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Official "Where is Waldo?" Thread

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    Official "Where is Waldo?" Thread

    Welcome to Howling Fury's official Where is Waldo? thread.

    Warheart's Characters:

    Antonio "Tony" Fury, Were Jackal (Salem, Massachusetts)
    Jene "Cypher" von Hammerstein, Were Rat - Wizard (Greenwich Village, New York)
    Toddrick "Foxy" Hunter, Human - Contact (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Douglas "Storm" Maguire, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)

    Darquirrin's Characters:

    Vincent "Vincy" Alexanderos, Were Lion (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Leonardo "Leo" Folesom, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine, Human - Contact (Aware) (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Witch's Characters:

    Lucia "Lu" Chantelle Laramie, Vampire (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Gwendolyn "Gwen" Masterson, Human - Contact (Aware) (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Katianya "Tanya" Zrashav, Were Wolf (Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut)

    Eps 1:

    Post 64: Description of a Thrall (courtesy of a nervous Leo)

    The Weres:

    Eps 1:

    Post 21: Werewolf Sept Lord Orion Talon

    Post 33: The Fox said, "I can see where you get the nickname then. Tod means Fox. My name is Maximilian Fox. I know, I get the jokes all the time. Here..." And he handed Foxy a business card. "If you ever need Financial help, call me. I'll give you a free consultation... in exchange for some... fun. Come on Coony. Back to the boring Howl."

    Post 34: Nick (Were-Kangaroo guy) & Jason (Were-Rabbit guy)

    Post 42: The lapine chuckles, "Roos. Horny devils aren't they?" He looks up at Foxy with a hrm, "You know... Your neck's a bit red. Are you allergic to leather or something?" He was munching on a bag of, not surprisingly, baked vegetable chips while waiting for Foxy to return. He holds out his paw, "Name's Harrington. Jason Harrington."

    Post 88: Samuel (Were-Lion Thrall); After he had finished having his talk with Leo, Vincent had retired to the roof of his bike shop. Currently he was laying on a deck chair in his lion-man form, staring up at the night sky. As he left his senses drift, he could sense much of what passed on his property and even more clearly where and what each of his Thralls were doing. Quietly, he picked up a small pad, making notes. 'Leo... Another eight months. Samuel... two months. Storm...' Vincent sighed softly, 'Storm... I can't allow him to undergo the ritual for another year or two minimum...'

    Post 214: Nick's full name is given = Nicholas "Nick" Ruguy

    Post 224: a Were-Camel and a Were-Zebra, both from Egypt

    Post 346-356: a Were-Donkey on Pleasure Island

    Post 367: (Storm's full name); Storm smiled to the girl. "I am self-taught, actually. My place has a clear view of the western skies and I have weather forecasting gear up there. My name is Douglas Maguire, a local here in Roarin' Rhoades. But everyone calls me Storm. Around here, your nickname means more to people than your real name does. And what is your name?"

    Post 405: What Nick hadn't noticed was that the boys had been talking to a Were-Tiger female martial artist named Tai-Shi. And she was known for putting the HURT on male chauvinists.

    Post 412: The humans were quite excited though the youngest, a 16 year old Aussie named Richard (Ric) Kane, was an earnest young man with deep blue eyes and a desire to learn from the greatest Herbalist ever known. He was the one who asked for the privilege of joining Reed's apprentices and/or thralls. He didn't care what it took. He had always looked up to Reed Huxley even before he found out what the Apothecary was. He wasn't like some of those Reed Huxley had dealt with. He wasn't looking for a quickie or for a cure. He wanted to join Huxley as his permanent assistant and apprentice.

    Post 426: Donk the Maintenance Were-Donkey on Pleasure Island.

    Post 441: "Shitonmi, private accountant speaking... and this had better not be another prank call." His name is literally pronounced as Shit-on-me... though it's Japanese, for this Were-Horse stud.



      Eps 1:

      Post 21: Mage Lord Keir

      Post 74: A young, dashing looking human wearing what could only be described as the most elaborate attempt to confirm fairy tale stories of robed mages, walks up to Tony... He grins, holding out a hand and saying, "Edward Reinsford, at your service. Did I over hear, completely innocently of course, that you might be having some type of get together that might not be so..." He leans closer, "Bloody stiff, formal and boringly uptight?"



        Eps 1:

        Post 12: The Elephant glanced back at the Were Jackal and the Were Rat Wizard. "I am a Changeling, gentlemen. Name is Mturro. I normally travel with a carnival, but... my Changeling brothers were told to come here tonight. I just don't know why."

        Post 21: Changeling Lord Brightwing

        Post 271: (Rapid); Before him was what looked to be a River Otter, but he had been toting scuba gear and he was wearing a Changeling collar pendant that would allow Howl attendees to know he was A-OK.

        Post 361: (Nugget); And then a few Norms walked in with a 'known' Changeling Golden Retriever. "Hey guys! It's Pete's Birthday tonight! Is there any cake and punch available?"

        Post 378: In the bathroom, an Otter-Changeling oh MANS!!! "SOMEONE PUT A TOILET OVER OUR WATER HOLE! Now how are we suppose to remoisten ourselves?! Jeesh some people are so inconsiderate!" The otter's friend, another otter, "Chill, Mikey, Chill.. I'm sure it's just a mistake... Let's try the other bathroom... Just remember.... No one goes into the basement..."

        Post 427: (Lord Lampwick of Pleasure Island); Tony grinned when he saw Lampwick and the other donkeys arrive. "Hey! Lampwick! You never get out anymore! Welcome to the Howling Fury! Not quite Pleasure Island, but we'll do our best to entertain you!"



          Eps 1:

          Post 21: Countess Frost



            Eps 1:

            Post 21: Spectral Queen Ravengaunt

            Post 45: a wraith (who is a fucking bastard)

            Post 47: From the description of the wraith, Spectral Queen Ravengaunt said, "Bane Erationa, an irritation wraith. He's been trying hard to get me dethroned as the head of our faction for several decades. But this time he's gone too far. Vincent, you may punish him however you like. We the ghosts of phantasm will no longer speak for him. Do whatever you will to him."


              Dragons & Hybrids:

              Eps 1:

              Post 198: Ethan Lombard is changed by Cypher into Ethan the Centaur.

              Post 280: (Red Dragon of Dragon Island, South Pacific); The dragon hrmms softly as he studies Toddrick. "How very interesting." The dragon looks at Tod and says, "It's fascinating what one can learn when you've had a few hundred thousand years to acquire the skills and knowledge so mentioned. I feel sorry for you." He grinned slightly, "Allow me to introduce myself. My short name is Surroccias.

              Post 294: Surroccias smiles and takes Tod to his HUGE chambers where they could be assured of the utmost privacy where the cure was enacted. After which, Surroccias engifted him with the power of teleportation as was agreed to.

              Post 382: The young man smiles, "I was sent to inquire for my Lord, Surroccias, Scale of the Sands, High Archivist, Crafter of the Grand Spheres." He bowed politely, "He wishes to join your gathering...Along with those of his servants who wish to and some friends of his who were interested."

              Post 392: The panther-taur smiles and rubs against Peter, bodily... All the way down. "You're really nice looking. This one is Vaendalis. It is this one's pleasure to meet you. If you ever would like to sit," he rubs a paw over his lower back, "you're welcome to sit with me."

              Post 398: The dragontaur smiles at Pete, "Hi...I'm Arron. I noticed you blushing... Would you rather sit over with me? He pats his lap gently.

              Post 399: Hypocrates the Dragon Doctor

              Post 402: (another Dragon-taur); Sarrius first appears at the Howling Fury.

              Post 420: Sarrius' Samate named Jurian.

              Post 432: That takes the Samates some time there are lots to choose from. After a while they come up with one day they all think fits that statement best. And it's not Sarrius. Aww. It's actually another dragon at the Howl named Raserrok. He was known to be fair and kind but also was known for being a bit on the mischievous and naughty side. He also worked at a dragon and samate school where dragons and samates when to learn and train as a junior instructor for the Samates.

              Post 455: "Name is Lectro. I am a Lightning Dragon from the Mid-West. Storm Chaser. At your service. I was about to leave the Fury, saw what was about to tackle you, and I stopped it. I do have to go now, but stay on guard. I'll let the Fury guys know where this car and you are at. Happy sleuthing." And he flew off, leaving static electricity bursts in the air.


                HOWLING FURY FACTIONS:

                Eps 1:

                Post 447: Ravengaunt turned and looked at the three. "Oh, one of the Dragon Faction. And..." She sniffed at Pete. "A Norm, though you have dragon, were, and changeling scents on you. So you must be Aware. Nugget the Golden Retriever Changeling? No, he is definitely NOT in the Under Fury. The 13th Hour are down there right now performing for the Demons, Devils, Imps, Devimice, and other underworld species. They asked me to come up here and get more wine for them. Their party hour started when the topside version ended. But no, Nugget is NOT down there. If he went down there, then he isn't Nugget by now..."

                Post 465: The Devil Mouse


                  HOWLING FURY FACTIONS:

                  Eps 1:

                  Post 104: A young man with a t-shirt and jean walked in with a platter of cold bears and a mixed raw veggie platter with lots of types and various dipping sauces including ranch. He put the platter down and smiled, "Hey... Leo said you might be hungry so I brought you some food. I asked 'ze Cook' what you had been getting from the store and stuff so... I hope I picked something you liked. I'm Michael." He runs a hand through his long black hair tied back in a ponytail and holds out his hand, "Nice to meet you, Toddrick."

                  Post 137: Michael smiles as he worked, "Me? I'm Michael I thought I told you... Sorry. Michael Seward Wolfe, at your service." He laughs a bit, "well... ACTUALLY I'm at Vincent service since I work for him."

                  Post 147: (mentioned) Paul Ingvar Wolfe

                  Post 188: The man was rather stunned as he lay on the ground. "Lu... had better manners... than that girl..." then he saw Vincent in full Were-Lion form towering over him. "...I'm sorry... don't kill me... please..." The man was someone Vincent had seen be sent off to a few years in prison. Ethan Lombard was about 6 foot tall, 175 pounds, short brown hair, dark tan skin, but had the nicest eyes, a rather pretty silver-blue. He had been released on good behavior last year and had been laying low. Now, here he was.

                  Post 363: The birthday male teenager, Pete, sat at a table with his friends and the Golden Retriever Changeling, having cake, ice cream, and drinks!

                  Post 368: “Uh… My name is Dorcas. Dorcas Macguire,” she said, blushing. “I don’t really have a nickname. Unless, you want to know what most of the people called me when I was in school?”

                  Post 437: The young man kissed Leo's cheek. "John Flicker, ex-Freelance Reporter... got fired for trying to sell the newspaper a story and photos of a... get this... dragon-eyed dragon-winged dog mounting a young boy at a local swimming hole."

                  Post 440: (First appearance of Tod 2); Vincent smiles, 'I'm glad your alright. Well mostly. I will bring you home, kiddo.' There was a sensation similar to hug only there was no one there. There was a flash of light... and Tod found himself, human, nude, and still wearing the fetish, in Vincent's powerful arms. He grins slightly, "Your twin brother will keep Donk satisfied." He gave Tod a nice warm hug and set him down.

                  Post 477: Where ever Jason had parked his car, he and a nice looking male teenager were together in the backseat. The boy's name was Levon and he was very interested in the Were-Rabbit he had met at the Howl. They were in the process of beginning a yiff. And with Jason thinking that he was cured...

                  Post 497: Meric, Pete's friend (both join Jurian as Samates to Sarrius.)

                  HOWLING FURY FACTIONS:
                  Government Agents:


                  HOWLING FURY FACTIONS:
                  Honorable Mentions:

                  Eps 1:

                  Post 230: Reed Huxley in his full were-kangaroo form came hopping out of a Shimmering Air portal along with... the White Stag himself.

                  Post 231: (Murdock mentioned); Jason smiled and waves at the White Stag then looks back at Reed, "Give them my best as well, Master Reed. How is... ahem... You know who? Is he still ruining your cures with overdose cases?" He was anxious but was trying to patient and appear unruffled. Getting upset or impatient would only lead to improper cures and a cuff of a Master Apothecary! As Jason knew all to well.

                  Post 267: Suddenly, as he came through a low lying clump of trees, he saw a rather large male Black Dragon, a big female Were-Wolf, and what appeared to be a strong handsome ashen-pale skinned 'man' in black clothes... dressed much like a Victorian gentleman. He was, of course, wearing sunblock and dark shades. Tod knew immediately what he was seeing. The man was a powerful looking Vampire.

                  Post 433: (The guy whose car gets filled with crap in every episode!); Yet another was heard saying, "Who barfed in my car?!"

                  Post 463: (Raeyu of Clan Auran); The first individual appeared to be a male Japanese teenager with long black hair, braided in the back, wearing a simple white kimono and wooden togs.

                  Post 463: (Golden Yak); The second individual looked to be a female dressed in the fashion of a Tibetan shaman. She had long golden hair draped over both shoulders, and wore rings on the fingers of both hands.

                  Post 463: (Valerian Mouse); The third individual stood at about five foot nine inches tall and weighed about 155 pounds. He had blond hair, green eyes, and naturally tanned skin. He currently wore the clothes of an arch mage, with a silver-lined black cloak over that.

                  Post 463: (Mark "The Wonderland Rabbit" Jolson); The fourth individual stood at about five foot eight inches tall and looked to weigh around 135 pounds. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. He currently wore the uniform of an agent of Paranormal Agents of The Harvest Stallion (PATHS) which had a bold and bronze rearing stallion on the right chest along with an agent name and nickname plate.


                    HOWLING FURY FACTIONS:
                    The Bands:

                    Eps 1: The 13th Hour - (from Hells Gate Down) an Australian Heavy Metal band who were all Were-Hell Hounds who were a big spooky hit in Europe.

                    Eps 1: We actually have 2 bands already getting settled into the VIP Band rooms. The Arabian Knights from Saudi Arabia and our Changeling friends were able to get Pan's Dream and Secret Singer for us. ~ Post 224

                    Eps 2: Lions Den - Kenya Africa Tribal Rock band of two males and two females who were all Were-Lions. Led by King.

                    Eps 2: Conga-Bonga - Congo Africa Tribal Rock band of a female hippo and a male rhino, a male elephant, and a big male gorilla.

                    Eps 3: Electric Tradition - Japanese rock band of a Hengeyokai-Rat, a Kitsune, a Tanuki, a Were-Tiger, and a large Were-Panda.

                    Eps 3: The Answer - Tibetan male Were-Llama trio of brothers who play New Age music for young people.

                    Eps 4: Arctic Howlers - Canadian rock band of three electric guitarist Were-Wolves, one of which is lead singer (with a three wolf howling chorus), a were-fox as backup singer, a were-hare on keyboard (snowshoe), and a Were-Bear(Polar) on drums.

                    Eps 4: Canadian Lumberjacks - a Changeling quartet of Moose, Bear, Timber Wolf, and Beaver. Not well known until their appearance at the Howling Fury; since then, they have been in heavy demand.

                    Eps 5: Hops and Hearts - Australian Duet who are a male Were-Kangaroo and a female Vampire. They sing romantic pop and Aboriginal versions of known love songs.

                    Eps 5: Linda Star the Stage Magician - Foremost stage magicianess of England; she is actually one of Merlin's daughters.

                    Eps 6: The Crusade Hares - A Christian rock band from Eurasia comprised from two Belgian Hare Changeling guitarists (brother and sister,) a female Punk Bunny Changeling on the drums, a female Vampire Mage Were-Rabbit on the keyboard, and a male Were-Rabbit Lord lead singer named Lapine Crusade.

                    Eps 6: Barbell Quartet - Four weightlifting Changeling gym owners who sing like a barbershop quartet. Comprised from buff weightlifting beach 'bunny' boys wearing nothing but tight Speedos bikini swim wear. (Yes, their bulges are real!)

                    Eps 7:

                    Eps 7:

                    Eps 8:

                    Eps 8:

                    Eps 9:

                    Eps 9: