that Nick didn't seem to have last time you talk to him. The playful atmosphere seems to make one think that no unpleasantness was never felt here. Nick can remember all too well the familiar feelings of Fosters and the Kitchen is bound to have a lot of it. Just being inside this house makes you feel like you were in the Outback and at home in Aussieland.

    There are a few shouts coming every now and then from somewhere very far away in the back of the house, usually accompanied by more shouts of tussling kids.

    Finally on a table near the last door there is a roll top desk of dark stained cherry. A stack of bills neatly aligned with other papers, a number of which are marked in giant red ink of past due.

    Nov 16 2009, 02:05 AM
    Rider heads into the guest room where he takes off his jacket and shoes, leaving them on a bed there. Then he emerges and goes to the roll top desk and looks over the past due bills. Just seeing them is making him feel really sorry for Nick. Such a nice looking home and owing so much money. "Poor Nick..." He then replaced the bills in a neat pile and proceeded into the Kitchen.

    "Okay, let's see about making something nice. Odd, it smells like cookies and fudge in here. Don't see any though..." He then checked around for dry and refrigerator ingredients to make breakfast and see what the smell of a good breakfast brings out in the way of residents.

    "Nick mentioned Thralls, but... I haven't seen a one yet. I know he mentioned Joeys, so they have to be the kid sounds I'm hearing. But surely the Thralls are older." He starts cooking.

    Nov 16 2009, 02:29 AM
    There are LOTS of Australian ingredients and foods in the refrigerator. Including SEVERAL cases of Fosters and other Aussie favorites. There are two sets of kids and there are Photos of them on the chill box. The young Joeys and the teenagers (Thralls). There is only two Adults, Nick and another Were-Roo that Rider had noticed there being several other pictures of as well but... No sign of. However there are several newspaper clippings. One in particular...

    Fourteen hunters and poachers were found dead this morning at their camp in the middle of the bush. It appeared that the hunting party stumbled across across a wild animal that mauled and butchered their bodies to nearly beyond recognition. Many illegal boxes of elephant ivory, skins, furs, and pelts were collected as well as enough ammunition and firepower to outfit a small country. The strangest discovery was the body of pouched male kangaroo which has been turned over to the national science institutes for study of the genetic mutation. What truly happened in this camp may never be known.

    Near that is an essay submitted to the University of Western Australia (which was returned with a red 'A' marked on the front top left corner) entitled, 'The Sins of Man'. It's a non-fictional essay though it was submitted as a fictional one about Aboriginal people, Were-Roos, and the violence of stupid narrow minded men. The last page was signed 'Nicholas Michael Kane'... And stapled to the back of that is a printout from the same university, denying said individual any further monetary incentives to attend school there. He flunked out of every other class but his creative writing class.

    It turns out there is more to this wild party animal than meets the eye. Even his closest friends were completely fooled.

    A few minutes after he began cooking, an accented voice says, "Um... Ah d..don't know....who yas are, mate, but ah don think Dad would like yas bein' 'ere with 'im not 'ere.." The speaker is a rather handsome Thrall Teenage Boomer. He has dark reddish brown fur and nice voice and bright blue eyes.

    Nov 16 2009, 04:09 AM
    Rider turned and looked at the Thrall. Then he pulled out Nick's keys and set them on the table. "I'm Toddrick Hunter, the guy Nick knows as Foxy. Maybe he hasn't mentioned me; maybe he has. My current nickname is Rider." Then he explained where Nick was and what had happened to him and how he was under quarantine due to doctor's orders.

    "When I spoke to Nick, I offered to come out here and take care of you and your brothers as a favor for Nick. I was last told by Vincent at Roarin' Rhoades that Nick had to recuperate under watch for 30 days, but hopefully it doesn't take that long. I'm worried about him."

    He then smiled. "So, you guys get me in the household until Nick can come home. What do you call yourself? And can I make you something for breakfast? I haven't had anything myself."

    Nov 16 2009, 04:16 AM
    The Thrall pounced and HUGGED Toddric, "So your Foxy! 'E's told us lots bout you." He blushes, "Sorry, Ah didn't recognize you." He then ums, "Well none of us 'ave 'ad much late few days with Dad bein' gone... We're about outta stuff. So anythin' yas can make would be great. We've been worrin' about 'im too. 'E doesn't stay gone this long mosta the time."

    Nov 16 2009, 04:21 AM
    Rider grinned, hugging the Thrall in return, and giving him a small kiss on the nose, before he released him. "I know you guys had cookies and fudge recently. In fact, the scent is still pretty strong in the kitchen." He resumed cooking. "What's your name? Or do I just call you Sexy Thrall - Number One?" wink.gif

    Nov 16 2009, 04:38 AM
    The Thrall blushes, "We're not suppose ta say our names to strangers but... 'E did sends yas... Ah'm 'Enry. Ah'm usually the second cook." He kisses Rider DEEPLY after the nose kiss.

    Nov 16 2009, 04:50 AM
    Rider kisses Henry again, then says, "I'm making pancakes. I noticed there was loads of... Aussie marked syrup. It tasted like syrup, at least. How many should I try to make?"

    Nov 16 2009, 04:55 AM
    Henry says, "Um... Well about 10 at least for each person... We eat a lot... Plus a few extra... Yas 'll probably need ta make around 500 pancakes. Ah can 'elp yas tho. Ah don't mind."

    Nov 16 2009, 05:09 AM
    Rider and Henry spend nearly an hour cooking and soon have a table full of pancakes on platters.

    "Damn... I think we went over 500, like you said, you guys haven't had anything in a while. Um..." he was noticing how Henry's roo tail looked... somewhat scaly instead of furry. But he shook it off thinking it was mud or something. "anyway, shall we call the others? Or how does this work exactly?"

    Nov 16 2009, 05:14 AM
    Henry says, "Well... if yas go out there to call 'em in last that yous gonna get pounced... Ah kin give yas a lift in m' pouch tho. Thot way yas don't get pounced b'for yas can tell 'em who yas are."

    Nov 16 2009, 05:57 AM
    Rider hummed, having remembered to wear Vincent's fetish necklace for just in case emergencies. It paid off to be wearing it on Pleasure Island and it would likely be good here, too. "Okay, Henry. I'll accept a pouch ride with you. And you can show me around the house more properly while we're at it, too. It won't hurt you if I climb in, will it?"

    Nov 16 2009, 06:02 AM
    Henry smiles, "Ah'd love tas! O'course jes remember ta take off all foreign objects. Skin and stuff doesn't matter but artifical objects irratate mah pouch somethin' aweful. It won't 'urt mah pouch at all with just you in it."

    Nov 16 2009, 06:10 AM
    Rider hummed again. "You mean... naked? Um... would my head and neck be inside your pouch? I ask because I am not supposed to take off this Roarin' Rhoades necklace when I am away from Roarin' Rhoades." He allows Henry to look at it up close.

    Nov 16 2009, 06:18 AM
    Henry takes a look at it and says, "Oh... Well Ah don't yas need it 'ere do yas?" He looks at Rider innocently.

    Nov 16 2009, 06:29 AM
    Rider said, "I guess not, but let me get naked in my guest room so my stuff isn't strewn all over the house. Nick might spank me if I made a mess unnecessarily. Come on." And he led Henry back to the guest room, where he started removing his clothes... giving Henry that special free show that any Were-Roo would love to watch.

    While he was undressing and was still wearing the fetish, he mentally sent Vincent a quick message. I am undressing here at Nick's place. His second cook Thrall has offered to show me around, but he wants me to remove the fetish. I shouldn't need it here, but... It saved my life once and... I plan on putting it on once a day to mentally check in. If I miss a check in, assume the worst and send someone here to rescue me. Talk to you in 24 hours, I hope. And then he took off the fetish, putting it away with his other gear.

    Then Rider turned to Henry with a smile and while standing on the bed, carefully stepping into the Thrall's pouch, and seating himself. He was hoping his head would be outside the pouch... if it isn't, then he will be a little worried about being able to intro himself to the others if they can't even see him.

    Nov 16 2009, 06:49 AM
    Vincent quickly sent back a warning NOT to but he might have been too late for Rider to hear him.

    Henry grins and helps Rider get nice and settled down into his pouch. It's very warm and slightly slick with a lube like fluid that tingles on the skin and soaks in easily but his head is certainly left exposed. Henry then gives him a guided tour of the Friends and Family only area... The HUGE master Bedrooms, the Joey's sleeping room with rows and rows of pouch-like bunk beds the Teen Room where all the teens sleep... there are a few in there already positions wink.gif

    Nov 16 2009, 06:59 AM
    Rider quietly giggled when he saw the compromising positioned Teens, enjoying the ride too. "Sleeping like that actually looks fun, Henry. Where to next?"

    Nov 16 2009, 07:04 AM
    Henry grins, "It is." He hops on, the soothing hopping making Rider feel quite at home. He then shows his Rider the play rooms for the very young roos and then the miniature outback area in the backyard where most of the kids are playing and wrestling in the mud and dirt... They look like they're having a _LOT_ of fun and it looks surprisingly fun for Rider as well... Wouldn't it be nice to just forget about all life's trouble and act like a joey for a while and join in those carefree games... Would be nice.


      Nov 16 2009, 07:17 AM
      Rider would love to join them temporarily for some clean harmless fun, but Henry told him that by staying in the pouch, he would be safe from being pounced by the others. Plus, he is trying to show some responsibility. For Nick's sake. "Where to next, Henry?" The pouch is rather fun, as he feels around the bottom of it with one hand to see what all he can find in it.

      Nov 16 2009, 07:24 AM
      The pouch is slick but feels really warm and even warmer near the bottom. It also smells really nice too. Henry hops on and shows Rider the teen yiffing, wrestling, and gymnasium next. It's where most of the teens spend their time... that and the few responsible ones who clean up after the others. It's really impressive and the yiffing teens make it look _FUN!_ It's not so clean but it's DEFINATELY fun. Henry grins, "Yas wanna try out a yiffin roo tro, mate?"

      Nov 16 2009, 07:35 AM
      Rider was feeling rather playful and open to suggestion by that point, which is likely why he replied, "I'd love to try out a yiffing roo tro, Henry. What do I do?"

      Nov 16 2009, 07:38 AM
      Henry helped him out of the pouch and shows him just what a yiffin' a trio of horny teens can give! Though he keeps it under two hours. Don't want the pancakes to get too hot under the heat lamps and get dried out. wink.gif After the yiffing, Henry puts Rider back into his pouch and shows Rider the dinner bell that summons ALL the roos to the table while promising to show Rider the rest of the villa after everyone's eaten.

      Nov 16 2009, 08:01 AM

      Everyone is eating and having a good time, including Rider, when Nick appears via teleport inside his own Master Bedroom. Valerian gave Nick VIP teleport service. Must be nice to get such treatment from an Arch Mage. Nick COULD have been dumped on his butt on the front porch in that cold air and his keys with Tod. Cypher would have done that as a joke. wink.gif

      Nov 16 2009, 08:05 AM
      Nick STRETCHES and sighs, "It's good to be 'ome." He sniffs a bit, "Oy... Someone made breakfast." A few minutes later he was hopping through the door to the kitchen before ACKING as he was abruptly BURIED un a tidal wave of furry bodies... including the one containing Tod!

      After a few minutes of squirming and laughing, Nick got them back to the table to finish eating. Nick looked much happier to be home with his family... But then he noticed Tod and tilts his head, "So your the one behind all this? You look mighty comfortable there in that pouch." he smirks a bit.

      Nov 16 2009, 08:11 AM
      Rider grinned. "I've given myself a new nickname, Nick. I'm Rider. Decided upon it before the pouch ride, actually. Though this feels so good, that I'm actually in a mind to try your pouch, Nick... if that's okay with you. You've earned some time with me, you know." He winked and threw Nick a kiss.

      Nov 16 2009, 08:13 AM
      Nick laughs, "Rider? Like Pouch Rider?" He says, "Well... I guess I wouldn't mind letting you into my pouch if you really want it..." He helps Rider out of the Thrall's pouch and offers his..."If you want to try it."

      Nov 16 2009, 08:17 AM
      Rider gladly gets into Nick's pouch and settles butt first down inside there. "Oooh. This is... rather nice... Okay, very nice and sticky. Makes me feel... kinky... Is that a knot?" He giggles. "Just kidding."

      Nov 16 2009, 08:23 AM
      Nick laughs and rubs on Tod in a very nice way. The slick pouch is VERY tingly and surprisingly warm and comfortable. Even more so than the Thrall's. It feels comforting even. Like coming 'home'. It's such a wonderful and peaceful feeling.

      Nick says, "Valerian Mouse checked yers truly out personally and gave me a clean bill of 'ealth. Said there was not a single bit o curse left in me." He smiles, "So no, no knot. Ta be entirely 'onest, this wole experience 'as rather open'd mah eyes though. Knots and some of the thins Dragons 'ave... are not so bad. Ah would NOT want to be cursed like that ever again and Ah like being what Ah am. But... Ah wouldn't mind 'aving a knot someday. MAYBE."


        Nov 17 2009, 12:10 AM
        Rider grinz as he rubs his hand down along the bottom of Nick's pouch, seeing if Nick's is the same as Henry's. "...say Nick... I saw the stack of bills on your desk. How come you haven't asked Vincent for help? Don't you know that he would help you immediately if you just asked him?"

        Nov 17 2009, 12:17 AM
        Nick says, "You just answered your own question, Rider." He hops toward the previously unexplored parts of the house, including a secluded WARM room where there are a few joeys and teens sunning themselves. It's a open greenhouse like area designed to perfectly mimic a plot of open land in the Australian bush. "I don't want Vincent and Jason to worry about me. I'm a big roo... I can take care of myself. Even if I am not a 'True Blood' or a graduated of the 'Dreamtime Academy' or any of the rest of that crap. I may just be an accident but I can make it on my own."

        Nick pets Rider's head softly... in a surprisingly loving way that just feel oh sooooo nice. "Don't worry about it, Toddric. I always find a way to cover things. My Thralls and Joeys eat a lot as you can tell. But I take care of them. I'm NOT a failure."

        Nov 17 2009, 08:37 AM
        Rider said, "But I worry about you, Nick. But since you claim to be a big roo, then I assume you don't really want me out here, do you? You just said it yourself... you can take care of yourself. You can make it on your own." He's gotten good at using their own words against them. hehe. "Besides, I didn't come out here to sit in anyone's pouches, you know. I came because you 'said' that you really wanted me to come spend a few weeks with you. Aside from your rut coming up in 2 weeks, what else is there for me to see and do out here?"

        Nov 17 2009, 09:03 AM
        Nick erfs... "But Ah did and DO want yas 'ere, mate.... When did yas git so good at twisting people's words and using woman logic?" He hops along softly in the Outback Room, "Yas already met most of da others. Ah can show yas 'round the 'ouse but.. Ah's told yas that it ain't all that interestin' out 'ere. That's why Ah was surprised yas really wanna come 'ome wif me." He sighs, "Ah really do care about yas, mate." Though even if Rider didn't come here to ride in pouches, it sure is a nice thing to do, heh. And Tod hasn't made any attempts to get out.

        Nick rubs his eyes a bit, "It's complicated too. Ah dun like people pitin' me. Ah used ta 'ave lotsa dreams and plans but... Nowa days it's all Ah can do to keep things goin'. Ah work. Ah pay mah bills. But... if yas really think that spendin' time with us ain't whot yas came for... Ah kin make sure yas get 'ome to Roarin' Rhodes safely." He pauses and hrms, "Ah can't show yas the Induction room. Cause it ain't safe for yas. Unless yay WANTSTA be a Were-Roo like me." nick thinks a moment more and says, "'ave you seen the toy room?"

        Nov 17 2009, 09:22 AM
        Rider grinned as he climbed out of the pouch and once out, hugged and kissed on Nick gently. "Seems you forgot one little detail, Nick... Remember that dragon from the South Pacific who helped me after I escaped from the Black Dragon bastard? Well... he gave me a power, if you'll recall. Round trip teleportation and teleport anchor setting powers. Here..." He stepped away from Nick. "...let me demonstrate for you. I'll teleport and bring you back a pineapple from the South Pacific. I'll be right back. I set a teleport anchor location in the Guest Bedroom when I arrived. I will be back, Nick."

        And he teleported to down to Surroccias the Red Dragon's island, appearing in the workshop chamber!

        "Surroccias? Are you home? Wait a minute... time difference..." He walks over and looks out the window. It was mid-morning though close to Noon at Nick's house somewhere on the East coast. And now he was in the South Pacific... a 9 hour difference to the Phoenix Islands just south of the equator and far south of Hawaii but still on the American side of the International Dateline. Rider realized that on Surroccias' island it was something like 2-3 AM in the morning. Oops. Damned Time zones...

        He decides to find a pineapple anyway. That shouldn't be a problem...

        Nov 17 2009, 09:27 AM
        Surroccias stirs, opening an eye, rumbling deeply, "mmm... You'rrrrrrre... herrrre earrrrly... Forrrr ussssss atleast." He yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawned showing WAY too many teeth for comfort. He flicks a claw toward the northern shores outside, "The...pineapplessss arrrrrrre... that way." He curled his head back up on a huge diamond he was using as a pillow. Dragons. heh.

        Nov 17 2009, 09:41 AM
        Rider grinned as he started walking out on the island, trying to get the north part of the island. Though he remembers what all lives on the island, but surely at 2-3 AM, none of them would be awake or hyper, would they...?

        Nov 17 2009, 09:57 AM
        The island was not as quiet as one would imagine. Even at this time there are scattered groups of awake part-hummies, drakes, and others. Some just out to watch the stars and dawn, others doing things only the night could conceal. It was, however, thankfully much, much less busy than it is during the day. The northern shores have several VERY nice orchards, including pineapple farms and even at these times there are some workers here just keeping eyes on things and the birds from stealing anything.

        Nov 17 2009, 10:09 AM
        Rider grinned as he saw the pineapple farms. He remembered how many pancakes they had to make for the Joeys and Thralls, so he was hoping to get that many for all of them. Feeding Thralls and Joeys was not a fun job, but Pineapples would give them a nice variety. He walked up into the pineapple orchard and spoke to a worker there. "Hi there. I'm Toddrick Hunter, Surroccias' friend from Roarin' Rhoades. I need 500 Pineapples and Surroccias pointed me in this direction. Can you help me with this order, please?" He smiled gently, trying not to get aroused by how good looking the scalie worker was.

        Nov 17 2009, 10:11 AM
        The scalie worker giggles and nodnods, "Me be GLLAAAADD To help but how you pay?" He hrms, "Master not send you so.... you gotsa to pay. Two yiff. One before one after and me help?" He GRINNNNS cutely at Rider, trying to pose temptingly.


          Nov 17 2009, 10:21 AM
          Rider smiled, giggling himself. "That is little to ask and you probably don't get too many cute boys up this far from the Master's place. And you didn't ask to Samate me, so..." He gets down into position. "...Let's do it, friend." He's a really nice friend to have around. Always so willing to help others with pay or pleasure or both.

          Nov 17 2009, 10:26 AM
          The scalie worker nodnods and yiffs Rider and in turns has him yiff him both ways so he gets to show Rider ALLLLL the benefits the Master can give and how NICE it can be to be a scalie. Then he starts helping Rider with those pineapples, looking forward the second time already wink.gif He's really really nice worker boy and also very helpful. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of those of your own?

          Nov 17 2009, 10:32 AM
          Rider enjoyed the first yiffing a LOT. While they are working together, he asks the worker, "How long have you been here on the island and how did you come to become a sexy scalie boi finally?"

          Nov 17 2009, 10:35 AM
          The scalie boi giggles, "long story but me not mind tellin yas!" As they work the tells Rider about his human life. HE was actually a former rich kid on a private yachte. But when it sank, he managed to wash ashore here. he loved it immediately and willingly gave up all his family's wealth for even the chance to be here. "Me always luv dwaggies! Still do. Might be one someday... but... I not a drake yet. Me just scalie boy but I like bein' scalie boy. not sure if wanna be drake yet. Drake get more responsibility and stuff. but they lots sexier too" he giggles and tosses Rider one of the fruits, "Atleast me thinsk so ... and they GOOD at yiffin' too! They train me"

          Nov 17 2009, 10:45 AM
          Rider giggles, catching the fruit and placing it in the baskets with the rest. "Sounds like you've been having a good time out here. Old Surroccias has yiffed and stretched me once. He's a really nice dragon. But I think you're nice, too." And he continues to work, as he tells the scalie boi all about himself. Everything including the things Surroccias told him about himself. Soon, the work is over with, and Rider teleports the fruit (not himself) back to the guest room at Nick's place. wink.gif oh boy... wink.gif

          Then he smiles at the Scalie Worker and gets into position again for the After Yiff. "Okay, friend. Mount up on the Tod express."

          Nov 17 2009, 10:48 AM
          The worker giggles and pounces on Tod but this time he kisses him and shows him more than just a yiff... He shows him ALL The FUN sexual stuff the Drakes taught him. And that takes nearly two hours! But boy is it _AWESOME_!

          Nov 17 2009, 10:58 AM
          Rider says, "The Master gave me a teleport power, and now that I've been to the place you work, I can return whenever I like to see you. Thanks for showing me all this fun stuff. I need to walk back to the Master's place now. I would teleport, but I think I would like to work off a lot of this cum that's been sitting inside my body since this morning that doesn't seem to be going away..."

          And he starts off back to the south across the island. But now it's 5-6 AM on the island, roughly 3 hours later. Another reason he wanted to walk back was because he saw some dwaggies on the way up here to the pineapple farm and he would like to see the dwaggies again on the return trip, now that he has more time.

          Nov 17 2009, 11:03 AM
          The feeling of being filled though doesn't go away and instead just feel rather nice. The dawn is breaking over the island and it's a truly magnificent sight. The perfect paradise. The long ocean waves crashing against a beach, the rising sun shimmering across the water. Absolutely beautiful. There are indeed several dwaggies on the beach, some of them playing in the warm water one is building a pit of some time just out of the high tide's reach in the nice sand. The pit dwaggie is a bit aroused already though and from the hint looks like he's QUITE sizable.

          Nov 17 2009, 11:07 AM
          Rider looks down into the pit with a smile. "Whatcha doing, sexy?"

          Nov 17 2009, 11:12 AM
          The dwaggie grins up at Rider, "Makin' a oilpit for the dawn bonfire. We likes to have a Dawn Greeting party here. And use hot stones to make the oil nice and warm. Wanna join us? Plenty of room for such a SEXY hunk as you."

          End of Part One


            P A R T - T W O : Were-Drake Rider

            Nov 17 2009, 11:15 AM
            Rider grins back. "I think I have time for that... I am Toddrick Hunter, Master Surroccias' friend from Roarin' Rhoades. I like to be called Rider. Is there anything that I can help with?"

            Nov 17 2009, 11:18 AM
            The dwaggie grins and motions to the several kegs and barrels of oil, "Start dumping the dragon oil in. I'm about done down here." He grins, 'I wonder if Master Surroccias knows he's out here... or if he knows about this special oil the Master gives us for our parties... Well I won't tell hehehe.'

            Nov 17 2009, 11:27 AM
            Rider starts dumping the dragon oil into the pit. He thinks it smells a little different from dragon oil that Surroccias had in his bed chambers during the yiffing he gave Tod once. "Master Surroccias gave me permission to go to the north side of the island to get pineapples to send back to the mainland. But then instead of teleporting back to Surroccias, I chose to walk back, because on the way up there, I saw you guys over here and I decided I wanted to see you guys again, only closer. And that's why I'm here now. Plus, I don't mind helping people out." He dumps another barrel into the pit.

            Nov 17 2009, 11:35 AM
            The scent is slightly different and very arousing. It seems slightly thicker too. The Dwaggie giggles, "Well I'm glad you did...." He moves over and helps with the last of the barrels. Then lights the bonfire and uses his fire breath to heat the first of the stone and drop them into the pool to warm the oil. He grins at Tod and bows with a sexy grin, "Care to join me?" The other dwaggies were giggling and would be joining the oil bath soon.

            Nov 17 2009, 11:37 AM
            Rider who was already naked and sexy, said, "Be glad to." He reached out his hand to the dwaggy and dipped one foot into the oil, then the other... and finally, he sank down in with the Dwaggie. "So, what are you called, stud boy?"

            Nov 17 2009, 11:40 AM
            The oil was warming already and slightly tingly but in a really good way. It made the boy feel renewed and refreshed. And a bit 'playful'. The dwaggie grins, "I'm Virrune. You can call me Virey if you wanna." He kisses the boy deeply, rubbing his oiled claws over his skin.

            Nov 17 2009, 11:47 AM
            Rider was rubbing back, kissing, and groping the slit with a free hand. "You a natural Dwaggie, or are you just glad to see me?" He winked with a grin as he feels the big bulge under the slit.

            Nov 17 2009, 11:49 AM
            Virey giggles, "Both?" He licks at the boy's nose, "I'm horny this morning. I'm a dwaggie can you blame me?" He grins, "You wanna... see if you can handle it? It might stretch you somethin' huge." He grins, "I promise."

            Nov 17 2009, 12:01 PM
            Rider grinned and licked back. "If you can stretch me more that the Master already has, then that's saying something, Virey. I'm a little horny and in need myself... so let's try it and see how you do? In what way would you like to me to get in position?" He kissed Virey on the muzzle, and fingered the slit some more in the oil.

            Nov 17 2009, 11:45 PM
            Virey grins and kisses Rider deeply, mrrring, "Oh I can promise you that." He pulls Rider closer and has him wrap those slinky slick human legs around his tail/waist when suddenly Rider feels oil and a huge hard object starting to press inside him...spreading him in a very huge manner. Surroccias had be gentle and used magic to be as a small as a dragon of his size could be to ensure the minimal amount of discomfort but Virey was HUGE in comparison and began slowly stretching Rider in ALL the right ways. The combination of everything he's been through and the oil and Virey's talent made it super addictive fun and experience that very well be life-altering.


              Nov 18 2009, 05:19 AM
              Rider gasps as he gets spread and stretched over the shaft entering his hindquarters. And the experience seemed to get better and better as time continued with Virey in the warm oils. "How often... do you get... to do this... Virey?"

              Nov 18 2009, 05:27 AM
              Virey kissed the boy again, rubbing over his body with his large claws, "Not as often as I'd like.... I'm not currently dating anyone at the moment either." He smiles and thrusts deeper, stretching the body of the boy even more with each slow sinking thrust, wrapping him in his tail and wings, The experience just doesn't seem to stop getting better.... Each knot slowly sinks inside Rider better than the last but that doesn't stop him from pulling out and doing it all over again. For some reason the stretching never seems to end... And Rider probably doesn't want it to.

              Nov 18 2009, 05:38 AM
              Rider moans and stretches more and more; he couldn't see what might be occurring under the oil, but he is really enjoying this morning yiff with Virey a lot. What could be better?

              Nov 18 2009, 05:49 AM
              Virey was happen to give him everything he needed, filling him with every hot inch and unloading what feels like an incredible searing burning but oh so WONDERFUL through out the boy's body. as he roars happily into the morning air before biting down on Rider's shoulder slightly as he repeatedly slams the base-knot of his shaft into the boy deeper than before with the pulsing rush. Panting, he grins at Rider as what feels like gallons of the burning substances pulses into him and swelling him even more and knots preventing even a drop from escaping.

              Nov 18 2009, 06:04 AM
              Rider gasps rather loudly and suddenly when all those fluids fill his insides, mixing with the fluids already present. "So wonderful, Virey! So wonderful! Oh man... feels like... we're tied together... Haven't felt anything this nice since that one coyote boy wanted to do it with me for fixing his motorcycle."

              Nov 18 2009, 06:11 AM
              Virey mrrrs and kisses, still not stopping, "We'll be tied together for a while yet, but I'll keep you good company." The other dragons had joined the oil, increasing the temperature with the stones they brought. It should have been scalding yet the oil didn't seem to burn or get too hot at all. It just felt really pleasant and Virey' hugging and rubbing even more so and his knotted shaft the most.

              Nov 18 2009, 06:18 AM
              Rider kisses back, enjoying the rubbing and the feeling of scaly tails and claws all around him, though the base-knot holding him in place also felt rather damned good. Although he was starting to wonder what time it was, he continued to sit right where he was, getting more fluids within him, and feeling as stretched as a drake on a dragon's rod. He still couldn't tell what was going on under the oil, but he was up to his neck in the stuff, even though he had been dipped under the oil a few times entirely. "Who or what was your best yiff before me, Virey?"

              Nov 18 2009, 06:30 AM
              Virey hrms, "The best before you? I think it was a friend who visited from one of the other dragon isles. A drake who was collecting 'new techniques'" He smiles, thrusting softly every now and then. His shaft felt like it was STILL growing and sinking deeper inside Rider, stretching him still even though it didn't appear to be doing so. It just feels so damned good. "I really liked him but he wasn't in the mood for settling down." He shrug-sighs, "Such is my luck."

              One of the other dragons grins, "You don't even have a Samate yet, Virey. How did you expect to impress that drake?"

              Virey says something in draconic but then sighs and says, "I don't know. I just haven't met the right person for that type of commitment yet."

              The other friend says, "Still, you're young. You're not even a century yet. You're practically a hatchling. You should have known."

              Virey sighs but kisses and holds Rider close, the warm oil being dipped over him again by Virey and massaged lovingly into his skin, "Maybe so. Still... I like this boy here a lot. It's a pity he can't stay with me. But if I tried anything of the sort, I'd probably be filleted by Surroccias." He nuzzles Rider again softly, a huge amount of dragon cum was still being forced into him and circulating through his body. It just made one feel so full and wonderful. How could Rider ever want it to stop?

              Nov 18 2009, 06:42 AM
              "If it's any consolation, guys... every faction wants we for themselves," said Rider, as he continued to ride the big shaft inside of himself, still feeling as if he was stretching. "And speaking of Surroccias... he is probably waking up right about now... when I teleported in the first time, he muttered that I was hours too early. I forgot about the time difference between here and the Eastern Seaboard in the states. How many of you guys have Samates?"

              Nov 18 2009, 06:55 AM
              The first friend says, "I have two! They're really awesome."

              The other one chuckles," I have twenty eight."

              Virey blushed but he continue to pleasure and love on Rider. It was starting to feel really nice and natural. It'd be hard to imagine Virey not there and that gentle continuous loving stretching is starting to get even more addicting as the oil is starting to sink in and spread more, providing a soft warm 'low' of feeling food. Rather like the first couple of beers to that help to 'loose you up'. It's far from being over powering however.


                Nov 18 2009, 06:58 AM
                Rider grinned, as he clenched and milked on the shaft he was on. "And how did you get twenty eight?"

                Nov 18 2009, 07:12 AM
                He grins, "By word of mouth and what all I offer. I'm a Dragon Mage apprentice. What I learn I share with my samates. Also, I have access to Nine Scales. The single most premiere University for Dragons of all types. I'm a very good guy to my Samates. Better than most I know. Plus I treat them with love and respect. Unlike some."

                Virey smirks, "And trapping a few"

                He frowns, "Hey. Those two were COMPLETE accidents. COMPLETELY."

                Virey smirks and kisses Rider, "But I ended up getting a yiffing from the prize of all prizes that everyone wants."

                He smirks, "So he says."

                Virey grins, "I believe him. He's wonderful... So nice and sexy and wonderful..." he grins, "He's the best" 'And he's starting to milk me like a pro... Must be starting to develop 'the instincts' now.'

                Nov 18 2009, 07:19 AM
                Rider proceeds to tell them what all he's had to put up with so far and then they can judge for themselves. And while he does that, he continues to milk instinctively like a drake. Then he says, "Master Surroccias was the first one who treated me like a person instead of like property to be owned. He helped me in exchange for my coming back to visit him often. And I've kept my word."

                Nov 18 2009, 07:29 AM
                Virey smiles, "You're a really good boy, Rider. I too admit I would like to own but... I'm not going to treat you like property either. Even if it might be nice." He sighs, "I just want you to visit me when you can if you think I'm worth it. We don't get news of the outside world that much. Though I did manage to spend a few hours at the Howl." He rubbed on Rider softly, still stretching and feeding him lovingly. It was starting to feel even better to Rider. Even after all this time, there was something just kept it from getting old or boring. Though Virey looked at Rider with a bit of surprise, thinking to himself, 'This might be bad... He's started to get smaller.. it's not really noticeable yet but not just smaller. Younger. It's further a long than I thought... I think he's starting to have his human years converted into drake years... that could divide his physical age in half... At most...hopefully less than that...I don't want a pre-teen running around saying I raped him...but it feels so heavenly... surely just a little longer won't hurt...'

                Nov 18 2009, 08:20 AM
                Rider didn't notice any shrinking or age regression. He just knew that this was getting better and better the more he did it. Just like a drake, though. But he didn't know that. "I unfortunately missed the first Howl. Made me feel so dumb, just like a jackass... I told people I would be there and then I get caught in something and I miss it."

                Nov 18 2009, 08:23 AM
                Virey continued to pet and love on Rider... slowly starting to do it more in ways that drakes would LOVE. "I understand. That really bad. I'm sorry..." He smiles in a reassuring way, "But I don't htink you should feel like a jackass, Rider. Accidents happen. You should just enjoy what comes and make it up to them when you can."

                Nov 19 2009, 06:22 AM
                Rider hummed, as he bounced. "Er, I think I'm starting to feel kinda weird, Virey..." He bounces some more. " thinks me gots a tail..."

                Nov 19 2009, 06:26 AM
                Virey reaches down and massages on Rider's rump to see, "You don't like it? I can...stop if you really want..." He says it softly as fondles Rider with his other claw in a REALLY nice way,

                Nov 19 2009, 06:31 AM
                Rider irks, as he bounces all the more, his voice getting more child like and his mind getting all jumbled with drakie like thoughts. "me don' no what go on. feel funny. me shreenkie dink... eep." And he suddenly goes under the oil during a shrinking/age regression spurt... He can't stay aloft anymore and is actually drowning in this stuff.

                Nov 19 2009, 06:34 AM
                Virey carefully slides back and thrusts up with a grin, giving both him a nice hard thrust of pleasure...and raising his neck and shoulders above the oil-line. "Welcome backies, sexy cutie."


                  Nov 19 2009, 06:38 AM
                  That last dunk literally did him in. When he emerges, he isn't talking and looks entirely like a very YOUNG drake. The sudden change paralyzed him and he's not in good shape. Hoo boy... if Surroccias finds out about this, there will be some dwaggies getting it like no tomorrow. What to do?

                  Nov 19 2009, 06:46 AM
                  Virey hrms and carefully examines him and make sure he's not in danger of any physical harm. Once sure of that, he carefully tucks the young drake into his slit with his shaft and bids his friends goodbye and that he'll take to them later. Then he flies off to his own cave-bedroom not far. Once there, he carefully and gently removed the drake from his slit and then from the huge knotted shaft itself...which takes some time. It surprisingly doesn't hurt at all though... though the new drake will probably be missing awfully bad soon. Then Virey pours a small NORMAL dragon oil bath in a small tub just big enough for him without having room to drown in and gently places him into it, heating it up really nice HOT. Much hotter than a human could have stood. Then he gently baths the stretched drakeling. He knows how to tend to drakes. But he doesn't know if he can salvage the human mind or not yet. But the first thing is to get the drake healthy and talking. He gives the drakeling a shot to ensure he's vaccinated and safe that way as well.

                  Nov 19 2009, 06:51 AM
                  Some hours later...

                  Drake-Tod slowly wakes up. "me wear am me? No no dis playz. me feel hurty... ow... butt ache..." He hobbles around slowly... not able to remember anything. He doesn't even remember letting Virey yiff him. Nor who Virey is for that matter.

                  Nov 19 2009, 06:55 AM
                  Virey is looking over Drake-Tod, "This is my home... I brought you here after your accident in the oil. Do you remember who you are?" He pets the drake softly and motions, "come a little closer and I'll help with the aches." He pulls out some cream to help with the 'hurty'.

                  Nov 19 2009, 07:01 AM
                  Drake-Tod whines. "Me no no any ding... sad cuz me no no mom and dad..." He does go closer though. He's in worse shape than Virey thought. Memory wipe is sure to cause a certain were-lion to blow a gasket. Not to mention what an old dragon would do. And likely worse still... Virey didn't tell the others NOT to say anything about the boy's transformation. Someone is likely going to find out sooner than later.

                  Nov 19 2009, 07:07 AM
                  Virey literally feels a cold chil shiver down his scaley back. He tends to the aches though and pulls the drake into a gentle cuddle, "I'll take care of you... And everything else. I promise. I'll help you. Trust me." he tends to the drake for an hour until all the hurts are gone. "How's that, little one?" He's be VERY nice and kind to the drake because he knows how scared and alone he must be right now. Plus it gives him time to think. Which is one thing he really needs to do right now. He WAS NOT expecting things to be THIS bad. As long as the drake does not Bond with him though, Surroccias can still help him recover fairly easy. But the longer Virey and the drake are together alone... the harder the cure will be.

                  Nov 19 2009, 07:16 AM
                  Drake-Tod coos. "Um, do me haf any bros or sises? Or... was me own lee one left..." He flops down with a sigh... now his body and mind is making him think those things. It will only get worse. Someone needs to get some help before it gets out of control...

                  Nov 19 2009, 07:18 AM
                  Virey says, "Actually you do. Do you want me to take you to see him? He's.... He's with my uncle...Surroccias."

                  Nov 19 2009, 07:22 AM
                  Drake-Tod says, "Him good dwakie? Okay, we go see." He leaps up and lands on Virey's shoulders. "We go now?"

                  Nov 19 2009, 07:25 AM
                  Virey nods and with one last gulp...he takes him and Drake-Tod there. Surroccias gives him the evil eye the minute he comes in with Tod. But he spends his time with restoring Tod's mind first and foremost. Though he lets him keep all the drake-memories as well. Surroccias knows full well the mind is the first and foremost things to cure. Then he'll ask Toddric if he wants a full restoration or a partial.


                    Nov 19 2009, 07:30 AM
                    Rider blinks his eyes when he gains his memory back. "Where did the beach go? WHY AM I A DRAKE?! I was being extremely careful NOT to let this happen!" Then he saw Surroccias looking upset and he cringed. "Um... full or partial? If I did partial, what would stay?"

                    Nov 19 2009, 07:36 AM
                    Virey sighs, "He's not upset at you... He's pissed off at me... I...I screwed up." He looks down and truthfully tells him happened... in extreme detail so he knows JUST EXACTLY what happened...and why he's to blame.

                    Surroccias says, "I am not upset at you, Toddric. Accidents happen. I am quite disappointed and furious with Virey's dis-regard for my Island's rules. HE should have come to me IMMEDIATELY and after we are done with you, he going to regret it.... severely... Unless you wish to keep on his behalf after we are done restorin you. Partial restoration can be anything you wish it to mean. Currently you are completely a drake. A young, perfectly healthy drake. However restoration can many forms and meanings. From an increase of age to keeping nothing but a single scale or tail. Or even a magical power for controlling how drake-like you appear while you are really one way or the other... true magical 'were-drake' or just the illusions of it. Or completely back to human. The choice is entirely yours."

                    Virey takes a chance and walks over just close enough to get Tod a small hug and a shameful, "I'm sorry." Before starting to slink back to where he was.

                    Nov 19 2009, 07:45 AM
                    Rider humms... "I was going to ask you for an extension on my were-immunity. I was to have stayed with Nick all month. He's going to think that I forgot to come back or chose not to... or... he got buried in all of those pineapples..." He had to smile at the mental image of that. "If I chose to be a Were-Drake, would I be immune to other Were-Infections? And would I have to join any Were-Drake Weyr or anything like that? I still work for Vincent and he needs me as a human, but if I was a Were-Drake with a permanent like immunity to other Weres... then it wouldn't matter who else yiffed me, I would never get changed into one of them as a Thrall. And please don't kill Virey... he's suffered enough for not having any Samates." Unless he fibbed about that...

                    Nov 19 2009, 07:52 AM
                    Surroccias hrmmms, "Yes... I could manage this... However if you wish to be a 'true were-drake' then... There is one thing you MUST know before hand. If you take a SAMATE in your DRAKE form... You will ALWAYS retain your dragon-kin slit in all your forms. Also you will become to immune to all diseases, and most types of poisons save those mystic ones that deliberately target dragon-kind. Also... You will begin to develop drake-like instincts and desires. This is unavoidable because you are choosing to become part of us. In time, depending on your choices in the future, you will have the chance of becoming a were-dragon... or even a full dragon. As a were-drake you will find you ... have certain needs and desires and I highly suggest you choose someone who is a full drake or dragon and use their illusionary magical abilities to appear human with you and work to teach you how to care for yourself at first. Appearing human is easy for any magical creature, including drakes, dragons, and were-s of those types."

                    Nov 19 2009, 07:59 AM
                    Rider hummed again. "Where do the Drakes hang out on the islands around here? Could you give me a recommendations and avoids list of drakes and/or were-drakes that I can learn from? Some that are not busy and you wouldn't mind being in Connecticut where I live instead of here on the islands." He asked for avoids because sometimes an avoid just needs a fair chance to prove themselves to a dragon. They might be naughty, but hey... it is still fun.

                    Nov 19 2009, 08:04 AM
                    Virey says, "Um... I can help you...with that..if....if you want me to.."

                    Surroccias gives Virey a look and he shuts up, "There are several places. The most fun that blends naughty and 'good' drakes is Drake Pointe Bar.... I've been there myself. Nice place." HE winks. "Other than that there is the Island Catacombs... I would SUGGEST you avoid it... Because there are some down there who are.... Worse than Virey would go so far as to attempt to prevent you ever remembering who or what you were after they were done with you. They do make sure and would be thieves are taken care of though." He grins, "As for specific avoids? I think you should meet them and make your own judgment on them and not listen to a dusty old dragon's opinion on that." He smiles at Rider.

                    Nov 19 2009, 08:10 AM
                    Rider grinz. "Okay. I'll take full Were-Drake and directions to all of the Drake hangouts, good, bad, and otherwise... Hey, I may as well know of these places, right?" And he holds still for the partial restoration.

                    Nov 19 2009, 08:18 AM
                    Surroccias nods and Toddric can feel his entire body responding... His mind safely protected but his entire body and essence being REWRITTEN into that of a natural born were-drake... with all the instincts and powers native to it. Along with an upgrade to his teleportation power that includes not only everywhere he's been but also anywhere he can see or has seen, even at a distance and even in his human form, he will have a natural resistance to fire, heat, and cold as well as hostile magic and a complete immunity to natural diseases and poisons. Surroccias also gives him an increased rate of regeneration and healing factor for all his forms, including the human one. Close to that of natural dragons. his human skin will also be tougher though not as strong as his were-drake scales which can withstand small fire arm fire for a short time. Finally, it's done... Toddric is not longer human. He is a 'true were-drake'... And what a RUSH it is... His new instincts and drake-thoughts will be strong until he learns to tame them down a bit.

                    Nov 19 2009, 08:22 AM
                    Rider hugged Virey and kissed him deeply on the mouth. "I'm not mad at you, hon. This shouldn't have happened, but we will work with it. Still friends?"

                    Nov 19 2009, 08:25 AM
                    Virey nods his head kissing back, "Yeah! We're still friends!"

                    End of Part Two


                      P A R T - T H R E E : Rules of ConSEPT

                      Nov 19 2009, 08:28 AM
                      Tony's Cabin outside of Old Salem

                      Talon, Vincent, and Tony were currently sitting on the back porch while Tony's two Norm boys served them drinks.

                      Talon said, " you see, Tony, there are a whole bunch of dumb ass Sept Rules that you can't break or Gaea will break your neck. Not as much fun as a sledgehammer in the nuts, you know."

                      Tony sighed. "I wish you had told me about this Sept Shit BEFORE you let me run my own Howl."

                      Talon grinned. "And have you back out and ruin my retirement? Hell no. The moment I learned you were going to do it, I made plans for retirement. Your Howl; Your Sept duties. Look on the bright side... Tanya will have to do as you say."

                      Tony laughed at that one.

                      Nov 19 2009, 08:32 AM
                      Vincent grins, sipping his drink, "Of course from now, I'll be able to get a hold of you easier." He looks at Tony, "Tell him about the 'living arrangements' rule"

                      Nov 19 2009, 08:59 AM
                      Talon grinned and replied, "You know where I lived for a 100 years, right? Well, I chose to live that close to the Sept grounds. The Sept Leader has to live within 20 miles of the Sept grounds so he can get there to do Sept Rites once a month on cute boys... I mean initiates." He makes a huge grin. "You may NOT build any non-natural structures on the Sept Grounds. You may NOT port in artificial living quarters nor have any form of modern convenience at the Sept Grounds. No Port-O-Potties. Believe me... I wanted to install one when I got to be Sept Leader. And I found out what Gaea thinks about non-Natural shit."

                      Tony was still smiling however.

                      Talon arched an eye. "You don't look worried. Why is that?"

                      Tony grinned. "Did your old Sept Leader ever tell you about Sept Ground Transportals?"

                      Talon paled as he got a rather pained look on his face. He was never told about them AND... it never dawned on him to ask.

                      Tony then continued. "Before I moved the States, Talon, I attended the Howls in the Mediterranean. The Egyptian one was the most fun. The Sept Priests were very talkative. One night, I asked them what a nearby glowing thing was, and they told me it was a Sept Transportal that only the Sept Leader would set destinations to and from upon. Therefore, I don't have to live within 20 miles of the Sept Grounds at all. I only have to set up a Sept Transportal and designate transport locations to no matter where I choose to have them go. And it has round-trip capability. Therefore, I could have one from the Sept Grounds to my cabin here. I could have one from the Sept Grounds to Vincent's Rooftop. And any number of other places."

                      Talon looked like he wanted to go find his old Sept Leader and KICK HIS ASS for NOT telling him!

                      One of Tony's male Norm friends then refilled Vincent's glass. "Can I get you anything else, sir?"

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:04 AM
                      Vincent shook his head with a smile at the norm and thanked him then looked at Tony with a grin, "Awwww. I wanted to see you bean Talon in the nuts again. You know I got that on a security camera..."

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:17 AM
                      Tony grinned. "I behave myself in front of my friends, Vincent. Image. Gotta keep up the Image. Besides... Devon seems to like you. Must be that aura of yours. He's of age, but not interested in being a Canid. Tabor is my personal boy. I am waiting for him to come of age. Then he wants me to... 'help him howl', if you know what I mean." He winks.

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:20 AM
                      Vincent chuckles, "I see. He's lucky then." He smiles at Devon nicely though giving him a wink before looking back at Tony, "Others in your position could require other things of him first if you know what I mean. I'm glad at least one of us has been able to keep their name clear of that."

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:33 AM
                      Devon blushed and nodded. "Tony lets us take care of his cabin. We'd do anything he asked."

                      Tabor grinned. "I want to sleep with him... well, when he says I'm ready."

                      Devon said, "Um... except that... I like those who Tony is friends with, but I don't take my clothes off in public."

                      Tabor kept grinning. "I'd strip right now. I am sure these guys have seen nekkid humies before."

                      Devon sighed. "This is public. You know planes and copters fly over this forest. Some with _CAMERAS_!" He shook his head and said to Vincent, "Tony said that I might be able to work at his new nightclub in a few weeks, or working something else, in the meantime."

                      Tony giggled and tickled Tabor mercilessly.

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:39 AM
                      Vincent says, "My bike shop and store always have a few positions open if your interested. I never mind a few cute humans running around." He smiles, "There are a few who require 'special considerations' but most of them obey the clothing policy."

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:47 AM
                      Devon hummed. "I'm not good at fixing anything, but I can do windows, counter tops, I make beds and sweep floors pretty good. I've mainly done janitorial jobs..."

                      Tony mouthed toward Vincent and Talon. 'No Tech Education.'

                      Devon continued as if not interrupted. "...and I've cleaned toilets and done... some maid and waitress work... the latter on a dare."

                      Nov 19 2009, 09:50 AM
                      Vincent hmms, "I see. Since Cypher stole my last store runner... Think you can answer phones, clean up a store front, and make chance for customers? That's all there really is to the store part of it."


                        Nov 19 2009, 09:54 AM
                        Devon smiled. "Oh yeah, Math is easy. I can do that. When would you like me to start, sir?"

                        Nov 19 2009, 09:56 AM
                        Vincent chuckles, "Good. You can start any time you like. I'm sure you'll fit right in."

                        Nov 19 2009, 09:59 AM
                        Devon smiled and gave Vincent a hug. "Are there any locals you want to warn me about? Tony always said that you have some pretty wild guys working for you."

                        Nov 19 2009, 07:42 PM
                        Vincent chuckles and says, "Well the standard were rules apply. No sex or kissing or letting strangers nip you." He winks, "But other than that, I'd be careful around Leo. He's been rather horny lately. Other than him, honestly, most of the guys tend to behave themselves at work. Toddric managed to work there for quite a while before he got involved in things."

                        Nov 20 2009, 09:39 PM
                        Tony chuckled. "I thought Leo was mooning over Flicker, his new house mate."

                        Devon smiled. "I can start work immediately, Vincent. Just let me know where to go and I'm on it."

                        Talon finally said, "Okay, Tony. Seems you're ahead of me on Sept knowledge. Shall we get a Sept Transportal set up?"

                        Tony grinned. "Certainly... Talon. Don't worry though... I am not going to make you jump through fire hoops."

                        Nov 20 2009, 09:49 PM
                        Vincent laughs, "Aw and I brought my camera and everything!" He grins over at Tony, "Oh he is... But I don't trust him not to get tired of Flicker and pounce someone else." He smiles at Devon, "How about tomorrow morning, Devon? If you come by early I can show you around in private and gt you setup so you know where everything is."

                        Nov 20 2009, 10:05 PM
                        The next morning, early...

                        With the Sept Transportal in place, with destinations between the Sept grounds to Tony's Cabin, Vincent's Bike Shop, Cypher's Greenwich Dojo in NYC, Jason's Herbal Farm, a private back lot behind Lu's Nightclub, a workshop on Nick's property, Reed Huxley's Apothecary Lab in California, and Surroccias Lab on Dragon Island in the South Pacific... (more forthcoming...)

                        ...Devon arrived in Roarin' Rhoades in a souped up Toyota Volkswagen clown-car. He had salvaged it from a carnival's junk yard and spent a year getting it to drive in a manageable fashion. He pulled the wacky looking vehicle into the parking lot and without thinking... blew the horn. It played the opening riff to a circus/carnival. Quite loudly.

                        He got out of the car shaking his head. "Forgot how loud that is... especially INSIDE the car..." He headed over to the convenience store and walked inside.

                        Nov 20 2009, 10:15 PM
                        That got a lot of attention... A fair amount of it annoyed. Pillows and clothing and shoes rain down on the car. But it ABRUPTLY stop at one growling command from someone within.

                        A few minutes later the human version of Vincent joins Devon in the store. "Morning, Devon." He chuckles, "Sorry about the clothing rain. You ever considered riding a bike instead?"

                        Nov 20 2009, 10:23 PM
                        Devon blushed. "Sorry, Vincent. But I can't ride a motorcycle. I have... an imbalance problem. It's medical. I have to have vehicles with 4 wheels to stabilize my balance. And then there is my once a day medication. It doesn't prevent me from working though." He sighed. "Are you going to send me back home?"

                        Nov 20 2009, 10:30 PM
                        Vincent shakes his head, "Of course not. I was just going to offer to let you have one of our unclaimed bikes if you wanted one. I didn't know about your condition of course. But as you said, it doesn't prevent you from working or anything." He smiles, "Stop being so nervous. We're all friends here. I bark more than I bite." He starts showing Devon around the store and storeroom, explaining where to find things and such.


                          Nov 20 2009, 10:52 PM
                          Soon after Devon is working, a Were-Skunk comes in and picks up some potato chips and Southern Comfort, before heading over to the counter and grabs some Evergreen Mint Breath Savers.

                          Devon smiles at the Were-Skunk as he rings up the sale. "$5.50. Do you want that bagged?"

                          The Were-Skunk grinned back. "Like an old lady?" He winked and giggled. "My name is Beau. I'm here in Roarin' Rhoades to see if Vincent will allow me to open a Paints and Crafting Supplies Shop here in his spot in the highway. I carve and paint souvenir models of local wildlife. It was a big hit back down south where my brother was doing it. But I didn't want to be in competition with him, so I came up north." His southern accent was quite thick and was a pleasure to listen to.

                          Devon replied, "I'm a Bostonian. Vincent is across the highway in his office."

                          Beau said, "The Paints Shop would be on this side of the highway. I wanted you to know so you at least would know who was going to be working there. Here's your money, I'll go see Vincent now." And he left the store.

                          Devon was thinking, What a nice guy. Not a single yiffy display in him. Not like the other locals...

                          Nov 20 2009, 11:01 PM
                          Vincent was indeed in his office. Today was Accounting and Pay Day. A day all of his employees LOVED but Vincent personally disliked because it meant he had to go through all of the accounts, including the private ones, to make sure all the books were right, etc. At the moment however, he was on the phone with a certain reporter.

                          "NO. No I don't think he wants to have a live web-cast of the entire howl on the Internet... NO...NO NO NO I'm not going to have you ... GAH you're worse than ... Look, YOU can call him and ASK HIM if he wants to make his Howls Public or not but I can tell you, he's probably not going to want to have it broadcast all over the Internet for the wrong people to see. I know your... I know....I KNOW... I know your just trying to help but..." He looks at the phone... "She hung up on me...." He rubs hie eyes as he puts the phone down, "Women."

                          Nov 20 2009, 11:21 PM
                          Beau knocked on the door. "Vincent? It's Beau. Can I come inside please?"

                          Nov 20 2009, 11:24 PM
                          Vincent calls, "Sure, Come on in. Always time to help out a fellow." Plus it distracted him from the accounting for a while longer.

                          Nov 20 2009, 11:31 PM
                          Beau walked inside and placed an ornately carved and painted white lion statuette in front of Vincent. "I would like to open a Paints and Crafting Supplies Shop right next door to the Convenience Store. I can stock it myself and do most of the building on the project. And I met your new clerk. He is a right fine young man."

                          Nov 20 2009, 11:34 PM
                          Vincent smiles a bit and admiring the statuette. "That's really nice, Beau." He gets up and walks over to the overhead land-map. He spreads it across the desk and says, "Here is the shop and store... which side were you wanting to build it on?"

                          Nov 20 2009, 11:51 PM
                          Beau looked at the map. "You have the pumps and tanks on that side of the store, and I will have paints and turpentine, so I don't want them directly next to your gas tanks. So I want the shop on the opposite side of the store building from the tanks, for safeties sake. Plus, that would place my shop entrance very close to the store entrance and that way, I could chat with your new clerk when we both weren't busy with customers. Unless you would like to okay a small mini-mall set-up next to the store... my crafts store, an eatery, and a cheap clothing outlet, for cases where the Weres rip their clothes all to pieces and need replacements."

                          Nov 21 2009, 12:06 AM
                          Vincent chuckles, "Actually that was something like what I was thinking. The Howls are going to be bringing in a lot of more people. And they have to drive right past here to get there." He points out on the map. "You see these lands here... We'll I've been talking to the owner for some time now." He draws an outline on another few hundred acres of land, "These will be added to Roarin' Rhodes on the other side away from the Sept Lands. I'm trying to keep them isolated and safe so I'd rather not expand anywhere near there so that's why adding these lands are important."

                          Vincent chuckles, "Maybe it's over ambitious but I would like a small were and other races outlet here. Normy employees allowed of course. I would like to the style to remain a blend of natural and modern. So that the buildings 'fit' the landscape. That's why I designed the shop and store like this." He grins, "Stylish, Modern but in touch with the land." He chuckles, "Anyway, what do you think? Prepared Food, Clothes, Your store, my convenience store, maybe a few more stores catering to things weres and the other races need. Hrm, maybe Reed would like a mini-store out here for his more popular cures. But you can setup your shop closest to mine if you like. The plaza idea would have to wait for a bit anyway so we can get your store up and going in the mean time."

                          Nov 21 2009, 01:10 AM
                          Beau hummed. "If you mean for the mini-mall to be over at the access road turn off that leads up to the Howling Fury... well... I suppose it could be." He sounded rather disappointed. "I'd have to look the area over. I thought Roarin' Rhoades was only this area where your current businesses was. If we set up over there... we'll be in the next township. I can see that here on your maps. It's called Buck Run, named for that creak that runs through the township. Still, I would have to look it over." He paused. "Yes, maybe that is best. I can go do it right now..."

                          Nov 21 2009, 01:37 AM
                          Vincent says, "It's your choice, Beau, really. Have a look at the land and just decide where you'd rather put it. I don't mind but I was really thinking it'd get more business there. I just want to be able to provide an area that is naturalistic and modern but still respectful and where we can provide nice services for the other races and stuff."


                            Nov 21 2009, 01:43 AM
                            Beau departs, but in truth, he was hoping to be set up near someone with good conversation value. Devon was so nice, too. Probably would have been nice to chat with.

                            Devon on the other paw is ringing up a purchase for a Changeling Raccoon and a British Were-Hare couple. "$7.25 please."

                            The Were-Hare pays him and says, "Vincent has the nicest taste in cute boys. I wonder how he does it?"

                            Nov 21 2009, 01:47 AM
                            Vincent was only OFFERING him the new place. But he if wants to put it near the store, then he certianly can. It's entirely up to Beau where he wants to set up his shop.

                            Vincent's just lucky.

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:23 AM
                            Tony enters Vincent's office with a pained look on his Were-Jackal muzzle. "I think we have a problem. Are you busy?"

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:27 AM
                            Vincent looks up, "That's not a happy face." He sighs and motions to a chair (or his lap), "Have a seat and tell me what's up."

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:36 AM
                            "Do you have internet access from your office here?" asked Tony.

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:39 AM
                            Vincent nods, "Yeah." He motions to the laptop, "HighSpeed WIFI across all of Roarin' Rhodes. Cyber INSISTED he have access ya know. The cute cyber-rat."

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:49 AM
                            Tony said, "Browse over to H-T-T-P colon slash slash howlfury dot concertfans dot org and scroll down and click on the 13th Hour link that has the same date as my first Howl... and tell me what you see."

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:51 AM
                            Vincent browses to the proper location and clicks on the link and sees, what?

                            Nov 21 2009, 02:58 AM
                            A rather dark video movie with streaming video loads and plays, "LIVE from the Howling Fury! The 13th Hour giving a private concert!" And then the Heavy Metal Band begins playing... exactly as they did that night. Along the bottom of the movie view, occasionally, you can see Howl attendees' heads passing by the stage. And you can easily make out the species if you increase the gamma settings on the video.

                            Someone... sneaked a video camera into the Howling Fury the first night and taped the whole concert.

                            And now you can easily see why Tony is upset. Not so much for the concert being recorded... but the attendees are open game and sitting ducks for the world to see on the Internet with no warning at all.

                            Tony said, "A discreet friend of mine in a fishing town in Maine, saw this on his Internet connection and he contacted me about it immediately. And now, I bring your attention to it."

                            Nov 21 2009, 03:02 AM
                            Vincent GROWLS, "JOSEY!!! No WONDER she wanted 'exclusive Live Coverage' rights! SHE didn't even WARN ME about this! I'll break her neck!" He stomps around the room for a few minutes, calming down. He frowns, "We'll need to get that tape pulled if we can... There is no way to right that off as 'fursuits'... Especially not those dragon heads."


                              Nov 21 2009, 03:28 AM
                              Tony said, "I tried to trace down the datastream using retro feedback, but... there's a firewall at a routing station in Albany. How are we going to find that video? Josey did this? She was dancing with people during the concert. I saw her. And she wasn't holding a camera then. Who was she having hold the camera if she did it?"

                              Nov 21 2009, 03:34 AM
                              Vincent says, "I don't think she did it but I think she probably knows who did and that's why she was BUGGING me earlier for the right to setup an Internet Howling Fury webcast to stream live from HF."

                              Nov 21 2009, 03:43 AM
                              Tony growls, "You call her up and you tell her to come clean or I, the new Sept Leader, calls for a Grand Hunt... ON HER! And you know as well as I that she won't survive it once I tell all of the other factions about this video." And then he initiated one of his newest Sept powers: he teleported away.

                              Nov 21 2009, 03:48 AM
                              Vincent nods, thinking to himself, 'He's learning to be a Sept Leader faster than even I anticipated. I hope it doesn't go to his head.' He shakes his head and changes back to human form, calling the limo service and gets dressed in a suit and tie.... "Vincent Alexanderos is pissed and I have money for lawyers. And lawyers are a million times more scary than a Grand hunt."

                              Nov 21 2009, 04:27 AM
                              Tony appeared directly behind Cypher and quickly places his paws over the Were-Rat's eyes.

                              Cypher hummed. "Canine... clever... seems to like jokes... but he never comes to New York... Tony?"

                              Tony removed his paws. "I have a job for you, Cypher. I'm the new Sept Leader, so you have to do as I say. Besides, this will be fun. I want you to track down this video link and then... cast a curse on their computers so that every time they even say the words Howling Fury... they vomit their own excrement and... grow some animal body part."

                              Cypher grinned and sat down at his computer and got to work. He usually did this sort of thing for Tony as a practical joke. But this time it was serious.


                              Devon, Beau, Jason, Reed Huxley, and Ric Kane were exploring the land site that Vincent pointed out.

                              "Needs a lot of landscaping, mates," said Reed.

                              Devon said, "I can't understand why Vincent would tell you that he wanted these shops clear out here for."

                              Beau pointed out of the woods toward the highway and paved road going north. "That is the entrance to the Howling Fury. He wants these shops here so anyone going to the Fury will have a place to shop at. And even if there isn't a Fury, people can still shop here."

                              Devon hummed. "I think the convenience store should be over here too then. A second all-night store and gas station, at least. Then I could work over here where the real action was." He smiled at Beau, who smiled back.

                              Nov 21 2009, 04:40 AM
                              Ric looks over at Reed and says, "Whadda think, Master Reed? Other than landscaping?"

                              Jason hrms, "I like the area personally, though, we WILL need a portal here. I also like the Plaza idea. Natural and park like but with shops targeting all the things we need but I DEFINITELY think I want a store out here too, Devon." He grins, "I think Tod should be the one in charge of it. Everyone likes him and he would be an excellent manager. And you can work there, Devon. Then we'd have two of the best boys in the state working right near us. What do you think of that idea?"

                              Nov 21 2009, 04:57 AM
                              Devon errred... "I've heard of Tod... and no offense to him, but... I wouldn't want to work with him. I mean, on the surface he seems sorta reliable, then then he fails to uphold promises. Tony told me that Tod missed the first Fury after promising lots of people that he would be there."

                              Reed said, "Tod was changed into a donkey, mate. 'e got stuck and that wasn't 'is fault. Vincent rescued 'im, but since then, Tod 'as felt like a complete 'eel about the whole thing. 'e thinks 'e is dumb." He looks around again. "Landscaping..."

                              Nov 21 2009, 05:04 AM
                              Ric tilts his head and then nodded his agreement, "Master Reed 'as a point."

                              Jason hrms, "What kind of Landscaping do you have in mind, Reed?" While thinking to himself, 'Devon also has a point considering that he hasn't returned from his trip to get the pineapples for Nick. Nick called me asking where he was...and what to do with 500 pineapples. Other than using them as orifice stuffers.'

                              Nov 21 2009, 05:35 AM
                              Reed replied, "I would like to see tended flower arrangements in garden islands in the parking lot, and around the side of the property... tall hedges... and to the back... a huge hedge maze with astroturf grass liner."

                              Devon hummed, looking at Jason, thinking, Beau and Jason are really handsome guys. Reed seems, rather stuffy...

                              Nov 21 2009, 05:38 AM
                              Ric grins, hopping up and down excitedly, "That sounds REALLY cool, Master Reed!"

                              Jason nods, "Not bad idea." He grins at Devon and winks at him, "What about you, cute stuff? What do you think the area should have? You'll be workin' here too."

                              End of Part Three