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Howling Fury - Profiles

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    Howling Fury - Profiles

    Lord Pouchlaw's Characters:
    Antonio "Tony" Fury, Were Jackal (Salem, Massachusetts)
    Jene "Cypher" von Hammerstein, Were Rat - Wizard (Greenwich Village, New York)
    Toddrick "Foxy" Hunter, Human - Contact (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Douglas "Storm" Maguire, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)

    Darquirrin's Characters:
    Vincent "Vincy" Alexanderos, Were Lion (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Leonardo "Leo" Folesom, Were Lion - Thrall (Roarin' Rhoades, Connecticut)
    Josephine "Josey" Tyrosine, Human - Contact (Aware) (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Dream's Characters:
    Lucia "Lu" Chantelle Laramie, Vampire (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Gwendolyn "Gwen" Masterson, Human - Contact (Aware) (New Haven, Connecticut)
    Katianya "Tanya" Zrashav, Were Wolf (Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut)

    Name: Antonio Fury

    Nickname: Tony

    Tribe: Silent Strider - Werejackal (looks more like a black Egyptian Anubian jackal)

    Auspice: Ragabash

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Hair: Black; his human skin is dark, like and African American

    Eyes: Grey

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 193 lbs

    Clothing: He dresses like the Highlander(tm). Dark clothes, long dark trench coat, black boots, black tee shirt, black leather belt.

    Accessories/personal items: He wears small golden Ankh earrings, and has a tattoo of the symbol of Anubis on his back in full gigantic glory. He carries a long Japanese like sword strapped in a scabbard over his back. He has a motorcycle that is all black, like his clothes, and non-reflective.

    Extra Power:

    1. Mirage Manipulation (with only a little bit of willed effort, he has the ability to cause or manipulated optical illusions and mirages. By using this ability, he can effectively 'vanish' from view, though be standing in plain sight. Although this seems to be a very powerful ability, it has no defense against electronic sensors, such as radar, closed circuit security cameras, and the like.)

    Background Info: Antonio grew up as a minor practical joker in Salem, Massachusetts, in the shadow of the historic Old Salem town, home of all the witchcraft trials in history. He hung out at the local movie theaters the most, watching black and white films. His favorites became the horror set. His introduction to lycanthropy came when he first saw Lon Chaney as the Wolfman, and later that night, he went out under the moon and pretended to be Lon Chaney. Imagine his surprise when he triggered his internal jackal, and ripped out of his clothes, becoming a Silent Strider werejackal. Later on, he learned how to 'dedicate' his clothing to his human form so when he changed thereafter, his clothing made the change as well. He generally hangs out all along the East Coast, but he has a permanent residence in the woods outside of Old Salem, where two human boys help keep the place tidy when he's out roaming around. It's nice to have Contacts.

    Interests: Old movies, Old movie stars (particularly horror actors), Swords, Silver, Gold, Motorcycles, Fencing, Harmless practical jokes, Pizza, Cola, Good looking guys (the more sexually hot, the better), Women with hot tempers (the madder they get, the better)


      Name: Jene von Hammerstein

      Nickname: Cypher

      Tribe: Eyes of Vermin - Wererat

      Auspice: Theurge

      Age: 19

      Sex: Male

      Hair: Ratty brown; his human skin is dark tan/light brown

      Eyes: Beady black

      Height: 5' 3"

      Weight: 137 lbs

      Clothing: Sparse to none; though for meetings with strangers, he will pull on a pair of worn cloth pants, high leather boots, and a black leather vest. He hates wearing clothes because it interferes with his ratty tail.

      Special Accessories/personal items: Backpack containing his electronic hacking tools; laptop briefcase with a very NICE high powered laptop in it (he built it himself); a pretty nice motorcycle that has been souped up to include some new electronics. (When he's riding it, he looks a lot like a Biker Mouse from Mars (without antenna).)

      Extra Power:

      1. Electronic Override (due to some faucet of the change in atmosphere and a strange injection of chemicals into his body, the combination has produced a fantastic ability for Jene to literally override ANY electronic device with flawless accuracy. If Jene was a dishonest villain, he'd be dangerous with this power. Aren't you glad he's honest?)

      Background Info: Not a lot was known about Jene's past. He grew up with several other wererat brothers and sisters in the basement of a friendly vampire's (Master von Hammerstein) home in Greenwich Village, New York City. After the master of the house went missing, Jene took over the store front that the master had owned, and became interested in all things electronic, particularly computers, like the high powered laptop that he built himself. Literally everyone in his home neighborhood knew that he's a wererat. And all of them knew how to keep their mouths shut about his species. After a few adventures with a local team of 'dark mystery investigators', he grew up some and acquired a motorcycle so he could roam the country he called his home. Jene is not a human who becomes a rat. He is a natural born wererat who was part of a family of rats that a lonely vampire owned before going missing. (Contrary to popular belief, not all vampires are evil.) Jene is in full control of his ability to shift, though he is often distracted by sugar, cheese, and new electronics. His favorite snack is the infamous Sugar Bomb chocolate candy bar. The Sugar Bomb chocolate candy bar is guaranteed to give an ordinary human the jitters AKA make them so hyper that it could very well cause a heart attack, if you weren't expecting it. It's a pure sugar rush that Cypher and other rats like himself love immensely.

      Interests: Electronics, Computers, Sugar, Cheese, Locks, Code, Puzzle Books, The Price is Right, Martial Arts (Rat-Fu), Astronomy, and Astrology.