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HF-04 Flying Circus Fury [Arctic Howlers]

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    HF-04 Flying Circus Fury [Arctic Howlers]

    Howling Fury
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, & Witch

    Warheart's Characters

    Antonio "Tony" Fury, Were Jackal (Salem, Massachusetts)
    Jene "Cypher" von Hammerstein, Were Rat - Wizard (Greenwich Village, New York)
    Douglas "Storm" Maguire, Were Lion - Thrall Captain (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Toddrick "Bray" Hunter, Changeling Donkey (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut) - Warheart

    Darquirrin's Characters

    Vincent "Vincy" Alexanderos, Were Lion (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Leonardo "Leo" Folesom, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine, Were Jaguar (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Witch's Characters

    Lucia "Lu" Chantelle Laramie, Vampire (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Katianya "Tanya" Zrashav, Were Wolf (Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut)
    Gwendolyn "Gwen" Masterson, Human - Contact (Aware) (New Haven, Connecticut)


    Orion Talon, former Sept Leader - Werewolf - Warheart
    Alicia Von Hammer - White Magician (Vincent's betrothed) - Warheart
    Jason - Were Rabbit - Darquirrin
    Maximilian - Were Fox - Warheart
    Lord Nick - Were Roo/Dreamtime Warlock - Darquirrin
    Pete and Meric - Samates - Warheart
    Sarrius - Dragontaur - Darquirrin
    John Flicker - Were Horse (Thrall) - Warheart
    Ethan Lombard - Were Lion (Thrall; loves Vincent) - Warheart
    Kurt Lombard, Human (Surroccias' Island; Argyle the Drake's Home) - Warheart
    Big T - Were Moose - Darquirrin
    Von Hammerstein - Vampire Lord - Warheart
    Sean - Were Deer (Thrall to Lord Goldeneye of Buck Utopia; Bray's Home) - Darquirrin
    Thane Tanner (male junior adventurers club of NYC) - Warheart
    Terri Cloth (male former cuntboy) - Warheart
    Robbie (male human of JAC of NYC; Fetlock's new boy, Pleasure Island) - Warheart

    New Norms

    Axel Carroll - Warheart

    Episode Four: Flying Circus Fury [Arctic Howlers]

    Cutting some wood, riding the logs; surfing the net, and writing some blogs.

    Hi there. Antonio Fury here. We just reached the end of another zany Howling Fury. And as usual, there are people missing again. You know, I think I am going to make the Where's Waldo search an official Howling Fury event. People are always disappearing, and Sarrius and I are always the ones looking for them. That dragontaur really turns me on. Yes he does.

    P A R T - O N E : Where's Waldo?

    The Next Morning, Howling Fury

    "That's the last straw! Why do people keep filling my cars with CRAP?!"

    "Where's my Aunt's choir daughter? She's gonna kill me!"

    Maximilian handed Tony and Sarrius his missing riders list. "I know where Terri is. This is a list of the other people who didn't get back on the bus, along with their descriptions. Are there prizes for finding missing people?"

    Tony replied, "Not yet, but I'm considering it."

    "This is John, Kip, and Storm in the Broadcaster's Booth. I've just been informed that the monthly 'Where's Waldo' search has begun here at the concert. No prizes are being offered, currently, but the concert manager is highly considering it since they have to do this every month."

    Thane smiled up at Voidstrike. "You didn't suck any missing people in, did you?" He then shouted toward the Were-Jackal. "Is Damien Lancer on that list, Tony?"

    Tony shouted back, "Let me look...!" He scans the list again... "Yeah, he IS on the list!"

    Thane growled, "Oh Shit! I'll bet he's samated or worse..."

    Damien Lancer was not samated... yet. He was currently passed out with another one of the dragons who attended the howl. He had learned a VALUABLE lesson. NEVER, EVER drink alcoholic beverages made by dragons. They are STRONG!

    Voidstriker laughs, "No I didn't suck in any missing people. I've only had eyes for you."

    Sarrius rub-massaged Tony's shoulders with a grin, "Well, you've already offered me a prize... I'm sure we could come up with some others." He grins. "Perhaps even relate the two events?"

    Vincent sniggers, "First prize in the search... Be the one to pick up the new were-jaguar from the airport in a few weeks."

    Sarrius leaned his head over Tony's shoulder, looking over the list, "Huh... There is something new, Tony." He points to a name, "I know where that is one." He grins and whispers in Tony's ear, "Charlie has him."


      Von Hammerstein hummed. "So this search happens every month. Interesting. Helps keeps hunting skills on their toes."

      Thane grinned. "Is that why I am half-way stuck inside your sheath?" He winked. He wasn't really, but he could have been.

      Tony heys! "The prizes would be for the other searchers, hon! What I offered to you is yours and yours alone! Let's go!"

      Cypher chuckled. "Hey Vincent! I thought you went home! Or are you back for an after-party drinkie-winkie?"

      Bray smiled as he sat in a circle of donkeys and donkey boys counting heads.

      Flyingtail said to Nick, "This was a lot of fun, Nick. When we get 'ome, Ah'll teach yas the Joey Locator spell."


        Vincent says, "Came back to see if any help was needed with clean up. I am a responsible host you know. though a drink would be VERY nice. By the way, I have a tip for you." He tosses Cypher a small mini-disc. "Digital Message, 'Cypher's Eyes Only' apparently. It's encrypted." He shrugs, "Don't know WHY it came me and not your Greenwich place."

        Sarrius grins, "Let's go, hon."

        Nick grins at flyingtail, "Ah'll be 'appy to learn it! Ah told yas this was tha bestest." He grins, "Makes feel almost like a joey yah self..." He KISSED Bray and says, "Good luck, mate. Visit more often. Huh... I could swear you have 30 more donkeys than the number that landed on me..."

        Voidstrike chuckles, "If you were half-way stuck in my sheath, you'd not be wanting to stay half in. You'd be all the way in."


          Thane grinned. "Is that a challenge?" he asked while nuzzling into the fur.

          Bray hummed. "I know. I'm still trying to figure that one out, Nick. None of my officer donkeys have the Lampwick power to change a person into a donkey. I don't know where the extras came from."

          Cypher hummed. "I hate encrypted messages. I've gotten a few from the Government a few times asking for advice on how to solve certain electronic problems. But that doesn't mean that I want to work for them." He summons one of his portable disc reader devices and pops the disc into the bay and hits the on button. "Now, let's see what this is..."


            Nick says, "Wanna be PI Donkeys? Or Were-Donkeys wanting to make the move to PI?"

            Voidstriker says seriously, "No... Because it's true, hon." He nuzzles back, licking Thane softly, "I cannot completely turn off the blissy effect it causes in those who willingly enter. Here... I will give you a tiny fragment of a sample. Less than 1/100 of 1%" And Thane is suddenly struck mentally by the largest wave of pure happiness, loving pleasure, and bliss that he's ever felt.... It's quite literally orgasmic.

            Vincent sits down at the bar and sips a drink while watching...

            Magically Encrypted... Deciphering...
            Please Cast Spell of Choice for Magical Aura Detector


              Bray chuckled. "We have Were-Donkeys on PI, Nick. They prefer to live there. Besides, I know which ones are Were-Donkeys and all of them are PI already. These extras... I just don't know, unless a mage zapped them, or they got hit by an artifact."

              Thane is unable to reply, in all honesty. Even THAT small of a sample makes him want to slide on back and go in... yet... he doesn't move.

              Cypher hummed. "I hate security like this. Detect Stupidity" he casts the spell then says, "Ding Ding Ding! Stupid Disc Detected." Then he looks at the read-out screen.


                Nick laughs. "Well then I have no idea."

                Voidstrike wouldn't let him go in that state anyway. He waits for it to pass.

                Same old Cypher. Detect Stupidity. Glad to see it's really you.

                Listen Cypher, I don't know if you remember the old codger who was teaching me magic or not... His name was Chao Lin Sung. A master of Daoistic Philosophy and Eastern Magic. I had convinced him to come to your Howl but... We were ambushed on the way there. Master Sung is dead. I was wounded fairly badly but I escaped. I'm alone. Out manned. And I have no way of getting there unless you have someone who can teleport me there just by my name. You remember it, don't you? I hope I am the only one but I'm afraid there may have been others. Someone may know too much about us. Do svidaniya. Maybe we'll meet again where Witches are Green or where the Roads Roar.

                Your Friend, T. R.


                  Cypher growled, "I need the Yak!"

                  The Chinese Arch Wu-jen Mhi-Shin-Sing walked over from where she had been quietly standing. "Yak is busy. I'm an Arch Wu-jen, though. What do you need done, Cypher?"

                  Cypher cringed from Mhi-Shin-Sing. He had HEARD of her... "Um, my friend Thomas Ratt is in trouble. He and Chao Lin Sung were ambushed on their way to the howl earlier tonight. Sung is... dead. I want both of them here. Now. Please. I can pay for the services."

                  A small stormy cloud appeared over the Arch Wu-jen's head. Yes, she also knew Chao Lin Sung. Now it was not only snowing throughout the blizzard regions, but there was a lightning storm erupting. She then cracked her knuckles as the body and the man both appeared at the Howl in a side VIP chamber! And anyone who happened to be trying to get at Thomas was getting lightning bolted to kingdom come, as the lightning CHASED anyone who had ANYTHING to do with Sung's death, unrelentlessly!

                  Cypher was still cringing. "Weather Mage..."

                  Storm said from the Broadcasters Chamber, "I didn't predict that coming... well folks, I'm not right all the time..." BULLSHIT!

                  Cypher went into the VIP chamber to check on Thomas.

                  Bray says, "I can't just teleport us in case a few of the new donkeys are on Tony's list. I have to wait to get some confirmation. And there are some more broken rides on PI that I have to fix."

                  Thane finally blinks... " that by invite only?"


                    Vincent was trying to fan down his mane where it had stood straight out. "Stupid mane...behave."

                    When Cypher entered, Thomas struggled to his feet and HUGGED Cypher. He was bleeding out of a number of holes in his body that weren't suppose to be there, two in his shoulders and one in his thigh and one in his foot. "Thank the Maker you got my message..."

                    Nick nods, "I understand, Bray. Well do you want me to baby sit the new ones while you get the others home and start to work on the rides?"

                    Voidstrike says, "For the ones I like, yes.: It can be a convenient way to get rid of someone too."


                      Cypher called for Alicia IMMEDIATELY!

                      Alicia was immediately tending to Thomas' injuries. And thankfully since it was the coldest winter on record, a mage's spirit and body doesn't 'die' like a Norm's body does... Alicia 'can' restore him, too, but that will take an extremely LONG operation. But she would do it. These people were Howl Attendees.

                      Mhi-Shin-Sing was muttering, "Oh no you don't... you can't hide there..." BOOM! " less jeep! Lightning bolt bullseye in the gas cap! I see you over there..." And so it went...

                      Storm said, "I'm glad I am not where ever she's seeing..."


                      Bray said, "No, Nick... you have your own brood to gather. How do you keep track of them all? How do you know there aren't any out Roo-Cruiting someplace locally?"

                      Ten scaly loving teenagers approached Bray and hugged him one at a time. One said, "We're sorry your twin brother died, Bray. We were the last ones he saw before that happened to him. We felt so badly about it... that we wanted to come and... apologize personally."

                      Bray was quiet for a moment. Then he said, "Tod 2... his passing was... pretty bad."

                      Another said, "He told me that he was doing this to impress an Australian friend of his. I hope his Australian friend... is taking his passing well, too."

                      Bray looked at Nick. "I think he would be... wouldn't you agree, Nick?"


                      Thane said, "Oh no, I would never send someone somewhere where I can't go myself; I'd be jealous." At least he's honest.


                        Kip agrees! "Scarey Lady!"

                        Thomas was just glad to be alive though he would be very happy if his Master could live.


                        Nick says, "It was... 'ard on alotta of people and Ah don't think Tod 2 will ever be forgotten but 'e's taking it better than 'e was with the real thing here. But it's still 'ard and Ah wouldn't wish it on anyone."


                        Voidstrike chuckles, "No I meant for me. Stuff them in there a few hours and then sell them off to a soul collector. It's one thing. But I wouldn't do that to someone I loved." He licks Thane again.


                          Alicia was now working on Sung.

                          Cypher had taken Thomas out to the bar where a hot meal and hot cocoa was quickly prepared for the young man. "Let's get some nourishment back into your body, Thomas. Both bands are still here."

                          The Hengeyokai Rat patted Thomas on the back. "Attacking you and Sung is an outrage. But if it's a war the Norm's want... it is not too late to unseal that which we locked away that humans feared."

                          Mhi-Shin-Sing muttered, "I know where the seal's key is..." Then she was back on the prowl. "I knew there were more..."


                          The first teenager said, "He wanted us to either join him as his Samates or as his Thralls. We all said no because it was before Christmas. Had he asked after Christmas... he would have gotten different answers. We would like... to honor him."

                          Bray sighed. There are good people in the world...


                          Thane grinned at Voidstriker. "You have any other fun holes?"


                            Thomas was very, very grateful. "Master Sung would... Would not want that... Not a war at least. It...wasn't ever his way." He sniffles a bit but goes back to eating and drinking. He was cold and tired but everyone was making him feel much better. "Is that the same seal that Master Sung talked about? He muttered about 'ancient barriers' and 'old seals' and stuff often when he wasn't thwatting him with his bamboo cane."


                            Nick got up and hugged the boys tightly.


                            Voidstrike laughs and winks, "Several."


                              Cypher grinned. "Yeah, that's the one. Not that I want it open. I know some good Norms."


                              The teenager said, "We would like to all become Were-Drakes, like Tod 2. How can we do it?"

                              Bray smiled. "Surroccias is who you ask. He's right over there..." He points toward the large red dragon. "You just tell him what you told us... and make the request... he will help with the rest."

                              They head over toward Surroccias.

                              Bray smiled at Nick. "Tod 2 is gone but not forgotten. I wish he hadn't died. It wasn't his fault at all. I think Ethan feels that way about Leo 2. A single mistake... If only we could undo those..." Then he thinks of a way... but is just quiet...


                              Thane grinz. "Holding out on me, are you?" He starts tickling Voidstriker. "Come on... give! Tell me about the other fun holes!"