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HF-01 Howling Fury [The 13th Hour]

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    HF-01 Howling Fury [The 13th Hour]

    Howling Fury
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, & Witch


    Warheart's Characters
    Antonio "Tony" Fury, Were Jackal (Salem, Massachusetts)
    Jene "Cypher" von Hammerstein, Were Rat - Wizard (Greenwich Village, New York)
    Toddrick "Foxy" Hunter, Human - Contact (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Douglas "Storm" Maguire, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)

    Darquirrin's Characters
    Vincent "Vincy" Alexanderos, Were Lion (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Leonardo "Leo" Folesom, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine, Human - Contact (Aware) (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Witch's Characters
    Lucia "Lu" Chantelle Laramie, Vampire (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Gwendolyn "Gwen" Masterson, Human - Contact (Aware) (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Katianya "Tanya" Zrashav, Were Wolf (Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut)

    To be announced...

    Oct 24 2009, 08:19 PM
    Episode One: Howling Fury [The 13th Hour]

    Hugging the curves; Kissing your ride; Humping the seat; To get inside.

    Hi there. I'm Antonio Fury, but everyone calls me Tony. I'm on my motorcycle and tonight is an important Howl. What's a Howl you ask? It's the meeting for all were-creatures on the Eastern Seaboard. Tonight is to be different. The Sept Leader called all of us and told us that tonight was going to be different. I hope I am not disappointed.

    Fortunately, all Howl attendees have to pass through Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut to get to the Howl Meeting Grounds in the wilderness. Roarin' Rhoades is like the last chance to turn back for norms. There is a side road there that leads to the Sept grounds. That road is guarded by Vincent Alexanderos. You'll meet him soon because we're almost to the tiny spot in the road where the Bike Shoppe and Convenience Store/Gas Station is located. I hope Tanya can make it tonight. You'll meet her later too. She attends Yale University. A wolf on campus has got to be hilarious. I'm too much of a practical joker to take it serious.

    Ah, there is Roarin' Rhoades now. And now, the game begins...

    P A R T - O N E : Night of the Great Sharing

    Foxy grinned as he heard the vehicles coming up the highway. "Hey Vincy! More incoming!" He chuckled, then resumed his tire repair job on a motorcycle that he was repairing. Fox was the only Contact that the weres had NOT let in on the big secret. But he was a good worker, didn't ask many questions, and was an all around nice guy who did a good job on the motorcycles. Before he came, Vincent didn't have a good Motorcycle Mechanic. Now, they would be hard pressed to operate without Foxy.

    Coming up from the New Haven/New York side of the highway was a rider on a motorcycle that appeared to be a Biker Mouse from Mars, but without the head antennae. He had street music playing in his headphones and had a Sugar Bomb Chocolate Bar in one pocket. "Almost there," said Cypher.

    Storm was in his tower monitoring the incoming vehicles from both directions. "Foxy has good hearing. Another score point for Leo, I guess." And he resumed his silent vigil.

    Oct 24 2009, 09:35 PM
    A short time later, an older silver and black motorcycle pulled into the station. The pouncing wolf on either side of the fuel tank glistened under the moon light as the rider shut off the engine and kicked down the stand. Throwing one leg gracefully over the back of the bike, she stood to her full height and tossed her thick white-blonde hair over one shoulder.

    “Hello, Foxy,” she said, her English perfect despite the thick Russian accent that colored her voice. “You will fill her up for me, yes?” she asked as a bright, shiny Jaguar went passed the station. “I think that they are lost, yes?”

    Inside the car the driver kept her eyes on the road, not sparing a glace to the station they had just passed. “We should be there soon, Lu,” she remarked, never taking her eyes from the road that passed smoothly beneath the Jaguar’s tires.

    “Yes, Gwen, I do believe you’re right,” Lu replied from the backseat, her eyes gleaming brightly in the darkness since she had fed before making the trip. The darkened landscape didn’t appeal to her, as she had seen it when the roads were nothing but rough dirt tracks leading from one small hamlet to another.

    Oct 24 2009, 09:50 PM
    Foxy smiled at the student. "Hi Tanya. I'll fill her up right away. How was the trip this time?" He got started filling the tank of the motorcycle. "And I don't know what's up with the strange vehicles. There have been a lot of them this afternoon."

    Oct 24 2009, 09:57 PM
    “The trip would have been better if there had been snow,” she replied, smiling.

    Oct 24 2009, 10:04 PM
    Foxy chuckled. "Vincent has some snow saved in the freezer, if that's to your liking."

    Just then, Cypher and Tony pulled into the station at the same time.

    "Hey Junk Boy!" said Tony with a smile.

    Cypher pulled open his visor and the street music issue out of it, before he shut it off. "What did you say?"

    Tony grinned. "I greeted you."

    Foxy then butt in and said, "He called you Junk Boy. I know your stuff is high quality."

    Cypher laughed. "He's just jealous cause he gets his practical jokes from Cracker Jacks." He winked with a grin.

    Oct 25 2009, 12:53 AM
    Vincent Alexanderos, wearing his large anthropomorphic lion-man form, knelt among the many candles he had assembled. He had built this room away from all the rest in his shop. Above and beyond the reach of all but his closest confidants. This was his alter and his sanctuary. Here he could commune with the spirits of the land around and little happened within the borders that the spirits did not bring word of to him. For tonight's Howl, he had already spent many hours preparing the rituals he had invoked to safeguard Roarin' Rhodes and the Howl. One ear flicked as the soft whispers of spiritual voices told of another passing through the borders and approaching. He grinned when he noticed whom it was.

    Vinny stood again and spread his arms again, chanting lowly as he completed the final Ritual and he felt the spirits give their blessing and consent. His work, for now, was done. The spirits would gather and then disperse, setting an intangible, invisible guard across all of Roarin' Rhoades and the Alexanderos properties to protect the property and the attendees of the Howl. It had been tiring work but it was done. With the spirit ritual completed, Vincent shifted back to his human form and closed and securely locked the door to the inner shrine to prevent any accidental enthrallments. The spirit wards of the Alexanderos Family were not known to be polite or gentle to those who blatantly trespassed where they were not suppose to tread.

    Vinny mentally informed his friends that they could begin getting their things shut down and closing up for the Howl and requested Storm inform the others via intercom.

    A few moments later, Leonardo exited 'the bunker' where several of the more specialized machinist tools were located. He had a large smudge of grease on cheek and was fairly messy but was also grinning, "Hey Foxy Fox! That new high speed metal lathe is AMAZING! I can sculpt wicked crazy with that thing! You should try it sometime! Just... don't let any parts of you get caught!" he laughed then nodded at the 'customers'.


    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine was completing her evening news cast, "The mysterious disappearance and reappearance of local hiker Kevin Manix has left several questions in it's wake but questions the police are convinced will never be answered. For those of you going out tonight, remember to stay together and if you hear a howl... It's probably just the wind and it's usually not a wise idea to go running toward it." She grinned with a wink, "This is Josephine Tyrosine, Signing Off."

    To the calls of 'way to go', 'nice show Ms. Tyrosine', and others, Josey made her way to her dressing room, shaking her long hair out of it's tight confines and tossing it over her shoulder with a sigh. She knew if she hung around too long that idiot of a co-anchor would be pestering her for dinner again... And tonight she had other plans. Plans that DID not involve a normie co-anchor but DID involve meeting the strange and unusual. A prospect she eagerly had anticipated all day.

    Oct 25 2009, 01:19 AM
    Foxy finished filling and recapping Tanya's tank, then he walked over toward Leonardo. "You messed yourself up something fierce. Let's get you off in the restroom and get you cleaned up. Or is this a new fashion statement?" He winked back and laughed.

    Tony was thinking, Leo got something caught in the machine, did he? Hopefully not his tail. That would have hurt a lot.

    Cypher grinned as he looked at his watch. "See you at the you know where, Tony." And he got on his cycle and sped off toward the Howl.

    Tony grinned as he made eyes at Tanya. "Ees exquisite, no?" Then he laughed himself and got back his motorcycle and sped off following Cypher.

    Storm then made the announcement. "This is your weatherman reporting. Mists have arisen at the borders, and there is a partly cloudy sky this night. The full moon isn't expected for a few more nights and hopefully we will have clear skies for that. The current temperature is 79 degrees, and the humidity is about 58%. Showers are expected this weekend, so stock up before then. Don't wait until the last second... like last time. The Cycle Shoppe may begin closing up now, and Foxy will remain to man the Convenience Store. Have a good evening."

    Then Storm began to make his way out of the tower and down the back exit so Foxy couldn't see him. He had already shifted the moment night fell.

    Foxy glanced up at the ceiling when he heard the voice, but he shook it off and continued to help Leo get the grease off. I am going to find where that voice is coming from sooner or later.

    Oct 25 2009, 01:39 AM
    Leo did in fact get his tail caught and it HURT!! But thank the gods for were resilience and regeneration. It would have been really bad if it was a human! He smiles at Foxy, "Thanks you foxy Tod. I appreciate it." He grins at Foxy and gave him a hug, "Good look with your shift tonight. If you need anything, you know how to get in touch with me." He puts a leather choker with a silver lion on it around Tod's neck, "Here, Vincent wanted me to ask you to wear one of these tonight. He said that it might be useful." Though he was thinking, And maybe keep you alive if your marked as taken.

    Oct 25 2009, 02:24 AM
    Foxy smiled at Leo and hugged him back. "Thanks, Leo. It looks like the one you wear. Am I in a fan club now or something? Anyway, all the grease is off of you. Oh, one more thing... Vincy suggested to me to get a supply list from you early, as in before this weekend so I could get you supplied before any expected rains or anything like that. I wasn't sure what he meant, but I promised him I would let you know."

    Oct 25 2009, 02:29 AM
    Leo smiles and nods, securing it around Foxy's neck, "Yeah. You're the Club." He grins and says, "Thanks. That's probably a good really idea." He suddenly gave Foxy a grope, kiss and heads outside, with a wink over his shoulder, "See you later, Foxy, You stud you! And don't take that necklace off!"

    Oct 25 2009, 02:53 AM
    Foxy heads across the highway to the convenience store to get settled in behind the counter for his night shift.

    The Howl...

    Tony was saying to Cypher, "When did a Were Elephant move to the east coast?"

    The Elephant glanced back at the Were Jackal and the Were Rat Wizard. "I am a Changeling, gentlemen. Name is Mturro. I normally travel with a carnival, but... my Changeling brothers were told to come here tonight. I just don't know why."

    Cypher hummed. "I guess that explains why all of the strange vehicles are here."

    Storm in his Were Lion body then walked up and said, "Not just Changelings, guys. The Sept Leader will explain as soon as everyone arrives. If you'll excuse me, I have to go procure Vincy's claimed seats." And he headed off.

    Oct 25 2009, 03:08 AM
    Josey was busily speeding along the highway towards Roarin' Rhodes, mentally checking off a list of prepared items that Vincent has requested she bring, hoping she would make it in time.

    Vincent stretched as he noted that it was time he was gone and checked over the place one last time before heading across the road to the convenience store. He smiled when he spotted Foxy there wearing his necklace. His voice was a deep but pleasant baritone though it bordered on tenor in his human form and was even lower in his werelion form. He nods to Foxy, "I see you have everything about ready, Todd." He tosses a leather bound large tome on the desk with a grin, "I got you somethin'. I heard you were into mysteries and a friend of mine in the publishing business snagged that for me. First Print Edition." A quick glimpse at the title and author reveals it to be the very first (And rarest and hardest to set) set of mysteries by a well known and popular author. He winks and says, "You need anything before I head out?"

    Oct 25 2009, 03:13 AM
    Foxy smiled. "How about a hug and you telling me what fan club I am in that this necklace is part of? Leo and a few others I've seen have one just like this. It has to be some sort of stud club. Aside from that, I'm all set for tonight. I know some of your fursuit friends will show up to get a beer or some cola, like they always do."

    Oct 25 2009, 03:19 AM
    Vincent smiles, reaching over and fingering the roaring lion head for a moment and the unseen runes that the fetish had engraved around it. "It is a mark that you've earned my trust for one. This necklace means you practically are like family to me. I couldn't run the shop with out you. It also ... Well, think of it as a protection talisman. Some people wear medals of the Saints, others pentagrams, for me this is my way of saying 'no one better mess with my worker or they'll have to answer to me!' " He grins, "Of course, it also means that you've earned a lot of trust around here." He grins, "So that necklace means 'Welcome to the family'." He grins again and pulls Foxy into a rather large, warm (and tight) hug,

    Vincent grins and lets the boy go.

    Oct 25 2009, 03:28 AM
    Foxy enjoyed the hug, then he said, "I gave Leo your message. He agreed that it was a good idea, but... he acted as if he didn't think it was. It was strange, I guess... his mouth said one thing, but his eyes and body language said something else. Anyway, you run off to your costume party. What are you wearing this year? An aardvark? A badger? A coyote?" He winked. "You're going to be late. Get going."

    Oct 25 2009, 03:37 AM
    Vincent smiles, "Well, I think it's because Leonardo wants you over there every spare moment of every day. A bit of crush maybe. I don't know. But I think it would be a good idea." He poses a bit in the door, "Arf? or Bark?" He laughs, "You know me too well." He headed outside and once far enough away as not to be seen, seamlessly shifting out of his human form and attire. He stretched and sighed happily. He looks up at the sky with a toothy grin, "Such a nice night out for a Howl." He hrmed, an ear flicking as he registered a human trespasser and growls under his breath but nodding, the spirits would take care of the interloper... A few seconds later the poor hiker was scared shitless and running for his car. You didn't have to see something to be frightened by it.

    Vincy chuckled and began running at a light lope toward the Howl grounds, sending a message ahead hat he would be with them soon. Despite the circumstances under which they were made, Vincent often felt at least somewhat guilty for the fact that he always felt happier when his thralls were near and they could all relax together in their non-human forms. Vincent let the wind rush by his maned head as he ran, enjoying the feeling of a good run.

    Oct 25 2009, 03:51 AM
    Storm glanced up at the Sept leader and the four others. "He is coming now. He and his Contact should be the last ones. Foxy is... protected, but not in on the secret yet. Maybe someday soon."

    The Werewolf Sept Leader nodded his head, as he turned to the leaders of the Vampire Sect, the Mages Guild, the Changeling Troupe, and the Ghost Brigade. "When he arrives, we will tell everyone the plan. I only hope they don't start fighting like that one time 150 years ago. That was insane."

    The Changeling Lord, who looked like a slender elf boy in royal fairy garments at the moment, said, "Who is this Foxy that the Thrall spoke of?"

    The Werewolf Sept Leader replied, "He is a male human who most of the Weres and a few Vampires and even Changelings have been wanting to kidnap away from Vincent. But that is the line... the boy works for Vincent."

    Oct 25 2009, 04:05 AM
    A few minutes later, Vincent walked up. He was in his prime. His were-lion body was quite large and powerfully built and he walked with a calm aura of authority yet a degree of humility as well. He was mindful of his position yet proud also. He nodded politely to the gathered Sept leaders as he approached. He wearing nothing save a tribal shaman's necklace around his heavily maned head and neck. His body fur was a rich deep gold and his mane and other accents a burnish gold-tinged red that reached almost black around head and the deepest parts of his maned neck and faded to almost crimson at the tips. He growls deeply, "My contact is here. She is parking her car. We can begin when you wish."

    Outside, Josey was fumbling to find a parking place that didn't push her completely off the road and into the trees. It was somewhat comical to see as she kept readjusting the position trying to get a better angle. Eventually she threw the car into park and hurried out of it, only to be jerked back inside by the seat belt. She muttered, "About took my own head off... That'd be a great start to the night... now..." She had to fumble to get her seat belt undo then grabs the box of stuff she brought, "Now to find Vincent."

    Oct 25 2009, 12:28 PM

    Foxy chuckled. "Vincent has some snow saved in the freezer, if that's to your liking."
    “Ah, but Foxy, Siberian snow is the purest,” Tanya replied with a sultry wink. Then she handed him the money for the fuel.

    Tony grinned as he made eyes at Tanya. "Ees exquisite, no?" Then he laughed himself and got back his motorcycle and sped off following Cypher.
    “I am Russian, not French, Comrade,” she called after Tony as she remounted her Wolf and made it roar to life. She then sped off in the same direction, the wind tousling her hair.

    Gwen had pulled the Jaguar to a stop a short distance from the other vehicles, mostly motorcycles, which were parked near the gathering area. “See, I told you we should have ridden my bike,” she lamented.

    Lu scoffed. “While I may have been born a simple peasant farmer, I am a lady, and ladies do not sit astride powerful beasts,” she explained.

    Gwen chuckled, “What about men?” she teased.

    Lu smiled then. “While men are always beasts, they are seldom powerful."

    Trying not to laugh to hard, Gwen got out and opened the back door so that Lu could exit the vehicle. Gwen was not wearing her usual uniform; instead she was wearing her leisure clothes. Lu, on the other hand, had no “leisure” clothes. She was dressed immaculately in her first outfit. She had opted for leggings for this outing, simply for propriety’s sake.

    Of course, Lu didn’t own a pair of shoes that had less than a four inch heel. Having not been blessed with height, she often praised the invention of the footwear that allowed her to add so many inches to her stature. Gwen, personally, hated heels and refused to wear them for any occasion, even under threat of pain of death.

    Finishing off Lu’s ensemble was the very old silver rosary that she wore around her neck. No matter what outfit she wore, it was always there, a screaming testimony to her Catholic upbringing. She always looked forward to attending the midnight masses, using that time to make sizable donations to whatever church she had chosen to bless with her presence.

    But now they were here. A Howl. Gwen was pretty sure that vampires weren’t usually invited to howls, which Lu had confirmed, but apparently there were some extenuating circumstances this time and a wide invitation had been sent out. She hoped that they weren’t going to try something funny. For even though Lu had already fed before they came out, she was pretty sure that she wouldn’t think twice before ripping into some nice, hot, fresh blood.

    Oct 25 2009, 01:52 PM
    The Werewolf Sept Leader waved his claws in the air. "All right everyone! I know you're excited, annoyed, and wondering why these other people are here, but I promise to explain all of this to you! As you know, our Howls have occurred once a month for more than 200 years! But in recent times, attendees to our gatherings have slowly dwindled in numbers! We were once the foremost Howl gathering in North America! Last month... and it sickens me to admit this in front of our guests... we had a total gathering of 23 lycanthropes! Just ten years ago, we had nearly 4,000 lycanthropes attending these gatherings! Such a horrible decrease in such a short period of time!"

    He then glanced at the other leaders, then continued. "At first, I thought that we were the only ones suffering from this devastation! But when I contacted my colleague in shape changing, the Changeling Lord, I learned that meetings from all factions have dwindled! Countess Frost informed me that ten years ago, they had nearly 12,750 vampires at a single meeting! Last month, they reported only 64 vampires! Mage Lord Keir told me that they had 9,600 mages just ten years ago! But last month, they were down to 24 mages! And one of those mages is also a lycanthrope!"

    Cypher just grinned keeping quiet for now. The Sept Lord was talking about him. hehe.

    The Sept Lord continued. "Changeling Lord Brightwing tells me that they once had 11,450 just ten years ago! Last month, they suffered the greatest lack of attendance in their history, a paltry 15 Changelings! And Spectral Queen Ravengaunt reported some 50,000 specters ten years ago, but with the increase in ghost hunters in recent years, last month they reported only 47 ghosts and zombies! And I, Werewolf Sept Lord Orion Talon, can see the handwriting on the wall, my friends! We must surely help each other or we will fall separately!"

    Changeling Lord Brightwing then spoke up. "A union of our factions was tried 150 years ago and our ancestors showed ignorant greed and incessant stupidity! They fought mindlessly for nearly three and a half weeks before dispersing back to their home territories! I certainly hope WE are more mature than our ancestors! Our ancestors had a chance to prevent our problem now from occurring, but they failed! Now it falls to us! Can we do it?"


      Oct 25 2009, 02:11 PM
      Countess Frost then spoke up, her voice chilling to any with living blood flowing through their veins, “Our numbers have not suffered this much since the great hunts and burnings of 350 years ago. And at that time we were free to replace our numbers without conscious. It was nothing for an entire village to be turned into one species or another back then.”

      “But with technology and the world’s population growing by leaps and bounds, we require more restraint,” Mage Lord Keir added. “We can no longer turn entire cities into our kinds. We must carefully pick and choose those that can carry our respective species into the future. Otherwise, I fear, there are those that may be doomed to extinction.”

      “And with technology everywhere, it is possible for our actions to be captured unbeknownst to us,” Countess Frost continued. “It is imperative that we stress to all of our kinds the necessity to be wary of our surroundings at all time, lest we be discovered and hunted again. With our numbers already dwindling, a worldwide massive hunt would be devastating.”

      Oct 25 2009, 05:56 PM
      Spectral Queen Ravengaunt then spoke in her haunting manner of speaking. "We understand that a few of our Contacts have connections on the inside, such as our host's Contact, the Lady Josephine Tyrosine, who helps our kind from the broadcasting side of the fence, helping us to cover up what others may think they see. At least one of our Contacts works in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has been good about providing government cover when he is able to. We even have a Contact in the I.R.S. 'nuff said on her... However, to retain an employee who is not in our secret is a loophole in the security that the rest of our Contacts may provide. All it takes is one slip of the tongue or one accidental exposure in front of said employee to place this whole group at risk. I am sure our host knows of whom I am speaking of. He retains an employee who is not one of us, yet is allowed to stay literally point-blank at the entryway to the Sept. It is only natural for me to vote that he be killed. I do not like those who are not controlled."

      Sept Werewolf Talon exclaimed almost in a growl, "Vincent keeps Foxy in check, Ravengaunt! He has for a few months now! Not once has Foxy tried to explore the back property for any reason! Had he tried it... he would have seen more than he cared to and then... I would have a Thrall myself! No offense to you, Vincent! Any who seek to confront Foxy with intent to harm him will be BANNED from these gatherings! And that would be a fate worse than exile! And now, I ask that everyone vote on the basis of our joining forces! If you agree that we should meet this way once a month, raise your RIGHT hand, paw, or whatever! If you oppose this idea, raise your LEFT hand, paw, or whatever you have! Vote now!"

      RIGHT for the idea.
      LEFT against the idea.

      One of the first left handed votes was from Tony. And that was a bit surprising since he was so open with his humor.

      Talon growled, "TONY! What are you doing?!"

      Tony replied in a calm manner, "I think this is a stupid idea, and not based on ignorance, either. I base my vote on the fact that we have no evidence that this will work. Anyone who blindly votes for this, then later watch it fold under, will see that I was right in asking for proof before going with the affirmative. And another thing, old man..."

      Talon growled, but let Tony continue, for now.

      "...In the past you have often coerced Howl attendees to vote the way you wanted them to, rather than allowing them to make their own decisions. If our gatherings have been dwindling, it can be proven that those who once attended do not approve of how you conduct the Howl. Who among us can honestly say that their leaders, of any of the gathered factions, have not coerced them into voting the way they asked them to and if they didn't, the leaders laid a threat of some sort on them?"

      There were then a great many mumbles, which was a clear sign that Tony spoke the truth.

      Oct 25 2009, 06:52 PM
      Vincent kept his face neutral however he in no small part agreed with Tony. He glanced over when he noticed Josey practically stumbling into the clearing. He motioned her to place the things she had brought aside and to join his group where he sat.

      Josey looked at Vincent a moment... Then moved toward that area but she was about to put a foot where her mouth was. She was an opinionated lady and no mistake. She spoke up and says, "I'm just a contact here. An under the grace of the benevolent Alexanderos family whom even you, Talon, owe for allowing this sept to be here. However, even a human like myself can see the truth in what Tony's said. I've covered many meets and conventions in my career." She looks around and says, "If none so diverse (by the way I would _LOOOOOVE_ to interview some of you later!!!) ahem... yes... As I was saying... These meetings are a willing gathering." She looks back at Talon, "If you want people to come then you cannot make them feel like dirt to be there. If they have an opinion, let them express it. If you grind someone down and force them to do what you say, then they will NEVER WANT to be there because they will think there is no point to it!!"

      Vincent sighs, putting a paw over his face.

      Oct 25 2009, 09:58 PM
      At that moment, Cypher finally said something, "Talon! I Cypher upon hearing both sides of this discussion... believe that I may have a solution to this dilemma. Tony voted against because there was no proof that it would work, but he gave no stipulation for learning if said idea would work or not. I have come up with an ideal way to see if your idea to pool the meetings is a good idea or not."

      Talon replied, "I am listening, Cypher. You are recognized."

      Cypher rarely got to speak openly like this, so naturally he was grinning. "Have Vincent designate an available home/farmhouse that he owns and permit a test group to live there TOGETHER, once a week, every week, for an entire month. I also suggest occasionally having Foxy around as a neutral party in this, yet he will still not be told what is really going on. Only that he is bringing supplies to the testing house here in Roarin' Rhoades. Like a Reality TV show, we have select members of each faction be a part of this group test. Each participant will grade their peers in how they think the others are doing. And overall, we will have monitors keeping track of the behavior to make certain that no brawls occur while Foxy is around. I realize that a lot of the people here live elsewhere and coming in once a week would difficult, therefore because of everyone's schedules, whoever comes in for their shift must have at least one other person to interact with in the house."

      Talon glanced at the other leaders slowly, one at a time...

      Cypher continued. "We have Josey wire the house with cameras to document this test and later... maybe she could show it as a Halloween spoof of House or something, explaining that all participants are wearing elaborate costumes and names were changed to protect the guilty, I mean, the innocent." He grinned. "By the next Howl, we would all get together again then to hear the final verdict of the test. Yes, I am suggesting to hold off on voting until after this test is completed. Anyway, THAT is my idea."

      Oct 25 2009, 10:22 PM
      “I fully endorse Cypher’s idea, with some additions,” Lu spoke up.

      “Speak freely, Lu,” Countess Frost announced.

      “And if it is found that any member of any faction actively tries to sabotage the test, they will not only be banned from the premises, but shall incur some type of punishment befitting their transgression. These are serious times and if any aren’t interested, they should be free to not participate, and they can go forth and try to solve the issue of their dwindling numbers on their own.”

      “I do not think they should be allowed to accost Foxy either,” Tanya interjected, “or any other human,” she added.

      Countess Frost glowered at Tanya, “Wait to be acknowledged,” she reminded.

      Lu simply continued, “Also, for those of us who have contacts that often travel with them, they shall be protected at all costs.”

      Oct 25 2009, 10:53 PM
      Talon said, "Go ahead, Tanya. You are our Russian werewolf among our kind."

      Storm mentally said to Vincent, See? Even Tanya wants to kidnap Foxy. The boy is HOT.

      Oct 25 2009, 11:01 PM
      Tanya, her silvery fur long and sparkling, raised her chin and continued, “I was only going to say that it is our human contacts, both aware and unaware, that keep us safe from the violent populous. And Foxy is just fine as he is. I, for one, would hate to see him forced into something he does not want to be.”

      She took a breath then, lowered her chin and pierced Spectral Queen Ravengaunt with her unwavering blue gaze, “We all know that some of those gathered are merely jealous of the attachment that many of us still have to humans and will seek any means to undermine those attachments.”

      Oct 25 2009, 11:11 PM
      Tony released a quiet sigh of relief. For a moment, he thought she was implying him. His practical jokes were safe, for now.

      Oct 25 2009, 11:13 PM
      Vincent finally rumbles a little, sighing softly, "I will agree with this under ONE large condition."

      Oct 25 2009, 11:18 PM
      Talon glanced down at Vincent. "And what condition is that, Vincent? This so-called test house will be on your property which would give you permission to be a monitor, if you so desired, and thus have full reason to check up on the residents whenever you liked. So what is this HUGE condition?"


        Oct 25 2009, 11:40 PM
        Vincent stood up and looks over the entire crowd and says flatly, "These lands are indeed mine and my families. The cardinal rule here is that no one shall take the life of an innocent. As Tanya has said... Contacts should NOT be harmed, aware or not. I am aware accidents will happen. I've been witness to more than a few. However, I WILL pull anyone who harms others on these lands before this Sept and condemn them to the fate worse than death in front of everyone if they spill innocent blood within my lands. I do believe I am within my rights to say such for there is a history violence between many here and if we have a hope of future peace this MUST work thus the price of failing to meet the burden of peace must be equal to any profit one would gain from it."

        Vincent sighs and growls, "I will concede that I am not hopeful for this to work however, I am willing to make an effort since I believe that all of us here should keep our minds open to new possibilities and that stagnation is one of our greatest enemies.."

        Oct 26 2009, 12:33 AM
        The Convenience Store...

        Foxy hadn't seen a customer all night. Not a single fursuiter at the usual time, either. "They are likely having sex or something at whatever the Howl is."

        Just then, a raccoon man and a fox man entered the store -- holding each others paws -- as they both headed back into the cooler section where the beers were kept.

        Okay... they are really LATE this time. Although... first time I've seen them come holding hands like that. Maybe I was wrong about the sex. I'll just record the time they were in here so Vincy can look at it later.

        "Where's the Jack Roberson's at?"

        Foxy replied, "Fourth Cooler! Third shelf down from the top!"

        "Got it! Where's the Salsa Chips and Dip Fixin's?"

        Foxy replied with a grin, "Potato Chip isle, of course!"

        "Um, where is that?"

        "I think I see them over there."

        "Right. Never mind! We found them!"

        Foxy grinned as he waited for the fursuiters to get all their supplies.

        Soon, the Raccoon and the Fox brought the goods to the counter. Foxy didn't see any pockets on the costumes, so he was wondering how they were going to pay. He rung up the purchases and said, "Sawhorse Buffalo. Or 10.59 for the laymen in the world. Must be some party going on if you're getting Dip Fixin's."

        The Raccoon replied, "It was actually getting boring. So we snuck over here to get some food and drink."

        The Fox grinned at Foxy. "And take a gander at the sexy boy that Leo was telling everyone about. I think he stretched the truth a little, but I am glad actually. I like my dream bois to be slender yet strong, like you." He winked and handed over a Credit Card. "Put this on my Diners Club Card, please."

        Foxy finalized the purchased, bagged up the goods and handed them the receipt. "Have a good evening, guys. I know I'm not having one, but Vincy asked me to watch the store."

        The Fox asked, "What's your real name, by the way?"

        Foxy grinned. "Toddrick Hunter." He winked.

        The Fox said, "I can see where you get the nickname then. Tod means Fox. My name is Maximilian Fox. I know, I get the jokes all the time. Here..." And he handed Foxy a business card. "If you ever need Financial help, call me. I'll give you a free consultation... in exchange for some... fun. Come on Coony. Back to the boring Howl."

        And the two left, as Foxy stored the card in his wallet.

        Oct 26 2009, 02:09 AM
        Store Front...

        It was not terribly long after the fox and coon had departed that the store was visited by another pair. The first to hop into sight was the rather large kangaroo. This one was obviously one hell of a costume as it seemed every part of them moved properly. He went straight to the rear of the store toward the imported beer. A few seconds later, the roo was heard exclaiming, "Oy! Where's tha Fosters, Mate?!"

        The second was a very handsome rabbit. He had very nice rusty brown fur with slight smattering of darker coloration and a pure white belly. His ears flicked a bit as the roo-guy yelled but his focus was on the cashier. He grinned and said, "Well... You must be Foxy. The verb suits you." He had a very nice Maine accent that was tinged with British highlights. Clearly a traveler. He looked the boy over a moment then nodded, "Suits you very well." Then he turned and headed down the aisle to collect his goods.

        The roo hopped up the the counter, unloading a whole case of Fosters, "Ah found it!" He grins, "You wouldn't 'appen to 'ave a kegger would yas?"

        Oct 26 2009, 02:36 AM
        Foxy smiled. "The kegs are kept in the locked storage bunker room in the back. Let me grab the keys and I'll show you where it is." And he grabbed the keys off the hook and then headed out from behind the counter. "Follow me, please. Nice fursuit, by the way. One of the better ones that I've seen tonight." And he led the way into the dimly lit back area.

        Oct 26 2009, 02:39 AM
        The roo hopped along with Foxy and grinned, "Thanks. Yer not bad lookin' yer self, mate." He hrms, noticing the necklace, but not saying anything, "Too bad..." He looks back at the shop they were heading through, "Does Vincy make yas work 'ere all alone? shame on 'im. You should 'ave company.... Ah know how to make time 'op right on by." He winks.

        Oct 26 2009, 03:00 AM
        Foxy then says, "Is there something on my neck? I thought I felt either you or something breathe on my neck just now. Anyway, Vincy only makes me work the store during the Howls, whatever they are. Normally its rather dull. But earlier tonight, out of the blue, Leo gives me this necklace saying that Vincy wants me to wear it tonight. Well, he's never given me any jewelry before, so I asked Vincy what it was for... and he never really told me. I'm not used to wearing a necklace and so it's starting to hurt my neck. I was thinking about removing it." He glanced over his shoulder with a grin. "Anyway... how could you make the time 'op on by, as you put it?"

        Oct 26 2009, 03:07 AM
        The roo guy hrms, "Ah see. Ah was just wondering 'ow long ya belonged to Vincent." He grins, "And Ah think yas kin use ya imagination 'bout that." He winks suggestively, "It's a dark cellar down here." He laughs, "But no, Ah wouldn't wanna get yas in trouble with Vincy." He sighs slightly but grins, "If you don't mind me saying, the necklace looks really, really nice on you."

        Oct 26 2009, 03:12 AM
        Foxy makes a face. "I don't belong to Vincy. I just work for him repairing motorcycles at the bike shoppe, usually. He doesn't own me. And the necklace is actually hurting my neck. And no, I don't know what you mean..." And with that, he unlocks the keg storage bunker. "Small to the left, huge to the right. Medium down the center."

        Oct 26 2009, 03:26 AM
        The roo guy ohs and rubs his muzzle, "Ah see... Ah'm sorry, Ah didn't mean ta offend." He heads into the bunker and picks up two large kegs on his shoulder and starts hopping back up the path they came. "Ah ment that Ah'd like to take ya somewhere and 'ave some 'fun' in bed with yas." He shrugs a bit with a sigh, "Whot kin Ah say. Yas arrouse me, mate" He heads back toward the counter.

        Oct 26 2009, 03:44 AM
        Foxy follows the roo guy. "Well, that is a nice thought, except I don't know what you look like under the fursuit. That tail must be animatronic or something. You really got the programming down GOOD for how naturally it moves. Anyway... there is no bed here in the convenience store, so that idea is rather shot to pieces."


          Oct 26 2009, 03:58 AM
          The Roo-Guy chuckles, "Glad ya like it. Maybe after the 'owl ya can see." He let Foxy lead him back up the counter where the rabbit-man was waiting. The Roo-Man paid for his supplies and left rather soon after, muttering to himself about yiff and fursuits and needing to find that boomer he saw before.

          The lapine chuckles, "Roos. Horny devils aren't they?" He looks up at Foxy with a hrm, "You know... Your neck's a bit red. Are you allergic to leather or something?" He was munching on a bag of, not surprisingly, baked vegetable chips while waiting for Foxy to return. He holds out his paw, "Name's Harrington. Jason Harrington."

          Oct 26 2009, 04:09 AM
          Foxy was really feeling the pain in his neck now. "I guess I am allergic to leather. I knew it was hurting, but I didn't think it was because of that. And no, the roo wasn't horny at all. He also asked me about this necklace. Ow... maybe I better take it off... my neck is so red and sore... Um, Toddrick Hunter... I prefer Tod. Tony gave me the Foxy nickname, the prick. But he's an okay prick." He shakes the rabbit paw, as he removed the necklace with his free hand.

          His neck looked swollen and puffy now. A definite allergic reaction... to leather of all things.

          Oct 26 2009, 04:18 AM
          Jason hrms and walks over, "If you wish I can re-string it on a chain of another substance if you wish? Entirely your call of course, my friend." He rubs the sore neck with his paws, "And I think I have some ointment for this. You see I'm a jewel crafter and I make jewelry of all kinds. Including chains, chokers, fetishes, all types of things really." He smiles, one ear flopping over slightly giving him a boyish and slightly impish look with his grin. "I promise it'll help."

          Oct 26 2009, 04:42 AM
          Unfortunately, Foxy's neck was still swelling even without the necklace on. It was very red and very swollen, as he dropped to one knee and moaned in agony. "Owww..... I hope I'm not sick now...."

          And unseen by Foxy with his eyes closed in pain, a wraith emerged from the cellar with a grin and departed the store without a word. It had apparently done something to either the leather or Foxy's neck to make it swell like that.

          Oct 26 2009, 04:55 AM
          Jason hrms, looking directly at the wraith before he picks up the boy and lays him down on the counter, examining the area intently, "I swear... If it's not one thing it's another." He then contact the Howl and informs the entire group of the incident, including the time, and a description of the wraith.

          Oct 26 2009, 05:08 AM
          From the description of the wraith, Spectral Queen Ravengaunt said, "Bane Erationa, an irritation wraith. He's been trying hard to get me dethroned as the head of our faction for several decades. But this time he's gone too far. Vincent, you may punish him however you like. We the ghosts of phantasm will no longer speak for him. Do whatever you will to him."

          Back on the counter, the swelling had gotten so bad that it had caused Foxy to pass out from lack of air intake. He needed help fast. Can Jason's ointment help combat the irritation swelling?

          Oct 26 2009, 05:31 AM
          Jason was acting immediately. He had forced the boy's head back to allow the maximum about of air flow through the increasingly restricted airway. Then he began spreading the ointment over the injuries to combat the swelling. The ointment was quite powerful and one that he learned to make from a were-roo master in the arts of herbal cures. Allergies were extremely common in his line of work and this potion had saved lives before. He just hoped it would be strong enough this time. However if the boy's breathing completely stopping he knew he would have to give CPR and that would carry a lot of risks for the human contact."

          Howl Grounds

          Vincent nods to her but his eyes were glowing slightly. He was angry but kept himself in check and showed remarkable restraint. However, the wraith soon finds himself hunted by a dozen spirit hounds with only one thing on their minds... Dragging the poor wraith back to the Howl. Vincent has a few... ideas... for fitting punishments.

          Oct 26 2009, 05:48 AM
          Spectral Queen Ravengaunt added, "Had I wanted it done, I would have done it myself. But I was intrigued by this Test House idea. Everyone seems to want it. So, I am in for now."

          Cypher growled, thinking about the wraith... how he wanted to lightning bolt the bastard.

          Fortunately for Jason, Maximilian Fox returned with air tanks and an oxygen mask from his vehicle, and began hooking them up to Foxy's mouth and nose to help him breath. "Vincent looked so mad that I thought it would be safer here. So I came right over and brought the air tanks. How is he?"

          Oct 26 2009, 05:59 AM
          Jason replied, "He needs the O2 but he seems to be recovering... Though slower than I Would like..." HE shook his head, "The important thing is that he seems to be recovering."

          Leo was already BARRELING toward the Store... Vincent had tried to hold him back but Leo wanted to be there... no matter what so Vincent let him go to watch over the boy.

          Oct 26 2009, 07:47 AM
          As fast as the weres were, Lu was infinitely faster. She had actually carried Gwen to the store where she pushed the weres out of the way to allow Gwen access to the boy. Gwen pulled out the first aid kit and pulled out the epi-pen which she then inject directly into Foxy’s neck. Then she tossed it aside and checked his pupils.

          Meanwhile, Tanya had her fangs bared, “You can’t even control your people during a Howl with you present. How do you intend to keep them under control in a house with others? Trust is a must for an endeavor such as this to survive,” she snarled.

          End of Part One


            P A R T - T W O : Reviving The Foxy

            Oct 26 2009, 10:37 PM
            Vincent looks over at Tanya, "So also must trust be on our end as well, Tanya. She gave her word that this agent was not working for her nor under her authority. I believe her and will extend to her the same curtsy I would to any potential partner in a venture. The benefit of the doubt." He looks to the others and says, "The culprit will not escape justice long."

            Leo arrived at the store not far behind Lu and he almost pushed THEM away when he saw the condition that Toddrick was in however he resisted that urge and merely walked over closer, examining the boy's current condition. He looks at Gwen, "You better know what your doing."

            The thrust aside were-rabbit clears his throat, "Madam... I do hope you didn't just inject him with epinephrine... That much false adrenaline on top of the effects of the salve I was already using could have some rather unpleasant side-effects on his heart. However if you are going to take over his treatment, you should at least ask those who might have already done something to assist him what exactly it was that they used. Good day, Gentlemen. Ladies." He collected the things he had come here to get, put the precise change on the register and walked out of the store.

            Leo snarls angrily, "I don't care who helps him but if he dies I swear I'll kill every one who touched him!"

            Oct 27 2009, 05:03 AM
            Maximilian was mentally grinning. He wouldn't mind seeing what Toddrick looked like as a Were-Rabbit or Were-Fox as a side effect, intentional or accidental. Preferably accidental, though. Leo looked mad enough as it was.

            Aloud he said, "Leo... you don't own him. So quit treating him like you do. No one here at the Howl owns him. He's still free until claimed. And you don't have that right because Vincent won't let you. Not especially after your last accident-." He finished the thought of the sentence with, -ally on purpose. Rather convenient for you to get the delivery boy stuck at your house during Noreaster season and he had to spend the night on the nights of the full moon. A real accident. And Vincent will never let you do that again, or my name isn't Maximilian Fox. But no one could overhear the mental though, and for that, he was glad.

            In the meantime, he kept the oxygen going into the boy. He also hoped that Jason Harrington didn't completely leave the Howl yet. He needed to get something from him.


            Spectral Queen Ravengaunt replied, "Thank you, Vincent. But Tanya... I _DO_ control my people. Just not THAT one. He doesn't want this idea nor the Test House to work. He was probably hoping to cause the rest of you to think that I ordered the hit on Vincent's employee. But as I just said earlier... unless you're going to do something yourself, then never send a worm to do an early bird's job."

            Storm said to Tanya, "I know you like Foxy, but remember... he's not a Thrall. He's totally normal and he isn't Aware. He is really around to keep us from becoming careless. A nice sexy reminder, in mine and Leo's opinions."

            Tony was talking to Cypher now. "What would happen if a Wraith ate your candy bar?"

            Cypher grinned. "You mean after he exploded from the positive energy explosion caused by the all-natural highly concentrated sugars and caffeine in the gooey caramel and rich milk chocolate mocha fudge?" He winked.

            They both laughed.

            Oct 27 2009, 05:34 AM
            Leo looks over at Maximilian sharply, "That was an ACCIDENT and I don't care. This has nothing to do with that! I just..." He looks at Foxy, "I care about him. He reminds me a lot of someone I used to know." He sighs, "besides... Vincent's made it infinitely clear that Foxy is never to be around me during the full moons when I'm infectious. He's threaten..." He breaks off, shuddering. Just thinking about having Vincent reassert control... He was a Thrall... his free will and mind could be taken away in an instant if Vincent decided that he could not be trusted with it. It was a thought that chilled him to the bones.

            Leo looked away and said rather hollowly, "I know the cost of another accident... But you can't... blame me for loving the guy, okay? I don't WANT to own him. I want anyone to. I just...don't want him to die." He had tears in his eyes as he looked back at Foxy. 'I'd give my own life just to SPARE him half the shit I've gone through. Maybe I am ... rushing things... GODS... He just makes me so confused! But please... IF there is a god... please don't let him die... please...I don't care of he was a rabbit, a skunk, hell a PORCUPINE or a vampire... Just...don't...let...him...die...'

            Oct 27 2009, 05:53 AM
            Maximilian looked Leo right in the eyes and said something propheticly frightening. "Calm thyself or I take my oxygen mask and oxygen tanks home. This second." Then he resumed the task at hand as he talked to seemingly... NOBODY. "A Thrall back-talking full weres... I swear... what is the world coming to these days...?"

            Foxy on the other paw though eyes closed and still feeling pain was actually awake. He simply had his eyes closed from the pain. The oxygen had woke him up. So he had overheard a lot from Jason Harrington's complaint and departing, onward. He wasn't sure what he had overheard and was still hearing, but something about the whole thing was making him itch all over his neck and shoulders now. And it had nothing to do with the swelling.


            The Wraith was now in front of Vincent but wasn't talking. Which was completely typical because he felt that a Were had no voice over a Phantasm. It was just a sentient though rabid PET.

            Spectral Queen Ravengaunt sighed. "I've seen this attitude before. He isn't talking and nothing you can do can scare him. Ghosts are like that. Being scared requires human emotions from a living body, therefore, the most you could do was bring him here... unless you have something final in mind, for which I approve of."

            Sept Leader Talon was off getting a drink at the stream. Unlike most of the others who LOVED to hit the Convenience Store, he preferred REAL water.

            Oct 27 2009, 06:17 AM
            Leo gulped and backed from the were at that.... And shut up. He sighed and went and stood in the corner though he was still watching Foxy intently, particularly his neck where it had swollen.


            Vincent looked at the wraith calmly, "It would be wiser if he would talk. But. Since he chooses not to I will address you instead." He pulled out his stone knife and looked at the wraith, "I believe it only fitting that since you would do harm on these lands, your penance be in kind. Spectral Queen Ravengaunt has yielded you to me. Therefore I, Vincent of the Alexanderos Family, do declare your judgment for your actions." He slashes the dagger into what would be the heart of the wraith, the knife glowing brightly as it did. "Be then at peace and pay the price for your actions upon this land." The knife pulsed with positive energy and the wraith would soon find itself enchained and pulled down into the soil of the land beneath. The land itself and the spirits of the land would met out the wraith's punishment and for a time the wraith would find himself bound to the land and serving it has a protector until the price was paid... Then it would be freed to join the afterlife to which it is entitled.

            Oct 27 2009, 07:17 AM
            At that moment, the swelling started to subside, although the itch on his neck and shoulders seemed to move from his body into his mind. It was like... sensing others without seeing them... and barely hearing their thoughts, but not totally. Foxy thought it was time for him to release a moan-warning that he was about to 'wake up', mainly so he could hear who all departed the store fast. "...uhnnnnn..."

            Maximilian didn't move, glad that the boy was coming to finally.


            Cypher grinned. "No lightning bolts? What a shame..."

            Tony laughed. "Maybe we can go find a preacher and hit him with lightning. You know they are always saying, 'and if what I am saying is not the truth, then may God strike me down.' And you hit them with a lightning bolt." he laughed some more.

            Cypher giggled. "You're mean!"

            Talon was speaking to Jason now and asked him about Foxy. "How is the boy doing? No one knows herbalism like you do, Jason."

            Oct 27 2009, 07:31 AM
            Leo also stayed though he about bolted over Foxy. He wanted to hug the boy.... But he froze mid-step... looking at Maximilian and then slowly slunk back to his corner. But he didn't leave. He sighed heavily. He was a bit a shamed of himself panicking like that. he put a paw over his face and sighed heavily, just glad Foxy didn't hear him saying all that and oh so very grateful that Toddrick would live.


            Vincent sighed heavily. He didn't enjoy that but he was done. He re-hilted his knife and bowed to the others politely.

            Jason sighed, "He'll live. He's certainly is a good looking boy. Though I didn't get to stay long. I was shoved out of the way." He shakes his head, "I hate being dismissed out of paw like that. I am jeweler but that doesn't mean I don't know herbal cures! I was trained by the best after all." He took a breath a sighed, "Still. The ole boy is going to be fine but I can't be held accountable for side effects with everything that woman did. Jabbed a needle into his neck without even cleaning the area first after I had medicated his neck. It's her fault not mine if there are any side-effects. Mark my words."

            Oct 27 2009, 07:48 AM
            Foxy then opened his eyes slowly, rather surprised that no one fled, but he wouldn't show surprise... until he saw Lu and looked about ready to jump through the ceiling!

            Maximilian held him down, though. "Calm down, Foxy. She's... one of Vincent's friends. She always... dresses that way." He then quickly whispered to Foxy, "It's the make-up. You know..." Then he straightened up and said, "Okay Leo. See to it that Foxy gets to his room. I'll escort the ladies back to the Howl. It's quite the Rave tonight."


            Talon said, "Amateurs... by the way, were you thinking about this Test House idea? I've heard mixed opinions from across the factions. Some say it might work, while others are calling it the silver bullet balloon, as in dead-duck, no offense to our Canadian Were-Mallards."

            Oct 27 2009, 07:58 AM
            Leo then walked over and gave Foxy a big HUG, nuzzling the side of his head softly, holding him for a moment. "I'm glad your alright, Tod." Then he let the boy go and stepped back. That is all he would do. He loved the boy but he didn't want any accidents and he didn't want any of the others upset at him. "You had a allergic reaction to the pendant I gave you. I know Vincent's upset too but I'm just so sorry it happened. I hope you can forgive me." He helps Toddrick sit up and says, "Do you need help walking?" He is almost a different person now that Foxy is awake and going to be alright. Leo wasn't typically that easy to fluster.


            Jason looks at Talon, "I was thinking that the best way to find out if the idea has merit... is to be one of the first to volunteer. We did an experiment once. Made America. Look how that went." He winks, he's jesting there. "But seriously, I think it's worth at least exploring. If nothing else, it should be entertaining, eh?"

            Oct 27 2009, 08:31 AM
            Foxy was a bit dizzy. "I better lean on you, Leo. Um... nice fursuit, by the way... not as nice as some of the others, but you look like you bathed in sweat with worry or something. It didn't rain on your costume, did it?"


            Talon giggled, as he hugged Jason. "We did Mate America, too, a hundred years ago. That was a membership drive. Look how well that went!" He grinned widely.

            Cypher then said to Vincent, "Just got word that Foxy is awake. Leo is taking him to his room."


              Oct 27 2009, 08:39 AM
              Leo helped Foxy gently, and nodding, "Sure thing." He carefully supported Foxy as he helped him to the room, "Well I am a bit disheveled I admit... I was worried about you. You gave him quite the scare." He used his free paw and claws to smooth down his fur a bit, "I'm sure it just needs a dry cleaning. They that's all."


              Jason hugged back with a chuckle, "Yes, yes." He smiles at the grin, "Now now don't you be thinking of eating rabbit. We can still bite back you know." He chuckled and looked around, "So anything happen here?"

              Vincent smiled and nodded to Cypher. "I'm glad." He smiles, "The loss of that Foxy would have been a severe blow. Both emotionally and to my business!" he grins, "I'm glad the kid's okay." He was quite relieved indeed. He was not in lust with the boy but he did value Foxy as both a friend and a employee.

              Oct 27 2009, 09:34 AM
              Foxy smiled at Leo when he was laid into his bed. Yes, even a Foxy smile is worth seeing. But he was about to ask something that might make Leo do a double-take and possibly stutter. "Leo... one of the fursuiters mentioned a word in the store before I got sick... and I don't know what it means... maybe you can tell me. What is a Thrall?"


              Maximilian approached Vincent and quietly spoke to him about Leo's behavior during Foxy's treatment. The were-fox wasn't upset with Leo, but the tone that Leo spoke with to a full Were was not looked upon well. "I think you should have a private talk with him after the Howl ends so something like that doesn't occur again. Full Weres are the superiors over Thralls. And to have him speak with angry authority like that in front of myself, Jason, and the Vampiress Lu... is not a good way to keep a Thrall alive. I am telling you so I don't have to report this to Talon. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find Nick and Jason. Want to talk to them about a Chemistry Experiment I am thinking about." And he headed off.

              Talon licked Jason's muzzle. "Weres stopped eating other Weres over 200 years ago, Jason. Those days were barbaric. I prefer dining in a restaurant on occasion, when I'm not hunting deer. Don't see too many Were-Deer these days."

              Oct 27 2009, 09:54 AM
              Leo's expression is shocked but he attempts to cover it as he says, "Oh well it's probably something they're just playing. In old Role Playing Games terms a Thrall is usually someone who is controlled by another. Like a Vampire can bite someone and instead of changing them into a Vampire, they can make them intro a thrall. From what I've READ it's the same for werewolves and stuff. Some ... fursuiters... like to take the game a bit...'realistic'." He clears his throat, subconsciously fingering the the silver Alexanderos lion on his necklace, "Thralls.... typically are seen as second-class citizen by pure bloods. So playing a Thrall in a Live Action Role Play is really hard but it can... honestly be far more rewarding with the proper master or mistress. And Thralls and those under the protection of a Master or other being always wear the mark of their Master... It's sorta the only protection w...they get. It's a matter of respect of course." He looks like he could continue but then stops...and clears his throat, realizing he's getting a bit too far over the edge and pulls back, "Anyway, they were probably just talking about some Live Action Role Play Character." He smiles, thinking to himself, 'CHANGE THE SUBJECT!! CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!!'. He says, "Want anything? Soda? Water? Tea?"


              Vincent sighs but smiles and nods to Max, "Thanks for letting me know. I will have a very serious talk with him." He frowns, "I thought I had impressed that on him before. I may have to take more extreme measures if such behavior continues. I saw Nick over near the waterfall... With someone." He smirks, "Should be done by now. You know us weres. Animal urges and all." He chuckles.

              Jason smiles, "I was teasing you, silly. And personally I've never met a were-plant. But I have met a few were-stags. They were actually pretty decent chaps. In my wilder days I had a few romps with them." He chuckles.

              Oct 27 2009, 10:08 AM
              Foxy shook his head. "I think I'll just rest, Leo. You can go now. Besides, Max said that the party was really heating up. Don't want you to miss that. You might get to lay someone there. Now get going. I'll be fine." He laid his head on the pillow and turned his head toward the wall so he couldn't see Leo's eyes.


              Talon giggled. "I've never seen any Were-Rocks, either, but you never know."

              Maximilian located Nick and cleared his throat. "Ahem... I swear. Good thing it wasn't with a Contact. Need to ask you something Nickeroo..."

              Oct 27 2009, 10:12 AM
              Leo leaned over and hugged Foxy again, softly and briefly, his eyes somewhat averted. He DESPISED lieing... especially to Foxy but he had to. He was pretty bad at it. "I'll be near by. Someone has to man the store. Don't want people walking out with all of Vincent's merchandise do we?" He smiles and puts the phone near the bed and heads down to the store.


              Jason laughs, "Really true there."

              Nick hrms, "Oh... What do you need, Max? We were just finished. Did you want in on the action?" He chuckles.

              Oct 27 2009, 10:17 AM
              Talon grinned. "Let's go see where the action is. I am sure there are groups all over the place making out." And he headed off with his flash camera.

              Maximilian grinned. "Not right now... but I need your help with a chemistry experiment. I have some of Foxy's hair samples and I'd like to get some of your fur samples, sweat-soaked would be perfect, and I want to get some of Jason's fur samples, too... and I am going to set up my lab kit and do a compatibility test for you guys. You interested in helping?"

              Oct 27 2009, 12:09 PM
              Gwen paid no mind to the others, they didn't need to know the special blend that was actually in the epi-pen. Lu had had several of them made up for emergencies such as this one. The special blend, with a base of holy water, had been proven to work against attacks of the supernatural kind. There was even an ingredient in it that was proven to protect, temporarily, the person from lycanthropic infection. Gwen herself had had the unfortunate experience of running into a malevolent spirit who had caused a bit of trouble for her. Lu had used some of her contacts to deal with said spirit, and now it was no more. Gwen stood back with Lu when Foxy finally opened his eyes. He would be fine now, she was sure.

              Lu smiled at Foxy when he looked her way, knowing how she must appear to the young boy. Many who were not "in the know" just assumed she was Goth, or Emo, or some other insulting association. She simply allowed them to believe what they wanted. They were safer not knowing the truth about her. And as long as they appreciated her voice when she sang, she saw no reason to dispel their illusions. As Foxy was lead out of the store, Lu easily lifted Gwen and they returned to the Howl.

              Tanya rose up to her full height and glared, "Trust is earned, not freely given," she snarled. "Those who give their trust so willingly are just asking for trouble." She was upset, which made her accent even thicker than normal, but her point was clear. The fury she felt toward any being that would willingly harm another for sport, was so much that she shook with it.

              Lu approached Vincent. "Your human will be alright," she said softly. "There shouldn't be any ill effects from the irritation caused by the spirit, or the contact with the large group of weres that had surrounded the boy. While I'm sure their intentions were noble, I don't believe they considered the potential harm in laying so many paws upon him in his weakened state. But his aura looked good as he was being taken to his chamber."

              Oct 27 2009, 10:58 PM
              Storm then said, "Unless you washed his neck and sterilized it before you injected that needle, then you cannot know what was present under the needle tip that may not show for days or weeks. Don't worry, we see him often enough that we can monitor his activity without his knowing. I certainly do not want anything bad happening to the boy who is determined to find where my voice is coming from during the day light hours."

              Mturro who had been watching the wild romping and chaos with silent eyes, finally said, "Is the Howl over? The Changeling meetings often had educational outings, along with a fine dinner, and a movie. I am getting rather bored just standing here like this and-" He suddenly jumped with an EEK!

              Cypher was standing in front of where the Changeling elephant had once been, saying, "Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!" Then he chuckled and said, "Was that educational enough for you?"

              Tony laughed his ass off! "That was a good one, Cypher!"

              Oct 27 2009, 11:10 PM
              Vincent nods and says, "We will keep a close eye on Toddrick. The simple fact of the matter is that I do not mind what adventures he embarks on so long as they are either of his own choosing or truly accidental. I would... prefer... he remain unAware and unchanged. However after tonight I do not believe that will be possible. But I will hope for the best." He sighs and mutters, "Damnable Wraith..." He rubs his forehead slightly, "At least Talon didn't summon the dragons to this." He shakes his head and gets up again, "I am going to go have a talk with Leo ... And get a bloody drink. I need a bottle of tequila."

              Vincent began jogging to the store to just get him tensed muscled to unknit.

              Jason looked at Talon, "Is it just me or do things get more out of paw every Howl and Gathering?"

              Nick grins and hops over, "Sure thing, mate! Be glad ta 'elp out!!"

              Oct 27 2009, 11:26 PM
              Talon grinned at the departing Vincent. "I _had_ invited the dragons, actually. They said they would try to make it next month. They had a re-enactment to go perform in down in Virginia." Then he turned and replied to Jason, "You are right, Jason. With the new era and all of this free will creeping into the lifestyles these days... the way we conducted things before just don't seem to work now. At least we Weres still have the global annual Tranquility Moonrise* festival that all Weres strive to attend. If it weren't for that, I'd really be worried for our locals."

              At that moment, Maximilian and Nick came by and grabbed Jason. "Let's go. We need your herbal know-how with a new project for a few moments."

              Tony hummed. "What to do now? Any thoughts Cypher?"

              But the Were-Rat Wizard was eating one of his Sugar Bomb Chocolate Candy Bars, totally ignoring everyone and everything. YUM YUM!

              Tony grinned. "Never mind... the sweet tooth strikes again."

              *Second Eternity series reference.


                Oct 28 2009, 12:19 AM
                Leo and Vincent will have a very long talk in the store.

                Jason ACKED as he was grabbed and dragged away... "What what what??! I'm not late! and I'm not a White Rabbit!"

                Oct 28 2009, 12:33 AM
                Inside Maximilian's Chemist Van, the Were-Fox explained his experiment to Jason, though Nick had already heard the plan and was willing to help. "So do you want to help with this? You may be a jeweler, but also an herbalist. And I do have a financial firm, but a licensed chemist as well. Will you help with this compatibility test? I already have some of Foxy's hair and Nick's damp fur. We just need some of your damp fur, preferably that around your groin..."

                Spectral Queen Ravengaunt announced, "Attention ghosts! Our agreement to meet with the others has ended! Any who seek to return to your haunts may now do so! We will convene here officially again next month to get the results of their Test House! That is all!"

                And with that, all of the ghosts and such vanished! -=poof=-

                Cypher said to Storm, "They certainly didn't stay around long."

                Storm grinned. "Wanna yiff?" He winked.

                Cypher retorted, "Want to be force fed one of my candy bars so I can watch your chest explode?"

                Storm paled and backed off. "No... it was just a jest, Cypher... Sorry..."

                Cypher replied, as he patted on Storm's shoulder, "If you were a full were, I would have been glad to play with you, Storm. But you're a Thrall. There are rules. You belong to Vincent. Only he can give you permission to do those things."

                Tony was back at his motorcycle, preparing for the trip home. "Borrrrrrrrrrrring... I turned down a Lon Chaney movie for this? No wonder the Howls are dwindling. They have no excitement. Aside from Cypher and I cracking a few jokes, there's no good reason to meet. Maybe the Howls are ancient history." Then he was quiet for a moment. ".........unless... I organize our own Howl. Yeah..." He was grinning. "Who to get on board, though...?"

                Oct 28 2009, 01:10 AM
                Jason hrms, "Well..." He rubs his muzzle, "I suppose it is fairly harmless..." He retrieves them the sample they asked for, "But what exactly is this experiment for?"


                A young, dashing looking human wearing what could only be described as the most elaborate attempt to confirm fairy tale stories of robed mages, walks up to Tony... He grins, holding out a hand and saying, "Edward Reinsford, at your service. Did I overhear, completely innocently of course, that you might be having some type of get together that might not be so..." He leans closer, "Bloody stiff, formal and boringly uptight?"

                Oct 28 2009, 02:28 AM
                Maximilian started the chemistry work, placing part of the samples separately in dishes of their own, and mixing them all together in the last dish. "I am going to use chemistry and DNA to determine how compatible Foxy is with either one of you you two, both of you, or neither. It's a harmless test actually. And its far better than injecting both your blood samples into Foxy and see which of you he resists first. Right?" He giggled, winking at Nick as if it is a humorous idea.


                Tony shook Eddie's hand. "Welcome to my office. Tony Fury. I was just plotting on organizing and running a younger version of the Howl... in the younger persons perspective. That is what I think is wrong the current howls these days... they are run by these ancient relics who aren't young anymore and they haven't kept up on the latest trends of what fun and loosening up is all about. Now, here's my idea... don't know if Vincent will permit it though. There is a huge warehouse on the back side of his property, beyond the mountain there. He originally wanted the highway department to pave a road out there or have the county put in a decent road to the place, but they wouldn't do it because it was on private property. They wanted to charge him thousands of dollars to do it. Now, I happen to know a few Weres who work on the highway department in my home region." He winks with a grin.

                "I ask them to come out and pave that road for us, I get Vincent to lend us the huge warehouse once a month and stock it with food, drink, a small movie theater, a large dance hall, and a moderate restaurant. We get bands in like Ratt n Katt from England, Lion's Den from Africa, and 13th Hour from Hells Gate Down, Australia to come in and play live music for us. There are a LOAD of musicians and bands from our special factions who we could bring in once a month to perform there for us. We also set up rumpus rooms for bedding and overnight lodging, with locks on the doors for privacy... and we invite norms to come party with us so we can... ahem... have initiations. That is a huge something that is lacking from the Howls these days. They stopped conducting the monthly hunt 100 years ago. I wasn't around for that, but I was told that was the best time to go infect someone to join the party."

                Oct 28 2009, 03:04 AM
                Jason nods, "That is true. It is a much better way than that." He looks over at Nick, "Good luck."

                Nick laughs, "Ah don't need luck. Ah already know. AH am MUCH more compatiable! Gotsa be!" He winks, "The boy DID hug me ya know."

                Jason rolls his eyes, "That counts for nothing. But what's the test say, Maxy?"


                Eddies shakes paw/hands with him. "I agree with you completely. And I think Vincent might go for it if you approach it to him in the right way." He grins in a knowing manner, "I think you should track him down, pounce him, and not let him go until he agrees." He grins, "While I take photos." He ahems, "Also, I would like permission to assist. If I may blow my own horn, I am very good with lighting and magics for staging shows." He winks.

                Oct 28 2009, 04:00 AM
                Maxi grinz as he gets the preliminary results... "Very interesting... there is a 98.8 percent compatibility between both you, Nick, and you, Jason, with Foxy. Even though everyone calls him Foxy... these findings seem to suggest that he should be called Hoppy instead." ;-) "I am still waiting on the mixed dish's results."


                Tony grinned. "A Were-Jackal pouncing a Were-Lion on his own property. Only if I had a death wish. But I do want Foxy at the first party. Vincent be damned, we all like that boy. I just need to talk to Vincent in a business like manner. Heck, the revenue from having a live band there would boost his business intake. Now, I don't want to hold my Howls at the same time as Talon's or he might decide to challenge me for the right to claim that night. And I know not to fight him his way. The loser always dies. So, I'll plan mine for every 2nd week following Talon's Howl. Heck, we know the Test House is going to fail. And the reason I say that is this: the monitors are the ancient relics. They will expect things to go their old crony way, and they'll veto the whole thing when a bunch of young people get in there and go wild."

                He turned to Eddie and chuckled. "And think what will happen the first time the Changeling Elephant shifts forms indoors and Foxy is accidentally around... no more house AND they have to explain how an elephant got inside the Test House."

                Oct 28 2009, 05:00 AM
                Nick grins! "Hoppy! I like that nickname! Let's call him that from now on!!"

                Jason sighed and shakes hsi head, "You give were-roos a bad name. I'm glad Reed can't see someone like you."

                Nick pbbs, "Bite me."

                Jason BITES the roo's ear with a smirk.

                Nick YELPS, grabbing his ear, glaring at Jason, "You..."

                Jason smirks, "You asked for it."


                Eddie grins, "I agree with you completely, Tony. I think Toddrick, AKA Foxy, is a smart, intelligent boy. I saw him on the way here. I have a question, however, Tony. Why is everyone so attracted to him? I think you are far more attractive than he is. What does EVERYONE seem to see in him? It boggles my mind."

                Oct 28 2009, 06:36 AM
                Maxi giggled, as the Rabbit and Roo playfully fought in the background. He was continuing to work on the final dish. He had sneaky plans for that...


                Tony grinned. "Cute and Attractive; Very Helpful and Overly Kind; Though Non-Aware, Provides Some Funny Responses to What We Think are Normal; Most of Us Have Seen Him Naked... Woo-Hoo!; and He Will Communicate With Anyone. And before I forget... he has a particular faint smell that literally turns the Weres on. Though strangely, non-Weres are also turned on by him, and I don't know why." He chuckled. "If you have some wheels, I'll escort you out to the warehouse and show you the place. We might even kidnap Tanya for this. She looks about ready to tear some new poop holes for being ignored."

                Oct 28 2009, 08:27 AM
                Jason and Nick were old friends and played as such. Even though the Were-Roo honestly grated on his nerves more than a little at times, Jason and Nick had been attending various Howls together for some time.

                After a while, Jason looks over at Maximillion. "Alright, Maxi, it's been more than an hour... How goes it?"


                Eddie hrms then nods, "I suppose I can see that. Particularly the 'nice' part. Well then, shall we go?" He snapped his fingers, casting a spell he had prepared in advanced, changing his clothes instantly from hi robed attire to surprisingly robe-like version of biker gear! He grins as out of the ground (portals, gotta love them right folks?) his MagiTek motorcycle rose to greet him. Mages. ALWAYS flashy. Eddie grins, "Let's Ride With Fury."

                Oct 28 2009, 08:58 AM
                Lu eyes flashed as she glared at Storm, "It seems that the Thralls are having trouble remembering their place," she commented, and then she merely shrugged and went in search of Cypher.

                Gwen had opted to wait at the car while she conducted whatever business she needed to do. Lu then turned to Cypher, "Cypher, we have a common issue to discuss that has nothing to do with the others here. Are you available?" she asked.

                Tanya took a deep breath and let it out. "I notice they all left before any could volunteer for the test house," she pointed out to Talon. And then she turned and headed to her bike, anxious to get away from the others so she could hunt.


                  Oct 28 2009, 09:09 AM
                  Maxi grinned. "Got it, guys. Seems all three of you could easily bond in a few seconds. I've never seen a match like this. Everything lines up perfectly. Thanks for helping out, you two. And now, I want to go see Foxy, I mean, Hoppy, while he's resting. So I'll see you both at the stage later so we can talk about the Test House." And he gathered his gear and headed off with a sly fox grin. A sign of foxy mischief in the making. Hey! Foxes are like that!


                  Tony waved at Tanya! "Hey Tanya! Join us for a bike ride for a moment! Afterward... I can promise that you'll get some private hunting space in!"


                  Cypher had just finished one of his Sugar Bomb Kills-You-Dead-Dead-Dead Chocolate Bars. "Hi Lu. What can the Were-Rat Wizard of Greenwich Village do for you?"

                  Oct 28 2009, 09:35 AM
                  Lu smiled at the were-wizard, as she was fond of referring to him as, but her smile quickly faded, "It's about Master von Hammerstein. Have you heard from him at all?" she queried.


                  Tanya considered the mage carefully, then shrugged, "Sure, why not? I warn you though, I'm not happy with how this howl went. It was a fiasco," she snarled as she gracefully mounted her Wolf. "Lead on, Tony"

                  Oct 28 2009, 09:57 AM
                  Cypher replied, "Not in a few years, I'm afraid. He was really nice to me and my family. When he disappeared, we took over his antiques shop and I opened an electronics repair station within. It was good income. We are thinking... the Cross of Iron, that vampire hunters group, got him."


                  Tony got his bike underway, then said toward Tanya, "When ancient relics run something that only the younger sect want to participate in, the results are never good. But would you be more interested in attending a Howl that was hosted by younger Weres with the new age teen to young adult mindset? We're heading to a big warehouse that Vincent owns on the far back side of his property. The hunting is super excellent back there, so you shouldn't be bothered at all. But Eddie and I are going to be surveying the Warehouse to see how much work it would be to convert it into the new Howling Fury party pad. What do you think, Tanya? Once a month, say two weeks after Talon's gathering, for whoever bothered to show for it, we would all gather at the new Howl and party down the way we were meant to party down. Are you interested?"

                  Oct 28 2009, 10:24 AM
                  Lu's beautiful face revealed nothing at the mention of that hated group. "I miss him. He made me feel welcome when I first came to the Colonies," she said, her wording betraying her age. "Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family in his stead," she offered. Then she turned and slowly made her way back to the car that was waiting to take her home.


                  Tanya actually smiled at that. "Yes, I think a much younger, less serious, howl is exactly what we need to save our numbers. At the same time, however, there would have to be some guidelines to prevent fighting and strife between attendees," she pointed out. "That is a drawback to breaking away from the elders, the younger generation often doesn't realize the importance of rules."

                  Oct 28 2009, 10:42 AM
                  Tony grinned. "I was thinking about permitting norms in to party with us. And before you complain, Tanya, let me explain... Talon outlawed Initiations during Howls a hundred years ago. And that was also about the time a lot of Weres who were finally fed up with Talon stopped attending the Howls. What I was thinking was this... we find norms who have an interest in what we are without our telling them what we are, and we invite them to a Howling Fury live band party. But we don't initiate anyone on the first visit. We just let them enjoy themselves with the rest of us, then we take them home. On their second trip up here... we find out which of our kind interest them the most and let that Were, Mage, Vampire, Changeling, or even, if they stop being so stuck up, the Dragons... we have that Howl member Initiate the person into their clan or sect and then treat the newly joined like Kings for a night. Another thing that has to go is this Thrall shit. I know Vincent is really hung up over it, but it's stopping good people from joining us. There used to be an old Were Law that said you could only keep a Thrall for four seasons, then you either had to permit them a chance to become a full were or seek a cure for their infliction. We know that Reed Huxley on the West Coast will cure anyone that wants it."

                  Oct 28 2009, 03:07 PM
                  Tanya listened to Tony's explanation patiently before responding. “I thought that the reason that Talon had outlawed initiations during howls was because Weres were declaring war on each other over possible initiates. As for the dragons, I do not look for them to ever join in on a howl because in order to be accepted into their graces you have to have been born a dragon.” She paused for a moment and then continued, “Your idea has some potential, but I also see the potential for disaster if not monitored very closely. I will support you, though, when you are ready to approach Vincent about using the warehouse. Now, lets go check it out.”

                  Oct 28 2009, 05:30 PM
                  After he had finished having his talk with Leo, Vincent had retired to the roof of his bike shop. Currently he was laying on a deck chair in his lion-man form, staring up at the night sky. As he left his senses drift, he could sense much of what passed on his property and even more clearly where and what each of his Thralls were doing. Quietly, he picked up a small pad, making notes. 'Leo... Another eight months. Samuel... two months. Storm...' Vincent sighed softly, 'Storm... I can't allow him to undergo the ritual for another year or two minimum...'

                  Vincent swept his arm roughly through the line of bottle and glasses assembled near the chair, growling as they shattered. 'Damn rules. Damn FUCKING family obligations. JUST ONCE I'd like to be able SOME CHOICE in HOW I FUCKING ran my OWN DAMN LIFE.' Vincent sat up with a sigh, rubbing his temples with his paws, 'Between Talon and my Father, I'm going crazy here. Shoved right SMACK in the middle between rules and obligations... and just running things I want to. But always the calm external visage. Always the one in charge. Always, Always, ALWAYS in control. FUCK I rarely even get to indulge in a REAL HUNT these days... And even rarer is a chance to party with people my own age. I'm not even 30 yet and here I am Head of the FUCKING Family. Gods ABOVE those people drive me insane.'

                  Vincent sighs and flops back in his chair, looking back at the sky as the metal groans under his large muscular weight. The were-lion reflected somewhat bitterly on the fact that if it wasn't for his family's ancient custom of training any would be were as a Thrall for a two to three year period then a significant portion of his Thralls would not be going through what they were. 'What's the point any more? Sure they'd lose the telepathy, the pride-senses that let them detect everyone else, about thirty other powers and things but they'd be free to be real Weres... Only two have ever asked to return to human life. And I broke the rules for them and they're living in North Dakota now. Maybe I should just release them all... the bike shop is nearly self-sufficient now. I could retire from public life all together... Throw the Sept and Talon off my land. Get rid off all those ancient obligations.'

                  Vincent sighs and mutters, "And every one of my fathers would turn in their crypts..." He looked up at the sky again, "So what is a were-lion to do?"

                  Oct 28 2009, 08:24 PM
                  Tony grinned. "Why do you think I said that we would allocate the species choice to the Norms? Let THEM choose what faction they want to be in. As for the Dragons, I've spoken to a few who dwell secretly in Boston. Like Weres, they have something called Dracines*. A Dracine is a former human who was changed into a servant dragon. They will never be full dragons until their masters deem them ready. That can span from a few days to a few centuries. A Dragon can live a long time, you know."

                  Just then, the three pulled up in front of a humongous building literally out in the middle of nowhere on the complete BACKSIDE of Vincent's property. The road they had come up was definitely NOT paved at all and you really couldn't tell, currently, that it was a road. Tony parked his motorcycle and said, "This is the place I have in mind, guys. If Vincent permits it, this will be the new Howling Fury party pad for our monthly Howls. As for the hunting grounds, Tanya..." And with that, he pointed off behind where the road ended. "Take your pick. I know there is loads of game out here. Eddie and I will be heading inside to check out the building. Come on, Eddie."


                  When Maximilian arrived in Foxy's room, he noted that the boy was thankfully sound asleep. He quietly crept over and carefully injected his 'plan' into Foxy's foot, a place where the least amount of pain would be felt, then he smiled and crept back out of the room. The plan was in motion; he just didn't know what the results would be. Mixing two Weres DNA fluids with a Norm's had never been done before and Maxi couldn't wait to see the results. He didn't want to harm the boy, but being a Chemist... it's HARD to get good volunteers these days.

                  Oct 28 2009, 11:39 PM
                  Eddie looks around and nods, "I like this place already." He smiles and helps Tony thrust open the heavy doors to the warehouse. "What the hell did Vincent make this place for? It's HUGE... I mean the floor-plan alone must be half a square mile."

                  Oct 28 2009, 11:50 PM
                  Tony grinned. "It's nice, isn't it? Vincent originally wanted Roarin' Rhoades set up clear out here so they could work on projects in private and not have to hide their Were forms when they worked. But in order for it to work, he needed the road paved or no one would bother to drive all the way out here. So he kept his two businesses where they are now. The Bike Shoppe and the Convenience Store. But he also wanted a private little sanctum way out here for, ahem, you know..."

                  He then showed Eddie all of the chambers and explained where he would like what set up, then afterward, they were both back out at the motorcycle. "So, think we can do this if Vincent gives the okay?"

                  *Dracines are explained in the Citadel Truths series; episode 4.


                    Oct 29 2009, 01:04 AM
                    Eddie followed Fury through all the rooms, making mental notes. When finally the tour was done, Eddie nods, "I think it will take about two weeks to setup but I think it can be done. You're asking a lot though." He laughs, "And I was right. It truly is about half a square mile of floor space in there! Walking from one end to the other, wow.. We may need to install conveyor belts!"

                    Eddie hrms and looks back at Tony, "But you shooed me away from that basement door rather fast. From the sound of knocking on it, it had to be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE underground cavern under there... What's up with that? It'd be perfect for the dance-floor.... What's on the other side of those giant 12 foot steel doors?"

                    Oct 29 2009, 01:08 AM
                    Tony sighed. "Those doors are locked and only Vincent has the keys. So whatever he has down there will just have to stay down there. It's likely very private. Or the very sanctum he was planning. Let's head back and ask him right now. I'll bet he's up on the roof of the Bike Shoppe."

                    Oct 29 2009, 01:12 AM
                    Edward nods, "Alright. After you, Mr. Fury."

                    Oct 29 2009, 01:26 AM
                    The Bike Shoppe's Roof...

                    Tony and Eddie stood there as Tony explained the plans to Vincent, how he personally feels about Talon and Talon's howl, what he expects will happen to the Test House when the elephant accidentally gets loose, and how the Warehouse would be perfect, and can even arrange for the road to get paved by 2 Boston Weres who owe him some favors. And the 2 Boston Weres don't attend the Howls for the same reasons... they don't like Talon.

                    Tony smiled. "So how about it, Vincent...? You own that Warehouse, it's on your land, and you can finally get that road paved. You just have to let us convert part of it into the new Howling Fury party pad. And think of the extra revenue having the live bands in there once a month will create... Please? Pretty please? Purrrrrrttttty pwwwweeeeaaasssseeeeee????" Puppy eyes and everything.

                    Oct 29 2009, 01:35 AM
                    For what seemed like hours.... Vincent's face, fairly devoid of any external sign of emotions (though perhaps that was due to the sheer amount of alcohol it takes for a were to get even slightly buzzed), studies Tony and the puppy eyes...

                    Edward almost felt like they could hear a pen drop 50 states away. Finally he BLURTED, "AWE COME ON! SAY SOMETHING"

                    Vincent's gaze didn't drop or move and just when Edward thinks his head is about to explode, suddenly a heavy ring of keys goes flying at Tony as Vincent says, "Watch out for the gorgons and other monsters in the basement. They like to eat little unsuspecting humans, weres and mages." Tony's known Vincent long enough to notice the slight quirk of the muzzle that despite what Edward sees, Tony knows Vincent's laughing his tail off.

                    Oct 29 2009, 02:11 AM
                    Tony smiled and hugged Vincent. "Thank you ever so much, Vincent. You won't regret this. I promise. When the lost attendees hear about a new Howl that isn't being run by Talon, they'll flock in droves, the first time, at least, just to see if it's worth the hype. Now we can't make all the renovations in 2 weeks. Just can't be done. So... I am looking at an opening date of six weeks from now. I'll get my Boston Were friends in here and they'll pave that road for you."

                    At that moment, Spectral Queen Ravengaunt re-materialized. "Finally. I was waiting for a good idea to be brought to light. You get your Howling Fury made, and I'll advertise it for you. I have connections." And then she was gone again with a -=poof=-.

                    Tony turned and grinned at Eddie. "Let's collect some people and get to work. We've been given the keys to the castle!"


                    Roarin' Rhoades Bike Shoppe, a few days later...

                    A sunny morning...

                    Foxy was working on a teenager's motorbike out in the open, as yet another furniture van drove through the area. "What in the heck is going on? That was the 12th one this morning. And all going in the same direction. Someone has to know something. And I haven't seen Vincent all morning or even last night. At least the moon will be full tonight. I hope to get in some painting. Haven't done that in a while, so my ability likely stinks these days."

                    Oct 29 2009, 02:39 AM
                    Leo walks up to Foxy, "Hey, Foxy? We have a new shipment of parts in over at the receiving dock if you wanna check out the new stock. I know you mentioned you needed a new set of timing pins for that XJR-910 you were working on." He paused then started back toward the store, "I'm taking my break."

                    Vincent had been keeping close tabs on Leo lately and had been giving a lot of thought to the topic he had pondered on the roof. Tonight would be the night to do it... if he was going to.

                    Oct 29 2009, 03:13 AM
                    Foxy headed off into the restroom to get cleaned up a bit once he got the motorbike in working order. The teenager was super grateful, but the cheek kiss was definitely not necessary. As he was beginning to wash up, he heard that voice again, but this time it wasn't emitting through the intercom. Instead, it seemed to be coming out of the wall-vent.


                    Foxy turned sharply and looked at the vent as he leaned over close to it and replied, "Who's there?"

                    "I am called Storm. I am Vincent's personal weather forecaster. I know you were planning on painting on the roof tonight, but... please don't. The moon will be full for only 2 hours, then a massive rain storm will push through the area. I'll make it up to you, but please... stay indoors tonight."

                    "Will I ever get to meet you?"

                    "That's up to Vincent. But not likely tonight. But..." He paused. "...I really shouldn't do this for anyone, but... I, we... like you... Cross the highway to the Convenience Store, then turn around like you forgot something at the Bike Shoppe and when you've ready to cross the highway back, look up toward the back left tower. I'll have a window open and wave at you. But please... you can't tell anyone... ANYONE... that you saw me. I could get severely punished."

                    And then it was quiet.

                    Foxy hummed. Something weird is going on around here. I better do as this 'Storm' guy says. This better be good or I'll take him over my knee when I do find him. And he finished up in the restroom and headed out.

                    Oct 29 2009, 03:49 AM
                    Edward's been very busy. He has already gotten two large dance floors (complete with MODERN! music, magical light shows, and even some technological laser light show equipment) set up though now the more heavy lifting has been coming in. Though as he says, where there is magic, there is a way.

                    At Vincent's request, Edward is currently establishing a magical portal between the store's storage area and the storage locker in the new hall to allow easy stocking of the both pantries. Vincent has already ordered a massive amount of food, drinks and supplies for the new place.

                    Oct 29 2009, 04:12 AM
                    With the shutters of his tower window open, Storm in his NUDE and ERECT lion man form stood in full view as Foxy caught his first day time glimpse of him. Storm demonstrated a few things that a human would not be capable of, and ended with his reverting to his full lion form while still seen from where Foxy stood. Then Storm shifted to human form, very nude and waved one time, before he closed the shutters with a gentle smile. What a flirt!

                    Foxy was shocked to say the least. That revealed more than anyone ever would have dared to show. Strangely he wasn't scared... he was just shocked at how blatant of a nudist that Storm was. That was NOT a costume. Oh my god... Now I know something is up around here. He said that he could be severely punished for showing himself and... Then he recalled that the NUDE Storm was wearing the leather roaring lion head fetish around his neck. ...Vincent is in on this. But... Leo must be too. He always wears that necklace. But why show me now? Or is Storm warning me about something? He said... stay indoors tonight. I have heard weird sounds at night before, but... Vincent always said it was the weather.

                    Foxy headed back over toward the Bike Shoppe and over to his quarters on the ground floor, where he entered and closed the door behind him and sat on the bed. He then noticed the bottles of Fosters Beer and plate of chopped carrots on his end table. "And what's been up with my weird appetite lately? Fosters and Carrots. It doesn't make any sense."


                    Tony was widening the parking lot outside the warehouse and making room for his Boston Weres to lay the asphalt down. "I can't believe how fast we're getting this project in. The Neon Light company is still making our special sign for the outside of the building and the Changeling paint crew is due in on Wednesday. But we're actually ahead of schedule. I wonder how Eddie is doing?"

                    End of Part Two


                      P A R T - T H R E E : Construction Daze & Hoppin' Haze

                      Oct 29 2009, 04:32 AM
                      Edward whewed as he finally finished the last illusion. The portal now would look, feel, and act like a normal door save that it was between two vastly different areas. He headed back through the portal to go report to Tony that the port was finally in place.


                      There was a gentle knock on Foxy's door.

                      Oct 29 2009, 04:36 AM
                      Foxy replied, "It's unlocked and I'm decent!" He had his art palette and brush in hand and he now stood at his easel. There was a small picture of a motorcycle clipped to the upper corner of the easel. That was his painting goal for this session. But he was sure his ability was lacking because he hadn't painted since he left Missouri.

                      Oct 29 2009, 04:48 AM
                      A young man with a t-shirt and jean walked in with a platter of cold bears and a mixed raw veggie platter with lots of tpyes and various dipping sauces including ranch. He put the platter down and smiled, "Hey... Leo said you might be hungry so I brought you some food. I asked 'ze Cook' what you had been getting from the store and stuff so... I hope I picked something you liked. I'm Michael." He runs a hand through his long black hair tied back in a ponytail and holds out his hand, "Nice to meet you, Toddrick."

                      Oct 29 2009, 04:53 AM
                      Foxy turned to look at the young man, but his eyes were actually looking at Michael's neck to see if the roaring lion was there. "Um, yeah. Likewise..." He was rather agitated, but not upset. "...what do you want?"

                      Oct 29 2009, 04:57 AM
                      Michael blinked and ums... "I.. Just wanted to bring you some food... I saw you but I didn't get to talk to you normally cause I was just hired in office... " He sighs, "I guess this is a bad time. I'll just go." He turns to leave. He is weather a leather dog collar but that is all.

                      Oct 29 2009, 05:01 AM
                      Foxy caught the boy's shoulder. "Wait! Please stay... I've... I'm... I was... saw someone... naked earlier and wasn't expecting it. That's all. You were just hired? Please, have a seat." He sat himself on the bed and put his art supplies aside. "Um... why do you wear a collar? Are you... owned... by someone?"

                      Oct 29 2009, 05:10 AM
                      Michael pauses and says, "Owned? No. I just think collars are neat. I like leather." He smiles at Foxy, "You seem really... uptight. My old job was in physical therapy and massage... Um... If you like I could... maybe... help sometime" He blushes, "Gah I'm going on like a idiot. Probably sounds like I'm coming on to you too. I'm sorry, I'll go if you want..."

                      Oct 29 2009, 05:17 AM
                      Foxy smiled and held Michael to the bed. "I know you aren't coming on to me. Believe me. I've had guys trying to come on to me since I started working here. But now you're the new cute clean boy who they might go after and try HARD to hug, rub, and kiss on. I've resisted these guys for the last few months. Leo is the worst of the lot, in truth. While you're here, you're going to hear the mysterious weather forecasting voice that I can't ever find; you're going to see fursuiters all over the place once a month AND they will come on to you, too; and you will find your employer pretends as if nothing is going on around here at all. And I know better. Are you sure you don't have an... animal fetish? That IS a dog collar."

                      Oct 29 2009, 05:23 AM
                      Michael says, "Well.... Maybe.... But " He blushes, murmuring, "I dunno if I wanna talk about it..." He ums, "I'll try to avoid those then and Leo kinda annoyed me. I mean I caught him peeking in the damn restroom twice! And each time he ran away before I talk to him as soon as he saw it was me. I guess he was expecting someone else. He kept muttering something about it being the only private place around here..." He shakes his head, "It IS weird around here but it's not too bad from what I've seen so far." He smiles, "Vincent is a SEXY SEXY guy though. But... There is no way I'd tell him that. He has this... weird preoccupied look in his eyes all the time. Kinda freaks me out."

                      Oct 29 2009, 05:30 AM
                      Foxy giggled. "Okay, here is what I think is going on with these guys... 1) they are gay; 2) they are all monthly fursuiters who would prefer to be in their suits all the time; 3) they are too shy to fully come on to someone unless they are wearing their fursuits; and 4) I think Vincent also has a fursuit, although I've never seen him in one. I have seen Leo's. It looks like... well... like someone dropped a lion into a raging river. He said it just needed some dry cleaning."

                      "By the way, where did Vincent put you up for sleep at?"


                        Oct 29 2009, 05:37 AM
                        Michael says, "They're putting me up in Room 301... You know. The small cell like closet room." He shrugs, "I guess free room and board... A chance to earn or buy a better place. I can't knock it too badly." He listens to the explanation and hrms, "I guess that makes sense. Sounds kinda SILLY... But makes sense." He smiles at Toddrick, "You're an okay guy. I'm glad I took time to come meet you."

                        A few minutes later, Vincent knocks and sticks his head, "Ah... They told me they might find you here, Michael. I need you to finish that inventory of the stock rooms tonight. I know it'll take all night... but I need it by tomorrow cause we just got a new order a series of ten bikes for a musical group. Incentives for them to play at the buyer's place I suppose." He smiles, "Hi Foxy. Sorry if I interrupted anything." He starts to leave after delivering his message.

                        Oct 29 2009, 05:44 AM
                        Foxy said, "Um, Vincent... could you wait up a moment?" And after Michael departed, he quietly said, "I think I know what's going on around here. I didn't tell Michael what I really think... just the tame obvious that he will notice stuff. But... do you wear a fursuit once a month? And please don't lie to me."

                        Oct 29 2009, 05:47 AM
                        Vincent waits until Michael is gone then, motions to the bed, "So you want to know the truth? Are you sure? Because once you do, it's much harder to forget if you really want to." His voice is soft but sincere.

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:06 AM
                        Foxy remained standing as he said three words quietly. "You're a werelion." Then he took a breath, still seeming agitated but not upset. "Like a werewolf, only a man who becomes a lion. African Genus from Kenya. And no, I do NOT want to be one. There was too many strange things going on that you couldn't explain away for me not to find out. And when I asked Leo the other night what a Thrall was... he almost told me everything, before he stopped and changed the subject. He tried to make it sound like a LARPing thing. But he made a crucial mistake... I've larped myself back home and when you're as serious as he was about it... that's not role playing. That can only come from fact. He chose to lie to me about it. That upsets me more than you being a werelion. That he chose to lie to me, of all people."

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:20 AM
                        Vincent says, "That's because I've asked them all to keep you in the dark. If you want to blame someone for that... blame me. I asked them not to tell and Leo took that as... don't even tell if you asked. The fact is it was a misunderstanding and he was already on shaky ground because of an accident. He thinks he's in love with you. Myself, I think it's just a crush and I'm not afraid to say so. But that's between you and him." He shifts to his were-lion form and it's nothing like Leo's Impeccable, massive, and handsome could be used. If you're into felines. He sits down on the bed himself, "Since you know, there is no reason to keep you in the dark. Is there anything you want to know?"

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:24 AM
                        Foxy locked the door, then came over and sat down on the bed. "Tell me about... Storm, your weather forecaster. How come he can't be out and about during the day? I think he's the nicest and most well behaved one of the bunch."

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:31 AM
                        Vincent puts one very large massive paw on Foxy's shoulder and says, "You are my friend and you've shown you can be trusted more than most. I couldn't run this business without you as a matter of fact. Your talent with repairing bikes is unmatched... And I'm not just saying that either. I'm being sincere. I don't think I've ever done anything to treat you wrong. Much of what I do is to keep people safe. Both weres, my friends, and normal humans and others a like. I'll tell you what happened to Storm, about Thralls, and I think you'll understand a lot more of why I do the things I do." With that he tells Foxy the truth. How Storm came to be, what the truth behind Thralls is and not the 'glossed over' version that Leo gave, the story of how the whole 'Roarin' Rhoades' got started in a nut shell is explained to him. Vincent rarely lies even if he might omit the truth. Foxy can tell it's something of a relief for the big lion to be able to finally tell Toddrick.

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:41 AM
                        Some time later and close to noon...

                        Foxy hummed. "So this Howl is the monthly Were gathering that you allow on your land, but recently it's been literally in the toilet because no one wants to come to it anymore. And because you're the head of your family, you feel trapped under obligations and rules that prevent you from being your age and having a good time. Well..." He paused. "...I don't have a solution for those things. But... I would like permission to spend the afternoon with Storm in his tower, and leave before sunset so another accident doesn't happen. May I have permission?"

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:46 AM
                        Vincent nods, "As long as you leave before moonrise ... And Foxy... Please don't cut it short. I like you. I'd like for whatever you become in the future to be of your own choice. I understand that you said you didn't want to be one. And that's completely your right. But I just want you to be careful." He gets up and shifts back to his human appearance, "But I'm glad that you took this as well as you have."

                        Oct 29 2009, 06:53 AM
                        Foxy received directions to the rear entrance to the towers, and went and got some food and drink, and went up to spend an afternoon with Storm. He also made sure to tell Storm when he had to leave. After that, they would talk and Foxy would show an interest in Storm's occupation. His Weather forecasting was spot on the mark every time.


                        That afternoon...

                        Cypher and Tanya pulled up on their motorcycles at the Convenience Store/Gas Station. Cypher shouted, "Hey! Anyone around or is everyone butt naked this early?"


                          Oct 29 2009, 06:57 AM
                          Michael blinks... "Customers... I thought....Who's running the front?" He heads to see what the customers what. His thin t shirt is a bit ruffled from the lifts and moving of boxes during the inventorying process and it's a bit damp as well. Its hot in that storeroom.

                          Michael smiles at the two, "Can I help you, Sir? Madam?"

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:03 AM
                          Cypher grinned. "Fill 'er up, handsome." He also looked at the boy's neck, thinking, Vincent must be horny again... fresh, cute boy. "Vincent must have just hired you recently. I'm Cypher and this is Tanya. We're friends of your boss. Nice sweat drenched look, kid. I approve, though most people wouldn't." He winked with a grin. He still looked like a Biker Mouse from Mars without the antennae. Keeping his helmet on while at Vincent's place was part of the ensemble. "What's yer handle?"

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:09 AM
                          Michael blushes, "I just started working here yesterday. This is my first full day. What's a handle?" He really had limited bike or biker knowledge but that's not what he was hired for. He started filling gas tank up and said, "I was in the back doing the inventory." He sighs, "It's going to take me ALL NIGHT finish all that stuff."

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:24 AM
                          Cypher grinz. "I like you, kid. I'll help you in the storeroom. Tanya was on her way out to check on Tony and set up a hunting trip. She's a hunter. Have nose, will hunt." He giggled. "Now, as for a handle, I am going to give you some friendly advice so you don't get saddled with something you may regret later. Give yourself a nickname that you really like and prefer BEFORE anyone else slaps you with something you don't like. Foxy's name isn't Foxy. It was a nickname that Tony got started around here and it stuck. Foxy allows it, but he prefers Todd, currently, but he hasn't decided on a good nickname yet. So choose a nickname for yourself before someone who irks you does."

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:29 AM
                          Michael blinks, a bit surprised by the sudden offer but says rather quickly, "No that's okay. I'll do it myself. I don't think Mr. Alexanderos would want me to just let others do what he's paying me to do." He ums, "Find a Handle... Okay... Got it..." He rubs his head, "Sorry second day... And I'm really glad Toddrick warned me about you fursuiters... That thing looks almost real." He grabs the gas as it's just about to overflow, thankfully catching it in time. He puts it back on the meter. "If you'll come inside, I'll ring up the gas for you."

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:40 AM
                          Cypher followed Michael into the store and put an arm around the boy's shoulder. "My real name is Jene. I'm a Wizard." It is safer and easier to explain Magic than it is to explain Wererats. To prove his magical claim, he made a poof of smoke and produced a giant chocolate creme-filled Eclair floating in mid-air. "Yes, it's real. Vincent would permit my staying with you tonight while you worked. I know you don't want my help... but having company while you work? Makes work less stressful."

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:43 AM
                          Michael blinks?! "Holy... That's pretty incredible! I mean.. how do you..." He pokes it and and looks it over, "It IS real... Holy Cow..." He's pretty impressed! He grins, "Can you make like people disappear and all that too?" He debates it a moment... Then says, "Well.. I guess... if you just watch and don't touch anything.." He nods, "I guess that'd be okay"

                          Oct 29 2009, 07:49 AM
                          Cypher smiled. He's hooked. "Oh yeah, I am a fully fledged practitioner in the art. The only mage I know who is better than me is off helping Tony right now." He then put forth the correct amount of cash. "So, let's go see this storeroom of yours... with me around, Leo won't bother you so much. And yes, I know him all too well. He has a cute fawning fetish. If you're cute and male, he likes to look at you no matter what you're doing."

                          Oct 29 2009, 08:37 AM
                          Tanya shook her head, “There is no sweating in Siberia,” she muttered. She filled up her bike, knowing Cypher would take care of it, she’d pay him back later. Then she rode on out to the warehouse alone, since Cypher had gotten distracted with the new piece of tail at the bike shop.

                          “Tony,” she called, as she entered the dominating structure, “I am here to organize the first hunt.”

                          “Lu just wanted to offer her services as entertainment if and when you should need it,” Gwen was saying. “She’s already obligated for tonight at her club, but she will make it a point, from now on, to keep the howl nights open and available. You can’t really say no to free entertainment, now can you?” she winked.

                          Oct 29 2009, 08:49 AM
                          Tony grinned at Tanya! "Hey! We decided not to open the Howling Fury this month, because there is no way we would be ready in 2 weeks, but... in 6 weeks, yeah! As for organizing the Hunt, what new age, non-relic rules are you planning?"


                            Oct 29 2009, 09:01 AM
                            Tanya smiled, “Well, I was planning on having three hunting categories: Single Hunt, Duo Hunt, and Group Hunt. Single hunters get one kill all to themselves, they don’t have to share. Duo hunters get one kill to split between them. Group hunters will get one kill per five hunters to be divided amongst them. That way, there won’t be any over hunting going on. The hunts will have to be held in cycles, to prevent the herds from being wiped out before the end of the year. I’d say having a hunt every nine months should be sufficient. After all, we’re mainly here to socialize, and initiate if the opportunity arises, not to hunt.”

                            Oct 29 2009, 12:22 PM
                            Tony nodded his head at the plan. "About the initiations... During the Howling Fury night itself, the Initiations need to occur indoors as part of the entertainment. But otherwise, an Initiation during the hunt must occur outside of Vincent's property. I recall Talon mentioning an Initiation a long time ago that occurred on someone's property and the police scoured that person's land looking for the missing person and even accused the owner of killing that person. And we can't do that to Vincent. So during the hunt... be careful out there."

                            Oct 29 2009, 12:43 PM
                            “Of course,” Tanya agreed. “There will not be any un-initiated persons allowed on the hunts. Less potential for accidents.”

                            Oct 29 2009, 07:40 PM
                            Michael nods with a grin and leads Cypher down to the storeroom where he starts back to work doing inventory. Which is essentially unstacking EVERYTHING down there...writing down a count for each and every item..and then stacking it all back up again on the other side of the storeroom so as not to mix up what has been counted and what hasn't. Of course he does not see the magical portal beyond the second door. The Were-Rat Wizard, however, likely, can see it quite clearly. However 'normies' tend to just glance over it. Quite a subtle bit of magic there.

                            Oct 30 2009, 05:21 AM
                            Tony grinned, of course. "Okay, here's my plan for norms... The first time at the Howling Fury, we mark their hands with a neon stamp, with ink that can washed off hours later. During a Norm's first attendance, they are completely off limits. No Initiations on them at all. When the party ends, we give them an invite to the next one. IF they return, at the door, we ask them if they have been here before, if they say yes, we have them fill out a short questionnaire where the answers reveal what faction they like the most. After the questionnaire, we send them in with a different stamp. The second stamp is an under evaluation stamp. When we grade their questionnaire, whichever overall faction is resulted the most, we arrange for that faction to befriend the Norm, have some close fun with them, then invite them to the third Howl. IF they come to the third howl, by then we'll know these returnees by name and we ask if they've been here before. They should say yes. Then we tag them up with their chosen faction host, and later that night, the Norm gets Initiated. No more Norm. What do you think?"


                            Cypher smiled. "So what is your name?" He sat down on a secure crate. "I told you my name and handle..."

                            Oct 30 2009, 06:14 AM
                            Michael smiles as he worked, "Me? I'm Michael I thought I told you... Sorry. Michael Seward Wolfe, at your service." He laughs a bit, "well... ACTUALLY I'm at Vincent service since I work for him."

                            Oct 30 2009, 06:20 AM
                            Cypher then asked, "What's your most favorite animal or mythical creature?"

                            Oct 30 2009, 06:25 AM
                            Michael smiles, "Um... That'd be hard to choose really, Cypher... er... Jene... Which should I call you?"

                            Oct 30 2009, 06:32 AM
                            "I prefer Cypher. Everyone knows me by that name. I told you my real name cause I like you. Why is it hard to choose a favorite animal? My favorites are Rats and Mice, like Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Biker Mice from Mars. See? I have cool role models. Don't be shy... I'm sure you like something. I won't laugh. I promise. Mages Honor."

                            Oct 30 2009, 06:56 AM
                            Michael sighs, "It's difficult because I like Hybrid species. Chimera, Gryphons, Hippogriffs, And even Raose.. That's... Mice-Rats. Cute little things. I saw a picture of one online." He grins, "I guess I'm a bit of freak myself but I just don't think any one animal sums up enough ... qualifies to personify myself. Well...Let me take that back. There is one possibility." He grins at Cyber, "Interchange Were-Computer" He laughs at the mental image, "Oh I should stop watching so many animes. If I really had to pick a single species of modern animal..." He thinks about that as he moves some boxes, "It'd have to be strong... Handsome or Sexy... I mean if we're dreaming here let's go for the gusto right? Um..." He thinks a bit longer, "I would say I have some canine tendencies... I like to think I'm pretty loyal.... but I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a canine. Mmm.. I know I have some raccoon tendencies... I LOVE me some SHINNIES..." He thinks some more and ACKS as he almost drops a box of glass items, "Woah that was close."

                            He sets it aside and leans against another stack, "2,4,6,8,10... And 12. Nothing broke. Whew... Well I guess I should keep my mind on what I'm doing." He laughs a bit, "I suppose Tanuki or Kitsune could describe me. Though again not very well... I mean there are so many preconceptions about those things. Even I have them about ... well... voles and mice... I LIKE mice but I sorta am uncomfortable with rats. Probably cause my little brother when we were living in New York was bitten by one... He disappeared a few weeks later... "

                            He sighs, "After that... I haven't been able to look at a rat without...thinking about it. Not that I hold it against others who like them. It just sorta brings up uncomfortable memories. There have been times I've swore I've seen him. A face in a crowd turns to look at you... And there he is. Then when you rush to where he was, he's gone. Police couldn't do anything. I mean what's one more missing homeless kid?" He looks around slowly, "I wanted out. Out of the streets... Out of the ghetto. I kissed a lot of ass to earn a position in a trade school... I majored in physical therapy because I wanted to help people." He sighs, "Then turns around, find out because I lied one my entrance exam, they denied me my certification. a whole two years... wasted."

                            Michael says, "Then I get this phone call. Middle of the night on the last night I would have a bed under me. It... It sounded so familiar but I don't know the voice. But they seemed to know me. Told me to call Vincent Alexanderos and gave me his number. Two hours later Vincent hired me. No questions asked the moment I introduced myself. That was three...four days ago. Here I am."


                              Oct 30 2009, 07:06 AM
                              Cypher giggled. "Tell you what... if you break anything tonight, I'll take the rap for you. I'll tell Vincent that I inadvertently distracted you while you were working and it was all my fault. Then you won't get in any trouble. He'll just make me give him a manicure or some other dumb shit like that. So what were you trying to get your certificate in?" Cause if I help you get your certificate, then you'll see that Rats aren't so bad. We gots connections. "By the way... I actually work on electronics when I'm not wizarding around." He winked with a grin.

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:19 AM
                              Michael grins, "Well I like I said. I was going to be majored in Physical Therapy. I wanted to be a certified Physical Therapist. Like those that help people after surgery and athletics peoples and stuff. Of course maybe that's just cause I wanted to be rub my hands all over strange men." He shrugs. "Anyway, Therapists can go back for their medical degres too... Once upon on a time ... Oh you'll think it's silly... nevermind."

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:21 AM
                              Cypher smiled. "Let me judge what is silly or not. Now spill... talk to me. Tell me about 'Once upon a time...'"

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:30 AM
                              Michael says, "Well... Once upon on a time I dreamed of being the Medical Wizard." He toys with a bottle, "When I was little, my mother... read the book called Dr. Doolittle. I wanted to be him. Able to heal everyone and anyone. Humans, Animals, anything. I wanted to be a MD and a Vet. The best of each too." He half-smiles, eyes looking far off in his own memories, "I used to make these forts out of old boxes and crates that the stores and shops would throw out and set them up like offices." He sighs, "It didn't really matter what animals it was either. rats, mice, hell I even pretended to doctor some roaches and bugs..." He shrugs, "It's silly I know... my other brother, the older one, used to call me 'Mr. Rogers'. said the only thing caring would ever get me is an early grave." He sighs, "He died... Shot in the head by a drug dealer he was working for."

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:38 AM
                              Cypher hummed. "I think you would make a killing around here as a Medical Wizard. Um, tell me some more about your younger brother. He sounds familiar to me for some reason. What was his name and what was he like, and what was his appearance when you last saw him? Cause if he is where I think he is, I might be able to find him for you."

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:45 AM
                              Michael blinks... "You... You really think... You... His name was Paul. Paul Ingvar Wolfe. Named after our grandfather, Ingvar Wolfe... " He then describes the boy... But he was young, only 10 years old when he disappeared. Just a boy. But Michael admit that Paul was much better at stealing things than he was for food and other things. Paul had the makes of one HELL of a good thief. "It was weird. He was 10 years old but he could pick locks better than an adult. He was like a genius or something when it came to breaking and entering, slight of hand... You know.. he sorta reminds me of you in that. He would have made a good stage magician..." He laughs a little, "That reminds me... There was this one time... We were arrested for loitering... well SLEEPING in a public area... They had these special handcuffs on us, right? They were tight ... I never thought handcuffs could be that small... anyway... It took him all of 4 second to undo the cuffs and slap them on the officer arresting us and we booked it... It was HILARIOUS.. he's running after us in his own cuffs!"

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:49 AM
                              Cypher smiled. "It is him. I have met Paul. And I know exactly where he lives these days. Want me to call him up?" He was already pulling out his cellphone with a grin.

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:53 AM
                              Michael blinks, "You've... met him..." He rubs his head, "It's been 4 years since he disappeared...... He'd be around 14-15 now... " He pauses again, looking really anxious.. "I.. I.. what if he hates me for not....finding him... But... I have to know..." He was pacing agitatedly now... Finally he practically grabbed Cypher, "Is he... doing okay? I really... I gotta know.."

                              Oct 30 2009, 07:58 AM
                              Cypher pushed one button and it rang maybe only once. "Yo, Paul! Cypher here! I'm good... you know me. Hey, got some good news for you. You know that brother you've been searching high and low for? I ran into him this evening. No really, I'm not shitting you. He's right here." He then handed the phone to Michael. "Talk to him, Michael. He's really been trying to find you. Do it or I'll... give you a crappy nickname and tell Leo you like to be called that." ;-)

                              Oct 30 2009, 08:01 AM
                              Michael took the phone slowly... Scared out of his mind and at the same time exhilarated. He almost couldn't form words. He stared at the phone in his hands as he slowly brought it up to his head. his eyes darted around like a trapped animal bracing itself for the final blow of some cruel kid's joke.

                              He stammered softly, "H... H... H... Hello? p.P.Paul? Is... Is it really you?"

                              End of Part Three